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Full text of "A dictionary of the Pukkhto or Pukshto language, in which the words are traced to their sources in the Indian and Persian languages"

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In compiling this Dictionary of the Pnkkhto or Pnlcshto Language 
(Pukklito-Englisli and English-Pukklito), I have experienced considerable difficulty 
in deciding upon the words of foreign origin — principally Arabic and Persian, 
but still of common use in the Pukkhto— that should find a place in these pages. 

As a rule, words of the Arabic and Persian that are used in an unaltered 
form in the Pukkhto have been omitted, excepting only those of very common 
or general use ; for to have given place to all the words of those languages 
used in an unchanged form by Pu kkh tftn authors, would have added unnecessarily 
to the bulk of the work without, in. return, being of any practical utility in the 
study of the language, since their use is almost solely confined to literary works 
or to discussions on theological subjects. 

Of the words purely Pukkhto, the most, it will be observed, are derived 
from the Persian, from which country, indeed, the Afghans appear to have 
derived most of iheir literature. In most instances I have endeavoured to point 
out their sources in those languages, by quoting in brackets with each word the 
original form from which it may be derived, with a preceding capital letter for 
the initial of the language to which each belongs. 

In some instances the changes are very slight, in others more complex, 
and in a few complete, but still in general accordance with the regular laws 
of philology, which in Pukldito are very variously illustrated according to the 


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Viii PBBPACl. 

diverse vocal and phonetic pecnliaritiefl of the diflerent tribes (for the most 
part illiterate) composing the Afghan nation. 

I have not had leisure to follow out this enquiry as fully as the subject 
demands, owing to the scant opportunities at my disposal in the intervals between 
my professional and military duties. I have considered it necessary, however, 
to allude to the subject, and to note in brief some instances that have attracted 
my attention, in the hope that they will, whilst serving as illustrations of the 
changes which words from the Persian and Indian languages undergo on 
becoming Pu kkh to. at the same time suffice to g^ide the student desirous of 
a further investigation of the subject. For illustration of the grammatical 
structure of the language, see the Preface to my Pu kkh to Grammar. 

As stated in the text of my Grammar (Art. 3) the letters cJi anij 
of foreign words adopted into the Pukklito, generally become changed to ts 
and dz respectively : as in tsddar (a sheet) for chddar, trats (awry) from 
tir^/td, tsMedal (to hop), or (sk^e ka7vul (to romp), from chaJJildan, etc. ; and 
in ^igar (liver) (or jiff ar, zan^ir (a chain) for zanjlr, etc. 

The letters of cognate sound with^', viz. J and z, in Pukkhto are often 
replaced by ^ and dz respectively, as in /coff, (crooked) from /caj, gala-l (hail 
from jdlah^ and nmiDuh (prayer) from 7iamdz. By some tribes, as the Yusufzais 
and Eastern Afghans generally, the letters j and ^ are habitually pronounced, 
and generally also written, as j and g respectively. 

The letter d in words introduced from a foreign source, in the Pukkhto 
generally becomes replaced by /, as in las (ten) from the Hindi das^ and letcar 
(husband's brother) from the Hindi docar^ and in Ids (hand) from da$t^ lUm (a 
net) from c/a//i, pldr (father) from padar, plandar (stepfather) from padandar, 
lUr (daughter) from duMtar, lenanai (mad) from ctlndna/i, hcashal (to milk) 
from dos^idan, etc., all from the Persian. 

The letters rd, when coming together without an intervening jowel, are 
rendered in Pukkhto by r as in fvral (to carry) from burdan, rdwfal (to fetch) 
from dfvurdan, M?vafal (to eat) from Murdan, mral (to die) from tnurdan, kral 

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(to do) from kanlan, sparal or spardal (to undo) from supurdan, maranai (manly) 
from marddnah, etc. ; all from the Persian. 

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The letter sk is generally changed in Pukkhto into M5 or ksh, as in 
pokklial or poMial (to cover) from poshxdan ; balchkkhal or baIchkf<haL Bometimes 
contracted to hallhal or balshal (to give), from bajch.^ldan ; hMihal^ or kakn/ial 
or /d'fthal (to draw), from kashidan ; kMihan(hal or Makaiidzalf often contracted 
to kanzal (to abuse), from shi/ianjldan (to torture) ; tsHh al or tsakshal, sometimes 
contracted to tskal or 5/^a/ (to sip, drink), from cl^ashldan; hhhkdraJi or hkshcLrah 
(apparent) from ashhdrah\ kkhhdr or Idshdr (sport) from ^iidr, etc., etc., 
all from the Persian. Sometimes the letter J, taking the sound of sh in Pu kkh to. 
undergoes the same change as that letter, as in grtdtskhedal or pTvdkshedalp 
sometimes written gwdhklic^l or grvdlnhal (to chide), from the Persian grcdjldan. | 

In one instance the sh becomes rendered in Pu kkh to (5, as in tsatsedal 
(to drop, distil), from the Persian shdsh'tdan. 

More complete changes are illustrated in the following examples of 
Pukkhto verbs derived from a Persian source. Generally such verbs undergo 
changes in the present and past tenses corresponding with those of the originals 
from wliich they are derived, as is shown in the following examples, viz., Matal^ 
yhej- (to rise), from Midstan, Mcz-; oliolhhtal or ghoMtal, ghitdr- (to ask) 
from JxhKdsian^ l<!iKdh'\ dghustal, dghund* (to wear, put on), from dghastan^ 
dghand'^ etc., etc. And so laral (to have, possess), from dd.^tan, ddr-; karal 
(to sow) from /:d.^(an, hdr-\ rajcdal (to be scattered) from reJditan^ rez-; 
zghaledal (to run) from gurehhian^ gurez-^ etc., etc. 

Some irregular forms, apparently the result of phonetic peculiarity, 
are the following: viz., pukkhtedal or pukftktedal (to enquire), from the Ilindl 
pUch/md; zegcdal (to bear young) from zd-ldan; gmjral (to reckon, suppose) 
from angdrdan ; takkhtedal or takx/ttcdal (to flee) from tdMtan ; zdogal (to scour) 

from ziddgldan; grokedal (to venerate) from girwidan; jowul (to chew) from 1 

jdmdan; all from the Persian, and so on with many others. 

More complex changes are seen in the following examples : viz., in 
shledal (to tear, be torn), which comes from the Hindi ^Irnd, through the 


stages chlredal'-islredal^tsiledal'-^ledal to shledal; so in pejandal ito recognize), 
from the Hindi pahchdnnd, through pachdndal to pajandal op pejandal; in 
natal (to fall, issue, result), from the Persian u/tan, through the stages uptal-^ 
ubtal—batal or rtatal; so promtal (to fall down), from /aro-u/tan, etc. In like 
manner hkht^cndsial or kkshcndstal (to sit down), sometimes written kkhcndstal 
or kfihendstal (and by the Yilsufzais often contracted to kendstal)^ from the Persian 
nis/iastan, through the forms niklhastal or niMtastal to kkkcndstal or kahendstaL 
usually written kkhkendstal or /ds/iendstal ; so prekkhodal or prekshodal (to let 
go, set down), from the Vevsltxn /arO's/id7idan, through the stages parokkkdndal 
or parokuhdndal^prekkhddal or preMddal to prekkhodal or preknliodal^ and 
so predate or, as it is usually written, prcgdal (to let go, leave oflf), from tho 
Persian faro-hldan^ through paro'hedal to predal or pre^dal; pre^kawul or wc* 
^ra/, from the Persian faro'hardan^ is another example. 

A still more complicated change, where the paradigm is completed 
by words derived from different languages, is seen in the verbs tlal (to go), 
from the Persian raftan (through the stages raial^laial^ialal to tlaV)^ tuidrd^lal 
(to come), from the Persian ^ardldan, by a similar process of transfomriation, 
and their combinations with the pronominal prefixes rd, dar, and tvar, as rdtlal, 
dartlal, 7vartlal, dard^lal, and ward^lal. Each of these verbs has only a 
past signification, and in Pukkhto is used only in the formation of the tenses 
of past time. Those of present time, in the case of both verbs, are derived 
from an Indian source, being formed from the present tenses of the Uindl verb 
idnd (to go), as fham, rd'Izam, danjzam, rvarcham (I go or come, etc.) ; tlalam, 
rdtlalanif darilalam^ etc. (I was going, etc.) ; rd^lalam, dard^lalam, tcara^- 
lalam (I was coming, etc.). 

The word kojdan or kojda (a betrothal) is another instance of similar 
transformation, being derived from the Persian Mwdstan (to ask), or Mivdst 
(a request), through ffhokkhtal or ghokHhial^ and ghokkht or gl\okHhU from the 
latter forms of which are derived (/hok»diian or hojdan-^fjhokHhta or kojda. And 
BO on with many other words, whose originals in the Persian and Hindi will be 
found noted in their proper places in the text. 

In compiling this Dictionary of the Pukkhto language, at the end of 

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which I have added a reversed part in English and Pukthlo, my acknowledgmenU 
are due for the aid derived from Baverty'a Dictionary, though, in many instances, 
we differ as to tlie meaning of certain words, such as tsakkhkUrai, mdjulah, kiskcr^ 
etc., etc., as well as in more important particulars respecting the family and 
structure of the language. 

With the view to economising space, the present, active, and passive 
participles have been generally omitted from the first part of the work, as also 
have derivative adjectives and verbs, the rules with examples for forming these 
Boveral parts of speech having been fully detailed in the Grammar. 

For the rest I must crave the forbearance of the student for some 
imperfections in the volume, which, under the pressure of unavoidable circum- 
stances, I have been forced to complete in a much more hurried manner than 
was anticipated at the time when I entered upon the task. 

Such as it is, however, I trust it will be found useful, especially as 
regards the second or English and Pukkhto part ; and with the Grammar and 
the Exercises and Dialogues added to it, be serviceable in facilitating the study 
of the language of the Afghans, and paving the way to the easy acquisition of 
a practical knowledge of the Pukkhto colloquial 

H. W. B, 


19tu Masch, 1S67. 


Thi8 new edition is brought out by Bai Sahib Munshi Gnlab Singh k Sons 
to meet the demand, and at the special request of Mrs. Bellew. 

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n. adjcctiye ; ad. adverb ; c. conjunction : in. interjection ; pi. plural ; a.m. substantire raaacnline ; 8.f. snbstnntiTie 
feminine; v.a. verb active ; v.n. verb neuter ; p. preposition; pr. pronoun ; part, particle: Irr. irregular ; Def. deCectiva. 

A. Arabic ; p. Persian ; a. Sanskrit ; h. Hindi ; t. TurVl. 

N.B. The letters ^ ds and ^ /, ^ ^ and ^ eli, ^ J and J z, or J j, ^ q and CXjt are sometimes used tlia 
one for the other. The long vowels ) d, j o or u, and v^ # or i are often replaced by their corresponding short 
vowels JL 41, JL fi, and -;- /. The letter /» m preceding S^ 6 in a word is often changed io {:) m. 

The letter J j has the sound of s in azure amongst the Western Afghans, and of J in Jtut amongst the Eastern 
Afghans, j g has the same sound as j ^ amongst the Western tribes, and the sound of l* ^ 0. for which it is often 
changed, amongst the Eastern tribes, t/^ has the sound of ^kh amongst the Eastern Afghans^ and of ^ amongst the 
Western Afghans, by whom it is often changed to 1^ M. 


\ all/, The first letter of the Pukklito alpha- 
bet ; is often interchanged with the short 
vowel zabar, especially in the vocative 
case; is sometimes added as the initial 
letter to words commencing with ^ or v/, as 
in jjj^\ oror for j^jy wror, ^^^^\ Iwadzai 
for ,<ft^\ji yarcadzai. 

lJ\ ab, s.m. Water; lustre; reputation, 
honoor. ?• 

\i\ aba, in. Father! a. iba, s.f. Denial, 
refusal, a. 

jU I dbad, a. Cultivated, peopled, prosperous, p. 

4/jbT abddi, s.f. Cultivation, prosperity, p. 

^jt^\i\ abasln, s.m. The father of rivers. The 
Indus. Also written abmnd. 

Ijcjt ibtiddpBS. Beginning, commencement a. 
jj\ abad,8.m. Eternity. A. abadan, a. Eternal. 
J\jj\ abddl, s.m. A saint. A. 
^t jjI abddtl, s.m. Name of an Afghan dan 

in the country between Kandahar and 

Ilerat. abddlai, s.m. A man of the tribe* 
jj^T dbrUf s.m. Honour, reputation, name, 

renown, p. a&rtz, s.m. The eyebrow, p. 
;fj}\ abra, s.f. The outer cloth of a garment; 

a sash for the waist. p« 
(H^\ abrekUiam or abreksJiam, s.m. New 

silk, floss silk. p. {abrest^anii. 
Jit abl, a. Barefooted, unshod; powerless^ 

weak. 8. {abat). iMtpa-abla^ a. Barefooted, 

""**^- l^igitized by Google 

di\ ( 2 

^\ ablah, a. Foolish, silly, stupid, a. 

^\ aba-l, 8.f. A mother. 

^j^T dparln, in. Bravo! well done! p. 

i^sijA apfldl, s.m. Name of a tribe of Pathans 

in the Rohat hills. Also written qfrldl. 
i^^^u»*j\ apaS'danda'lf s.f. Name of a 

game; tip-cat; bat and ball. 
Kj>\j\ aplat, a. Obscene, dirty, filthy. 
iiy\ a/722/aA,a.Inverted,reversed,in8ide-out. h. 
ijjijji\ airang^ s.m. Name of a plant, used in 

dyeing and medicine (a^(*/^2a^ echinata).vi. 
jsj\ dtashp s,m. Fire (in comp. only), p. 
j\ij\ ittifaq^ s.m. Agreement, concord, a. 
yj\ij\ ittif&qlt a. Accidental, a. 
p\ atam, a. The eighth. 
^1 or g^l atan£, s.m. A kind of dance, a jig, 

a reel, round dance. 
j\y\ itrvdr, s.m. Sunday. 8. 
L^y)\ atob, s.m. Gruel, pap. 
ij\ atah, s.m. Eight, atah-las, s.m. Eighteen. 
\j\ atiyd, a. Eighty, adyuyam, a. Eightieth. 
Jlj^ atdl, a. Idle, unemployed, out of work. 
JC}^ atkal, s.m. Conjecture, guess. H. 
ii\ ata, s.f. A ball, reel, or skein of thread. 

H. (ata). 
^jii^ aterdn, s.m. A reel for thread. H. 
J^^ ateral, v.n. To be dyspeptic. 
^j^\ aterana, s.f. Indigestion, dyspepsia. 

^1 atehaf ) 

djLif i(ibdt, s.m. Confirmation, proof, a. 

J\ o^, s.m. Effect, mark, sign. a. 

ij\>-\ ijdra, s.f. Farm, hire, rent. a. 

<^U*1 j;^a^,s.m.Leave, permission, order. A. 

. . J s.m. Hire, wages, reward, a. 

Js^\ yal, s.m. Fate, death, a. 
Jj^\ atsanral, v.a. To arrange, harmonize, 
level, smooth. 

) sf^^ 

^j>^ ucharlai, s.m. The forehead, brow. 
^T dd!iU, s.f. A raspberry; the bush and 

J^T dchajvul, v.a. To cast, throw, fling. 
•T dB, in. Ah! Good! Well! How good! a. 
»\^\ aMcirah, s.m. Plaster; daubing, plaster- 

X^\ alMdr, s.m. Intelligence, news; a 
newspaper (pi. of ^-^ a.). 
iJ aMtar, s.m. A star; good omen, good 
fortune ; a festival. loe-aJJitar^ the great 
festival ; name of a month corresponding 
with zhkijja. writkai^a^tar, the little 
festival, or the month corresponding with 
shawdl. P. 
izSA dyhtah^ a. Castrated ; involved, caught, 
entangled, trammeled, p. 

^<^^ Authority, power; option, 
choice. A. 

^T dljar^ s.m. Conclusion, end. ad. At last, 
finally. A. 

c-y>-T dMtirat, s.m. Futurity. A. 

Jlm^ dlJtistal, v.a. To accept, take ; ap- 
propriate, seize, capture, a. (aM^z) f 

^^^^T dJJfWi or a^M# in* Alas ! Heigho 1 
See ^T. 

^^\ akhgc^f s.m. Live coal, hot ember, p. 

ji\>\ iWd^t s.m. Sincerity, kindness, affec- 
tion. A. 

^j;^T a^an, s.m. A tutor, teacher, master. 
Also written dMund. p. 

J^^l aMeral, v.a. To daub, plaster, smear. 

\j\ add, s.f. Payment, performance, a. 

L^j\ adab, s.m. Courtesy, politeness, re- 
spect A. < 

\ij\ adnd, a. Inferior, mean, small, a. 

jjjjj^ adilbada,a. Distended, tumefied, blown, 

i^^Ji adlna, s.f. Friday ; Sabbath. P. 

Digitized byLrrOOQlC 

(3 ) 


•j^l ada-l, 8.f. Fields, plots of land round 
a village. Mother. 

^\S\ dzdn, s.m. Call to prayer, a. 

^] izn, 8,ra. Leave, permission, order. A. 

lU^ jT dzUqa, s.f. Food, provisions, victuals. A. 

A^ ardkhf s.m. A brook, rivulet, watercourse, 

ho\Ji irdda, s.f. Design, desire, wish. A. 

As*rf|^T drdsta/i, a. Adorned, arranged, com- 
posed, p. 

m\j\ dram, s.m. Comfort, ease, rest. P. 

L^\ij\ arbdb, s.m. A noble, chief, lord (pi. of 
L^j A.X 

Wj\ tirbUz, s.m. The snout, muzzle. 

uLj;\ artf a. Loose, open, wide, aratarvul, 
v.a. To loosen. 

^\jj^ artdWf s.m. See <--^^^» 

Jy^l artawul, v.a. To brejJc wind ; widen. 

^J\ drta or Aj^T^uj* kkhpa'drta. s.f. Name 
of a wedding ceremony ; the first visit of 
a lover at the house of his affianced, on the 
third day after betrothal ; he takes some 
present for his affianced bride and is in 
return regaled with sherbet and cakes. After 
this ceremony, but not before, he can visit 
at the bride's house whenever convenient. 8. 
idr(d). khhpa'drtnn. s.m. Courtship. 

^^ ari'ma, s.f. A woman, wife; female. A. 

jJ^jiJ^-j^ afjal'barjal, a. Entangled, noosed, 

U^j^ drkhalkh. s.m. A gasp, gurgle. 

^liji Urdu, s.m. A camp, cantonment. T. 

jji arz, s.m. Price, value, p. 

j^y arzdn, a. Cheap, inexpensive, p. 

>jj a^'^a, s.m. Desire, want, wish. p. 

Jjjj^l arzedcU, v.n. To be worth, fetch. 

L^j)}» arg^amai, s.m. A belch, eructation. 

i^jf^^argm, s.m. See preceding, p. {dro^). 

^j\ drsa-l, s.f. A small mirror worn on the 
thumb by women, h. 

xJj\ around, s.m. A. knuckle bone. 

{lfj\ arg, 8.m. A citadel, palace, p. 

4Ls^1 argaja\ a. Mixed, miscellaneoas. H. 

^Ujl armdn, s.m. Begret, sorrow; desire, 

wish. in. Woet Alas I 
ijjj\ artcata^ s.f. A woman, wife, female, 

A. datirat). 
J jj iJ dnvedal, v.a. To hear, listen. 
sj\ dra, s.f. A base, foundation, ara, s.C 

A saw. p. 
\j^j\ arhaf, s.m. An irrigation well worked 

by wheels. H. 
ybj\ arhar, s.m. Name of a pulse, ''pigeon 

pea" (Cytisus cajan). h. 
2F>:j^t arkanda, s.m. The castor-oil tree ilitd' 

nu8 communis). 0. 
^j\ are, ad. Yea, yes, verily, aye. p. 
^^^j\ arerai, s.f. A stop, catch, bolt; the 

small cross-bars to which the waterpots of 

an irrigation wheel are fastened* 
jT dr, s.m. Difficulty, obstruction; a screen ; 

shelter ; a fetter, bond. h. 
,X«j1 aramkai, s.m. A shepherd's crook, 
rj^ <>rM» s.m. Armpit; flank, side. 
M^ aram, s.m. A buttress, prop, support. 
^^ aramai, s.m. A small prop, a bar ; tba 

bar of a door. 
CJ^jjCjiy^ arang^barangt a* Confused, en* 

Jju' ^T^^^h v*a» To overturn, upset, invert^ 

turn over. 
^^< arekaif s.m. The bar or bolt of a door 

or window; a small prop or support; 

hindrance, obstacle. 
jljT dzdd, a. Free, liberated, loose. P. 
j\j\ dzdr, s.m. Affliction, distress. P. izdr, 

s.m. Trowsers, drawers. P. 
9Jjj\ dzurdah, a. Sad, sorrowful, grieved, p. 
^^j\ azgian, a. Thorny, prickly« 
_ij1 azghai, s.m. A thorn, prickle. 
c::^vs^U:T dzmdmhhhi or i jr ^ j >tj7 dzmetJshtt 

s.m. Proof, trial, test. P. {dzmdA^). ^ t 

uigitized byLnOOQlC 


( 4 ) 


JjjUjT dztndyal or Jiy^j^ dzmoyal, v.a. To 
examine, prove, test, try. p. (dzmUdan). 

Jj.1 a^tayal, v.a. To wattle, net ; stitch, sew; 
to provoke, urge, incite, instigate. 

fjj ds, s.m. A horse. P. (asp). 

^L^ asdml, s.m. A tenant, client; de- 
fendant. A. 

^UT dsdn, a. Easy, facile. p« 

c-^U^t asbdb, s.m. Chattels, goods (pi. of 

(...'SM* A.). 

JyL«*t ispashol, s.m. Name of a herh (P&n- 

^ay^ ispaghula). The seeds are used in 

medicine. P. 
j^t ispand, s.m. Name of a plant; the 

Syiisxi me {Peranum hannala). The seeds 

are used in medicine, and the dried herh as 

incense to drive away evil spirits, p. 
iuJ\ dspa, s.f. A mare, aspa, s.f. Quinsy ; 

_^\2^^ astd^ai, s.m. A messenger, delegatCi 

S\s^\ ustdz, s.m. A master, teacher, p. iusldd). 
^\sJ\ dstdn, s.m. A threshold ; shrine of a 

saint ; family, house. P. 
jL^\ astar, s.m. The lining of a dress, p. 
iji^S astnra, 8.f. A razor, p. 
ijj^\ astoja, ) s.f. Ahode, dwelling, residence. 
^jL^\ astoffa, ) Also astoffona. 
Jujii^l astoffUnkai, s.m. Besident, dweller. 
[Lp^\ istlfd, s.f. Renouncing; resignation, a. 
^^ji^ dstin, s.m. A sleeve, p. 
JyJT dstafvul, v.a. To send, transmit, des« 

patch, depute, p. (Jiristddan). 
JjusJT dstedal, v.n. To ahide, dwell, reside. 

p. (istddan). See osedal. 
i^\ya\ isrdf, s.m. Extravagance, prodigality, 

waste. A. iifrdf). 
9jJ\ dsra, s.f. Hope, refuge, trust, reliance. 

0. (d$rd). 
MhMsldmfi.m.The Muhammadan religion, a. 

^UJ dsmdn, 8.m. The sky, heaven, p. 

yj asU, s.m. Name of the sixth Hindu month. 
September-October. 8. {ddn). 

jr jf^T dsudah, a. Contented, tranquil, quiet, p. 

^Jjyj^ asivelai, s.m. A gape, sigh, yawn. 

^\ flwf, a. Unfortunate, unlucky, asa-l, s.f. 

UJT dsit/d, s.f. A water-mill. p. 

j^\ asJr, s.m. A captive, prisoner, p. 

cL^l:>1 t£^dra/,s.m.Ahint,nod, sign, wink. A. 

i^J^\ a^shdrai, s.m. A dried apricot. 

jJU\ asharVf a. Abusive, wicked, vicious, ob- 
scene. A. 

iifJ^\ ashtoka, s.f. Concord, peace, p. {dshti). 

\fJ^\ is^tikd, s.f. Appetite, desire, a. 

4^lxlT dshnde, s.m. A friend,lover. p.(^itd). 
dshnd'l, s.f. Friendship, intimacy. 

J«)»T dkkhalf v.a. To knead or mix dough. 
Def. in pres. ten. See JrsT. 

_L}J dH'ftalaif s.m. Dough, a. Kneaded. 

J^f (mI, s.m. Lineage, origin, source; 
capitaL A. 

^1J\ asli, a. Genuine, original. A. 

J^^ a^ll, a. Noble, well bred. a. 

ftltl ittild\ s.f. Notice, information. A. 

jLx^l ftibdr, s.m. Credit, trust, reliance, a. 

^yB^\ a'jubah, s.m. A miracle, prodigy, 
wonder, a. 

eJc^ agh^dughf s.m. Fraud, deceit, imposture. 

js\ agliar^ s.m. Fixing the arrow on the bow- 
string preparatory to shooting. 

^/^T dghzakai^ s.m. Name of a thorny plant 

^^T dghzan^ a. Thorny, prickly. 

4^1 dghzax^ s.m. A thorn, prickle. 

J^T dgha^aU v.a. To knead or mix dough. 
Def. in past ten. See J^J, p, (d^i^tan). 

w^Jiit at^Alab, ad. Most likely^ most pro- 
bably. a. 

aUT d^alah, a. Mixed, kneaded; good, 

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( 5 ) 


Ji-yiT cU^Ustatf v.a. To dress, put on clothes, 

attire. P. (d^astan, d^andan). 
^^yAd^ostan, s.m. Apparel, dress, raiment, 

J^^T d^ostatvul, v.a. To attire, clothe, 

J^T dffheral^ v.n. B. {ajiran). See JjjjU 
cs^T dfat^ s.m. Calamity, misfortune. A. 
^j^yMi\ a/sos, s.m. Grief, sorrow, regret, in. 

Alas! pityt ah! p. 
^Uil afghdn^ s.m. An Afghan. 
^\ ajtm, s.m. Opium, a. (afiyUn). 
JlJl iqbdl, s.m. Good fortune, prestige, good 

auspices, a. 
Jiy\ ifjrdr, s.m. Agreement, assurance, con* 

fession. a. 
^t iqtim, s.m. Country, climate, region, a. 
^ akd, 8.m. A paternal uncle. 
^ a/iftar, a. Most. ad. Mostly, generally, a. 
^ akar, s.m. Giddiness, vertigo. 
^^^\ a/iU-ba/iU, s.m. Name of a bird ; name 

of a game ; it is played with cakes of moist 

clay of a globular shape, hollowed out, and 

made to explode by being dashed on a hard 

surface with the opening downwards. 
j^ akor, s.m. A walnut; the tree. 
i^j^ akorai, s.m. A kind of leather tanned 

2>\^T dgdii, a. Apprized, aware, informed, p. 
^ agar, s.m. A captive, slave, bondsman, p. 

c. If. p. 
<>^ agarchit c. Although, though, p. 
y<^/^ agramai, s.m. See t<^jj^ • 
^ agan, s.m. Name of a bird ; the skylark. H. 
^ aga-l, s.f. An egg. 
JT dl, s.m. Children, progeny, a. 
^)1 alajf s.m. A carder or comber of cotton. 

A. (lialldj). 
^y>*S1 aldjl^ s.f. A comb for clearing cotton 

of ita seeds. 

^j^^\ aldstj, a. Absent, invisible. 

4jJ\ cdbatta. ad. Certainly, undoubtedly, of 
course, a. 

^\ ufja, s.f. Booty, plunder. 

^j»J\ alsi, s.f. Linseed, h. 

c:^1 u/fat, s.m. Familiarity, friendship, in* 
timacy, kindness, a. 

AiilT dlu/taA, a. Vexed, troubled, distressed, p. 

i^\ alqis,^a, ad. In fine, in short. A. 

^\ allah, s.m. God. in. Good God! My 
God ! Oh God I a. allaA^bdsh, s.m. Greet- 
ing, shaking hands. 

j!T dlu, s.m. A kind of plum ; a plum. p. 

^^^\ al/vdn, s.m. A kind of cotton cloth dyed 
red; coloured cloth, a. 

JJjJT dlwatalf v.n. To fly, float in the air. 

ij>^^\ alUch.(i9 s.f. A kind of plum. P. 

jrjjjl dladah, a. Soiled, stained, spattered, p. 

Jjjj/T dltvtizawul, v.a. To make fly ; to sift 
or winnow com, etc., by throwing it up in 
the air against the wind. 

^j^ji\ ulus, s.m. A clan, people, tribe. T. 

jyt aluTval, a. All of a heap, by the run, all 
in a lump. 

Jl»^\ alwoyal, v.a. To parch, roast, scorch, 

^^ji\ alawai, a. Parched, roasted, scorched, 

Cj!^\ alAang, s.m. Crying, sobbing, blub- 

At\ imdm, s.m. Tlie chief priest of a mosque ; 
the large bead of a rosary, a. 

^U^ amdn, s.m. Protection, quarter, safety, a. 

(c^U^ amdnat, s.m. Deposit, trast a. 

^U1 anidnl, a. All, entire, whole, ad. En* - 
tirely, wholly, s.f. Deposit, security, trast. a. 

j\^\ ambdr, s.m. A heap, a store of grain, 
etc. p. 

jy^\ ambdr, s.m. Forceps, pincers, pliers, p. 

_3x«T dmadanl, s.f. Income, revenue; im- 
port, p. 

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( 6 ) 


^j.j^\ dmad'rqft, a.m. Coming and going, 
intercourse! thoroQgbfare. p. 

j^\ amr, s.m. Gommandi order; affair, busi- 
ness. A. 

i^j^\ amrasa, s.f. A kind of sweetmeat* 

\^\ amsd, s.f. A staff, stick, a. Co^d). 

^\C«1 imkdn s.m. Possibility. A. 

J^l amal^ s.m. Intoxication ; habitude. 
1^\ aniali, s.m. A man addicted to intoxi- 
cating drugs. 

CJ^\ amluk, s.m. Name of a tree that bears 
an edible fruit {Diospyros zpX 

^\ amarif s.m. Safety, security, asylum, a. 

A:^^T dmoMiak, a. Learned, taught; ex- 
perienced, habituated, accustomed, p. 

ju^^ umed, s.m. Expectation, hope; preg- 
nancy, p. 

j^S amir, s.m. A noble, grandee, ruler, a. 

J^l amelf s.m. An ornament for the neck ; 
a necklace of charms, etc. a. dtimd-it). 

^^j^ dmlTif ad. Amen, so be it. a. aniln, 
s.m. A guardian, umpire, trustee, a. Con- 
stant, faithful, trusty. A. 

\j\ and, s.f. A grandmother, paternal or mater- 
nal, foarla-and, s.f. A great grandmother. 

p\ andr, s.m. A pomegranate, p. 

^Uf anhdlaA, s.f. A howdah; a sedan or 
litter for women, carried on a pole by men. 
A. ^amdri\ 

f\s:^\ atydm, s.m. Accomplishment, end. p. 

jtss^^ anjlr, s.m. Scrofula ; diseased glands in 
the neck. 

^^\ anfja-t, s.f. Cord, string, twine. H. (dm). 

jj\ and, s.m. An age, cycle of five hundred 
years; idea, thought, fancy ; testicle, egg. 8. 

jf:^ jj^ anddza,sS. Measure,quantity ; guess, p. 

fjb J jjI andarpaya, s.f. A ladder, steps, stairs. 

4ijSi\ andraka, s.f. A coat, doublet. 8. {an- 

jj^jjf andror,B.{. A husband's sister. SeOj^^j. 

ijJI inda, s.f. A sip, gulp, mouthful. 

^^sj\ andchkh or andek^, s.m. Meditating, 
cogitating, thinking. P. (ande^). 

^U4J JJl andekkhna.B.f. Anxiety, care, thought, 
dread. Also andekkhnd. 

j:>^^^\ andokhar, s.m. Name of a game; 
baste the bear. Called also mara-daba" 
la-l. The basters riding on the backs of 
other boys round the bear. 

^^\ andai, s.m. A bundle, package. 

^jiiii\ anderai, s.m. A mat made of palm 

j^'^\ anzor or j^\ andzor, s.m. Ornament, 
decoration, embellishment. 

^LjI insdn, s.m. Man, mankind, a. 

i^^^^l ansit, s.m. Name of a plant. 

cJUaJl inmf, s.m. Equity, justice. A. 

f\su\ in'dm, s.m. A favour, gift, present. A. 

j\ij\ inhdr, s.m. Denial, negation. A. 

2j\61 angdza, s.f. Echo, resonance, reverbera- 

^^^^\ angabln, s.m. Honey ; the comb. p. 

Jj\ angar, s.m. A house, mansion. 

j£j\ a7tganr, s.m. An area, court, yard. 6. 

'i^\ angola, s.f. The howl of a wild animal. 

^\ inga, s.f. A bride's maid or attendant for 
the first few days after marriage, anga, 
s.f. A frock, coat. 8. (angd). 

^\ anga-i, s.f. Name of a game ; prisoners' 

^^^\ a^igcta-l, s.f. A chafing dish. H. (aw- 

J^l angcral, v.a. To fancy, imagine, sup- 
pose, think, p. (ingdrdan). 

CJjj^ anang, s.m. A pomegranate ; the space 
between the thumb and fore-finger; a short 
span. (. 

^j^uil anai^gUrai, s.m. A small pomegranate. 

^i^\ anangai, 6.m. The cheek. 

^T dna, s.f. The pommel of a saddle. 

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s^» ( 7 ) 

•j\ ana-t, s.f. A woman's name; Annie. 

J^^ aural, v.a. To grind, powder, triturate. 

JtJ^ auratvul, v.a. To choose, gather, pick, 
select, separate, sort. 

v4^yl amvaf, s.m. A ring for the thumb or 
great toe. h. 

y\ aw, c. And, also, ao, ad. Aye, yes. o, in. 
Oh! Halloa! Hie! 

j\^\ au'dr, s.m. Booty, plunder, spoil ; injus- 
tice, delay, tyranny, p. 

ifj\^ d7vdrah, a. Dissolute, vagabond ; spirit- 
less, mean. 

\\^ d2vdz, s.m. Voice, sound, report, p. 

if\\j\ dfcdza, s.f. Rumour, report, fame, 

Jby obdl, s.m. A crime, fault, sin. A. 

J^j^\ obra-i, s.f. The green vegetation in 
ponds, etc. Confervas; duckweed. 

tj^j\ obanra, s.f. The caul ; the membrane 
enveloping the foDtus, 

ij^\ oba, s.f. Water, liquid, fluid, p. (aJ). 
A splint in the leg of a horse, etc. oblan, 
a. Watery, sodden. 

ijj^^S tlprak, a. Foreign, strange. 

Jt^\ arvtar, a. Ruined, spoiled; dissolute, 
wanton, deranged, a. (abiar). 

J^^\ ajdr, a.Desert,waste,defiolated,ruined. 8. 

4^^y t{;>a2,s.m.An entrail,gut ; tripe.u. (ujh). 

jli.^^ arctmr, a. Clear, evident, manifest, s.m. 
symptom, sign, evidence, mark. H. {ajdl). 

v::^o^j\ Uchat, a. High, lofty, raised, elevated. 
8. IfLndhd). 

Jjyj^^ odrarcul, v.a. To fix, set up, pitch 
(as a tent) ; to halt, stop, stay (as a boat, 
cattle, etc.) ; to make stand. 

Jjjjjj^ ndaredal, v.n. To abide, halt, stop, 
stay, stand up, stand still. 

^^^ awdas, s.m. Washing the hands; a 
form of ablution before prayers ; purifica- 
tion, p. idb-dasth 



Jjjl ndal, v.a. To weave, braid, net. p. 

9Jtj\ UdaA, a. Asleep, sleeping, uda, 8.f. A 

charm, blowing, breathing upon by way of 

charm ; mesmerism. (The power is sup* 

posed to be acquired by direct commis- 
sion from above, or by inheritance.) Also 

written huda. a. CuhdaX 
^,jj\ odana-i, s.f. A woman's veil or mantle. 

H. (or And). 
j^\ or, s.m. Fire. h. {dg). 
kJ^j^J^ ^/••ora^/^oi, s.m. Name of a plant; 

the wild onion or leek; it is used as a 

^^j^ orbUsha, s.f. A barley com. orbUs^, 

pi. Barley. 
ij^^j^ orbushtna, s.f. Barley-meal, barley- 
Jjj^\ orbal, s.m. A curl, ringlet, or lock of 

hair on the forehead. 
i^^^j^ orptikkkt, s.m. A moth. 
KJi}j^ ^^'l^r^^^h 8«ro. A fire-poker. 
ji^j)^ ormeg., s.m. The neck, throat 
i^jj^ oraijrai, s.m. A swaddling-cloth, a 

baby's winding sheet. H. iorhnl). 
Jj^yr djvratvul, v.a. To cause to hear. 
9j^\ or ah, s.m. A cloud, the clouds, p. 

^^j}^ orahkai, s.m. A firefly, glow-worm. 
v^^^T dnsrai, s.m. Mustard seed; name of 

a herb ; wild mustard. 
^j^ oraA, s.f. The gums ; quick of the nails. 

^^jy oryadza, ) 

Jja^T dwredal, v.a. To hear, listen, p. 

Jjjjj^l oredal, v.n. To rain, drizzle, p. 

j^ or, s.m. A weaver's tool ; the web througb 

which the woof passes. 

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( 8 ) 


^j)^ orunbe, ad. Firstly, first, formerly, 
previously. Also written wrUnbe. orun- 
banai or tvrunbanai, a. Former, previous. 

^j^\ orana-lf s.f. See ^y^)^* 

Jjfj^l orawul, v.a. To powder, grind, pul- 

3fj^\ orak, s.m. Flour, meal, powder. 

4^^1 oral, s,m. Summer. 

^y^J^\ ojgkUna, s.f. A goat's hair, ojfjhune^ 
pi. Goat's hair. 

'^j^ t^cf, a. Long, extended. 

^iC«^1 uffmaia-l, s.f. The moon ; moonlight. 

9j^\ t?^a, s.f. Qarlic. osna, s.f. The shoulder. 

4^;^ osaai, s.m. A measure of grain, etc. 
equal to I41bs. ogLa-i, s.f. An ornament 
for the neck ; a necklet or collar of silver 
or gold. 

^j\ OS, ad. Now, at this time. 

ijrfsi^^\ ospanMarcu, s.m. Iron slag or 

^^p\ ospana, s.f. Iron. 

krfjl awsal, a. Medium, mean, middling, a. 

^^S osan, a. Existing, present 

^V^^l osancu, a. Modem, late, recent 

^^\ osai, s.m. A deer, gazelle. 

JjL^y asedal, v.n. To abide, exist, remain, 
dwell, reside, stay. See dstedaL 

^^\ Uikhf s.m. A camel, v. (Ushtur). 

d^^\ Ukkhbah or UknUbah, s.m. A camel- 
man, an owner of camels. 

Jx^^^T dwuWUalf v.a. To change, turn, alter, 
p. (Mz-gdshtan). 

i^^ okhha, s.f. A tear. p. iashk). 

^^ arcjchhai, s.m., A brother-in-law : wife's 
brother; sister's husband, a. (a^/, brother). 
oiMil, s.m. The mane of a horse. 

^Ji^ anghiBLn, s.m. An Afghan. 

ji^t Ughii s.m. A walnut. 

ij^ ogra, s.f. Porridge, pap, gruel. P. {fifj/hrS)^ 

gr'jjJj^ Ufffd'tpsS. A portion, part, instalment; 
a debt paid at different times, h. 

^}^\ awrvcU, a. First, foremost. A. 

Si^\ awldd, s.m. Progeny, issue, children. A. 
Also written abcdd. 

^j\ arvla, s.m. Treacle, molasses. 

iip\ olah, s.m. A flock of lambs kept separate 
from their mothers. 

A.j\ om or Um, a. Crude, raw, uncooked, un- 
ripe, immature, p. (Mam), awam, a. The 

^^1 omaA, s.m. Name of a plant. It is 
used in tanning, and is added to snuff to 
increase its pungency. 

^^\ Unga-l, s.f. The moon. 

^^\ Unai, s.m. A babbler, chatterer. 

f^j^\ owoMj a. The seventh. 

}fj^ owah, a. Seven. 

v/j>^t owl, s.m. A cock's comb; a horse's 

9^\ oTcoh, a. Seven, ama, 8.f. A pimple, 
pustule, vesicle. 

i^^\ oe, s.m. Consent, promise, pledge. 

\l^\ awiyd, a. Seventy. 

*^}ji)^ an;^;7dn(f, a. Hanging, pendant, sus- 
pended, p. (drvez). 

i^^\ oenah, s.m. The white ant. 

jUI aJtdr, s.m. Name of the third Hindu 
month. June-July. 

^^\ ai, in. Oh! Halloa! sign of the voca- 
tive case, p. 

bt dt/d, in. No! Is it! Really! How odd! 
P. ad. No, not at all, never. 

ijjji^ errai, s.m. The long-tailed sheep. 8. 

HjA Ira, s.f. Ash. Ire, pi. Ashes. 

4^^ erai, s.m. See i^^'« 

jUj\ tsar, a. Hindered, stopped, surrounded, 
s.m. A castle, fort; embarrassment; per* 
plexity. A. (^t>^). 

Ji*-i^ estaX^ v.a. To draw out, extract, expel. 
Also yastal. Def. in pres. ten. See J«iU. 

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( 9 ) 


i^\ eshana, s.f. Agitation, ferment, ebul- 
lition, effervescence. P. (josh). 

JyLjl cshamd, v.a. To boil, heat, make boil, 
p. (joshandan). 

JjlJLjI eshedal, v.n. To boil, bubble, effer- 
vesce, p. (joshidan). 

J^j^ cHhdl or liMial, v.a. To lay, put, 
place, set. Also yaJMdl^ Def. in pres. 
ten. See J J,, p. hiishandan). 

v.a. SccJLaj^. 

Jj^^ eHhodal or UkhodaL 

^}yAJ^ el'khawuloT tHhawul^ 

Jj^t el or i/, !• Domestic, tame, not wild. 

iJjI ^/a/i, T. Free, liberated, p. (yalah). 

^^UjI Iman, s.m. Faith, religious belief. A. 

^\ eman, a. Calm, gentle, patient. 

a:^\ emna, s.f. A woman's name. 

j^^\ tndzar, s.m. A fig; the tree. P. (anjlr). 

^^T d'ln, s.m. Law, rule, regulation. P. 

AijT a-Zna, s.f. A mirror, looking-glass ; the 

liver, the gall bladder. 
iiiA tna, s.f. The gall bladder, the liver, 

lungs and heart, the vitals. 
i^\ twa, s.f. A plough, ploughing. 

L^ be. The second letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is often changed for ^ in 
words adopted from Persian and Sanscrit. 

(^ ba or ij ba, part. The sign of the future 
and continuative past tenses of verbs. 

\f bd, p. With, by. Only used in comp. 
with words from Persian. P. 

c^U bdb, s.m. Account, business, matter; 
chapter or section of a book; door, gate. a. 

bb bdbd, in. Father! Sire! A term of affec- 
tion and respect used towards old men, and 
by children to a grandfather. T. 

cu^U bdbat, s.m. Affair, business; item, 
article; account, on account of. a. 

jf\{ bdbar, s.m. Name of an Afghan dan. 
^b bdbaio, in. Dear child! A term of 

affectionate address to a child, 
^b bdba, in. Father I Sire I A term of affec* 

tion or esteem used towards a father or 

old man. 
^b bdblf s.f. A brother's wife, sister-in-law. 

in. Mother! Granny dear! s.m. Name of 

an Afghan clan. 
jy\i batar, s.m. An eagle; brave, valiant 

(corrupt : of p. bahddur). bdtor, s.m. The 

pupil of the eye. 
^b bdta-i, s.f. A wick, match, candle, spile; 

bougie, a tent for a wound. 8. ibatH). 
t^b bat, s.m. A hone, grindstone. 
/^Vj}b bdiinffanr, s.m. The egg-plant {solor 

num longwn). n. (baingan). 
Jo bdj, s.m. Tax, toll, impost, duty. P. 
ij^\j bdjra, s.f. Indian com, spiked millet 

{Holctis spicattis). p. (%>5). 
JLf»-b bdjah, s.m. Wife's sister's husband, 

jb bdd, s.m. Air, wind ; rheumatism, p. 
J jb bdddm, s.m. An almond, p. 
^^ jb hdd'Mor, s.m. A disease of horses ; 

oedema. Name of a kind of hawk. p. 
vl^^jb bdd'Morak, s.m. The sparrow- 
hawk. P. 
(j/ijjb bddrang, s.m. A cucumber. P. 
^jc\j bddrOp s.m. Name of the fifth Hindu 

month. August-September. 8. (bhddon). 
bddraw, s.m. An air-hole, ventilator. Also 

bdd'M^ff(i* P* 
jrb^jb bddshdhf s.m. Monarch, sovereign, 
. king. P. 
^^jb bdd'kdkl'hf s.m. A ventilator, chimney. 

p. (bdd-kash), 
^^Aj bdd'gola, s.f. Colic, flatulent colic. P. 
^\^jb bdd'tcdn, s.m. A sail, wing; a shade 

or screen for a lamp. P. 
^^ jb bad*ha9vd, s.f. A paper kite* p« 


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( 10 ) 



v^jb bddl, a. flatnlent, windy; haaghty, 

Jj^b bddffol, a.m. A leading string, rein, 
head rope of a horse. H. {bdgdar). 

Jo bdr, s.m. A burden, load ; time, occasion, 
turn, place. P. 

,^j\j bdrdn, s.m. Rain; a shower, down- 
pour, p. 

y>^j\9 bdrHo, s.f. The cheek, side of the face. 

C/fh bdrai, s.m. A man's name, Barak. 
bdraizi, s.m. The clan Barak, bdrakzai, 
s.m. A man of the clan Barak, bdrakza-l, 
s.f. A woman of the clan Barak. The late 
Amir Dost Muhammad Khan was the head 
of this now famous clan. 

^jy» bdr-kaHh, s.m. A rope, cord, etc., for 
tying up baggage ; a beast of burden, a. 
burthen-bearing; meek, humble, p. {bdr- 

ijj bdra, s.f. A rampart, fortification, en- 
closure, ditch, entrenchment, fence, f. 

CXjjb bdr'i/c, a. Fine, narrow, slender, sub- 
tile, p. 

i^j\) bdre, ad. Once; at length; then. 

jC bar, s.m. A volley of musketry. An iron 
dish for roasting grain. 8. 

9J0 bdra, s.f. An enclosure, sheepfold. 8. 

^aa^b bdren^a^, s.m. A whirligig; a 
cross bar balanced on the top of an upright 
post, on which as a pivot it is made to 
revolve by the riders, who sit in chairs 
attached to the ends of the cross bar. 

j\j bdZt s.f. A female falcon, p. See ip^. 

j\j\) bdzdr, s.m. A market, mart. p. 

jj^b bdzU, s.m. The arm ; side of a bedstead; 
fold of a door ; the flank, side of anything, p. 

jkijj^jb bdzU'band, s.m. An ornament for the 
arm* p. 

v^jb bdzl, s.f. Cheat, trick, deception, strata- 
gem ; play, sport, game. p. 

^;b bdzhgar, s.m. A tumbler, rope-dancer, 

juggler ; cheat, impostor. 
(^b bds, s.m. A privy, necessary; odour, 

smell. 8. 
J«i»b bdsal, v.a. To extract, draw out, pull 

out. Def. in past tense. See J:u«jf. 
*^b bdfMa, s.f. A sparrow-hawk. P. {bdsha). 
^j^\i bdkkKn, s.m. A sparrow-hawk. P. 

Jtb baiil, a. FutOe, useless, vain. a. 
^b bdfin, a. Concealed, internal, a. 
d^b bdHs, s.m. Account, cause, reason, a. 
cV bd^, s.m. A garden, grove, orchard. P. 
^\^\j bd^wdrij s.m. A gardener, 
^b bdql, s.m. Arrears, balance, remnant; 

existing, remaining, a. 
cJb bdk, s.m. Anxiety, dread, fear. p. 
^b bdka-l, s.f. Nausea, sickness, h. {Ubka-l). 
/b %«, OP I vv u i 

cL^b bdlikkhtf S.m. A bolster, pillow, p. 

(bdlish). bdliWit'gofai, s.m. A cushion. 
u/-.>.;*lb bdlikHta/i, s.m. A cushion, pad. 
jJb bdli^, a. Adult, mature, full-grown. A. 
Jb bdlanr, s.m. Fuel, fire-wood, 
^b bdlln, s.m. A bolster, pillow, cushion, 

pad. p. 
^b bdm, s.m. The roof of a house, p. 
j^\i bdmbaur, s.m. A Brahmin. 8. (bdmhan). 
jFji^b bdmbauva, s.f. A blaze, conflagration. 

A Brahmin woman. 
^JJu^b bdmbl'lakai, s.m. A kind of butterfly, 
jjb bdndi, 1 

»0^b bdnda, s.f. A cattle or sheep pen; a 

hamlet. 8. (bard). 
j[i bdtjr, s.m. Cordage made of palm-leaves, 
jyb bduj:a, s.f. The eyelash. 
LCb bdnkiyd, s.m. A fop, beau. Vi. (bdnkd). 
Cfj\j bdng, s.m. A call, cry, shout. P. 

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JjujSSlj hdngedaly v.n. To low, bleat, bellow. 

ij\i bdna, s.f. An excuse, pretence, sham, 
pretext. P. (bahdna). 

j^\j bdfcar, a.m. Belief, faith, credit, trust. P. 

-j^jb bdn:slr, s.m. Hemorrhoids, piles, k. 

J^b bdoti, s.f. The drag on which hawks, 
dogs, etc. arc trained and taught to hunt. 
A well, with steps to the water. H. bdoti- 
9var/ia7vul, v.a. To initiate, train, teach, 

Jb\) bdhar, ad. Outside, without, beyond, 
foreign, 8. 

ybb bdhu, s.m. An ornament for the arm. 

*juJb bd'idah, a. Fit, proper, necessary, suit- 
able, ad. Necessarily, of necessity, it be- 

yL5b bd'Uar, s.m. Name of a shrub {Adlia- 
toda vasica). H. {bdkar). 

JlJb bd-elal, v.a. To fail, forfeit, lose. p. 

^ babar, a. Hairy, shaggy. P. 

^j^, babozai, s.m. A fan made of palm 
leaves, a fan. Name of a bird, the king- 

•-J baba-l, s.f. Name of a bird. An affec- 
tionate term for " mother." 

s.m. A spark, scintillation. 

but^ s.m. An image, idol, figure, form, 
model. One of the walls that supports 
the cross-beam of a Persian wheel. 

^j;\ij batdHf s.m. See ^;Vy . 

j^j batar, a. Worse, very bad. p. {badtar). 

klJcj batak, s.m. A water cruse, in the shape 
of a double convex disc, made of leather 
or pottery. 

^Jcj batakai, s.m. Dimin. of preceding. 

isj bata, s.f. A heron, crane. 

^ ball, s.f. Glue, paste, starch, size. 

1^ baff s.m. A furnace, kiln ; an iron pot 
or dish for roasting grain; bark, rind, 
husk ; prosperity, good luck. 

( 11 ) C/iAC 

j^ bata, s.f. Husked or pounded barley, 
jar bajuZf p. Except, besides, save, with- 
out, p. 
Jar bujal, s.m. Ankle-joint, knuckle-bone. p. 
Ai*^ butsMa, s.f. A clothes-bag, bundle of 

clothes. T. (bttq^a). 
^Ci^ bufsMiaka-l, s.f. A reticule, small bag 
for collyrium, needles, etc. 

^jsi batsarai, 

^jsi batsarkaif 

^^. bachdo, s.m. Escape, protection, shelter, 
u. barhawul, v.a. To save, shelter, etc. 

^jsf^ ba^rai, s.m. An ass's colt, young 

^J^. bachakarcu, s.m. The lash of a whip ; 
end of a sling. 

ya^ bachu, in. Dear babel Baby dear! 
Baby ! A term of affectionate address to 
a child. 

^j^jsf^ bachUngaraif s.m. A babe, infant, 
a very young animal. 

^ff, backatvai, s.m. The lash of a whip; 
end of a sling ; a band or ribbon for fasten- 
ing women's hair ; a tassel of braided cords 
attached to the back hair of women. 

^-»r bachai, s.m. A babe, infant, child, young 
one, p. (ba^a). 

cl^osT bahsi, s.m. Argument, discussion, con- 
troversy. A. 

js:r balir, s.m. The ocean, sea. a. 

c:^o^ ba/Mf s.m. Fate, fortune, luck. p. 

9jsr baMra, s.f. Lot, portion, share. P« 

^ji^ir baMknki s.m. Lot, share, portion ; be- 
stowing, giving ; forgiveness, p. (baj^sh^). 

^^^..uv; baMkslii^, s.m. Donation, gift, 
grant, p. (baM.^ish). 

J^isr ba/M'Hal or bakUfthal^ T.a. See J4J. 
p. (baMishidan). 

iv^^ balhkiliana^ s.f. Pardon, forgiveness, 
forgiving ; giving, bestowing. 


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( 12 ) 

^^^^ ha^mata-l, 8.f. Name of an insect of 
a scarlet colour, the scarlet lady; called 
also blbvp&to. (From a. mammal.) 

J^ ba^il, 8.m. A miseri niggard, a. 
Vicious, ill-tempered, spiteful, stingy. A. 

^Jlsc; bakklti, s.f. Avarice, stinginess ; obsti* 
nacy, vice, ill-temper, spite. 

jj badf a. Bad, evil, vicious. P. 

J jj badar^ s.m. The silky cotton tree(Bombax 
heptaphtflluni). badar^Itand or badar* 
kdtjrai, s.m. The gum resin of the tree : 
used in medicine. The silky cotton is used 
as a stuffing for pillows. 

A^jj badraya, s.f. A convoy, escort, guide. 
A. (badraqa). 

^I^jdj badra-l, s.f. A woman*s name, budri, 
s.f. A stumble, trip ; loss, injury, damage. 

Ujj bactud, s.f. A curse, malediction. P. 
(bad (tud). 

Jju badal, s.m. Exchange; revenge, retalia- 
tion. A. badalawul, v.a. To exchange, etc. 

^jj bad'laman, a. Wanton, dissolute, un- 

4ljj badala, e.f. Melody, music, tune. 

^jj badan, s.m. The body. A. 

v^jj badl, s.f. Enmity, evil, mischief. 

^^1o^ badd'l, s.f. Dignity, rank ; magnitude, 
greatness. 8. {bardA). 

J\^0^ badagdlf s.m. The silky down on the 
flower spike of the bullrush. h. (Jbard gold). 

jr^^ bada^ s.f. A bribe, douceur ; the upper 
hem of a pair of trousers through which 
passes the fastening band. 

ji bar, a. High, upper, top ; victorious, suc- 
cessful, s.m. A stroke of the moon, moon* 
blast, bar tcakalai, a. Moon-struck. 

jAjf bardbar, a. Abreast, equal, even, level, 
alike, smooth, straight 

iiAji bardya, ad. Last night, yesternight. 

Ruined, wasted, thrown 

c\)jf barbdd, a. 

away. p. 
ij3j} burburOf s.f. A bubble. P. (bulbuld). 
sji-^^ji Wia^^,s.m.Chattels,effects, goods, p. 
^ji barbandf a. Bare, naked, uncovered. P. 

\jji barpd, a. Raised, set on foot, com- 

menced. p. 
^j) bruj, s.m. A turret, tower, bastion, p. 

jSP'jf barjo, s.f. A hone, whetstone. Also 

baijo kdnrqi. 
jJLj( bartjer^ a. Clear, manifest, evident, 

^^Ift^ji bartseran, ad. Apparently, manifestly, 

visibly, clearly. 
i:S>yj broMa, s.f. See jf^. 
^fjj) barara, s.f. Name of a shrub {Periploca 

^J^ji bartara/f a. Apart, aside, dismissed, 

turned oif, discharged. A. 
9ji bragh, s.m. A fold, layer, plait ; dupli- 
cation, multiplication, fold. 
\^^ji barghutf s.m. A wild cat. 
^ji barghand, s.m. A notch, dent, nick. 
^ji bargho, s.m. The cleaning rod of a gun. 
•J^yi barghota-l, s.f. A disease of the parotid 

gland, mumps. 
j^ji barghwag, s.m. An ear-drop, pendant, 

or ring. 
^Jfyi bargholai, s.m. A dish-cover, lid. 
^fyi braghUnai, s.m. A twin, one of twins. 
s^ji barakat, s.m. Blessing, prosperity, 

fortune. A. 
^jf barakad, a. Blessed, fortunate, pros- 
\Liji brag, a. Spotted, speckled, streaked. 

s.m. A leper. 
i^^Jfji bargarandai, s.m. Embracing, hug* 

ging, cuddling. 

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( 13 ) 


^jr^/ bargastofcdnt a.m. Mail armour for 

a horse; sword proof trappings, p. (bargor 

s^^ji bargtvet, 8.m. A man's name. One 

of the great ancestors of Khatak clan. 
i^ barga, s.f. A beam, rafter, h. {bargd). 
J^ji bragai^ s.m. Leprosy, a leper. 
Aji bram, s.m. Force, power, strength ; guard, 

protection, p. (barm), 
ic^j} baramta, s.f. Beprisal, seizing the pro- 
perty or persons of an oiTending tribe or 

family in retaliation for injuries done, and 

as pledges or hostages for restitution or 

Oo^ barmand, a. See ^jf. 
i^j( barma, s.f. An auger, gimlet, centre-bit 

or borer, worked ^ith a bow and string. 

H. (barmd). 
jJ^ brand, a. Frowning, scowling, staring. 

p. (barham). 
J^jJ^ brandawul, v.a. To frown, scowl. 
i^Jjji barandaif s.m. A spindle for twisting 

thread. A teetotum, spun by two strings 

pulled in opposite directions. 
^j baranai, a. Stale, old, yesterday's. 
tj^ji barora, s.f. A wood-louse; crab-louse; 

name of a venomous insect. Nettlerash, 

hives. broraA, s.m. Mixed meal of pulses 

and cereals. See $y. 
s^Jxfi ^<^^^^<^nro^lf 8*f. The socket in which 

the pivot of an irrigation wheel works. 
v/2^ bartvai, a. Viscid, glutinous, sticky, 

9j) barrah, s.m. A kid, lamb, sheep, p. 
9j$j» bara^gara, 8.f. Embrace, hug. 
^jf barham, a Confused, disconcerted, 

vexed, p. 
4/^ baraif s.m. Victory, success, triumph, 
iii:^^ bret, s.m. the mustache. P. {burnt). 

brit, s.m. Boundary, limit, separation, p. 


uJ^ji ^^^9^^» ^•™* ^^ ^^^ ^f ^ BO^ ^^ 

^jxjji brekkhf s.m. Piercing, lancing, pricking 
or stabbing pain ; a throb, spasm, cramp, 
stitch ; a cutting pain. p. (burrish). 

\x^ji breMhnd, s.f. Brilliancy, lustre, splen- 
dour; lightning. 

Jju^j^ brekkltedal. v.n. To glitter, shine; 
lighten, a. {baraq). 

^1^ bras, s.m. Ileat, steam, vapour* 

i^\j! bardnda, s.f. A conflagration, blaze. 

^ barbar, ad. Often, repeatedly, frequently, 
p. (bdrbdr). 

^jj barbarai, 8.m. A prattler, gabbler, 

j^^ji barbukaA, s.f. A dust devil, whirlwind. 

^^Ji brastan,%S. Coverlet, quilt, counterpane. 

_}^ baranai, s.m. Name of a tree. 

fjji bapvd, s.m. A pimp. H. (bhapcd). 

\^^ brut, s.m. Name of a grass (Cyperus 

C/rii? ^r^f *• Angry, furious, savage, en- 
raged. brus*fcdlai, 8.m. Anger, rage, wrath. 

ji buz, s.m. A he-goai p. 

j\ji bazdz, s.m. CIoth-merchant| draper, 
mercer, p. 

aIUjj buzg^dlah, s.m. A kid. p. 

_lijj buzghalaif s.m, A bud, sprout, young 

9ji baza, s.f. Sin, crime, p. Name of a shrub. 
See^^CJb. bza, s.f. A she-goat ; a curlew, p. 

s^ bjah, a. Chopped, minced, cut up. 

^^ bas, a. Enough, plenty, sufficient 

tUMj bi^dtt s.m. A display, show, or spread 
of things, as furniture, merchandize, etc., 
bedding, sheeting, flooring. A. 

A^Miw basma, s.f. Indigo. 8. 

J*4Myij bismil, a. Sacriflced. bismil kawul, v.a. 
To sacrifice. 

aUI^ bismiUah, In the name of Qod. 6if- 
millah kawul, v.a. To commence, begin. 

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\ \ 

I • 



( H ) 


LuuJ basiyd, a. Colliyated, peopled, inhabited. 8. 
jJL{ bashpar^ a. Complete, entire, perfect 
jLi bas^ar, a.m. Man, mankind, a. 
»JLj bashra, sS. Face, visage, countenance. 
^jJLi bashari, a. Iluman, of man. 
ajCli bushka, s.f. Name of a plant, used as a 
pot-herb; goosefoot {Chenopodium album). 
JijLf baskanj, s.m. Character, reputation, 

J4J bahMfllf v.a. To give, pardon, forgive, 

excuse. See J^^. 
A:^ bakhhana, s.f. A gift, pardon, forgive- 
Lj batj s.m. A duck. A. 
juu &W, ad. After, subsequently, a. 
juju &'ali, a. Far, remote, a. 
iJj)jo bghOxg^ a. Double, duplex, two-fold. 
hJm bafj^dra, s.f. A scream, shriek. 
ytJo ba^bagfipt s.m. The rice bird {Ardea 

.jju baghdar, s.m. Hammer, mallet. 8. 

jyo bagh^rg^ s.m. Bebound, recoil, return. 

Double, duplex, 
iijo bgharga^ s.f. A breach, gap ; a deep 

wound, p. (bughdrc^. 
J^jk) baghra-i^ s.m. A pimp; term of abuse. 
bag^ara-l, s.f. A mortar; tutta; a term of 
abuse, p. (^ubdra). 
^^^ itij^^, s.m. Hatred, malice, rancour, 

spite, A. 
Jib baghal^ s.m. The armpit,8ide; embrace. P. 
jM bagliair^ ad. Besides, except, without. A. 
\h baqd^ s.f. Eternity, perpetuity, a. 
JUj baq&lt s.m. A com chandler, grocer, a. 
C^ bak^ s.m. Jabber, gabble, prattle, talk. 8, 
^Jj CSi bahbakcdf s.m. A gabbler, prattler, 

jf^Uj bakdroA, s.m. Courier, messenger, h, 

Jj\ij bakawult 8,m. A cook, Tictualler, F. 

^Jj bakra^, 8.f. A flint» quarts, 
k}Uj bakydtjia, s.m. Name of a tree {MeKa 
sempervirens). H. (bukdyan). 
d^ bagahla-l, s.f. A bogy, goblin, scare- 
crow, hag, 
^16 baglai, s.m. A crane, heron, the rice 

bird, H. (bagld). 
JjuiJj bugnedal, v.n. To shy, start, fear, 

bugnatvtU, v.a. To frighten, scare, start, 
*^^ bagora, s.f. A kind of cheese; dry 

curds ; the Persian qurUt. 
ijij bagwa, s.f. Bed ochre, red clay, 
J; bul^ a. Another, other, different, bal^ a. 

Burnt, fired, ignited, kindled, lighted. 
L baldf 8.f. AfBiction, calamity, misfortune. 
yj]b bald-baiar, s.m. Lumber, trash, rubbish, 
ijjh bldrba, a. Pregnant, with young. 
Jjuj^lb bldrbedal, v.n. To conceive, become 
pregnant, bldrbajvul, v.a. To make preg- 
^h baldgAund, s.m. Name of a tree and 
its fruit (yEgle martnelos), and a snuff box. 
gjh bildurah^ s.m. A moan, groan, wail, 
i^\i buldwa, s f. Mistake, error, H. (bhuD. 
Jjj bulbulf s.m. A nightingale; a slirike, 

A kind of dance, a reel. P. 
jL balad, s.m, A guide, resident, a. Ac* 

quainted, familiar. P, 
C/Ub bulgAdk, s.m. The twitter of birds, 
JiL balghantt s.m. Phlegm, mucus, P. 
iS\j balAi, ad. But, nay, rather. A 
A^ bilga, s.f. A clue, trace, track, etc., of 

stolen goods, 
JL balal, v.a. To call, summon, convoke. H, 

jUL bilmdz, a. Prayerless,' profane, unholy, 

impure, corrupt, p, (be^namdz), 
^JUL bilmagai, ) a. Saltless, tasteless, with- 
^iaJj bilviangai, J out flavour. (Corrupt: of 
bc'tndlge). ^ ^ 

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( 15 ) 


jjj buiand, a. High, lofty, tall. P. 

^xl) butandai, B.m. An eminence, height, 

Jj balaw, a.m. A hone, razor-strop, whetstone. 

fjb baltvd, s.f. Mutiny, riot, tumult. A. 

^^ babts, s.m. A Baloch ; the tribe. 

J j^j blodal, v.a. To chafe, fret, abrade, graze, 
rub, touch; to vex, annoy, worry, p. 

.jL bilanr, s.m. Crystal, glass, p. 

^^ bios, s.m. A rub, graze, touch ; annoy- 
ance, vexation. 

JjLMrf^ blosedal, v.a. See Jjjb. 

c:^jb bulu^at, s.m. Puberty, adolescence, 
youth. A. 

J^ balatvul, v.a. To bum, kindle, set alight, 
fire, ignite. 

ljJj^, bilungaraif s.m. A squirrel. 

A) bala, s.f. A javelin, dart, pike. H. {balld). 

dj bala-l, s.f. The edge of a roof, eaves; 

door-bolt, boat-hook, barge-pole. h. {balh). 

JjJb baledal, v.n. To burn, blaze, take fire, 
ignite. H. (balnd). 

J J^ blesudal, v.a. To swaddle, swathe. 

m) bam, s.m. A bass, deep, or hollow sound, a. 

Sj^^ bambara, s.f. A wasp, hornet. 

Jf ba-an, s.f. A cotemporary or rival wife ; 
each of a man's several wives is ba-an to 
the other. The children by one wife are 
ba-anzl to those by the others. See cf^. 

Ij bind, s.f. Preparation ; foundation, build- 
ing, edifice, a. 

lzj\:j bandt, s.m.Broad-cloth,woollen cloth, h. 

J-^ banbal, s.m. The beard of grasses, 

J^ banbola, s.f. A wicker box coated with 
clay for the storing of grain. 

-^ banj, s.m. The horse chestnut tree, the 
fruit, banaj, s.m. Trade, merchandise. B. 

^^l^ banjdn, s.m. A trader, peddler, grain 
merchant, s. (banjdrd). 

^^ banjaM, s.m. Name of a plant, the seed 
of which contains cowitch. 
•srO banja-l, s.f. The Cassia tree. 

Scj band, s.m. A band, fastening, knot, tie; 
a joint, knuckle; arrest, captivity, im- 
prisonment ; artifice, dodge, trick, p. 

jjcj bandar, s.m. An emporium, seaport, p. 

^ xj bindla-l, s.f. A flute, fife, whistle. 

jjjcj bandaifr, s.m. Promise, covenant 8. 

^^jcj banduM, s.m. A gun, matchlock, t. 

i,>%w^jcj bandobast, s.m. Arrangement, man- 
agement, settlement. P. 

ijcj bandah, s.m. A servant, slave, bonds- 
man ; a creature, p. 

^^suj bandi, s.m. A captive, prisoner. B. 
banda-l, s.f. An ornament for the neck ; 
an ornamental shoulder sling worn by 
womeu. B. 

^jjjJ ba-anzai, s.m. Step-son; son of the 
husband by another wife. (See ^j{*) 
ba-anza-l, s.f. Step-daughter; a former or 
other wife's daughter. 

clil:j banff, s.m. The hemp plant {Cannabis 
Indieus), h. (bhanp). 

^J^^ banffl, s.m. One addicted to the use of 
bang, or any other intoxicating drug; a 

^j^^ bangdkkhf a.m. Name of a Pathan 
tribe located about Eohat 

J^ bangawul, v.a. To taint, corrupt, pollute. ^ 

^ bana-l, s.f. A wallet or bag made of an 
entire kid's skin ; bellows made of a pair 
of such skins attached to one nozzle. 

jUj bunydd, s.m. Base, origin, foundation* A. 

j^j baur, s.m. A wood, forest. 8. (ban). 

yU^ baujr^mdnU, s.m. A kind of monkey, 
man of the woods, s. (ban'tnanukh). 

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( 16 ) 


$jj banra, 8.f. A quill, large feather; a 

^(^ banraia, s.f. A feather, small feather. 
^\jj banra-l, s.f. Name of a tree ; mistletoe. 

^iiroi, a. Red-haired, rafus; shock-headed. 
^ jj banriyah, s.m. A Hindu shopkeeper. 8. 

ULLj binqfsha, s.f. A violet, the plant, p. 
jf bu or bOf s.m. Odour, scent, smell, p. baw, 

s.m, A goblin, scare-crow. 
^J^ji butkl, s.f. Name of a gold coin; 

Belgian ducat. 
JIj^ botlal, Y.a. To carry away, conduct, 

lead, convey. Only applied to animate 

objects. SeeJ^, 
ijy beta, s.f. Carrying away, leading off, 

etc. See ^b.^ . 
,J^ boiai, s.m. A young camel, p. 
\j!;j^ but, a. Surly, cross, sullen, ill-tempered. 

Also SUt'bUt. 
i^y*^yi bUtsUrif s.m. Chaff, bran, husks, 

shell, etc. 
^y) butai, s.m. A plant, herb, bush, shrub. 

buti, pi. Drugs, vegetable medicines; 

flowers embroidered, painted, or carved. 

H. (bata). 

l^^^ bnja, s.f. A bung, cork, stopper, plug. 

f^^a butsia-lf s.f. The lobe of the ear. 

j^ bad, s.m. Existence, being ; profit, gain. 

9t}j} buda, s.f. (In weaving) the woof of the 
web. p. 

yj^^a buddyai, s.m. A decrepid old man. 
H. (bUrha). 

jy) baitr, s.m. A panther, leopard, bar, s.m. 
A dent, chip, flaw, fracture, a. Grey, 
brown; a grey horse. H. {bhUrd). bUr, 
s.m. Husk, skin, chaff; the linear leaves 
of the pine, tamarisk, and similar trees. 
A father who has lost a child by death. 

\j^ baurd, s.m. A large black bee. 8. 

J>-j)i bojjal, s.f. An abode, home, house, 
resort ; a place of resort, assignment, or 
meeting, a. (matja*). 

^^ bauryai, s.m. A panther, small leopard. 

^jy) bomah, s.m. Dredging, flour, meal, etc., 
used to sprinkle upon meat, dough, etc. 

Also 9jj^ . 

9j^ bara, s.f. A woman who has lost her 
child by death. 

^jy) baura-l, s.f. A bunion, com. 

9jy) baura, s.f. An elevated plateau, table- 
land, or flat bit of land on a hill side. 

t^jy) bUrat, s.m. The cog of a Persian wheel, 
a. Chipped, cracked (as a cup); clipped, 
slit, split (as the nose or ears). bUra-i, 
s.f. Name of a disease (prolapsus ant). 

fjyf boza, s.f. Fermented liquor, p. 

i:j\y) bozlna, s.f. Leather of a red colour, 
prepared from goat skins. P. 

jf^. f^ogi* a. Hoarse, rough, husky voice, s.m. 
A sore throat, aphonia, loss of voice. 

^yi bus, S.m. Chaff, chopped straw, h. 

n^y) busdra, s.f. A stack of bus. 

^\s-»^ bostdn, s.m. A flower-garden, p. 

sj:,^yi bokkhL a. Sticky, adhesive, s.m. A 
quicksand, bog, quagmire. 

iUi^y bokkJitana, s.f. A bog, quicksand. 

c^ bu^, s.m. A wooden bowl or cup. 

J^ ^t^i A bugle, clarion, a. 

^iyi boka, s.f. A water-bucket. H. 

^yi bokl, s.m. Name of an Afghan clan. 

^Jyi bogarai, s.m. Church land, glebe; 
land given to priests and holy men free of 
rent ; ploughing and sowing, free of cost, 
for priests, etc., or for one another. 

J^ baul, s.f. Urine, a. tcara^baul kawul, 
v.a. To make water, urinate, loya^baul 
karcul, v.a. To go to stool, ease oneself. 

j)ji boldq, s.m. An ornament for the nose. R. 

uiyiiizeu uy x^_j ^^>^ v>^pt i v^ 


( 17 ) 

isi^ bolqa, s.f. A sheet or mantle with eye- 
lets to see through : it is a woman's out- 
door dress, and covers the whole body from 
head to foot: it is only used by women 
living in cities or large towns. A. {burqa^). 

A^ bam, s.m. A country ; an owl ; a native 
or home-bred person ; a guide, a. Ac- 
quainted, familiar, habituated, p. 

L«^ bamhja, s.m. A conductor, guide, resi- 

y,:^.^^^ bonsaf, s.m. Foundation, origin, 
root ; name of a plant. 

^^ bUnga, s.f. Black-mail, ransom. 

/^ bUijr, s.m. A disease of the nose, ozoena ; 
one afflicted with the disease. Cordage 
made of palm leaves, and used for netting 
of beds, etc. ii. {ban), bonr* s.m. A buzz, 
hum (as of a bee or fly). 

J Jo^i^ botrredaf, v.n. To buzz, hum ; putrefy, 
rot, become fly-blown, tainted, etc. bonr- 
arvul, v.a. To taint, fly-blow, pollute, etc. 

j\>^ buhdr, s.m. Spring, p. (ba/tdr). 

^^Uy ba/ulral, s.m. A weanling, an animal 
newly weaned from its mother. 

ij^ boya/i, a. Necessary, proper, indispens- 
able, ad. Necessarily, properly, fitly. 

^ ba, A particle used as a sign of the 
future and continuative past tenses. Also 
written O. 

l^ ba/fd, s.f. Cost, price, value. A. 

j^\^ bahddur^ s.m. A champion, hero. a. 
Courageous, brave, p. 

gr^jl^ ba/idduri, s.f. Bravery, courage. 
ba/tddurai, s.m. A little hero, a coward. 

jil^ bi/idnr, s.m. A colt, young horse. 

<ujl^ ba/idniyah, a. Costly, expensive, valu- 
able, precious. 

j^ blhbud, a. Advantageous, profitable. P. 

^^j;-^ bi/ibadlf s.f. Advantage, profit, gain, 
good. A large knife, dagger. 

^ln^ buhtdHj s.m. Calumny, defamation ; 
lying. A. 

^^ bi/itar, a. Better, preferable, well. p. 

^jm biftfarl, s.f. Advantage, welfare. 

»^ bahra, s.f. Lot, share ; gain, profit. P. 

^^^» bi/iikkht, s.m. Heaven, paradise, p. 

j^ bliaffatjjr, s.m. A fly, gadfly. 

>^ baham, ad. Together, one with another, p. 

a:^ ba/tna, s.f. A top, whip- top. p. 

^1^ ba/ia-i, s.f A masonry tank or reservoir, 
with steps leading down to the water. 
biki, s.f. A quince, the tree. p. 

Jju^ ba/iedal, v.n. To float, flow, stream, 
pass, rush, gush. s. (bahnd). 

^ be, part. Without, void of. Used in com- 
position as a privative particle, and equi- 
valent to the English prefixes tn-, t»i-, 
ir-, un-, etc., and the aflix -less. Ex. be» 
hoH% insensible; ^^-^air, impatient; be* 
flc/aA, irreverent ; benafd^ unfaithful; bt* 
shakk, doubtless, etc. P. 

L; biyd, ad. Again, afresh, once more. P. (bdz). 

^bU baydbdn, s.m. A desert, waste, wilder- 
ness. P. 

^Lj biydfl, s.m. Scissors, shears, clippers. 

ic^\j biydsfa, s.f. Cable, cord, rope; the 
rope of a Persian wheel, to which the 
water-pots are fastened. 

Jjj^Lj biydmUndal, v.a. To acquire, gain, 
get, find, recover, regain, obtain. 

^Lj baydii, s.m. Explanation, recital, re- 
lation, p. 

JyLj baydna/vul, v.a. To explain, recite, 
relate, tell, say, describe. 

JjU biydyal, v.a. Def. in past ten. See J^, 

,<^ blbl, s.f. A lady, married woman. H. 
bebc, in. Sister dear! (to an elder sister). 
J^ be*partai, or be-praiai, a. Gormandis- 
ing, surfeiting; gluttonous, greedy. 

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( 18 ) 


baitp a.m. A couplet, verse; house* 
temple. A. bet, A cane, rattan. 8. 

y^^ bait, s.m. The name of one of the 
three sons of Kais. Ue is also called ^j;j 
batan, and the tribe descended from him 
^^^ batanh See (^h^. 

^ beMf s.m. A root; origin, foundation, p. 

^Jj^sxj be'Mraiai, a. Excessive, much, very 
much; unseasonable, inopportune, out of 
time; unbounded, without limit. 

Jlj bed, s.m. A willow tree. p. 

j\s^ baiddr, a. Awake, vigilant, alert, watch- 
ful; conscious, sensible. vAbeddr). 

fc^^^juj baiddn, s.f. Wakefulness, sleepless- 
ness; vigilance, alertness, watching, p. 

jxj beda, ad. Identical, the same, exactly. 

ijuj beda, s.f. The coil or twist into which 
lucerne, vetches, etc. are rolled, preparatory 
to storing for winter use. bidak, a. Asleep, 

\jjuj bediyd, s.f. A desert, wilderness. A. 

40^ biyarta, ad. Back, back again, return ; 
aside, apart, away. 

i ^ baira^hf s.m. Banner, standard. A. 

ji^ beraur, s.m. A kind of grass. 

»j^ bera, s.f. Name of a thorny bush (zizy- 
phusjiijuba) ; the berry. 8. (ber). A fetter, 
manacle, h. 

*j-j bera, s.f. A float, raft. 8. (berd). 

s^jpi bera-l, s.f. A boat, barge. 

Jj-j bezal, v.a. To darn, hem, baste. 

j\j^^ bezdr, a. Annoyed, vexed; disgusted, 
sick of. p. 

^ btzo, s.m. A monkey, 

clTL^ baisak, s.m. Name of the first Hindu 
month. April-May. 8. (bahdkh). 

y^^^, biyasta-t, s.f. Coarse cloth, canvass, 

J blsar^ s.m. A small nose-ring, worn as 

an oniament by women. H. 
^JL^ be^, a. More; superior (in comp. 

only), p. 
dJ^ be§ha, s.f. A forest, wood. p. 
ijL^ bai'a, s.f. Barter, exchange, trade. A. 

ajIao bai'dna, s.f. Deposit, security, earnest- 

tJili biyak, s.m. Ilarpoon, five-pronged fork. 

ISlo begd, s.f. See iflSL;. 

j%j begdr or b'lgdr^ s.m. A pressed labourer 
(with or without pay). H. 

^jf^lijj hlgdrl, s.f. Forced labour, s.m. A 
pressed labourer. H. 

A}\jL4 begdnah, a. Foreign, strange, unknown, 

^JiULj begdnagl, s.f. Strangeness, being 
foreign, not of the same house, not do- 
mestic. P. 

^IsIj begdnai, a. Last preceding, last past, 
preceding, stale, last night's, yesterday's. 

lULi begdh, s.m. The evening. Also l^ begd. 

J^ biyal or bel^ a. Apart, distinct, separate. 
H. (byord). bel, s.m. Name of a tree and 
its fruit {j£gle marmelos); a creeper, 
climbing plant. 

^1j beldw, s.m. A hone, razor strop. 

^^Juj biyaltun, s.m. Absence, separation 
diflerence, distinction. 

4f^ belcha, s.f. A mattock, hoe. P. 

(Jj3uj belak, s.m. A wedding-gift from bride- 
groom to the bride; an enemy, rival, 
guardian ; an arrow tip. p. 

diLj belga, s.f. See aSSj. 

A^ beta, s.f. An island, delta, sandbank. 

^ b'tm, s.m. Awe, fear, dread. P. 

^l^j blmdr, a. Sick, ill. s.m. A sick man. p. 

gr^U^ blmdrl, s.f. Disease, sickness, p. 

\il» bind, a. Seeing, having sight. P. 
bend, s.m. See iJu; beda. 

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( 19 ) 


Jl^ bensh, s.m. A beam, rafter. 

»jy^ bcTvrah, a. Clear, manifest, simple, plain. 

J.-J bin^ul, v.a. To conduct, lead, take along, 

convey. Applied only to animate objects. 

See JL-^. P. (WW)? 
ij4-j berva, s.f. A widow, p. 
a-j baia, s.f. Price, value. A. {baf). 
^^^, behndaylf s.f. Absurdity, nonsense, 

ifj^ be/iUdah, a. Absurd, idle, foolish, 

frivolous, p. 

c-> pe, The third letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is frequently used for i.^* 
Er. ^jj^ dpar'in for ^^T Hjafxn^ etc. 

C^ pa, p. By, with, for; in, into, within; 
above, on, upon. Also written 4U . P. (ia). 

b /?«, s.m. The foot, leg. Used in comp. only. 
Ex. pa-bandy s.m. A hobble, fetter, a. 
Bound, clogged, fettered, tethered, p. 

iri^ papra, s.f. The herb fumitory (Fumaria 
officinalis), h. {phaphrl). 

y b pdtOf s.f. Name of a scarlet insect. See 

jO pdtaif a. Left, remaining; abiding, 

JjuJU pdtedal, v.n. To remain, survive, be 

left. Also pdtalkedal. 
•jb pdfa-l, s.f. The cup or pan of a sling or 
pellet bow. 

J^b pdfm7vul, v.a. To arouse, awaken, stir 
up ; raise, set up, elevate. 

JjuaLli pdfsedal, v.n. To arise, rise, get up, 
sit up. 

^^bU pdddsk, s.m. Revenge, requital, re- 
taliation, p. 

*lljU pddsh&hf s.m. Sovereign, king, em- 
peror, p. 

^Jblljb pddshdhl, s.f. Royal, regal ; empire; 

kingdom. P. 
I^U pdrdf s.f. Mercury, quicksilver. 8. 
Ciowj-^b par^ang^ s.m. A ladder, steps, 

A^b pdrcJia^ s.f. A bit, fragment, scrap, 

shred ; the water trough of an irrigation 

well. P. 
jjjb pdrUy s.m. A kind of rake. 
J^^b pdrarvulf v.a. To annoy, vex, disturb, 

irritate, excite, stir up. 
if^b pdra^ s.f. A bit, scrap, slip, shred. P. 
^Vjb pdrbanj, s.m. Name of a tree, horse 

jj^b pdra, s.m. A snake charmer. pdrU-k., 

v.a. To charm, 
jfjb pdra, s.f. A patch of unploughed land in 

a field ; unfinished work, incomplete action ; 

a kind of rake. 
4^jb pdrai, s.m. The hog deer {cervus pord" 

nus). H. (pdrhd). 
*jb pdzah, s.m. Action, effect, operation, 

4^jb pdzlgahy a. See »^b . 
U^b pds^ p. Above, aloft, on, upon. s.m. 

Attention, observation, watch, p. An oint- 
ment made of oil and lime, and used as 

a remedy for mangy camels, 
^b pdsuM, s.m. Answer, reply, p. 
J^b pdslawul, v.a. To entrust, commit, 

tl^b pdsang, s.m. Balance, weight. P. 
^^iwb pdsanai, a. Upper, higher, high, 

^b pdsu, a. Ill-bred, vulgar, low, mean, 
^^^b pdsn:dn, s.m. A shepherd, watchman, 

guard, sentinel. P. (pdsbdn). 
J^^b pdsrcdnl, s.f. Guarding, watching, 

keeping ; protection ; occupation of a 


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( 20 ) 

^U-lli pdshna, 8,f. The heel of a door ; the 
socket in which it revolves; the heel. P. 

^^U pdkkhf B.f* Name of a mountain near 

the Koslgbar hill in the Takhti-Sulaimftn 

range. It is described as the spot first 

colonized by the Pukkhttln nation on their 

arrival from the West, 
if juLib pdrjihunda, s.f, A ball or roll of carded 

cotton ready for spinning, p, 
CTU pdkf a. Clean, pure; holy, innocent, p. 
^ kl/U paJi'laman, a. Chaste, modest; holy, 

pure. p. ipdi'ddman). 
Jj^ pdkarvul, v.a. To cleanse, purify, wash, 
^b pd/d, s.f. Cleanliness, purity ; cleaning, 

purifying ; chastity, innocence ; a razor, p. 
*^ pciklzah, a. Chaste, clean, pure, holy. p. 
Jb pal, s.m. Abstinence, diet, regimen ; 

augury, omen, presage, a. (fat). 
Ji\j^ paldn, s.m. A pack saddle, p. 
cL^b palak, 8.m. Garden spinach. H. 
Jib pafal, v.a. To cherish, rear, educate, 

protect. 8. (palnd). 
wl&Jb pdtanff, s.m. A bedstead, bed. 8. 

jrjj!b pdluda, s.f. A kind of vermicelli. P. 

(fdluda). A kind of wild plum. 
-Ob pdla, s.f. A ploughshare. 8. {phdt). 
vl<:^b pdlhang, s.m. A tether ; a log tied 

to the neck of an ox, etc. to prevent its 

straying, p. 
jJb pdlez, s.m. A melon field, p. (fdlez). 
A-xi;b pdns^amba, s.f. Thursday, p. (pan)' 

A3b pdna, s.f. A wedge for splitting wood ; 

thumbscrew, mode of torture. H. (phanl). 
j\i^pdur, s.m. A cliff, precipice, steep bank, 
jj^b pdnra, s.f. A leaf, leaf of a tree or book. 

8. (pannd). 
jb pdo, s.m. A fourth, quarter. 8. 

^b pd-J, s.f. A halter, leading string ; pins 

used by weavers in weaving, h. pde, a.m. 

The foot. P. 

c^bb pdydbf 

; " • a. Fordable, within depth, p. 

^bb pdydo, ) 

^bb pdydba, s.f. A float, a buoy. 

Jjob pd-edal, v.n. To endure, last, remain, 

tarry, survive. P. (pd-ldan). 
jCs\j pd-eko, s.f. A crusher, pounder, thresher, 

flail, roller, 
^ijb pdela, s.f. An anklet with bells ; an 

ornament for the feet. 
JUjb pd-emdl, a. Trampled, ruined, crushed. 
3 jLy b pdyandaA, a. Constant, durable, lasting. 
j^sri\i pd-entja, s.f. The leg of a pair of 

drawers, p. (pd-enchd). 
v.l^b pd-enak, s.m. The mounting at the 

end of a sword scabbard. 
^b pdya, s.f. A step ; dignity, rank ; foun- 
dation, p. 
»-j pupa-i, s.f. A kiss on the cheek. 
ij:^pat,Q.m, Character, reputation, honour. 8. 
^bj pttdo, s.m. Sunshine, sun's rays. p. 

4^^ patrai, s.m. A clamp, metal binding ; 

the boss of a shield. E.(pattar). 
CjLsj patang, s.m. A moth ; paper kite. 8. 
<uu patna, s.f. Anarchy, civil war, strife; 

sedition, rebellion, p. (Jitna). 
j^^ paiatjr, s.m. The stand of a spinning 

wheel ; a ferry, passage across a river. H. 

4;jf^ patUn, s.m. The thigh, shank. 
^^ pata, s.f. A card, ticket. 
ij^ patira^ s.f. Unleavened bread. 
1,-^ pat, s.m. Delirium, madness ; bark of a 

tree, put, a. Concealed, secret, hidden, 

s^l^^c;^ put^putdurai, s.m. Name of a 

game; hide and seek. 

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( 21 ) 


jtf^ patali, a. Hard, tough ; decayed, worn, A razor strop. 
iji^ pafAa, 8,f. A girdle, sash, waist-cloth. 

8. ipatAd). 
^^^ pat/cai, s.m. A small turban, patakl, 

ad. Immediately, instantly, on the spot; 

the same, Tcry same, identical. 
*i5J^ pufffana-t, s.f. Ambuscade, ambush, 

lair, coven 
jij patu, s.m. A kind of woollen cloth, s. 
j^iH P<^(^^o>r, s.m. Bailiff, land steward, 

Tillage accountant, h. 
i/-»^ patdskai, a. A little, very little, 

some, few. 
J^« putafvulfY.n. To conceal, cover, hide, veil. 
^ pata, s.f. A shoulder belt, sword belt. 
^ pafai, s.m. A field, patch of cultivated 

land. pataA, s.f. The alphabet; writing 

tablet; bandage, plaster. 
i}<y^^putedal, v.n. To abscond, hide. 
*/^ P^f^^^9 ^'^' A beam, rafter, large timber. 
jiL^ patehiiir, s.m. See^j^-lj H. (pateld). 
^jsT paja, s.f. A furnace, kiln. h. (pajanrd). 
^^pa-ats or p-uts, a. Blunt, dull, obtuse, 
fc^lari pitsdnrai, a. Small, little, few, some. 
dSJai pitska, s.f. Comer, end, nib, point. 
JjuA^ pa-atsedal or p-utscdal, v.n. To be- 
come blunt, obtuse, dull. 
Aiaf; pachana, s.f. A scratch, prick, prod, 

cut; a scarifier, cupping instrument. 
.^J^^ pachanai, a. Scarified, cupped, pricked, 
v^j^^ parhrvdra-i, s.f. Ileel ropes for a 

horse, h. 
^^pucha^ s.f. Orbicular dnng (as of camels, 

deer, etc.) ; a lot or share of land ; a ripple 

or catspaw on the surface of water. 
^ pa-aMf or p-ukh, s.m. Scurf, dandriff, 

scab, scale, palh, a.m. A hiss, spit (as of 

a cat, etc.). palsh-ttahal, v.a. To hiss, spit 

(as a cat). 

^Ju^L-^ pahjhpula^ ad. Spontaneously, volun- 
tarily, of own accord. 

iz^ puMitah^ a. Baked, cooked, dressed, 
ripe; shrewd, expert, knowing; firm, solid, 
strong. P. 

clTLuaT pali^dk, s.m. Distress, grief, sor- 
row, solicitude, p. ipakhshd). 

J^A**ar palhsajcul^ v.a. To distress, annoy, 
trouble, worry. 

^uM^ paMsa, s.f. Stiff clay or mud, used to 
build walls ; mire, mud, slush. 

J,\ pa^sedal, v.n. To desire, fret, pine, 
yearn, long. 

hkr palJiuld, a. Appeased, conciliated, paci- 
fied, reconciled, on speaking terms. 

^Xst^pal'halaif a. Cooked, prepared, dressed ; 
cooking, dressing, preparing (food) ; firm, 
solid, sound; experience, maturity, ripe- 
ness. puMalai, s.m. The hooping cough. 

IpT pakhrvdy a. Former, previous, prior, ad. 
Before, ere now, previously. 
J^^raT paMirtdnai, a. Ancient, former, pre- 

J^ar pal'hawul, v.a. To cook, dress, prepare. 

^-jJ^rkr payhrcandai^ s.m. A button hole, 
loop ; an ornament for the feet, anklet. 

Aar pa-akha or p-ulha, s.f. Chaff, husk, skin ; 
leafy covering of the ear of Indian com. 

^^^^pa-alhai or p-uMai, a. Scabby, scurfy. 

Jjuat- paMedal, v.n. To ripen, mature; 
boil; suppurate. 

JUar pak/Jyal, s.m. Perspiring, sweating. 

i}^jj padod, ad. As if, just as, like, similarly, p. 

jjjj padld, a. Clear, evident, manifest. P. 

h^ pada, s.f. A species of willow. 

jj par, a.m. A feather, quill; wing; the flat 
board of a water or other wheel. B. pur, 
a. Complete, full, loaded (in comp. only), 
p. parr, s.m. The whirr of a snipe, quail, 
etc. taking wing. h. (phurr). pri, p. On, 
upon, atop (in comp.). See gr/. 

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( 22 ) 


ii\j» paralat s.f. A kind of bread made in 

thin layers of pastry, il. (pardtkd). 
Aj-1^ parachaht s.m. A pedlar, bawker» 

travelling merchant ; mule driver ; de- 
scendant of a Hindu converted to Islam. 
i^^l;i pc^rdLchaga-l^ s.f. A female of the 

».x^j»^paraga7idak,tL. Dispersed, scattered, p. 
Jxilyj prdnetal, v.a. To loose, open, undo, 

untie, p. KfardlMan^fardzidan). 
^ZJ/^ prat, a. Absurd, fruitless, idle, vain ; 

distant, far, remote. 
^^ji P<'^rtab, s.m. Bowshot, gunshot, range 

of an arrow, etc. p. 
K^A P^^^l* S'^^- Baggage for a journey, 

baggage of an army. u. Name of a game, 

j/fji P^'-rtng, s.m. See Ci^^j. 
yj^y^ji pof'i^S^^kkhf 8«m. The band or string 

for tying the pariHgi. 
CJyjy^partffff, s.m. Loose trousers, drawers. 
L^^ji pctrchata-l, s.f. Thatch or coping of 

a mud wall, eaves, h. {parch Aati). 
^ji p(^ri'iam, s.m. A tassel, tuft; the tuft 

at the end of a cow's tail. p. (pardiam). 
iS^y^ pa-arlha, s.f. Dew, hoarfrost. parfJia, 

s.f. A boulder, rock. 
vi.^1j;j parddlM, s.m. Attention, service, 

care. p. 
j'^iri P<^^ddz, s.m. Finishing, performing (in 

comp.). p. 
jfj^ parda, s.f. A veil, curtain, screen; 

secrecy, privacy, p. 
^"^ji P^'odai, a. Foreign, strange. H. (pardes). 
JJA P^^^^> ^' Becoming, fit, proper, suitable ; 

inclined, partial, longing, p. (pa^lr). 
^VA P^^^^^^^l* ^-a. To overthrow, floor; 

struggle, wrestle. 
^Avi P^^^^^^p ^'f* Desire, wish, bent, fancy. 
Jjki j^ parzcdal, v.n. To be floored, thrown, 

upset, prostrated, etc. in wrestling. 

^Irf^ pursdn, s.m. Asking, enquiry, p. 

fjL^^j) parast, s.m. Adorer, worshipper (in 
comp.). p. 

if-Vi P^^^^'^9 S'^* Worship, devotion, adora- 
tion. P. 

^^jjpursis^, s.m. Inquiry, interrogation. P. 

^ji^prashf s.m. A snort, sniff; sneeze. 

^y^A P^'^^kdl, s.m. The hot weather 
rains ; rainy season ; name of the fourth 
Hindu month. July- August. 8. {barshaJcdt). 

j^ji P<'^3h<^$ fl'Oi* Convulsion, fainting fit, 

i^}sj»^par^azl, a. Stunned, faint, senseless, 

j^j)^ purkdr, a. Coarse, thick, fat; well 
made p. 

LK^ji P^^k^f<^» a.m. A step-son : wife's son 
by a former husband. 

L^ji po^rkai, s.m. A butterfly. 

.ISy parkdr, s.m. A pair of compasses. P. 

ij^ji pargana, s.f. A district, province, shire. P. 

U^ parndf s.f. A doze, nap ; nodding, sleep- 
ing. pamd'Wralf v.a. To doze, nap, nod, 

4JU^ pamdla, s.f. A gutter, drain, scupper. H. 

^jpranj, \ 

^^* . . > s.m. A sneeze. 


J Jua^ pranjedal, v.n. To sneeze. 

j}^ pranr, s.m. Curdled, sour, or turned 

milk. a. Clotted, curdled (as blood, etc.). 
^jj paro, s.m. A hot wind. a. (purred). 
^M P^^^^f 8*f- Anxiety, care, concern ; dread, 

fear ; wish, desire. P. 
ij\^jj^ parrcdna, s.f. An order, license, pass, 

warrant, p. < 

iZJ^j}^prot, a. Prostrate, fallen, lying down. 
jVi p^^oTf a. Cherisher, protector (in comp. 

only), p. 
J^^j^A parttardagdr, s.m. The nourisher, 

Qod. p. 

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( 23 ) 


9^jjjI par/varda/i, a. Cherished, nourished, 
bred, Dependent, protege. P. 

ji.« J parwarish, Maintenance, sup- 
port, patronage; cherislunij, nourishing, p. 

Jjjjj parrvaral^ v.a. To cherish, foster, feed, 
support, p. {parwardan). 

. . J pror, s.m. Chaff; husk of Indian corn. 

>2«y prom, s.f. Chaff; husk of rice, millet, etc. 

JlCi^y paroskdl, ad. Last year. 

iK^^ji po^^osganai,^ a. Last year's, of last 

cP;^ prolal, ) v.a. To barter, exchange, sell, 

J^Vi P^owuU ) trade, p. ifaroMitan). 

^^•jj parUn, ad. Yesterday. 

L^^ji P^^^^» »• Yesterday's, last, last past, 

i/'i^yi pd^^czai, s.ra. A sieve, p. (parwezan), 

jf^ />ara, s.f. The plate or board of a water 
or spinning wheel ; a row, rank, line, file ; 
faction, party, set. h. (para). 

j\>y^parkdr, ) s.ra. A cut, laceration, wound. 

j^ji /^^<«''> ) H. (pra/idr). 

^Jj/td P^'^^^'J^l^f a* Wounded, cut. 

j^ji parhez, s.m. Abstinence, continence ; 
sobriety, regimen, p. 

J^j^/^ pcirhezgdr^ a. Abstemious, continent, 
sober, frugal, p. 

^J^j^A P^^^^^9^^\ s«f' Abstinence, sobriety. 
*/;i P^^i P* 0"> upon, above, atop, parl^ s.f. 

A fairy, p. 
J-iLf^ prcbdnal, v.a. To cast upon, fling, 

throw, discharge upon. Def. See J:u*^y. 
J'Hri P^^^^U \ ▼•»• To abandon, desert, 
J J^^ preg.dal, J give up ; cease, desist, 

leave off; relinquish, let go, set free. Def. 

See J^^. P. (farohldan\ 
^J^^^ pcireshdn^ a. Confused, perplexed. P. 
vy^^ P<iresidni, s.f. Perplexity, confu- 


J^yLjji^preHhodaf, ) v.a. To abandon, desert; 
^^y^^ji^prekkkawul, ) let go, etc. See J j^. 

p. (Jaroshdndan). 
Jyl>^ prekawul, v.a. To cut, sever, divide, 

lop off. 
^yi />aryt?, s.m. A follower, pursuer, p. 


c^V^i J^'*^'^^'*» 8'"^« The after-birth, placenta. 

H. (puren). a. Copious, abundant, much. 

p. (Jdrdrvdn). 
(V^^ />r^^a/tl, s.f. Abundance, plenty. 
Jj^ prercatalt v.n. To drop, fall down, 

tumble; to alight, fall upon, come upon. 

p. i/aro uftddan). 
L^)i;i pr^^o^tai, a. Fallen, s.m. Name of a 

Jiw^^ pren-astal, ) v.a. To cast, throw, fling, 
J:w^y preyastal, ) etc. upon. Def. See 

J^ujj^ preyakklial, v.a. See J«3^-5J;i. 

j^ par, s.m. A gaming house, where dice are 
played, h. (phaf). pa-ar, or p-Ur, a. 
Beaten, conquered, overcome; losing, un- 
successful. p'Ur or pa-af'kawul, v.a. To 
conquer, subdue, overcome, pa-ar or p-ur 
kedal, v.n. To lose, be beaten, overcome, 

^^lii PT^^Sf *'"^* -A. leopard, panther, p. 

^JL^KiJj\j prdnff'pJsk, s.m. A wild cat, lynx. 

^lii ^\A P^'^r^^^ fva-ardna, 8.f. Loss and 
gain ; betting, gambling, wagering. 

crXii P^rP^^f ^'^' The lungs, h. ipliephrd). 

^T^jl P^r^^f 8*"^' Tumour, swelling, in- 

J>^ ^r^a;e?tf/, v.a. To dilate, distend, 
expand, h. (pasdmd). 

Jj^^jtparsedal, v.n. To swell, tumefy, dilate. 

Jii P^r^99 ^•^^ A razor strop. 

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( 24 ) 


CJ^ parak, s.m. Agitation, flutter. H. 

(pharak). park, s.m. A crowd, mob, bevy, 

Jyf|> para/camd, v.a. To agitate, shake, stir. 
iijf^ parka^ s.f. A kind of bird trap, gin. 
^/^ parkai, s.m. The leg below the knee, 

the calf. 
Jju^ para/:edal, v.n. To flutter, quiver, 

^jj pa-arnia^, a. Prone, face downwards, 

clJU|> prang^ s.m. A cry, whimper, whine. 
L^JUi P^T^^^h 8.m. A riband, shred, strip, 

fVjui pct^t^^^if 8-ra. A woman's mantle, or 

jF^ pa-ara, s.f. Defeat, failure, loss at play. 
4^ purai, s.m. A cable, rope, cord. 
^^j^pnn, s.m. Diaphragm, hypogastriuro. 
^^ paSf ad. After, behind ; then, next, there- 
fore, at length. F. pa-as, s.m. Flatus, wind 

from the bowels, pus-pus, s.m. Whispering. 

H. (pAus). 
ci^Lmj pcLSdt, s.m. Mutiny, rebellion, sedi- 
tion; depravity, iniquity, mischief, a. 

^Umj pasdtl, %. Mischievous, quarrelsome, 

^L.j psdn, s.m. A grindstone, whetstone. 8. 

cu'w^ past, a. Low, below ; abject, mean. p. 
JUw pastana, ad. After, behind, back, in 

rear; since, subsequently, 
yu^ pastil, s.m. An inner room, cell. 
_iyuw pastarcunai, s.m. Name of a tree 

(Grema Asiatica). 
cl/li*^ pasl'hdk, s.m. See C/L*ar P. 
Ajb**^ pa&hha, s.f. Stiff mud or clay, used to 

build walls. 
y^j^^ psarlai, s.m. The Spring. 

•dj puska-x, s.f. Flatus, wind from the 

bowels, puska-l'd^awulf v.a. To break 

A;^ pasand, s.m. Approbation, choice, a. 

Chosen, approved, p. 
J,ji.VM.j pasandamul, v.a. To choose, approve. 
Jjc[Jki-w pasandcdal, v.n. To be chosen, 

approved, p. (pasandidan). 
jyui psor, a. Broad, wide. 
J^«w psol, s.m. A necklace of coins ; orna- 
Jj!^ psolanul, v.a. To adorn, decorate, 

^y^pasUnai, s.m. Ambush, cover, lair. 

J psah, s.m. Goats, sheep ; goat species. 
J paslnah, a. Late, last, late sown crops. P. 
^^ pa-ash, s.m. A wheeze, sound of air 

forced from a bag; a blacksmith, pash* 

pasht ID* Call to a cat, puss! puss ! 

pusht, s.m. Ancestry ; a generation of 

progenitors; the back; a ridge; a prop, 

support, help; an assistant; reservoir of 

a canal. P. 
J pushta, s.f. A buttress, prop, support. 

in. A word used to drive away a cat — 

away puss I 
^^J^^pushtl, s.f. A prop, buttress, support; 

aid, succour, help. p. pisktai, s.m. A 

terrier dog. 

Jyij psharlai, s.m. A yearling kid. 
c-ilLi^ pashqdb, s.m. A salver, tray, platter. 
lL^- * pishak, s.m. A disease of the skin ; 

ringworm ; the bald-headed vulture. 
^'^LLj^pashkdlai, s.m. Hay, dry fodder. 
JLi^ pashm, s.m. Wool, down, fur, hair. p. 
^j^ pashnd, a. Woolly, downy. 
*i-.*«yij pashmJnah, a. Woollen, pashmlna, 

s.f. A kind of woollen cloth. P. 
^ pis^o, s.m. and f. A cat* 

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( 25 ) 


^^^yUj pishoMiitf 8-"^* Tonquin bean ; the 

seed of a climbing plant, the seed pod of 

which is covered with cowhage ; the bean 

is used as a charm against evil eye, etc. 

ij^ pasha, s.f. A musquito, gnat. in. A 

word used to drive away a cat. P. 
^jij pakkh. s.m. See ^^« 
kj:..^ pukkli^, s.m. Ancestry, lineage ; back, 

ridge ; a mountain range. P. ipusht). 
i:,::^pukk]itana, s.f. Enquiry, investigation, 
interrogation, questioning. An Afghan or 
Pathan woman, a female Pukkhtan. 
f^^pukkhto, s.f. The Afghan language. 
d^sf^ pukkhtattarga^ s.f. A kidney. 
^y^^ pukklttUn, s.m. An Afghan, a Pathan ; 
one whose language is Pu kkh to. bar* 
jmkkktan, s.m. An upper or highland 
Afghan, lar-pukkhtun^ s.m. A lower or 
lowland Afghan. 
\ys:^f^^ pykkhtUn-lhTca, s.f. Afghanistan, 

the country of the Afghans, or Pathans. 
^^yuij pukkkiamvalai. ) s.m. The Afghan 
^Jy4J pukkhtunrtatu ) constitution, 

PukkiitQn code, the manners and customs 
of the Pathans. 
ic^ pukkhta. s.f. A small hill. p. (pushta). 
AxAj pukkhta-i, s.f. A rib, the ribs, pukkhth 
" s.f. Enquiry, investigation, questioning. 
^ pukkhtcdaL v.a. To ask, question, 

J . 

interrogate, enquire. 8. ipUchhnd). 

^yij pakkhrraya, or pakkhoya. s.f. Ortho- 
graphy, spelling, naming or forming words. 

A^pkftka. or pkkka. s.f. The foot. 

^U^*4j pakkhemdn, a. Penitent, repentant, 
sorry, p. (pashem&n). 

^Ujm4j pakkJiemdni, s.f. Penitence, regret, 

jjj paqlr, s.m. A beggar, mendicant; her- 
mit, recluse, a. (/aqlr). 

CSjjmk, s.m. Chance, opportunity , turn, time. 

jUj pakdr, a. Effective, nseful^ serviceable, 

JG pakal, v.a. To chuck, or jerk anything 
into the mouth from the palm of the hand. 
H. (phdiiknd^. s.m. A railing, fence, 
screen, lattice of reeds, etc. 
Sj pako, a. Bothered, confused, amazed. 
iLpaka, s.f. A palm full, enough to fill the 
palm for a chuck into the mouth. H. 
(phankd). paka-rva/ial, v.a. To chuck into 
the mouth (as grain, etc.). 
^Jj pagra-lf s.f. A turband. H. ipagrl). 
l6 paganr^ s.m. Name of the eleventh Ilinda 

month. February-March. 8. iphdgan). 
Jj pal, s.m. A millstone ; potter's wheel ; 
footprint, trace ; wheel, truck-wheel ; one 
side of a pair of scales. P. (palld). pul^ 
s.m. A bridge, ridge, bank, embankment, 
p. pul, a. LfCt off, excused, acquitted, 
5b pld, s.f. Period, turn, time, round. 
jh pldr, s.m. A father. P. ipadar). 
^j^jh pldrganai, s.m. Paternal relation; 
father's family, connexions, household, etc. 
idSb paldla, s.f. Rice straw, straw of millet, 
com, etc. (unbroken). 8. ipardl). P. (puldt). 
Mjh paldnra, s.f. A pack-saddle. P. (pOldn). 

Mule load of water; water skins. 
^Sj puldo, s.m. A kind of dish made of rice, 
meat, fruits, spices, etc. cooked together. P. 
Aj paltan, s.f. A battalion, regiment, 
peloton. H. 
J^ palatal, v.a. To return, turn back, 
retreat; to overturn; turn, wind. H. 
c:^ palaghat, ad. Quickly. P. 
CJi) palakt s.m. The eyelid; an instant, 
moment; a wink. p. pa-alk, a.m. A 
sledge hammer ; a ploughshare. 
sSif pal/ca, s.f. The blade of a sword. 

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lA) palma, s.f. Calumny, slander; decep- 
tion, falsehood, prevarication, p. 

^Jjplan, a. Broad, wide, spacious, p. ipahan). 

jjcL plandar, s,m. Step-father: father to 
wife's children by a former husband. P. 

>xL pafcuida, s.f. A bog, quagmire. 

J^ planawul, v.a. To widen, make broad. 

jb palaUf s.m. Border, hem, skirt of a dress ; 
side, direction, quarter; margin, edge, 
verge, p. ipahlu). h. (palla). 

^^^ pulfvdhhha. s.f. Button-hole, loop, 
noose, slip-knot, lasso. 

j^^pfor, s.m. Buying and selling, trade. 

Jj^^ploral, v.a. To sell, vend. See jJ*;^. 

A^i^Li pa/osa, s.f. Name of a tree (Acacia 

^/i ;>«//rdwAa, s.f. A ray of light, glitter 
of a star, radiance of the moon ; light, 

J^Li pulawul, v.a. To acquit, absolve, excuse. 

^jbpalwandf a. Foolish, stupid. 

ab pala, s.f. Nerve, sinew, tendon; direc- 
tion, quarter, side. 
\j palai, s.m. A pod, legume. 8. (phalti). 
pala-l, s.f. The spoke of a wheel. Name 
of a tree (Butea frondosa). 8. (palds). 
palai, a. Afoot, on foot. 

cr^Jj palit, a. Defiled, polluted, unclean, p. 

isJj pallia, s.f. A wick, match, torch, p. 

^pjj palifi, s.f. Impurity, pollution. 

j^^^ palctaur, s.m. A weavers beam. See 

l^^plenah, I s.m.Nameofatree(&i/rait7ra 
^j^ plenan, ) Pcrsica), the root of which 

is used as a tooth-brush. 8. (pllu). 
w pam, s.m. Mange, itch. 
JUi pamancu, s.m. Name of a tree ( Vitex 


( 26 ) ^: 

juw pumba, s.f. The cotton plant, p. 
jsa-ww pufnbechu, s.f. A cotton pod; the 

withered stalks of the plant. 
^jAJ paman, a. Mangy, scabby. 
U ipand, s.f. Refuge, shelter, protection, 
Jtj ) aid. p. 
i^ punba, s.f. See ^uu. 
(jw^i^ pandzoB, a. Fifty. 
4iae^; pinjzah, a. Five. P. ipanj). pindzah^ 

bhid, s.f. The five foundations (of religion), 

viz. The belief, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, 

and alms. 
9jsAj^pinjra,BS. A cage; lattice. 8. ipinjrd). 
Jorij ])anja/iai, s.m. The cross bar between 

the strings of a pellet-bow ; a latch, catch, 

AacO panja, s.f. A claw, hand, paw. P. 
XJ pand, s.m. Advice, counsel. P. Distance, 

journey. 8. (pend). 
^^ jcj punddna, s.f. Cotton seed. 
lLS^x^ panduk, s.m. A bud, blossom. 
2r Jcj punda, s.f. The heeL 
^^jcj punda-i, s.f. The iron top of a spear ; a 

disease of the fetlock, the grease. 
^ pand, s.m. A package, bundle, load for 

the head, pund, s.m. A steel for striking 

fire from a flint. pund-baJtra-l, flint and 

steel, pund, s.m. A band, herd, flock; 

tumour, bump, swelling; vulva, a. Cor- 
pulent, fat, stout. P. 
CJjf-^^^^ patiddW'^irff, s.m. A game cock ; 

fowl of a large breed with big bones and 

few feathers. 
^li^^ pand^ghdlai, s.m. A common or open 

space outside a village on which the cattle 

are collected on going to and returning 

from pasture. 
(^^0^ pcndos, s.m. ) A ball, a play ball, a 

iL».^ pandoskai, j cricket ball. 
l/jO^ P<^^dukai, s.m. A bundle, parcel, 


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( 27 ) 


J.O^ pandotl, s.f. A portion or share of a 
cotton crop allotted to the women who 
pick it, by way of perquisite or hire for 
their labour. pandol*gara, s.f. A woman 
who picks the cotton crop. 

i^> panda, s.f. A small load, bundle. 

••^ panda-u s.f. The calf of the leg. H. 
{p'mdlV. punda-l, s.f. The heel; iron tip 
of a spear. 

J jj^ pundcdal, v.n. To swell, expand, dis- 
tend, tumefy, p. (pundidan). 

Jiij pavga^ s.f. Capital, reserve, stock. 6. 

M^ phiham, a. Concealed, hidden, secret. P. 

^^ panai, s.m. Name of a scented grass 

* (Andropogon muricatum). pannl, s.m. 
Name of a Pathan tribe. 

j^ pariir, s.m. Cheese. P. 

CS^ panlrak, s.m. Name of a potherb 
(Malta partijtora). The seeds and root 
are used in medicine. 

jf^ panra, s.f. A shoe, slipper. B. (panhi). 

y pU, a. Light, smooth, slight, s.m. En- 
quiry, search ; a puff, blast, blow, breath, p. 

^^ P^P^ka, s.f* A bump, swelling, tumour. 

_J^ pUtai, s.m. A heap, mound, lump, mass. 

44^0 pot^ s.m. Bark, rind, shell, crust, skin. 
P. {post). 

iJjy>^^y^pot'silri, s.m. Bran, chaff, husk. 

l/3^ pofakai, s.m. Scurf, dandriff, scab. 

^Xrf^^ potnskai, a. Diminutive, wee, tiny, 
small, s.m. An atom, jot, tittle, bit. 

y^)i P^t^^i *• Small, puny, wee. tiny. s.m. 
A bit, pinch, crumb, little bit; a dwarf, 

\S^)i P^J'^» ^-f" Weeding, thinning, pruning. 

i^^)i potjaka-l, s.f. A mushroom, fungus. 
pafsafta-}, s.f. The lobe of the ear. 

A^«i potsa, s.f. Curds, cream-cheese, dry 

/^^ pntsa-i, s.f. Tlie lobe of the ear. 
^y ptldlf &• Obscene, absurd, useless, 

foolish, p. 
s^/^y{ pUch'ffOl, s.f. Obscenity, nonsense, 

rigmarole. pUchgoe^ s.m. A talker of 

nonsense, smut, bosh, etc. 
^^ poJJif a. Ripe, mature ; cooked, dressed ; 

firm, strong ; expert, shrewd, knowing. 
^l:>^y^pu^/ialai, s.m. Hooping-cough ; croup. 
»Ju puda, s.f. Cloth in the loom ; the warp 

or web. p. (pud). j)adaA, a. Crumbling, 

decayed, rotten, mildewed, p. 
j^^por, s.m. A loan, advance; debt, pori^ 

ad. To, up to; till, whilst; over, across, 

beyond ; at, upon ; as far as, near, close 

to. H. (par). See ^/j^« 
\S^jA P^^^^^^h ft. Upper; superior, upmost. 
^J}i P^^^^* ^^' Above, atop, on, upon, over, 

up. a. More, greater, superior, porta^ 

kawul, v.a. To raise, erect, lift, exalt. 

porta-Aedal, v.n. To ascend, arise, rise. 
^jVH P^^^^^r^if s«™« A debtor ; creditor ; 

'j)i P^rah, a. Complete, entire, full, perfect. 

B. (pUrd). 

^)9m P^^^* ^^* ^^» up to ; as far as, near, 

close to; upon, at; till, whilst; over, 

across, beyond, h. (par), pore-ore^ or 

pore*ra-pore^ Through and through, in and 

out, right through, from end to end, etc. 

pore-kartul^ v.a. To apply, attach, fix, 

shut, set, place, etc. 
kJj'^jA po^^'J^^^i* ft* Ejected, expelled, cast 

out. Also t^i^j^l porejanai. 
j>i P^ft ft* Ilftl^ cooked (as food), half ripe, 

(as fruit), half-grown, or near puberty (as 

an animal), paur, s.m. Cord, cable, rope, 

bobble, tetber. 

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( 28 ) 


KjL'^^y post, 

jf|ji pora, s.f, A rake, shovel for removing 

stable litter. 8. (phdcrl). 
^\j^^paura'l, s.f. A ladder. H. ipaurf). 
*j^ poza, s.f. The nose, snout, p. 
%^jyi P^^^f S'Wi' A small mat made of palm 

,^ pUg., s.m. A blow, puff, squirt ; a bellows. 

piiHH'TvaAal, v.a. To puff, blow (as on fire> ; 

to squirt, sprinkle from the mouth (as 

water on cloth, etc.). 

a. Soft, supple, pliant, ductile, 
clastic, tender, tractable, 
rf^ post, s.m. Bark, crust, hide, shell, 

skin, etc.; poppy-head or capsule, p. 

post'bdsal or /td^al, v.a. To flay, skin, 

peel, bark, shell, etc. 
l/^^^, postakai, s.m. Crust, scab, bark, 

rind ; an untanned hide. 
^J^A P^^^h 8*ni. A drunkard, sot; one 

addicted to the use of the intoxicating 

liquor prepared from the fresh poppy- 
bead, p. 
^^^-^^^•j posCin, s.m. A fur coat ; sheep-skin 

coat. p. 
JLi^ postal, v.a. To attire, clothe, dress. 
(^^ posh, in. Look out! Clear the way! 

Stand by ! Have a care ! h. Ipoesh) or for 

poh sha (imperative), post^ (in comp.), 

Covering, wearing, p. 
yj^^ pokkhf Apparel, clothing, dress, p. 

C/lj,^ pokkh&k, s.m. CJlothcs, garments. P. 

^j^^^pohMi^khh, s.m. Covering, dress, vest- 
ment, p. (polish). 
J^.^ pokkhal^ v.a. To clothe, cover, dress, 

hide, screen ; to cheer, console, sympathize, 

etc. P. (poshidan). 
Aiy^ po^la, s.f. Dung of young animals, of 

kids and lambs before it becomes orbicular. 

c!j(^ pUk, s.m. A puff, blow, squirt, etc. from 

the mouth, p. iphnnk). 
Jiypakal, v.a. I To blow, puff, breathe on, 
J/;i piikarcul, ) inflate ; to squirt from the 

,^^ji pukanra-l, s.f. A bladder, the urinary 

bladder. H. (pkuknd). 
i^ pUkai, s.m. A puff, blow, whiff. 

J^ pul, s.m. An aqueduct ; gutter, trough, 
p. pUl, s.m. A film over the eye, albugo. 
8. (phatl). 

Siy poldd, s.m. Fine steel. P. ifuldd). 

vli3^ pUldk, s.m. A clamp, bit, or wedge to 
fix the share to the plough. 

^^ pUla, s.f. A ridge, bank, hedge ; limit, 
boundary, or division line or mark. pUlah, 
s.m. Parched grain. 8. 
J^ pa/u'l, s.f. A vesicle, blister, bleb. H. 

^y pan, s.m. The mange. 

4U^ pUna, s.f. Drizzle, mist, small rain. H. 

^J)i P^im^'h 8«f- A ball or roll of cotton 
prepared for spinning, h. (pUnl). 

J.^ potcul, v.a. To graze ; lead cattle to 
pasture. Def. in pres. ten. See JjLj. 

*^ P^^t ®* Clever, intelligent, knowing, wise. 

jJU^ polidnd, a. Clever, intelligent, learned, 

j^^ P^fiOf* ft- Careless, untidy, slovenly, 
dirty; foolish, stupid, sottish, u. iphuhar). 
pohur, s.m. A large mat made of palm 
leaves. H. 

J^^ poharvul, v.a. To acquaint, inform, ex- 
plain, ete. 

^>i poha, s.f. Judgment, intellect, under- 
standing, p. {/ahm). 

Jju>^ pohediil, v.n. To understand, appre- 
ciate, perceive, know. p. i/ahmidan). 

ij^ pot/a, s.f. A canter, gallop. ?• 

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( 29 ) 


sjpa^^. See 4^. 

^ ^^ ' { in. Pooh ! pooh ! bosh ! fudge ! 

\^ pahar, a.m. A measure of time; about 
three hours. 8. (pakar). 

i^ ])a/ira, s.f. A watch, vigil; tour of 
watch ; guard, sentinel. 8. ipahra). 

jc.^ Af^ p/iulrvdrai, s.m. A white rose ; strips 
of clean straw, used by women to plait 
with the back hair (as an ornament). 

o^^ j»a/</a;ran, s.m. An athlete, champion, 
wrestler, hero, gladiator. P. 
J^^ paAlrvdnif s.f. Heroism, athletics, 

>^^;a^»i, s.m. Intellect, mind, reason, sense, 
p. l/aAm). 

J^^ pa/imawul, v.a. To acquaint, inform, 
etc. P. (fahmdndarC). 

Jjlj.^^ pahmedal, v.n. To understand, per- 
ceive, know. p. (fahmldan). 

^J^m P^^^^^^^t ®^- See aJ^^ . 

<4j palia, s.f. A poultice, ointment, plaster. 

*jj pa-lf s.f. Milk ; the sap of trees. 8. ipat). 
pai, s.m. The foot; a sinew; tendon of 
the leg ; footing, basis ; track, trace ; a 
ford. p. pai'oba, Fordable, within depth. 
pahkawul, v.a. To hamstring; cut a tree 
close to the roots, paircral, v.a. To know, 
follow, catch at the meaning, etc. pai, 
ad. After, behind, following. pai'd*pai, In 
succession, one after another, p. 

^lo piydfja, s.m. Bread made from millet 
or rye. 

*^Wi P^y^Wdt fl-f- Collar, cuff, wristband. 

Exhaling, perspiring, sweating. 
**^^ piyddak, s.m. A footman ; foot soldier. 

a. On foot, afoot, p. 
^!i^ />'yan7i«, s.f. A brace for tightening the 

netting of a bedstead; the crupper of a 

saddle ; the strap of a spinning-wheel, etc. 

jUi piydZf s.m. An onion, p. 
^j\^^piydzakai, s.m. "Wild onion; squill. 
»jLj piydza, s.f. Abortion; aborting, mis- 
carrying ; clearing, dividing, splitting. 
aJLj piydla, s.f. A cup, goblet ; fire-pan of a 

gun. P. 
sftW poydrcai, s.m. A float, buoy, angler's 

J^Uj ptt/dyal, v.a. To graze or pasture cattle, 

to tend flocks. See J^^. 
*:^ pepna-i, s.f A chemise, shift, shirt, 
juj pain, s.f. Cooked peas or pulse. 
,^5^ pet, s.m. ) A bundle, load, package, 
^^-j petal, ) burden ; tumbril, box, par- 
cel. H. Ipetl). 
y^^j^^pethmo, in. Fie on thee! A curse on 
you ! The devil seize thee ! h. (phite-munk). 
jsf^.'i pejmakhai, a. Handsome ; beardless, 
smooth-faced ; light or fair complexioned. 
Js=ri petrnl, v.a. To bear, endure, suffer, 

undergo, p. (pedndan). 
^V peek, s.m. A coil, twist ; screw ; compli- 
cation, deceit, difficulty, p. 
(ji^^u pechi§h» B'^w. Contortion, twist, 

gripes, p. 
Cj^jfu pechak, s.m. A skein or bank of 

thread; a reel. p. 
^^>^V p^ch^ma, s.f. Zigzag; elevation, rise. 
J Ju.^u pechedal, v.n. To wind, twist, writhe, 

coil, etc. p. ipedildan). 
af^liru paiihdra, s.f. See aLc^ . 
Jli^x^ paikhdl, s.m. Dung of birds. P. 
Jicu paijdkdlf 8-ni. See J-a^ . 
\s^^paidd, a. Bom, created, produced. P. 
j^^ pJr, s.m. A saint; spiritual guide; de- 
scendant of a saint ; old man ; Monday. P. 
per, s.m. Bend, curve, turn, wind, twist* 
H. (pker). 
cr*W P^i^^^^^^f s.m. Circumference, ad. 
Around, about, roundabout. P. 

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( 30 ) 


^\j^^pairdhan^ 8.m. A frock, long shirt, p. 
j^ />^ar, a, Corpalent, fat, bulky, large. 

Jysfi plralf v.a. See J*>j;-j • 

s^^j^ pencdn, s.m. See e>'^» 

^yj^^p<ura7cai^ s.m. Cream ; a sackling. 

Jjjl^ plrodal, v.a. To buy, purchase. P. 

ijiri P^^^'^f S'f- The Pleiades. 

i/^ />^^, s.m. A demon, evil spirit, one of 
the genii; a devil, periydn, pi. {met.) 

l^^jH pcriy^^^h fi^ni. A demoniac, one 
possessed with a devil, periydna-l, s.f. A 
hysterical woman. 

jsi P^ff &• F&t, obese, gross; coarse, thick; 

ijjp) pcrza, s.f. A mound, hillock, detached 
hiU. ' 

*^ P^f<^» 8«f- A lump of dough ; a kind of 
sweetmeat. B. iperd). 

^^^jj pera-lf 8«f« A chair, settle, ottoman ; a 
generation of ancestors. 8. (pirhl). 

j\j^^paizdr, s.m. A shoe, slipper, sandal, p. 

Jj-j pezal, v.a. To darn, repair, mend, stitch. 

*ij-j pezna, s.f. A sieve, p. 

u^ijii pcz^dn. s.m. A nose-ring. An orna- 
ment worn in the nose by women. 

kJ\j^^ jt?^;:7Fa;2ai, s.m. A bullock with its 
nose bored for a ring or bridle. 

»^ peza^ s.f. Apex, tip, summit, top, peak. 

gf^ pezaif a. Faded, decayed, withered. 
peza-i, s.f. Spelling, forming syllables, 
joining letters. The name of a woman. 

^'^^fii P^Jdndalif a. Recognized, known, 
familiar, s.m. Recognition, remembrance. 

_I/jj j*i pejandgati^ s.f. Acquaintance, know- 
ledge, recognition, familiarity. 

J jJtjj pcjandal^ v.a. To distinguish, recog- 
nize, know, recollect. H. (pahchdnnd). 

^j^ pes, s.m. Leprosy ; a leper. P. 
^j\^^^pUdurai, s.m. A little, bit, fraction, 

atom, pinch, jot, etc. 
im*} paisa, s.f. Name of a copper coin. H. 


---J pesai, a. Leprous, s.m. A leper. 
Jit^ pesh, a. Before, in front. The vowel 

point J^ u. p. 
c-^UmJ peshdh, s.m. Urine, p. 
y.n.^j peshtar, ad. Before, formerly, p. 
JSjl^^ peshkdr, s.m. An agent, deputy, 

manager, p. 
^M.j> peshagl, s.m. Advance of money or 

wages, etc. p. 
^^l.t.ji peshlamai, i s.m. The meal before 

;,4n.i;i pe^manai, ) sunrise during the 

month of Ramazan ; an early breakfast. 
\yt^ peshrvd, s.m. A guide, leader. P. 
j^j^Mjj pesJtivdZf s.m. A gown; an open frock 

worn by dancing women, p. 
<Ll-jj pesha, s.f. Calling, trade, profession ; 

habit, custom, p. 
j^iJL^ pesha-Ttar, a.m. A mechanic, artificer. 
•^ pl^a-l, s.f. A caterpillar; a small 

nose-ring worn as an ornament by women ; 

a leather bag or wallet. 
^^^ pekkhf a. Before, in front, advanced, p. 

i^W-i pefJidftar, s.m. Name of a city and 

province: Peshawar. 
c/ft^L/4^ P^kkh'^^^kkh, s-na* Offering, present, 

tribute, p. (pesh*ka$h). 
J>4^ pekUiarvuL v.a. To bring forward, 

introduce, bring together, cause to meet. 
dUi-j pekkha. s.f. Mockery, ridicule, carica- 
ture. H. (pckhnd). pckkhe'kawult v.a. To 

make faces, ridicule, ape, mock. 
Jj>j.»ji pekkhedalt v.n. To happen, occur, 

befall ; to meet, encounter, p. {pe§hldan). 
^jf^^^ pekkhln^ a. Ancient, prior, former. 

s.m. Noon, afternoon. P. (pcsh^ln). 

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( 31 ) 


Jjuj paif^dm, a.m. A message. P. 
^^U-j pdighanxhar, s.m. A messenger, pro- 
phet P. 

dJjLy pef^la, s.f. A damsel, maid, virgin. 
jf^^P^SdiO^f s.m. Reproach, abuse, raillery ; 
calumny, slander, p. (peghdroi). peghor* 
viarkaivulf v.a. To reproach, rail at, abuse ; 
calumniate, slander. 

CO 7>a2^, s.m. A messenger, porter, run- 
ner. P. 

J^ paihdr, s.m. Contest, battle, war. p. 
A pedlar. 

^JL^J ])aikdn, s.m. The head of an arrow, p. 

JLj paikar, s.m. Countenance, face, form ; 
likeness, portrait, p. 

*/-i p(^if^'^r^f ^S. An anklet, ornament for 
the ankle ; fetter, hobble. 

Ji-j pekalf s.m. A clothes-line, rope to hang 
clothes upon. 

^j^Lj pekarcait s.m. See ^/^--i. 

J^^pil, s.m. An elephant. P. 

^^pefa, s.f. Silkworm's cocoon ; silkworm, p. 

^^Uw paimdn, s.m. Promise, oath, contract, p. 

ajU-j paimdna, s.f. A goblet; a dry measure, p. 

(jlJU-j paimd'hsh, s.m. Measure, limit. P. 

^^i:^ paimaf>i(d, a. See ,^'*^^. Also 

AartJi plndzah, a. Five. 

Airt?i paifitsa, s.f. The leg of a pair of 

trousers, p. (pdendia). 
J^ p'inal, v.a. To chuck into the mouth 

from the hand. 
<^JJ plna, s.f. A trencher, wooden bowl, 

kneading trough. 
J-^ pcfvdal, v.a. To thread, file, string, 

spit. H. ipirond). 
J J^ pocdalai, a. Filed, strung, threaded. 
*;rt p(ii^ctra, a. Milky, milk-giving, milch, 

full of milk. Also *;t^ij pO'-^'^ora. 
Li--*^ patast or pahvast, s.m. Connection, 

junction ; relationship, friendship. P. 

^^f^y^pe/vastnn, s.m. Adhesion, connections 
attachment; contiguity, proximity, rela- 

aiL^^ percoBtah, a. Connected, joined, at- 
tached, p. 

^yjpertandf s.m. A joint, patch, fastening; 
bud, graft, p. 

i^y^^ pcyaKoiy s.m. A band for the hair; 
the bunch of braids plaited with the hair 
of young women and allowed to hang 
down the back. 

^ te, The fourth letter of the Pukkhto 

l£^ ta, or sj tah, pr. The second personal 

pronoun, thou. part. The sign of the 

dative case, to, unto. It always follows 

its noun. 
\jf (a, ad. As far as, to, till, whilst, so that. 

p. s.f. A fold, sheet, layer, plait, p. 

itah). pr. The inflected form of the 

second personal pronoun in the oblique 

cases singular, thee, by thee, thou. 
i^\j tab, s.m. Heat, fury, rage; endurance, 

suffering; power, strength; coil, twist; 

light, splendour, p. 
^\iXi\j (dbddn, s.m. A sky-light, lattice, p. 
^^\j /dijan, a. Glittering, shining. v.Udbdn). 

Also written ^^f?^\j tdlyan. 
^Jc.sJ\j tdbistdn^ s.m. The hot weather, 

summer, p. 
^\j (dbr, s.m. A dependant, subject. A. 
j\sMj\i tdbi*ddr, a. Obedient, submissive, sub- 
ject, s.m. A subject, follower, dependant. 
f^j\sxi\j tdbiddrl, s.f. Obedience, allegiance, 

CL?yl; tdbnt, s.m. A coffin, bier. tdbUt'Vta- 

klna, s.f. The ark of the covenant given 

to Adam from heaven, a. 

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( 32 ) 



^\j tdbJn, s.m, A subject, follower, depen- 

aj\3 tdrba, s.f. A frjing-pan. P. 
^l; td^Jr, a.m. Effect,operation,impres»ion. a. 
\3 tdj, a.m. A crown, diadem ; crest of a 
bird. P. 
jP^\j (djir, s.ra. A merchant, trader, a. 

vl^U (djik, s.m. A cultivator, peasant; 
mechanic. The name of a tribe; they 
are settled about the large cities of 
Afghanistan, and form the bulk of the 
population on the western borders of the 
country; their language is the Persian, 
and they are supposed to be descendants 
of the ancient Persians. 

u;..^l; tdMt, s.m. A gallop, run; foray, 
raid ; attack, invasion ; plunder, ravage, p. 

j^\j (dH'ir, s.m. Delay, procrastination, a. 

j\j tdr, s.m. Wire ; cord, thread, p. tdMdr 
or tdnpatdr, a. Confused, dispersed, scat- 

— ^.l; tdrdj, s.m. Plunder, spoil, booty, p. 

C/.l; tdrik, s.m. Leaving, forsaking ; a de- 
serter, a. 

^j\j tdra, s.m. A black partridge ; a drone, 
humble bee; a kind of wasp without a 
sting. A kind of saddle cloth. 

^^U (drUgai^ s.m. A kind of butterfly. 

J^^U tdrarvul, v.a. to scatter, disperse. 

M^j\j tdrlMi^ s.m. Era, date; annals, history. A. 

CS^Jj (drik, a. Dark, obscure. P. 

^Sjj^ tdriki, s.f. Darkness, obscurity, p. 

.U tdr^ sm. Plunder, spoil; a gang of 

$Jj (drah, a. Spoiled, ruined, sacked. 

t^jl; tdrlf s.m. Clapping the hands to ex- 
press approbation, or in time to music. 
H. (ton). 

*)\J tdzah, a. Fresh, new ; green, verdant ; 
young, robust ; happy, pleased, p. 

j^jli tdzJ, s.m. A greyhound ; an Arab 

horse ; a hunting dog, hound, p. 
^bjlj (dziydna, s.f. A whip, scourge, birch. P. 
^^U tds, s.m. A goblet or cup of brass; a 

platter or tray of copper, p. Cards; a game 

at cards, h. 
yjj tdsU, pr. Plural form of the second 

personal pronoun : ye, you. Also written 

JJj tdsu. 
AiU tdghah^ s.m. Name of a tree, the wood 

of which is used to make charms against 

the evil eye; the white poplar {Populu$ 

alius). H. (tdgh). 
icil; td/ta, s.f. A kind of silk, taffeta ; a 

colour of horses, cream colour, p. 
CS\i tdk^ s.ra. A vine. P. A precipice, cliff; 

mountain side. a. Odd, single, unique. 

A. <tdq). 
ju^l; tdlud^ s.m. Emphasis, injunction ; con- 
firmation. A. tdk'id'kaKult v.a. To enjoin, 

insist, urge, press. 
^^Ju^l; (d/iidl, a. Emphatic, decided, con- 
JU tdl, s.m. Clapping the hands to music; 

chime. 8. 
c-;3l; tdldb, ) s.m. A pond, tank, reservoir. 
j!!l; (dido, ) p. 
JLSIj tdldsh, s.m. Investigation, inquiry, 

search, p. (taldsh). Name of a valley 

between Bajawar and Swat. 
njJU tdlanday s.f. Thunder. 
jI^J (dlu, s.m. The palate ; a disease of the 

palate in cattle. 8. 
a31; (dla, s.f. Booty, spoil, pillage, plunder, 

ruin ; a kind of flue spring grass. 
Jl; tdlai, s.m. A metal platter or tray. 8. 

A^l7 tdmba, 
ij\j idnbUf 
J:«\j td-atnmiil,s.m, IIcsitation,meditation. a. 
^\j (an, s.m. A note in music, tone, tune. 8. 

s.f. Copper. 8. {(dmbd). 

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( 33 ) 

a!^ jjU tdndola, s.f. Name of a potherb. 

»sj\j tdndah, a. Fresh, green, verdant 

dc^\j tdnasta, s.f. The warp or threads 
stretched lengthwise on the loom. p. 

Cjj\j tdng, s.m. A band, brace, saddle-girth. 
p. (tang). . 

zj\i (dtjira, s.f. A guard, picket; police 
station. 8. (thdnd). 

•\j too, s.m. See c-;lJ. 

^^ tdfvdn, s.m. Amends, recompense ; re- 
taliation ; debt, fine, mulct, p. Used in oppo- 
sition to^i^aj^, which means actual revenge, 
— ^blood for blood. Injury for injury, etc. 
tdrtdn-dkhhtalf v.a. To fine, mulct; take 
the responsibility, tdftdn-kedal^ v.n. To 
sufier loss, injury, etc. tdrcdn^Karkawul, 
v.a. To make amends, compensate, pay a 
fine, tdfvdn'/iamd, v.a. To expend, incur, 

^^^l5 tdn:dnt, a. Injurious, incurring loss, 

^^\j tdo8, s.m. A peacock, a. itdUs). 

^.^U tdrtnn, s.m. The plague, a. itP^Un). 
J^^U tdwunai, s.m. A man afflicted with the 

(Jjij.ljf tdmtak^ s.m. An ornamental charm 
worn on the bosom by women. 

c-^ tab, s.m. A poultice, epithem. 

JJi tahdVh, s.m. A charger, plate, dish. a. 

jL3 tabdr, s.m. Race, family, tribe, people, p. 

*l-J tabd/if a. Ruined, spoiled; abject, 
wretched, p. 

^Ij tabd/ii, s.f. Ruin, wreck; depravity, 

^Js:C taba^ai, s.m. An iron platter for 
baking cakes on. a. itabdq). The pelvis. 

JjaJ? tabdiU s.m. Alteration, change, a. 

j^ tabar, s.m. An axe, hatchet, cleaver. P. 
tabar-zln, s.m. A horseman's battle-axe. 

CSji^ tabarruA,B.m. Blessing, benediction. A. 

s.m. A disease of cattle, the 

fjj tabara, s.f. A slate, slab of stone. 

M^ tabassum, s.m. A smile, simper. A. 

^JmJ tabaq, 

*Uu tabal'h. 

iJj taba, s.f. Fever ; heat, fervonr. p. b. (tap). 

•-J taba-l, s.f. A flat dish of pottery for 

baking cakes on. 
^-^ tap, s.m. A mole, freckle; scar or pit 

of small-pox. tap-tap, in. A call to en- 
courage dogs to go into a hole. 
(jywLj tapds, s.m. Labour, toil, search, en- 
quiry. 8. 
CJ\^ tapdk, s.m. Esteem, regard, affection, 

love. s. 
\jP taprd, s.f. A potter's tool ; a wooden 

tapper or mallet ; tapping, u. (thdpl). 
CjJj tapak, s.m. The roll or sound of a 

drum. A sledge hammer, p. 
Jjf tapal, v.a. To dab, stick against ; daub, 

smear; heap, mass, pile. h. (thdpndh 
fjjj-^ tapanra-l, s.f. See \jg3. 
j^ tapor, s.m. An ornamental breast-band 

worn by young women ; a stomacher. 
yj^^ tapos, s.m. Enquiry, search, a. (to- 

A-J tapa, s.f. A district, parish ; a clan, tribe. H. 
^ tapai, a. Freckled, pitted, scarred, spotted. 

s.m. A mole, freckle, scar, pit of small-pox. 
c:^ tat, a. Close, compact, dense, thick. H. 

^jzj tatarai, a. Lisping, stammering, s.m. 

A lisper, stammerer. 
Iazj fatimma, s.f. Appendix, supplement. A. 
i^ tatawa, s.f. A ring-dove. 
CL>j\s? tajdrat, s.m. Commerce, trade. A. 
ijjs^ tajriba, s.f. Experiment, proof, trial, 

test. A. 
jiysi? tajwlz, s.m. Contrivance, plan, scheme ; 

enquiry, consideration ; detennination, 

judgment. A. 

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( 34 ) 


^ tidi, a.m. The scabbard of a sword, sbeatb 
or a dagger. 

j^talkrir, a.m. Writing correctly; written; 
dated, a. 

i^i^aa? taftsll, 8.m. Acquisition, acquirement ; 
profit, gain ; collection ; collectorate. A. 

ikss^ tuh/ah, a. Curious, rare, choice, excel- 
lent. A. 

(j^Jtas? tahqiqt a. Authentic, verified, ascer- 
tained, ad. Indeed, really, truly, a.m. 
Precision, exactness. A. 

d-^lLAssr* tajiqiqat, s.m. Inquiry, investiga- 
tion. A. 

J^«^ talkammul, s.m. Endurance, forbear- 
ance. A. 

u:^'^ taMt, s.m. A throne, p. 

iz^ taklita^ s.f. A board, plank; sheet of 
paper; bench, form; bier, takhta-bandlf 
s.f. Boarding, planking, wainscot. taJJjta* 
pokM, s.m. A stage, platform, flooring. 
taMta-nard, s.m. Backgammon, p. 

ilfjss^ tayharg^ or tJJiarg^ s.m. The armpit. 

^J^ tahhargcd, s.m. The fillet or patch in 
the armpit of a dress. 

i^J-iflcr* taMifif, s.m. Abatement, mitigation, 
relief, a. 

^ tui'im, s.m. Seed, sperm; an egg; a 
testicle, p. 

^^^ takhmaJJif in. Fie I shame! 

s^Ass^ tuJJima^ s.f. Origin, principle, p. In- 
digestion. A. 

C-M*ic* taMmlnan, ad. About, nearly, by 
gueas. A. 

Jyisf* tahhnavcul, ) v.a. To tickle, p. (tdl^t, 

J^ taMiawul, ) assault, etc.). 

^^taMedal, j v.n. To tickle, titillate. 
li^' taHa, s.f. ) 

CSj^^ taddruk, s.m. Chastisement, retalia- 
tion ; remedy, precaution ; provision, pre- 
paration. A. 

^jJ tadblr, s.m. Advice, counsel, delibera- 
tion; contrivance, management, policy; 
arrangement, order, a. 

^jJ tadrlj, s.m. Gradation, scale, a. 

*^jj tazkira, s.f. Biography, memoir, a. 

y tatf a. Damp, moist. P. ad. As far as, 
to, until, np to, etc. It is generally fol- 
lowed by the adverb pore or port. Ex. 
tar-osa'pore, nntil now. tar'kah'pore^ 
till when ? (ar-kumaporc, as long as, etc. 
tri, p. See i^jj. 

^jj trdtt s.m. A whip, goad. 

Ajy trdta, s.f. Piping, or edging of a dress. 

ij^ji tardra, s.f. Gravel, shingle. 

yj\Jj tardzU, s.m. A balance, scale. P. 

»j\jj tardza, s.f. A slice, shaving, bit. P. 

(ardsh, s.m. Cutting, clipping; cut, 
form, shape ; (in comp.) -cutter, -carver, p. 

iy tardgA, s.m. A coil, plait, twist 

CS)/ trdk, s.m. A crack, fissure; slit, rent, 
tear. a. Also jj/ ^'^^l* 

^j^y tardna, s.f. Melody, music, song; 
symphony, tune. p. tardne-nayal, v.a. To 

^^\p tardrte, s.f. A prayer comprising twenty 
genuflexions, performed at bedtime every 
night during the month of RamazHn. 

f^Jt (urb, s.m. A radish, p. 

c:^^ turbat, s.m. A tomb, sepulchre. A. 

jyiji iarbilr, s.m. A cousin : father's brother's 

')y,/ tarbUza, a.f. A water melon, p. 

s^:^^ tarbiyai, a.m. Education, instruction, 
taition. A. 

i^jj trap, s.m. A leap, bound, jump ; hop, 


Digitized by 




( 35 ) 


jjjj trapal, v.a. To jump, vault, bound, etc. 

A> J trapa^ s.f. See c-jyf . 

^ J trapai, s.m. A footfall, sound of steps. 

i^'JJ tartdb, s.m. Remorse, sorrow, regret. 

j^y tartarai, s.m. See j^^;^ . 

AJjy tartala, ad. Always, ever, continually. 

f^^y ^ar/lA, s.m. Arrangement, disposition, 
order, method, a. 

CS'j^f tariezali, s m. Watercress. P. iiezak). 

J3y tratal, v.a. To scold, reprimand, taunt ; 
drive away, repel. See Jj; ratal. 

ij^f tarjuvia, s.f. Translation, interpreta- 
tion. A. 

iju^/ tarjumdn, s.m. An interpreter, a. 

*y trafs, a. Slanting, sloping, aside, wry, 
crooked. H. itirdikd). 

^jj tralhf s.m. The armpit 

j^l^y taryhdn^ s.m. Free, exempted from 
taxation; name of a tribe of Turks; worm- 

ts^ji tarJ:la, s.f. The herb wormwood, ab- 
sinth {Artemisia Judaica). 
•:%y tarlha-l, s.f. Name of a plant, wild 
camomile (Anthemis nobilis). 

^jjj (araddud, s.m. Hesitation, suspense, a. 

^^J tars, s.m. Fear, dread, terror, p. 

Ly tarsd, s.m. A heretic, infidel, idolator, 
pagan, p. 

^Ly tarsdn, ) a. Timid, fearful, cowardly. 

e/li-y tarsndif ) p. 

i^j^Jf tarsarai, ) s.m. A headstall, halter for 

i^j^j^ tersarai, J a horse; a freckle, spot 
in the skin. 

^J tur§h^ a. Acid, sour; austere, crabbed, 
cross, p. 

^y turs^l, s.f. Acidity, sourness; acids; 
ill-temper, austerity, p. 

^J} tarkMadz, s.f. An adze; a band, 

Aar^y tarlkhadza, ) fillet, or strip of cloth 
let into the side of a dress. 

Incitement, instigt- 


e-.-;*i^ tar^lbf s.m. 

tion. A. 
^y taragqlf s.f. A rise, elevation, ascent ; 

promotion, advancement; increase; pro- 
ficiency. A. 
Ci/ ^t/rA, s.m. A Turk ; a soldier; a robber; 

(in poetry) a handsome youth, p. tark, 

s.m. Desertion, forsaking, a. trak, 8.m, 

A crack, cleft, split; sand-crack, a disease 

of the hoof in cattle ; a crack, the sound of 

splitting, bursting, tearing, etc. 
yl$y tarkdfir, s.m. A carpenter. 
^/Sy tarkakhh^ s.m. A quiver. P. (tarkas^). 
yj^^y tarl'aldnrly s.m. Name of a Pathan 

tribe settled in Bajawur. 

tar/ia, s.f. Legacy, bequest; effects op 

estate of a deceased person, a. 
u^^y tarkib, s.m. Composition, mixture; 

make, form. a. 
•^ tarugma-h s.f. A dark, moonless night; 

obscurity, darkness. 
^ tarla^ s.f. A cousin : father's brother's 

^y turum, s.m. A stallion, kept only for 

covering, p. 
Ai^y taramna, s.f. A bog, quagmire, quick- 
^y ^y tarmai'tarmai^ a. Dispersed, 

scattered, dispelled. 

tarndo, s.m. An aqueduct, trough, 

^jj trandz^ a. Slim, compressed, slight, 

spare. P. (taranj). 
^Ji turanj, s.m. A citron, lime, lemon. 

taranj, s.m. Name of several plants of 

the orders Euphorbia and Asclepias, con- 
taining milky sap. tratif, s.m. A skein 

or roll of thread. 
^^J» tranjaiai, ) s.m. Small skein of 
^^3^y tranjaif ) thread. 
A^jLy trankatsa, s.f. A sling. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


eyJ ( 3« 

s.m. Twang, jar, vibration, 


a.m. Manna produced 
from the camel's thorn 
Oiymel, honey and 

djy trang^ 

^jty^^ tarangabln 
^ji^Ji taranjabln^ 

(Hedysarum alhagi). 

limejuice, &• P. 
jfiy trangar, s.m. A net for carrying grass, 

j^ tro, ad. Consequently, therefore, then, for 

that ; at length, afterwards, at that time. 
^:^lp trot, s.m. Damage, injury; loss, de- 
ij^jj trota, s.f. Detriment, discount. 
j^^ tror, s.f. Aunt: father's or mother's sister. 
^j^y trora-l, s.f. A fox. 
^^p iarUka, s.f. Sorrel (liumex vesicarius). 

Wood-sorrel (Oxalis cormculata). 
t^y tartva, a. See ^y • 
i^^J) tamed, s.m. Name of a purgative plant 

(Ipomosa turpethum). VL. iteorV. (arwe, 

s.f. (pi. of tanca) Sour milk, whey, curds 

and whey. 
zj trah, s.m. Uncle: father's or mother's 

brother, tara, s.f. Greens, vegetables, 

potherbs, p. A kind of cucumber ( Cucu- 

mis acutangulus). n. (iura-l). Alarm, 

dread, fear. 
jU^ tir/ido, s.m. The third part of an oke. 

See ^j^\ . 
jjbji tarhar, a. Timid, fearful, nervous, s.m. 

Fear, alarm, dismay. M&Ojytp tarhUr. 
J^y tarhawul, v.a. To alarm, frighten, 

start, etc. (as game). 
JjuAy tarhedal, v.n. To start, fear, shy, 

etc. (as animals), p. (tarldan). 
i^Ji tori, s.f. Moisture; water in opposition 

to land ; moist or brown sugar, ad. By 

water, p. tared, s.m. An aqueduct or 

canal on the side of a hill, turat, s.m. 

A kind of cucumber {CucumU utilimmus). I 

taraA, ad. Clandestinely, confidentially, 

secretly, tura-l, s.f. A. bugle. H. (twrhl). 
i^/ tre, p. From, by, than, with. 
cS\ijj tariydk, s.m. Opium. A. {tiriydq). 
jjjt tarlz, s.m. A patch, piece sewed on to a 

dress or garment, p. 
^jj tarlj, a. Strong, violent, rough, a. 
4d!y trU'^, a. Bitter, nauseous; sour, austere, 

cross, ill-tempered, f. far^/fa. 
iJKj^ trVJiai, s.m. Bitterness; gall, bile; 

the gall-bladder; anger, malice, ill-feeling. 
^Ji triw, a. Acid, sharp, sour; austere, 

crabbed, morose, cross, f. tarrca. 
ijji tariyak, in. A shepherd's call to drive 

sheep, etc. 
j|jj7 trdq, s.m. A knock, rap, tap. H. (taruka). 
*i|^ tardqaA, s.f. A loin clout ; a cord tied 

round the waist, and used as a fastening 

for the clout covering the privates, h. 

t^J trap, s.m. Haste, hurry ; flutter ; leap. 

H. (tarap). 
J^jJ traparvul, v.a. To agitate, disturb, 

flurry, h. (tarpdnd). 
JjujjJ trapedal, v.n. To flutter, palpitate, 

writhe. H. {tarapnd). 
jjt traq, s.m. A pat, tap, rap, knock, slap. 
^\J taral, v.a. To tie, fasten, bind, lash. P. 

itdr, thread, cord). 
mJ taram, a. Lukewarm, tepid. 
u>j/ tar^n, s.m. Binding, fastening, lashing ; 

agreement, bargain, compact, treaty. 
*jj tarana, 
9j tara, 

i^jp tarai, 8.m. Lisping; a lisper. 
^^ tuzan, a. Base, cowardly. 
^3 tagat, a. Thirsty. P. (ti§hna). 

J tasla, s.f. The bead of a rosary, a. 

(tasbilj). tasbe, pi. A rosary, chaplet of 


8.f. See preceding. 

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( 37 ) 


taslilr, B.m. Capture, subjection, a. I ^ t'atim, s.m. Teaching, tnition. 

^hJLj fas/iin, Comfort, consolation, a. 
Jw-J tasaltl, a.m. Comfort, solace, consola- 
tion. A. 
>Ju-J (asftm, 8 m. Resignation, obedience; 

obeisance, salutation; health, safety, a. 
<u-«-J tasma, s.f. A thong, leather strap, h. 
,^ ta-as/j, a. Empty, void, hollow, ad. Only, 

merely, simply, p. ((i/u). 
<u-iJ tashblli, s.ra. Comparison, simile, a. 
v::-^-iJ /a^//^ s.m. A basin used to wash the 

hands over. p. A platter, salver, tray. 
Ajlflb^ taMMna, s.f. The fire pan of a gun. 

p. (dtas^'Mdna). 
u^T^^ tasliWi-'if s.m. Ascertaining, dis- 
tinguishing; valuation, assessment, a. 
(^^^ ;a.«/me/f/^, s.m. Anxiety, disquietude. A. 
^^ ta-ashat, s.m. The flank, side, bypo- 

^^p-sJ takkhtan, s.m. See r-^i* , 
J^ takMi(amilA\,2L. To put to flight, run 
J^ taHhawul, ) away with, carry ofi", 

elope with, etc. p. {ta^tdndan). 
i}xf^ taWiedal,)y.n. To flee, decamp, 
J-sJ takkhal, J retire, retreat, run 

away. p. (tdBtan). 
JjJna? ta!;dlq, s.m. Attestation, verification, a. 
fc-jpsj ta^arruf, s.m. Disposal, use; expendi- 
ture, extravagance, a. 
c-Li^ tamlf, s.m. Composition, author- 
ship. A. 
jly^ tamlr, s.m. Image, picture, portrait, a. 
S---?^ t'ojjub, s.m. Wonder, surprise, aston- 
ishment. A. 
^jMj farif, s.m. Explaining, praising, a. 
J-iajw tdnl, s.m. Vacation ; neglecting, aban- 
doning. A, 

(» j'^* ^ ^«5^l7w, s.m. Honour, reverence, re- 
spect. A. 

4>UJ tallxiq^ S.m. Relation, connection ; de- 
pendence ; correspondence, commerce, a. 



ij^ farviz, s.m. An amulet, charm, a. 

jUj tar^^dr, s.m. A bread-tray ; a bucket, 
pail. p. 

CSf^Ju tar^harak, s.m. Dropsy ; a small pail. p. 
tajhdrai, s.m. A bread-basket; an 
earthenware dish or platter; a small 
bucket or pail. a. a. A glutton. 

J Change, alteration, a. 
iuf^ s.m. 

Division, separation. 

taf^ma, s.f. A mark, weal, welt; a 
medal, a. 
jM iarjlnr, s.m. 
^Jr^ tagkiri^ s.f. 
' taghaiyur^ s.m. 
taf, 8.m. Vapour, steam, p. 
Saliva, p. 

*JL^«U; tafdrtat, s.m. Difierence, distinction ; 

distance, a. 
iiyj tafriqa, s.f. 
(Jiji^ tafriq, s.m. 
jt***^ ta/slr,B.m. Commentary,explanation. a. 
J-^iiJ ta/ftl, s.m. Detail, explanation, sepa- 
ration. A. 
d&i; tufang, s.m. A musket, p. 
Uli; ta(jd:;d, s.f. Exacting, dunning; im- 
portunity. A. 
^ji; ^ayrfZr, s.m. Destiny, fate, lot. A. 
jl/j taqnr, s.m. Detail, relation, recital, a. 
>--uJ; (aqslm, s.m. Dividing, division, dis- 
tribution. A. 
j^^ taqslr, s.m. Crime, error, fault, a. 
Julli taqtid, s.m. Imitation; forging; copy- 
ing ; believing without enquiry, a. 
^^ taq)vd, s.f. Piety, the fear of God. a, 
C^ toA, ad. Altogether, wholly, utterly; 
only used with respect to colour. Ex. 
iak'tor'Sarai, a jet-black man. toAa-splna* 
iMadza, a snow-white woman. 
j^ takblr^ s.m. Repeating the creed, or 
saying " God is great" (allahu-akbar). 

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( 38 ) 

\ij takrAtt 8.m. Altercation, contention, 

dispute. A. 
4^^^/j takr&rl, a.m. A wrangler, caviller, a. 

Disputing, importuning, wrangling, a. 
9JJ tafcra/i, a. Active, vigorous, strong, 

robust, healthy, (a/eara, s.f. A pebble; 

JCj takalf s.m. Attempt, effort, endeavour. 

See J:^. 
^^^ ta/:ldstai, a. AgUe, nimble, smart, 

active, alert. 
c-ft-lO taAllf, s.m. Ceremony ; difficulty, 

inconvenience, trouble, ailment, distress, 

annoyance. A. 
i^ij tukma^ s.f. A button loop; the sac or 

tubercle of piles, p. 
JuC taldya^ s.f. A bolster, pillow ; a faqir's 

stand or hut. iakiya-kalam^ s.m. An ex- 
pletive, cant phrase, p. 
Cio iag^ s.m. Departure; toiling, running 

^U& tagapU, s.m. Bustle,toil,labour,search. P. 
Jj talf ad. Always, ever, perpetually. (11^ 

s.m. Sesamum, the seed. 8. tal^ s.m. The 

base, bottom, foot, sole. 8. (tald). ialf, 

s.m. A hillock, mound, heap. a. 

•iJ taldsh, s.m. Enquiry, study, search, p. 
C;^ (alab, s.m. Salary, wages, hire, pay. 

A. (talab). 
CJc\j taltakf s.m. Coverlet, counterpane; 

'J^ talMlf ft. Acrid, bitter, rancid, p. 
^lic^ talMidn^ s.m. Meal of parched grain, 

made into a paste for food on a journey, p. 
i.j]j ialaft s.m. Destruction, loss, ruin; 

prodigality, waste, a. 
A^ talaka, s.f. A kind of snare for catching 

birds, a springe. 
Jl; tlalf v.n. To go, depart, set out, leave, 
n. (chalnd). See JjJ IdraL ialal, v.a. 
To balance, weigh, h. (tolnd). 

j\^ talfcdr, a.m. Ilaste, speed, quickness. 

A^i^J taltvasa, s.f. Commotion, distraction.' 
p. (talfcdsa). 

J^ tal/val, s.m. Dispatch, haste, speed, 
quickness, tala/vul, v.a. To fry, grill, broil. 

^^ talrvalai, a. Precipitate, rash, hasty, 
quick, ialarcalai, a. Broiled, fried, grilled. 

Aj (la/i, s.m. Exit, exodus, departure, setting 
out. (ala, s.f. Balance, scale ; the sole of 
the foot. 

^ talai, s.m. The sole of a shoe; under 
surface of a thing ; sole of the foot ; palm 
of the hand. s. Uatl). tifai, s.m. Form, 
figure, shape, (ila-t, s.f. The shaft of an 
arrow, stalks of corn, reeds, grasses, etc. ; 
a straw, straw, h. (tit). 

w ia7n, s.m. Continuance, permanence, rest. 
a. Staying, abiding, tarrying. 

a^Uj tamdcha, s.f. A pistol ; a blow, cuff, 
slap. A. Uamdnchci). 

U»Uj tamdshdt ) s.f. A show, sight, spectacle, 

6J^\aj tamdslta, ) amusement, entertain- 
ment. A. 

j^Uj tamdAa, 

j^Lm«J tambdAu, 

m\aj tamdm, a. Complete, entire, perfect, a. 

^Uj tamdmif s.f. Completion, end; per- 

J^ tambal, s.m. A kettledrum, tambourine. 
A. (tubal). 

y^ tambUf s.m. A tent. H. 

cL^^^ tambuzak, s.m. A muzzle ; a muzzle 
of spikes fastened on the nose of a calf to 
prevent its sucking. 

^;^^ tambUzai^ s.m. The muzzle, snout ; 
bridge of the nose. 

i^ tamba, s.f. The leaf of a door ; prop of 
a door ; a group, party, herd. 

^^Lw (ambaga-l, s.f. The leaf of a window 
or shutter. 

s.m. Tobacco. 

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( 39 ) 

The muzzle, snout. 

r -f" tamheza, s.f. 

j<j*-w«J tambezai, s.m. 

J^/^ tamtardq, s.m. Grandeur, magnifi- 
cence, pomp. A. (ramtardq). 

^ JX--^ '' tamassnk, s.m. Note of hand, bond, 
receipt, a. 

^ tuman, s.m. A crowd, troop, party; 
brotherhood, connection ; a score, twenty, p. 

;^ tamuz. s.m. Heat, warmth; name of a 
month, July. P. 

lAj tama, s.f. Avarice, avidity; covetous- 
ness, greediness, a. (tpma!). 


^ tan, s.m. Body, person ; individual. P. 

Uj land, s.f. Thunder. 

^ tando, s.m. A cord, rope ; strap. 

'^ tanb'ih, s.m. Admonition, advice, cor- 
rection. A. 

vj tantand, s.f. Fame, sound, rumour; 
dignity, pomp. A. (tantand). 

i\ysdJ tankhndh^ s.m. Salary, wages, pay. P. 

jcJ ttmdf a. Active, fast, quick ; hot, spirited, 
rash ; acrid, pungent, p. 

^^jcJ tanddr, s.f. Uncle's wife. See^^JcJ. 

jXJ tandar, s.m. Thunder; a thunder-bolt; 
eclipse, p. 

j^jcJ tandor, s.f. Paternal aunt, father's 
brother's wife. tandUr, s.m. An oven. p. 

*,«jcJ ta?idura, s.f. A cascade, waterfall. 

4^j«xj tindorai, s.m. The cartilage of the 

^5•JcJ tandn:ai, s.m. Cartilage, gristle. 

iXJ tanda, s.f. Thirst. 

j^JcJ tundl, a. Acrimony; impetuosity, 
fierceness, p. tandai, s.m. An infant, babe, 
suckling; sprout, shoot, young plant; the 
forehead ; the crown of the head, vertex. 

jr^UjcJ tandydra, s.f. Father's brother's wife. 

Jo^ tandaf, v.a. To make, form, mend, 

gr.j^ tansarat, ) . ^ . , 

^^ . I s.m. A grey partnage. 

^J:j tanzaroi, ) ^ ^ ^ ^ 

^J^ taniai, s.m. A babe, suckling ; sproutp 
shoot, young plant, a. Young, tender, un- 

{.iJLj tang, a. Confined, narrow, tight; scarce, 
wanting, barren; distressed, in want; de- 
jected, sad. p. iung^ s.m. An ewer, vase, 
long-necked jar. p. 

^^•J tangsa^ ) s.f. Distress, poverty ; 

\^jL3 tatigsiydf ) scarcity, want ; narrow- 
ness, tightness. 

aSjvJ tanga, s.f. The stock or stem of a tree ; 
body or centre width of a garment; name 
of a coin equal to one-third of a rupee. T. 

^iI:J tangai, s.m. A defile, gorge, hill, pass. 
tanglfSS. Distress, poverty, want ; avarice, 
parsimony, stinginess; narrowness, tight- 
ness. P. 

j^ tanar, s.m. A furnace ; oven. p. 

x>^yj tanomandt a. Corpulent, robust. p« 

l^ tanAd, a. Alone, solitary ; single ; apart, 
ad. Merely, only, singly, p. 

^AlfJ tanhd'i, s.f. Solitude, loneliness, pri- 
vacy, p. 

\jj tanrd, s.f. Thunder; roar of a wild 

^jJ tanrdka, s.f. A bleb, vesicle, blister. 

jMijJ tanra/idr, s.m. Borax, p. (tinkdr). 

^j3 tanra-i, s.f. Button loop ; strings of a 
dress; cord, pack-thread, etc. used to tie 

y tu, S.m. Spittle, saliva, h. ithuk). tU-tU, 
in. Call to a dog. H. 

\y tawd, s.f. A frying pan. p. 

i^y tan^drlihf^.m. Annals, dates; history. A. 

^y turcdn, s.m. Force, power, strength, p. 

Uy tuwdnd, a. Able, powerful, strong, p. 

ji)\y twvdngar, a. Rich, wealthy ; powerful, 
able. p. 

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( 40 ) 


i^jij^y tundnyan, s.f. Opulence, wealth; 

ability, power, p. 
Jjw^y turcdiiedal^ v.n. To be able, p. 

L^jj fob, A particle affixed to nouns and 

adjectives to denote state, pursuit,or quality. 

Ex. tarjfff a. Tight, tangtob, a.m. Tight- 
ness, spdhij s.m. Soldier, spd/u'tob, s.m. 

Soldiering, profession of a soldier, sarl^ 

s.m. Men. sarhtob^ s.m. The state of 

men, humanity, a. {taVd). See Ij. 
ijiy tobra^ s.f. A nose-bag (for a horse); 

saddle-bag ; a beggar's wallet, n. (tobrd). 
^jjy tobraif s.m. The head of an arrow, 

dart, etc. 
liy toba, s.f. Contrition, penitence, remorse. 

in. Fie ! shame I a. 
j^'^y toba'ffdr, a. Penitent, contrite, a. 
c-jy top, s.m. A cannon, gun. T. 
u\,y tQpdn, s.m. A hurricane, storm ; deluge. 

A. (tufan). 
CSjp iopak, s.m. A matchlock, musket T. 
^^^Hy tGpanffcha,8.(. A ^pisioh vXttifangcha). 
kZJyi tut, s.m. The mulberry, tree and fruit, a. 
by totd,%.m. ) A parrot; the cock or hammer 
^p ton, s.f. ) of a gun, h. 
^y totakai, s.m. A swift, swallow. 
iS^y totakarkai, s.m. A sand martin, 

K^/^y totakarai, s ra A swift, swallow. 
yS^y totankai, s.m. A chip, filing, shaving, 

fragment. YL.(tUtan). 
\j»y totiyd, or [jysLj nlla-totiyd, s.f. Blue 

vitriol, sulphate of copper. B. 
ipry tow:a2;a, s.f. Attention, regard; favour, a. 
ij^y toMh B.m. Name of a section of the 

Ghilzai tribe. 
4>y tod, a. Hot, warm. p. (tand). h. ((dt). 
A^jJy iodaMa, s.f. Sultriness, heat, warmth. 

jy tor, a. Black, dark. p. (tdr). s.m. Fright, 

panic ; slander, calumny ; a net, snare, tor* 

pore-karvul, v.a. To calumniate, blacken, 

K^j^jf torgharox, s.m. The arm above the 

^jy iorlamai, s.m. A badger. 
%jy tilra, s.f. A sword, tora, s.f. A copper 

coin, equal to half an anna. 
^\»jy tora-dna, s.f. Nameof a black coloured 

bird with a forked tail ; the king-crow or 

tyrant fly-catcher. Called also ddng* 

laka-l, club tail. 
^J^^jy tora-ghdra, s.f. Hooping cough. 
^jy torai, s.m. The spleen; pupil of the 

eye. a. Simple, plain, pure, unmixed. 

tora-l, s.f. A kind of cucumber {cucumis 

acutaiigulus). H. {tori). 
LZ^jy tauret, s.m. The Pentateuch, Old 

Testament, a. (tordt). 
Jjy togal, v.a. To plane, shave; polish, 

^j^y tausan, s.m. A war horse ; high spirited 

horse, p. 
si^y tosand, a. Dry, parched, withered. H. 
- (tasd). 

^J^jJLy toshddn, s.m. A pouch, cartridge- 
box, p. 
CSJ^y toshak, s.m. A mattress, quilt. P. 
i^y tokMa, s.f. Necessaries, provisions, 

supplies for a journey, p. itosha). 
iy togh, s.m. A banner, ensign, standard. T. 

/ ^^^ ' I s.m. A saddle cloth of felt. 
^y togham, ) 

liy tUqa, s.f. A blunt arrow ; a small hill. 

p. {iukk(£i. 
CSy tuk, s.m. Spittle. H. (thak). 
J$y tukal, v.a. To spit, tawakkul, s.m. 

Faith, hope, reliance, trust in Qod. a. 
^y toga, s.f. Manner, method, way, mode. 

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Jy toU ».«!• Gravity, weight. 8. till, s.m, 
A crop or field ready for reaping, bcal^ 
a. Equal, even, same weight, six of one 
and half a dozen of the other. 

jJ?J tahlnd, s.m. A stride, long step; gait 
of a bird. 

^1p io/d'l, s.f. A mattress, quilted bed. 

a! J tola, s.f. Name of a weight equal to 180 
grs. (troy>. 8. (told). 

^Uy toman, s.m. A sum equal to twenty 
rupees; a myriad; 10,000. P. See ^^. 
^y tofuat, s.m. See ijL^^. 


«u^y toynna, 
A^y toma. 

s.f. Bennet ; feniient, yeast ; 
essence, origin. 

L-Jy tonbtyd, s.f. Carded cotton; thread 
made from carded cotton. H. Uilmiyd), 

CJ^y tmvang, s.m. A band-box; a reed- 
basket for the clothes of women, turcang, 
s.m. Magazine, store, treasury. P. tUfig, 
s.f. A maiden, damsel, girl. 

^6y taivayiga^, s.m. A band-box ; a small 
basket made of reeds, and used by women 
to keep jewelry, ornaments, clothes, etc, in. 

^j^y tauiira'i, s.f. A clothes chest, locker, 

j^y tohar, s.m. Cactus, prickly pear. H. 

i^y toe, a. Spilt, shed, overflowed, upset (as 
water from a bowl). 

Jyy toyawul, v.a. To pour out, upset, spill, 

Jjujy togedal, v.n. To overflow, flow out, 
be spilt. 

a; taA, a. Going, walking, proceeding, pr. 
The second personal pronoun, thou, ta, 
s.f. Fold, layer, plait; the bottom, under 
surface, p. /a-/M/ia, s.f. A cellar, vault. P. 
tik, a. Void, empty, p. 

^y^ than, s.m. A piece, length of cloth; 
manger, stall for cattle. H. 

( 41 ) cA?>- 

vj^^ tuhmat, s.m. Calumny, slander, sus- 
picion, false accusation, a. 
Jl^j takndl, s.m. The mounting at the end 

of a scabbard, p. 
3^ tahana, s.f. A hollow, dip in the ground. 

J tai, s.m. A teat, nipple. 
Lj tiyd^ A particle added to adjectives in 

forming nouns denoting possession of their 

quality. Ex. dram, a. Easy, drdmtiyd, 

s.f. Easiness. Mafnsor, a. Familiar. 

I'liamsortiyd, s.f. Familiarity, grdn, a. 

Dear, grdntiyd, s.f. Deamess. 
^Lj tagdr or taiydr, a. Ready, complete, 

prepared, finished. 
*.lJ tydra, s.f. Darkness, gloom, obscurity 

(pi. of tor, black). 
v^^Ij taydrl, s.f. Readiness ; preparation, p. 
^;vw taibUn, s.m. See m^^» 
Ja=y tetsalf v.a. To perforate, pierce; to 

cram, stuff, a. {tlsnd). 
j^ ter, a. Lapsed, passed, gone by. tir, s.m. 

An arrow ; beam, ridge-pole. p. 
Cjj^ tlrak, s.m. The iron axle on which the 

stone of a mill revolves ; an axle. 
J^^ terawul, v.a. To give the male to the 

female ; to cause to pass. 
gjj terah, a. Acute, keen, sharp, tera, a. 

Ready for the male, in beat, tlrah, a. 

Dark, obscure. P. 
^^j^ terai, s.m. Excess; passing, lapsing; 

excellence, superiority. 
J jj^ tcredal, v.n. To pass, lapse, go by. 
UJ tez, a. Acute, sharp, keen. p. tiz, s.m. 

Wind from the bowels, flatus. t'lZ'ddiawul^ 

v.a. To break wind. 
Jj-j tezal, v.a. To hasten, urge, press. 
^JfjJj-J tezanda-l, s.f. A slip-knot; bang- 
man's noose, baiter, rope. 
*-J tlga, s.f. A boulder, rock; pebble, stone, 


tcsia, s.f. A carpenter's adze. p. 

Digitized by 


i^ ( 42 ) 

is^ tekkhta, s.f. Defeat, flight, retreat. 

^ te^f 8.m. A scimitar, sword, p. A 
sprout, shoot, blade of grass. 

Aii-J teghna^ s.f. An iron plate for baking 

vlO tyak^ a. Distended, inflated, expanded. 

aCj teha^ s.f. 

^Xj iehax^ s.m. ; 

JJ» ^e/, Oil. 8. 

^JlJ ^ft, s.m. An oilman, f. (tclanra). 

^A^ iayammiimy s.m. The ceremonial puri- 
fication before prayers, with dust or sand, 
when water is not at hand. a. 

\J tlnbuzak, s.m. The muzzle, snout 


A scabbard, sheath. 

i^jyt^ tifibiUai, s.m. A muzzle. 
CJxJi iindaky s.m. A trip, stumble; ri- 
cochet, bound. 
J--; tcyal^ v.a. To broil, fry, grill, roast. 
^^^ teyancu, s.m. A broil, grill, fry. 

c^ fa, The fifth letter of the Pukkhto alpha- 
bet. It corresponds with the Sanskrit Zt 
represented by d; in the Ilindnstanl, and 
exactly resembles it in sound. 

c^lj tap, s.m. An impression; stamp, die, 
seal. H. UAdp). 

y\i tdpU, s.m. An island, h. 

ilX^ t^P^r^9 ^'f* ^ crutch, a stilt ; washer- 
man's board or plank. 

i)\3 tcLpa, s.f. A stamp, die, seal, print, h. 

^;^lJ tat, s.m. Canvas, sackcloth, h. Con- 
ceit, vanity, swagger. H. (thdth). 

S-'^^ tdtob, 8.m. Calmness, composure, 
rest, repose. 

^^^ tdtuka, s.f. Name of an edible ground 

•jlj tdta-l, s.f. Lullaby, rocking, swinging. 
tail, s.m. A dandy, fop, beau. 

^J^i tds, s.m. An explosion, pop, snap, bang. 

jlj fdq, s.m. A bang, explosion, discharge. 

ji^^ tdfjdr, s m. A decrcpid old man. 8. 

CS\i (ah, s.m. The fruit of the bael tree 
(yE(/le marmclos). A bang, rap, knock. 

^Ij tdka, s.m. A robber, highwayman, pirate, 
u. (ddka). Name of a disease in bnflaloes. 

Jlj tdl, s.m. A swin^; the branch of a tree. 
H. (fhdl). 

JI5 tula, s,f. Wholesale, by the lump (pi. of 

i^\i tdnta, s.f. Stalk of Indian com. h. 

C^\i tang, s.m. A period, season, time, term. 

^\} tdngu, s.m. ) Name of a tree and its 

^Ij tdnga-i, s.f. j fruit; a kind of pear tree. 

j^ tabor, s.f. A wife. s.m. Family, house- 
hold. H. 

^JLj tubkai, 

^ tublai, 

^ tabai, s.m. A flat stone, slate, slab of 
pottery, etc. used to bake cakes upon. 

<^ tap, a. Weak, haggard, worn, exhausted, 
s.m. A slap, hit, whack, rap; smack, 
thud, concussion, ad. Altogether, entirely, 
totally ; used with adjectives to denote in- 
tensity. Ex. tap'rand'Sarai, s.m. A per- 
fectly blind man. tapa-kanra^hkhadza, s.f. 
A completely deaf woman. 

^Uj-J taptapdnrai, s.m. Name of a game 
played by children. 

J j^ taparedal, v.n. To totter, plod, stagger, 
creep, etc. (as an old man), p. (tapldan). 

j^ tapanr, 

J-J tapal, v.n. See J^j^ t 

Digitized byLrrOOQlC 


A pit, hole, cavity. 

s.m. Canvas^ sackcloth, h. 

( 43 ) 


T^ tapUtSf 8.111. A kite {Mikus spX 

^ tapai, A spot, blotch, or patch of 
colour on the hide of an animal. 

J ju-3 fapcdal, v.n. See J-J. 

c=^3 fat, B.m. Conceit, vanity. 
jl5 tatai, s.m. A fop, beau, coxcomb ; brag- 

jii tatar, s.m. The breast, chest, thorax. 
Vertex, poll. H. (tatrl\ 

fii fata, s.m. A pony. n. Bridge of a 

^fii tatUgai, s.m. A small pony. 

^ fafa-l, s.f. A matted screen ; privy. H. 

^ (ach, s.m. See (jy-lj. 

p tuli, s.m. See ^.J. 

ji tar, s.m. Flatus, explosion of wind from 
behind ; bosh, fudge, humbug. 

jij5 tartar, s.m. Gabble, chatter, jabber. 

3ji fra^lf 


See JJ. 

^Ji trak, 

^Ji tarai, s.m. Gabbler, chatterbox, prattler. 

Jjo^ taredal, v.n. To break wind; to 

gabble, jabber. 
J5 taz, ) s.m. A pop, puff; flatus, u. (thas). 
^j^ fas, J A slap, cuff, whack. 
(jw*^-**3 tost Us, s.m. Cracking, popping; dis- 
charge of firearms (as in a skirmish). 
ij»^^'4>j>^ tasmas, a. Apathetic, dull, lazy. 
j-5 tajih, s.m. The pupil of the eye; the 

blue jay ( Coracias Dengalensis). A creak, 

croak, grating sound. 
JQ taghar, s.m. A woollen carpet; felt; felt 

saddle cloth ; old rag, clout, etc. 
^ taghan, s.m. A coward, poltroon. 
J^ taghawul, v.a. To jar, grate, set on 

edge (as the teeth or nails). 
^ taq, s.m. A blow, rap, knock, whack, 

thump, etc. faq^kamd, v.a. To bump, 

clash, taq-wahal, v.a. To hit, strike, 

knock (as a nail, etc.). 
J J5 taqartiil, v.a. To censure, scold, reprove; 

to beat, batter, baste, 
cl^ tak, s.m. Murrain, disease of cattle ; a 

bang, slam; blow, thump, rap; a footfall, 

sound of feet. 
Mi ta/id, s.f. A footfall, sound of footsteps; 

explosion, sound of firearms. 
^jMi tikdrkai, s.m. A plot of clear, hard, 

and level ground. 
Ailij tihdna, s.f. Abode, lodging, residence, 

dwelling; boundary, limit, extent. H. 

j\ii tiMo, B.m. SeeA3\^. 
^^li;jig taktakdirrai, s.m. Name of a game 

played by children ; the clapper of a mill ; 

a woodpecker. 
^ takar, s.m. A jolt, push, shove. H. 
jCj tukr, s.m. A bit, morsel, piece. H. (tukrd). 
gr^*Jg taksarai, a. Mangy ; a term of abuse. 

s.m. Murrain. 
iiS^ takaka, s.f. A cross bar of wood placed 

above the blade of a spade for the foot to 

rest upon. 
^j:M.d)Kj takldstai, a. Active, nimble, smart, 

A^txXj takanda-ghamia, ) s.f. Noon; mid- 
i^jkzjS^ takanra^gJiorma, ) day ; heat of 

noon or midday. 
^^j^i takaurai, a. Obstinate,stubbom,restive. 
j^ taker, s.m. Fomentation, poultice. H* 
J^ takawul, v.a. To beat, bruise, hammer, 
ii} taka, s.f. Animosity, jealousy, hatred; 

thunderbolt; knuckle-bone, takak, B.m« 

A species of ibex, or mountain goat. 
^J^ takai, s.m. A dot, spot, speck; mark, 

streak ; a bullock, horse, etc. with a spot 

on the forehead ; appointed time or place; 

an atom, drop, molecule, fika-l, bS. A<->. j 

uigitized byLrrOOQlC 


( 44 ) 

biscait; wafer, h. (tUciya); an orb, disk 
(as of the sun, etc.) ; a mark or butt for 
arrows ; a loud laugh, guffaw, pa^takl, 
ad. On the spot, at once, this minute. 

CJi tag, s.m. A cheat, impostor; assassin, 
robber, h. {thag). 

^ fagl, s.f. Cheating, deceiving, robbery, 

' theft. 

Jj tal, a. Close, dense, thick; full, replete, 
satiated, s.m. Division of a town or vil- 
lage; cluster of houses; a field, bed of 
flowers ; closeness, denseness. 

^ (am, s.m. Bark of a dog, growl of a wild 

J-;^ tamtll, s.m. A sandpiper, snippet. 

(JX«g timak, s.m. Tiie cross-pole of a tent. 

J-^ tunbal, v.a. To clean, pick (as the teeth) ; 
pluck, pick out (as thorns, etc.). 

0^} tand, a. Corpulent, fat, stout 

cUlvJ tang, s.m. A creak, jar, twang, jingle. 
H. (dankS). 

LLij^CJl:^ tang'tUng, s.m. Ding-dong, 
chime, notes of musical instruments. 

J^SSg tangamd, v.a. To jingle, clank, sound. 

A$Sg tanga, s.f. Name of a copper coin. u. 
ita/id). Money, wealth. 

Jjuig ta?igedal, v.n. To creak, jar, grate, 

L^yi top, s.m. A bound, jump, leap. h. (tap). 
A heap, pile, stack ; excess, surplus. 

CSj^ topak, s.m. A musket, matchlock. 

Jj^ topal, s.m. The vertex, crown of the 

^^yi topa-l, s.f. A cap, hat, helmet; bowl or 
cup of a pipe. H. (topi). 

a5^ tota, s.f. A bit, chip, fragment A beg- 
gar's cup or tray, tuta, s.f. The hip, 
haunch. H. (pUthd). 

^ji tal'h, s.m. Saliva, spittle. 

4^^ taMa, s.f. I 

^jJ taMai, s.m. ) 

Cough, expectoration. 

Irw^ tnJJtalai, s.m. Hooping cough; 

croup, tukhala-t, s.f. Cap, head-covering, 

J Ju^;. .5 tuhhedal, v.n. To cough, expectorate, 

c^J tUgh, a. Bent, bowed, stooping. 
15 •j toqd, s.m. A grasshopper. 
jU5^ toqmCir, s.m. A buffoon, jester, clown. 
ij^ toqa, s.f. Jest, joke, pleasantry, ridicule. 

A. (T^ujika). 
L^fi /(?ye, s.m. A jester, buffoon, clown. 
Cijj tok, a. (Hosely woven (as cloth), tuk, 

s.m. An atom, bit, particle. H. 
\S^ tokigd, s.f. A cleaver, bill-hook. 
J Ju^*5 tuhedal, v.n. To bud, grow, germinate, 

sprout. 8. (tuknd). 
s^f^ tokra-l, s.f. A basket H. (tokrl). 
i^ tukai, s.m. A piece of cloth, length of 

cloth ; piece, patch, repair. H. 
J.3 tol, a. All, the whole, total, s.m. A 

party, flock, gang, drove. 
jy^ toltdl, a. All, the whole, sum total. 
t<^^ tolgai, s.m. A party, small herd or flock. 
J^^ tolarvul, v.a. To collect, gather, bring 


J^ tolai, s.m. An assembly, party, company. 
JjJ^ toledal, v.n. To assemble, congregate, 

flock, herd or crowd together. 
CXt^ tong, s.m. Irritation, provocation. 
\J^yi tongdra, s.f. Insult, abuse, provoca- 
tion, pecking, h. (tungdr). 
j^ tlpar, s.m. A turnip. 
1^-^ tit, a. Bent, curved, crooked, bowed. 

tltawul, v.a. To bend, bow. titedal, v.n. 

To be bent, bowed, inclined. 
gp^W-J titdrai, s.m. A plover, pewit, lapwing. 

H. (tatifi), 
jU-3 tltdf, s.m. CJheat, imposture, fraud; 

evasion, p. (Cltdt). 
^ tegh^ a.m. A belch, eructation. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 45 ) 

CJii fek, 8.m. The temple, side of th^ head. 

tlCs ii/tif s.m. ) An ornament for the forehead ; 

aCjS tUa, 8.f. J a wafer of silver or gilt paper 
worn on the forehead. H. UUd). 

j^Cj tUdo, s.m. Abode, lodging, residence. 
H. {thikdna). 

JLJ tel, s.m. A jostle, shove, push. h. (thet). 

Jl5 J-5 teltdl, s.m. Jostling; romping; 

^^Xj5 tamchl, s.m. A fop, beau, coxcomb, 

CJ^ /?wy, a. Close, compact, thick ; coagu- 
lated, curdled ; stiff, firm; tight, strong. 

C-? (te^ The fourth letter of the Arabic alpha- 
bet, and the sixth of the Pukklito. It is 
only found in words adopted from the 
Arabic. It is sometimes pronounced tk as 
in the English think. 

c;^U ^dbit, a. Proved, confirmed, estab- 
lished ; firm, durable, stable, etc. a. 

, ^U (id7u, a. Second, the second, a. 

d.?^ ^abntf s.m. Conviction, proof; firm- 
ness, stability, a. 

U sand, s.f. Applause, praise, eulogium. a. 

c-^^y sandb, s.m. A virtuous action ; future 
reward of virtue, a. 

± dze, or ^7wi, The seventh letter of the 
Pukkhto alphabet. It is a soil form of ^ , 
and is used instead of that letter in some 
words derived from the Persian and Hindi. 
It is also sometimes substituted for j and ^ 
J^ dzdr, s.m. An offering, sacrifice, victim. 

aIUL dzdla, s.f. A spider's web ; bird's nest. 
8. {j&la). 

c;^ ^an, s.m. Soul, life; mind, spirit; self; 
the privates; a lover, loved one. a. Be- 
loved, dear. p. ijdn). 
^^\L dzdnddr, s.m. Having life, an animal. 

^xSj\^ dzdn-kandan, s.m. Agony of death, 
the death-struggle. P. (jdn*kandan). 

t^\L dzde, s.m. Place, site, situation, station, 
p. ijde). dzde-laral, v.a. To fit, suit, 
become, ^de^nmul^ v.a. To take up 
place or position, locate oneself; inhabit, 
colonize ; take effect. 

<d^ dzabla, ad. Together, in company, one 
with another, ^abla'bande, Fold on 
fold, etc. 
jL dzaz, s.m. A fizz, hiss, sputter. 

dS^ dzaka, ad. Because, hence, consequently, 
therefore, on this account, p. (zirdkx). 

jiL dzigar^ s.m. The liver; heart, vitals; 
courage, mind, pluck, p. (jiyar). 

J^ dzal, ad. Once, one time, yo^dzal, once. 
drcahdzala^ twice, dre-dzala^ thrice, lea* 
dzala, ten times, etc. dzul, s.m. Body 
clothes for a horse, or for cattle. H. (j/iul). 

^y.^ dzalobaAt s.f. A kind of sweetmeat. H. 

" (jakbl). 

a1&^ dzala, s.f. Perplexity, distraction, hesi- 

JsJlLdzalkedal, ) v.n. To glitter, shine, 

JjiALdzaledal, ) sparkle, lighten. H. 

UA dzamd. The genitive case singular of the 
first personal pronoim »\ zah : Mine, of me. 

JU^ dzamalf v.a. To blink, wink (as in sun- 

jyA^ dzamUgi, ) The genitive plural of the 

C^y^ dzamUng, ) first personal pronoun : 
Ours, of ns. 

j^cA. dzandn:ar, s.m. An animal, v.(jdmtar). 

J-j^ dzanbal, v.a. See J-*iL. 

^}*^ dzanba)vul, v.a. To wag, shake; wink. 

Digitized by 


( 46 ) 


Jju^ ^anbedal, v.n. To shake, totter, 
quiver ; move, wag, writhe, r. (Junbldan). 
^u^ dzand, a.m. Delay, procrastination. 
Ji:A, dzanfful, s.m. A wood ; wilderness, s. 

i^j^ d^aiircu, s.m. A boy, youth, schoolboy. 
^^^ (Jzane^ or dzine, pr. The indefinite pro- 
noun ; any, some, certain, few. Also ^ 

4zam or d^nu 
u^^ (]^;rdn, s.m. An adult, young man. a. 

Adolescent, youthful, s. ijaitdn). 
i^^j^ d^^dnl, s.f. Youth, adolescence. 
vl^« J^^ dzrvdnl-marg^ s.m. A form of 

curse; early or untimely death, p. 

j^dzaur^ s.m. Oppression, violence; trouble, 

pain ; grief, sorrow. a« (jaur). 
jjj^ ^?carand, a. Hanging, pendant. 
j^ dzoZf s.m. Name of a plant, the camel's 

thorn {Hcdysarum alhagX). p. (jdj). 
AjU-;^ dzoZ'JJidna^ s.f. A hut made of 

camel's thorn, and used as a cool retreat in 

the hot weather. 
^^ dzqlana, s.f. A chain, fetter, p. 

^^ ^^/ii-«, s.f. Ilavresack, bag, wallet, h. 

M^ dzUm, 8.m. A son-in-law. s. Ijamdi). 
i/^^ dzUmgai, s.m. A young son-in-law, 
^^ dzoe^ s.m. A son. p. {zde). 
^^ dzaif s.m. Child, son, descendant. See ^j. 
j^ dzir, s.m. Contemplation, regard ; look, 

survey, glance ; a shrill sound, the highest 

note in music, p. (jil). A kind of soft 

^u^ dsenna, s.f. See ^jiy 
di^jjL dl^^na, s.f. The eyelid. 
J^ 4zelf s.m. Ignorance, stupidity; obsti- 
nacy, perversity. A. {jahl). A line or 

string of buckets, etc. h. (Jet). 



The eighth letter of the Pukkbto 

alphabet. It is sometimes substituted for 

the letters j,^, and ^» 
jAp^jdbir, s.m. A despot, oppres3or,tyrant. a. 
kAsi^ jdba, s.f. A leathern jar or pot with a 

spout, used by grocers to pour out oil, etc. 

n. (jhdbd). 
jj\p^jdda, s.m. Magic, conjuring, p. 
^jU- jdda-gar, s.m. A conjurer, juggler, 

^^<^jU- jddu-gan, s.f. Conjuring, sorcery, 

s^i^jdda-i, s.f. A worn out old camel; a hag. 
.U- jar, s.m. Announcement, proclamation, 

notice, a. ii^hdr). A sacrifice, oblation, 

victim, oITering. Evident, manifest. A. 

Jurfb^U- jdrbdsalf v.a. To divert, turn aside, 

turn back; to vomit, spew. Def. See 

^jy-j^jdrclih s.m. A crier, herald. 

JJ.U- jdrU^ s.m. A besom, broom, brush. H. 

JJj^U- jdr/vatal, v.n. To go back, return, 

J^ .U- jdravjulf v.a. To arrange or collect 
together the threads of the warp prepara- 
tory to weaving; to brush, sweep. H. 

s^j\^jdrl, a. Current, flowing, proceeding, a. 

J^Mi^^U- jdryastalf v.a. To vomit, spew ; 
return, turn back. Def. See J^\jj\>-. 

2^j^r» 8*™* Brambles, bushes, underwood; 
a brake, thicket ; a purge, stool, h. {jhdf). 

fj^jdra^ s.f. A bramble, bush, thorny bush. 

^j^^ j'^^p "•^* A detective, spy, emis- 
sary. A. 

^yAp^jdsOsl, s.f. Spying, duty ofadetective. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 47 ) 


<V j^hai^ a. Curdled, coagulated, clotted 
(a8 blood). 

jj\s>:'jdg'ir, s.m. Land held in fief, a pension 
in land, land granted by government as a 
reward for military service, etc. p. 

^\^jdl, a.m. A net, sash. s. a. Counter- 
feit, forged. A. (fal). 

^W i«'^> s-f- ^ ^^^ ^f timber or inflated 
hides ; a bird's nest. 

•Jl^r^a/d-t, s.f. A cobweb; the green vege- 
tation in pools and watercourses; duck- 
weed. 8. ijdld). 

J^jdm, s.m. A bowl, cup, goblet, p. 

y^^\^jd??ibra, s.f. A coppice, brake, thicket. 

is,%^ jdma^ s.f. Gannent, dress, robe; the 
jaw, the upper or lower jaw-bone. p. 

\J^ jdHf s.m. See ^^li. 

c^U-^aw?f , s.m. Part, side. ad. Towards, a. 

^^j^W jd^lfh s.m. A bridegroom's wedding 
guest or attendant. 

jy U>- jdnTvar, s.m. See j%\:A. • 

^^^^ jdfrja-i, s.f. The hem, skirt, border, 
^^gi^gf etc. of a dress. 

^jU- jdfcla, s.f. Beeswax, fresh resin, gluten 

of wheat, milky sap of plants, etc. 

J^.U^ ia;nrf, s.m.) „ „ 
( , .- - ,. > Endless, eternal, p. 

^^Ju^U- jdfv'iddJil, s.f. Eternity, immor- 

^Xsi^jdh, s.m. Dignity, pomp, rank. p. 

JaU- jd/iil, a. Ignorant, barbarous, brutal, 
s.m. Fool, blockhead, ignoramus, a. 

^J^^jdliiti, s.f. Ignorance, stupidity, 

^^U- jde^ s.m . See i^\L . 

S^^yprjd-eddd, s.m. Assets, effects, property. 
An assignment of land for the maintenance 
of troops, p. 

jT^jabr, s.m. Force, oppression, violence, a. 
^ jaha^ s.f. A bog, mere, marsh. H. 
{jhdbar). jtiba, s.f. A frock, shirt ; coat 
of mail. A, 

^^j^^^^jabln, s.m. The forehead, p. 

i^z^^^ Jat, s.m. Name of a tribe located in 

the western parts of Afghanistan; they 

are largely engaged in trade. 
\,^;^>^ jaf, s.m. Name of a clan of Rajpdts 

settled in the Panjab ; they are entirely 

occupied in agriculture. 
^^j^&?Af s'** Body, figure. A. 
9jys?r jajura, s.f. The crop of a bird, maw, 

the first stomach of ruminants; double 

chin, dewlap, h. (jAq;A\ 
^ysrT jaju-l^ s.f. Name of a plant. Anemone. 
^ j(^hh 8«ni» Froth, foam. h. Kjhdg). A 

midge, water-fly. 
vji^JbtT julM^ a. Accurate, even, exact, p. 


s^jadd, s.m. An ancestor, grandfather, a. 

\s>' judd, s.f. Apart, separate, distinct, 
different, p. 

i^ss^jadalf s.f. Altercation, battle, strife, a. 

JtJcp^ jadn:al, s.m. Lines drawn on the sides 
of a page ; marginal lines in a book. a. 

SJSs^jadid, a. Fresh, new. a. 

A^sp^-juzdm, s.m. Leprosy, a. 

L^s>- jazb, s.m. Absorption; imbibing, ab- 
sorbing. A. 

^l^jazba, s.f. Fury, passion, rage. A. 

^ Jflr, s.m. A gutter, drain ; crack, fissure, 
cleft, etc. in the ground, p. 

^js>rjarrdh^ s.m. A surgeon. A. 

^j^j^jaras^ s.m. A bell. a. 

^j^jpr jur^kdnrai^ s.m. To boot, surplus, 
over and above, into the bargain; profit, 

f^j^ jirgatUf s.m. Member of a Jirga. 

^j^ ;7rya, s.f. An assembly, council, meet- 
ing, etc. of the heads of a village com- 
munity, or the representatives of a elan, 
for consultation and deliberation on mat- 
ters affecting the interests of the people 
they represent ; a consultation. 

Digitized by 



( 48 ) 


See jV. 

rtr^ ^w/w or jirm, s.m* Crime, fault, sin. a. 
^\^j9^ jurmdna, s.f. A fine, penalty, 
{xyjsr jarmora^ s.f. Name of an eruption 
of the skin ; hives, nettlerash. 

^jj^i^j>' jai^anda'garci^ a.m. A miller. 
»Sjy>'jaratida, s.f. A mill for grinding com, 

whether worked by cattle or water. 
^I^^jjs^ jaranda-lf s.f. A door bolt. 
ij>-jurraht s.m. A mole falcon, a. 
i-^^ jarlb, s.m. A measure of land equal 

to four kanfil. See JU^. 
i^ijpr jaridah, a. Alone, solitary, un- 
attended, unencumbered, travelling post- 
baste. A. 
j^ j^ff 8-ro» Bubbling, oozing, trickling 

with a murmur (as water from a spring 

head). H. (jAirjAir). 
j^^jfr Jafawyfl, s.m. Name of a tree (Cassia 

j|^Jar5^, a. Jewelled. B. 
i^j^j^r j^tjUraif a. Trickling, murmuring, 

vl&j5j- jurang^ s.m. A creeping plant (as 

melons, etc.). 
,A|5r j(^r(^'h s.f. Continued rain, shower, 

wet weather, h. (jAarl). The root of a 

herb used as a remedy for snake bites. B. 

ja^juZf S.m. A part, portion, section; division 

of a book containing eight leaves. A. juz, p. 

Besides, except, p. 
\j>^ jazd, s.f. Retaliation, requital, return ; 

compensation, reward, a. 
^}^jazd-eU A rifle ; long gun ; swivel, 

wall piece, camel-gun. a. 
tc^l^ joj^d-elchl, s.m. A sharpshooter, 

marksman, rifleman. 
ji^jizbiZf s.m. A game played with knuckle 

bones, p. 
^XjjP^juzbandl, s.f. Binding of a book. 

^J^y>r juzddn, s.m. Book -cover, bag for 

9ji>rjazira, s.f. An island. A. 
ly^ jaziya, s.f. A poll tax, capitation tax, 

levied by the Afghans on their subjects of 

another race and creed. A. 
{j^>^jaSf s.m. Pewter. H. (jast). 
v,i^>*.r>- jastf s.m. A bound, jump, leap, 

spring, p. 
^<^^^z^-^*^^just'0jile, s.m. Enquiry, investi- 
gation, search, p. 

jasla, s.f. A kind of boot with high 

narrow heels. P. 

jasr^ s.m. A large, strong camel. A. 

jisr, s.m. A bridge, a. 
MMsP^jism^ s.m. The body, living body. a. 
iM^jussa^ s.f. The human body. See Ai>-. 
^^^ jasAai, s.m. Name of a prickly plant ; 

the prickle of some kinds of gross. 
^p^jught s.m. Yoke of a plough ; yoke for 

oxen ; a pair of oxen. s. (jug). 
AiU^ jaghdgha^ s.f. Name of a herb, caper 

jX^:- jughandar^ s.m. Beetroot, p. (cliuqan- 

{sLs^jqfdfSS. Oppression, violence, injustice. P. 
^^[ks^ ja/d/idr, s.m. A tyrant, oppressor. 
f^Ji\i£^ja/dAdn, s.f. Tyranny, oppression. 
i^zy^jnf^p s.m. A couple, match, pair. p. 
ijjcjisp-jii/tak, s.f. A kick with both hind legs. 
fj>-^J^jaqjaq,B.m, Cacldeof fowls; chatter, 

CJis^jak, s.m. See ^. 
J^jaAar, s.m. Gust of wind, wind and rain, 

drift of wind. E.ijAaAAar). 
yX>-jagara, s.f. Altercation, strife, contention, 

wrangling. H. (jAagra). 
^USl>- jagndia-lf s.f. A kind of fine cloth, 


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( 49 ) 

Jbj- Ja/, s.m. A hedge of thorns round a 
house. A skylark. j4l or ja-al, 8.f. A 
damsel, maid, virgin. 

Is^jild, s.f. Exile, separation, a. jild*tcatan^ 
s.m. Banishment, exile, emigration. 

L^tsrju/db, s.m. Cathartic, purge, a. 

CL:t:)rjaUdty s.m. An executioner, a. (jalldd). 

Jj»-Xjj- jaldjil, s.m. A small bell ; strings of 
them are fastened on the necks of cattle 
and the ankles of women. 
.lU-^War, s.m. An irrigation wheel worked 
on the bank of a stream. 

JSb^^Wd/, s.m. Majesty, splendour, glory, 
dignity, grandeur, state, a. 

K^^.^ jalab, s.m. A rein ; attendance, 
retinue, escort, a. (jilarc). 

CioJj>- jalbavf/, s.m. The stinging nettle 
( Uriica interrupta). 

cu-*L:j- jalt, a. Quick, active, brisk, fast ; 
hasty, rash, p. (jald). 

d^^^jalata, s.f. A hamper, tall wicker basket. 

^f^jaltij/d, s.f. Haste, speed, hurry, etc. 

A^-ja/d, a. See c:Jjj-. jild, s.m, A book, 
volume, edition, a. 

CJ^jalak, s.m. A spindle, spinning reel. 

^\:lsrjalndna-i, s.f. A kitchen,cook-house. p. 

^jiX:l>- jalandara-l, s.f. A whirligig. 

iysp-jilwa, s.f. Adornment, splendour; nup- 
tial meeting or feast; blandishment, co- 
quetry. A. 

^^^jala-l, s.f. A scream, shriek. 

^janiy s.m. A cluster, group; clan, tribe; 
faction, party, society. 

K:L^^\A^jamaat^ s.m. Assembly, congrega- 
tion, crowd ; mosque, bouse of prayer, 
meeting-house, a. 

J\aj>' ja7ndf, s.m. Beauty, elegance, a 

aJ^Up* jamdfffota, s.f. A purgative nut, 
seed of Croton tiglinm. a. 
^jamdar^ s.m. Darnel, tares, wild oats. P. 

jama^a^ s.f. Assembly, congregation; 

sum total, amount, whole ; plural number. 

A. ijama*). jumoHa^ s.f. Friday, a. 
aJu«^ jumla^ 8.f. Aggregate, whole, sum 

total. A. 
^j-in OTJoran, s.f. A damsel, maid. Sea 

J4-. jinn^ s.m. A demon, devil, one of 

the genii, a. 
c-,*li5^ jandb, s.m. Excellency, highness, 

majesty; dignity, power; margin, side; 

threshold, a. 
»j\:>^jandza, s.f. A funeral. A. 
^L:>s^junbdn, a. Moving, stirring, shaking, p. 
^J*.^:'>>'junlish, s.m. Agitation, movement. P. 
j^s.^ jimbaq, a. Close, clustered, massed. 
<Ui5»-^'aw4a, s.f. Party, faction, clan. a. (jdnib). 
ij:^c^jamiat, s.m. Paradise, a. 
c|^ Ja^Ot s.m. Bridegroom's party in « 

marriage procession or feast: party of 

men who accompany the bridegroom to 

fetch the bride home. 
JUr^^^Ja^ya/, s.m. Difficulty, bother, trouble; 

contention, strife, wrangling. B. 
j^sP^javjanr^ s.m. Name of a kind of vetch, 
3^Jc^ jandra, s.f. A padlock, instrument 

for drawing wire. 
*0^x:>- Janda, s.f. Banner, ensign, standard, 

flag. u. ij/iundd). 
{j**:^ jins, s.m. Genus, kind, species; gen- 
der; merchandise, goods, etc. a. 
<^-i^ j<f'^^9t fl.m. Battle, combat, fight, war, 

P* i^w^, a. Collected, gathered, crumpled* 

s.m. A young camel. A collection, mis- 
cellany, assembly, gathering. 
iSc^^:- junga^ s.f. Excess, surplus, boot, profit. 
^J:^ jang\ a. Warlike, brave, jangai, a.m. 

A grove, plantation, coppice, jungai, a. 

Collected, gathered (as cloth). 8.m. A 

young camel. 
i^'^JuHub, s.m. The South, a. 

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( fto ) 

^^junUn^ 8.III. Insanity, madnesa. A. 

^jij»- Jiita-l, 8.f. A girl, daughter (not arrived 
at puberty) ; a virgin ; a spinster. 

y^jau, s.m. Barley, p. 

i^^f>r jcutdbf a.m. Answer, reply ; dis- 
missal. A. 

j^)^ j^^^f s.m. Maize, Indian com {Zca 
mays), u. (jodr). narlJKdr, s.m. Indian 
millet UIolcus sorghum). 

j^}^ judr-gar, s.m. A gambler, game- 

^}^JVLdrl^ 8.f. Gambling, gaming, jndfi, 
s.m. See ^^ . 

^^^ joicdlf s.m. A sack, bag. p. 

^'J\y^ jafvdnrvdn, s.m. A kind of mustard 
or rape ; the seeds yield an acrid oil, used 
as a cattle medicine, etc. 

y^l^Ja;rd^2r, s.m. A gem, jewel, a. 

4j^ joba, s.f. Emporium, market, mart. p. 

*g^ juta, s.f. Leavings, refuse (as of food, 
etc.) ; base, false (as coins, gems, etc.). B. 
(jhathd). jotah, s.m. A buflfalo calf. 

\^)^ j^t^'h 8.f. Nodding, rocking (as in 

" sleep) ; swaying, vibrating, swinging. 

^liy^ jatcdar^ s.m. See^x^j^-. 

j^jaur, s.m. See ^4^. 

jy^-jor, a. Healthy, strong, vigorous; pre- 
pared, arranged; right, correct, p. ad. 
Exactly, precisely, well. 

^^j^j>' jordbf s.m. Beauty, elegance, grace. 

^::^^j^^ jorikhhtf s.m. Alliance, confedera- 
tion, union; combination, junction. 

>j^ jora^ s.f. A couple, set, pair ; suit of 
clothes. H. (jord). Peace, amity, con- 
cord, truce. 

j^jauz, s.m. A nut, kernel, a. 

ij^jauza, 8.f. A nutmeg. 

^y9^ jamas, s.m. Area, courtyard. 

^^ josh^ a.m. EfTervesccnce, ebullition; 

heat, rage ; passion, lust. p. 
Jf^ johaU v.a. To weigh, measure. H. 

^l^jold^ s.m. A weaver, spider, p. (juldh). • 
^*i*>- jaiild7i, s.m. Moving, wandering; 

capering, springing, lunging, p. 
^J^^'^T" jauldiigan, s.m. Cantering, gallop- 
ing; exercising, lunging (a horse). 
^y>-jola, s.f. See ^^i^* 
^^jola-i, s.f. See ^V^. 
^Joy^-jUngara, s.f. A hut, hovel, cabin, shed , 

hamlet, h. {jhonprd). 
^^jdna-l, s.f. See ,V^» 
i^^jowa, s.f. A gutter, drain, water channel 

(for irrigating a field, etc.). p. (jde). 
jb^ jauhar^ s.m. A jewel, gem ; essence, 

matter ; virtue, work ; the water or wavy 

marks on some kinds of steel. 
ijb^jdhara^ s.f. A crease, pucker, wrinkle, 

furrow. H. (j7/flrf). 
<u»- jah^ a. Stubborn, refractory (as an 

animal); at bay, resisting, jaja, in. 

Words used to drive cattle. 
j\^ ji/(dd, s.m. Crescenlade, war with in- 
fidels. A. 
iX^ja/idz, s.m. A ship. p. 
^^>- joAdn, s.m. The world, universe; 

people, p. 
s>:>^>' ji^atf s.m. Account, cause, reason ; 

side, surface ; form, manner, mode. a. 
j^jihr^ s.m. A kind of dance performed by 

%)i>'jahl, s.m. Ignorance, stupidity, a. 
J^ f^ jhamjakar, s.m. Wind and rain in 

gusts, drifts of wind and rain. H. 
^^x^ jhola, 8.f. Name of a disease ; chlo* 

rosis, ansemia, splenitis. 
^j>'jaip s.m. A leather bag for water, 
s^.^.-^jeb, s.m. A pocket. A. 

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( 51 ) 

s^^,,^i^jet, B.m. Name of the second Hinda 
month, May-June; name of a tree, 
Egyptian Sesbauia. 

^^:.^ jlnaJia-l, s.f. A little girl, female child. 

* tie, The ninth letter of the Pu klch to alphabet. 

It is a softened form of ;j for which it is 

substituted in many words adopted from 

the Persian and Hindi. It is sometimes 

used instead of ^^ and ^. 
K^lA. tsdpera, s.f. A slap, blow, cuff. B. 

^SaXL tsdts/i'ai, s.m. A drop, minim, sprinkle. 
jj\L tsddar, s.m. A sheet, veil, mantle. H. 

j\L fsdr, s.m. Spying, scouting. 
J^U. tsdral, v.a. To spy, scout. 
%^*j^ t^dntaiy s.m. Cattle; a quadruped, 

beast, grazing animal, p. (didrrcd). 
hj^ tsdra, s.f. Aid, help ; cure, remedy, p. 

i^J^ tsdi% s.m. A scout, spy. 
Vi^-^U. tsdl'HL s.m. Forenoon, midtime 

between sunrise and noon; a meal taken 

at that time, breakfast, p. (didskt). 
^j:^\L isdkkiid, s.f. Breakfast, forenoon meal. 
iLi,\L tjjaihhaka, s.f. A starling. 
^U. tsdhl'hai, s.m. Spinning rod, spindle. 
vl/l^ MLk, s.m. Fissure, rent, slit ; opening 

of a pocket ; skirt or comer of a dress, p. 

CJj\L tsdng, s.m. ^j Wing of a bird; branch 
iij\iL tsdnga, s.f. ) of a tree ; pang, sharp 

v..^ tsapt s.m. A winnowing tray made of 

reeds; winnowing. tsap*rvahalf v.a. To 


^^ tsapar, s.m. A thatch, thatched roof. H. 

(cjihappar). A wooden frame used as a 

crusher to separate grain from husk. 
ySj^ tsaparkai, s.m. A film, flake, pellicle, 

scale ; thin sheet of water (as after rain). 
i^j^ tsaparai, s.m. A puddle, pool. H. 

j^ tmpar^ s.f. Pad of a camel's or elephant's 

foot; sound of soft footsteps. H. (chhap). 
CX^L tsapak, s.m. A hand's breadth, hand, 

palm. u. (dftappd). A flake, pellicle, scale. 
CSLLtsapldA, a. Crushed, squashed, pressed, 

squeezed, h. (chhapdkd). 
^^u^ tsapla-l^ s.f. A sandal (of leather or 

grass). H. idkappal). 
iJ^x^ (§<iptlt/iait s.m. An old cloth, kerchief. 

or duster tied over the head by women 

when grinding com, sweeping the house, 

etc. H. (^apotl). 
^^^ tsapolai, a. Entangled, knotted, matted 

(as the hair), h. (^ipa(d). 
4U^ tsapah, a. Inverted, upside down, tsapa^ 

s.f. A wave, billow ; blast, gust, puff, etc 

of wind. H. ich^appd). 
^^L^ tmpiydka, s.f. A cow-dung cake (flat 

and dry), used as fuel. 
9j:^ tsaperah, a. Grey, ash-coloured ; 

pale. in. Coward ! dastard I term of 

abuse, tsapera, s.f. A slap with the open 

Jju-A tsapedat, v.n. To flutter, never, flap 

the wings. 
^^^ tsaft s.m. Nape, back of the neck. 
\l/z^ tsatakf s.m. A sledge hammer. 
_C^ tsatakai, s.m. A small sledgehammer. 
J^ tsatat, v.a. To lick, lap. H. (^dtndh 

tsatal, v.n. To be accumulated, collected, 

massed, s.m. Heap, mass; wholesale, by 

the lump. p. ((^astan). 
^ tsatrcat, s.m. Apoplexy, sudden death. 

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( 52 ) 


ad. All at once, suddenly, instanter 

^ tsafa, s.f. A sack ; a sackful. H. i^at). 
j^±^ tsatspbai, s.m. The coping or eaves of 
a roof or wall ; a leaking or dropping of 
J^sA (satsawul, v.a. To pour by drops, 

drop, distil. 
J juaA tsatsedcU, v.n. To leak, trickle, drop, 

distil, p. (shdshldan). 
y^ (saMOf a. Some, few, somewhat, more 
or less. ad. Slightly, in some degree, 
A^ tsak/ja/i, p. About, near, with, beside. 

ad. Together, altogether, p. icjiajf^). 
JjuiA tjJJiedal, v.n. To crawl, creep, go on 

all fours (as a child), p. (chaJchidan). 
JjJLi^ tsJchckarcul, v.a. To hop, skip. 
jL tsar, s.m. Food, forage, pasture. 8. (diar). 
i^jL Urap, s.m. A flutter, flap ; whirr. 
J K>^jL (srapamd^ To flutter, flap the wings. 
Jjuj^ tsrapedal, v.n. To flounder, flap 

about (as a lish in shallow water). 
^jL isarlJi, s.m. A wheel; grindstone; 
revolution, turn, spin; chance, fortune; 
the heavens; a kind of falcon; a stab, 
puncture, prick. P. (charl^). 
4^j^ tjarl'ha, s.f. A reel ; spinning wheel. 

p. {darf^). 
^^jk'^SyaL tsarMtandukai, s.m. A teetotum, 

a boy's top. 
i}^j^ tsarfJiarcul, v.a. To spin, reel, twirl, 

J Juj^^ tsarMedal, v.n. To revolve, spin, etc. 
j^jL tsarffand, a. Clear, evident, apparent, 

manifest, plain. 
J^ tsaral, v.n. See J Juj^. 
^j^ (sarman, s.f. Ilide, skin ; leather. P. 

i^jL tsarma, s.f. See 

^^j^ tsarrcatka^ s.f. An ember, burning 

coal, live ashes. 
J^^ (saratvut, v.a. To graze, pasture cattle. 

p. (^ardndan or ^ardnldan). 
J jj^ tsaredal, v.n. To graze, browse, crop. 

p. (dtaridan). 
iLjL tsirika, s.f. A prick, throb, lancing or 
shooting pain (as of a boil, etc.). p. idiorM). 
A spot, splash, stain (as of mud, etc.). 
*^ tsaroA, a. Alone, solitary; unmarried, 
single; light, unencumbered; simple. B. 
(dihara). (sarU'ldr, s.f. A footpath, bye 
road, track, etc. only practicable for one 
man at a time. 
s^^ tjarO'-h 8.f. A top knot, tuft or lock of 

hair on the crown of a shaven heau. 
vA*" t§ff^oi* ®"^* T^® lungs, a lung. 
A40L tskkhdk or tsaknlidk. s.m. Beverage, 
drink, liquor. ^wurdk-O'tskkhdif s.m. 
Aliment, food, victuals, meat and drink. 

t§a1ikht<^n, s.m. Owner, proprietor, 

lord, master, husband. 

^C4.A tsakhhku. s.f. Name of a plant (Cassia 

absus) : the seeds are used as a remedy in 

ophthalmia, p. (didltsU or chdkshU). 

^jJL^ tsakkhkurai. s.m. A small pipe, tube, 

nozzle, spout, etc. ; child's penis. 
J^^ tskkh aL tsakkhal, or tsakshal. v.a. To 
drink, absorb, imbibe. P. (^a^hidan or 
d^ ^a^, a. Stiff*, unpliant, rigid. s.m. 

Lumbago, h. (^ik). 
JLl tsakal. v.a. To taste. 8. (diakhnd) or 

p. (diaskldafCi. 
^f.'.C^ isakintan, \ s.m. Flavour, tasta, 
^xSl tsakindan, ] savour. 
^}fL tskawul, v.a. To cause to drink water 

(as cattle) ; to draw, lengthen, stretch. 
J>jylfeL tskiindal, v.a. To pinch, tweak; 
squeeze, wring. P. (chakdndan). 

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( 53 ) 


iiL tuika, 8.f. Flavour, taste, relish; a 
precipice, cliff, tsaka or tska, ad. Then, 
Uierefore, thus. 

_CaL Uakai, a.m. A basket or safe suspended 
from the roof, to preserve the contents 
from cats, insects, etc. s. ic^hlkd). 

J ju^ tskedal, v.n. See J Ju*^ • 

j^ tsalor, a. Four. p. (cJiakdr). 

/^j^ (saloram, a. Fourth. 

cuvJajf^ tsalwel'l-ht or (sal/veksht, a. Forty, 
p. (^ahdr^bist). 

^j^-j^ tsalweiMitlf s.f. The forty days of 
purification after childbirth ; the fortieth 
day after the death of a person, when the 
relatives visit the grave, and feed the 
poor, etc. 

al^ tsala, ad. Why? wherefore? what for? 
P. (diard). 

^1L tsalai, s.m. A ring for the finger or toe. 
H. (chhaUa) ; a pile or heap of stones on 
the grave of a martyr (generally somebody 
murdered on the way side) ; a pillar of 
mud or masonry, as a boundary mark ; a 
mound or platform from which to watch a 
field ; a butt or mark for arrows ; a tem- 
porary platform or shed. 

^j^^tsalehkhf \ ^, , 

\c -^.^ Ja. Ualehkhtf ) "" 

cl/U^JjL tsaleHhidk. a. Adhesive, glutinous, 
cohesive, clammy, viscous. 

^ tsam^ a. Flat, smooth, level, even. 

•ac^ tsamtsa-t, s.f. A spoon, ladle, p. 

Ji^5UA tsamldstal^ ) v.n. To liedown, recline, 
JL4^ tsamlalf ) repose, lie flat. 

J^UftL fsamlarvulf v.a. To put to bed, put to 

Jo^ (sandal, v.a. To agitate, shake, dust 

(as clothes), 

wave (as a sword), h. 

*^i^ tsanda, s.f. Brim, margin, edge; fringe^ 

rim, verge, side* 
cl^:A tsany, s.m. The side, flank, tsany' 

pa-tsanff, ad. Abreast, side by side. 

^j;^ tsangzan, a. Top-heavy, tilted, lurched 

J^ tsangal, ) s.f. The elbow; elbow joint; 

iil^U. tsangala, ) the forearm, cubit. 

^^ioL Uanga, ad. How ? In what manner? 

^ tso» a. Any, some, somewhat, p. {diand). 

ad. Till, until, p. (cjfln). How many? 

how much? p. (diand). 
ij»^J<)L tmdrlas, a. Fourteen. 

s^V^ kobdrai, s.m. A flat piece of wood 
used to beat clothes in the process of 
washing, p. (diobah). 

i^^yL fspt, s.m. Attack, onset, foray, sortie ; 
a blow, contusion, hurt. s. id^ot). 

j^^ tjuts, s.m. A porpoise. B. {$0$). 

<^j^ tsorb, a. Fat,corpulent,stout. p.(cSarM. 

^^ ts7varlai, s.m. A chisel ; a burglar's 
instrument for digging through a mud wall. 

j^ tsor, a. Crooked, wry, crumpled ; ema- 
ciated, tin'n, withered (as a child badly 

i^jJL tsorai, s.m. A bullock, etc. with 
crumpled horns. 

^^ tsulkha-l, s.f. The penis of a boy ; a 
nozzle, spout, p. (djo^j^i*). 

d^^ tsok, pr. Who? Which? Some, certain. 
Used only with reference to human beings. 

i^^ mka, s.f. Apex, peak, tip, point, beak. 

^jL tspka-l, s.f. A guard, watch ; place or 
station of a guard; tour of watching. 
H. i^auki). 

J^ tmal^ a. Tattered, torn, rent, worm- 
eaten, tswaltmal, a. In rags, in tatters, in 

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( 54 ) 


ij^*L tsmnhra, 

Iloir mnch f 

9j^)L tspmra^ 
ir^^ tspnbra^ 

^J^ tjilnraka, ) s.f. The tuft or curl of hair 
2y^ (sufjra, ) left on the crown or 
temples of a shaven head. H. (chonda). 
J^ tspnCf ad. llow much ? 
^j^^ (^e////*a, s.f. Uernia, rupture. Vi.{diuhrd). 
^^ tsanai, s.m. Ambush, cover, ambuscade. 
^ tsak, pr. What, any, some : what ? 

p. ichi). 
»j£L tsihra, s.f. Face, countenance, visage. 

H. (chihra). 
JiKTiiL tschhaU v.a. To probe, prick, stab ; 
cram, stuff, p. (tihh^ a probe). 
tser^ a. Like, similar, resembling. 
i^ra^ s.f. Picture, portrait, image, idol ; 

effigy, scarecrow, grimace, p. (chehr). 
Jjkj^ tslredal, v.n. See JjJl--. 
fpL tslra, s.f. A line, file, row ; party, knot, 

J^ tslz, s.m. A thing, item, article, object. 

p. (cji?). 

tjclma, s.f. Border, margin, edge, side. 

^ dke, or c]nm, is the tenth letter of the 

Pukklito alphabet. It is sounded like the 

eh in chair. 
CioU- cho,buk^ a. Active, quick, alert, s.m. 

A whip. p. 
i^i^^ didbu/df S.f. Activity, dispatch, 

c^V>- cljdpf s.m. Impression, stamp, print; 

a seal ; an edition ; flint lock (of a gun, 

etc.). H. (didmp). a. Printed, stamped. 

U. (^hap). 


wT^^ ^^P^^9 ^*^°« ^ flatterer, wheedler, 
toady, p. (^dpfas). 

L5-*j^V dll^pl^h 8.f- Flattery, toadyism. 

^ V" di^P^f d'^* ^ stamp, die, seal ; a bundle 
of thorns of the ber bush, after the leaves 
have been shaken off. H. (chap). 

^U" chdpl, s.f. Shampooing, pressing or 

" squeezing the limbs, u. (^dmpi). 

^l>- didpcr, ad. All round, roundabout, 
around, on all sides, u. ichaupher). 

j\^ chdr, a. Four. p. s.m. Affair, business ; 
remedy, cure. p. 

Ci3y5-.^l>- Jidr^khTtalak, s.m. A cock's comb, 

*;^ chdra, s.f. Cure, help, remedy, p. 

|^l>. dl^rd, a. Stammering, stuttering; dumo, 

2[^U" didra^ s.f. A long knife. H. (chhurd). 
chdgh^ a. Healthy, plump, vigorous; 
fat, stout, corpulent. P. (chdq). 

vJil^ chdk^ s.m. A fissure, rent, slit, chdk* 
kattul^ v.a. To rend, split open, disem- 
bowel. Also sU-. 

^l>. ^dkar^ s.m. Servant, help, retainer, p. 

v/^/V dl^f^O'^% 8.f. Attendance, service, p. 

^l>. chdku. 

^U- didqU, 

J^l>- didfful^ s.m. A leather bottle for water. 
P. (dia^al). 

Jl>- chdl, s.m. Qait, motion, pace; bound, 
spring ; custom, habit ; manner, way ; 
artifice, deceit, trick. B. Vomiting, spew- 
ing. H. i^/idl). ^dt'ka?vul, v.a. To vomit, 

Ci^SU- chd/dk, a. Active, clever ; dexterous, 
expert, p. 
Si^ didld/cl, s.f. Activity, dexterity, p. 

jiW dtdiuif a. Filtered, sifted, strained, h: 

jF|iU- ^da^a, s.f. Thatch, roofing of reeds, 


s.m. A penknife, p. 

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( 55 ) 


twig^, etc. as a flouring for the earth of the 

roof. H. {(^/idn). 
^-jU. chdnrl,, A dung-beetle. 
jjU. rhdfcd, a. Cracked, split, s.iu. A fissure, 

J j.U*^ rhan'dalf v.n. To crack, split, 
^lioj J^l>- (Jidfcdaia/:, a. Bold, pert, saucy (as 

a child). 
J^U- chdwul, s.m. A plummet, u. {sd/ml). 
3U- chd/tf s.m. A well. p. 
JjU. chdyaf, s.m. A mantle, veil of chintz. 
t_n«^ (i^/?, a. The left hand, left side. P. 

(Jiip, or cL^ip, a. Silent, in. Silence ! 

Hush I H. 
X^ chapdOt s.m. A foray, raid, surprise. 
J^L^ chapdwul, s.m. An advance guard of 

JUJj-^ di^pardafrh, s.m. A game played by 

boys : ducks and drakes, pitch and toss. 
(jM»j^ di^Pf^^9 a« See ^^y^^» 

chapak^ a. Squint-eyed, squinting, 

askew. chapake'Starge^ Squinting eyes. 
vhapan^ s.m. A coat, frock, u. (chapkan). 
(Jfapa/i, a. Inverted, p. vhapa^ s.f. A 

billow, wave ; blast, puff, gust of wind ; 

swoop of a hawk ; height or crisis of a 

disease; an oar, paddle, h. See^UaL. 
^^^ chapa-l, s.f. A kiss. H. ipadidu). 
ij^o- chit, a. Flattened, pressed, crushed, 

squashed. H. dkat^ s.m. Ceiling, roof. 

B. ichliat). 
j-^ chair, s.m. Scar of a wound, bald spot 

on the head. u. (chi^a). 
t^/^ chatrai, a. Scarred, bald. Awning, 

canopy ; umbrella. 8. (chha(tar). 
^i>- ^ita-i, s.f. A titmouse, h. (chifil). 
l;^«>* di<^tf &• Bald-faced, beardless, a.m. 

A rake, debauchee, profligate, vagabond; 

thief, robber, v.(chattah). 

haf'patf ad. llaslily, quickly. H. 


^^fUf- diifdka-t, s.f. Name of a weight cqnal 
to two ounces (Avoirdupois). H. (^katdnki. 

ii^ chitha, s.f. A kind of red cotton cloth. 

^j^ (jkatl, s.f. Debauchery, profligacy. 

-^ diaj, s.m. A tray for winnowing com, etc. 
p. (ch^d^). 

CJis^ chajak, s.m. The trigger of a gun. 

<^^ diy^, s.f* The poles projecting from the 
roof of a house ; the side ribs of an ox, 
etc. ; the crest or hood of a snake ; stakes 
driven into the ground for catching fish. 
H. (diAujjd) 

<U|i?* ckaMraba, s.f. Mud, slime, ground 
saturated with rain. 

itjs?^ cJiiMr^, s.f. See ^*i?". 

^jsr^ chiMan, a. Rheumy, mattery ; filthy, 
dirty, p. (djir^). 

Aisr?" cJiiMidt in. Away! Begone! Get out 1 
p. (dicMie). 

^js^ cJiil'hai, s.m. Miicus, rheum, matter 
from the nose or eyes, etc. 

j^ char, s.m. Chirp, twitter of a bird ; chatter, 
prattle of children. A sand bank, mud 
deposited by a flood. H. cJiur, s.m. A gutter, 
furrow made by running water, chart, ad. 

^jf- dii^df^, s.m. A light, lamp. p. lUa- 

^^j>- d^arb, a. See ^j^ • 
^jf^ charb'i, s.f. Fat, tallow, suet. P. 
d^^ churl, s.m. A doze, nap; nodding. H* 
ijj>^ charta, ad. Where ; anywhere ; ever. 
k^j^j>- ch^r'chara-lp s.f. A cracker, sqoib, 

1.^ cJiorlh, s.m. See :ljL . 

^jLjT' dl^f^9 *•*• ^ ^Sf fifc^t tatter. H* 

yj^j>- ch<^^* ^'^^ A resinous product obtained 
from the flowers of the Indian hemp, and 
used as an intoxicating drug. u. (chara£). 

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( 56 ) 


^j>- ^arsif B.m. One addicted to the use of 

ijf- ^(wshf a.m. Name of a kind of hawk 

{Falco sacer). p. (diarM). 
dJ^ diirA, a.m. Dirt, filth ; pus, matter. P. 
^^j^ diir/iin, a. Dirty, filthy; purulent, 

mattery. P. 
CJjf- ^irff, s.m. A cock. a. Clever, shrewd, 

canny. Dappled, pied, spotted, mottled. 
Ci^UlL^ dkirg-bdng^ s.m. Cock-crow, day- 
break. Also cjiir-bdng, or char'bdng. 
vl^tL^ dirag-hrag^ a. Piebald, spotted, 

CSi/>' vhirgak^ s.m. The hoopoe. Also called 

^i^j^ diirguraif s.m. A chicken, pullet. 
^jf- ^argai, s.m. An animal with a white 
' face, or with a spot on the forehead. 8. 

^^-jj^ durlanda-l, s.f. A humming-top. 
^jf- diurland, s.m. A blackguard, knave, 

jy^ churla?cul, v.a. To spin, turn, make 

v^/j" dtitrla-l, s.f. A whirligig : a child's game 
" in which walnuts are made to spin. 
JjJ^ ijkurledal, v.n. To spin, revolve, 

j^j^ charamldZf s.m. The outside bullock 

of two or more treading corn. 
AjL^^ ^armma, s.f. Rope made of strips of 

raw hide. p. 
i^j>^ chare, ad. Ever, at any time ; anywhere: 

where, ^are^charej ad. Occasionally, some- 
times, at times. 
j^^^ij^ (ih<^^cfi(ir, s.m. A farm servant, 

ploughman. The hair above the chin, 

j>^ diar, s.m. A sand bank or deposit left by 

a flood, bar in a river ; a cascade, waterfall ; 

a foot soldier's pike or stafi*; the bread of 
charity collected from house to house for 
the poor, di^r, s.m. The heel of a door, 
the peg on which it revolves. 


j^ charaq, s.m. A waterspout: sound of 
water splashing on the ground, splash, 
smash, crash 

•^5|^ qkarqdo, s.m. Sprinkling. H. (ch/iir/ido). 

^•jff^ di(^r^^i<i'h fi^f- A small knife, pen- 

" knife. 

^j^ dl(^rh ^'^* A collector of the bread of 

v^.. .^ chasp, s.m. Cohesion, viscidity, sticki- 
ness. P. 

^L*i«.j> diaspdity a. Adhesive, sticky, viscous. 

J^^*M^ ^aspawul, v.a. To cement, glue, 

Jaj^^ >. diaspedal, v.n. To adhere, cleave to, 

stick, p. ichaspldafi). 

ir>^o..^ cliust, a. Active, quick ; narrow, 
straight ; tight, close-fitting (as a dress), p. 
".«>..^ chiistlf s.f. Agility, activity, fleetness. 
p. diustai^ s.m. Gut, tripe ; rectum, 
p. {christd). 

J^ cli<^-sh^n, s.m. The eye. P. (In comp. 
only.) — 

dashmak, s.m. A wink, winking, p. 
fia.9//wa^a, s.f. An eye-glass, chas^^ 
make, pi. A pair of spectacles. 

diaskma, s.f. A spring, fountain ; eye- 
glass, p. 

^^^ dii'SliCiif s.m. Name of a plant, the seed 
of which sticks to the fleece of sheep, etc., 

^>- chagA or chigA, s.m. Altercation, dis- 
pute; clamour, noise; shout, yell, scream. 
MgA'chigA, s.m. The cackle of fowls. 
dkagA'chu^, s.m. Clamour, noise, tumult. 

^U>- (JiugAdr, s.m. Noise or song of birds; 
sound of a musical instrument. 

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( 57 ) 


f.Uj. ^igh&ra^ s.f. Clamour, outcry, noise. 
Jb»- ^aghar^ 8.m. A wall-eyed horse, p. 
•Jt>- di a^h am, s.m. An owl. 
J^«^ chatjharcul^ v.a. To make a row, dis- 
turbance, noise. 
Jjux:>- chatjhedal^ v.n. To dispute, baggie, 

chagh::a'X^ s.f. A kind of soft walnut. 

cha^z'i^ s.m. Whizz of an arrow passing 

through the air ; crackling of wood when 


tJi^.iL-w chughuk^ s.m. A sparrow, p. 

Ji^ chu^alf s.m. Tell-tale, backbiter, 

sneak, p. 
^Jjif- ch^(j[Iiti» «»f« Backbiting, talc-telling, p. 
^^^i>- ^u(jiliai^ s.m. A blinkard; seeing with 
the eyes half closed. 

chuff s.m. A breath, puff, blow (as of a 

chaqmaq,B.m. The flint lock of a gun. T« 
diuqa, s.f. The cackle of fowls when 
fl^oO' t pecking, picking up grain, etc. 
lJU- r//a/^, s.m. A circular frame of wood or 
masonry, used as a foundation for wells ; 
a disk, chik, s.m. Ropes used to yoke 
bullocks to a Persian wheel, traces. 
^ijf^ chahchaka^ s.f. Clapping the hands by 

way of applause. 
J^ C^i/'ar, s.m. Mire, mud, slosh. VLXcVxhaf). 
i^r^ C^a/'o^, s.m. A perch, roost for birds 

(hawks particularly). H. 
^iS^ chikla, s.f. A drop, dash, sprinkling, 

^JX>- cha/ila-l, s.f. The cog-wheel of a Persian 

irrigation wheel ; a whirligig. 
.U^ cliakma, s.f. A stocking ; boot. T. 
%^j^^ dli^orai, s.m. A newly-born calf. 
«^ (^aAa, s.f. The palm, the hand ; coagu- 
lated milk, curds, u. (chaMd)^ ^akah. 

a. Practised, expert (as a thief). H« 


^^j>' c^o^a-f, s.f. Wafer, disk ; biscuit, cake; 

lump, mass, clot ; tail of the dumbab sheep. 

J^ ^al, s.m. Artifice, deception, subterfuge, 

trick. 8. 
ulf- ehaldn^ s.m. Invoice, remittance, advice 

of despatch. 8. 
^1>- dialdo^ s.m. Boiled rice. p. 
jLJl>- dialhdz^ s.m. A cheat, impostor, rogue. 
Jf-Jf- dial-dial, s.m. Bustle, hurry, stir. 8« 
3L>- J^ ^al-chald, s.f. Bustle, stir, prepara- 
tion of setting out on a journey. 8. 
^^ chulury%.m. Blackguard, vagabond, rogue. 
%^)yi^ d^al/^ozai, s.m. The pistachio nut; 

kernels of the pine seed. p. 
c:,^.5l,^ chalqat, s.m. A thick padded coat foi 

soldiers, a coat of mail. 
iSl:>' chalaka, s.f. A wave, ripple, undulation. 
J^ chilam, s.m. A tobacco bowl, smoking 

apparatus, u. 
^Jj>' chalan, s.m. Behaviour, custom, habit; 

currency, a. Current. 8. 
Jjl^ chalawul, v.a. To start, set agoing; 

fire, shoot. H. (chaldnd). 
id^- diala, s.f. A deluge, flood, stream, torrent. 

An ear-ring. H. (dihard). 
^^l>- ^ala-i, s.f. An ear of com. 
J jul^ cJialedal, v.n. To move, proceed, go, 
elapse, pass (as coin, etc.) ; flow ; blow ; 
stand, avail, succeed; walk,etc. u.(^alnd). 
M^- (Jiatn, s.m. See >9^. 
»^\:u^ chamtdra, s.f. A violin. H. {^autdrlii. 
(^^^ dliarn'O^M^^m, s.m. A graceful gait, 

strut, waddle, p. 
^jAf^ ^aman, 8.m. A meadow, lawn, grasa- 

plot. p. 
\t^ diomydr^ a.m. A currier, tanner. P, 
Jc^ ^indr, s.m. Name of a tree, the plane 
tree (Platanus mentaU$). p. 

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( 58 ) 


J-f-f- ^anbel, a.m. The jasmine, ii. 
^^^t>- diinjai, An insect, worm. H. 

i^unna). chirtjarvul, v.a. To disgust. 
Jjurcl>. chinjedal, v.n. To be disgusted, 

nauseated, feel squeamish. 

chaml, a. Few, some, various, several ; 

(in comp.) -times, -fold. ad. llow many ? 

IIow much? p. 

ehandaur, s.m. Sandal wood. 8. 
^andanr-hdr, s.m. A kind of neck- 
lace made of sandal- wood beads. 8. 
J1,^j»^ Randal, s.m. An abject, low, mean, 

or worthless fellow. 8. 
J^^O^ didndd/val, s.m. A rear guard of 

cavalry ; the rear guard of an army; name 

of the Kazilbash troopers of Kabul. P. 
aLL^ ckan^ala^ s.f. A betrothed girl, bride 

Jyb^ clanfjihol, s.m. A betrothed youth. 
vl^v.^ ikang^ s.m. A guitar, harp ; a claw, 

the expanded hand. p. 
\ji^^ changaUhh^ s.m. A crab, cray-fish. 

p. K^angdr). 
JlST:^ changal, ) s.m. Claw, talon of bird, 
JSu>- changul^ J the hand ; the fingers, p. 

^hangal, s.m. A measure of land equal to 

fifteen jarlb. 

citana, s.f. The short side of a house ; 

mud wall of a house; side of a room. 

Barter, bargaining, haggling. 

i^\,:^ chatirasrf, \ ...... ,. 

, - J f s.f. Mildew, mould. 

chaQT'chanx^ 1 s.m. A sparrow, 
^ (haur'chatjrak^) cock-sparrow. 
chaijr/cdfCp s.m. Sprinkling. H. (chhir' 
d/^ di^fUI(iL v.a. To crease, fold, plait; to 

select, sift, separate, pick. H. (chunnS). 
$j^ di^iir^f s.f. Chick pea, vetch (Cicrr 
arictinum). H. (ciawwa). iJiuura^ s.f. A fold, 
crease, pucker. 




summer - house, 

chopdr^ ) 8.1] 

JU^ dopdl, ) arbour, temporary shed. 
8. (chaupdr). 

s}iy^ di^pdlf v.a. To suck, chew (as man- 
goes, sugar-caue, etc.). 8. ichumd). 

vV>?" dLotai, s.m. A clout or cloth worn 
between the legs to conceal the privates ; 
ropes used in fastening a camel's load. 
J^ chofl, s.m. A peak, mountain top ; 
top-knot or crown-tuft (left on a shaven 
head), a. Dishevelled, un plaited, loose 
(as hair), h. 

^€^^ di^dioif s.m. A chicken, pullet, p. 

jy>^ chUr, a. Broken, bruised, shattered. 8* 
s.m. Bit, atom, scrap ; powder, filings, 
sawdust ; sack, ruin, plunder. 8. 

^^i^jy^ ch(^ura?ig, s.m. Cutting ofi* the four 
legs of an animal at one blow. 8. 

^jyf- chUrai, s.m. A menial servant, sweeper. 
H. (chuhra). chaura-u s.f. A fly flapper, 
generally made of horse-hair or the tail of 
the Tibet ox. H. (chaunri). 

j^ chaicr, a. Desolate, deserted, ruined, h. 
diur^ a.m. The heel or pivot on which a 
door revolves. 

*i^ C^wm, s.f. A bangle, bracelet. 8.(c^ard). 

Jij*?* chtlfelf s.m. Tar, pitch. 

J^ cStZ^, s.m. A young or first year's hawk. p. 

^L^ chausdr, s.m. A file, rasp. h. 

i^yf^ dl^Shoi* *• Bowbacked, bent (from age 
or debility). 

vl$^ ch^lk, s.m. Abatement, diminution, 
mitigation (as of anger, etc.) ; damage, 
loss, waste ; error, miss, fault, h. dl^uA, 
s.m. A market, courtyard, h. ^ok, a. 
Seated, or squatted on all fours (as a 
camel, etc.). 

4^^ vhuka^ s.f. A goad, prod, prick, h. 
{chonka). A sharp, pricking, or stinging 
pain ; dipping, moistening, sopping (as 
bread in milk, etc. at meals). 

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( 59 ) 


l$f^ chauha-l, s.f. A chair, stool; guard, 

watch ; guard-house, station. H. (d^aukX). 
S^^ (^a?/^<(/dr, s.m. Guard, watchman. H. 
J^ charcul^ v.a. To split, rend, cleave 

asunder, chol^ s.m. An arid tract, desert, 

waste. P. (chut)* 
vliJ^ cJiolak, s.m. Penis of a boy till 

circumcised, p. 
M^ diUm or vhonif s.m. A turf; clod of earth. 
J^yf- diunkaif a. Indecent, obscene, shame- 
less ; impudent, bold, saucy. 
Lj6^ ditlrtffoi, s.m. Duty, fee, tax, toll. 

u. (^Unffl). 
^y>' ch^na, s.f. Lime, mortar. 8. iehUitd). 
J^ chtinai, s.m. A dwarf, elf, pigmy ; 

glazing on pottery, china ; a gem, jewel, 

spark or bead. 
^ chif c. That, which ; as, whereas; so, so 

that; whether, because, p. 
j:^ chetar, s.m. Name of the twelfth Hindu 

month, March-April. 8. (chait). 
^j;,'^. cJaia-l, s.f. A letter, note. nAvhitihl). 
j^i^ diujidr, s.m. A fold, crease, furrow, 

pucker, wrinkle. 
J^\^ dilchaf, v.a. To bite, masticate, gnaw. 
JAa>. chUialf v.a. To goad, poke, punch. 
^j^ cherta, ad. Where ? See 

o- chlra. s.f. A turban with narrow twisted 
folds; maidenhead. 8. 
chtr, s.m. Gum, mucilage. 
chlfjha, s.f. A shout, scream, yell; 
clamour, noise, uproar. P. (chM). 
^u^ chlfd, B.m. Name of a potherb. 
^Ju^ c/tclai or chllai, s.m. A kid, young 

goat. H. (^herl). 
^.W;;.^ cklndalA, s.m. A frog ; bull frog. 
(Jil;^.^ chlnff, a. Gaping, open, wide ; 

^Ina, s.f. A spring, fountain. 

^ ^e or idf is the eleventh letter of the 
Pukkhto alphabet, and the sixth of the 
Arabic. It is only found in words adopted 
from the Arabic. It is sometimes replaced 
by », than which letter it has a different 
sound, being pronounced in the throat, 
and strongly aspirated. 

ij:,.^U- /tajatf s.m. Want, necessity, need. ▲. 
jj>-l>- lidjatman^ 

a. Needy, indigent P. 

^^U^ hdjl^ s.m. A pilgrim to Mecca : one 
who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca, a. 

jUl5»- lidsiil, s.m. Produce, profit, result; 
com, crops ; duty, revenue ; acquiring, 
collecting, a. Ijasil-laral, v.a. To pro- 
duce, yield, give. 

J^U. /jdsila?vul, v.a. To collect, acquire, 

JjuL>l:>- Ijdsilcdal, v.n. To accrue, result, be 

^U. lid:;ir, a. Present, ready, willing, a. 

^Ip* hdfa, s.f. Enclosure, premises. ▲• 

lii'^ /'o/?^, s.m. A blind man who has learnt 
the Quran by heart. Name of a Persian 

^U- hdhhn, s.m. Commander, judge, master, 
ruler, govenior. a. 

JU. Itdl^ s.m. Case, condition, state ; affair, 
business, matter ; now, present time. a. 

c:Jl>. hdlat^ s.m. Case, condition, state. 
JU^ lidti, a. Modem, new, existent. 

^l>- lidmila, a. Pregnant, with young, a. 
liabs, s.m. Retention, imprisonment; 
prison ; a prisoner. A. 

Itabshli s.m. A Caffre, negro, a. 
lablbf s.m. A lover, friend, a. Be- 
loved, dear. a. 
^ iaj, s.m. Pilgrimage to Mecca, a. 

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<^lc?" iydh. 8.U1. Basbfalnesa, modesty; 
curtain, veil. a. 

Asr^ fiajfdm, 9.m. A barber ; cupper, phle- 
botomist. A. 

vju^Ls^ ^ajjdmat, Shaving, cupping. 

vi-os?" liujjat, 8.m. Argument, proof, reason ; 
dispute, altercation, a. 

^-isr*" hujjatl, a. Litigious, argumentative, 
quarrelsome, s.m. Wrangler, caviller, 

SjS^ livjra, B.f. A cell, cbamW, closet, a. 
A public room or house in each qnarter of 
a village, for the use of travellers and 
visitors, hostelry. A vestry, ward. 

3^ liadd^ s.m. Boundary, limit; extent, 
extremity, degree; impediment; defini- 
tion; starting post. a. 

<J^ju>^ hadl^,, s.m. A tradition ; the tradi- 
tions and sayings of Muhammad, a. 
.jk>. liazr^ s.m. Caution, prudence, fear. a. 

ijjj^l^ Itardratf s.m. Fervour, heat, warmth. 


kj:^j»^ Jjiirdsat, s.m. Care, watching, guard- 
ing. A. 

fSj^ Itardm^ a. Forbidden, unlawful, wrong ; 
sacred, a. 

^1^ Itardml^ s.m. A bastard ; robber, 
cheat ; rogue, rascal, a. 

,j^^ /<?>j«, s.m. Greediness, ambition, 
avarice. A. 

C/lw^ liir^ndk^ a. Greedy, ambitious, 

v-J^ l/arf, s.m. A letter, particle, word. a. 

c>»(;>- Jiarkat, s.m. A short vowel, h^ira- 
katf s.m. Action, gesture, movement ; 
impediment, obstacle, hindrance, preven- 
tion. A. 

Mj>^ ^aram, a. Forbidden, sacred, s.m. 
The temple at Mecca; a sanctuary. 
I^arama, s.f. A seraglio ; concubine, wife. a. 

( 60 ) ^ 

cu^y^ burmatf 8.m. Chastity, honour; 

dignity, esteem, reverence, a. 
^i^jj^" ^iiriydn, a. See ^^A/^^* 

liartf, s.m. A rival, enemy ; partner, 

associate, friend, a. Clever, cunning; 

pleasant, agreeable, a. 

X^,^ itisdb, s.m. Accounts; calculation, 

reckoning, account, a. 

itascul, s.m. Envy, jealousy, malice; 

emulation, ambition, a. 
iJL^j.^^^ liasrat, 8.m. Grief, sorrow, regret; 

desire, longing, yearning. A. 

tiasan, a. Beautiful, good; a man's 

name, f^usn, s.m. Beauty, elegance; 

goodness, a. 

y,.^^^^.,^^ Itasan^iiisen, s.m. Name of a 

month, the Muharram. 

iashr, s.m. A concourse, meeting; 

resurrection of the dead. a. 

,.4ni'fc- ftaskmat, s.m. Dignity, pomp, state ; 

train, retinue, a. 

«a»- ^i^sdr, s.m. Citadel, fortress. A. En- 
closure, fence ; besieging, surrounding, 
^i^^a, s.f. Division, part ; lot, portion, 

share, a. 
cL;yi>- fia^raU 8.m. Dignity, presence; 

highness, majesty, reverence, etc. (title of 

respect), a. 
jyA>^ hu:iilr^ s.m. Appearance, attendance, 

presence ; your worship, etc. a. 
c:^U:>- Jki/d^at, s.m. Care, custody ; keep- 
ing, protection, a. 
J^ ifayy, s.m. Truth, right; equity, justice; 

portion, lot; the Deity. A. liuq, s.m. The 

sound of retching, vomiting. 
Up* hqgd, in. By God! Really! True I 

Indeed I a. 

liuqna. s.f. A clyster ; syringe, a. 
ttatjir,9L. Contemptible, vile; lean,thin. A. 
:i^AJ,^ iaqlqatf s.m. Truth ; sincerity ; 

explanation, narration, account, a. 

• Digitized by LnOOQlC 

( 61 ) 


Jji^ ttctqiqif a. Accurate, certain, real, 

true ; own ; jnst Ju 
CJ\i^ ^ukdk, 8.m. A lapidary, a. 
vi-o\^ t^iidyat, a.m. History, story, tale ; 

narration. A. 
Jl>. ftuAm, s.m. Command, decree, order, 

sentence; permission, a. 
c:..w4i>. fti/mat, s.m. Knowledge, wisdom; 

art, skill, cleverness ; mystery, principle. A. 
^ji<A^ tti/man,a. Artful, clever, wise, skilful, 
(ji^^yl^ ^u/iumat, s.m. Authority, dominion, 

government, sovereignty, a. 
mS^ i^aAtm, s.m. A doctor, physician; 

philosopher, sage. a. 
J)U- Ikaldl, a. Lawful, legal, right; clean, 

pure. A. 
ciL>» Ijial/, s.m. An oath. a. 
j\^ halq, s.m. The throat, windpipe. A. 
A^^ ftalqa, s.f. A circle, ring ; knocker for 

a door; a fraternity, society, a. 
\^ ftalnd^ s.f. A kind of sweetmeat made 

of flour, butter and sugar, a. 
,^^^l>- Jkahva-i, s.m. A confectioner. 
^^A^ Ikatlm, a. Affable, gentle, tractable, 

mild. A. 
vji^U^ hirftdqat, s.m. Folly, ignorance, 

stupidity. A. 
JU»- Ikammdl, s.m. A porter, carrier. A. 
^U»- hammdm, s.m. A Turkish bath, vapour 

bath. A. 
c:^U>- iimdyat, s.m. Countenance, protec- 
tion, support, defence, help, assistance, a. 
^jijU^ hmdyatit s.m. Protector, patron, 

J*«j>- Iiaml, s.m. A burden,load ; pregnancy, a. 
Aao^ ^amla, s.f. Assault, attack, onset, 

charge, a. 
Uft. ^innd, s.f. See k^ji/j* 
Jlfliiflw Jian^alf s.m. See ^v^^• 


4S\y^ harcdla^ 8.f. Care, charge, custody, 

tmsU A. 
jj^ ftUr, s.m. A boy of Paradise, a. 
9j^ hUra, s.f. A virgin of Paradise ; black* 

eyed nymph. A. 
aSu^^sw hatmla, s.f. Ambition, spirit, mettle ; 

crop, maw, stomach, a. 
i^y^ fi(^u:^f s.m. A cistern, tank, reservoir, 

vat. A. 
Jjp* itarvelm, s.m. A dwelling, habitation, 

house; tenement, premises, a. Also 

itarvelchl, s.f. 
L>. i^ayd, s.f. Bashfulness, modesty, shame, a. 
4^U». ftaydt, s.m. Life. a. 

l^airdn, a. Astonished, amazed; per- 
plexed, confounded, a. 
J|^^-^ hairdnl, s.f. Amazement, confusion ; 

perplexity, perturbation, a. 
f^^^i;^ l^ai:;, s.m. Menses, catamenia. a« 
A.rTj-w //afj^-a, s.f. A menstruous woman. 
^Pyr*- ^a?/*, s.m. Iniquity, oppression, a. 

Futile, useless, in. Alas ! Ah ! a. 
A^ ]^ila,8S. Artifice, pretence, deceit, trick, a* 
^j^^ Jiin, s.m. Time, interval, a. 
^^^^ ftairvdn, s.m. An animal, brute. A. 
c-^yJl^;P- ltahvdn'tolf,B.m. Brutality, savage- 


1. Me is the twelfth letter of the Pukkhto 

alphabet, and the seventh of the Arabie. 

It is a guttural letter, and pronounced like 

the cA in the Scotch lock. 
wUw Mdtim, s.m. A seal ; finger ring. a. 
^uJU- M^tima, s.f. Conclusion, end, finis. A. 
ijU- fc^dfah, s.m. Ascent, rise; rising, 

A/t jU^ Mddama, ) s.f. Name of a kind of 
A^jlaw Uddama-l, ) lizard with a bristly back. 

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( 62 ) 


»jU- ^dda, B.f. A grave-stone, tombstone ; 

a pole or wooden tablet at the head oragrave. 
jU. MdTf e.m. A thorn, bramble, prickle, 

thistle ; a spike ; the spur of a cock. P. 
-, .U. iMrij, a. Excluded, outcast, expelled. A. 
t^J^ Morij'i, s.m. Name of a heretical 
"" sect amongst Moslems. 
c:^n4mI£>- JJidrakkJitf Itch, mange. P. 

•^U- Mdro, 8.f. A cock's comb, wattle. P. 

C/LlU. MiCiskdkf 8.m. Rubbish, litter, refuse. 

p. Firewood, fuel. p. 
^iUw j^U- Md^'Mdsht s.m. Poppy seed. p. 
cl^Uk Mdrak, s.m. See CS^\^* 
jFjU. Widza^ B.f. See 2fjU-* 
^U- Mdsha, s.f. A straw, splinter, bit, 

chip, etc. ; name of a disease of the eye ; 

mote in the eye. 
^ ^U. kJiaska-kahkh. s.m. One who 

extracts motes from the eye ; curer of the 

^U- Md^^f a* Excellent, noble, pure; 

special, private, particular; peculiar, single, 

sole. A. 
A^Uw Md^^^f 8.f. A kind of bread ; a kind 

of muslin. 
vj:.^g.fU> Ididss^iycLt^ s.m. Attribute, quality, 

temper, disposition, nature, property, a. 
^\:>- Mdiir, s.m. Heart, soul; inclination, 

propensity ; account, sake ; will, choice, a. 
C/U- Mdk, s.m. Ashes, earth, dust. p. 
j:^\:>^ Md/dstar, s.f. Ashes, p. 
i(^U^ Md/ia, s.f. Broken rice, etc., unfit for 

use ; a fragment, particle of gems, etc. 
iijf\:>^ Mdfflna, 8.f. Omelet, dish of fried 

eggs. p. 
JU. Mdl, s.m. A black spot, or mole on the 

skin; an artificial spot for ornament on 

the face, breasts, ete. 

^U. Mdlh, a. Genuine, pure, simple. A. 

A^U. Mdli^a^ s.f. Fallow land. 

^Isw Mdti, a. Empty, vacant; unmixed, 

pure ; mere, only ; idle, unemployed. s.f. 

Saturday ; the eleventh Afghan month 

corresponding with zVqdda. p. 
A6^ Midm, s.m. The horn end of a bow. A. 

See ^y. 
Vi^U- Mdmtdf s.f. A kind of coarse cotton 

^^U> Mdmoskf a. Mute, silent, still, p. 
^Isw Mdn^ s.m. A lord, prince ; a title used 

by all Afghans and Pathaiis. T. 
UcjU. Mdntamd, a. Proud, arrogant, vain. 
A)U^ Mdna, B.f. House, room, place. P. 
^^WU. Mdnddn, s.m. Family, household. 
2f j^ IsL Mdnatvdda, s.f. Family, house, tribe. 
v^Uylsw Midnomdn, s.m. Household (as 

house, family, servants, cattle, furniture, 

goods, chattels, fixings, etc.). 
*j^ Wldrtra^ s.f. Dust, earth, clay. 
^^^U* Midwfin^ a. Clayey, earthy, dusty. 
jJ^lsL Midrcaiidf s.m. Master, owner, husband, 

lord, proprietor, p. 
<uU- Midya^ s.f. Testicle, p. 
iJ^ai^ yhiH,t s.m. Envy, malice, a 
j^:^ I^aboTf s.m. Advice, intelligence, news, 

report, rumour, a. 
.Ij^-sw JJ^ahar-ddr^ a. Careful, cautious; 

aware, informed, a. 
j^j^ Mabar'glVf s.m. A spy, informer; 

patron, protector. 
^^jT^ MaboT'lots, a. Eloquent, talkative. 
J^yf^ Wiahararcul^ v.a. To report, inform. 
tj^ JJiahara^ s.f. Language, speech ; afi*air, 

matter, thing. 
J«Xj^^ l^abaredalt y.n. To be aware, 

acquainted, informed, etc. 
v,i ■..;■-■;- Mobls,t &• Impure, malignant, wicked. 

s.m. An evil spirit, a. 

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( 63 ^ 


l^apar, e.f. Palm of the hand ; sole of 
the foot 
^ ^^ I'hapaskai, s.ra, ) The nightmare, a. 

iVrr'^ JJiapaza^ s.f. ) (kabus). 

J-cv. ihpul, pr. Self, own. p. UdiUd)* pet' 
IJtpul or pa'lhpula^ ad. Spontaneously, 
of own accord. vAbd-khud). 

^ Ju3* Ihpul'Sarj a. Obstinate, self-opinion- 

^^^L>. JJipul'Tcdlai^ s.m. Connection, re- 

jy^ IJipulawid^ v.a. To adopt, appropri- 
ate, make one's own; win over, bias, 
sway, predispose. 

1^^^ Mfp^lcLT^'if 8«f« Connection, relation- 
ship, family, kindred, friendship. 

JjJ-j^. khpuledalf v.n. To be related, con- 
nected ; to be biassed, influenced. 

••^ Mpor, a. Blown, blossomed, expanded 
(as a flower) ; dispersed, loose, scattered. 

6^ hhapah^ a. Angry, offended, displeased, 
vexed, hhctpdi s.f. Suffocation, strangu- 
lation, p. ikhafa). ILpdh, s.m. Tinder, 

j^lSL>- Jchapagdn^ s.m. | Anger, rage, vexa- 

^JL^ lJiapag\ s.f. ) tion, 

^j^ Midph s.f. See ^. 

j:S^ Hatar, s.m. See^^asw. 

Ji^ j^atal, v.n. To ascend, mount, rise; 
issue. P. (Mdstan, Miez-). 

f,\i>. I'Jjatm, s.m. Conclusion, end ; seal. a. 
Done, completed, a. 

2i- Jjhatnat s.f. Circumcision, a. Ichatana^ 
s.f. Rising, mounting, ascending. 
IJkaia^ s.f. A shirt, shift. 

^;^6^ Vhat, s.m. A hillock, knoll, mound; 
a low hill ; bank of clouds, yha-at or 
|//af, a. Muddy, turbid, miry. Ih^f^ a.m. 
Kffervescence, boiling, bubbling. 

^jJ^ I'hutkcdaU v.n. To bubble, boil, 

effervesce; to boil with rage, ete. H. 

JyS*^ ibdtbel OP ^a-atbelf s.m. Dregs, lees, 
sediment, dross, precipitate. 

CJ^ I'katakf s.m. A kind of black-beetle. 
An unripe water melon used to make 
pickles. Name of a Pathan tribe settled 
in the low hills on the south of the Kabul 
river between Peshawar and Attak. 
Jlsj>- kiata/ioi, s.m. A kind of melon of 
a green colour (peculiar to Afghanistan). 
I'hutkai, s.m. Ebullition, effervescence. 

^^ khatola or hha-atola^ a. Muddy, 
turbid (as water). 

A^ Uiata or hha-ata^ s.f. Mire, mud, slush, 
slime, kjiuta^ s.f. Clay, marl. 

Jjsr^ Mijjilf a. Bashful, modest, a. (Majal). 

^yF^ My^f^ko, a. Capering, frisky, pranc- 
ing; rebounding, skipping (as a ball or 
stone over the surface of water). 

9\jse^ Mtatsoza^ s.f. A bit, fragment, chip 

i^ar^ IchcitlcLf p. See Ai^. 

yf^ M(^ch<^r, s.m. A mule. h. (Ma^^ar). 

^jf^ Machan, a. Dirty, rheumy. See ^J^. 

ijs^ Hacha, s.f. The little finger; a bound, 
ricochet, rebound. 

4^^j^ kkudde, s.m. God, the Deity, p. 
(I^iidd). M^dd'i, 8.f. Divinity, God- 
head, p. 

y J^ Miiddyd, in. Oh God ! P. 

Vi^^-^J^ Midmat, s.m. Attendance, duty, 
service, a. 

j:l^jcw iMdmatl, a. Attendant, diligent, 

^IjjL^j^ IMdmaVgdr^ 8.m. A servant, at- 

C&J^ hhadang^ s.m. Name of a tree, from 
the wood of which bows are made. A 
poplar tree. p. 

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Jo^ i'iadal, 8.m. A large dog in good coo- 
dition ; a mastiff, a. Stout, burly, mus- 

^ Mar, s«m. Ao ass, donkey, p. ^a-ar, 
8.m. A snore, a. 

^^j^ ^drdb, a. Bad, depraved; spoiled, 
ruined; deserted, waste; abandoned, lost. a. 

i<?lr*" M(i^o,hx, s.f. Evil, mischief; destruc- 
tion, ruin ; waste. 

— 1^ Mirdjf s.m. Duty, revenue, rent, tax. a. 

il!r^ M(^dra, s.f. Name of a bird ; the sand 
grouse ; a kind of skylark. 

^L]^ Murdsdn, B.m. Name of a country. 

,X-\^ Hardshkai, s.m. Phlegm, expec- 
torated mucus, sputum, p. (Mtzrdsk). 

*j)lr^ MdrbUza, s.f. A musk melon, p. 

4cyL-j^ Marblshoe, s.m. A boar, hog, pig. 

v;;^^ M(^rpat, s.m. A powder ; a palmful 
to chuck into the mouth. 

iL^j^ MiarpotjfL, s.f. Crawling on all fours 
(as a child). 

^^j^ Mdratf a. Fat, stout, plump. 

iij^ Mara f ah, s.m. Cheat, hypocrite, knave. 

J^jksj-^ Marjaddlf s.m. See JVsr*yfi»*» 

^^ij^^/^- Mtarjagjagalai, s.m. Name of a 
game played by boys. 

^ifi^Tj^ Murj'in, s.m. A bag, wallet, reticule, p. 

^j^ Mdf^ts, a.m. Expense, outlay ; expendi- 
ture, means ; price, fee, duty. a. (Mdrch). 

^^aL^ M<^(ioraif s.m. A rag, shred, tatter. 

_fty£;. Marfsl, a. Extravagant, prodigal, 

— ^ Mracfi, s.m. A crack, creak, crash, 
split ; sound of splitting wood. 

gr;l>yfi;. MarMdrai, s.m. Ass's play, foolish- 
ness, nonsense ; romping, bolstering. 

^^<^^ kharJJial'hha^ s.f. Noise, tumult, 
discord, wrangling ; a crowd, mob. P« 

Cfj:>^ Murd, a. Little, small. P* 
JU-J^ Mardajdl, s.m. Antichrist. 

vJl/jy^ Marday, s.m. Name of a plant (Sakia 

\j»*j^ Mirs, s.m. A bear. P. 
jc^^ JJiursandf a. Contented, pleased, 

satisfied, p. 
^^ I'hnrshan, s.m. Ilorse dung. 
^^^ /4^(w;Wj s.m. Proboscis of an elephant; 

dewlap of bulls, etc. a. 
^j^^ Mar'^en£ai, s.m. A toadstool, 

i3j:>^ Mur/a, s.f. Purslain. A. 
^^ Mirqa^ s.f. A patched garment, a kind 

of dress (worn by dervishes). A. 
^js>^ Mid'O^rkai, s.m. A snore, purr. 
i^j^ MiO-ryax, s.m. A young ass. Ml^-^^^gox, 

s.m. A kind of grasshopper. 
A^ yhurram, a. Cheerful, merry, joyful, p. 
^j^j^ Marman, s.m. Harvest, p. Threshing 

^X0^j:>- Z^anwa72rfae, a. Tiny, small, wee, 

^^y>- Miurvia, s.f. A date (fruit and tree), p. 

j^j^ ^arwar, s.m. Name of a plant, mullein 

( Ycrlascum thapsus). 
j\^/>- MiCtrrcdr, s.m. An ass-load. P. 
C^^js^ Mcirosa/i, s.m. A disease of the 

throat, quinsy. 
jjlji/>- Mlcuro§h, s.m. Bustle, stir, tumult, 

noise, p. 
^j^ IJjarai, s.m. A whitlow. 
jjj^ Miar'id, s.m. Purchase. P. 
j\^^/>- Mt<iriddr, s.m. A purchaser, p. 
%^j,/>- Mareraif s.m. Curds and whey; 

junket. Ma-arcrai, 8.m. A kind of edible 

•^^ JMr'iz^ s.m. Cotton stalks or stubble. 

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( 65 ) 

Jsj^ ^jarita, s.f. Bag, packet, purse; 

letter bag, mail P. 
Jj^ MirayaU v.a. To shave. ?• Qiardskl' 


L ihO'-ar* »• Muddj', turbid ; cloudy, ob- 
scure; drab, dust-coloured. Miur^ s.m. 

Sound of vomiting or retching, hawking. 

///ar, s.m. A ravine, dry watercourse. 

'^'Ir^ ^/^raw^a, s.f. Bough or stem of a tree. 
f^j>- khrap, s.m. A crunch, crush, squash, 


IJjartam, s.m. 


See (^^/>- 


ij^r>- ZZ'f^* 8«ni. Blow, clash, crash, slam. 
JiliCLralf v.a. To dung, ease one's self, 

c:--«l^ Ma'armatf s.m. Snot, snivel, mucus 

of nose. 
*y^jr^ yha-armor^ s.m. A kind of bustard, 

^.^ yharand^ s.m. Stump of a tree, stubble. 

*-^>j^ //'^r^i, a. Watered, saturated, irri- 
gated (as a field). 

\j*^^x^ Mif^^f a. Big, burly, great; stupid, 
heavy, dull. s.m. A lout, lubber. 

^j^ I'hurln, a. Soft, sodden (as victuals), 
ripe, rotten (as fruit), festered (as a sore). 

^})^ Mizan, s.m. Autumn, p. 

<o^j^ ^a^awa, s.f. Treasury, store; maga- 
zine, granary ; chamber of a gun. 

dly>^ Miazala, s.f. Litter, refuse, sweepings, 

* jjj^ yiazanda^ s.f. A reptile, insect, creep- 
ing thing, p. 

ys^ 1<hig^y a. Bruised, hurt, injured, pained, 
s.m. A bruise, cut, injury, wound; ail- 
ment, malady, disease, hhag.^ s.m. Death 
rattle, gurgle in the throat. 

](h(u^ s.m. Litter, straw, dry grass, 
twigs, etc. p. 

U^ ^^, a. See li-». 

40U«Mrw ihasmdna, s.f. Protection, support; 

custody, ownership ; housewifery, domestic 

economy, a. (Mid^fndna). 
^•^a.,-w ikasanrai, s.m. A straw, mote, dry 

twig, etc. 

*m:>^ Mast, a. Castrated, gelt. s.m. A geld- 
ing, any castrated animal, a. Q'/ius,^i). 

Jkhsai, s.m. See ,v^* 
JjAidCv Miasily s.m. Green corn used as fodden 
CJXjIjS^ Mtashdk, s.m. Refuse, litter, rubbish; 

dry twigs, leaves, etc. P. 
ij^lu^ Mf^si^^za^ s.f. Orris root ; root of 

the Iris or sweet flag. See «j«^^- 
L::>^.n,.S> Mi-^t or kitiskt, a. Damp, humid, 

moist, wet; drenched, dripping, reeking. 

Ifhusht-pusht^ a. Drenched to the skin, 

wet through, etc. 
dCuLS. I'lius/ik, a. Dry, arid, withered, p. 
<v.Cilsw Ishushha^ s.f. Plain boiled rice. p. 
^C^ljw JJinshki^ s.f. Dryness, aridity ; 
' drought, dearth ; dry land, travelling by 

land. p. 
j^.u*,vS^ JJkushnUd, a. Contented, pleased, p. 
jV-^ M^sh<^it a- Crazy, demented, flighty; 
" open, defenceless; unguarded, unprotected; 

without friends, etc. p. (Miushk or Hush), 
^ji^ I'/jakMf a- Buried, interred, embedded. 
Ci?">4>>- l^haH'htag. ) s.m. A piece of cloth 

JS^*^ Mahkhtagaif J sewn into the fork 

of a pair of drawers or armpit of a coat. p. 

(Mask, armpit). 

I'haH'hta^ s.f. A brick, p. (Ihisht). 
JJiaWu, s.m. Name applied to the 

Yusufzai tribe of Afghans, khakhhai^ s.m. 

A male of the tribe. MakHa-i, 8.f. A 

female of the tribe. 

>. Jchasilat^ s.m. Nature, disposition; 

quality, virtue ; custom, habit, a. 
^.^i:>^ Mia^am, 8.m. A husband, a. 

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C^ya^ J^u^Umn^ ad. Especially, partica- 

larly. a. 
j^^ iii^f^f s*in. The prophet Elias* ▲.. 
k>. ^^a//, Epistle, letter, note ; writing; 

a line, lineament; down on the face, 

youthful beard. ▲• 
Ik^ fciatd, s.f. Error, fault, crime; mistake, 

miss. A. 

'^^—^ Hiifab, 8.m. Address, title. A. 

khutba^ s.f. A sermon preached on 

Fridays in Muhammadan places of wor- 
ship for the welfare and prosperity of the 

reigning sovereign. A. 
^k-w Jchatar^ s m. I Danger, fear, hazard, risk. 
i^)^^ Midtra^ s.f. ) A. 
ci/U^lx^ Matar'nak^a. Dangerous,hazardou8. 
k^^^tr!^ Matjb, s.m. A preacher. A. 
^U&jw JJtafaqdn^ s.m. Palpitation of the 

heart, breast-pang ; vexation, a. 
^^i>- fJi^t!ft<in, s.m. Embers, hot ashes, hot 

^^ Ishalf s.m. Faith, hope, trust, belief. 
CL?5U- fr^ildt, s.m. A dress of honour, re wai*d, 

present, a. {^tFat). 
^jiiS- Mald^, a. Free, liberated ; discharged, 

done. A. 
Arflsw Huldiia, 8.f. Conclusion, inference, 

moral ; abstract, summary, a. 
^Is^ /dtaldsi, s.f. Deliverance, freedom, 

cJ)Lw yinldf^ s.m. Contradiction, opposition. 

a. Contrary, false, a. 
Lt^ IJiald'inald^ a. Candid, frank, sincere. 
i^jyt^ Miulborai, s.m. A bung, cork, plug, 

Ad^ yhalta^ s.f. A hamper (used by hill 

men), p. {Ihatitd). See aJj>-. 
^pL;. I'liallsht s.m. Interruption, hindrance; 

doubt, solicitude ; suspicion. P. 
Ul^ ^a/jf» s.m. Confusion, mixture. Wly 

( 66 ) ,^ 

8.m. One of the four humours of the 
human body. a. 

^ts^ J^alq, s.m. Creation, universe; man- 
kind, people, the world, a, khuUif s.m. 
Nature, disposition, civility, politeness, a. 

c:^ll>jL ihalqat, s.m. Creation, people, the 
world. A. 

^^^ Jdidlqctf s.f. A coat, frock, gown. A. 

Jls;. JJkalaU s.m. Defect, injury; interrup- 
tion; prejudice, a. 

CLJ^lrw Miihtat^ s.m. Privacy, retirement; 
closet, private chamber; private confer- 
ence. A. 

^Isw yhula^ s.f. The mouth; orifice, entrance. 

_L:w i'ialaifS.m. Bud, shoot, sprout. 6. (Aatl). 

^ Mam, s.m. A coil, twist ; curl, ringlet. 
i^tan, s.m. An alembic, still, retort; jar, 
vase; boiler, p. 

^Ucw JJiumdr, a. Drunken, intoxicated ; in- 
toxicating, languishing (as the eyes), s.m. 
Headache, sickness ailer a debauch, p. 

JJiamba, s.f. A kind of com bin made 
of wattles, and plastered over with clay. 
Ihamat^ a. Plump,chubby (as a baby). 

ij^^ Uiamachah^ a. Little, short, small. 
yhamacha-guta, s.f. The little finger. 
JJtamarhe'puH'hta''U s.f. The short ribs. 

^^s:^ ihamache, s.f. Coarsely ground millet 
or rice, broken rice; millet bread, h. 

^Ay4^ liufnya-t, s.f. A drinking flask or cup ; 
a small drum carried by beggars ; a small 
mat of palm leaves used to pray upon. a. 
^^u..»s> Hamsor, a. Familiar, free, uncere- 
%^j/*^ Mttmazarai, s.m. See ^loll. 
^j,^S^ ihaman^ a. Bent, curved, crooked, p. 

ktamlr, a. Fermented, leavened, a. 

Digitized by 


JJiamira, 8.f. Dough, leaven, yeast, 

?Li l^undq, a.m. A disease of the ihroat ; 

quinsy, a. (Mundq). 
y^<^ M^avj&ra, s.f. A kind of millet grain, 
^^ct. JJianjar, a.m. A dagger. ▲• 
JjCaci-L Mf^ja^t s.m. The mastic tree and 

fruit (Pista CahuUca). 

I'handf s.m. Name of a boy's game 

played with knuckle bones ; marbles. 
Idkandd, s.f. A laugh; laughter. P. 

jx^ Mcindaq^ s.m. A ditch, moat, fosse, a. 
Ja:^ Mandal, v.a. To laugh at, scoff, 

J^. jc^ I'ianda-fvul, v.a. To cause to laugh. 
sjcj>^ Mianda/if s.m. A pointer dog. Also 

v^-jc^ I'hundl, a. Preserved, protected, kept; 

arranged, settled. Ihundhkawul, v.a. To 

keep, preserve, take care of. 
JjoJo^ I'handcdal, v.n. To giggle, laugh, 

titter, p. (I'landidan). [protect, etc. 

Jojuri. Mundtyalf v.a. To keep, guard, 
,>:^ Jjland, s.m. Stump of a tree. 
^>iiw Mandan, s.m. Zedoary {Curcuma 

zerunbet). [perate. P. 

\JS:.6^ hhunuk^ a. Cold, cool, chilly; tem- 
, <x:^ hhunuh'i, s.f. Coldness, chilliness. P. 
^ hhn^ s.m. Tinder, touchwood; a kind of 

sugar cane. h. ytOf ad. Certainly, surely; 

then, at least. 
^•^ yh^dt s.f. Margin, side, direction, 

quarter; nature, temperament; constitu- 
tion, health ; desire, wish, 
^^i- hhivdr, a. Poor, wretched ; abject, mean ; 

lean, thin ; friendless, ruined, p. 
sj}i>- fJiftun, s.f. Poverty, beggary, ruin ; 

distress, etc. 

( 67 ) ji^ 


/c^jvdrah, s.m. Food, victuals. 

ij^^yL M^dst, s.m. Desire, wish; want, 

request. P. 
3^\^ Mirtdkhhctf s«f* Mother-in-law. p. 

a)^^ M^dla, s.f. Disclosing, revealing. 

Mwdla^fvayal, v.a. To disclose, reveal. 
,^'^ Mn^dn, s.m. J A tray, salver, platter. 
j^\j:>^l'irvdncha, P. A small tray. 

dastar^M^vdn, s.m.. A table-cloth, table- 

cover. P. 
f^Jjjb\y>^ Mfcdhish, s.m. Desire, inclination, 

wish. P. 
sy^ &bob, s.m. Sleep, slumber; a dream. 

p. (k^rtdb). Mub, a. Good, excellent; 

amiable, pleasant ; fair, beautiful, p. 
^<>y^ M^f>h s-f« Excellence, beauty, good- 
ness, etc. p. 
Aj^ Mota, s.f. A testicle. 


MrvadzaTvul, v.a. To move, shift. 

remove, shake, agitate, wag. 
JjuaL^ l^rvadzedalf v.n. To move, shake, 

wag, stir. 
j^ liad, pr. Self (in comp. only). P. Mod, 

ad. See ^ . 
<iJj^ Mddala, s.f. Bulrush, reed; the flower 

spike and down : the down is used as tinder. 
j^ Mor, s.f. A sister, pi. Mfvainde. P. 

(Mrcdkar). Mor, a. Open, expanded, 

blown (as a flower) ; dispersed, scattered ; . 

loose, dishevelled. Hwa-ar, s.m. Scurf, 

scab, crust ; bark, peel, rind, husk. 
C/<j^ Min:urdk, s.m. Food, victuals, diet^ 

eatables, p. 
^^jy^- Jdijvurdkl, a. Edible, eatable, esculent. 
l^jy^ Miordza, s.f. Sister's daughter, niece. 
^^^^p^j^ Jkhlrjln, ) s.m. Portmanteau, carpet- 
^^^jy>- HU/jai, ) bag; a wallet, reticule. p» 
Ai-o>-j^£i. ihnrjlna, s.f. A travelling-cap with 

flaps to cover the ears. 
J^jy>- WiorUal, s.m. i Shears for shearing 
J^ ,^ J^orMiTftaU S *heep. 

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( 68 ) 


^j^j^ Mor'lanra, s.f. A sister's daughter 
(used by a clan or tribe to designate the 
daughter of any member after marriage). 

^^ l^on)ia, s.f. Incipient beard, down on 
the face. 

dSjj^ ihrvurindah, a. Gluttonous, gorman- 
dizer, p. 

I'hrvarawul^ v.a. To open, expand, 
loose, dishevel, spread out, disperse, scatter. 
hhUrarcul^ To feed, supply with food. 

,^,»^^attra-Z,s.f.Alum. ^^awrai,8.m. See 

J Ju>^^ yhwoixdal^ v.n. To expand, blossom, 
blow ; to disperse, spread, scatter. 

^iy ,^ Uiormya^ s.f. Adopted sister, female 

y^S^^j^ Wiormgai^ s.m. Sisterly love, friend- 

* ship among women. 

s^ji^ yhora-Cf a.m. Sister's son, nephew. 

j^ hh^car^ B.m. Ravine, watercourse, dry 
bed of a river. 

cji^ M^ural^ v.a. To eat, feed; bite. p. 

Jjfjjs^ ihurajvuloT ihmiraftul^ v.a. To feed, 
victual, supply with food. 

*j^ Wotara^ s.f. Donation, gratuity, sub- 
scription ; sandy bed of a ravine or dry 
.^ Wiog., a. Sweet, hlng., a. See ^r;-. p. 

^X^ji^ ^(Jljt'fora?, a. Sweetish, pleasant. 

^^f.^ Mi^vagjOL*Kala^ s.f. Liquorice root. 

jjlp- Mitlsh^ a. Agreeable, pleasant, p. 

4^yL^ ^adioe^ s.m. See ^^Li. 

iJU^ MiOsha^ s.f. An ear of com, bunch of 
grapes, spike of flowers, etc. p. 

\jti^ M^cakMf ft* Delighted, pleased ; plea- 
sant, agreeable; charming, attractive, p. 

tfi'^ Mn:aH'hl, s.f. Will, pleasure, choice; 

delight, joy, gladness, p. ij^a^l). 
^■.uijS> JkhKal'khaia. s.f. See a\»^. 
v-J^ Mo/f s.m. Fear, fright, alarm, a. 

u-^ Mi^fff s.m. A pig, hog. P. (M^k). 
J^ Mol, s.m. A helmet, steel cap; case, 

sheath, h. 
^d^ IJtJvula^ s.f. A divorced wife who is 

taken back and received by the husband. 
iJ^ ^«?a&, s.f. (sing, obsolete) Perspiration, 

sweat p. {ihivae). 
^y^ yhola-l^ S.f. A cap, skuli-cap. 
^^ yhUn^ s.m. Murder, manslaughter; 

blood, p. 
,V^ Ihu^n, s.m. A murderer. 
jJ^ IJjtcandt s.m. Flavour, taste ; pleasure, 


C/Ujo^ MiKand^naky a. Agreeable, plea- 

4j^ yhnna^ s.f. Cliambcr, room ; court, 
hall, house ; family, tribe, r. (Ihdnd). 
J^arcana, s.f. Olive tree. 

v^^ Mioe^ s.m. Temper, disposition, nature; 
custom, habit, manner, p. Uho). 

^^ IJfTv'id or Mld^ B.m. Green com (used 
as fodder), p. 

JjuJ^ i'/jna-edal, v.n. To slip, slide, fall. 

^bL^ fJiayahan^ s.m. An avenue; flower 
bed. p. 

j^^ kL^ydr^ s.m. Choice, selection, trial, a. 

IrLfiw Miydfj s.m. A tailor, a. 

JUrw k/jiydlf s.m. Fancy, idea, thought; 
opinion, suspicion ; delusion, vision, a. 

oiLsw lu^iydnat, s.m. Embezzlement, rob- 
bery of entrusted property; perfidy, 
treachery, a. 

A^^ Meta, B.f. See »^. 

cITj^jS- ib(udak, a.m. Sour milk. 

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( 69 

///7r, a. Enraged, angry ; sorry, vexed. 

r. i^Wra). hhair, a. Good, well. s.m. 

Happiness, welfare ; health, goodness ; 

alms, charity. A. 

ti;^-^ Vlaxrdt^ Alms, charity, a. 

i^6^ Ihlra, s.f. Dirt, filth, pollution, ordure. 

^, .^ J/Jftran, ) a. Dirty, soiled, filthy, pol- 

^;^ lilrai, J luted. 

•^ ZZ'^-, s.m. Bounding, leaping, rising, p. 

J.:-^ Micjanid^ v.a. To lift, elevate, raise, 

erect, p. (I'hczdndan). 

j^ l/tlf/i, s.m. The scab of a sore. 6. (l/jdj). 

^j.^ MetMf s.m. A kinsman, relation; 

wife's relations, p. (l/oce.^). 

^.^.-^ khehkhl^ s.f. Relationship by marriage. 

CS^^ JjJnliy A large inflated hide (used 

to cross rivers upon). 
Jwo- I'helf s.m. A clan, tribe ; division of a 

clan, family, a. 
^''^ J^ I'hcl'Mdiia, s.f. Clan, kindred. 
Aj<- Ihyam, a. Coagulated, solidified, 
hardened (as the cheese, milk, etc.). a. 
^ JJiama^ s.f. A tent, marquee, a. 



J ddl is the thirteenth letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet ; it has a soft dental sound, and 
is often changed to J in words derived 
from the Per.sian and Sanskrit. 

^ da, A particle, the sign of the Genitive 
case ; it always precedes the word it 
governs, and is not affected by gender or 
number. It is sometimes used as the 
fign of the Ablative case instead of the 
panicle J. Ex. Ai ^ 3 da kill wa, for aJ 
aj 1^ la lull na, from the village. 

o di^ pr. 1. A form of the Genitive and 

Instrumental cases singular of the second 
personal pronoun s^ tah^ thou. Also 
written ^^j de. 2. A form of the Obliqne 
cases singular of the proximate third per- 
sonal pronoun ^o de, he, she, it. 3. The 
sign of the third person in both numbers 
of the Imperative Mood. 
^ J da, pr. One of the proximate demonstra- 
tive pronouns ; this ; that. 
c-?^ J dCtb^ s.m. The large wooden axle of a 
Persian wheel; custom, manner; con- 
dition, situation, a. 
^J\^ ddha, s.f. A quadruped, beast, brute; 

cattle* A. 
^Jo?U ddtkat, s.m. A plant used in dyeing 

(Grislea tomentosa). h. (d/idrl). 
Sjy^^ ddttlra, s.f. Tlie thorn apple (Datura 

fastifosa). H. (dhatilrd). 
^\j ddj, s.m. Darkness, obscurity. A mar- 
riage portion : all that a wife takes with 
her to her husband, a. {dahez). 
J^'j ddl/Jnl, a. Entered, arrived, s.m. 

Arriving, entering, a. 
j^j dad, s.m. Equity, justice, law; revenge ; 

(in comp.) given, bestowed, p. 
^jU dddd, in. A terra of affectionate address 
to a father or elder brother. Dear father I 
dear brother! h. 
^o ddr, s.m. Gallows, gibbet, stake. P. 
Dwelling, mansion. A. Master, owner, 
possessor, etc. (in comp.). p. A current, 
jet, spirt, stream. 8. (dhdr). 
jj\j ddi'Hf s.m. Medicine, physic; gun- 
powder. H. 
Ai^b ddrof^ah, s.m. Overseer, superinten- 
dent, manager. P. 
»j\o ddra, s.f. A stream, jet, spirt ; cascade. 

6. (dhdr). 
JUy J ddrydl, s.m. A tambourine. 
.^j ddr^ s.m. A band, company, gang (of 

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( 70 ) 

robbers). 8. (ddr). A jaw tooth, grinder, 
molar. 8. (ddrA). 

JJij ddralj v.a. To bite, lacerate, tear with 
the teeth (as a dog, etc.). To scold, re- 
prove, snap at. 

jr^^ J ddra, s.f. A foray, raid, surprise ; cattle 
lifting; band, gang (of robbers); molar 

^Jz^\i^ ddstdn, s.m. A fable, story, tale. p. 

v.::.^^ ddkkhtf s.m. A potter's furnace or 
oven. Durability, strength, endurance, p. 

cb dd^, s.m. A spot, stain, blemish, mark; 
scar, cicatrix ; brand, cautery, p. 

^b dd^l, a. Spotted, stained; scarred; 
cauterized; branded; blemished. P. 

Jb ddl, s.m. Pulse, lentils, vetches. 8. a. 
Expressive, significant, typical (in comp.) a. 

^"i^i^cULldUfSAn. Anteroom, hall, vestibule. P. 

J J ddm, s.m. A net, snare, trap. P. 

^\j daman, s.m. Border, skirt (of a gar- 
ment, etc.) ; base or foot of a mountain. P. 

bb ddnd, a. Learned, wise. s.m. A wise 
man. p. 

^Ub ddtid'l, s.f. Wisdom, knowledge. P. 

o^^iJb ddhisl, s.m. Knowledge, opinion. P. 

^^b ddnlsh^ s.m. Intelligence, learning, 
science, p. 

Ciob ddng, s.m. Name of a small coin; 
the sixth part of a^V:^ j (dinar). 

^b ddna, s.f. A berry ; corn ; grain, seed ; 
pimple, boil; speck, granule, p. ddna^ 
ddr, a. Granular, tora-ddna, s.f. A boil, 
black head, furuncle ; name of a black 
seed used in medicine. 
•b {fa/r, s.m. Ambuscade, ambush ; oppor- 
tunity, power; time, turn, stroke (at play); 
stake, wager ; cast or throw at dice, etc. 

P. H. 

4^b dd-'i, 8.f. Nurse, midwife. P. 

jyb ddrira, s.f. A circle, orbit, nng; em- 
blems, lines, symbols (used as amulets and 
charms). A. 

Jb dd'hn, a. Always, continual, perpetual, a. 

»j\jj dubdra, ad. Again, second time. P. 

cl^J dabbdfjih, s.m. Currier, tanner, a. 

^Ij J dabbdf/h'if s.f. Business of a tanner. 

Jub J dabdndi, ) ad. Outside, upon, on top, 

^^jJbj dabd)id€, ) above, over. 

j\jj dabdWp s.m. Authority, power, strength ; 
subjection, pressure, h. 

A; J^ J dabdaba, s.m. Dignity, pomp, state, a. 

_L J dablai, s.m. A box, casket, u. (dibbi). 

sj^ daba, s.f. A jar or flagon made of un* 
tanned hide, and used to hold oil, butter, 
etc. u. (dabbd). 

^j dabl^ s.f. Fruit ripened in straw or 
leaves, etc. 

c-.'j dapf a. Deafened, stunned, stupefied. 

Jb J dapdra, ) p. For, for the sake of, on 

*^b J dapdra, j account of. 

A;^j dupatta, s.f. A sheet of two breadths, 
used as a mantle or shawl, h 

^U- J dujdj, s.m. Domestic fowl. a. 

/^*^ duMjtar^ s.f. Daughter, girl, virgin. P. 

i^j dalkhU s.m. Access, entrance; intru- 
sion, interference; produce, profit; ad- 
vantage. A. 

tf^«^j dayhma, s.f. Ambush, lair, cover. 

jj rfarf, s.m. A beast of prey, rapacious 
animal, p. 

j^ dar, s.m. A door, p durr, s.m. A pearl. 
A. datf A particle used as a pronominal 
dative prefix of the second person with 
verbs and adverbs, without change for 
gender or number. Ex. dar dzam (I come 
to tliee), dar bdndx (upon thee), etc. 

jI^j dardz, a. Extended, long. p. 

•x^l^j dardmad, s.m. Entrance, p. 

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(71 ) 


^1^ durdnJ, s.m. Name applied collectively 
to the western tribes of Afghans, p. 

^\jj dard'i, s.f. A kind of red silk cloth, p. 

c-jr^j drab, s.m. A bang, crash; roll, rum- 
ble. Name of a grass {Agrostis linearis). 
H. {dab). 

j[jji^ darbdr, s.m. A court, audience hall; 
levee, p. 

^c.b^j darbdrc, a. Courtly, s.m. A courtier. P. 

Az<,j darbacha, s.f. See tor .j. 

Jjj^ drabal, v.a. To shake, press down (as 
flour, etc.). drabal, v.n. To subside, settle, 
sink, fall in, break down (as a roof, etc.); 
to crash, crumble. 

^^j drabala-l, s.f. A tripod. 

^♦^.j drabai, s.m. A bang, crash, crumble, 

" roll, rumble. 

k^jlj^ draparai, s.m. Nettlerash, hives. 

^j^ darj, s.m. A place for writing; written; 
a volume, a. 

i^j^ darja, s.f. Degree, rank ; step, stair, a. 

fzS^j>i draMlta, s.f. A tree, shrub, p. {da- 

d-^^^jj darkhvdst, s.m. Appeal, demand; 
entreaty, request ; desire, wish; proposal. P. 

J;J dardf s.m. Pain, ache, affliction ; com- 
passion, pity, sympathy, p. durd, s.m. 
Dregs, sediment, p. 

^.^j.j dardman^ a. Pained, afflicted, dis- 
tressed, p. 

jjO darz, s.m. A crack, split, flaw ; seam, 
suture ; a rag, slip, strip, shred, etc. (of 
cloth), p. 

4^j^J darzl, s.m. A tailor, p, 

^^^jrfar5,8.m. A lesson, reading; lecture, a. 

ss^^ji^ droit, a. All, whole, entire; fit, 
proper; just, true. ad. Entirely, wholly. 
P. idurust). 

is^jj darasta, s.f. Arms, armour, weapons. 

^ .J durusht, a. Bough, hard, harsh, stiff, 

rigid ; fierce, surly, morose, stem. p. 
^jj durushn, s.f. Asperity, roughness, 

severity, sternness, fierceness. P. 
Jj«. J darshal, s.f. The frame of a door. 
JLc^j darghal, a. False, base (as coin, etc.). 

s.m. Cheat, liar, hypocrite; depravity, 

treachery, vice. 
J^^j darghalaKul, v.a. To cheat, deceive, 

mislead, h. Krtarghaldna). 
J^i^j darghol, s.m. A gap, vent, sluice (as 

in a canal) to carry off the water of 

floods, etc. 
CJj<^ darak, s.m. Mark, sign, trace ; abode, 

place; entrance, passage; commencement; 

knowledge, understanding. A. 
^ , J drahar, s.f. Main spoke of a wheel ; rim 

or felloe of a wheel. 
i^ij^ dargdhf s.m. Court, palace ; threshold ; 

throne (divine); a shrine, sanctuary, 

mosque. P. 
A^ J darga, s.f. A copse, brake, thicket. 
Jj^j darJal, v.a. ) To have, own, possess^ 
J^^J darlarcul, J maintain, keep, retain. 

See J^. 
A, J diram, s.m. Money, specie; name of a 

coin ; name of a weight. P. See >iJ^«>« 
fj^jj darmdn, s.m. Drug, medicine, re- 
medy, p. 
>jjU ,J darmdfidahf a. Distressed, destitute. P. 
^jJUjJ darmdndag'i, s.f. Adversity, dis- 
tress ; poverty, penury, misery. P. 
oo^^j dirma}ul, s.m. A threshing-floor; 

garner ; harvest heap. p. iMirman). 
^L^j daf*m!t/dnp a. Between, amidst, 

among. P. 

darandnat, s.m. Heaviness, solidity, 

weight; steadiness, constancy; courtesy, 

politeness, respect (to a superior). 


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f jJ^j darindak, a. Rapacious, savage, 

fierce. P. 
ijjjj^ dran^f s.m. Delay, procrastination, 

hesitation, p. {dirang). 
jyj diraw, Reaping, mowing, harvest- 
ing, p. 
sj^jj^ danvdza, s.f. Gate, entrance, door. p. 
^^•j^ dancdn, a.m. A gatekeeper, porter, p. 
tjjjj darild, s.m. Benediction, blessing, p. 
^.^J darUz-gar^ s.m. A carpenter, p. 

»j.jj drUza, s.m. Stubble ; sliavings ; chaff, 
i^^j danvafl, ) s.m. A cut, slit, or mark 
,^j darghivag^ J in the ears of cattle (for 

c^j^darogkfSJn. A lie, falsehood, untruth, p. 
^^^^•j^ daroglijan^ \ a. False, lying, s.m. 
^jLi^^j daroghjan^ J A liar. 
Jw«.^j drUmal, v.n. To go, depart, set out, 

run, start. 
^jjii darUn^ a. In, within, p. 
JjjjjJ dnlnd, a. Ueavy, weiglity, ponderous. 
jr*^j dro/i, s.m. Artifice, deceit, evasion, 

fraud ; stratagem, feint (in war) ; hatred, 

malice, spite. 8. 
^j»^*i darnai, s.m. Name of a reed from 

which mats are made (Arundo karJ:d). 
Jy^^j^ danvcz-gar^ s.m. A beggar, mendicant, 
ij^^.j danveza, s.f. Beggary, mendicancy. 

p. (daryUza). 
Ks^^jjO darttlsht^ a. Twenty-three. 
tij^ dnra^ s.f. A birch, scourge, cat of three 

tails. A. dara, s.f. A glen, valley ; defile, 

gorge, hill pass. p. 
^^«J dir/tam, s.m. A drachm ; name of a 

coin equal to the twentieth o^ a dinar, a. 
^•;m.j>^j dar-hiS(a, ad. Towards or near thee 

or you. 

-^*^ ^' ! a. Three. 8. Uiri). 
g?^ J dre, ) 


*— ^^^*> 

^^jj dara-lf a.f. A carpet. H. idcuti. 

darydb, s.m. River, sea, ocean. P. 

^^\j^ J darydbl, a. Aquatic, of the sea. 

cu^b^J daryd/t, s.m. Enquiry, investiga- 
tion; discovery, comprehension, under- 
standing, p. 

4UsC;j dari^a, s.f. A vindow, ventilator; 
air hole in a wall. p. 

Jjkj^j daredal, v.n. See Jj^*^^. 

i/^^^j*^ dre-kkhdMicUf^^^> A three-pronged 

" pitchfork used to winnow com. 

^^J dreghf s.m. Disinclination, repug- 
nance ; sigh, sorrow, p. (daregh). 

AJu^j dregha^ s.m. Alas! Ueigh hoi P. 

ijj^ darya^ s.f. See Jlt^^i>. 

Jjjjjj drazedal, ) v.n. To flutter, palpitate, 

Jo^j dra/cedal, ) bound, quiver, h. {d/ia- 

»jj dara^ s.f. A chip, splinter, fragment. H. 
dare-dare, a. Shattered, in atoms, bits, etc. 
dara, s.f. A stone or weight fixed to the 
lighter scale of a balance to equalize both 
sides, u. (d/iard). A ridge or bank of 
earth, high land, crest of a hill. 

J^j*} dara-'i, s.f. A dry measure equal to four 
ser or eight pounds. H. idhari). A front- 
let, ornament worn on the forehead by 
women, darai, s.m. A shelf, cupboard. 

jj J duzdf s.m. A robber, thief, p. 

sj:^«jj da^tf s.m. Purge, stool. Cubit, 
hand. p. 

jt^j dastdr, s.m. A turban, p. 

Cil-wJ dasia/:, s.m. Account book; passport, 
pass ; summons, warrant, p. 

^^^Cs-»j dastakai, s.m. A small rafter placed 
' over the large beams in a roof. 

iJLL^j dasfgala, s.f. A glove, mitten; 

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( 73 ) 


AiUs.M> dastmdya, s.f. The handle strap of a 

J .,.- ^.% dastanibolg s.m. A musk melon. 
jf -^ dastUr, s.m. Custom, fashion, nsage ; 

mode, manner, regolation. A clyster, 

enema. P. 

dasta, s.f. A handle; pestle; quire of 

paper ; nosegay ; bundle of 24 arrows ; a 

bundle, handful ; skein of thread or silk ; 

division, brigade, etc. of an army. p. 
rfj dasHp a. Manual, of the hand. ad. 

Quickly, immediately, sharply, 
ks-'j dasJJ*at, s.m. Signature, p. (dost* 

o*4,,> dakkhtf s.m. Desert, wild, waste. P. 

^-4^j dukl'hman. s.m. An enemy, foe. P. 

^^y^4,j duHhmani, \ s.f. Enmity, hostility, 
^j^, J dukkhnl, ) hatred. 
Ujrfe^'a, s.f. Benediction, blessing ; prayer; 

imprecation, invocation, a. 
s:Lf^^ daicat^ s.m. Convocation, invitation ; 

entertainment, feast, a. 
i»xj ddita^ s.f. Claim, plaint ; accusation, 

action at law. a. 
\i J dof/ha^ s.f. Deceit, imposture, treachery, p. 
<uaij da^da^a^ s.f. Alarm, call to arms ; 

tumult A. 
4ui J da^hma^ s.f. A welt, weal, mark of a 

Aij daghah^ pr. The proximate demonstra- 
tive pronoun: this, these, a. (dl^ah or 

%-?j daf, s.m. A tambourine, p. 
^j da/tar, ^.m. Record, register, roll; 

archives ; a book ; land, estate, registered 

share of land. p. 
iUiJ dqftty s.f. Averting, repelling; time, 

turn ; moment, a. (dafa^). 

^ J da/an, s.m. Burial ; funeral. A« 

J J diqq^ s.m. Trouble, vexation; hectic 
fever, a. 

^uJ J daqlqa, 8.f. A minute, moment ; any- 
thing minute or subtle ; a trifle, unimpor- 
tant matter, a. 

Jj dal, s.m. Bruised or coarsely ground 
grain, grits, s. (daliyd). dil, s.m. The 
heart, soul ; courage. P. 

cl/|j!f J da/d::dl', s.m. Name of a tribe who 
formerly held the Peshawar valley, whence 
they were ejected by the Afghans 

J^j dalldl, s.m. A broker, agent, salesman; 
a pimp, go-between ; horse dealer, a. 

jyj di/drrar, a. Brave, ga11ant,courageou8. P. 

i^jy^ d'tldfcarl, s.f. Bravery, courage. P. 

^Uj dalbdr. s.m. See^U^J. 

aJ J dalba, s.f. A lure for hawks. A. (talaba). 

Ai! J dalta, ad. Here, hither. P. (dar injd). 

J j! J dahlal, s.m. A quagmire, quicksand. H. 

*j! J dahva, s.f. A bucket, water-pail. a. 
J J da/a-l, s.f. A com stack or rick, dale, 
ad. See aiIj. 

JJj daltf, s.m. Demonstration, proof; di- 
rector, guide. A. 

j^j dant, s.m. Breath, life ; ambition, pride ; 
moment, minute ; edge of a sword ; stew- 
ing over a slow fire. P. dum, s.m. Tail, 
end, extremity. P. 

cUj dirndgh, s.m. The brain, a. 

4u«Uj damdma, s.f. A kettledrum. P. 

JL/tj dinnhdl, ad. After, behind, in rear. P. 

iOL^J dumbdla, s.f. A rear guard, p. 

^•j dumch'i, s.f. A crupper. P. 

a.«jl^j damdama^ s.f. A mound, bastion, re- 
doubt. A. 

^j^^ damraA, s.f. The eighth part of a 
paisa. u. 

A^j dama, s.f. Breath, respiration; rest, 
repose, ease; asthma; a pair of bellows. F. 

Digitized by 



( 74 ) 


s.f. The fat-tailed sheep, p. 

J-J*> dunbal, a.m. A boil, bubo, p, 

A^* J dunba, 

i^j dumba, 

jjj du7id,3.m. Haze, mist, smoke; obscurity, 

darkness, gloom, h. (dhuiidh). 
jj^\jJ J datiddru, s.m. A boil, carbuncle. 
^\yjj dandana, s.f. Tooth of a saw or 

comb ; a cascade, waterfall, p. 
/»^^jjj dandu/idr, s.m. Noise of thunder, 

roar of artillery, tumult; haze, smoke, etc. 
^L>-VC; J dmilcdcha, s.f. See AarK^J. 
cl& J (/a;2y, a. Tall, high (in stature), s.m. 

A tall man ; a jump, leap, vault, bound. 
J$Sj daiigal, v.a. To jump, leap, bound. 
J^ J dangamil, v.a. To make jump, leap, 

etc. (as a horse over a fence); to throw 

one off a wall, horse, etc. 
<lJj da7ia7ia, p. In, within, inside, p. {an- 

Lj J dunhjd, s.f. The world; people; wealth, a. 
•J dica or do, a. Two (in comp.). p. daw, 

s.m. See ^b. dau, s.m. A run, race. 

dau'kaivul, v.a. To run. p. (date). 
\o dattd, s.f. Medicine, remedy; amulet, 

charm, a. 
ci^^^j da/vdt, s.m. An inkstand, a. 
iJ^J d/cdrah, a. Both. Corr. of dtvak'Wdra/i. 
^♦^J dubai, s.m. Summer, hot weather. 

dobl, s.m. A dyer, washerman. H. (dhobl). 
i^yj dap, s.m. Sunshine, glare, haze. B. 

jj%j dafvtar, s.m. Estate, hereditary, pos- 
session in land, fief. p. {da/tar). 
J^j dod, s.m. Custom, fashion, way ; dowry, 

property given with a bride; entertain- 
ment of a guest, a. Similar, like. ad. 

Likewise, similarly, dad, s.m. Vapour, 

smoke, p. 
ji^j dUr, a. Far, distant, remote, p. daur^ 

s.m. Revolution, circular motion; age, 

cycle, period ; time, turn. a. 
^j^^ daurdn, s.m. Time, age, cycle; vicis- 
situde, fortune; turn, period, revolution, a. 
^^,^j dUnna, s.f. See ^^y^* H. {dumid). 

Pens for writing the oriental character, 

made from the reed stalk. 
bj^j dura, s.f. Dust, dry earth. 8. (d/idr\ 
^j^j dozoM, s.m. Hell. p. 
^^ j^J dozalMt a. Infernal, hellish. 
^^ J dUza, s.f. Bosh, folly, nonsense, 
^j^j dUzai, s.m. A blockhead, booby, fool, 

simpleton, twaddler. 
^ji^^^j dost, s.m. A friend; lover, p. 
2u^j dusa, s.f. A rush, forcible entry. H. 

(d/uisd). dusa'kajcul, v.a. To invade, rush 

into, force through, etc. 
^^j dosh, s.m. The shoulder, back. ad. 

Last night, p. 
aSI^.j dosJtdla, s.f. A mantle or plaid made 

of two breadths of cloth sewn together, p. 
^Lsc^^j doshl'lidna, s.f. A vessel in which 

skins are placed preparatory to tanning, p. 
JjJi»^*}das/faral, s.m. A two-year-old goat, etc. 
<ljl:>«j doshanba, s.f. Monday, p. 
i^j do^, s.m. Butter-milk. P. 
^y*^«J doghdkjih, s.m. See r;^w\ 
clijj dicak, a. A two-year- old (colt, sheep, 

etc.). H. {doh). dak, s.m. A bodkin, 

knitting pin; spindle. P. 
^Ji^j du/cdn, s.m. A shop, workshop. P. 
^^•*i dukd/icha, s.f. A platform, ten*ace; 

form, bench, settle (before a door or shop) ; 

seat or raised earth round a tree, etc. 
xJ^O dukra, s.f. A kind of kettledrum. 
dj\i«j doffdnah, a. Double, twofold ; a prayer 

with two genuflexions. P. 
viu^^j daulat, s.m. Riches, wealth ; fortune, 

property; empire, state; cause, effect, 

means. a« 

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( 75 ) 


«J^j dofata-l, 6.f. A kick with both hind 


J dumai, s.m. 

Cold, catarrh, influenza. 

4^^j dama, B.f. 

^j dan, a. Abject, base, ignoble, ineiin. 

Tile. A. 
jj^j {//V/iJ, 8.m. See jJ J. h. (dhiindh). 
jj.j rfw/ja, 8.f. A bonfire, n. (dhuni). 
Jjj rf/?wt* or c/w/^I, ad. This much, to this 
sjj**^ donra-l or daunra-l, s.f. A milk pail. 

H. (dohnl)» 
It J d/cah, a. Two. 

^^j duha-i, s.f. Fireplace, chimney. H. 
" (duhiyd). 
«^tJ c/{7(?, s.m. Custom, fashion, usage. </;e?e, 

pr. plural of i^J dai, or de, This. 
I J rfaA, pr. This. See ^^J. </^7^, s.m. A 
Tillage, p. dah, in. A word used to driTe 
or urge a horse, 
d^'bj di/idt, s.m. The country, p. 
^\j^j dahdn, s.m. The mouth ; orifice, aper- 
ture. 1*. 
<C*lfrj da/idna, s.f. Bridle bit, mouthpiece, p. 
l^j dakadz^ s.m. Dowry, marriage portion, 
the property the wife carries with her to 
her husband, a. (dahez). 
1^ J da/ifa, s.f. A jaw tooth, grinder, tusk. 
c>-^*> dahshat, s.m. Alarm, fear, dread, 

terror, a. 
^^U^j dihqdn, s.m. Peasant, Tillager; 

ploughman, farm serTant. p. 
JjJjbj dahaledal, T.n. To fear, quake, 

tremble. H. (dahalna). 
ijy^j dahmardah, a. Bold, braTe, strong. 

dahmarda, s.f. A leTer. 
.ys>j (/r7/^{?r, s.m. A weaTer. 
^w^j da/tffs, s.m. Cuckold, term of abuse. 
A. {daiyHs). 

Aj^j (fa^a, s.f. The first ten days of Muhar- 
ram ; models of the tombs of Hasan and 
Husen carried about in procession daring 
that time. p. (daAd). 

^^-J dai or de^ pr. This. Also written *J 
dah, J da, and j dL A. (^fe or eft). 

^Uj rfiyar, s.m. The cedar tree {Cednu 

^Jj^ diydrlas, a. Thirteen. 

c::^bj dif/dnat, s.m. Honesty, probity;- 
piety, Tirtue. A. 

lo J c/eid, s.f. Brocade, p. 

Ajj-Lo J debdja, | s.f. Exordium, introdnc- 

4t^U£j dibdcha, ) tion, preface, a. 

c:^ J c/f^a^, s.m. Law of retaliation ; price 
of blood, fine paid for murder, wounding, 
etc. A. 

iisf,^ derhka, s.f. A cauldron, stewpan, cook- 
ing pot. p. (degdicii. 

jj J did, s.m. Sight, show, spectacle. P. 

Ssi^ diddr, 


s.m. InterTiew,sight,6eeing. p. 
Seen, obsenred. dtda, s.f. 

^^*v J dldan 
ijjj didah, a. 

The eye. P. 
. i^j dersh, a. Thirty. 
ijl^ dera, s.f. A dwelling, tent. H. (deri). 
vlioJ dcf/, s.m. A cauldron, boiler. P. 
A^J degdia, s.f. Stewpan, saucepan. P. 
^j d'oi, s.m. Beligion, faith, a. 
^Uj J JZiaar, s.m. Name of a coin, a ducat. 

The tenth part of a pice. a. 
^ji dim, a. Religious ; spiritual, a. 
^j deo, s.m. A demon, dcTil. p. 
j J^^^ dljtdl, s.m. A wall. P. {dlw&r). 
j ^^j^ d'ovdn, s.m. Divan, tribunal; steward, 
custodian ; a book of poems, the rhymes 
of which end successiTely with CTery 
letter of the alphabet, p. 
a3U J drmdnah, a. Mad. See ^Jy^* 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 

( 76 ) 


^ ifdt or de is the fourteenth letter of tbe 

Pukkhto alphabet. It is siniilar in sound 

to the Sanskrit 7, and corresponds to the 

3 da of the Ilindtlstanl. 
^\^ dad, s.m. Comfort, consolation. 
^^\^ dada, s.f An unripe ear of com ; the 

ear of Indian corn roasted for food. 
j\^ dor, s.m. Anxiety, fear; fright, terror. 

H. (dor). 
ij\^ ddra, s.f. Arbour, shed, hut of branches, 

a\i day, s.m. ) Clear,dry and level ground ; 
it\i (Idffa, s.f. ) a patch of hard and bare 

J^^ ddl, s.m. A shield, buckler. H. (dMl). 
ijL:^\^ ddjujat, s.m. A cotton carder's bow. 
sj^^i danda-l, s.f. The beam of a balance ; 

a pair of scales. H. (dandl), A blaze, con- 
C^y^ ddnff, s.m. A club, bludgeon, stick. H. 

Name of a coi^per coin, a penny. 
•CI CSj\^ ddnj-laka-l^ s.f. See «0l i^y. 
s^j^^^ ddngora-l, s.f. A small club, baton. 
^^^ ddnga-l, s.f. See •6\5. 
i^^ dabf s.m. A slap, blow, thump. H. 

(d/tap). An eddy, whirlpool; backwater, 

still water. Power, authority, strength. 

u. Fashion, shape; breeding, manners; 

mode, way. h. (dhab). 
Lg^,^.i dabdabajiai, a. Ansious, irresolute, 

cju>;^ dabdab, a. Apathetic, paralyzed, 

9jj^ dabara, s.f. A pebble, stone, boulder. 
^^ dabala-l, s.f. A mallet, pestle. 

J^^ dabcucul, v.a. To beat, thrash, pommel. 
^^ daiai, s.m. A brag, boaster, bully; 
term of abuse. 

A^^ dachka^ s.f. A trot; amble ; jolt 

^^ dad, a. Empty, vacant, void ; deep, bass, 

hoarse (sound). 
9\^i^ dadiUa, s.f. Haze, smoke; flame and 

^^^ dada, s.f. The flank, side ; edge, border ; 

^\j^ (lardn, s.m. A bellow, low, bray (as of 

ox, ass, etc.). 
Jj .^ ilirpal, s.m. A flatterer, parasite, toady. 
Jj^^ dirpatl, s.f. Flattery, toadyism. 
Sj^ data, s.f. Cfdp, splinter, frngment, shred, 

;^ r/rt^, s.m. Bang, burst, explosion, report. 

A braggart, bully, blusterer. 
;^^j^ daz'dilz, s.m. Report of firearms ; a 

Sjl^ darihara^ ) s.f. Butting, shoving, piish- 
i^^ da/joi'a, ) ing; a butt, shove, push. 

H. Uakkar). 
CS^ dak, a. Full, replete. 
JiS^ du/i'dl, s.m. Dearth, famine, scarcity. H. 
^^ daha, s.f. A thrust, jolt, shove, push. u. 

Kdhakkd). A clutch, grab, pounce, swoop. 

a. Pregnant, with young ; full. 
^^ dakai or dikal, s.m. A sapling, young 

tree; a dry stump or stalk; a twig, 

switch, stick, dry bush. 
Sit^i Amble, jog, trot; ambling 

*^^ daffo, 8«f* The penis. 

S^ dagai, s.m. A thin, lean, bony ox or 

horse, a rosinante. H. (daggd). 
J^ dal, s.m. A kind of rake ; cantonment, 

4]^ dala^ s.f. Assembly, crowd, mob. s. (dat). 
^^ du7?i, B.m. 'Same of a tribe or caste of 

musicians and dancers. H. (dom). 
4^l«^ damdma, s.m. A drum ; drumming. 
damdmC'tvahalt v.a. To drum. 

Digitized by 



( 77 ) 

M%^i damdam, s.m. Rattle, roll, sound of 

a drum. . 
a-c^ danbara, s.f. Hornet, wasp. Name of 

a tree with tbomy stems and dotted leaves; 

the black berries are used as pepper, and 

sticks are made from the branches* 
^•^ dand, s.m. A pool, pond, tank. 
ij^^^ danddra, s.f. A hornet, wasp ; a stem, 

stalk, sprout (of herbs); stalk of leaves. 
J%^^ dandfikaif s.m. A puddle, pool, tank. 
^JlJj^ dafiff, s.iti. Melody, tune, modulation, h. 
Jj^ dan^ar, a. Thin, lean, scraggy, s.m. 

Cattle ; a bullock, buffalo, h. (dangar). 

s^/j^ dhigara-i, ) s.f. A machine for draw- 

•Lfi^ dingala-iy ) ing water from wells (by 

means of a lever pole, which is supported 

on a post, and has a bucket slung at one 

end and a weight fixed at the other). 

H. (dhenkti). 
•^ daw, s.m. Flatus, emission of wind from 

«-ju^ dabf a. Drowned, immersed, sunk. H. 
^^;^ duda or dhvda, s.f. The hip, haunch; 

hip joint. 
^,)0 dodu'i, s.f. Bread ; food. B. (7'ofi). 
jt^ dar, s.m. Knitting, dur^kawul, v.a. To 

knit. H. Ulor). 
CSu^ dilzak, s.m. A brag, bully, 
^\.^ dtlza, s.f. Chatter, prattle, nonsense; 

boasting, bragging, bluster, swagger. 
9j^ ^^Uhi S'J^i- Expectoration, hawking, 

clearing the throat of phlegm. 
^m^ doghalf s.m. A cavity, hole, pit. 
Jj^ daul^ s.m. Manner, mode ; dress, 

fashion. H. dol^ s.m. A large drum; 

the cog-wheel of a Persian irrigation 

wlieel ; hopper, rim cf a hand- or other 

mill. H. Kdhol). 

Jllt^ dolkai^ s.m. A email drum. 
^•^dofa, s.f. A small bowl or basin; a cup, jar. 

•!.^ dola-tt ^'f* A 8e<li)n chair or litter 
(carried by two men). H. 

CJ^»^ dujnbakf s.m. The rattle or roll of a 

,J^^»i dQmbakai, s.m. A kettledrum, tam- 
bourine, gong, small drum. 

'»>£•) rf7rfa, s.f. A bung, plug, stopper; the 
piece of wood let into the hole of the lower 
stone of a handmill (to hold the iron pivot 
on which the upper one turns), deda^ a.{. 
A kind of ear-ring. h. 

ji'i ^!c^i a- Abundant, plenty, enough ; many, 
much. H. (dher). der'Tcdfai, s.m. Abun- 
dance, plenty. 

c?lnt^ rf^ra;!, s.m. A dunghill ; a cloth worn 
by women during the menses. 

ijii dera, s.f. A camp, tent, temporary lodg- 
ing. H. idcrd). 

fJjji^ dera-tf s.f. A hillock, mound, heap, 
pile. H. (dher'i), dcrai, s.m. A crowd, 
mob, multitude. 

Jb^ dlly s.m. Dress, mode, fashion ; form, 
manner, shape; body, bulk, size. h. 
di/-daul, s.m. Appearance, dress, costume, 

Cioj^ dl^iff, s.m. A crane, stork {Ardea spX 
ij^^ <-i^^ dtng-dlngai, s.m. Ding-dong, 

" lullaby, song, chime, nursery rhyme. 

yj^y^^ (/?/fa/af, s.m. A bankrupt. H. (dcwd- 

s^y^^ dlrcatp s.m. A candlestick, lamp- 
stand. 6. 

j«£^ dlrvad, s.m. A kind of perfumed candle 
used at weddings ; a lamp-stand* 

»y^i dlrca, s.f. A lamp. 8. (cf^/rd). 

J zdl is the fifteenth letter of the PokUito 
alphabet, and the ninth of the Arabic. It 

Digitized by 



( 78 ) 


is only found in words adopted from the 
latter language. 

%zJj zdt, s.m. Essence, nature, soul ; body, 
person, substance ; breed, caste, race. a. 

isstS sabfta, sS. Sacrifice, slaughter, a. 

^^^J SaMlra, s.f. Store, treasure; pro- 
Tisions, victuals. A. 

ijj zarra, s.f. An atom, bit, jot, particle, 
little. A. 

Jio zakar, s.m, Membrum virile. A. zikr^ 
a.m. Memory, recital, mention, relation, a. 

c:Jj g^illat^ s.m. Baseness, vileness, mean- 
ness. A. 

Jjj zalilf a. Abject, base, mean. a. 

^j zam, s.m. Blame, reproach, a. 

A^i si?n7na, s.f. Charge, trust; duty, respon- 
sibility, obligation, a. 

jjj zaug, s.m. Taste; delight, joy, pleasure, a. 

^6 zilifif s.m. Acumen, mind, sagacity, 
genius, a. 

^^i 3^a/un, a. Acute, sagacious, witty, a. 

J re is the sixteenth letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet ; it has a soft, but clear and dis- 
tinct, sound as the r in the word rain. 
A particle used with rcrbs and ad- 


verbs as a pronominal dative prefix for 

the first person : me, us, to me, to us. 

£x. rdkawtil, to give me ; rdtsaHa, with 

me, etc. 
v^U rdb, s.m. Syrup, n. 
i^ji^j rdOr'i, s.f. Caudle, gruel, pap. H. 
^\j rdlUa^ s.f. Bond, connection, link. A. 
\j\j rdbiyd, s.f. A pair of leather sacks or 

bags for carrying water upon bullocks, 

camels, etc. 
jy\j rdpori, ) ad. On this side, here, hither- 

i^jy^j rdpore, ) ward, near me, us, etc. ; 
up lo me, or us. 

Cjj\; rdta^t s.m. Arrival, coming. 

Jlj\j rdtlal, v.n. To arrive, come. See Jli'^. 

^j raj, s.m. Government, kingdom, reign, 

sway. 8. A mason, builder, bricklayer. H. 
\>'\j rdjd, s.m. A title of Hindu potentates ; 

kmg, prince, duke. 6. 
ijL^s^\j rdhat, s.m. Ease, quiet, repose, tran- 
quility. A. 
»j^j rdra, s.f. See *j*;^. 
j\j rdz, s.m. A secret, mystery, a. 
j^^ij^j rdz*ddr, a. Trusty, faithful, s.m. A 

jj\j rdziq, s.m. The Deity; provider of 

daily wants, a. 
^j^j rds, s.m. A bridle, leading-string, reins. 

H. Head; head of cattle, a. 
cu^w^^ rd3(, a. Right, just, true; straight, 

level ; right, right hand. p. 
^j^\* rdsti, s.f. Fidelity, justice, loyalty. 

ad. Truly, indeed, really, p. 
J--wi|^ rdshbel, s.m. A wooden shovel (used 

to winnow com). 
{J^^^j ^'o^slitdldif B-m. Refuse grain left on 

the ground after removal of the corn from 

the threshing floor. 
^J^\j rdshakai, s.m. A heap, lump, small 

iJ^\j rdsha, s.f. A heap of grain, provisions, 

supplies ; eminence, hillock, mound. 

rdska'dars^a, s.f. Visiting, acquaintance, 

^\j rdkkhko. s.m. A wire drawer ; puller, 

drawer, strainer. 
^\j rd^l, a. Agreed, content, willing, 

satisfied, a. 
c\j rdf^, s.m. A meadow, lawn ; villa, 

summer-house ; hill-side, declivity, p. 
JUK rdfjhlal, v.n. To arrive, come. (Not 

used in infin.) See JJj^^ . 

^j rdghah, s.m. Mountain skirt, hill-side. 

Digitized by 



( 79 ) 


^Ai]j rd/l:;^h s.m. A heretic, a. 

J^ . raql, s.f. Cornelian, red agate. 
^^^j rdkiSf s.m. The centre one of a bevy 
of oxen treading out com. rdkas, a.m. 
Demon, deviL 8. 

^}J\j rdAoTvut, v.a. To give me, or us. 

CJK rdff, s.m. Music, song, tune. s. 

Jx^\t rdmzadagl, s.f. A crowbar, lever; 

' roller. 

^^y^^j rdmUsai, s.m. The musk deer. 

'Jy^]j rdnjUnHnai, s.m. A box or case for 

" ranjah. 

Aa^l^ rdnjah^ s.m. Powdered antimony (ap- 
^plied to the edges of the eyelids as an orna- 
ment, and as a protection from excessive 
glare), colly rium. 

zSi\j rdndah, a. Driven out, rejected, ex- 
pelled. P. 

J^^ . rdmrvul, v.a. To capture, seize, take. 

Jj^\j rdwraU v.a. To bear, bring, carry, 
fetch, etc. (only applied to inanimate ob- 
jects). To bear, produce, bring forth, yield 
(as young fruit, etc.). p. {drcurdan). 

^y^^j rdrciestal, v.a. To lead, conduct, bring, 
fetch, etc. (only applied to animate objects), 
p. ijirhtddan). 

Aj rah, s.m. Road, way; manner (in 
comp.). p. 

^j^^\% rdh'ity s.m. Head man of a village. 

ir^>^.>\j rdlnsta, ad. Here, hither, this way, 
near me, etc. 

^\j rdc. s.m. Opinion, thought ; counsel, p. 

4-jr^ rahh^ s.m. The Deity, a. ruby s.m. 
Juice, syrup. P. 

In nhdy s.f. Usury, a. rild-MiOr^ s.m. An 

^\ij rabdb, s.m. A rebeck, violin, p. 

Vjjrabdft 8»ni. Hostelry, inn, caravansary, a. 

J J rabar, s.m. Bother, trouble, toil, labour, h. 

J^jpV r^brarvid, v.a. To bother, worry, fa- 
tigue, drive about. 

J'HjIj rabrerfal, v.n. To labour, toil, trudge 

about, faiigue oneself, etc. 
sjjj rabanra, s.f. Moonlight. 
L^j rap, s.m. A shelf, cupboard p. (raf). 
dX;^ rapak, s.m. A small shelf, bracket. 
Jjuj^ rapedal, v.n. To flutter, palpitate, 

quake, quiver, tremble, writhe, etc. 
cu?^ rat, A particle used with adjectives to 

denote intensity (mostly of colour). Ex. rat' 

tor, a. Jet black. raU^xn, a. Bright green. 
^j ratal, s.f. Name of a seed used as a 

weight (Abrus precatorius). b. (rattl). 
ij^j ra-at, s.m. A gush of tears, violent 

crying, a. Ample, capacious ; loose, open, 

J5^ ratal, v.a. To reject, turn away, repel 

(as a visitor). To abuse, scold, taunt, 

reprove, h. (ratnd). 
i^^frj rajrUma, s.f. A coUyrium box, case 

for powdered antimony. See Aac^l^ . 
c^^ rujif, s.f. Turning towards, return; 

bent, bias. a. 
^j rarh, s.m. A weavers loom. n. (rd^h). 

mch, s.m. Avidity, desire, pleasure (in 

eating), s. An ox that wounds itself by 

crossing the feet in walking. 
cuJo^^ r'Mat, s.m. Departure ; death, a. 
^j rahm, s.m. Compassion, kindness, 

mercy, pity. a. rijiam, s.m. The womb. k. 
^^U^. rahmdn, s.m. Tho Deity, a. Mer- 
ciful. A. [pity. A. 
cu%4ji-^ rahmat, s.m. Compassion, mercy, 
c:--c;-j raJcht, s.m. Apparel, furniture, goods, 

implements ; a plough ; tanned leather, p. 
^U^^ ru/Mdr, s.m. The cheek, face. P. 
d^^.^w^, rulsh^at, s.m. Discharge, leave, per- 
mission. A. 
i:,^ , ralhna, s.f. A cleft, fissure ; hole^ 

notch, fracture, flaw. P. See j(Jc*. 
i^j rayjta, s.f. Hatred, malice, spite. 

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( 80 ) 


Todd^ 8.m. RefutatioB, rejection; re- 
joinder. A« 

* J; radda, 8.f. A layer, series, row ; layer of 
bricks in a wall ; work of a day (mason's). 
H. iraddi). 

^J^^j radtff s.m. Following in regular snc- 
cession (as the letters of the alphabet), the 
rhyming word of a poem, a man riding 
behind another on the same horse, etc. a. 

^j rad, a. Ajar, open, wide open ; amazed, 
confounded, petrified, stunned. 

f^jj rara-l, s.f. Seed of a tree {MeUa sem- 

jj raz, s.m. A vineyard, p. 

JjJ ^^9f *-"^* See ^)^j . 

Jjj?^ rajedal, v.n. To cast off, moult, shed 
(as hair, horns, feathers, leaves, etc.); to 
be dispersed, shed, dropped, scattered, p. 
(reMtan, res-). 

^j ras, s.m. Extract, juice, sap. 8. Ar- 
riving (in comp. only), p. 

^Li^ risd/a, s.f. Mission ; book ; essay, 
letter ; troop of horse, a. 

^jcJL^ rasdtoidaU s.m. An archer, bowman. 

j^j rasad, s.m. Grain, provision, stores ; 
snpplies collected for an army. p. 

^^j rasam, s.m. Custom, law ; model, plan. a. 

\yj>j rusnd, a. Disgraced, dishonoured, p. 

t^^^^j rusfvd'i, s.f. Ignominy, disgrace, dis- 

J^^ rasul, s.m. A messenger, apostle; the 
prophet Muhammad, a. rasawul, v.a. 
To send to, to convey to, conduct or lead 
to, etc. ; make arrive. P. (rasdndan). 

^y^j rasawla-i, s.f. Bunion, com, gall, 
wen ; a cancer, diseased gland. 
•^ rasa-l, s.f. A cord, rope, string, b. (rassl), 

risita, s.f. Lane, series; connexion, 
relation. risAta-ddr, 8.m. Relation, kins- 
man. P. 

f^JJLj ra,shk, s.m. Envy, jealousy ; malice, 
spite, p. 

yS-^j rashakai, s.m. A small mound, tu- 
mulus ; heap, pile. 

^-^^j fishwat, s.m. A bribe, a. 

\r^j riH'hthjd, a. True. s.f. Truth, veracity, 
reality, p. (rdstl). 

i^t^-n \A^j rikkhtln-tobf s.m. Truthfulness, 
honesty, probity, righteousness. 

^^-i^j rikkhtlnai, ) a. True, truthful, vera- 

^y^j rikkhtUnai. ) cious ; honest, upright, 
•Cj»^ rikkhka-l. s.f. A band, fillet, ribbon, 
shred, slip, strip, fibre. P. (resha). 

\jj ra:;d, s.f. Assent, consent ; pleasure, 
will. A. 

cr^^^ rutuOat, s.m. Humidity, wetness, a. 

cuolc^ ridf/at, s.m. Attention, favour; pro- 
tection, kindness ; indulgence, remission ; 
honour, respect, a. 

ci-^^ rcLyaU s.m. A subject, tenant, a. 

<*=--^^ raghlai^ s.m. Avidity, desire, wish; 
pleasure ; affection, esteem, a. 

J.ji, rgharaKul^ v.a. To trundle, roll (as a 
hoop, etc.). p. {ghaltdnidari)^ 

i^^„j^j rgharedalf v.n. To roll, wallow, 
tumble, toss (as an animal on the ground) ; 
to roll, trundle (as a stone down a slope). 
Def. in past ten. p. (ghalixdaii). 

J:^^ rphakkhtaL v.n. See preceding word. 

^j raghdi^ s.m. A bowl, deep plate (as a 
soup plate); a deep and flat basket (in 
opposition to a shallow one). 

rflwirf, 8.m. Arrival; acknowledgment, \ J^frfl//ttr,s.m. Going, motion; gait, pace. p. 

receipt. P. 
J ju«)^ rasedal, v.n. To arrive, attain, reach, 
come up to, etc. p. (rasidan). 

nij ra/*a, s.f. Removing, repelling, a. 
rqfa'dq/*a, s.f. Deciding, settling, finish- 
ing. A* 

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( 81 ) 


J. raffly a.m. Darning, mending clothes; a 

darn. A. 
JU-* • ra/iq,B.m. Associate, comrade, friend, a. 
^uJ. raqs, a.m. A dance, dancing, a. 
ij6j ruq'a, s.f. A letter, note; bit, patch, 

piece. A. 
J, raqam, s.m. A royal edict; kind, sort; 

mode, method ; mark, sign. A. 
i-^^j raqib, s.m. Rival, enemy, a. 
i^^j ri/idb, s.m. Stirrup; escort, train, a. 

A platter, salver, tray. p. 
^1^ ri/idbl, s.f. A plate, dish. p. 
<zj^j rakdt, s.m. A genuflexion, prostration 

(in prayer), a. (ra/cat). 
^jsSj rakH'h. s.m. Furrow, groove (as of a 

rifle) ; line, rut, track, scratch, p. (raJJi). 
^, ruhi, s.m. A pillar, prop, support, a. 
c^j rukiC, s.f. Bowing the head or body (in 

prayer). A. 
i-j.^ rikeb^ s.m. A stirrup iron. p. iraklb). 
^^^j rikebi, s.f. See ^<^^. 
CJj rag^ s.m. A vein ; tendon ; nerve. P. 

rag'tvahal^ v.a. To inoculate; to bleed, 

let blood. 
^Jj rigarai, a. A child stinted in milk. 
^j ragai, s.m. Consanguinity, blood rela- 
" tion ; congenital or hereditary trait. 
ij^^j rambdra, s.f, A bellow, low (as of 


JL^ rambahai, s.m. The bellow of a bull. 
^^j rambuy s.f. A borer, centre-bit, auger. 

u. (barmd). 
^^^j rambai, s.m. A hoe, instrument for 
weeding; a cobblers knife for cutting 

leather, h. irambd). 
y%j ramZf s.m. A hint, nod, sign, wink. a. 
j^. ramuz, s.m. Enigma, riddle, a. 
^}•^J ramawul, v.a. To frighten, scare, ter- 
rify; to conduct or lead cattle (out to 
graze). H. (ramnd). 

L^j ra-ama^ s.f. Mucus ; muco-purulent mat- 
ter from the bowels ; any mucous discharge; 
dysentery. Also rAma^ and mostly used 
in the plural as ra-ame or r-ime. P. (rlw). 
ramma, 8.f. A herd, drove, or flock (of 
cattle, sheep, etc.). p. 

^j ra-amai or r-imai^ s.m. Dysentery, 
bowel complaint. 

J Ju^, ramcdal, v.n. To be alarmed, terrified; 
to flock, herd together. P. (ramidan). 

^j ranfh^ s.m. Aflliction, grief, pain; dis- 
gust, oflence, vexation, p. (ranj). 

UjpTj randzarah, s.m. Pitch, tar; crude tur- 

j^j randzUr^ a. AflSicted, sick, pained; 
distressed, grieved; oflended, vexed. P. 

i}^j randzarcul, v.a. To afllict, pain, vex, 

Jjuar'j randzcdal, v.n. To fret, grieve, be 
hurt, pained, distressed, p. (ranjtdan). 

CJ^j ranjak, s.m. Priming powder. H. 

S^j rind, s.m. Debaucliee, blackguard, rake. P. 

j\Sfj runddr, s.f. See^^JJ;^. 

ijjj randa, s.f. A plane ; carpenter's tool. P. 

Cj^j rang, s.m. Colour; paint; kind, sort; 
manner, method, way. p. 

sj;^j rangat, s.m. Crying, blubbering, weep- 
ing. H. (rokat). 

jijj ringar, a. 1 Beaten down, laid low, 

ojfij ringaral, ) levelled (as crops by 
wind and rain). 

fij rangai, a. Scanty, thin (as hair, crops, 
" rain, etc.). 

^^j rangin, a. Coloured, painted; varie- 
gated, etc. P. 

]/j ranrd, s.f. Light, daylight, brilliancy, 

lustre, etc. 
^ ro, a. Easy, slow, soil, quiet. rO'ro^ ad. 
Gently, slowly. rU, s.m. Face, surface. P. 


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( 82 ) 


Vy raita, a. Allowable, lawful, right, current, 
proper, etc. p. nrd, s.f. See |^« 

^\j riTcajf s.m. Custom, usage, fashion, a. 
Customary, current, fashionable, sale- 
able. A. 

^^i^ , rawra.vA, 8.m. Rhubarb; blanched leaf- 
stalk of the plant, p. 

^.j raTvdn, a. Current, flowing, moving, 
going, p. rurtdn, a. See ^jy 

*j\^j ratmnahf a. Despatched, departed. P. 
ra/rdna, s.f. A pass, passport, p. 

^^}j rarrdm, a.m. Course, proceeding. P. 

" ruwdni, s.f. See ^\fy 

d^^jj^ rindyat, 8.m. Fable, fiction, tale; 
history, a. 

j/.jj rUbarUf ad. Face to face, in front, oppo- 
site, p. 

yVyV ^P^'h S.f. Name of a silver coin, 
rupee. 8. (rupiyd). 

±»j rtcadZf s.f. A day, day, daytime. P. (roz). 

-•; ^hi s.itt- Soul, spirit, a. 

^^^ ro!^ or rilklj^ a. Fit, proper, ready ; 
side, direction, p. (rukh\ 

^s^^j ro^ai, a.m. Part, side (as of oppo- 

^^j rodf s.m. A river, stream. P. 

^}J•J ran:dalf v.a. To suck (as a child the 
breast). To mow, reap, cut (as corn, etc.). 

<JioJ«^ rodang, s.m. Madder (Stibia tine- 
taria). p. 

j^j roZf a.m. Day, daytime (in comp.). p. 

J^J^J ^^^9^^* ^•™* Employment, service; 
time, world, p. 

ij-^j*; rozmarraf ad. Always, daily, con- 
tinually, p. 

i^uj rozi, s.f. Daily food, sustenance, p. 

K^JV rojatai, s.m. A faster, keeper of Lent. 

ij^j roja, s.f. Fast, Lent. p. (roza). 

Jjfj rifgid, a. Habituated, accustomed ; af- 
fluent, comfortable, a. (raghd). 

(^^.^•^ rost, a. Decayed, carious, corrupt, 
rotten ; fetid, putrid, stinking. Ahosj^^^y 

y^^j rtlsto or nvusto, ad. See y^jy 

sj^^j rokkhdn. a. Bright, light, luminous; 
clear, manifest, conspicuous; glittering; 
radiant, refulgent, p. (roshdn). 

^•j roH'Itan, a. Bright, light, shining, p. 

^^^•j roH'hnd'i, s.f. Brightness, light, p. 

aJj^ rau::ia^ s.f. Mausoleum, tomb, garden, a. 

ipj roghf a. Hale, healthy, sound, vigorous, 

j-^jy roghlar^ s.m. Shaking hands, asking 
after health ; embracing. 

^V ^^3h<^'^i s.m. Grease, fat, tallow, p. 

Aijl^ rogha^ s.f. Amity, peace; harmony, 
intercourse, friendship. 

cS%j rok^ s.m. Cash, ready money. 8. 

CJ^j rog^ s.m. A strap, thong of a sandal, 
strap of a churning stick, etc. 

aSJ^ nvuga^ s.f. See $jjy 

JU;i^ rUmdl, s.m. A handkerchief; towel, 
napkin, p. 

t^j ran, s.m. The thigh. H. (ran). 

^yj rauTiaq, s.m. Beauty, elegance ; order, 
symmetry; ornament, splendour, a. 

Jjl^ rdtjr, a. Bright, lustrous, radiant, shining. 

iju roh, s.m. Name of an extensive tract oc- 
cupied by the Eastern highlands of Afghan- 
istan, between Kandahar on the west and 
the Indus on the east, Badakhshan on the 
north and Sind on the south. 

^X^lf rohilai, s.m. A Rohilla, native of Roh, 
so called by the people of IlindllstAn ; a 

^yj^ratcai or riwai, s.m. A ghost, goblin, 
demon ; nightmare, rt?^, s.m. Face, coun- 
tenance, surface ; cause, reason, sake. p. 

^*=^i; ^'^7y^^ s.ui. Appearance, shape, etc. a. 

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( 83 ) 


J juj^ rU-edalp v.n. To cavil, dispute, wrangle. | ij»^j ra-U, 8.111. A chief, prince, lord. k. 


mj rahata, s.f. Content, ease, tranquility. 

A. (rdlkat). 

rahat, a.m. A wheel for drawing water, 

an irri|?ation wheel, h. 
JL>, rakelp a.m. Reading desk, support for 

a book. P. (raitl). 
^j, raif s.m. Price current, rate, tariff. 
\ljrhjd, a.f. Di88imulation,eva8ion, hypocrisy. 

A. rayd, s.f. Braying of an ass. 
\,z^^\lj riydsat, s.m. Command, dominion, a. 
\^^J>\lj riyd^at, s.m. Temperance, conti- 
nence. A. 
J&jj riyd'kdr, s.m. A hypocrite, a. 
jLjj rebdr^ s.m. A go-between, match-maker 

(between lovers or betrothed couples). 
ijj\ij rebdrJ, s.f. Match-making, etc. 
^^•^j rebdUn, s.m. Name of a tree ( Tecoma 

J^j rebal, v.a. To mow, reap, cut (as com, 

ter^ rlcha, s.f. Young louse, nit, egg of a 

louse ; a particle, jot, tittle, rldjie^ridie, 

p. Atoms, particles, bits, etc. 
^ , rllli, s.m. Dung of birds ; loose stool, 

watery excrement of man or animals (as 

in diarrhcea). P. 
^\srj rlMdn, a. Loose in the bowels, affected 

with diarrhoea, purged. 
^^s^; , rlMai, s.m. Dysentery, diarrhoea (in 

cattle). Tear, rent, slit (in clothes) ; a 

hole in a reservoir to let out the water. 

kJ^'^j ^^^^^^t 8«n^- See i^^^^j . 

^x^j rcdai, s.m. Wild poppy ; ragged robin ; 

wild tulip. 
ijij reza, s.f. A bit, chip, filing, scrap, shred, 

etc. p. 
i}*^jij re(f,daKul, v.a. To agitate, shake, 

move, etc. 
Jjuj^^ rct^dedal, v.n. To flutter, shake, 

quiver, vibrate. 

cAi; n^, a.m. The beard (in comp.). p. 
JJ^^j reshal, v.a. To spin, twist« p. (re^a,. 

j^xijj rekkhamf 8.m. Silk. p. {reshani^. 
^jii^^^j rekkhmln, a. Silken, silky, p. (rd^- 

^^j reHha, s.f. A fibre, shred, thread, yam, 

strip, etc. p. iresha). 
C^j rry, s.m. Sand (in comp.). P. 
Mij rim, s.m. Matter, pus, rheum; dregs, 

dross, p. 
,^^j riman, a. Pumlent, mattery, filthy, etc. 
^j rina, s.f. A cobbler's awl. Also nira» 
JiJUij riyarvdal, v.a. To raise, elevate, lift. 

sJixHj ^^^r^'h s.f. A kind of sweetmeat, h. 

-^^ij rcTvand, a. Sloping, slanting. 

J re or ra is the seventeenth letter of the- 

Pukklito alphabet. It has the same sound 

as the Sanskrit ^ ra, or the Ilindastftnl 

Jf ra, with which it corresponds, 
v^ rap, s.m. Mucus, slimy discharge from 

the bowels (as in dysentery). 
J^j rapatvul, v.a. To agitate, shake. 
Jjuj^ rapedal, v.n. To palpitate, writhe,. 

quiver, tremble, wag, wave, move, etc. 
cij^j rat, a. Red, reddish. 8. (rat), rat' 

ghrtdyc, s.m. A red bull, rata-glra^ 8.f. 

A red beard. 
J Jj raqawul, v.a. To mix, mingle, stir up ;, 

to jostle, shove, shake : punch, thump. 
^j^ runbai, a. See ^^^ • 
j.jjj randanul, v.a. To blind, deprive of 


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( 84 ) 


J Jj jjj randedal, v.d. To grow blind, become 

CJ^j ranff, a. Broken up, destroyed, spoiled, 
razed ; desolate, ruined, deserted. 

4/jjVj^ rrvdnde, p. See *^"«J^5u • 

jJ^j fund, a. Blind, sightless ; dark, obscure. 

^ rl, in. A word used in driving cattle. 
raif m. and ra-l, f. A particle affixed to 
nouns as a sign of diminution. Ex. Mas, 
s.m. A dry stick or straw. fJiasarai, s.m, 
A straw, splinter (sucb as gets blown into 
the eye). liUza, s.f. A water jar or gugglet. 
kaza^ra-i, s.f. A small gugglet. 

J zc is the eighteenth letter of the Pukkhto 

alphabet, and eleventh of the Arabic. It 

lias no corresponding letter in the Sanskrit. 

It is often used instead of the letters a and 

^ , and sometimes also for^ ^^^j • 
j\j zad, s.m. Food, provisions, a. a. Bom 

(in comp.). p. 
j\j zdr, a. Afflicted, lamenting, s.m. Lament, 

groan, complaint P. See^,laL dzdr. 
^j\j zdrifSS. Crying, lamenting, groaning, p. 
^Jij zdrai, s.m. A weanling, young of cattle, 

etc. aft^r being weaned, a. L4ite, former; 

old, worn out. zdra-1, s.f. A woman, cow, 

etc. whose milk has run dry ; an animal 

out of milk. 
^•Vj zdman, s.m. pi. o(^^ dzoe. 
^\j zdngo, s.f. A cradle, rocking chair, 

swing ; rocking, swinging. 
yi\^ zdnU, s.m. The knee. p. 
ij\j zdiira, s.f. A crane, the Coolan (Ardea 

jj^j zdhid, s.m. Uermit, monk, recluse, a. 

Religious, devout, a. 

See fc^^ ^o€. 

s/j zde, s.ra 


c\}j zbdd, a. Proved, tested, tried, yerified. 

A. (isOdt). 
(^lij zabdn, s.m. Dialect, language, speech ; 

tongue, p. 
j3j zabar, a. Above, superior; the vowel 

mark jl a. a. 
s^u-wJjj zabar-dast, a. Oppressive, powerftd, 

violent p. 

btoy, s.m. Ancestor, elder ; saint, a. 

Venerable, saintlike, reverend ; great, large. 

p. (buzurg). 
^ji\ zburgl, s.f. Eminence, greatness, 
" superiority, etc. 
^^j zabun, a. Bad, evil, wicked ; faulty, 

unlucky, p. 
J^^j zbekkhaL v.a. To suck, inhale, imbibe ; 

to crumble, squash with the fingers (as 

bread, etc.). 
v.::..v«^j zaljtmat^ s.m. Afiliction, trouble, 

pain. a. 
^\ zafdim^ s. A cut, wound, injury, sore, 

pain. A. 
^-.4^: zalJinu^ a. Wounded, hurt pained, 

iS^j zaMid, s.f. A wart ; excrescence on the 

bark of a tree. P. 
*^: zakhlrat s.f. See 9j^i* 
^j zadf s.m. A blow, striking (in comp.). p. 
K.z^^Jj zddyat, s.m. Descent, family, race. 
Jj^jj zdoyal, v.a. To grate, pare, rub, wear 

away ; polish, scour, etc. p. Kziddyldari). 
af JJ zdah, a. Acquired, known, learned ; re- 
membered, recognized, p. (dzmUdoA). za- 

duhf a. Struck, beaten (in comp.) ; decayed, 

withered (as wood, etc.). P. 
jj zar, s.m. Gold, money, riches, p. spm* 

zar, s.m. Silver. sraJi'zar, s.m. Gold, 

pure gold. a. A thousand. P. {Aazdr). 

za-ar or jcr-ir, ad. Quickly, speedily, 

sharply, p. (zUdh 

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( 85 ) 


scout, detectiTc. 

o^l.: zaraai, a.m. Agriculture, husbandry ; 

crops, cultivation, a. 
'jy zarbaraj^t s.m. Talc, mica. a. iabraq). 
C^\^j\ zarbhjdng, s.m. Name of a currier's 

tool; a wooden scraper or muller for 

cleaning leather. 
y.\^jj zarddlU, s.m. An apricot. P. 
^^jj zardaha, s.f. A carrot ; name of a bird, 

yellow-hammer. P. (zardak). 
^^jj zarghala, s.f. A lying-in or puerperal 

woman; the forty days after childbirth, 

puerperal state. 
^»*i.: zarghnn, a. Green, verdant; sprouted, 

grown, germinated, fresh, new. 
^y zarha, s.f. Red-legged partridge, chikor. 
Jjj zar-gar, s.m. A goldsmith. P. 
^jj zar-glr^ s.m. A thumbstall of leather 

(worn by archers, etc.). 
J ^ zaranai, s.m. A spy, 

zarana-J, s.f. Peeping, spying; scouting, 

jj^^jj zamlJJif s.m. Orpiment. P. 
*J.: zarmjra, s.f. Mud, slime, ooze (as at 

bottom of pools, etc.). zarmjran, s.m. 

^,\ zarai, s.m. A spy, scout; the sight (at 
the muzzle) of a gun. zarl, a. Golden, 
worked or woven with gold. p. zare^zare, 
a. Shattered, broken to atoms, etc. See 9j3. 

^j carin, a. Golden, p. 

^•jj zarnkai, s.m. A dress, garment ; ap- 

" parel, clothes; old rags, old clothes, etc. 

^j zrahf s.m. Heart, mind, soul ; courage, 
spirit ; the heart. P. Izahra). 

^r^ zarai, ) s.m. A flat seed (as of melons, 

i^j^j zanjiaif ) etc.) in opposition to round 
ones (called tukhm). 

^/j ziggat, s.m. See ^^^CA--!.. 

,j>^.j zikMt, a. Ugly, delormed; stern, 
severe. P. (zisit). 


^y^* z*afardn, s.m. Saffron. A« 

cj zagh, s.m. See cj. 

Jx}»li: zghdMhtal, v.n. To run, flee. Def, 

in. pres. ten. See J Julij. 

zghard, a. Fast, quick, ad. Quickly, 


ij2,\ zghara^ s.f. Chain armour, mail. P.(:5ira). 
J Ai: zghalaituU v.a. To drive, put to flight, 

make run, urge (as a horse). 
Joulij zghaledal, v.n. To run, flee. See 

Ji4,U;. P. IgureMtan). 
J^j zghamal, v.a. To bear, endure, undergo^ 

sustain, suffer. 
^j zashan, s.m. A kite. p. 
^yj zaqUm, s.m. Name of a plant, Indian 

cactus ; it is said to form the diet of those 

condemned to hell. A. 
CSj zik, s.m. An inflated hide for crossing 

over rivers. 
yzSi^ \ Alms distributed according 

i^j > zakdtf s.m. to the rules laid down in 
ci:j^ j the Quran, a. 

Xj zukdm, s.m. Catarrh, influenza, cold. a. 
Ait zaka^ c. See tiL.. p. (zxrd, ki). 

•f: za/d, a. Pious, continent. A. 
CJj zag, s.m. Foam, froth, scum. h. (JAdg). 
^^j^\ zgerrvai, s.m. A groan, moan, wail, 

a!Jj zafzafa, s.f. An earthquake, a. 
iU!j zul/a, s.f. A curl, ringlet, lock of hair. 


•ftl: zuf/a-l, s.f. A sword knot, tassel ; door 

chain, staple, hook. P. 
Jh zalal, s.m. Injury, loss, deficiency; 

blundering, erring ; falling, stumbling, p. 
^j zalmai, s.m. A youth, young man. a. 

jjj zalla, s.m. A leech, p. 
A^j zaticha, s.f. A rug, woollen carpet, p. 


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( 86 ) 


uICJ: xunbuk, 8.m. Tassel, knot, rosette, 

aJ : zunbat s.f. Down or hair on the body. 
j^j zanJziry a.m. A chain, p. (zanjlr). 
^J^^J zinddn, s.m. A prison, jail. p. 
jyixjj zindaffdnl, s.f. Existence, life ; liv- 
j '/^j zindagx, ) ing, livelihood. P. 
I *jJj zindah, a. Alive, living, p. 
gf Jk/j zunda-i, s.f. A halter, hangman's rope. 
^i^J zundai, s.m. A tassel, pendent, u. 

yjjj zanza, s.f. A centipede. 
^^: zankaA, s.f. Cummin seed. 
C^j zang, s.m. Mould, rust. p. (zanpdr). 
Cymbal, bell (for the feet of dancing 
women). Name of a country, Zanguebar. 
^ ^j zmoMt, ) rough (to the taste), p. Jfij zangal, v.n. To hang, swing, wave, 
^zamuJJ^t). sway, etc. s.m. A forest, wood; wilder- 

J^«j zmol, a. ) Helpless, crippled, maimed, ' ness. 8. (jangal). 

J^-^j zambolt J wounded, unable to move J^j zangawul^ v.a. To rock, swing, wave, 
from wounds. etc. 

J^j zmolai, a. ) Carried by the hands and ' Jifij zangnla, s.f. A small bell, cymbal. P. 
^y^j zambolai,) legs (as a wounded man). \ ^fi) zangUn^ s.m. The knee. P. (zdnU). 
See Aj. (For zcun-blwulai.) zangdnah'Starga, s.f. The knee cap, knee 

•-•J zina-l^ s.f. Name of a plant that is ; pan. 
burnt for the potash it yields (Suceda 1 ^Jjj zangl, s.m. An African, negro, p. 

Jruticosa). J*N?^j zangedal, v.n. To hang, swing, wave, 

^j^j zamln, s.m. The earth ; ground, soil, j vibrate. 

^j zam, s.m. Hurt, injury, wound, p. 

(jscMm). zam-zmolai. a. Halt, helpless, 

crippled, maimed. Also zam^zambolai. 
^Uj zamdna^ s.f. Age, time; fortune; the 

world ; the heavens, a. zamdna'Sdz, a.m. 

A time server. P. 
,»^«; zambur, s.m. See %*^. 
jJL^; zumurrud, s.m. An emerald, p. 
4^^«j zmarai, s.m. A tiger. Name of a plant, 

dwarf palm (C/tamarops Jiichiana). 
^•y zatnzam, s.m. Hagar*s well at Mecca, a. 
^y^j zamzama, s.f. A concert; singing, a. 
^\z>.m^j zamistdn, s.m. Winter. P. 
sL^j zmaAa, s.f. Land, ground, earth, soil ; 

the earth. 
^y9j zmokh, a. \ Astringent, binding, dry, 

land. p. 

j^ JCw^ : zamm-ddr, s.m. A farmer ; peasant, p. 

^^^jii-^j zamln-ddn, s.f. Agriculture; hus- 
bandry ; an estate, farm. 

^j za7i, s.f. A woman, wife. p. 

U; zind, s.m. Adultery, fornication, p. 

JC^j zind^kdr^ s.m. .\n adulterer, fornicator. 

ij\j^ zandna^ s.f. A woman, female ; wife ; 
the women's apartments, a. Feminine, p. 

^*j zajibaq^ s.m. The tuberose (PoiianthcB 
tuberoio). Flowers embroidered on a 
dress, p. 


i Jjj zanaly v.a. To imbed, insert, implant ; 
i strike, thrust, hit ; stab, prick, impale. P. 
{zadan, zan-). 

ana, s.f. The chin ; pit of the chin. P. 

9j^Jj zanrghoza, s.f. A pine cone, fir cone ; 
pine tree; seed of the edible pine. p. 
i^jj zanrai, s.m. A flat seed (as of melons, 
etc.). A boy under the age of puberty ; 
a school-boy. 
JV^ zatvdl, s.m. Decline, wane, setting, a. 

Digitized by 




( 87 ) 


aCU; za^vfinaka, s.f. Acne, pimples on the 

face of youths. 
J.; zUdy ad. Quick, quickly. P. 
^-j.: zUdi, 8 f. Alacrity, haste, quickness. 
,.j j:or, s.TO. Force, power, strength . effort, 
violence, vigour; weight, p. zaur, s.m. 
Anxiety, grief, sorrow, pain, trouble, a. 
(jaur). zii'ar, s,m. The vowel-point zabar. 
*^W ^^^^^^^* ^' Powerful, violent, strong, p. 
J.5j zoral^ v.a. To vex, irritate; compel, 

force, coerce ; to digest. 
^•1 zoT^ a. Aged, ancient, old, worn out. p. 

^J'J ^^^^^^^ ) ^•"^' Children, issue, pro- 
j^j.j zauzdd^ ) geny, offspring, p. t'caA- 

j^\ Z7vagi, s.m. Clamour, din, noise, sound. 
A^i.j zahhhdf s.f. A syrup or jelly prepared 

from her or jujube berries, 
Jli^j zxlghaU s.m. Charcoal. P. (,zu/^dl). 
^•'j zaivlan or ziwlan, a. Purulent, sup- 
purating, mattery. 
^•j zuyn, s.m. A son-in-law. 8. (jamd-l). 
Z7vam, a. Deficient, less, little ; deducted, 
subtracted, ad. Rarely, seldom. 
^«.j ziimgaif s.m. A son-in-law. s. (jamd-l), 
Ai^.j z)vamna, s.f. Deficiency, loss. 
J^jjj zo7vul, v.a. To bear, bring forth (as 
young), p. (zddcM). 
J«j zorvulaif a. Bom, brought forth, 
i.j r/;ra or xa7m, s.f. Matter, pus, ichor, 
^/jy toe, s.m. A son. 
^^^^j ZTvcryai, s.m. See ^•j^jm 
ij zah, pr. I, the first person. 
jb\ zahar^ s.m. Poison. P. 
iyb\ zahra^ s.f. Bile; the gall bladder; 

courage, heart, pluck. P. 
jjjb\ zahglr, s.m. The catch or notch at the 
end of a bow (to hold the bow-string). 

c.^y^j zaftdb, a.m. flatter, discharge (of a 

sore), pus. 

^j zahe, in. Bravo! Well done! I^o! P. 
J j^j zahedal, v.n. To decrease, waste, grow 

j^\ zafitr, a. Reduced, weakened, thin (from 

sickness) ; melancholy* sad. a. 
^j zai, s,m. Son, child, descendant (in 

comp.). p. Added to Afghan surnames it 

denotes the clan or tribe. Ex. Yusufzaif 

s.m A man of clan Yusuf. Yusufza-l^ 

s.f. A Yusufzai woman. YUsufzl^ s.m. 

pi. The Yusufzais. 
cL^bj ziydt, a. Excessive, surplus, too much ; 

more. a. (ziydd). 

Jbj ziydtl, a. Excessive, great, more. a. 

CL.^bj ziydrat, s.m. A shrine; tomb of a 

saint ; visiting a shrine, a. 
ijij ^iy^^f 8«w^« Damage, deficiency, loss; 

miscarriage, abortion, p. 
.ICibj ziydn^kdr, ) a. Injurious, pernicious, 
(V^J ^iy^^h ) noxious, p. 
v-^ : zeb^ s.m. Beauty, elegance, ornament. P. 
^fij zaitUna, s.f. The olive tree. a. {zaitUn). 
j)j zer, a. Below, under. The vowel point 

- 1. P. 

y^^Aj zcrdstar, s.m. The lining of a dress. P. 
CJjij zlrak, a. Acute, sagacious, penetrating, 

witty, p. 
^jK zirakl, s.f. Acumen, discernment, wit. p. 
<t^j zcrma^ s.f. Arrangement, preparation, 

disposal, setting in order. 
^jl\ ^^^o-h 8.m. Glad tidings, good news. 
/ijlj zeravgoTy Is.m. Bearer of glad 
^/i^jk zeravgarai^ j tidings, 
ji : ziyar^ a. Yellow. P. (zard). s.m. Brass* 
dj\j^\ ziyardnaha, s.f. The yellow wagtail. 
a1^: ziyargula, s.f. ^^ame of a herb (CoA 

Icndtda qffieinaUs). 

Digitized by 


J) ( 88 

^jj\ ttyarcu, fl.m. Jauodice, icterus ; yellow- 



Jj ^^flf *• Hard, rough, harsh, rigid, stiff; 

stem, austere, severe. P. izisAt). 
J^ j: zeg^arcul, v.a. To beget, procreate, 

Jjo jj ze^cdal, v.n. To be bom, begotten, 

brought forth, p. (zd-ldan). 

zxst, s.m. Existence, life; employ- 


ment. p. 

r. zela, s.f. A creeping plant; creeper, 


\jj Jard, s.f. Crying, sobbing, weeping. P. 

f}jjjaral, r.n. To weep, cry, sob, waiU 
^Jj^and, s.m. A notch, nick, dent. 
cJja^fS.m. See^sj-. 
fjjy^J j^oral, v.a. To keep, preserve, protect, 

guard, defend, nourish, support. 
i^%^j JShoral, Protector, guardian, etc. 
^^ysjja^undai^ s.m. The peg in a yoke (to 

prevent its slipping from the ox's neck), 
^Jjala-i, s.f. Hail. P. (Jdfa). 
^Jjimai, s.m. Winter, cold weather. 
(^jzyam, s.m. Humidity, moisture, damp- I ^jj ja^jrai, s.m. Catgut, bow-string, fiddle- 

string. A boy, lad, school-boy. 
CS^jjjnd/c, s.m. Life, existence, being, 
Jj^JJobal, a. Bruised, wounded, hurt 
j^Jjarvar, a. Deep, depressed, sunk. 

kJ^JV J^^<^^'Si^f^i» *«n^' A. pit or trench 
dug round the root of a tree (for water) ; 
a small pit made to hold a plant or sapling. 
fj^jjafvara, s.f. A leech, 
J.j jwaj, s.m. See^j^ . 

jJ.^ Jfvand, s.m. ) ^ . ,.^ , 

'-^ ^ - ) Bemg, life, existence. 
^•^jjfjjfvandan. ) 

s?*^A; i/cawrf<7?, a. Alive, living, p. (zinda). 

Jjyjjorvul, ) v.a. To chew, masticate; chew 

%yiyjoyal^ ) the cud. p. (Jdfvldan). 

i^jj^'lf 8«f- Catgut, string of a bow or violin, 

etc. A water bag made of hide. 


C/U4JJ zyam*ndk, a. Damp, humid, moist, 
^j zlUf s.m. A saddle. P. 
cuojj zlnat, s.m. Beauty, elegance; dress, 

ornament. A. 
Aijj zlna, s.f. A ladder, steps, p. 
jylj zefvar, s.m. Jewels, ornaments, p. 

J je is the nineteenth letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet, and the fourteenth of the Persian, 
from which it is adopted. It has the sound 
of B in the vford pleasure. By the Eastern 
Afghans it is sometimes used for ^ or . , 
and by the Westem tribes for : . 

i^\tjdma, s.f. The jaw, jaw-bone. p. 

ij\jjdna, s.f. Adulation, flattery; coaxing. 

dl^\j jdnla, s.f. Resin, pitch, wax, gum. 

Ajjjiba, s.f. The tongue; language, speech; 
dialect. 8. (jlbh). 

^y»J JabUn/iai, 8.m. Collar, cuff, frill, etc. 
(of a garment). 

,}j'ir or ja-ar, ad. Quickly, speedily. See 



t^jjjaranda, s.f. A water mill. See 9JjjP^. 

. ^ is the twentietb letter of the Pukkhto 
alphabet, and peculiar to the Afghan lan- 
guage. By the Western tribes it is sounded 
like J, with which it is often interchanged. 
By the Eastern tribes it is pronounced as 
ilJ, for which it is generally changed. In 
words introduced from Persian or Sanskrit,. 

Digitized by 



( 89 ) 

wliere this letter replaces jr, it has the 
sound of that letter or ofz in azure. 

Jj, fldal, v.a. To fix, place, put, set, lay. 
Def. in past ten. See J^4mj^. p. ihJdafi). 

^^j9idan, s.m. A kind of millet. H. {kodon). 

c .^gxigh^ s.m. Noise, sound ; accent, voice. 

^J^j O-HlioraU v.a. See J^^j. 
C^ 0.alaA, s.f. Hail. See ^3. 
i^*, gximandz, ) 

. gaman. 


s.f. A comh, hair comb. 

•J 9-0^ ad. A word used in comp. io denote 
oath or affirmation. Ex. Miudae-tjOt in. 
By God! 

^%*gjvandf s.m. See *^jfj* 
..., ^;ra^, s.m. Noise, clamour, din, etc. 

*J> J l^d^aif a.m. A being, creature, person. 
See ^^. 

*;i^ Sfira, s.f. The beard, p. (nsh). 

^fj . ^Ira/, a. Bearded, having a beard. 
splri'tfimi, s.m. A white beard, grey beard, 
old man, elder, rat^gurai, s.m. A red 
beard, one who dyes the beard with nakrlza 

^j^ sin is the twenty-first letter of the Piikkhto 
alphabet, and the twelfth of the Arabic. It 
has the same sound as the English s in the 
word song, and in Pnkkhto is sometimes, 
though wrongly, changed for the letters i 

U sd, s.f. Breath, life, respiration, vital spark. 
8. (sdns). 

^;jU sabifj, a. Former, preceding, a. 

^^U sdbiin, s.m. Soap. A. 

uU sdba, s.m. Name of a grass from which 
mats are made (Panicum Colonum). 

lA^ sdbah, s.m. Name of a grass (see pre- 
ceding). Vegetables, greens. 

i^^Ls sdpat, ad. Completely, entirely, wholly. 

J;L* satalf v.a. To keep, preserve; defend, 
protect, shelter ; nourish, support. 

^^xJLs sdtandoe, ) s.m. Guardian, keeper, 

^-O^Lj sdtUniai, ) protector, etc. 

JyLi sddil, s.m. A chopper, cleaver ; bill- 

j^Ls sdhir, s.m. Magician, juggler, con- 
jurer. A. 

cu-c^U sdMt, s.m. Make, construction; 
fabrication, pretence, p. A kind of leather, 
morocco leather. 

^J!::S^Lt sdl'htagl^ s.f. Fabrication, pretence, 

^sX^ sakha, s.f. A grating sound ; calamity; 
judgment day. a. (^d^^o/). 

oLi sdd^ a. Honest, good, trustworthy. 8. 

•jLj sddu, Imposter, knave, cheat. 

>jLi sddakf a. Plain, simple, unadorned; 
artless, candid, sincere; beardless; white. P. 

^^jL> sddln, s.m. Newly ploughed land, land 

prepared for sowing. 
K^ sdr, s.m. Good news, glad tidings. 

4U^Li sdrma, s.f. Name of a potherb. 

9Jj\^s^ sdrinda, ) ^ * . ,. 

/ . ) s.f. A violm, guitar. 

^^U sdrtnga-l, ) 

^^jLiSdrn:dn, s.m. A camel driver. TXsdrb&n). 
^.Li sdrai, a. Equal, par. s.m. A match, 

compeer, peer. p. isdr). 
ij^i sdra, s.f. Cold weather ; cold, frigidity. 
jL> sdz, s.m. Accoutrements; apparatus, 

furniture ; a musical instrument, p. 
^jL# sdzlslitB.m. Confederacy, combination; 

plot, conspiracy. P. 
jjJjLi sdzinda/i, s.m. Maker, performer, p. 
ci^fU sd^at, s.m. A minute, moment, hour, a* 
^U sd'l, a. Eager, earnest, zealous, a. 

Digitized by 



( 90 ) 

-iU zaghar^ a.m. A bowl, goblet. P. 
4^^L $&fjhari^ The space between the 

tail and anva of a horse ; a kind of leather, 

shagreen. P. 
^^U ^dny a. Quiet, tranquil, at rest. a.m. 

Resident, inhabitant, a. 
slf^sdff^ s.m. Greens, potherbs, vegetables. 8. 
^j,j^ sdffin£ai, s.m. A dish of rice and 

JLs sdlan, s.m. Mixed or spiced food; flesh, 

fish, etc., eaten with rice or bread, h. 
^L» sd/U, s.m. A kind of red cloth of cotton. 8. 
slL» sdla/i, a. Aged (in comp. only) ; added to 

numeral adjectives, denotes ago or years. 

Ex. chdr-salah, a. Four years old. p. 
*iUU sdliydnahf a. Annual, yearly. P. 
4^ULi sdf?iun, s.m. Apparatus, furniture, 

tools ; arms, accoutrements, p. 
aJUL sdmdria^ s.f. Parade, pomp, state. 
«^«Li sdmi\ s.m. A hearer, a. 
^U sdn^ s.m. Muster, review of an army; 

calico ; a grindstone, whetstone, p. 
AJoLi sdnda, s.f. Liament, wail. 
\^\^ sdnddf s.m. Kame of a kind of lizard 

with a thick tail. H. 
ASiL» sdfiffa, s.f. A travelling party ; a spear. 

8. A lament, wail ; a bough, branch. 
^^L» idnya-i, s.f. A pitchfork. 
jLi sdor^ s.m. A stallion, bull. 8. 
^U sdJt, s.m. Tax, tribute. sdU, a. Noble, 

well bred. p. (shd/iU). 
j;^Li sdtcanr, a.m. Name of the fourth Hindu 

month, July-August. 8. Isdftan). 
iL^a/i, s.m. Breath, vital spark, life. sAsdns). 
4^^iL# sdh'landaU a. Asthmatic, sdh'landl, 

8.m. Asthma, dyspnoea, shortness of breath. 
Imj«>Li sdh'tvlsd, s.f. Belief, faith, trust, hope. 
Jj^Li sdyil, s.m. Asker, petitioner, a. 
^U sdya, s.f. Shade, shadow; apparition. 

spectre ; shelter, protection ; awning, 

canopy, p. 
w^.^ sibb, s.m. Reproach, reviling, a. 
\^sabd,s.m. Dawn, morning; morrow, a. 

w^^ sabab, s.m. Cause, motive, reason; 

means, instrument ; affinity, connexion, 

relationship, a. 
^l^sa..* subftdn^ s.m. Praising (God); the 

Deity, a. subltdn-allaA, in. Good God! 

Oh God! A. 
*U-» sabza^ s.f. Herbage, verdure ; incipient 

beard, bloom, sabzah, a. Grey, iron grey ; 

sallow, p. 
^j-Mj sabzi, s.f. Greens, vegetables, p. 
ju^ sabaq^ s.m. A lecture, lesson, reading, a. 
CSm^ subuk, a. See CX^. 
^j^yr^ sabus, s.m. Bran, chaff, p. 
^^j^ stpdiishy s.m. Recommendation, in- 
tercession, p. (sifdrish). 
JjL-i spdral, v.a. To commit, consign, give 

in charge, intrust; recommend, etc. p. 

(sipdndan or sipurdan). 
ij\^ sipdrUt s.f. Name of a chapter in the 

Quran (for slpdra^ thirty sections), p. 

spdra, s.f. An iron ploughshare. 
i\^ sipd/i, s.m. An army ; a soldier. P. 
j^Lw spd/ii, s.m. A soldier, p. 
j^ spar, s.m. A shield, buckler. P. (sipar). 
^^j^ spcLrfc/fcd, s.m. A packing needle, 

skewer, pin. 
jj^ sipurd, s.m. Care, charge, keeping, 

trust, p. 
^j^ spuria, s.f. A well. (Raverty). 
^j^ sparlanai, s.m. Cavalier, horseman, 

J^^ sparlaif s.m. The spring, spartl, s.f. 

Riding, horse riding, equitation. 
9j^ sapara, s.f. Name of the second month 

of the Muhammadau calendar, a. {^(ifar). 

Digitized by 


( 91 ) 


$upra, «.f. The anns; a napkin, table- 
cloth, p. {su/ra). 
Jk^ ^p(^r<^U \ ^-a* To undo, unclose, un- 
J j-^ spardal, ) fold, unravel, open out, 

^%j^ spagian, a. Lousy, full of vermin, filthy. 

*ir-* ^P^^^f ^•^' ^ louse. P. isapash). 

ijji^^ spu/c, a. Light, flimsy ; cheap ; mean, 

trilling. P. (subuk). 
A^ spalam, a.m. See /J^r^* 
<uL-» spalama, s.f. A ring-dove, 
«J^ spalma-t, s.f. Name of a plant iCal(h 

tropis procera^ Ascleptas gigantca)^ the 

mudar plant. 
,^ spam, a.m. The eye of a needle ; aperture, 

orifice, perforation, a. (famm). 
x..^^ sipand, s.m. See ^v\j^ , „r . 

^ .v.^Mrf spandal'h, s.m. A large ball of worsted 

or cotton ; a stufied calf placed near a cow 

deprived of her own (to make her give 


^-j^i-^ spaui'sai, s.m. Cord, thread, twine, 

;i^*--» spol'ladZf ) s.f. nypogastrium,belly 
i>sr^^ spol'hadza, ) below the navel, pubes, 

,*-^ spor, a. Dry, plain, unmixed, stale (as 
food), spora-doda-l, s.f. Dry bread, spor^ 
a. Riding, mounted, seated upon. s.m. A 
horseman, cavalier, p. (sarcdr). 
•,«,«-M-» spogitna-l, s.f. Moon, moonlight. 

^^^^ spii)jrai, s.m. Ringworm, porrigo. 
<Ua sipah, s.m. See »L^. 

zipaht, s.m. Celestial sphere, sky ; for- 
tune, time; the world, p. sipahar, B.m. 
Afternoon, the third watch. p« 
_^ spai, s.m. A dog, hound. 

spii/aza, s.f. Abortion, miscarrying, 
dropping the young prematurely (applied 


to brutes only), a. Raw, unripe ; uselessi 

sapeta, ad. Never, positively, not a bit. 
spedzal or spetsal, v.a. To clean, clear, 
^J^st^t^ spctjalai^ a. Spotless, clean, neat, 
" spick-span. 

Ju^ saped, a. White, p. (sa/ed). 
^^ju--i speddr, s.m. The white poplar tree. P. 

2(ju^ sapeda, s.f. White lead; dawn, day- 
break, p. (sqfeda). 
^^-ju--< sapedlf s.f. Whiteness; dawn. p. 

^jt^ spcrka-J^ s.f. Lovage (the plant and 

seed). (Lifftisticum ajowan). 
^jt^ sperlam^ s.m. The grey-tailed fox; 
any quadruped (cattle) with a grey or 
white tail. 

speraK a. Grey, ashy, hoary; pale, 
colourless, ghastly. 
^Sj^^ sperah'/iai, a. Pale, ashy, ghastly; 

^^ji^ spcgima, s.f. The nostril. 
A-.^.^^ spekkhta. s.f. Membrane covering the 
stomach or heart; peritoneum, pericardium. 
Jl^^ spelanai, s.m. Name of a plant, 
Syrian rue (Peranum harmala). 
^w^ spiyamay s.f. A bitch in heat seeking 

the dog. 
.--^ sp'in^ a. White, pure, fair, spotless. 
d$L^ spenga^ s.f. See ^^j;^* 
<c.j,j..» spina, s.f. The tendon of the heel 

(Undo AclnlUs). Fat, suet, tallow. 
cu^ sat, s.m. Invitation (to dinner), hospi- 
tality ; civility, politeness, a. Flat, level ; 
supine, straight on the back. u. ((£i<). 
\z^ std, The genitive case singular of the 
second personal pronoun ij tah; of thee, 


Digitized by 



( 92 ) 


j\s^ sifdr, a.m. A guitar (of three strings), 
violin. P. 

af^li-i stdra, 8.f. A star ; a kind of firework. 
P. {sitdra). stdra-prewatal^ v.n. To be 
unlucky, to have one's star in tbe de- 

J^\:^ sfasii, ) , . , ., ^ 

, ^ /pi. of li-*. lours, of you. 

^t-i StdSO, ) 

Ajli-i stdm, s.f. A thresliold ; house, family, 

race (of saints particularly), p. (dstdna). 
Jjliw stdyal, v.a. To laud, praise, glorify, 

extol, p. (situdan). 
ji^ satr^ s.m. Veiling, covering, concealing; 

privates, a. star^ a. Big, bulky, great, 

huge, strapping, etc. ; deep, profound (as 

a well), p. (saturg). 

ii^ starshalai, s.m. The orbit ; eyeball. 
^^ starga, s.f. The eye; a planet. (Diminu- 
tive of p. sitdra). 
i^ satra, s.f. A curtain, mantle, veil. 
^/^ satrai, s.m. A cut crop as it lies on the 

field; pile of corn sheaves; heap, pile, 

mass. H. (sathrdTc). satrai-Tvatrai, a. Scat- 
tered, lying about (as leaves on the ground). 
^^^ stqrai, a. Fatigued, weary, tired, fagged. 

p. (siturdaA). 
^:>^ s(a^, s.m. A hot, worm in the skin of 

cattle ; a boil or abscess produced by the 

worm. a. Astringent, binding, rough to 

the taste ; mean, sordid, avaricious. 
J::urf satal, sjn. A copper pail or bucket, 

cauldron. P. 
mS^ sUam, s.m. Oppression, violence, tyranny. 

P. s(a?H, s.m. Forcing, straining; labour, 

travail, stam^nahal^ v.a. To force, strain 

(as at stool, etc.). 
^^ sfan, s.f. A needle, pin ; pillar, post. P. 

lis^stana, s.f. Return, retreat; retrenchment. 
J^ii.^ itanarvul, v.a. To send back, return; ! ^^ saltdr, ) s.m. Dawn, daybreak; morning, 

to take back, retrench. | ^jr-* mhrf ) forenoon; morrQj{,to-morrQW.A.. 

uiyiiizeu uy xjVJijy Iv^ 

Jju:j;.j stanedal, v.o. To return, go back^ 

sat/can, 8.m. Peasemeal, meal of 
parched corn, pulse, etc. e. isaitu). 

^f^ stoMit \ a. Straight, difficult; bad, hate- 

i^ ztosh^ ) ful. p. ijMLiaWii. 

jf^ sutUr, s.m. Cattle, beast of burden, p. 

4^^yurf storai, s.m. A star. p. isitdra). 

d^ji^ stoga, s.f. See a^^t. 

^Uy;-» stomdn, a. Disgusted, vexed ; repent- 
ant, sorry ; fatigued, tired, fagged, weary. 

^f^ stun, a. Betumed, sent back; re- 
trenched, withdrawn. 

J^yi^ stUnawul^ v.a. To send back, call 
back, recall ; withdraw, retrench, subtract. 

J jwji-* stunedal, v.n. To return, come back ; 

retire, etc. 
J^ stUnai, s.m. Thclary^nx,/>(7»itt7n Adami. 

^^^^ siUnl'StcuiA, a. Supine; flat on the 

*j-s-rf steza, s.f. Argument, controversy, dis- 
pute ; quarrel, battle, conflict, p. (siteza). 
sateza, s.f. Table-land, flat ground on a 
hill side. 

v.;^--* sat, s.m. A cutler*8 block, a block of 
wood for fixing an anvil ; a log, stump, 
root of a tree. An assault, sudden attack. 
The nape, back of the neck. 

^jy^ satkUrai, a. Burnt, scorched, parched ; 
dried up, withered, shrivelled ; frost-bitten. 

jjuBr* si)da, s.f. Bowing the head and touch- 
ing the ground with the forehead, prostra- 
tion, adoration, a. 

JjsH sijijil, s.m. Bond, deed, register ; decree 
of a judge ; seal of a judge. The record- 
ing angel, a. 

^ sudi, a. Pure, genuine, real; candid, 
honest, b. Also iss^ surhah. 


( 93 ) 


^ «>', 8.m. Sorcery, mogic, jugglery, a. 
jf^ siitr-par, s.m. Magician, conjurer, 

:^ sakh, in. Excellent ! Good ! ad. Tlie 

present year. 
U-» $aM(i, s.f. I ilunificence, gene- 

c:j|,li-» salldwatf s.m. j rosity , liberality, a. 
lK-»5///a, a. Putrid, rotten, stinking, h. {ubsd). 
i ,.Ur-» sl'Jid)vag.a, s.f. Name of a medicinal 

root (Kccmpfcria galantjd) ; orris root, 

root of the Iris (/m Persica). 
c:.-i-» saMt, a. llard, strong ; difficult, 

troublesome; obdurate, violent; austere, 

stingy ; cruel, harsh ; painful, rigid, 

severe, p. 
^ji^^^ saihtt, s.f. Difficulty, trouble ; violence, 

cruelty ; austerity, severity, etc. p. 
jsr^ sMar^ s.m. A father-in-law. p. (^^w^or), 

saMar, s.m. A rock, boulder, stone. 
^jsr-' sal'iara, s.f. A rock, boulder, etone. 
^jsr' sul/iun, s.m. Word, speech ; affair, 

matter. P. 
^^ysr' sl'hrcaWitan, s.m. Cinders, hot ashes. 
jjysr^ sl'JjTtandf s.m. The cud. sMi^^dnd* 

Kahaly v.a. To chew the cud. 
.jj^i-» skhrcandar, s.m. A young bullock, 

Ai-» sal'ha, s.f. Joy, delight, gladness, etc. 

(at the misfortune of another), crowing 

over an enemy. 
^ir» salhlf a. Munificent, generous, liberal. 
" A. sJJjaiy s.m. A calf, yearling calf. 
ju» Slid, s.m. Consciousness, intelligence ; 

sensation, sense ; memory, s. (sttdh). 

sadd, s.m. A barrier, wall. a. 
j^ sar, s.m. The head; point, apex, summit, 

top. P. sirr, s.m. A mystery, secret, a. 
c-^]^ sardb, s.m. Mirage, glare, vapour, 

resembling water at a distance (seen on 

desert plains), a. Mica, talc. a. 

J^ sarrdj, s.m. A saddler, a. 

j^\;^ sardsar, a. All, the whole, ad. Wholly, 
entirely, p. 

K^j^j^ sardsarJ, a. Brief, short, concise. P. 

d^i^j^ sardsimah, a. Amazed, confounded, p. 

c^ surdjlif s.m. Enquiry, search ; mark, 
trace, p. 

ij\j^ sardna, s.f. The upper bar of a doorway 
or frame. 

^la^l^ sard}ijd?n, s.m. Apparatus, utensils, 
materials ; chattels, furniture, goods ; in- 
gredients, requisites ; conclusion, accom- 
plishment, end. P. 

j^jj\^ satdnddz, s.m. The head piece of a 
bed ; a carpet spread at the head of a 
room. p. 

^^\j^ srde, s.m. A caravansary, hospice, inn, 
hostelry ; house, p. (sarde). 

jjJbpi sarbdnda, s.f. A patch of land, or 
portion of a field left unploughed or uncut 
A rope used to fix the yoke of a plough. 

jFoJbpi sarbdnda, s.f. Rope made of slips of 
raw hide ; a rope for fastening the yoke of 
a plough. 

iCLwwj^ sarbasta, s.f. A cloth tied round the 
head by women when occupied with house- 
hold duties, etc. P. 

t-^ surup, s.m. Lead. P. (surb). sirp or 
srup, ad. Simply, purely, altogether, out 
and out, merely, etc. p. {sirf). 

yjvii,/^ MrpoHht 8«ni. A cover, lid. P. (sar- 

>y.i sarehaslima, s.f. Afountain, spring, p. 
Ss^j^ sarhaddf s.m. Boundary, frontier, 

limit, p. 
^^ surl'/j, a. Red (in comp.). p. surM'bdd, 

s.m. Name of a disease, erysipelas. P. 
^^s^j^ surMic!i<^i s.f. A red apricot. P. 
^S^J^ sarlhaka, s.f. A starling ; a kind of 

Mina (Graeulus roseus). 

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( 94 ) 


i^j^ surkJil, fl.f. Blight in corn, mildew; 
jaundice; brick dust; redness. P. sur* 
^a-f, s.f. A frill or fillet of cloth sewn on 
to the legs of women's trousers. 

jj^ sard, a. Cold (in comp.). P. 

^1j^ sarddr, s.m. Chief, principal, head, p. 

^jj^ sar^rishta, s.f. Affinity, connection; 
office, employment ; cord, rope, p, 

ijj^ sarja, s.f. A species of mountain deer. 

(X^j^ sarsdm, s.m. Delirium, frenzy, p. 

Aj»Lp« sarsdya, s.f. Alms distributed on the 
conclusion of the Ramaziln fast. A veil 
given by the father to a bride on the last 
day of the marriage festivities, p. 

^j^r* sarsari, a. Easy, facile. P. 

_j^\j»^ sarshdhlf s.f. Name of a weight 
equal to half an ounce. 

c:^^^ sarisht, s.m. Intellect, nature ; tem- 
perament, disposition ; complexion, p. 

^ui^ sar^anah, s.m. A chief, head man. P. 

>}^£^ sar^ilfid, s.m. A glandular tumour 
of the neck. 

dj^ sar/a, s.f. Advantage, gain, profit; 
frugal, sparing in expense; deficiency, 
default; forbearance, a. isarf). surfa, 
8.f. A cough, p. 

J^j^ sarkdr, s.m. Government, court ; pro- 
vince, district ; superintendent. P. 

^jiSj^ sarkaH'h. a. Obstinate, rebellious, dis- 
obedient, perverse, etc. p. (sarkasA). 

^^j^ sarkakkbh s.f* Obstinacy, rebellion, 

h^j^ sariunda, s.f. A cropped, cut, or 
trimmed head of hair ; the hair cut short. 

sj^j^ sarkundai^ s.m. A man or boy with 
the hair trimmed or cut short. 

s^j^j^ sarhuzait s.m. A pig, hog, swme. 

J^^ sari'ol, s.m. A mill-dam, weir. 

iij^ sirka, s.f. Vinegar, p. 

^j^ rirka-l, s.f. Name of a scarlet insect^ 

the scarlet fly. 
^^j^ sargarddn, a. Bothered, confused, 

perplexed ; wandering, at a loss, etc. P. 
J^j^ sarj^arddnl, s.f. Perplexity, trouble^ 

t^Jj^ sargarai, s.m. Name of a grass (Apluda 

Ar.^^^ sargashtali, a. Amazed, astonished; 

giddy, flighty, wandering, p. 
i^j^ $argala, s.f. A grazing tax, tax oa 

cattle, p. 
^J^J^ sargin, s.m. Cow-dung. p. 
samid, s.f. Winter, p. 
sat^mdtai, s.m. Coping, eaves of a wall. 
JU^ sai^ndU s.m. A rope used to fasten 

together the two halves of a bullock or 

camel load. 

^Upi soi-mdya, s.f. Capital, stock, store. P. 

*^j^ surma f s.f, P. See ^^\;* 

li -I samd, J ^ . , . , , 
^, } s.f. A clarion, flageolet. P. 

fU ^ samd'i, ) 


^liy-* surndchl, s.m. A flageolet player. 

^uly-i samdtna, s.f. Superscription, address, 
title. P. 

CJ^}^ sxvrang, a.m. A mine, tunnel, subter- 
ranean passage. 8. 

^j^ surangai, s.m. A burrow, little tunnel, 
etc. Diminutive of preceding word 

^Ij^ sanvdkkbf s.m. A rope made of hair,^ 
and used to fasten cattle ; a tether. 

^^•j^ sanvatka, s.f. See ^•J^» 

j«l^ sarodt s.m. A song ; music, melody. P. 

jfj^j^sarod'Oar,) ^ . 
^ -^^ ^ I 8.m. A smger,musician. P. 

^'^jj^ sarodl, ) 

,jj^ sarjtar, s.m. A chief, leader. P. 

^j^;^ sanvazana, s.f. The hem in trousers, 
through which the waistband passes ; a 
frill or fillet of cloth added to a pair of 

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8.f. Fever and ague. 

i.j^ sanca, s.f. The cypress tree. P. (sanv). 
%j^ sara, s.f. Manure, offal, dung, sara, ad. 

With, along with, together, in company. 
j^ij^ sarah'Tvar, a. Ample, broad, wide. See 

^./-» srllJi, a.m. Name of a tree {SFimosa 

sens). 8. (sins). 
fjx^^j^ sarekkh, a.m. See ^ ^L i. 
^^j^ sierln, a.m. The buttock, p. 
j^jj^ sarbaur, s.m. Name of (ho eldest son 

of Kais (the great ancestor of the Afghans). 

His tribe, sarbaarai, s.m. A male of the 

(— ^ srap, s.m. The sound of splashing 

water; squash, smash, dash, etc. h. (surap). 
ij^ sarak, a. Done, finished ; free, liberated ; 

alone, solitary; genuine, pure. 
j^^ ij^ sarak' bam:, s.m. See^^. 
%^)ij^ sara'lawe, 
cj?^ sarai, s.m. A man, human being, sari* 

fcb, s.m. Human nature, humanity. 
)}^ sazd, s.f. Correction, punishment, retri- 
bution, p. 
jK\j^ sazdrtar, a. Deserving, fit, worthy; 

suitable, proper, p. 
J.];-, sazdwal, s.m. Bailiff, tax-gatherer. 
y-» sa^, ad. 
Jl^ sagikdl, 
^y-, s.f. The nostril. 

v/y- ^^SI-^^^^U a. This year's, of the present 
" year. 

s^ sagiai, s.m. The lung. P. (shush). 

^,Um-i saspdr, s.m. A ploughshare. 

^^r*— • *^^^por, s.m. A mattock, hoe, 

c:-~-i siist, a. Indolent, lazy, negligent; 

feeble, slow, languid ; loose, relaxed, p. 
^^^^-^^ susa, s.f. Idleness, laziness, etc. P. 
I5-- saWid, s.f. Fizz, sputter, etc. (as of 

roasting meat). 


This year, the current year. 

( 95 ) yl. 

ijy^^^ sakkhsora^ s.f. See ..-u**^, 
^ safah, s.m. A surface, flat surface, a. 
cl^jU- sa'ddat, s.m. Felicity, happiness, 

good fortune, a. 
iUA-* sa'ya, s.f. Endeavour, effort, purpose. 

A. (sa*i). 
^ sa^, s.m. See ^. 
jst^ safar, s.m. A journey, voyage, a. 
^^ sa/ilf, s.m. A powder, a. 
jU-. saqqdw, s.m. A water carrier, a. 
dXj sak, a. Stiff, rigid, s.m. Lumbago, 

rheumatism, h. (diik). 
^^jj^.lC sAdrrvai, s.m. Pleurisy; rheumatism, 

i^\L» shdlrvah, s.m. Conversation, discourse, 
talk, hum, buzz, murmur (of conversation). 
j\La shdur, a. Dark coniplexioned, ruddy, 
healthy, fresh, or agreeable complexion, 
s.m. A horse of a light bay colour. 
^^/^ sharwata, s.f. Embers, live coal. 
CJJ^ sukruk, a. Numbed, chilled, paralyzed 
with cold, sukrak, s.m. Bread made of 
Indian com or maize meal. 
J:uXj skustal, v.a. To shear, clip (as sheep, 

Js-j^ skaHhtal, r.a. To cut, shape, design, 

cut out (as clothes). To clip, shear. 
JLj skal^ v.a. See J4JL. 
^.^^^sdL^ siianjabln, s.m. Oxymel ; a drink 

made of lime-juice, honey and water. P. 
^^JS:S^ skandaraA, s.f. A stumble, trip. 
j^ s/tor, s.m. Charcoal. 
J^- shval, s.m. Shearing, clipping, skwai* 

ka7vitl, v.a. To shear, clip. 
CL-3 4^ std'Unaf, s.m. Habitation, residence ; 

quiet, rest, tranquility, a. 
9j\^^ skilnddra, s.f. A pinch ; pinching. 
J^^ slnlndal, v.a. To pinch, tweak. 
^^ shoe, s.m. A stitch; sewing. Anxiety, 

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( 96 
v.a« To Btitcb, 



henii sew. 

J^yL* skoyal, v.a. To rub, scrape, scratch (aa 
the skin). 

iS^ si/ca, s.f. Lead; coin, impression, stamp; 
sterling, current, a. p. saAa/i, a. Belated 
(of the same parents), full, own. s. (saga), 
ska, ad. Because, therefore, tlien ; as if, as 
it were. 

cliLa sag^ s.m. A dog. p. sag^ ad. Sce^-s. 

JIC* sigdly s.m. Suspicion, thought; ca- 
lumny, p. 

JL» stegul, s.f. A kind of buskin made of 
untanned leather, and worn by moun- 
taineers as a protection for the legs from 
the snow. 

^liL» sagaldw, s.m. An otter, p. (saguldb). 
•li-i sagala-i, s.f. See ^^^• 

^i^ saga, s.f. Capital, stock, store. 

J«4 sal or ^{7, a. A hundred, one hundred, 
centum. P. (^ad). sill, s.m. Consumption, 
phthisis, hectic fever, a. 

jf^JL* sildra, s.f. A kind of striped cloth. 

^!L» saldm, s.m. Salutation ; peace, safety, a. 

^-^•L» saldmat, s.m. Uealth, recovery ; 
safety, salvation, a. 

^l^ sald'l, s.f. A bodkin, pin, skewer, pencil, 
etc. 8. The upright pillar of a Persian 
wheel; a steel bodkin for applying anti- 
mony to the eyelids, etc. 

v^Ju salat, s.m. A shield, buckler. 

aLJu silsila, s.f. Chain, series, succession ; 
descent, lineage, a. 

^llaLi sultan, s.m. Emperor, sovereign, 
king. A. 

^lkL# sulfdnl, a. Princely, royal, a. 

%^n\\rfLtsul(anat, s.m. Empire, sovereignty. a. 

^^Ld salga-i, s.f. A sob, sigh, hiccough, sob- 
bing cry. 

CSjLt suluk, s.m. Behaviour, conduct, man- 

ner ; intercourse, treatment, usage ; atten* 
tion, civility, a. 

iL> sala, s.f. A pig or mass of iron. h. (sari). 

^Jl« ao/oi, s.m. An iron ring for the finger 
(worn as a charm against all kinds of 

i^Li saleMf \ 8*m* Glue ; birdlime ; ad- 

^^j\m» saleH'h. ) hesivenesa, cohesion, vis- 
cidity. P. {saresh). 

4uJ>j satiqa, s.f. Disposition, nature; address, 
dexterity, method, etc. a. 

j^ sum, s.m. A hoof, whole hoof (as of a 
horse, etc.). sam, a. Even, flat, level, 
plane, straight samm, s.m. Poison, 
venom, a. sam, s.m. An arrow, a. (saAm\ 

cU..! simd\ s.f. Hearing, listening; a song, 
singing. A. 

Jy Ut^ sambdlarvul, v.a. To control, manage, 
moderate ; to prop, support ; protect, pre- 
serve; arrange, settle, put in order, etc. 
8. (sambhdlnd). 

UL tir simU a.m. Path, road, way ; direction, 
quarter, a. 

1.W smats, s.f. A cavern, cave. P. (sumuj). 

djijf^ sam da Idsa, ad. Straight from the 
hand, out of hand, forthwith, etc. 

samsdra, s.f. A kind of lizard, iguana. 
4^ samstf s.f. See ^. 
samsor, a. ) Come out, ripened, ma- 

^^jyMA^ samsorcu, J tured (as com when in 
ear). 8.m. A peer, equal, match, compeer. 

^^A^^saman, s.m. Jasmine, lily of the valley. P. 

jCoA^ samand, a. Dun-coloured (horse). P. 

jSiA^ samandar, s.m. A salamander. P. 

^su.4>^ samandaifS.m. A rat of a dun colour. 

jy^ sumOr, s.m. A marten, sable; sable 
skin. P. 

^u^ sama, s.f. A plateau, plain. Kame of 
the Yosufzai plain. 

^ san, s.m« Age, year. a. 

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( »7 ) 


j\i^ sundr, a.m. A goldsmith, s. 
JL«U^ $and-tnaA/n, s.m. Senna leaves (Cos- 
sia lanceolata). Name of a stone, ser- 
pentine, porphyry. H. 

J.^ sunbul, s.m. Hyacinth. P. Maiden- 
hair fern. 

c:.«wj suntiat, s.m. Circumcision ; the tradi- 
tions of Muhammad ; ordinance, i. 

Jsr^ san(fzal, v.a. To empty, bale, pour 
out. p. (sanjidan). 

J^ sanj (in comp.), A weigher, p. sunj, a. 
Empty, void, desolate, waste, deserted. 

^ssd^ sapjdb, s.m. Ermine, p. 

x^ sannad, s.m. Certificate, deed, diploma, 
document, grant, etc. a. sind, s.m. A 
river. The name of a country. 6. isindh). 

^^x^ sanddn, s.m. An anvil, f. 

^jX^ sandara, s.f. A song ; melody, song. 

^ >:^ sandd, a. Burly, powerful, strong,stout. 8. 

^^0^:^ sanddsl, s.m. A Hindu ascetic, de- 
votee. 8. (sunyd^). 

»>;^ sandah, s.m. A bull bufialo. 8. {sdnd). 

UL^ san/ayd, s.f. Arsenic. 8. ($anJJiiyd). 

C^ sang^ s.m. A stone (in comp.). p. 

^\$L^ sinydr, s.m. Decoration, dress, orna- 
ment, toilet. 8. 

jJ'.'i^ sinydtvaur, s.m. A rudder, helm; 
barge pole, boat book. a. {suAMn). 

jL^ sangar, s.m. Barricade, stockade. 8. 

^Jj^ sanyzan, a. Lop-sided, top-heavy, 
lurched over, overbalanced. 

^^ sangldljhf &• Stony, rocky; difficult, 
arduous, p. 

^j;-iL-i sanyln, a. Heavy, weighty; solid, 
Imrd ; important, serious, difficult ; stony, 
s.m. A bayonet, p. 

^V^ siinnl, s.m. An orthodox Muhammadan ; 
one who believes in the equality of the four 
successors of Muhammad, a. Catholic, 
orthodox, true. a. sunnhtob, s.m. Ortho- 

j^ saur, The hemp plant ( Crotalariajuncea) ; 
hemp. 8. (son). 

y^ $au, a. A hundred. Only used with re- 
ference to more than one hundred. Ex. 
sal or sil, One hundred. dre'Sama, Three 
hundred. 8. 

\y^ si/vd, p. Except, besides, without, a. 

J^^ soTvdl, s.m. Question, interrogation, 
proposition, a. 

vl&^^ S7vdny, s.m. Disguise, imitation, 
sham. 8. 

^i^l^ swdnyai, s.m. An actor, imitator. 

(^^^ sut-bat, a. Cross, surly, ill-natured ; 
withered, dry ; pure, simple ; disagreeable, 
ugly ; pinioned, tightened ; all of a heap, 
by the run, etc. 

iiy^ silfa, s.f. Dung of cattle (as found on 
pastures), scybala. a. (sudda). 

J^^ swadzarculf v.a. To bum, set on fire, 
p. {soM^dndan, sozdn-). 

^y^ sUchali, a. Genuine, pure, prime, real. s. 

is^^y^ soMta/i, a. Burnt (in comp.). p. 

jy< sUd, s.m. Gain, advantage ; interest, 
profit, p. 

b^ satidd, s.f. Commerce, trade, marketing, 
etc. p. Hypochondriasis, melancholy, 
madness ; desire, love, ambition, a. 

jf\jy^ sauddyar, s.m. A merchant, trader, p. 

^^1 j^ saudd'lf a. Mad, melancholy, insane, a. 

jfjya sudah, a. Abraded, frayed, rubbed, 
galled, p. Genuine, pure, simple; artless. 
8. (sUdhd). sUda, s.f. A stoppage, obstruc- 
tion (of the bowels), a. (sudda). satvda, 
s.f. A basket, hamper; a wicker frame 
used as a dish cover, meat safe, ete. 

j^y^ sodar, s.m. A boar, wild boar. 8. 
(sukar). a. Bald, bare-pated. 

jy^ sor, s.m. Breadth, expanse, width. H. 
(dliaur). sor, a. Siding, mounted. s.m* 
A cavalier, horseman, p. (sawdr). $Qr. 


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( 98 ) 

a. Red. f. ira. P. Uwr^i). *flr, s.m. Name j vUlj^ tozak^ s.m. Gonorrhoea. F. 

of a tribe of Afghans. 
^y^jy^ sHr-dgh^ai, s.m. Name of a plant 

with red thorns (Catha edulis). 
^^jy» snr^palai, s.m. Name of a plant, the 
seed pod of which is covered with red 
prickles; cowitch (Mucuna pruriens) ; a 
kind of stinging nettle ; a kind of grass 
with barbed spikes in the beard. 
f^jy^ sUrat, s.m. A chapter (of the Quran), a. 
•j:^*L».^ sursdt, 8.m. Provisions, stores, sup- 
plies, etc. (collected for a king, or an army 
on the march). P. 
^jy^ surlahai, s.m. Name of a bird with a 

red tail ; stonechat, wheatear. 
^jy^ surland, s.m. A jackal. 
}jy^ STvarti, s.f. Riding; cavalcade, suite, 
p. isatvdrl). sjvarlai, s.m. A chisel; 
burglar s tool, jemmy, pick. 
J^jy^ sUrmal, s.m. Name of a grass with 
barbed spikes in the beard(i4/?/wrfa ari$(ata). 
^jj^jyi snrmcyiai, s.m. The red ant. 
1.^ STvara, s.f. A daughter or slave girl given 
as the price of murder or blood, or in ex- 
change for a wife or girl eloped with or 
^j^ sUrait s.m. Aperture, orifice, hole, 
passage, r. (surdk^). sorai or sirvrai, 
s.m. Shadow, shade. sUre. s.f. (pi. of 
sura, obsolete), A bawl, bellow, shout, 
Aij .^ nHryaia, s.f. A female slave or bond- 
woman who has borne a child to her 
master ; a concubine. 
jy^ sor, a. Cold, frigid, frosty. P. (sard), 
s^yij)^ sorbU'h B.f. Stink, foetor, stench. 
h^y^ sHra, s.f. A burrow, hole; aperture, 

orifice, p. (sUrdk/j). 
4^j^ sUrai, s.m. A fissure, crack, cleft, 
jjw 90Z (in comp.). Burning. P. 

*j^ sozisht s.f. Burning, heat, fervour; 
inflammation; vexation. 
^:^ €Ozant s.m. A needle ; pricker, pin. P. 
J:^ sozanl, s.f. A quilt, counterpane, 
coverlet, p. 
6jy^ sUza, s.f. A fillet, patch, etc. in a dress ; 

an adze. 
j^y^ susar^ s.m. A porpoise. 8. {sUs). 
^j^y^ sau$a7i or sosan^ s.m. Name of a plant, 
the Chinese Iris, Daurian Lily ; a purple 
or violet colour, a. 
c^ so^f s.m. A snifi*, snort, snufi*; sound 
of blowing the nose. e. (sUn^). sil^^ 
s.m. A pinch of snuff*, or anything taken 
between the finger and thumb. 
(jL^Sy^ saughdtf s.m. A curiosity, rarity, 
present. P. 

Jlij-« so^dlai, s.m. A hare's form. 
^y^ saghan, a. Snifliing, snorting, snuffing. 

s.m. A sniveller. . 
J*i^ sUghaivul, v.a. To prod, poke, thrust* 
J juwt^ su^edal, v.n. To be pierced, stabbed, 

CSy^ sak, s.m. The fist ; a blow, cuff (with 

the fist) ; the stump of a tree. 
Jy^ sukar, s.m. A tall, gaunt, thin, etc. man ; 

a thin wiry beard. 
C/fy^ sukruk, S.m. Bread made of Indian 

corn or maize. 
$Jy^ sokrah^ a. Dry, parched, withered. 8. 

Xi^y^ sauffandt s.m. An oath. p. 
J^ steal, v.n. To burn, catch fire, ignite. 

Pr. stva^U P. iso&itan. soz-). 
c)^ suld^t s.m. A hole, aperture, etc p* 

dSiy^ suld^a, s.f. A water bucket; a strainer, 

Digitized by 



( 99 ) 

J^^ salawul, v.a. To rub, file, rasp, grate, 

J^ sUla-J, 8.f. A gibbet, stake; a pole, 

juggler's pole. 8. (sUfi). 
JjJ^ suledal, v.n. To fray, chafe, fret, 

abrade, etc. 
^^ srtam, a.m. ^ee /^» 
zJsy^ sUnba, s.m. A socket ; heel of an arrow, 

axe, lance, etc.; a blacksmith's punch; a 

sponge staff, ramrod, h. {sumbd). 
j^y^ srvandar, s.m. See jOJ^xr*. 
iSjy^sHnda, 6.f. Jealousy, suspicion. 
^y^ sUnd, s.m. Dry ginger, 8. (sonth). See 

4l/>}^ sUndak, s.m. The trunk or proboscis 

of an elephant, s. {sUnd). 
^^^y^ sUnffat, a. Burnt, scorched ; withered. 
^^ sonffai, s.m. A pigmy, dwarf. 
J^ sUnr, s.m. See c^ . 

i})J^ sUnrawul, v.a. To blow the nose, 

snuff, snort. 
Jjkj J^ sufjredal, v.n. To sniff, snuff, smell, 

,.^ srcor, a. Biding, mounted, s.m. A 

cavalier, horseman. P. {sawdr). 
i»^ soTva, s.f. Name of a plant, sweet fennel 

(Anethum sowa). 6. (sod). 
hy^ swa, s.f. A cloven hoof (as of oxen, sheep, 

jf\2by^ Bohdgan^ s.f. A favourite wife. B. 

See ^^r^* 
J^y^ sohdn, s.m. A file, rasp. p. 
^^ sawai, a. Consumed, burnt. srtcUf s.m. 

Burning, ardour; pain; compassion, pity. 
^}^:,y^ s/veshal, v.a. To milk. See J-2»jJ . 
^y^ soya, s.f. 
^^ so^, a.m. 
<u sUi, a. Three (in comp.). p. 
J^ sakl, a. Easy, facile, ad. Easily, a. 

A hare. 8. (sasd). 

sahal, v.n. To bear, endure, suffer. 8« 

^ sakm, s.f. Dread, awe, terror, fear. p« 
iy^ sa/ma, 8.f. Mistake, error, a. (sahw). 
^ sa/ia, s.f. Breath, life; respiration. 

Clothes line, clothes horse. 
Jjuf^ sahedal, v.n. To endure, suffer. See 

J^^^ suhely s.m. The star Canopus; the 
south. A. 

^X;^ sahett, s.f. A lady's maid, housemaid ; 
a concubine, handmaid. 8. 

AfiLL^ siydcfza, s.f. A slab for grinding spices 
on; a cobbler's lapstone. 

c:.«wL^ siydsat, s.m. Government; punish- 
ment. A. 

JLw siydl, s.m. An equal, peer; clansman, 
kin ; like, resembling. 

^L^ stydli, s.f. Equality, purity, resem- 

d^w^ siydh, a. Black (in comp.). p. 

AJ^L^ siydha, s.f. Muster, catalogue, register, 

j^Lw siydhl, s.f. Ink; blackness; register, 
list. p. 

v,,..j..,.i seb, s.m. An apple. P. 

^^---j sipa-l, s.f. A shell, h. (slpl). 

,^-^--8 set, s.m. A banker, merchant. 8. iseth). 

Ji:r-» sedzal, v.n. To burn, catch fire. See 

:^ Sikh, s.m. A skewer, spit, ramrod. P. 

^j5^^ sJkk^cLf ^'f* A small skewer, etc.; a 
prong or bayonet fixed to a matchlock, p. 
,^ sayad, s.m. A prince, lord ; a descendant 
of Ilusain, the grandson of Muhammad, a. 
^M«* sair, s.m. Excursion, jaunt, picnic, recrea- 
tion, walk. A. ser, s.m. Name of a weight 
equal to two pounds. H. ser, a. Satiated, 
full, replete, etc. (in comp.). p« 
t^\j^S€rdb,h. P. Qe^i^^j^. 

Digitized by 


^ ( 100 ) 

I siraU Manners, morals, conduct. ▲• 
\j^ serlai, s.m. A yearling kid. 
^^^ sera-^, s.f. Rent free land given to men 
of the religious classes, glebe ; an estate, 
pension in land, fief* 
Jj-^ sezal, ) v.n. To bum, consume, kindle, 
Ji^ Bcdzal, ) catch fire. p. (soMtan, soz-). 
Amr-rf sisa, S.f. Lead. 8. istsd). 
*iL-i sai/cra, s.f. A hundred ; a centum. 8. 
JiL-a seAal, v.a. To foment, toast, warm. H. 

^^C-i sekan, s.m. Aversion, antipathy, dis- 
gust; dislike, loathing (of food, etc.). 
Juw sail, s.m. Walking, rambling; flowing, 
current; flood; flock of birds; shoal of 
fishes. A. 
c-^lU-i salldb, s.m. A current, torrent, flood ; 
deluge, inundation, a. Abounding in 
water. P. 
A;^j sela, s.f. Partiality, friendship, afiection. 
A. A javelin, pike; rapier, long sword. 8. 
Ju-* siyalaif s.m. Rennet; the prepared 
stomach of a kid or lamb filled with 
coagulated milk, siyala-i, s.f. Rope made 
of goat's hair, etc. slla-lf s.f. A slap, blow 
with the open hands. P. (sell). A dust 
storm, whirlwind ; hurricane, tempest. 
f,^ Sim, s.m. Silver, p. Wire of any kind. 
c^U^ slmdbf s.m. Quicksilver, mercury. P. 
f/^^ ^mt/r^,s.m. A fabulous bird, griffin, p. 

L^/t,- - simak, s.m. A weaver's bodkin; 

knitting needle. P. 
4^j„» scma, s.f. A mare or ass in heat (seeking 

the male), sima^ s.f. Path, way, road; 

quarter, side, part. 
U«^ simhjd, s.f. Vermicelli. H. {senwiyd). 
jc^ Bind, s.m. A river, sea. 8. {sindk). 
Ji:»^ sJngdr, s.m. See^l^ • 
$ina, s.f. Bosom, breast. P« 

sfnT, s.m. A tray, salver. P. 
y^ sew, s.m. An apple. P. 
^^^^ sercrai, s.m. Shadow, shade. 

^ sJnn, is the twenty-second letter of the 
Pukklito alphabet. It has the sound oish 
in English, and in Persian words intro- 
duced into Pu kkli to is often changed to ^. 

\JU shd, s.f. The back; the shoulders, p. 


l\^J^ shdbdz^ s.m. The bass string of a 

musical instrument ; a royal falcon, p. 

ibU* shdbdsh, in. Bravo! well done! p. 
c/ • — — 

4$jUU» shdpvjdnga, s.f. Name of a plant 

( Wxihiana coagulans). 
^At^}^ ^a;?^/ai, s.m. A small shell found in 

hill streams and on mountain sides ; a 

snail {Achati7ia acicula). 
Jlii shdtar, s.m. A groom, running footman. 
<^vj5ll §kd't'inga, s.f. The gizzard (of a fowl, 

•jl:> shddo, s.m. A monkey, p. (shddi). 
JjjLi shdrhal, v.a. To churn, stir about, etc. 

p. (§hor dddan or shofldan). 
\JU ihdr, a. Rude, unmannered, boorish. 

Idle, out of work, unemployed; fallow, 

waste, uncultivated, s.m. A boor, bump- 
kin, clown, clodhopper. 

lli shdsh, s.m. Urine, p. 
jsXju ^d*ir, s.m. A poet. a. 
aj^ shdgird, 8.m. An apprentice, pupil, 

disciple, p. 
J\^ ^dl, s.m. A shawl. 8. 
^l^ skdla-l, s.f. Rice plant, rice crop. 8. 

Vii;..^!^ shdmat, a.m. Adversity, bad fortune, a. 
I J^ll slidmil^ a. Blended, comprised, united ; 

Digitized by 



( 101 ) 


included, contained, ad. Together, along 
with. ▲. 

-^L^i ihcLma-l, s.f. A sepulchre, tomb, vault 

for dead bodies. 
AjL^li shdmiydna, s.f. Awning, canopy. P. 
Aj^ shdn, s.m. Affair, business; condition, 
degree ; dignity, state ; constitution, na- 
ture, a. Like, resembling ; used as an 
adjunct of similitude. Ex. tor-shdn^ a. 
Blackish ; spin-shdn^ a. Whitish, ad. 
Like, as, similar, etc. P. (sdn). 
Ajll shdna^ s.f. A weaver's comb. P. 

J^li shdrvul, s.m. A plummet, plumb-line, 
n. (sdhuD. p. (shdqUl). 

L\^ ^^^ sid?vlai-rcd?vlai, a. Careless, un- 

" tidy; foolish, indiscreet; loose, dishevelled. 

i\jL shah, s.m. A king; a title assumed by 
men of thej^Ir class, p. 

ij^AlU shdhtara, s.f. Name of a herb, com- 
mon fumitory {Fianaria officinalis.). P. 

JJ^Ll shdhid, s.m. A witness, a. 

ijjbli .v^a^irfa, s.f. A sweetheart, mistress. P. 

^-jjbll shdhidi, s.f. Evidence, testimony, a. 

3J^.>l.ii shdli'Zddahf s.m. A prince, kings 
son. p. 

^j^jjfcll sJtdhzdda-l, s.f. A princess. P. 
jbLl shdJil, a. Kingly, royal, s.f. Sove- 
reignty, reign, p. 

y^^J^ s/fd/nn, s.m. A kind of falcon, p. 

^.U-l shdydn, a. Legal, worthy, suitable, p. 

jcL^ ,shdyad, ad. Perhaps, possibly, per- 
chance. P. 

W-- shah, s.m. Night (in comp.). P. 

^w-1 shah-bo f s.m. The tuberose lily 
(PoUanthes tuhcrosa). P. 

aL-I shabaha, s.f. A lattice, latticed window; 
a net, reticulated veil. p. 

^- -A shab'tiam, s.m. Dew ; hoar frost. P. 

^ .s/iiha, 8,f. Agate, coral ; a bead. p. 

^.^ shubAa, s.f. Uncertainty, doubt ; suspi- 
cion; hesitation, a. 

^^J^ shpdraSf a. Sixteen. 
H-i shpagi, a. Six. p. (shash). 

^-^^^ d^pi'Sitai, s.m. The spoke of a wheel. 

iijyc^ shpan-^oda, s.f. Name of a bird, the 
shepherd's deceiver, lapwing, pewit. 

^'-•^^ shpaniai, s.m. A shepherd boy. 

^^^ ^pani, s.f. Shepherd life, tending sheep. 

J^ ^shpol, s.m. A sheep cot, sheep pen, or 
fold; a thorn hedge; halo round the moon. 

^^ shpUn, s.m. A shepherd, f. {s^ubdn). 
shpa, s.f. Night, f. i^ab). 
I ^peiaA, a. Sixty. 

shpetai, s.m. A wedge to cleave wood 

j:JL--^ shpeshtai, s.m. A wedge ; a kind of 
clover, p. isupust). 

^jxjL^ shpeshiarai, s.m. A kind of trefoil 
or vetch (Medicayo dentieulata). 

•1---1 skpela-l, s.f. A tube, pipe, barrel of a 
gun; fife, flute, whistle; hollow reed; blow- 
pipe, shpelai, s.m. Whistling, a whistle. 
shpelai ghagiajtul, v.a. To whistle. 

c^li^ shitdb, s.m. Haste, quickness, speed, 
a. Ilasty, quick, rash. f. 

9\sJ^ sliatdhf a. Artful, cunning; immodest, 
lewd. a. 

iJb\:Jit shatdha, s.f. A lewd, wanton, etc. 

Jj^ shuiurlar, s.m. The bar or beam that 
prevents the ropes of a Persian wheel (on 
which are fastened the water pots) from 
coming in contact with each other. 

i$j:J, shuturaha, s.f. A cascade; spurt, jet, 
gush (of water). 

i^y^ shuturi, s.f. Name of a kind of cloth 
made of camera hair. P. 

shta, A form of the third person singular 
and plural, present tense of the auxiliary 

Digitized by 


( 102 ) 


verb mi yam, I am ; there is, there are, P. 

^^J^ shata-h s.f. A barbed arrow ; the spike 

or ear of maize after the graia has been 

removed ; the green mould on old walls ; 

the green scum on stagnant pools, 
J^ shatal, a. Lazy, indolent. See J>-1. 
cLs-^ §huja, a. Brave, bold, courageous, a. 
cs^^fiUA shujd'at, s.m. Bravery, courage, a. 
jys^ ^^eyora, s.f. List of saints; genealogical 

table. A. 
tjj^ shatsurlai, s.m. A chisel. 
:^ skaM, a. Hard, rough, tough,rigid, stiff, p. 
^jir* shJJiara, s.f. Gibberish, nonsense, 

twaddle, trash ; crowd, mob, multitude. 
i^yss^ shaJJiUdah, a. Clawed, scratched, p. 
J^ir» shl^rcal, s.m. Din, tumult, noise; 

rumble, murmur, rustle. 
^ysr* shJJt/calait s.m. A quiver for arrows. 

jj^i^ s/i^Tvand, s.m. The cud. sftk/i/vand- 
fva/tana, s.f. Chewing the cud, ruminating. 
siM^and'fva/mniai, s.m. A ruminant, an 
animal that chews the cud. 

UL^xL shiddat, s.m. Force, violence, vehe- 
mence. A. 

^jj* shiidanit a. Possible, practicable, pro- 
bable, p. 

shudydra, s.f. Land ploughed and 
made ready for sowing, p. (shiid/cdr). 

jjJcl shadid, a. Difficult; acute, intense; 
vehement, violent. A. 

JOwl ^adal, a. Indolent, lazy, slow; un- 
bleached or unwashed cloth. 

jJi» $iarr, s.m. Villany, wickedness, depravity, 
evil. A. s/fh, s.m. Pittor-patter, sound of 
falling rain ; the whizz of an arrow passing 
through the air. 

i^]^ ^ardb, s.m. Wine, spirits, a. 

See j'^^^ 


sJLj/j^ shardrat, s.m. Depravity, villany, 
wickedness, a. 



ihirdkai, s.m. Partnership, fellow- 
ship. A. 

c:^^ skarhatf s.m. Sherbet, beverage, 
drink, p. 

i^jj^ sharha, s.f. Commentary, explanation; 
allowance, pay, rate. a. 

j^l!*^ sharskd'i, s.f. See ^li^ • 

!^ sAartp s.m. Agreement, bargain ; stipu- 
lation, condition ; bet, wager ; mark, sign. a. 

^J^j^ sharfl, a. Conditional ; a bargainer, 
better, a, 

^^ shara, s.f. Muhammadan law; equity, 
law, A. 

^j^ shar'a-J, a. According to law, legal. A. 

^J^jJ^ sharohashai, s.m. Name of a reed 
from the stalks of which stools, baskets, 
etc. are made {Sacc/tarum sara and S. 

iSjL sharghah, a. A horse with a white fore- 
head, or with white eyes, 

^>- shirk, s.m. Infidelity, paganism; com- 
pany, society, partnership, a. 

s^^j^ shirkat, s.m. Partnership, a. 

^ sharm, s.m. Bashfulness, modesty, 
shame, p. 

^^j^ sharmakhh. s.m, A wolf. 

CSKu^jJU sharm*nd/:, a. Bashful, modest, un- 
assuming, p, 

^jc^jJlt sharmindah, a. Ashamed, disgraced, 
shamed, p. 

^x^^jj^ sharmindagiy^S. Disgrace, shame. P. 

J^^ sharmaKul, v.a. To disgrace, shame, 
dishonour; to rape, ravish. 

^}x^JJL sharmedal^ v.n. To blush, be modest, 
be abashed, ashamed, etc. 

My-- .£//Mri2',s.f.Beginning,commencement. a. 

s^jJU sharai, s.m. The measles; a rash on the 
body of infants; tooth-rash, a, (^ord). 

Digitized by 



( 103 ) 


j}^ .^^artr, a. Wicked, depraved, vicious, a. 

VJ;^^JU^ sharVatf s.m. Muhammadan law; 
equity, justice, law. a. 

^^ sharlf, a. Noble, eminent, a. 

*^:,/^ sho^r'tfa^ s.f. Tlie eave of a roof; pro- 
jecting ledge of a wall. 

vlX^^--^ '^afik^ s.m. Accomplice, ally ; com- 
rade, partner, a. 

^j^ !^arata^ s.f. See <tu^ , 

-»-lp» sharsham^ s.m. Mustard (the plant and 
seed), p. {sarshqf). 8. {sarson). 

^^^ s/faral, v.a. To eject, depose, turn out, 
drive away. a. (shdrid). 

dX'^-l sliT^ng^ s.m. A jingle, clink, chink ; 
chime, ring, echo. 

J Xvj-1 shrangartulf v.a. To jingle, ring, etc. 

J.nX^ shrangedal, v.n. To chime, jingle, 
ring, tinkle, etc. p. (cliarangldan). 

^'•j-^ s/iarUnkai, ) a. Deposed, expelled, 

yjf»j^ sharilnai, ) ejected. 

izJbjJL sharhata^ e.f. A barleycorn, grain of 
barley ; a particle, bit, small quantity. 

^}s^JUsharhedalf v.n. To crumble, decay, 
decompose, rot, become sodden, etc. h. 

y^jL shara-l, s.f. A blanket, a. {sJiar). 

c;— -^ shast, s.m. The space between the 
thumb and forefinger; a thumbstall (used 
by archers) ; aim, sight (as of a gun or 
arrow), p. 

^^^^ '^asta-i, s.f. Name of a plant iC/try- 

santhemum Indicum). 
c:^-l-l shasht^ s.m. A mirror attached to a 

ring and worn on the thumb by women. 
,«i-l-- s/iashanai, ) s.m. The neigh of a 
^j^'^ shashanraif J horse. 
J*xjji-l.i shashanredaU v.n. To neigh. 
jmJL shir, s.m. Poetry, verse, a. 
AmJL Mia, s.f. A blaze, flame, a. 

jjkJL Mnr, s.m. Intellect, reason, know- 
ledge. A. 

n^ skagh, s.m. Whizz, whirr (as of a bullet 
or bird passing through the air), etc. 

Jlfcl shagkdl, s.m. A jackal, p. 

c-^^CyjyL2* skagArib'TftagArib, s.m. East 
and west. a. imastriq^magkrib). 

Ji-t» shughl, s.m. Employment, occupation, a. 

aU:» shughla, s.f. See ^dm-l • 

'^ shifd, s.f. Cure, recovery ; remedy, a. 

o^U-:^ shafoCat, s.m. Entreaty, intercession, 
recommendation, a. 

^\:i}JU ska/tdln, s.m. A peach, p. 

jkJL shafaq, s.m. Twilight, dusk. a. 

^^^aJ^ shqfaqat,s.m. Clemency, compassion, 
kindness, mercy, a. 

vlCt> shaAk, s.m. Doubt, suspicion ; hesita- 
tion, uncertainty, a. 

jli-i shidr, 8.m. Alkali, potash. 

JlC:^ Mdl, s.m. Hobbles for the fore feet of 
a horse. See J-Ca • 

yj:^\Lii shikdyat, s.m. Complaint, accusa- 
tion. A. 

jLl shukr, s.m. Gratitude, thanks, a. 

ij\JJL shukrdna, s.f. Gratitude, thanks; 
premium, fee, payment for service done. P. 

ifJJU shakara, s.f. Sugar, p. (shakar). 

i^j^ shikrai, s.m. A kind of falcon or 
hawk. p. {shikrah). Marai, s.m. A flat 
basket of a circular shape, h. isikhar). 

c:^^***^ shikastf a. Broken, fractured; dis- 
persed, worsted, beaten, p. 

Ji-i shaki, 8.m. Appearance, figure, form, 
etc. A. 

\ij:» shailai, s.m. The end or tail of a 

|Xa shikam, s.m. The belly (in comp.). p. 

^^y^ shakk-man, a. Doubtful, dubious, 

c^s^ §htkandza, s.f. A press, vice ; book* 

Digitized by 



( 104 ) 

bindera press ; stocks for the legs ; rack, 

pillory ; torture, f. {^ikarga). 
,f^ ^kor, j ^ ^^ ^ g^^ ^^^^^ ^ inkhar). 
jSj^ shker,) 

j^ shkUur, s.m. A porcupine. 
JX:» ^/cel, s.m. F. (^ikll or MffiO. See 

*^\ll slftffdra, s.f. A pregnant woman or 

^JL^ ^igrai, s.m. A priming horn, powder 

^^^ shiglan, a. Sandy, gravelly. 
ij^ ^igufa, s.f. A bud, blossom, f. 
^ ^/fya, s.f. Sand, gravel. 
Jl:i shall, a. Paralyzed, palsied, f. shal, 
s.m. A pike, javelin, spear, f. shilf a. 
Twenty, a score. 
ijJl:» sildnda, s.f. A toad, frog. 
s,^^ shalat, a. See JjA . 
J^ sialMai, s.m. Name of a pot-herb ; 
" common dock (Rumcx acutus). 
>iL- shalghanif s.m. A turnip, f, 
vlil-:» shilik, s.m. A discharge, salvo, round, 
volley, salute, boom of a gun. a. (shalaJdi). 
Ajl shilam, a. Twentieth. 
j\^ shalwdr, s.m. Trousers, pants, f. 
^^ shlarcul, v.a. To tear, rend, split, break, 

burst. H. {d^irndD. 
4,^ shloTrif s.m. 
-jJ^^ sklonbe, s.f, 
izJjL s^atita, s.f. A large sack or net for 

baggage, etc. (when loaded on cattle), p. 
JjuLi shlcdal, v.n. To burst, tear, split, 

break, etc. H. {diimS). 
j\j^ shumdr, s.m. Counting, reckoning, p. 
J^U.1 ^tnaral, v.a. To count. See i}jt^* 
» dirndl, s.m. The North, stcundl, North 

See 1*^ 

Sr ^ 

wind. A, 
•±^ sham^Orl, s.f. Spine, backbone. 
^JIaJ^ siamiiatu'i, s.f. A tortoise. 

shamsher^ s.m. A sword, p. 
^am*a, s.f. A candle, lamp. a« 
IC^J. .^amkalai, 8.m. The unwoven end of 
a web or warp (used as a duster, etc.). 
^yU.1 shamkor, a. Night-blind, nyctalopic. 
s.m. One who is subject to night-blindness, 
p. (^ab'kor). 
i^j)^^ shamkori, s.f. Night-blindness, nycta- 

Xi^ §kamkai^ s.m. Name of a plant used 
in medicine ; vervain. 
iL^ shamla, s.f. The end of a turban; a 

shawl or sash for the waist. 
d^ytJa shamuMa, s.f. Name of a grass and 
its seed (Panicum/rujnentaceiim). P. (shd* 
Sj^ shama, s.m. An atom, jot, particle; 

odour, perfume, a. 
^^j^^ shjfieral, v.a. To count, compute, 

reckon, p. (shwndridan). 
c:.-c;.li-i ,^ndMitf s.m. Acquaintance, recog- 
nition, knowledge, f. (shindJJkt). 
jUU shindz, s.m. An inflated hide, used to 

cross rivers upon. f. (skind, swimming). 
lUv^ skanbah, s.m. Saturday, p. 
yjo-J* s^andahf a. Desperate, inconceivable, 

incredible, impossible. 
^xlU shand, a. Barren, sterile, unproductive, 

unfruitful. H. (sandhar). 
^.^ skatida-l, s.f. Name of a tree {Melia 

scmpenirens) ; evergreen bead-tree. 
f^J!^ shingrip, s.m. Cinnabar, vermillion. 

p. (shangarf). 
^Jj^ shingra-l, s.f. Tower, keep, hornwork 
of a fort ; a mould for casting pottery, etc. 
Ji^ shanal, v.a. To explore, look, search, 

try, sound, etc. f. {shdndan, to comb), 
\^ sJ^nrcd, a. Hearing, f. {shinudan). 
^?ia, Feminine of ^^;^, which see. 

Digitized by 



( 105 ) 



shnai, a.m. Name of a tree and ite 

frmi (Pistacia Kabulica), the mastic tree. 
shanedal, v.n. To flutter, writhe, 

qniver, wriggle, shake, etc. 

•^ s^o or shaw, s.m. See i^^ • 

b^ ^op&, a. Uncircumcised ; term of abuse. 

Uijj^ iho'parak, s.m. A bat. p. (shab-para). 

Jjy^ skotal, s.m. Name of a trefoil ( Trifolium 
rcpens). p. (§hqftal). Name of a pot-herb 
{Malta parmJlora\ marsh-mallow. 

• ^ shoM, a- Cheerful, humorous ; play- 
ful, mischievous; insolent, pert; wanton, 
saucy, p. 

^^^ shO'Miln, s.m. A night attack, sur- 
prise, p. (shab'MUn). 

^^^ shoJdfh B.f. Fun, mischief, frolic; 
coquetry, lewdness, wantonness, p. 

ij^ shaudahf s.m. Milk. 

;^ shor, s.m. Cry, noise, riot. p. 

ij^ shora, s.f. The beard of grasses; a 
wisp of grass or straw used as a plug or 

vlCl^ sJiUshk, s.m. The curve of an arch. 
•^^ shu-^a-lf s.f. A firebrand, torch, p. 

j^ .^//at/^, s.m. Desire, inclination ; fond- 
ness, love; gaiety, cheerfulness; curiosity.!. 
sho-qadar^ s.m. Name of a festival on 
the 14th of the month sh*abdn (s^abu 
bardt). p. (shab-qadr). 

CSyi» sh^/it a- Plucked, robbed, stripped, etc. 
shuk'piik, a. Plucked bare, bare as a bone. 
shokdnrai, s.m. A flat stone used to 
bake cakes upon; soapstone, firestone 
(used for the vent hole of a furnace, etc.). 

v£^^ shauhatf s.m. Dignity, pomp, slate, a. 

j/^ sho-kor^ a. See j^U-i . 

J/^ shukaituU v.a. To pluck, pick, cull; 
to rob, strip, tear off, etc. p. (shuyhildari). 

^Ju sha/ca, s.f. Plundering, robbing, strip- 



ping (as passengers on the roads). The 

beak of a bird, 
i^ ^U^a, s.f. A kind of rice. 
jijfy^ sko-ff'ir^ a. Watching by night, vigilant ; 

a night watch, vigil, p. (^ai*^lr). 
^j4y^ ^'Sf^f s.f. Watching at nighty 

awake all night, etc. 
J^ shTval, v.n. To be, become, exist, p. 

'JyU §holaMif s.m. The skin of the tongue. 
*J^y^ ^olgara^ s.f. A rice field, a rice swamp. 
^^ skola^ s.f. The rice plant p. (s^dli). 

iiala, s.f. The colic. 8. (sal). 
j^yJL skUm, a. Miserly, stingy; unfortunate, 

vile ; hungry, faint, a. 
yX^y^ shomlcj s.f. (pi. of shomla, obsolete). 

Buttermilk, curds and whey. 
A^yJ^ shUma, s.f. The watch between mid- 
night and daylight; food taken at that 

hour; food given to the friends of a 

deceased person on the night of the 

funeral, p. 
_^^ shUmlf s.f. Hunger, faintness; stingy- 

ness, niggardliness ; misfortune, etc. a. 
^^ shonta-if s.f. A pine torch, slips of 

resinous pine wood used as torches, 

matches, etc. 
^^ shUnd, s.m. The lip. 8. (hontk). 
ij\j^yJ^ shUnd'pdra, s.f. Hare lip. 
CS^yJ^ shUndakf s.m. The proboscis of an 

h^y^ sJ^Unda, s.f. The lip. 
MyL sharca^ s.f. Name of a tree, the aisoo 

(Dalbergia moo). 
^^y^ shoe, S.m. Coarse cotton cloth. 
\fl shalid, s.f. A mistress, sweetheart, a. 
c^l^ s^ihdb, s.m. A meteor, falling star. A* 

shaMb, s.m. Milk and water, a. 
jsH^ fb(^^^'^f 8*in. A rafter, beam. p. 
j^ shahdt s.m. Honey, p. 

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( 106 ) 


^ Jk{^ ^uAda/i, s.m. A blackguard, debauchee, 
rake, libertine, profligate, h. (shulidd). 

iz^ji^^ ^uhrat, s.m. Fame, renown ; divulg- 
ing, celebrating, publishing. ▲• 

\^ shaAldf a. Hazel-eyed. a. 

shakand, s.m. A kind of falcon. 
shahrcat, s.m. Lust, concupiscence. A. 

fJJ\:Jy^ sha/ovaOndk, ) a. Lascivious, lewd, 

^^ shcJircatif ) lustful ; lust ex- 

citing. A. 

Ouf^l siahld, s.m. A martyr, witness, a. 
Killed. A. 

^2^^ skaAln, s.m. A kind of Falcon; a 
camel gun, a wall piece, carronade. r. 
The beam of a balance. 

^ siai, s.m. An article, item, thing, a, 

»j^^ shebara, s.f. A continued fever. 

A^ shebah, s.m. A downpour, heavy shower 
(of rain). 

^^.1 .f/i^M,8.m. A chief, prelate; venerable old 
man ; a title given to converts to Islam, a. 

f ju^ shaidd, a. Love mad ; in love. p. 

jJ^ sher^ s.m. A lion, tiger, p. shir, s.m. 
Milk (in comp.). r. 

jfjLJi ^Irdza, s.f. The stitching at the back 
of a book ; the curtain or wall of a fort. p. 

vji^^JLt;.^ ^nr*/cii^^,s.m. A kind of manna.p. 

kfw^ sher-khatj s.m. Ueads and tails, pitch 
and toss, tossing money for play. 

*rr-- ^«''«» 8-f- Batter, pap. p. 

crv^ ^^^» a- Sweet; affable, gentle, 
pleasant, etc. (in comp.). p. 

CO. J A shishkf s.m. Name of a plant 
(Lithospermum arvense). 

^Xl-^ shx^kai, s.m. A hedgehog. vXdiizak). 

iJLJU si'isha, s.f. A mirror, looking glass, p. 

^Ik^ shaUdn, s.m. The devil, Satan, a. 

^lkj« shaifdn'i, s.f. Devilry, wickedness. 

shfah, s.m. A follower of the sect of 
'Ali ; a heretic, infidel ; sectarian, a. 

shelat s.f. A ravine, gully, watercourse; 
dry bed of a river. 
^jJL shin, a. Green, verdant; fresh, clear; 
blue, azure (as the sky), f. ^na. 

shlnai, s.m. A whitlow; a tick, dog- 

j-i shcrva, s.f. Declivity, slope, slant. P. 
(s^eba). Business, profession, trade ; cus- 
tom, habit ; toilet, decoration ; coquetry. 


^ kkhin or k^ln, called also kheshln, is the 
twenty-third letter of the Pnkklito alphabet. 
It is a combined form of ^ and 1 and 
corresponds in sound with the Hindi ^ or 
^ . By the Yusufzais and Eastern Afghans 
generally, it is pronounced as kkh, and by 
the Khataks and Western tribes as A^. 
It is very often substituted for 1, in words 
introduced from the Persian. 

Ci^U kk/tdperakf s.m. A bat. p. (shab 

c^^W kk/idperai. s.m. A fairy; the king of 
the fairies, p. {skdk'pari). 

A^ kMdM, s.m. Branch or bough of a tree ; 
the branch or arm of a river, etc. p. (skdJ^). 

^u>X^ kkhdldta-i, s.f. A pitchfork, prong. 

jl^ kkhdd, a. Delighted, happy, pleased, gay. 

etc. P. (shdd). 

.IjU kkhdddn, , _ 

^ a. Joyous, happy, gay. 

^ jl.^ kkhdd'man, 

^*i\^ kkhddl, s.f. Delight, joy, happiness, 

pleasure, etc. P. (shddl). 
4j\jJ[^ kkhddiydna^ s.f. Festivity, music, 

song ; rejoicing, p. (^ddiydna). 
CJj\^ kklidrak, s.m. The piece of wood (in 

the mouth of the upper millstone) through 

Digitized by 



( 107 ) 

trhich the iron axle of a hand-mill passes ; 

a piece of wood in the mouth of a churning 

jar or bottle for the passage of the churn 

^jj^ kkhdrajf 8.m. The jugular vein. p. 

^•j\^ kkhdrana-i. s.f. A starling, 

J^\j!, kkhci^alf v.a. To gratify, please, con- 
tent ; to choose, like, prefer. 

.UU, kkhdmdr^ s.m. King of serpents, a 
dragon, p. ishdh'mdr). 

(JJoW kkJidnakf s.m. A kneading dish, 
trencher, a wooden platter, p. i^hdnak). 

AfcU kkhdnga. s.f. The lower limb, thigh and 
leg, inferior extremity. 

j%i£)\^ kkhdnga-Kar^^. Long-legged, spindle- 

ci---^U» kkhdyast. s.m. Beauty, comeliness, 
elegance, grace ; worthiness, propriety, 
fitness. Also kkhdyast'ttdlai. 

Ai-jU kkhdyastah^ a. Handsome, beautiful, 
comely; worthy, fit, proper; well, good, 
p. (shd'lstali). 

,^'4» kkh^'lf ad. May be, perhaps, possibly, 
probably, p. {shay ad). 

^ kkhpa, s.f. The foot. 

^cj^ kkhatrif s.m. A Hindu trader or shop- 
keeper. 8. (ilidtrl or kshatri). 

^j;^^ MJ!i(^fff^rai, s.m. The ankle, ankle 
joint ; fetlock, fetlock joint. 

clio^s^ kkhadzonakf s.m. Hermaphrodite, 
effeminate man. 

Aar* kkJiadza or kkhidza^ s.f. Woman, wife, 
a. Female, feminine, feminine gender, a. 
(zauja). ^ 

'^ kkhakh, a. Hard, rigid, inflexible, stiff. 
P. (£^aM). a. Buried, etc. See ij:^. 

)/4» kkh<^rd, s.f. A curse. See jf^. 

**j^ kkhararca. s.f. The yew tree (Taxus 

baceata). The castor oil tree (Ricinus 
communis), a. (&iuroa\ 

j\Li, kkhkdr, s.m. Chase, hunting, sport; 
game, prey ; plunder, p. (shikdr). 

ij^ kkhkdrah. a. Clear, manifest, apparent, 
visible, evident, p. {dshkdr). 

0[;lCs# kkhkdrl, s.m. A hunter, fowler, sports- 
man ; a robber, p. {shikdri). 

j^lCs* kkhkdlwaJu s.m. Conversation, discus- 
sion ; buzz, hum, murmur (of talking). 

aXj^ kMkata, ad. Down, below, under, 
kkhkatanai, a. Inferior, lower, under. 

jLi, kkhkar, s.m. A horn, antler; powder 

^^J^ kkhkaraK s.m. A flat round basket. 
See c?/-^ shkarcu. 

JC»» tkkkul, s.m. A kiss, kkhkulkarcul^ 
v.a. To kiss, kkhkal, v.a. To draw, pull, 
tighten; to pen, write; endure, suffer; 
flay, remove, strip. See J*,.^, 

J ACa kkhkularvuL v.a. To kiss. 
ICj. kkhkulai, a. Kissed; handsome, pretty; 
comely, elegant; agreeable, pleasant. 
kkhkalai, a. Drawn, tight, tense; written ; 
suffered, endured, etc. 

Jar^ kkhkanthal, S.m. Abuse, vitupera- 
tion, r. kklikanihal or kkhkandzal-karvut^ 
v.a. To abuse, call bad names, etc, P. 

J^Cs, kkhakawul, v.a. To move, shake, loosen ; 
slide, slip; push, thrust, kkhkarcul^ v.a. 
To cause to draw, extract, etc. See JC^ 

J Ju^ kkhakedal. v.n. To fall,glide, slip, slide. 

jXi» kkkkcf, s.m. A hobble, tether, fetter for 
the feet of cattle (to prevent their straying); 
cheat, fraud, imposition, trick. See jXl. 

^Xij, iMkiycit ad. See i^i^. 

^^ kkhalUna^ s.f. A whitlow, abscess, boil, 

Jjcmj* kkhandat, v.a. To bestow, contribute, 
give, dispense, spend, etc. 

Digitized by 


• • •. 

( 108 ) 

Mj^ kkhanza, s.f. A boO, abscess, pustule. 
^^/:^ H'hangarai. s.m. Ankle, ankle-joint; 

fetlock ; a cloven boof. 
*i^ kkhna, s.f. The hip bone (os ilium). 
iL^ hk]ratm^ s.f. Nettlerash, hives. 
jy^ kMor, s.m. Nest or hive of ants, bees, 

or wasps, etc. 
c5;>4» H'horan. a. Barren, sterile; nitrous, 

saline (as land). 
V>^j-f» kkkoncd, s.f. Soup, broth. P. (shorbd). 
Jlfy? kkborawul. v.a. To move, agitate, 

rock, wave to and fro, etc. 
Mjyi, hkhora. s.f. Nitre, saltpetre. P. {shora) 

kkhora^ndk, a. Barren, sterile, full of nitre, 
Jaj^^ H'horedaL v.n. To move, undulate, 

vibrate, wave, swing, p. iskondan). 
ijy^ H'hona. s.f. The olive tree. 
J.^ H'honmL v.a.To show, indicate. See J-4». 
^y^ kM^caif a. Slippery, smooth. 
Jysj^ Hhrcaha7vul, ) v.a. To slide, slip, or 
JyLy^ kkhrcayartuL ) push along (on a 

smooth surface). 
J Ju5^ kkhfta-cdal, v.n. To slip, slide, glide, 

fall down. Also Jju>j-j, khhwahedaL P. 

A^, kkhah or Hhah. a. Good, proper, well ; 

healthy, sound; fair, pleasant, etc. in. 

Well! Good! vAlhub). 
j^ Hita/ir, s.m. A town, city. p. (shalir). 
^ kkhai or Kshai. a. Right, right hand, etc. 
Hhera or kshcra, s.f. Curse, malediction, 

imprecation, denunciation. 

kklnhMia, s.f. A bottle, glass, phial. P. 

y^i^ Hhcgara^ s.f. Eicellence, goodness; 

value, worth ; profit, advantage, benefit. 
J^ hl'havaL v.a. To show, point out; teach, 

instruct, p. (niithdndaii). Def. in past ten. 


pudiate, turn off (as a disobedient son, etc.); 
to arm, equip oneself, p. (shdyidan). 
^ kkhhiaf 8.f. Sister-in-law, wife's sister. 

^ ^rvdd is the fourteenth letter of the 
Arabic and the twenty-fourth of the 
Pukkhto alphabet. It is generally pro- 
nounced like ^^, and is only found in 
words adopted from the Arabic. 

W'>>-U ^&iib, s.m. Master, lord; owner, 
possessor. ▲. 

ji^U ^ddir, a. Happened, issued, produced, 
passed, etc. a. 

(^U ^qf, a. CHcan, pure, candid, frank, etc. a. 

_iU ^afi, s.f. A filter, strainer. 

\La ^abd, s.m. Morning, dawn; to-morrow ; 
the morning breeze, a. (sabdlt). 

^ $ubli, s.f. Morning, daybreak, dawn. a. 

j^ sabr, s.m. Endurance, patience, a. 

t.iU'^ saJkftdf, s.m. A bookbinder; book- 
seller. A. 

c:»^...s^ ^ulibatf s.m. Companionship, society, 
picnic, dinner party, company; cohabita- 
tion; coition. A. 

c=--jE-^ ^ihhatt s.m. Health, integrity, per- 
fection. A. 

\js:r^ ^alird, s.f. A desert, wilderness. A. 

^•^ salii, a. Accurate, true, just, certain, 
perfect, entire, a. (^abtl^). 

u:^\s^ ^addqatf s.m. Sincerity, truthfulness, 
candour, friendship, a. 

^ Jw> ^adqa^ s.f. Alms, propitiatory offerings, 
sacrifice, a. 

j;jjL^ ^adiq, a. Faithful, true, sincere, just. a. 

c-i|^ ^arrdf^ 8.m. A banker, money lender, a. 

See J;;^. kkiayal, v.a. To reject, re- uJ^ sirf, ad. Only, alone ; simply, merely. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 109 ) 

etc. A. ^arf^ a.m. Excess, gain, increase ; 
expense, expenditure, waste, a. 
ijj^ ^arfa^ s.f. Expense, expending ; profit, 

profusion ; surplus ; waste, a. 
i^z^ mfff s.m. A line, file, rank, row ; series, 

order, etc. a. 
\La i^afdt a. Clean, clear, pure. a. 
*'i-p ^ofcL'ly s.f. Purity, cleanness ; inno- 
cence. A. 
ci^i-^ ^ifat^ s.Tn. Attribute, quality ; com- 
mendation, praise ; description; an adjec- 
tive. A. 
i,s^ m/ha, s.f. Page of a book ; face, sur- 
face. A. 
9jLa safara^ s.f. Name of the second month 
of the Muhammadan calendar. A. {^afar). 
^Lsr^ .5wQia, s.f. Concord, peace ; reconcilia- 
tion, truce, treaty, armistice, a. {$ulfi). 

s.m. Benediction, prayer ; 
mercy or compassion of 
God. A. 
J j^^ Randal, s.m. Sandal wood. a. 
ji.x^ sandHq^ s.m. A box, trunk, chest, 

casket, a. 
4Ls?^ja^ ^andaqcta, s.f. Casket, small box. 
jiy^ sanobar, s.m. A fir, pine, conifer, a. 
c-^^^ ^arvdb, s.m. Virtuous action ; rectitude, 

right. A. 
A;^ sUba, s.f. A province, division of a 
country, a. silba'dar, s.m. Viceroy, pro- 
vincial governor. 
0^.^.0 f^ilrat, s.m. Appearance, form, face ; 
portrait, countenance ; manner ; case, con- 
dition, state; body, person; the privates, a. 
i^ sqfl^ a. Pious, devout ; intelligent, 
wise. s.m. A philosopher, members of the 
Saflsect. A. 
.>Urf ^ayddf s.m. A hunter, fowler, sports- 
man. A. 
$atd, s.m. Game, prey. a. 

Ja^ saiqal, s.m. Cleaning, polishing, scour- 
ing, furbishing ; a polisher, etc. a. 

jfjA^ $aiqal'gar, s.m. A polisher of sworda, 
knives, ete. 

^ drcdd or zdd, is the fifteenth letter of the 
Arabic, and the twenty-fifth of the Pu kkh to 
alphabet. It is pronounced like j , and is 
only found in words from the Arabic, in 
which language it has the sound of d or dA. 
kili q^dbiff s.m. Master, ruler, governor, a. 
Akjli ^dbita, s.f. Canon law, rule, regula- 
tion. A. 
^U Tidmin^ s.m. Security, sponsor, bail, 

bond. A. 
^^U ^dminl, s.f. Surety, bail, security. 
4Uj>U ^^dy^a, s.f. Lioss, detriment, injury. 
zdy*ah, a. Liost, destroyed, spoiled, perished ; 
fruitless, abortive, a. (^dV). 
k^i ^ai.(, s.m. Confiscation ; check, control. 

a. Confiscated, seized, a. 
^^ ^uJkd, s.m. Forenoon, between sunrise 
and noon ; a prayer repeated at that time. a. 
ju» :pidd, s.m. Contrary, opposite ; enemy, 

rival ; opposition, contrariety, a. 
i^jJ Zarbt s.m. A blow, thump; coining; 
stamp ; violence ; emphasis (in speech), a. 
jj^ i;arar, s.m. Damage, detriment, injury ; 

loss, ruin ; affliction, distress. A. 
j^jJ T^arUr^ a. Expedient, necessary ; urgent, 

unavoidable, a. 
(^^j^ ^arUrat, s.m. Necessity, exigence, 
want ; compulsion, force, a. 

;^u/, s.m. Debility, weakness, a. 
j^ay, a. Weak, feeble, infirm, a. 
iAj ^iVa^ s.f. A district, division of 4 
province, a* 

Digitized by 



( 110 ) 


jU«0 :^amddp a.m. Embrocation, plaster, a. 
4.=^ U^ :;amdn(U, 8.m. Security ,bail, surety, a. 
(j:^L.p ^iyafat, s.m. Banquet, entertainment, 
feast ; invitation, hospitality. a« 

)» toeiB the sixteenth letter of the Arabic and 
the twenty-sixth of the Pu kkh to alphabet. 
It is only found in words adopted from the 
Arabic, and has a sound stronger than ij:^% 
for which it is sometimes changed. 

cut^l^ tdbut, s.m. A coffin, bier. a. 

cu^\L iaatf s.m. Obedience, devotion, a. 

j\t tag, s.m. An arch, cupola ; alcove, shelf, 
a. Odd, singular, unique, not even. a. 
jifft'O'tdg, s.m. Odd and even (the game). 

is?^ tdqchap s.f. A niche, recess, shelf. 

y^^ faqat, 8.m. Ability, force, power, 
strength, a. 
Jit fdql, a. Arched, arching. 

ilJl!? /d/ei, s.m. An enquirer, seeker; student. 
Asking, demanding, a. 

^U? fdli*, s.m. Appearing, rising (as the sun). 
A. tdli^'tnan, a. Fortunate, prosperous. 

AiJlL td'ifa, s.f. People, nation, race, tribe ; 
party, band, troop ; suite, equipage, a. 

u^ {ibb, 8.m. Medicine, magic, a. 

v>*^U9 libdbat, s.m. The practice of medi- 
cine. A. 

jLl? fabdg, s.m. A kneading dish or platter, a. 

aaJ? t^b'a, s.f. Disposition, temperament, 
nature, quality, a. (/ai'). 

j;^ fabaq, s.m. A dish, plate; leaf; disk; 
cover; a layer; gold leaf. a. 

AJLiff fabqa, s.f. A floor, stage, story ; class, 
order ; degree, rank ; a shelf, recess, a. 

JJ9 labl, s.m. A drum. a. 

^Lk (flbla, 8.f. A small tambourine, small 

drum ; a wooden platter or tray for flruit, 

etc. A. 
V,,, .j;V (flblb, s.m. A physician, a. 
^^«^ fablbl, s.f. Profession of a physician, 

physic. A. 
f^^ji,'i^ iabVatf s.m. Nature, disposition, 

temper ; constitution, health ; property, 

quality, essence, a. 
AJ^ labela, s.f. A stable, a. 
L^Jff (rab, s.m. Hilarity, mirth, joy. A. 
^b^ (arfta, s.f. Manner, mode. a. ((aratt). 
jjb (arz, s.m. Fashion, mode, manner, a. 

*— ^ tj^^^f* 8«ni« Side, direction, quarter, a. 

farqf-ddr, s.m. A follower, partizan. a. 

Partial , prejudicial, faraf'ddrl^ s.f. Favour, 

assistance; prejudice. 
^^/.a?*a/ain,s.m. Both sides, both parties, a. 
iAiJo tarlqa, s.f. Path, way ; manner, mode ; 

religion, rite; sect, party; custom, habit, a. 
Jj^ fcCdm, s.m. Food, victuals ; eating, a. 
lU^U!? tad?nba, s.f. Food, victuals. 
<u*l? ta'na, s.f. Reproach, disgrace, reproof; 

scoffing, reviling, taunting, a. (/a'n). 
^Lxt fur^iydn, s.m. Rebellion, sedition ; 

perverseness, insolence. tM^W^^^* ^-f* 

Excess, overflowing, flood, a. 
Jir fi/l, s.m. Babe, infant. A. fi/ll or fiifn- 

liyat, s.m. Infancy, childhood, a. 
J^ tufailf s.m. Sponger, parasite, glutton. 

A. ad. Through, by means of, by agency 

of. A. 
Si^ fild, s.f. Gold; name of a gold coin, 

ducat. A. 
jiiff ialdq^ 8.m. Divorce, repudiation, a. 
^"i^ iild'l, a. Golden, covered with gold. a. 
v..;Jj9 falab, s.m. Demand, desire, request; 

call, summons ; enquiry, search ; pay, 

salary, a. falab-ddr, s.m. A creditor; dun- 
ning, demanding, tfllab^gdr^ 8.m. A seeker. 

Digitized by 



( 111 ) 

enquirer, a. Desirous, falab'tidma, s.f. 

A summons, citation. 
jult falaba, s.f. A lure, call, etc. for hawks, 

. V" filism, a.m. Amulet, charm, epeU, 

talisman ; marvel, wonder, prodigy, a. 
AxA^ fam*a, s.f. Avidity; desire, longing; 

avarice, greediness, covetousness. a. (tarn). 
«^U!? tandbf s.m. Tent rope, clothes line, 

cord, etc. a. 
j^ faur, s.m. Manner, mode ; condition, 

state. A. 
^U^ (fi/dn, 8.m. Deluge ; inundation ; 

tempest, storm, hurricane, a. mfdni, a. 

Boisterous, stormy ; quarrelsome. 
j^- fauq, s.m. Yoke, collar; necklace; ring 

for the neck. a. 
J^ ful, s.m. Length, a. Long, lasting, a. 
,U^ tfondr, s.m. A book, volume, a. 
LL^j\^ tahdrat^ s.m. Purity, cleanliness; 

sanctity; purification, a. 
^ fai, s.m. Folding, rolling up. a. 

k zoe is (he seventeenth letter of the Arabic 
and the twenty-seventh of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is only found in words from 
the Arabic. 

J\l? zdlim, s.m. Oppressor, tyrant, a. Cruel, 
oppressive, tyrannical, a. 

^jb\b zdhir, a. Manifest, apparent, evident, 
clear ; outward appearance. 

\j>% zd/iirdf ) ad. Outwardly, apparently, 

(^l!i zdhiran, ) publicly, openly, evi- 
dently. A. 

^^Ib zd/drlf a. Outward, external, ap- 
parent. A. 

c:^]^ ;^ard/at, s.m. Elegance; politeness; 
wit, humour; polish, a. 

^Jff s^arf, s.m. A vase, vessel, jar. 

u-£»^ ^an/, a. Witty, jocose; ingenious, 

clever; elegant, polished, polite, a, 
^ z^ajar^ s.m. Victory, triumph, a. 
JJ^ ZfUlm^ 8.m. Oppression, injustice, cruelty, 

tyranny, a. 
0^.4!.!^ zulmat, s.m. Obscurity, darkness, a. 
^ zann, s.m. Idea, thought, opinion; 

suspicion, jealousy, a. 
^jio ^anni, a. Supposed ; suspected, a. 
^ :^uhr, s.m. Mid-day; the time just after 

the sun has passed the meridian, a. 

z*am is the eighteenth letter of the Arabic 
and the twenty-eighth of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is a very weak guttural 
aspirate, articulated by compression of the 
muscles of the fauces. It varies in sound 
according to the vowel point by which it is 
** moved," and in this work is represented 
by ' placed above and before the vowel by 
which it is "moved," as 'a, 't, 'm, etc. 
It is only found in words derived from the 
Arabic, and is sometimes replaced by U 

jcU 'dbid, s.m. A devotee, votary, a. 

J5J-U *d)iz, a. Humble, helpless; hopeless, 
dejected ; exhausted, weak ; impotent, 
poweriess. a. 

ij)^^ ^djizi, s.m. Weakness; helplessness; 

CL^j\z *ddat, s.m. Custom, usage, habit A, 
'ddati, a. Habituated, accustomed, inured, 

J jle *ddil, a. Just, upright, impartial. A. 

wi^U ^drif, a. Devout, holy; wise, in- 
genious. A, 

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( 112 ) 


jys. *driyat, a.m. Borrowing, lending 
(wliat is itself to be returned). ▲• *ariya(l, 
a. Borrowed ; lent. 

^U ^dshiq, B.m. A lover, a. %skiql, 8.f. 
Amour, love, courtship. 

>^^U 'ds^Hra, s.f. The first ten days of the 
month Muharram. a. 

^L: 'dst, s.m. A sinner, rebel. A. 

i„>«JU 'djiyat, s.m. Health, safety, a. 

cii^U ^dqibaif 8.m. Conclusion, end; fu- 
turity, the future, ad. After all, finally, 
at last. A« 

JSU ^dqilf a. Sensible, wise. a. 

Jlc ^dlam^ s.m. The world, universe ; people, 
mankind, creation ; time, state, a. 'o/int, 
a. Learned, knowing, wise. a. 

^Ifi *dtl, a. Eminent, high, sublime, a. 

Ac ^dmtn, a. Common, general, public, s.m. 
The vulgar, public, common people, a. 

^U 'dmml, s.m. A layman; one of the 

J^U *dmil, s.m. Revenue collector, governor, 
ruler, finance minister, a. 

jjU 'fi-irf, a. Happening, occurring; revert- 
ing, returning (as money, etc.). a. 

d^jLs 'ibddatf s.m. Adoration, divine wor- 
ship. A. 

\c^j\^ 'ibdrat, s.m. Meaning, signification; 
phrase, style, speech, a. 

<J,.y g 'abas, a. Vain, useless, absurd, idle, 
ad. In vain, uselessly, a. 

sjL^jf^ 'ibrat, s.m. Example, warning, a. 

jy^ *ubilr, s.m. A ferry, ford; crossing, 
passing over, a, 

c,^lix 'itdbf s.m. Anger, displeasure, rebuke, 

reproach, reprimand, a. 

^Lcf *ajd'ib, a. Wonderful, astonishing. 

s.m. Wonders, curiosities, a. 

*ajab, ) 

... L^* Wonderful, rare, curious, a. 
*ajlb. ) 

y^ *ajzt s.m. Impotence, weakness, help- 
lessness; meekness, humility, submission. A. 

vjuJIjce *addlat, s.m. A court of justice; 
equity, justice ; law. a. 

cu^^j^ ^addfvat, s.m. Animosity, enmity, 
hostility, hatred, strife, a. 

Jjce Wai, s.m. Number; item. a. 

Jjus W/, s.m. Justice, equity, a. 

A«Xa 'adam, s.m. Nonexistence, nonentity^ 
nothing; privation, a. 

J^jl& 'udul, s.m. Refusing, declining, a. 

i^\3x> 'azdb, s.m. Anguish, torment, pain ; 
torture, punishment, a. 

jjLft *uzr, s.m. Apology, excuse, a. *u$r* 
M^dh, a.m. Apologist ; condoler, sympa- 
thizer, p. ^uzr'M^d/d, s.f. Apology, 
excuse ; condolence, sympathy. P. 

^jC *urs, s.m. Oblations, offerings (to a 
saint); a marriage feast, a. 

^j£' W^, S.m. Firmament; roof; throne, a. 

^^jz *ar^a, s.f. Area, space; interval, while, 
time ; a plain, a. 

^jCyS. ^ar:;^, s.m. Petition, request, representa- 
tion. A. 'ar:;^'beffh s.m. An officer who 
presents petitions, letters, etc. (in native 
courts). T. ^OTT^-ddshtf s.m. Statement, 
written petition, p. ^ar^f-ddr, s.m. A 
petitioner, p. 'ara^, s.m. An accident, 
casualty ; muster of troops, a. 

^j^ 'flr^f, s.f. A memorial, petition ; letter 
from an inferior, a. 

uJ^ ^urf, a. Known as, alias, commonly 
called; the late; proper, equitable; good- 
ness, merit; confession, a. 

vjjir* 'ttij/t, a. Notorious, well-known, public, a. 

j^ ^araq, s.m. Essence, juice ; spirit ; sap ; 
sweat A. 

^/»0jj£^ 'arils, s.f. Bride, spouse. A. 'arMf 
s.f. Marriage, wedding, a. 

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( 113 ) 

tsjj^ *vtzat, B.m. Grandenr, power; glory; I jrJuXe *a^(fa, s.f. Belief, faitb, tenet, k. 

honour, respect, a. 
z 'az/at, a.m. Retirement (from office), 

dismissal, discharge, a. 
p];^ *azfatlf s.m. A hermit, recluse, a. 
)}z ^azlt, s.f. Abdication, retirement, a. 

A^jz 'azm, a.m. Purpose, intention, design, a. 

•jU 'a::iz, a. Dear, beloved, precious, a.m. 
An esteemed or honoured friend; great 
man, saint; a nephew; a king of Egypt 
(the title), a. 

^J^'y>£ ^azlZ'ffali, Is.m. Relationship be- 
t, J 



tween nephew and 


^-V',^ *azlzl^ s.f. Esteem, respect, friendship. 
Jy«*^ *asl, s.m. Honey, a. 
jJ^ 'ushr, s.m. Tithe, tenth part. a. 
cl:jJLz 'asircU, s.m. Enjoyment, pleasure, 

delight; society, pleasant intercourse, 

etc. A. 
jJLi *ishq, s.m. Affection, love. A. *ishq*bdz, 

a. Amorous, gallant, p. HsAq^bdzi, s.f. 

Love-making, gallantry. P. 
Iaz *am, s.f. A club, mace, baton, staff, a. 
\k£ 'atd, s.f. A gift, present ; giving, a. 
Jlzz *attdr^ s.m. A perfumer, a. 
Jaz *atr, s.m. Perfume, fragrance, essence, a. 
f,Jz^ 'azim, a. Great, huge, immense; high 

in dignity, a. 
v^i.'O^ 'ifntf s.m. Demon, spectre, ghost, a. 
^^:^M *aqab, ad. After, behind, in rear. a. 
Mz> *aqd, s.m. Agreement, compact, contract ; 

knot; marriage knot; necklace, collar, a. 
Jlz ^aql, s.m. Reason, sense; intellect, 

wisdom ; opinion, understanding, a. *aql^ 

man, a. Intelligent, wise. P. ^aqlmanlf 

s.f. Wisdom, intelligence. P. 
^ *aqll, a. Judicious, rational, sensible, 

reasonable, a. 
ii=^^ ^uqUbat, s.m. Punishment, torture, a. 

^^Jlc 'o^, s.m. Contrary, opposite ; reflec- 
tion, inversion ; image, shadow, a. 
^Iz 'ildj, s.m. Cure, remedy; medicine, a. 
4olft 'ildqa, s.f. Relation, connection, interest ; 
commerce, correspondence, intercourse, a. 
c^^l^ 'cUdmat, s.m. Marik, sign, symptom ; 

emblem, ensign, escutcheon, a. 
8jIa *ald?va, ad. Besides, in addition, a. 

*illat, s.m. Cause, pretence; dirt, filth; 
defect, disease, a, 

^alqff s.m. Grass, hay, fodder, a. 
Jx 'Urn, s.m. Knowledge, science, ju 
^iAc^ulamd, s.m. The learned, scholars, 

wise. A. 
^wflc 'ihnlf a. Learned, scientific, a, 
Iz 'atl^ a. Eminent, high, noble, a. *all bau* 
bau, s.m. A bogy, goblin, scarecrow. 
9Sss:\z *a/ai]kidaA, a. Apart, separate, dis* 

tinct. A.* 
mAz ^alirn, a. Learned, wise. a. 
ciiJ^Uf *imdrat, s.m. Building, edifice ; habi- 
tation, fortification, a* 
9X^ ^umdah, a. Great, noble ; choice, excel- 
lent. A. 
jAX^ 'umr, s.m. Age, lifetime, a. 
Ja£ 'amal, s.m. Action, operation, effect; 

work, practice, a. 
iOlks *amala, s.f. Officials, staff, subordinates, a. 

L^ ^amalif a. Practical, artificial, a. 
4^\xc ^unndbf s.m. Jujube fruit and tree. a. 
c\is, Hnddf s.m. Obstinacy, perverseness, 
stubbornness, a, "t^tdcft, a. Stubborn, 
obstinate, etc. 
u:^l:we *indyat, s.m. Favour, gift, present, a. 
Ukc *U7iqd, s.f. The phcenix. a. 
LT^^j^ ^anqarlb, ad. Nearly, shortly, soon. a.. 
ijL^^Jj^ 'ankabuf, 6.m. A spider, a. 
jyz *ild, s.m. Aloes wood ; incense, a. 
I (^^ *aiirat, s.m. The private parts, a. 

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4Sj^ ^aurata^ s.f. A woman, wife, 

^i^ 'tnra^, 8.m. Retribation, recompense, 
reward; exchange, a. 

«Xfs *ahd^ 8.m. Compact, contract; promise, 
treaty; conjuncture, season, time; reign, 
life-time ; oath, vow, a. 

dj^ *uhdaf s.f. Commission, obligation, 
agreement; appointment, office, post. a. 

jLc 'ayo/, s.m. Family, children; house- 
hold, domestics, etc. a. 

^Lc ^aydn^ a. Clear, visible, manifest, a. 

Vi^^^^ *aib^ s.m. Blemish, defect, vice; dis- 
grace, fault, sin. a. *aib-ndA, a. Defective, 

Jur *id, s.m. Festival, holy day ; Easter, a. 

^J:^^ ^aish, 8.m. Enjoyment, delight, plea- 
sure. A. *atsh*o**ashratf s.m. Jollity, 
enjoyment, a. 

^^ *am, a. Exact, just, very, real, etc. s.m. 
The eye ; sight ; essence, a. 

<i.(:.^. j- *ainaka^ s.f. An eyeglass, spectacles, a. 

( lU ) 4^ 

^^ ^dr€Li, s.m. A glutton. 

i ^ain^ is the nineteenth letter of the 
Arabic, and the twenty-ninth of the 
Pukkhto alphabet. It is a guttural letter, 
and is pronounced by a compression of the 
fauces at the time of articulation. It is 
sometimes used instead of j, and is itself 
sometimes replaced by C/. 

<^U ^di, s.m. A dish, plate. T. (gab). 

j\k ghdr^ s.m. A cave, cavern, pit. a. 

4ZJ^^li ghdratf s.m. Devastation, plunder, 
sack, A. 

^U gharmah^ s.m. Sun's rays ; heat of 'the 
sun ; noonday heat. p. (garma). 

jr^li ^drOf s.f. The throat, fauces; coast, 
shore ; border, bank, margin ; neck of a 
bottle or jar ; joke, pleasantry, fun. ^dra^ 
ghara-lt s.f. Embracing, hugging, a. 
Connected, joined together. 

jcili ghdzi^ s.m. Champion, hero, warrior 
(for the faith), crescentader. a. 

^j^ ghaklih. S.m. A tooth. 

.^U ffJ^kharcar. s.m. Having large teeth ; 
a kind of harrow or rake. 

^li ghakhhau s.m. A prong, pitchfork; 

" crest or ridge of a mountain, pass over s 

Jili ghdfil^ a. Careless, negligent, thought- 
less. A. 

s^\a ghdJihf s.m. A form, mould, a. ('jdllb). 
ghdlih, a. Excelling, overcoming, superior, 
ad. Most likely. 

ifj^U ghdlhuza^ s.f. A hornet, wasp. 

J^^ JU ghdlo-hul^ i s.m. Clamour, uproar, 

^\yz^^\k ghdlo-ghill^ J noise, din, 

S? \ (S.f. A rug, small carpet, a. 

A^\i ghdXicj^a^ ) 

*jjli ghdndah^ a. Disagreeable, offensive, 
loathsome, stinking. P. igandah). 

^U ghdn^ s.m. Koise, din, uproar, tumult. 

yj>-^ ghdwdn, s.m. Doorkeeper, porter. 
gU gkd'ibp a. Absent, invisible, con- 
cealed. A. 

oVi ghdyai^ a. Very, chiefly, extremely. 
B.m. Extremity, end ; filth, ordure, dirt. a. 

jUi ghuhdr^ s.m. Dust, haze, obscurity, 
vapour; impurity, foulness, a. 

CJj^ ghharg^ a. Double, duplex, twofold. 

^-;^>i-wft^ai'^ai,s.m.Dewlap,double-chin. p. 

w^ ^aj9, eju. Bark, yelp, snap (of a dog). 

s^ 3h<^pal^ v.a. To bark, snap, yelp, etc. 

^ ghupa^ 8.f. A dip, dive, plunge. 

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4^ ^at, a. Big, bulky, large, stout, great, 
etc. ; great in rank, power, etc. H. ikattd). 

^i ^afai, a.m. A block, lump, mass, etc. 

^Js^ ghutshai^ s.m. A bullock, ox, bull. 

^ ghackf s.m. Hatred, malice, spite, envy. 
Noise, sound of walking in mud, etc. H. 

^j^ (jhachl^ s.f. Scissors. See ^yW?. 

j^ ghadr^ s.m. Villany, deceit, perfidy, a. 

\'^ Shlzd, s.m. Aliment, food, diet. a. 

yi ^ar, s.m. Mountain, hill. 8. {gir). ghur^ 
s.m. Broncbocele, goitre. ghcHir^ s.m. 
Leap, bound, jump. Rattle (as of wheels). 

\j£. fjhard, s.f. Peal, roar, boom, thunder; 
roaring, thundering (noise). 

ij^jk ghardra, s.f. A large sack. a. 

i^\j£, ^ardnda^ s.f. A blaze, flame. 

un^^ ghurbat, s.m. Emigration, ti'avelling ; 
exile, separation from friends, a. 

s^jl gkarahay s.f. A cannon, gun. 

^jL gharabhai^ s.m. Boom, report (of a 

" cannon). A buckle, breastplate, clasp. 

c->-i ghurap^ s.m. A gulp. P. 

^J^^jS- shurpish^ s.m. Din, clamour, noise, 

ic^j^ Shartsanai^ a. Mountain, highland, 
of the hil]8. 

4^^ ghartsaht a. A hill goat; inhabitant of 
the hills, highland (animal). 

^'^jj^ gfmrzang^ s.m. A bound, leap. p. 

^i^ f/haraz^ s.m. Aim, object, design, pur- 
pose ; business, meaning, interest, occasion, 
use, want; spite, selfishness, hatred, ad. 
In fine, in short, in a word. 

ZjZjh. ^arrjhara^ s.f. Gurgling; a gurgle, a. 
A blaz(, flame, fire. 

^^^JLhjL gharghushi^ s.m. Romping, frolic, 
fun, sport; a play amongst women. 
ghurghushtf s.m. Name of the third son 
of Kais. ghurghu.^n^ s.m. The Ghur- 
ghushtis, clan or tribe of Ghurghusht 

( "5 ) t^ 

jl gtarghashVi^ s.f. A kind of peach 

{AmygdaUis Persieui). 
jlji, gharq^ a. Drowned, sunk, immersed. A. 
c-^U^ gharqdh^ s.m. A whirlpool, vortex. P. 
ij\jSjS^ ghur^kamdna^ s.f. A pellet bow. p. 

(gold), p. (kamdn). 
^jL ghargai^ s.m. Boulder, rock; stone, 

pebble ; hillock, mound. 
i^jl gharma, s.f. Noon, mid-day, hottest 

part of the day. toAanda-, takaura-, or 

takana'l'gharma, s.f. Exactly noon, hottest 

time of the day. 
jj^ ghrand^ s.m. The neck, throat, windpipe. 

P. {gardan). 
^*yjj^ gkrandai^ s.m. The hollow over the 

collar bone. 
CJjji, gharang, s.m. The creaking of a wheeL 
^^j^ ghur^nikak, s.m. A great grandfather. 
^-rV^ Sh^i^9 B'^n* The west; setting (of the 

sun). A. 
j^j^ gh^trOr, s.m. Pride, vanity, a. 
4^1/^ ghurUraif s.m. A node, tumour. 
$j£> gharahf a. Haughty, arrogant, proud, 

vain ; deceived, misled ; cross, stem. i« 

ghara, s.f. Backside, podex. ghurra, 8.f. 

First day of the moon ; whiteness, a. 
^js, gharcUf s.m. The throat See JJ^. 
<Ui»b^ ghtirydkkha, s.f. ) Abuttonhole,loop. 
^Gyi ghurydkkhai^ a.m. J See ^^^* 
^-^^ gharib, a. Meek, humble; poor; 

foreign, strange, a. 
Jjj^ gharedal, v.n. To chatter, gabble^ 

jabber; to bellow, roar; peal, boom, 

j)j£, ghariz^ 8.m. Clemency, forbearance, p. 
^^ gharero^ s.m. Noise, hum, murmur; 

lamentation, groaning, weeping, p. 
^\j^ ghardngaf s.f. A shout, scream, yell; 

a long neck, ghardnga-tcar, a. Long* 

lJ^jS- ghurutskait s.m. A spark. See ^jad. 

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J^ ( 116 ) 

JjfC ^aral, v.a. To plait, spin, twist, roll ; 

to fold, roll up, envelop. See J:^ • 
w^ji ^urunb, a.m. Boom, peal, roar, 

thunder, etc. 
Jfjjs, ^ranbal, v.n. ) To bellow, roar, low ; 
J Ju-J^ ghranbedal^ ) to peal, thunder, 

jj^ ^arand, a. Las, loose; frail, soft, 

weak ; idle, lazy, negligent ; tardy, slow ; 

cautious, stealthy, sly. 
^^jj.ji ^apvandaif s.f. A dog collar, halter, 

tether for horses; a loop, slip knot; the 

loop in the letters 14^, <)»j. 
^js, gkarai^ s.m. A kind of coarse bread 

given to the poor ; the calf of the leg. 
Jjk£^ ^arcdal, v.n. To growl, snarl ; to 

grate, jar (upon the ear) ; to blow, wheeze, 

breathe roughly, 
ji ^ar, s.m. The Tamarisk tree ( Tamarix 

\jc ghaza^ s.f. War against infidels, crescen- 

tade. in. Astonishing! a. 
j<ji ghuzdo'^ a. Dropped, fallen, upset. 
^|i ghazal^ s.m. An ode, love song. a. 
Jjiji ghazamuU v.a. To lay flat, lay down, 

prostrate, stretch out (as the arm, leg, etc.). 
Jjoji g^azedal^ v.n. To lie down, lie flat, 

recline, etc. Also gazedal. 
•i Shag.^ s.m. Noise, sound, voice, etc. 

cW gbP'9A^^f ^-f^ ^^ sound, make a noise, 

Jjc^ gkagjedalf v.n. To sound, resound, 

vibrate, etc. 
J^ ghuzlf s.m. Ablution, bathing, a. 
ii\Lx, ^ushdyah, s.m. pi. of i^^^ • 
yLi t/^oiio, s.m. A curry comb. 
^yJLe^ gkuskoet s.m. Dung of cows and 

^J^ gia^ai, a.m. An arrow ; spoke of a 

wheel; pole or shaft of a cart, plough, 
etc. a. Direct, swift, straight. 

Ji^ ghakkhtal, v.a. To plait, twist; roll, 
fold, envelop. Def. in pres. ten. See J^i. 

c,.^.Af gAa^ab, s.m. Compulsion, force ; op- 

»,,>^,^r gha:;ab^ ) pression, violence ; plun- 
der ; passion, vengeance, wrath, a. 

i^ai^ ghus^^a, S.f. Anger, passion, a. 

c:Jii glwfiat^ s.m. Negligence, careless- 
ness. A. 

j^ g^afdr, a. Merciful, forgiving, a. 

Ji ^a/, s.m. A thief, robber, j^u/, s.m. 
Dung, excrement, fssces. 

ii ghldf s.f. Robbery, theft, a. 

wile shildf^ s.m. A case, cover, sheath, a. 

^li gkuldm, s.m. A slave, a. 

>jJlU ^uldnza, s.f. Udder, mammary gland. 

i^li ghalbala, s.f. Noise, uproar, tumult. 

iAa ghalabay s.f. Advantage, superiority; 
assault; prevalence; strength, a. 

J^Jx ghalbel, s.ii). A colander, sieve ; sifting, 
winnowing. P. (ghirbdl). 

v^Jii gkulat, s.m. Cheat, trick, deceit (at 
play), ghulatl, s.f. Swindling, cheating. 

lali ghalat, s.m. Error, mistake, a. Wrong, 
mistaken, a. 

AUli ghulghula^ s.f. Tumult, row, disturbance, 
etc. P. 

jrjjLc ghlawzay s.f. A honey bee. See »\^ . 

J/^ g&tdatvul, v.n. To deceive, dupe, mis- 
lead. H. Ovar-ffhUldnd). 

idi ghalla^ s.f. Com, grain, a. 
ix g^ai, a. Concealed, hidden ; silent, still ; 
sneaking, stealthy, ghulai, s.m. A whirl- 
pool, eddy, vortex ; a bubble. 

ffSi shaRniy s.m. A robber; enemy, a. 
(jllnanlm). ghalxmly s.f. Animosity, hatred, 

^ g^am, s.m. Anxiety, sorrow, grieC a. 
giamjan, a. Grieved, sorrowful 

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( 117 ) 

:\Xz f^ammdz,s.m. Informer, talc-bearer, a. 

^ammazl, s.f; Backbiting, tale-bearing. 
^Ui sh<^m&sha, «.f. A gnat, mosquito. 
A^ ghumha^ s.f. A gland, bubo, tumour. 
lUi ghamza, s.f. A wink, glance; ogling, a. 
^^ ghamai, s.m. The stone of a ring; a 

seal ; ferule of a knife handle, etc. 
Jjc*^ f/hamedal, v.n. To fret, chafe, worry ; 

to be overcome, subdued, conquered, 
l:^ Shana, s.f. Riches, wealth, a. 
i^\i, ghuncha^ s.f. A bud, sprout; a bunch. P. 
jc^ ghundi^ a. See Jj^. 
Jjo^ fjihaixdaX^ s.f. A sprout, shoot; young 
shoots of mustard and other plants used as 
pot-herbs, ghandal^ y.a. To disparage, run 
down, find fault with ; to dislike, disapprove, 
i^}^ ghundarai^ s.m. A noose, snare for 
birds (formed of a hair loop iised to a lump 
of clay); a phlegmon, carbuncle ; a disease 
in cows, etc. 
li}^ ghxindayah^ s.m. A lad, youth, strip- 
ling ; a boor, clodhopper, country bumpkin. 
^cyjb^xt ghundhdrat^ s.m. See ^^}^^. 
4Ui,|^-ii ghunzakhha, s.f. A kind of sweet cake 

made of fiour and sugar, fried in butter. 
^h:>i f/hunzdhkhcu. s.m. An instrument for 
' separating the seeds of cotton from the fibre. 
^ gkaixam^ s.m. Wheat, p. (ffctndum). 
<ui g^anna, s.f. A thorny bush, branch of a 
thorny tree. pi. ghane^ Thorns, bramble, 
^j^ ghanl, a. Wealthy, rich. a. 
u:^,»^ gkanvnat^ s.m. Plunder ; abundance; 

good fortune, boon. a. 
^X^ 3L<^W^^ s.f- A kind of spider, the taran- 
tula (Lycosa tarantula). 
^ gho^ s.m. Copulation, coition. 
^f- ghrc&f s.f. A cow. 8. and p. {gdw). 
^jjjj\^ ghtcdrUdUnai^ s.m. A kind of lizard, 
the iguana. 

^J^^^ ghwakjchkai^ s.m. The notch in the 

head of an arrow. 
v^jV^^ ghobdrai, s.m. A horsefly, gadfly. 
Jf^ ghobat, s.m.Treading out com by driving 

cattle over it ; threshing. 
ij^y^ ^banlf s.f. Cowherding, tending 

40^ ghobah, s.m. A cowherd, grazier of cows. 
Ajj2, ghopa, s.f. A dive, dip, plunge ; dipping, 

submersion, immersion. 
\^y. ghutt a. Docked, clipped, cut short. 
^f- shota^ s.f. A dip, dive, plunge; dipping, 
immersion ; a clutch', snatch, swoop ; a fit, 
paroxyism, convulsion, a. (ghota). ghnta^ 
s.f. An articulation, joint, knot; band, strap; 
group, party (of horsemen). 
^^ gh^tai, a. Docked, cropped, cut short, 
s.m. A horse with a docked tail, dog with 
cut ears, man with an amputated limb, 
tree with the boughs cut ofl*, etc. ghuta-lf 
s.f. A rose-bud, a bud; a globule, drop, 
bubble ; a button, knot, jewelled flower, etc. 
Jjj-^ ghq;al, s.f. A cow-shed, cow-pen. 
*^ ghwats^ a. Cut, divided, incised, 
to-^ ghudka, in. Ho ! Hallo ! I say ! 
jyz ghaur, s.m. Reflection, thought, medita- 
tion, care, attention, a. 
Jjjj^^ ghwarzanuU v.a. To fling, pitch, pro- 
ject ; to cast off*, throw away. 
J j^j^^ ghwarzedal, v.n. To palpitate, toss, 

flutter, bound, etc. 
ijys, ghurah^ s.m. A cotton pod ; unripe dates 
or grapes, p. ghrcarah, a. Choice, good, 
excellent, preferable. P. {gam&rah). 
jyl ghnar^ s.m. Fat, grease, suet. a. Oily, 
greasy, fatty, unctuous. 
JL»J^ ghfcardskaif s.m. Name of a shrub 

{Dodoncea Burmanniana). 
aCjj^ ghorpakaf s.f. Calamity, accident; 

event, occurrence ; cry of distress. 
J«j^ ghrcarattulf v.a. To unclose, open (tha 

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( 118 ) 


eyes); distend, inflate^ spread, ^tcararcul^ 
y.a. To anoint, grease, oil, lubricate, etc. 

gfj^ ^Tvari, s.m. Butter, grease, tallow, ^Af. 

J jj^ gknaredaX^ v.n. To germinate, sprout, 
grow, expand, spread, open, unfold, etc. 

*JU>^ 9bp^^t^J^* ''•f* Name of a plant 

Undigofera Gerardiana). 
jys, ijhoz^ s.m. The fat of the kidneys ; flatus, 

wind from the belly. P. 
^/jy^ gho^o^k^^f 8*m» A dung beetle. 
^jf- ghoza^ s.f. Pod, capsule, cocoon, shell, 

etc. p. (^Ja). 
g;j^ ghUzax^ s.m. Bosom, embrace, arms; 
armful ; lap. p. {aghosh). ^zai^ s.m. A 
kind of black beetle. 
jyz ghrtag., s.m. The ear; screw of a violin. 

P. igosh). 
Kfj^ ghfcagjcUy s.m. A floodgate, lock, sluice ; 
the horn end of a bow ; key of a violin ; 
itreak of sunlight through clouds, 
d/l:.^ ghqshak^ s.m. Fresh cowdung. 
<*=-S»^ ghokkht^ s.m. Italian millet (Paniaim 
Italicum). Desire, request, want, wish. 
P. (ik^dsi). 
J=^^ g^oHhtal, v.a. To solicit, request, 
desire, wish, want. p. mtvdstan, Mrcdk-)* 
l^yz ghwakkha. s.f. Flesh, meat. p. igosht). 

ghtvakkha^war. a. Fleshy, stout, plump. 
L<¥y^ gAokkhai. s.m. See ^^^. 
U^ ghoghJOL^ s.f. Clamour, din, noise, etc. p. 
J^ ghul^ s.m. An imaginary demon of the 
woods, man-wolf, loup-garou. a. ghqU 8*ni* 
Party, crowd, gang; corps, troop, com- 
pany ; flock, flight (of birds), u. (got). 
_C;^4i ghoUucunliQif s.m. A stye on the 

A^U^iOfti ghola*kam&na, s.f. See ^O^w^^ . 
\yi g^olaif s.m. Area, yard, court. gAola-l, 
i.f. A small party, gang; small flock (of 

oj^ ghUnd, a. Alike, similar. 

jj^ ghUndi, i ad. As if, as it were, just as, 

^^ jj^ ghUndef ) etc. 

^^JJ^ ghUndai^ s.m. A bag, pannier or sack 

of goat's hair (for carrying loads upon 

camels, bullocks, etc.). 8. (gon). 
^yi ghUnd, a. Bound, globular, circular; 

plump, squat; lumpy. s.m. A bubo. 
i^j^y^ ^Undurau s.m. A ball, globe, any- 
thing circular or round, a lump. 
^^f- gkUndaka-i, s.f. Any round projection, 

knob, or mass ; num$ veneris. 
iiiiys- gAUnda, s.f. A hillock, small detached 

hill, a mound ; lump of dough ; boulder, 

pebble, etc. 
^<JU^^ ghUndhdraif s.m. See i^^^i^* 
s^^y^ ghUndai^ a. Dumpy, low, squat, dwarf, 

short ; a venomous spider, tarantula. ^Un- 

da-l, s.f. A low mound, hillock ; a dumpy 

or short woman, etc. 
Jjj^^ ghUnzedal^ v.n. To creep, crawl. 
ij^ ghUna^ s.f. The hair of the skin ; pores 

of the skin ; colour of the skin. ghUna* 

ztgedal, v.n. To roughen (as the skin from 

cold, etc.), to stand on end (as the hair, 

etc.), to horripilate. 
J^^ ghoitulf v.a. To copulate, have sexual 

intercourse, p. (gddan). Def. in pres. ten. 

See J-i. 
CX'.1J^ ghfca-e-lang, s.m. The rope passed 

between the hind legs of a bullock to fix 

the packsaddle ; a crupper. 
^:>j^f, ghKa-c-ntand, s.m. Stampede of oxen 

or cattle ; footmarks of a herd of cattle ; 

a rush, bolt, stampede, a. Trodden, 

trampled, crushed (under foot) 
ij^yi- ghwa'C*ma^tS. A cow or buflalo ready 

for, or seeking the male. 
^yk ghta-e^ s.m. A bull; bullock, ox. 
ii, ghahf pr« See ^U« 

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( 119 ) 


i_^^> jg^^ii, a. Absent, invisible, concealed, a. 

\ji--' f^'ibatf s.m. Slander, detraction, ca- 
lumny. A. ghaihat^ s.m. Absence, invisi- 
bility. A. 

rr^ ul'/^^t ^* Different, strange, foreign, ad. 
Except, unless, s.m. A stranger. In 
composition it denotes negation. A. 

f^^j^ ffhairat^ s.m. Modesty, bashfulness; 
self-respect; honour, courage ; emulation, 
jealousy, enmity, a. ^airat-man, a. or 
(/hcurat-ndk^ a. Bashful ; jealous ; emu- 
lous, etc. 

1^ fihyara^ s.f. The wild donkey, wild ass. 

-J ghey,^ s.m. The arms, embrace, bosom ; 
an armful ; the lap ; a wallet, p. (dghosh). 

JLi ghayal, v.a. To copulate. Def. in past 
ten. See Jj^. P. igd-ldan). gAll, s.m. 
A grove, wood, forest, a. 

dL^ g/tela, s.f. A herd or flock of goats and 
sheep, p. (galla). 

.••-^ f/hcYtj:^ s.m. Tlic penis of a man or beast ; 
mciiihram mile. P. Kker). 

cjyj? is the twentieth letter of the Arabic, 
and thirtieth of the Pukkhto alphabet. It 
is frequently changed for \^. 

ia^^^Jdtdia^ s.f. Commencement, exordium ; 
the beginning of the first chapter of the 
Quran ; it is repeated when praying for the 
souls of the dead. a. 

y^Vi/a;/r, s.m. Adulterer, fornicator, a. 

^^^U^aAi^A, a. Indecent, obscene. A. 

^^U Jajr^i, a. Persian, p. 

ij^/dri^^ a. Disengaged, at leisure, a. 

jJiiJit'Sid, a. Depraved, vicious, a^ 

jU-iU fd^, a. Impious, sinful ; fornicator, a. 

^li/d-v^, a. Apparent, manifest, p. 

4Ls\i/asila, s.f. Interval, space. A« 
J^^/d!^il, a. Abundant; excellent; learned, a. 
j£\i/d%B.m. Agent,actor; doing,making. a. 
diMJaqa^ s.f. Starvation; poverty, want. a. 
J\jjal, s.m. Augury, omen ; diet, regimen, a. 
fiMJalta, a. Spare, surplus. H. 
Mj^M/dluda, s.f. Name of a sweetmeat; a 

kind of flummery, p. 
^y li JanUs, s.m. A lantern ; shade for a 

lamp. p. 
^\j/dnJ, a. Transitory, inconstant, a. 
ijiM/d-ida, s.f. Advantage, benefit, profit, a. 
is^/atfta, s.f. Conquest, victory, a. 
Cilp^roA, s.m. Saddle straps ; cords fixed 

to a saddle and used to tie game, etc., to. p. 
s^^tna, s.f. Disturbance, hostility; sedition, 

strife. A. 
jy^futiir^ s.m. Anarchy, strife, quarrel, a. 
^j^faiwd^zS. Decree, sentence, judgment, a. 
^kLii fatila, A match, wick. a. 
\^Jidd^ s.f. Ransom, sacrifice, a. 
'^j9 fardlh^ a. Ample, spacious; abundant, 

cheap ; wide, expanded, p. 
^ji /ardr^ a. Absconding, flight, fardri^ 

8.m. A deserter, runaway, a. 
Kj:.^j9fods(Ut s.m. Sagacity, penetration, a. 
^^j» /(xrdshf s.m. Valet, bed-maker, cham- 
berlain ; carpet spreader, a. 
<:^^j» Jirdghatf s.m. Ease, leisure, repose, a. 
^/firdq^ a.m. Absence, separation, a. 
^J^\^/ardmoshf a. Forgotten, p. 
^^^/ardjvdn^ a. Abundant, much, p, 
s^L^^^^Jarliotf s.m. Pleasure, joy. a. 
j^ fard^ s.m. A list, catalogue, roll ; sheet 

(of paper) ; individual, one, smgle. a. 
\^^/ardd, s.f. Morrow, to-morrow. P. 
^jjjyfarzandf s.m. A child, issue, progeny. P. 
'^^jifarsafit \ a*ni* A league, parasaog; 
CJl^x^^Jarsang^ j four miles, p. 

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( 120 ) 


^^/arshf s.m. Flooring, pavement ; carpet- 
ing; bedding; matting, etc. ▲. 

is^^ Jirikkhta. fl.m. An angel. P. (frishta). 

ViS^-^y fursatf a.m. Ease, conyenience,lei8Qre ; 
occasion, opportunity, rest a. 

J^/fo^^9 a.m. Divine command; obligation, 
duty, indispensable duty. ▲. 

^/forq^ s.m. Difference, distinction, a. 

ijj3jirqa. s.f. A class, tribe, set, sect. a. 

^K^ji/arman, s.m. Command, order ; edict, 
grant, patent. p« 

^\^^ /arm&yal^ v.a. To command, order, 
direct p. (/armadan). 

^jj Jarangi^ a. European, Frank. P. 
Jarangci^ s.m. A European. 

i>U^ faryddf s.m. Complaint, cry for re- 
dress, exclamation, lament p. 

K^^ /arebf s.m. Deception, trick; fraud, 
deceit P. 

^^/arebl, a. Impostor, cheat, p. 

i;Jiijifareftah, a. Infatuated, charmed, en* 
amoured. p. 

^jl^/rewaYif a. See ^^j»* 

c\^/asdd^ s.m. Mutiny, rebellion ; disturb- 
ance, tumult, riot. A. /asddit a. Rebel- 
lious, mutinous, seditious, etc. 

ij^J^^f 8«Mi- Adultery ; obscenity ; iniquity, 
sin. A. 

J^/d^lf s.m. Crop, harvest ; time, season ; 
section, chapter, a. 

*^^/^^f &• Eloquent, fluent (in speech), a. 

J^/o^l/, s.m. Breastwork, parapet, a. 

J«ai/a?/, s.m. Excellence, virtue ; increase, 
gain ; favour, gift, grace, a. 

J^yu;^u/, a Redundant, exuberant; ex- 
cessive, extravagant, a. /ui^Uli, s.f. Ex- 
cess, redundance, extravagance. 

^^^j(r, s.m. Breaking (a fast), a. ^Idudjitr^ 
s.m. The festival held on the termination 
of the Rama^. a. 

iZ^^Jitrat^ s.m. Cunning, sagacity ; alms 

distributed on the ^Idud^fitr. a. 
Jju J^iU 6«xn* Operation, action, work ; a 

verb. A« 
^Ui jighdn^ s.m. Complaint, lament, waU. 

in. Alas ! p. 
/^faqr^ s.m. Poverty, beggary, a. 
\sAi/aqatj ad. Merely, simply, only. a. 
4^fii Jigha, s.f. Theology, jurisprudence, a. 


^Ju/aqih,^.m. A theologian, a. 
jM /aqlr, a.m. A beggar, mendicant (reli- 
gious). A, /aqlri, s.f. Beggary, poverty ; 

life ofafaqir. 
J3 JiAr, s.m. Reflection, thought ; idea, 

notion; care, concern; anxiety, solici- 
tude. A. 
f^h/aldn, s.m. Penis, mcmbrum virile. P. 
^JJli/aldnAai, ) s.m. A certain one, so and 
^hjaldnaif ) so, such a thing, etc. a. 

Cj^j/alak^ s.m. The heavens, sky ; destiny, 

fate, fortune, a. 
iz^falita, s.f. See ajl^. 
JJiy^fe/, s.m. A kind of scented hair oil. 
^/ann^ s.m. Science, skill, art. a. 
\:^ /and, s.f. Frailty, mortality, a. Frail, 

mortal, a. 
iji^ Jarcara, s.f. A jet, spout, fountain, 

spring. A. 
CL^^faui, s.m. Death, a. JautX, a. Dead, 
^y^az/;, s.m. An army. a. 
Liy fU'/and, a. Annihilated, destroyed, 

utterly destroyed, exterminated. 
«*s-^^^^rw<, s.m. Index; list, inventory, p. 
iLaJ/aiRala, s.f. Decision, decree ; sentence, 

settlement, a. fax^alf a. Decided, settled. 
^jA^fai:^f s.m. Abundance, plenty; bounty, 

favour, grace, a. 
J^/ltf s.m. An elephant, p. 

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( 121 ) 



J 94/*» 18 the tirenty-first letter of the Arabic, 
and the thirty-first of the Pukkhto alphabet. 
With few exceptions it is only found in 
words from the Arabic. 

c^ti qdb, s.m. A kneading trough ; platter, 
dish, salver, a. 

^U qdbizf a. Astringent; seizmg, taking, a. 

JjU qdbil, a. Able, clever, skilful, worthy; 
possible, sufficient, a. 

iLM qdbila, s.f. A midwife. 

y)\j qdbu, s.m. Authority, command; 
power ; opportunity, possession. T. 

y 15 qddr, s.m. A mule. P. 

jLflS qdtil^ a. Deadly, killing, mortal. 
An assassin, murderer. ▲. 
Jl5 qdtl, s.f. See k*?, 

jj\j qddir, a. Powerful, potent, a. 

^jU qddirai, a. Curtailed, docked, cut off. 
qddara-i, s.f. A kind of frock or gown worn 
by the Afghans. 

Ai^l5 qdr^ah, s.m. A crow, rook. 

^j\j qdri, s.m. A reader of the Quran, a. 

L^\j^*y^jj\iqdrl'dariydb, ) s.m.Theocean,sea. 

c-^b^J Jl5 qdti-danydbf ) A. (qart*darya). 

ilJu\i qdshogha^ s.f. A ladle, spoon. P. 

Jupli qd^id^ s.m. Courier, messenger, post- 
man. A. 

^\5 qdfur^ a. Defective, impotent; deficient, 
failing, a. 

^^15 ja;?;!, s.m. A judge, lawgiver, a. 

ijv^li qoUxda^ s.f. Rule, system; custom, 
manner, a. 

4ul5 qdgha^ s.f. A crow, jackdaw, chough, s. 

^•15 qdjila^ s.f. A caravan, travelling party, a. 

Jl5 qdl^ s.m. A word, saying, speech, a. 
qll'O'qdl, s.m. Dispute, altercation, con- 
troversy. A. 

%^\j qdlib, s.m. A mould, cast ; form, figure, 

bust, model ; the body. a. 

, Jl5 qdti, s.f. ) ^ 

^ « I - , f, } A carpet, woollen carpet, p. 

^^V5 qdlln, s.m. ) 

^L^l3 qdHcha^ 8.f. A rug, drugget, small 

carpet p. 
^M qdm, s.m. Family, tribe. See ^y . 
vi-w^lS qdmatf s.m. Stature ; figure, form. a. 
^15 qdnH, a. Satisfied, contented, a. 
^y\3 qdnnn, s.m. Canon, regulation, statute, 

rule. A. 
jfplS qdriza, s.f. A watering bridle; bit of a 

bridle, a. (qd-izl). 
J3l5 qd-il, a. Convinced, acknowledging, a. 
J 15 qd'im, a. Firm, fixed, stable, erect, a. 

Li qabd, s.f. A frock, gown, jacket ; a quilted 
coat; cover for a book. a. 

i^s^^\J qabdliat, a. Deformity; dishonesty, 
wrong. A. 

yj qabar, s.m. A grave, tomb. a. 

fjo^ qab:^f s.m. Contraction; costiveness; 
astringency ; receipt; tax, tribute, a. 

A^i qabzUf s.f. Handle (of a sword, etc.); 
grip, grasp ; possession, a. 

JLS qabl, First, foremost, ad. Previously, 
before, a. qabal, a. Besieged, invested, 
surrounded, a. qibal, s.m. Power; plenty; 
presence; on the part of, in respect of. a. 

<dJ qibla, s.f. In front, opposite; altar, 
temple; worship; father, a. 

J^ qabul, s.m. Assent, consent; approba- 
tion, favourable reception, a. Accepted, 
approved, consented, a. A holster. 

^yJ qabulai, s.m. A holster, pistol case for 
saddle, a. (qubUr). 

<lJ qubba, s.f. An arch, dome, vault, a. 

aLJ qabila, s.f. A family ; tribe ; wife. A. 
qat, s.m. A fold, layer, plait, qat^pa-qai. 
Fold on fold, layer on layer. 

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( 122 ) 

j\sj gatdr, a.m. A line, file, rank, tovf, series, 
order. A. (qatdr). 

vc.l:i qatdrai, 8.m. Contention, squabble, 
foolish talk ; a wrangler. 

^j:j qatra, 8.f. A drop, minim, a. (qafra). 

«j:i qatat/h^ s.m. Meat, fish, soup, etc., eaten 
with bread to g;ive it a relish ; made dish, 
entree. P. 

JU qiidU s.m. Battle, slaughter. A. 

J:J qatl^ a.m. Slaugliter, homicide, murder. A. 

^ qutai, s.m. A ball for play (made of 

" leather or cotton), quta-l, s.f. A dimple 
on the cheek, qutta-i, 8.f. A powder flask 
(made of untanned leather), s. (kuppi). 

^ys? qajarl, 8.f. A kind of saddle cloth made 
of thick felt (it covers the saddle and the 
horse's fore and hind quarters as well). P. 

js! qadiar, s.m. A mule. a. Obstinate, per- 
verse. H. {kka^dior), s.m. A sneak, 
knave, rogue, cheat. 

^jS^ qi^aif s.m. A band, gang, party. 

ks^ qakl, s.m. Famine, scarcity, dearth, a. 

ji qadd, s.m. Height, stature, a. 
, jj qadr, s.m. Value, worth, price ; dignity, 
importance; degree, measure; quantity, 
size ; destiny, fate. A. 

CL^j^ qndrat, s.m. Authority, power; omni- 
potence. A. 

^^jJ qudratJ, a. Divine, a. 

^ jj qada^an^ ) s.m. Prohibition, injune* 

^^yc3 qataghan^ ) tion. P. 

mSa qadam, 8.m. Footstep, pace. a. 

w jj qadlm, a. Ancient, old. a. 

y qur, s.m. Rumbling sound in the bowels. 
qur^qur^ s.m. Borborygmus. a. (qardqar). 

v::,^^ qardbaf, s.m. Affinity, kinship, rela- 
tionship ; vicinity, proximity, a. 

vi^]^ qirdtf 8.m. Beading, pronunciation, a. 
j\3 qardr, s.m. Best, quiet, tranquility ; sta- 
bility, firmness » agreement, engagement; 

a. Firm, stable ; quiet, 

patience, waiting. 

tranquil, a. 
f^j\^ qardri, s.f. Firmness, stability; rest, 

ease. a. Firm, stable, quiet, etc. 
^^\^ qurdn, s.m. Name of the book of the 

Arabian prophet Muhammad; also called 
J^l/ q<^rd7val, 8.m. Advance guard of an 

army ; picquet, vidette, sentinel, t. 
^b^ qurbdn, s.m. Sacrifice, oblation, victim ; 

a quiver, a. 
^j:^ji qurbat, s.m. Relationsliip ; prox- 
imity. A. 
c:^ qurut, s.m. A kind of very hard cheese; 

a ball of compressed and dried curds. 

qurut'kdijrai^ s.m. A pebble of nodular 

limestone (so named from the resemblance 

to a nodule or ball of qurut). h. {kankar). 
^^ qur^, s.m. An orb, disc; the sun; 

name of an ornament for the neck (of 

^Ji qar:;;, s.m. A debt; loan. A 
1^ qurfj s.m. A gulp, draught. A. 
djijs qura^ s.f. Liot, wager, drawing lots. A. 
j^ qurq^ s.m. Confiscation, embargo, 

seizure. A. 
i^y^ q^^9^^^f 8-f- A piume of feathers for 

the head (generally of crane's feathers). 

A. (qarqard, a crane). 
t^/y qarqarai, s.m. The gripes in a horse. 
^^^^ici qarghedia7%^ ) a. Benumbed, chilled, 
^sa3^ qarqe^an, [ doubled up with 

cold, etc. 
jUm^ qurramsdqf Lm. Cuckold; pimp; & 

term of abuse, t. 
^ qcurn, s.m. A conjunction of the planets; 

a century, a. 
U i qarnd, s.f. Clarion, trumpet, horn. A. 
^m^^ qarib, a. (Tlose, near; akin, relative. A. 

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( 123 ) 


iUj^S qarlna, a.f. Analogy, context, likeness, 

similarity, tenour. a. 
ji qaz, s.m. Raw silk. p. 
j]^ qazzdq, s.m. A cossack, robber, t. 
wvmJ ^a^a&, s.m. Red silk ; small turban. 
LmJ qist, s.m. Instalment, portion, tax. a. 
^ qism, s.m. Kind, species, sort ; division, 

part. A. qasam, s.m. An oath. a. 
<z ^.>».*.j qismat, s.m. Destiny, fate, lot; dis- 
tribution, share ; division, portion, a. 
jlli qishldq, s.m. A hamlet, village ; winter 

quarters of the nomade tribes of western 

and northern Afghanistan. T. The summer 

quarters are termed itey. t. 
c^*UsS qasi^db^ a.m. A butcher, a. 
^Usj qhd.% s.m. The law of retaliation (as 

eye for eye, blood for blood, etc.). a. 
qaiid, s.m. Intention, purpose, aim, 

wish. A. 

\Ji qasdan, ad. Purposely, intentionally, a. 
^ qasr, s.m. Defect, diminution, a. 
jyji qtifiHr, s.m. Defect, failure, omission, 

want ; error, fault ; crime, sin. a. 
4-^ <?'-5?<2t, s.f. Story, tale ; relation, narration; 

dispute, quarrel, a. 
3Ju^ qafida, 8.f. An ode, poem. A. 
UiJ qa;^d, s.f. Fate, destiny; death, fatality; 

order, decree, judgment; praying at the 

appointed time; saying a prayer after the 

appointed time has passed, a. 
Aj-Jj qa^iya^ s.f. Contention, litigation, 

quarrel ; calamity, misfortune ; death ; 

declaration, proposition, a. 
i*-^U qufb, s.m. North pole ; Polar star ; 

axis or spindle of a millstone ; axis. a. 
^^^ qaf'al, a. Incontestible, true, fact. ad. 

Really, truly, fully, a. 
^/-ii qafus, 

J}j qujl, s.m. See uiLi. A. 

8.m. A cage ; latticework, a. 

Si qald, 8.f. See AaIj. 

i^H quUdb, s.m. A hood for the head of a 

hawk. A. 
iAj quldba^ s.f. A hook, hinge, staple, a. 
j5l5 qaldr, a. Resting, quiet. See^^ . 
^^13 qaldsh, a. Cunning, crafty, shrewd. 
4juli qulba, s.f. A plough, a. 
1..^ qafp, a. Adulterated, alloyed ; counter- 
feit (as coin, etc.). a. (qalb). 
-ulS qita, s.f. Castle, fort; royal residence, a. 
^^*li qiCal, s.f. Tin ; solder, a. 
(^J!i q^if/, s.m. A lock; bolt 
♦li qa/am, s.m. A pen. reed ; graft; cutting 

of a plant a. 
Jdj qulinj, s.m. The colic. A. 
^jJiS qalandar, s.m. A hermit, anchorite, 

ascetic ; a monk who has abandoned the 

world, family, friends, etc. p. 
CicJ j qulang, s.m. Revenue, tax. 
^Uj qi/ndr, s.m. Dice, gambling with dice. A« 

qimdr^bdz, s.m. A gambler. 
^^Ui qamdsh, s.m. Manners, foibles; goods, 

chattels, a. 
i<^ qamchlf s.f. A horsewhip, t. 
j^ qamar, s.m. The moon. a. 
^jAJ qumrl, s.f. A turtle dove. a. 
^jo^ qanii^, s.m. C!hemise, shirt, a. 
(jL^\ui qandt, s.m. Walls of a tent ; canvas 

walls used to enclose a space about a tent 

A. qandt, s.m. Confectionery, sweetmeats. 

A. (qandtt). 
v^^ssUi qanaat^ s.m. Contentment, tran^ 

quility; abstinence. A. 
^ qanj^ s.m. Deceit, imposture, trick, a. 
jci qand, s.m. Sugar candy, sagar. a. 
j£jcj qandrd^ s.m. Chandelier, lamp. A. 
ju:1y qurvaid, s.m. Regulations, rules; 

military exercise, drill, a. 
Jy qmdm, s.m. Essence, extract, symp. A. 

qtrcdml, a. Ropy, thick, sympy. 

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( 124 ) 

iZJp qUt, Victuals, aliment, food ; subsistence^ 
Uvelihood. a. gai'ld-yamiU, 8.m. Sufficient 
to sustain life. a. gurvat, s.m. Strength, 
vigour ; power, authority ; faculty, 
virtue, a. 

r-y 9^ff ^'^^ ^ fighting ram. p. 

(Jj>-y qUdiaq, a. Fat, stout, lusty. T. 

iFjy qawda^ s.f. A handful, a gripful. 

A^ ,y qor7na, s.f. A dish of meat stewed up 
with spices and fruits, t. 

Jy qatU^ a.m. Word, saying; contract, 
promise; agreement, consent, a. 

M^ qaum, 8.m. Nation, people, family, sect, 
tribe, a 

^yl qam, a. Powerful, strong, vigorous ; 
solid, firm, stable, a. 

j^ qaAr, s.m. Anger, passion, rage ; ven- 
geance, fury ; severity, punishment, a. 

U^j^ qdkr'jant \ a. Irascible, passionate, 

clAi^ qahr^ndky ) wrathful, furious. 

Afft^ qahqaliaf s.f. Loud laughter, a. 

^ qai, s.m. Spewing, vomiting, a. 

^jJJi qiyds, s.m. Consideration, judgment, 
opinion, thought ; guess, supposition, a. 

u^^Ui qiy&mat, s.m. Tlie last day ; resur- 
rection ; calamity, a. Wonderful, marvel- 
lous. A. 

Ju5 qaid, s.m. Bondage, imprisonment; fetter, 
obstacle ; obligation, compact, a. 

^^jui qaidl, 6.m. Prisoner, captive. 

MjJ qaiza, s.f. See t^M . 

J-J qil, s.m. A word, speech, saying. A. 

" q/lmat^ s.m. Price, value, a. qimad, 
a. High-priced, expensive ; valuable. 
qlma, s.f. Minced meat a. 

^^aJ qain^l, s.f. Scissors, t. 

ilT kdf is the twenty-second letter of the 
Arabic and the thirty-second ofthePu kkli to 

alphabet. It is pronounced like the English 
A, and is sometimes interchanged with j« 

O ka is a form of the third person singular 
and plural of the present tense of the verb 
J^ Aawul, to do. It is also used as an 
abbreviated form for ^ ia, and 4^ ^tvu ka, 
which are forms of the imperfect and past 
tenses, and the imperative mood of that 
verb. See following word. 

^ kd ia tL form of the third person singular 
and plural of the present tenses, and im- 
perative mood of the verb Jji kawul, to do. 

^^% kdbln, s.m. A marriage portion or 
settlement, wife's portion, dowry, p. 

CJ^^ kdtakf s.m. Name of the seventh Hindu 
month : October-November. 8. {kdtik). 

ij^ kdiah, s.m. A glance, look ; looking. 

j^% kdpftr, s.m. Camphor, a. (kd/Hr). • 

s.^^ Adtib, s.m. A scribe, writer, a. 

^^ kdtl, s.f. A wooden saddle ; stocks for 
criminals. 8. {kdtki). 

yA:>X kdMd, S.f. Famine, scarcity, dearth. 
A. iqat^t). 

L^S^ kdzib, s.m. A liar. a. False, a. 

Ji kdr, a.m. Business, profession ; action, 
affair ; labour, work. p. pa^kdr, a. 
Necessary, useful ; required, wanted. 

j^l^ l^o'd^ s.m. A knife. P. 

K^i-^ji kdrikkht, s.m. A wine-press ; a vat in 
which grapes are pressed. 

i^\f^ kdnvdn, s.m. Caravan, travelling 
party. P. 

jf^^ Aura, s.f. A deep basket made of cane or 
reeds ; a kind of millet (Paspalum kara). 

i^J^ Adri, a. Effectual, efficacious. P« 

yjikdrez, s.m. An aqueduct; subterranean 
canal for irrigating fields, p. 

^yji k&rlza, s.f. Name of a plant, safflower 
(Carthamus oxyacantAa). p. (£Jdri:^a). 

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( 125 ) 


^Ji kdrl'^ar^ s.m. Artificer, mechanic, 
workman ; skilful workman. ?• 

-* • ' \ s.m. Coarse sand, gravel, shingle. 
J^ kdnr, ) 

1,1^ kdra, s.f. Caudle, posset, curdled milk. 

j^ kdz, s.m. Shears, scissors ; den of a wild 

beast ; a cavern or cave used by shepherds 

as a shelter for their flocks. ?• Aor, s.m. 

A wild goose. T. (qdz). 
J )i hdgffX, v.a. To draw, extract, pull out ; 

to write, delineate, sketch. Def. in past 

ten. See J^i^. 
K^^^kd$ih^f^MCL. Mechanic, artist, artificer, a. 
iJi kusa^ s.f. A bowl, cup, goblet a. ^l^na^ 

kdsa, s.f. A rainbow. 
j^^ knslr, s.m . Adulterer, fornicator, kdsifif 

s.f. Adultery, fornication. 
^^^ /:dsh, s.m. Pommel or bow of a saddle ; 

a small holster or saddle bag. 
^Xllf kdshke^ in. God grant! Would to 
■ GodI p. 
^^ hdsM^ s.m. A glazed tile or brick, p. 

hd,^Vgar^ s.m. Maker of glazed pottery. 

P. hdshvn^ s.m. Glazed pottery. P. 
<ii hdgh^ a. Cunning, clever, acute. 

s^i kdf/haz, s.m. Paper, p. kdghdzl^ s.f. 
A kind of thin skinned lime. a. Delicate, 
soft, thin; written, printed; documentary. 

^J'< kafiji\ s.m. Unbeliever, infidel, a. kdfin^ 
Name of a people inhabiting Kafiristan, a 
country of Hindu Kush to the north of 
Kabul, kdfirax^ 8.m. A man Kafir, kqfira-l, 
s.f. A Kafir woman. 

^^i kd/l^ a. Enough, sufficient ; competent, 
able. A. 

C/K kdk, s.m. A biscuit, a hard cake of 
bread, etc. baked upon heated stones. P. 

^^ kdkdf s.m. Paternal uncle ; term of re- 
spectful address to a senior, h. Elder 
brother, p. 

J^ Adkar, s.m. Name of an Afghan clan. 
J^ kdkul, s.m. A curl, lock, ringlet p. 
.JX kdkaiy^ s.m. Name of a kind of millet 
"^{Panicum ItaRcum). ''^ 

^^!^ kdka-i, s.f. Paternal uncle's wife. H. 
Jl^ kdl, s.m. A year. p. (sdt). sagi-kdl, 

This year, paros^kdl or parosa^'kdl, Liast 

year. Karam*kdl, Year before last. Id* 

Tvaratn'kdl, Three years ago. 
%jlj^% kdlbut, s.m. Human body; heart; 

form, figure, mould, model, p. {kdlbud). 
Jb^^l^ kdlMn?dkJ, s.f. Good will, good 

wishes; approbation, choice, p. (£§a^ 

^^^ kdlkUchf s.m. A bend, turn, curve, 

^^^^ kdlka^an, a. Bent, curved, distorted. 
I AC^y3l^ kdlka^aka, s.f. A bend, turn, swerve 

(as of a hunted hare, fox, etc.). 
v^>:^<^ kdlkundai, 8.m. A kind of small 

edible melon that grows wild. 
^1^ kdlaka, s.f. Cotton in the pod; the 

cotton plant kdlak^chOf s.m. Dry stalki 

of the cotton plant (used as fuel). 
^^ kdlai, s.m. Article, instrument, tool; 

garment, dress; ornament, jewel. pL 

kdtl, Apparatus, tools ; furniture, clothes, 

jewelry, etc. p. (kdld). 
fX kam, s.m. Desire, wish. P. kdm^nd-kdm, 

ad. Willing or unwilling, nolens volens. 
^jy^^ kdmbUrai, s.m. Dry mustard stalks 

after threshing out the seed. 
aL^I^ kdmbela, s.f. Name of a tree (Roitlerm 

tinctaria). h. {kamlla). 
J/t^ kdmilf a. Complete, perfect; learned, a. 
f^\^^ kdmydb, a. Prosperous, successfol. ?• 

kdmydbl, s.f. Prosperity, success. 
^ kdn, s.m. A mine, quarry, p. kdn, s.iiu 

Reed, rush, bullrush (Panicum ^rieatum 

and Juncu$ efu9u$). 

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( 126 ) 


^^Adnta-ip b.(. Book-board, pasteboard. 
^kac*K kanjantt B*ni. Part of a Persian wheel ; 

the larr^e beam that rests on the side walls, 

' ' ! nxes the central upright pillar of the 

jj\J kdndif ) A form of the third person 
«^Ju1^ Adnde, j singular and plural of the 

present tense of the verb J^ kawul, to do. 
*^^ kdnga^ sj. Gripes, tenesmus, tormina ; 

violent straining at stool without ejection 

of matter. nAidnMd). 
^^ hdngax^ s.m. Echo, reverberation. 

ij^ kdna, Q.f. Calamity, disaster ; business, 
affair; border, margin; frame, edging; 
a quill feather; upper part of the face. 
kdnah, a. Stupid, ignorant, foolish; de- 
cayed, rotten at the core. s. (kdndL). 
ji% kdnl, a. Mineral, fossil, p. kdnai, a. 
Blind of one eye. 8. ikdnd). Adndl, s.f. 
Whiskers, hair at the temples; a reed, 
straw, cane, etc. (used by weavers to 
spread the warp upon). 

^j^% kdnrai, s.m. A stone, p. (kditi. 

CJ^^ hdwdk^ a. Demented, insane; awk- 
ward, clumsy; hollow, useless; thought- 
less; acting as one deprived of self-control. 

h^ kdh^ s.m. Straw, stubble. P. kdh-gil, s.m. 
Plaster of mud and straw for walls, p. 

K£^.^^^kdhahkht, s.m. Mange, itch ; grating 
or setting the teeth on edge. 

Jj^l^ kdhil, a. Indolent, lazy, slow. ▲. Adhiti, 
8.f. Apathy, indolence, neglect. 

^^ kdAin, s.m. Astrologer, magician, a. 
Adkini, 8.f. Astrology, magic, sorcery. 

w^ kab, s.m. A fish* 

4^U^ kabdb, s.m. Boasted meat. p. kabdhl, 
8.m. A cook. 

j^ Aibr,B.m. Arrogance, pride, a. Aibr^jan, 
a. Arrogant, haughty, proud« 

f^ ibara, s.f. Name of a plant {Cappara 
spinosa). h. ikabar). 

vlC^ Aabk, s.m. A partridge, p. 

J^ Itabalf s.m. Cause, motive, reason. Aabt, 
s.m. Name of a grass {Agrostis Unearish 

^J^ /iablai, s.m. A fawn, young gazelle; 

" sandpiper, snippet ; curlew. 

^j^ iabl, s.f. A halter for a horse ; a rope 
passed over the head and through the 
mouth, instead of a headstall and bit. 

j^ kablr, a. Great, large; senior, full- 
grown. A. 

i^jjS kaparai^ s.m. The skull. 8. (Mopri). 

^jS Aupra-l, s.f. A powder flask of leather, 
a leathern jar or bottle, s. (kuppi). 

^^ kapl^ s.f. See^c-^» kupa-i^^S. See 

<^^ katf s.m. Catechu. H. {hath). kaU s.m. 

A pile, heap ; line, series, row. 
i^\:i kitdbf s.m. A book. a. kitdblf a. 

Written; learned, well read. 
^ katalf v.n. To look, see, view. H. (taknd). 
Jc$ kata^ s.f. A pack-saddle or pad for 

bullocks, donkeys, etc. 
^pj ^ /dd'piiif s.f. Gibberish, nonsense. 

a. Confused, jumbled (as speech). 
JjJ ^^ kuthtalf s.m. Name of a plant 

( Wuhiana sommferum)* 
1^ hat, s.m. A cot, bed, bedstead. 8. (Mat). 

hat'kai, s.m. A small bed, settle, cot. hcU» 

otai, s.m. A child's bed, cradle, 
(^^v^ kat'tvaf, a. See ^. 
i^sjS ha{orai, s.m. A brass bowl, metal cup. 

H. ihatord). 
^fS katworl^ 8.f. An earthenware cooking 

^^ hatah, a. Big, bulky, large. H. (kattd)* 
j^ hatai, s.m. A buffalo calf; the straw of 

pulse (used as fodder). 

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^ 127 ) 


iZjjt^ kafTcUf s.ra. Abundance, excess, a. 

j^ kaslr, a. Abundant, excessive, a. 

ij^ kaUpra, s.f. A bag, purse, reticule, 

CS^ katjrcak, s.m. Mild small-pox, chicken- 

A.Ls^ kajdwa, s.f. A camel-litter, p. 

tlXf^ kajak, s.m. Hammer or cock of a gun ; 
a curl or lock of hair worn on the forehead 
by females. 

Jj^ /iajal, s.m. Soot, lamp-black. 8. 

^ kacli, 8«na« Measurement; fault, flaw, 
error, a. Diminutive, small, less, little. 
H. (ka^cho). kudkf s.m. Butter. 

Jyls^ kachkolf s.m. A bowl or trough of 
wood used by mendicants to collect con- 
tributions in. p. 

j^Ufe kachmdchn^ s.m. Name of a plant 
{Solanum nigrum), deadly nightshade. 

.V-s^ hachana-iy s.f. Courtezan, whore, 
(lancing girl. H. (kandiani). kudliinai, 
a. Small, diminutive, puny. 
^^ kachotai, a. Diminutive, tiny, wee. 

d^ karha/i, a. Crude, immature, raw; silly, 

inexperienced ; clay-built, slight. H. Uad^- 

Jf^Jk^ kadd'i, s.f. A kind of frock, long coat, 

^•xr^ jk^ kad'Mudd, s.m. Head man of a village 

or family ; married man, master, p. kad- 

k/judd'i, s.f. Marriage, the oflSce of kad* 

jjkf kadu, s.m. Pumpkin, bottle-gourd. P. 
ii^ kadala, s.f. A cabin, hut, hovel (of reeds, 

etc.) ; a hole, pit. 
»^ kada, s.f. Family, household; migration, 

flitting, change of residence. 
J>^ kadhalf s.m. Land prepared for sowing 

rice in. 

^^ kada-l, s.f. A pit, hole; ditch, trench; 

the hole under a loom for the weaver's feet 

when at work. 
^ kar, s.m. Agriculture, farming; tilling, 

ploughing, and sowing, p. ka-ar, s.m. 

Thin, watery^ excrement, looseness of the 

i2^\J krdsta, s.f. Felt, a thick woollen fabric 

J^ kirdm, a. Venerable, noble, great, a* 
c^^l^ kirdmatf 8.m. Excellence, nobleness ; 

miracle, a. 
%j:^^ kird/iat, s.m. Aversion, disgust. A. 
ij^J kirdha, s.f. Hire, rent, fare. p. (kirdya). 
k/j^^ karborai, 8.m. A kind of lizard ; cha- 
c-^ krap, s.m. A munch, crunch. 
^^iX^j^ krapandakai, ) s.m. Cartilage, 
i^jcj^ krapandai, ; gristle. 

J^^ kraparculf v.a. To crunch, munch; 

bite, champ, gnaw. 
c:^ karat, 6.m. One time, stroke, turn, go. 

A. yo'karat, Once, dre^karata^ Thrice, etc. 

kardVmardt, Often, frequently, etc. a. 
\^^ kartah, s.m. Action, business; prac- 
tice, exercise ; skill; horse exercise. 8 
kzj^^ kartut, s.m. Work, business, action. 8. 
Aj^ kiirta, s.f. A coat, jacket, tunic, p. 
\^^ krut, ad. At all, not at all, never, by no 

means, not in the least. 
^J kra^, s.m. An old hawk or falcon (one 

fully trained), krach, s.m. Sound of a 

crunch, crash, squash, etc 

V -^^ ' s.m. Cartilage, gristle. 

^/ kradkoi, ) 

t<>:/ ^i(&h 8f* Name of a plant (Antkemti 


jS karakit, 
hard. p. 

a. Austere, rigid, rough. 

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( 128 ) 


t % 

.1 j^ kirddTj a.m. Conduct, actton^ deed. P. 
^.^ kirraif A cricket. Aon'rf, a.m. 
Name of an Afghan tribe, also called i^J>{^» 
^J kur^^ e.f. Chair, seat, throne; firma- 
ment, heaven, p. Aitrst-ndtna, B.f. Genea- 
logical tree ; list of precedence. 

lA^J Jicu-afsM^^^p s.f. Amorous look, wink, 
ogle, leer. p. ikara^ma). 

i:^J karakkhna^ s.f. Carving,dniwiug, paint- 
ing, engraving. 
i^^ karhkha^ s.f. A line, streak, scrawl, 
scratch, furrow. 

c^ kwrugh^ s.m. A meadow, pasture. 

CJ^ karak, s.m. A snipe, woodcock. P. kark^ 
s.m. Rhinoceros, rhinoceros hide. p. ikarg). 
krakf s.m. A furrow, rut, scratch. 

M^^ fuxrkanda^ 8.f. A rolling stone ; land- 
slip on a hill-side ; rock or stone hurled 
down a hill upon an enemy. 

^^ karkanj^f s.m. A brake, copse, thicket. 

%j:^^ karkanra, s.f. A bramble, brier, thorny 
bush ; the jujube tree (ZizypAus vulgaris). 

i^^ kraka, s.f. Aversion, disgust, a. (ikrdk). 

JJ karal^ v.a. To till, plough and sow. p. 

s^jij karl&nrl^ s.m. Name of a tribe of 
Afghans located in Bftjawar. 

A^ ftaram^ s.m. Clemency, kindness, a. kbnnf 
s.m. A worm. p. 

CjL/«^ kurmang^ s.m. Pheasant, wild fowl. 

%^^^ karapda-i, s.f. A trowel. H. {kami). 

J .^ karor, a. Ten millions ; a crore. 6. 

y^.^ karora, s.f. A whip, scourge. H. (korH). 
kanvara, s.f. Blackberry bush and fruit 
(Rubus vulgaris). 

Ai^^^ krosand, a. Dry, withered (as wood). 

$yj krok, s.m. A coss ; a measure of distance 
nearly equal to two miles, p. 

9^ karak, a. Genuine, pure ; candid, sincere. 

8. (Mard). kara, s.f. Spade, hoe. karOf 

ad. With, along with. See «^. 
^^ kurkad, s.m. Name of a plant used as a 

pot-herb (Chenopedium alburn)^ 
^^ kara-lf s.f. A fetter, ring, buckle, link, 

staple ; beam, rafter. H. {karlh karorl^ 

ad. All, the whole, the entire (day or 

night). Aara-i'W;ra&, Allday. kara-hshpa, 

All night, kure, in. Begone I Get out! 

Away ! (to a dog). 
(^L^ kariydb, a. Disengaged, idle, unused; 

clogged, hampered, hindered, obstructed; 

distressed, helpless, tired, 
^li^ kariydbl, 8.f. Obstruction, hindrance, 

impediment, bar, hitch, etc. 
gj)^^ Mrira^ s.f. Name of a plant iCapparis 

apkylla). 8. {karilh Weeds, grass, etc., 

collected from a ploughed field. 
^ji/ Jdrlrai^ s.m. Name of a tree (Salvadora 

jlj kturlz, s.m. Moulting (of birds), p. 
a£^ karim, a. Merciful, gracious, bountiful. ▲. 
lilj kreka, s.f. See ^\J^ 
^ karik, a. Abominable, detestable; dirty, 

filthy. A. karya, s.f. Injunction, charge, 

J kur, s.m. A gurgle, bubbling sound; 

cackle or cluck of a hen. 
iJ^J karditna, s.f. See «^|^« 
^^j^J kurbezan^ a. Snotty-nosed, sniveller. 
s^j^i^ karbeze, s.f. (pi. of karbeza, obsolete) 

Snot, mucus from the nose. 
i^J krap, s.m. See ^^» 

Jfj^ krataif s.m. A crease, furrow, crumple. 

pucker, wrinkle. 
^..^^Aar^ajo, a. Toothless, old. kar^pd 

s.m. A toothless old man. 
i^jfjf kurkurait 8.m. A turtle dove. 
^J kuruka, s.f. A clucking hen ; a sitting or 
hatching hem 

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( 129 ) c5^ 

^i hurka-l, s.f. A kind of bird trap made 
" of a horn bow and catgut, a gin, springe. 

Mrka-l, s.f. A wicket, window, loophole ; 

gate, H. (Ichirki). 
J< l:raly r.a. To do, perform, execute, etc. 

p. (Aardan), 
^J haravi, a. Maimed, halt, crippled, lame. 

^-•-^J? karmeze, s.f. Snot. See op^^« 

^*S kaptasai, s.m. A great grandson. 

* i' kraliy s.m. Act, deed ; doing, making. 

^•-X h^^'^T^^f ^•'^' Beauty, grace ; neat- 
ness, tidiness, spruceness; arrangement, 
^J kamhaXy s.m. A caldron, boiler (metal) ; 
" an iron cooking j>ot. 8. KkaYakl). kurhal, 
s.m. Name of a corn measure, the fourth 
part of an ^j^ og^au 
'^:.i harcisa-l, s.f. A ladle, iron spoon. H. 

XT ^ 

Jjk£^ karcdal, v.a. To be parched, scorched, 

dried ; to be reduced, emaciated ; to waste, 

wither, pine, droop (through sickness or 

grief). H. (kurhnd). 
CSLvji krlng, a. Awry, distorted, crooked, 

twisted, knuy-pfing^ a. All awry, all 

^j^ kigda-l, s.f. 

camlet, or goat's 
nomad Afghans). 

A tent 

made of coarse 
cloth (used by 

J.i hagaL v.a. To disapprove, to dislike; 
find fault mth, disparage, run down . p. (kaj). 
'J kaf/ialai, a. Calamitous, unlucky; un- 

^\,^ kaglcch, s.m. A bend, crook, turn. 

fj^ has, s.m. Human being, individual, per- 
son ; anyone, a man. p. kas, s.m. A 
ravme, gully, dry course of a torrent, 
passage cut by floods, u. ku$, s.m. Vulva, 
vagina, f. 

ka$h, s.m. Trade, occupation, employ- 
ment. A. 
<,:l.^.,m*C kisbat, s.m. An instrument case; 

huntsman's bag for balls, powder, etc., etc. ; 

a hag or case in which barbers, surgeons, 

etc., keep their tools. ▲. 
-.'c^ kustij, s.m. The hole in the hem of a 

pair of drawers, etc., through which the 

string passes. 
jLj^ kaskar, a. Burnt, dry, arid, scorched ; 

contracted, shrivelled ; withered, frost 

J^ kasal, v.a. To see, look. See Ji^, 
j ^jy^ kasUrai, a. Broken spirited, distressed, 

unequal to, impotent. 
^^ kasai, s.m. The pupil of the eye. 

aSLuL^ ka^ld/ciy s.f. Dragging, trailing, pulling, 

tw.^ kaJip, s.m. A tortoise, p. {.kashaj). 

jcJ^ kis^fa, s.f. A kind of dried plum, used 
in medicine, and by goldsmitlis to clean 
their metals with. P. kushfa, s.f. A sub- 
limate of mercury, p. kas/fla/*, a. Killed, 
slain ; slaked (as lime, etc.). p. 

j^ kas/ir, a. Jimior, younger; cadet, sub- 
altern ; less, minor. 

^^^^^ kishikdiif s.m. Watchman, guard, 
porter, p. 

j5U-l^ kas/fmuhl, s.m. Name of a plant, holy 
basil (Ocyinum sanctum). 

jyZS hishoty s.m. The mania or pangolin, 
scaly ant-eater {Afanis crasmaudata). 
ki^rcar^ s.m. Country, region, climate, p. 

^J:^ kashai, s.m. An only son. kasia-l, 8.f. 
Bar or pig iron ; a hoe, mattock, u. {kasl). 

^jx^ kal'kh. s.m. A draw, pull ; inhalation, 
whiff, inspiration ; suck. P. (kash\ 

^J>^ kikhhff S.m. A crop, sown field, grow- 
ing crop, p. {kishi). kukJditf S.m. A defile, 
gorge, gap in the hills. (Raverty.) 


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( 130 ) 


J^if kcihhal or kkshaL v.a. To draw out, 
extricate, extract, pull, plock out ; to write, 
draw, sketch, etc. Def. in pres. ten. See 
^}Ji. p. ikasildan). kkshuL a.m. A kiss. 

^}^^ kkshulatvuL v.a. To kiss. 
1^ Akshtilau a. Comely, fair, handsome, 
pretty; kissed. 

J^4^ kaksharcul or kkxha?cid, v.a. To cause 
to extract, draw, etc. To cause to write, 
etc. See J^. 

JLj-j kal'hha. s.f. Brace, tightener, puller. 
^ kahhhaif s.m. A watchman, guard (over 
" cattle, crops, etc.). p. IkasAak). kkshe, p. 
In, within, pa^kkuhe. ad. Inside, within. 

J^U^ kkshebasal, v.a. To insert, introduce, 
implant, stick in, stuff in, etc. Def. in 
past ten. See J-...m,jj^X kkHhemstaL 

iJuui^ kakkheda, s.f. A kind of needlework, 
embroidery, p. (kash^da). 

J*^-4i^ kk^hc^daL v.a. To place, set, put 
down, arrange, dispose, etc. Def. in past 
ten. See Jj,<?*j.i?X . 

j4JLi^ AkshekkshaL v.a. To shampoo (or 
jC>j<4, kkhkekkhkal). 

Jz^\:u^ kkxkendstalf v.n. To sit, settle, be 
seated, p. (nishastan). 

J^^'^ kkshcnawul, v.a. To seat, settle, in- 
stall fix, set down, etc. 

Jj^^ kkHhewatal, v.n. To fall into, drop 
into, enter, descend into, etc. 

JcL.ujj^i^ H'sheyastal^ v.a. To insert, intro- 
duce, etc. Def. in pres. ten. See J^^L^ 

^Lou k'aba, s.f. The temple at Mecca, a. 

^jL^Js}^ kifdratf s.m. Expiation, atonement, 
penance, a. 

^.;;^U^ li/dyatf s.m. Enough, sutficieucy; 
economy, thrift, a. 

ji^ ku/r, s.m. Blasphemy, infidelity, pagan- 
ism. A« 

^^ iqfan, s.m. Winding sheet, shroud. A. 
CJ^ kak, s.m. A splinter, straw; treacle, 

^jiS kakara-l, s.f. The skull, kakarai, s.m. 

A pup, puppy dog. 
JS kakar, a. Defiled, polluted, stained; a 

spiritless man. f. kakara, Raped, ravished ; 

a whore, strumpet. 
i^^ kakofvai, s.m. Name of a bird. 
ij^ ka/iora, s.f. Name of a plant, bitter 

«^^ kakorai, s.m. A kind of biscuit, round 

cake baked on heated stones; a disk. 
J^ kal, a. Bald, scald headed. P. kal, s.m. 

Oilcake. 6. (kkal). kull, a. All, universal ; 

amount, total, a. 
Jii kuldl, s.m. A potter, p. 
^^ kaldm, s.m. A word, speech ; conversa- 
tion, talk. A. 
^^ kaldn, a. Elder, great ; large, p. 
ij:^ kulat, s.m. Name of a grain, seed of 

(Dolickas bijlorus). 8. (kultkl). 
CJ^ klak, a. Firm, hard ; stiff, rigid, etc. P. 

Jili kalkalf s.m. Wrangling, quarrelling, h. 
<ul^ kuhfia, s.f. An entrail, gut; sausage, a. 

(qulmd). kalima, s.f. A word, speech; 

the Muhammadan belief or creed, a. 
Ciol^ kulang, s.m. A long-legged fowl; a 

crane, heron, p. A pick, pickaxe ; a bow ; 

hammer of a gun ; dower, furniture of 

every description which a bride brings to 

her husband. 
jJi' kalunai, Added to words in composition, 

denotes the age. Ex. pindzah-kafanai, a. 

Five years old. 
\j^y^ kalof, a. Dark, dark-complexioned. 
^.^yii ka/okkJi(a, ^S. A wisp of straw, doss 

of silk, curl, tuft, bundle, etc. 
^\i kuta, ad. Ever, at any time, sometime ; 

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( 131 ) 


irhen ? since wheu ? iala-kala, Now and 
then, occasionally, sometimes. kala^skU' 
Id'kala, Since wlieu? liow longf Aala, 
s.f. The head. P. 

Ji' kifai, s.m. A village, a. (qita). /calai, 
a. Short-horned, without horns, p. (Aal). 
kalaA, s.f. Buuion, callosity, corn. IdlH, 
s.f. A key. H. kulti, s.f. A gargle, 
gargling. H. 

J kam, a. Deficient, less, little, seldom, 
scanty (in comp.). p. kum or kayn^ pr. 
What? which? See ^/. 

J\A^ka7?idl, s.m. Perfection, excellence; com- 
pletion, a. Complete, perfect, a. 

^\^ /:amdn, s.m. A bow, Aanidnffor, s.m. 
A bow-maker. P. 

a^U^ kamdyicha, s.f. Bow of a violin, p. 

J^U^ /mmd't, 8.f. Earning, gain, profit, 
wages. H. 
Ju^ kambala-l^ s.f. A butterfly. 

J^ kamai\ s.f. A cliff, precipice ; steep bank; 
ridge of a hill, etc. ; the waist, loins. P. 
kamar'/itsa, s.f. A waist belt with powder 
flask, etc., etc. Icamar'band, s.m. A girdle, 
waist-belt. p. 

^jA^ kamarlf a. Relating to the loins, lum- 
bar ; weak in the loins (as a horse). 

dCo lunnak, s.m. Aid, help ; reserve of an 
army. r. /iuma/d, a. Auxiliary, s.m. 
Assistant, helper. 

Jc^ kamand^ s.m. A ladder of ropes ; halter, 
lasso, noose ; a tethering rope ; ringlet or 
long curl. p. 

j^ kamaur, a. Faded, withered, decayed. 

Jjjji^ kamanredalf v.n. To droop, decay, 
wither, liade, etc. u. (Inimldnd). 

* j*^ hamoda, s.f. A dish of rice boiled with 
ghee, and flavoured with spices. 

yj..^ kamls, s.m. A shirt. See ^^.^-mU. 

..--4^ Icamoif a. Menu; defective; humble. 

poor. s.m. A village serf. p. ; an ambus- 

cade. a. 
Ax^ kamlnahf a. Humble, meek; abject, 

base; mean, ignoble, p. kamlnt, s.f. 

Humility, meekness; baseness. 
^ kan (in comp.). Digger, digging, p. kun 

(in comp.). Actor, doer; doing, acting, p. 

^l:*^ kundtai, s.m. Buttock, rump, kundta- 

" jvar, a. Broad-buttocked, large rumped. 

j\:S k'mdf% s.m. Side, edge ; bosom, embrace. P. 

^}\:S kandl, s.m. A land measure equal to 

twenty 7narla ; the fourth part of a janb. 
c::^U^ kindyat, s.m. ) Allusion, hint, meta- 
^U^ kindya, s.f. ) phor, sign. a. 
,jS^ kantkln, a. Made of thread. 
J^kunf,B.m. Acorner,nook ; grove, bower, p. 
cl^fisl^ kunjak, s.m. ) A cowrie, small shell 
A<^(i kunjaka, s.f. ) (used as money). 

iCypraa moneta). 
i^ysdS kanjogha, s.f. Saddle straps, cords 

attached to a saddle (used to tie game, etc.). 
^larfi kunja-lf s.f. A key. u. {kunji). A small 

water jar or ewer (of pottery). 
s:S hand, s.m. A gorge, ravine, dry water- 
course, excavation, p. kind, s.m. A tattered 

and patched garment worn by dervishes. 

kundf a. Blunt, p. 
^xS kundd^, s.m. The stock of a gun. p. 

fjjc^ kandara, s.f. A fissure, chasm ; gully, 

watercourse, ravine ; broken or ravine cut 

ground. 8. (kandara). 
J jci'^a«rfa/,v.a.Todig,excavate. P. (kandan). 
^JcS kandu, s.m. A corn bin. 
ixS kanda, s.f. A gully, ravine, watercourse 

(cut by floods), p. kunda^^A. Block, log; 

stock of a gun, ploughshare, etc. p. 
' y^xS kandaif s.m. A potsherd, bit of broken 
i pottery ; a division, or quarter of u village, 

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( 132 ) 

parish ward. 8. ikhand). kundl, s.f. 

Calendering (cloth). H. 
^ kaml, Sugar candy. 8. (khaml). 

Gum. s. igond), hund, a.m. A widower. 
\^ kundd, a. Uarelipped, having a broken 

^\^ /iumjas, a.m. A man who has lost, or 

broken his front teeth ; a toothless old man. 
J^^ /i-anddl, s.m A cup, bowl, basin, etc. 

(of pottery). 
i^y^ kundtun, s.m. Widowhood. 
,a:^ kandar, 8.m. Ruins of a house or vil- 

lage, broken and decayed walls, ruins ; a 

place haunted by demons. H. (khandar). 
CS^ /i'andoA, s.m. A herd of deer, flock of 

goats or sheep ; a piece of bread. 
^•^ hand'O-kapar, a. Shattered, smashed, 

broken to bits, cut to pieces, etc. 
^^kandala-i, s.f. Name of a plant {Bryonia 

grandis), A prickly seed that sticks to the 

tleece of sheep. 
,^ kandaWf s.m. A notch, dent, gap ; dip 

in a hill, gap in a wall, notch in wood, etc. 

a. Dented, notched. H. (khanda). 

^•^ kandolai, ) 

»0^ kanda, s.f. The spring or source of a 
river, kunda, s.f. A widow. A hook, fish 
hook, hook of a door, etc. H. Ucunda). 

^^ kanda-t, s.f. Sec ^^^. 

Jj-iS" kanzal^ y.a. See J^=^. 

4h^ kunzala^ s.f. Sesame, the plant and seed 
(Sesamum orientate), p. ikunjad). 

ij^iyS kanza^gata, s.f. The third or ring 

^^^a;2yar, s.m. Pumice stone, n. (khangar). 

%^ kangura^ s.f. A pinnacle, turret ; battle- 
ment, parapet ; niched or loopholed wall ; 
porthole ; the plume of a helmet ; orna- 
ments on a crown, p. 

^^ kangarai, s.m. A puppy. See *^j^* 

^j*^ kai^gas, s.m. A trip, stumble. 

^i:S kangal, a. Congealed, frozen ; compact, 
solid, dense, s.m. Ice. 

^ kangU, s.m. Saflfron. 

Ji^ kanal, v.a. 


J:^^ kanastal, y.a. To dig, excavate, 
u-i:^ kana/t a.m. Brink, edge, margin, iu 
Jl5j^ kangdl,a.'PooT, friendless. 8. 
-i^ kanga/4iar, s.m. Rubbish, sticks, straw, 
etc. carried down by floods, drift wood. 

I i^ , ^ / 1 To dig. See Jx^. 
J^yS kanawdal, 

^ kanay s.f. A dog tick, sheep louse, large 
tick. The border of a garment, edge oi a 
shawl, p. 

hi^ kanixa^ s.f. A female servant, house- 
maid; a concubine. P. (kaniz). 

A kanr^ s.m. Mucus from the nose, snot. 

h^j^ katjya/va, s.t. A clog, patten. H. 

ij^ kaijra, c. If not, of course, otherwise, then. 

^^|i^ kanrai, s.m. The warp (in weaving). 
katira-x, s.f. A wooden cup or bowl. 

uji^ kawdraj s.f A pannier or basket, used 
to carry fruit, etc. in. h. (gaiuvdrd). 

^^f kub, s.m. A hump, hunch, a. Humped. 
8. ikuh). 
Jl^ kubai, s.m. A hunch-back, humped ox 
or camel, etc. One of the pieces or ptops 
of wood, in the horizontal wheel of a 
Persian wheel, which catches the coga o( 
the smaller wheel. 

c^^ kiipf a. Bowed, atooping, bent, crooked 
in the back (as from old age). 

Af^ kopla, a.f. A lark, akylark. 

CL?^ /cant, a. Contracted, drawn in, pinched, 
tacked in, shrunk (as the belly Irom 

^l?^ kotdn, a.m. A pelican. 

i\j^ kotd/i, a. Brief*, abort (in comp.). p. 

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( 133 ) 

ijl kautara, s.m, A pigeon. P. (habutar). 
^y^ kQtrai, s.m. A pup, pnppy dog. H. 

CSjS kotak, s.m. Bludgeon, club ; a pestle. 
H. (kiltak). The back of the head, occiput. 
Jjf kotal, s.m. A pass over a mountain, p. 
A led horse. H. /iuiaf, v.a. To cut up, 
disjoint, divide. H. (Adtnd). 
J?^ krvatai, s.m. A dimple on the cheek or 
ji^fkatUdl.h.m. SeeJJ^. 
^^^ hot, s.m. A castle, fort, stronghold, hill 

fort. 8. 
^S kotaMO'y 8«f- A cap made to cover the 
forehead and ears, a travelling cap; a 
mouthpiece or nosebag for cattle. 
Jif kutal, y.a. To pound, bruise ; cudgel, 

beat, thrash, wallop. H. (kutnd). 
J^a;^ kotitdl, s.m. The chief constable of a 

village or town. h. 
Ajj^ kota^ s.f. A mansion, large house; a 
chamber room. h. (kotkd). kutah, s.m. 
A dog. H. (kultd) 
*^^ hotaA, s.f. A factory, warehouse, bank, 
u. (kothi)* koiai, s.m. The head, katai, 
s.m. An ass colt, a young donkey. H. 
J^ kau^ar, s.m. Name of a well in Paradise. 
Kame of a disease, tetanus, lockjaw ; stroke 
of the wind, or of cold. 
iA.^ kaf^a, s.f. A lane, street, p. {kucha). 
^^ kotsa-l, 8.f. 8ee ^/. 
^ o kilcJi or ko^, s.m. Migration, a march. 

v. korhi, s.m. A nomade. 
,j;,^S kuvhat, a. Small, little, young, p. 
(kucjiak). ktlciat-ndlai, a.m. Smallness; 
^^^^^ kaiJimdl, s.m. The leader of a march ; 
conductor of a caravan. 
,,^^ karjjai, s.m. The tendon of the heel i *w»j^ korma, s.f. Family, household, wife. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 

(Toido AckWis). h. {kkftnch). ku^ci^ 
s.m. An ass colt, ko^a-i, s.f. A cloak 
made of felt, kodl^, s.m. A comade. 
^b.^ kuddlaA, 8.T. A hoe, mattock. 8 

j^.jji kawdarai, s.m. A potsherd. 
Cij/ kodak, s.m. A boy, youth, p. 
4!j^ kodala, s.f. Jlut, cabin, hovel, 
^j^ kafvdan^ a. Silly, foolish, imbecile. ▲• 
s^df /lodai, s.m. A pot, pipkin ; potsherd. 
Cio jj^ kawdik, s.m. A cooking pot, earthea 

^^ kod^ 8.m. A shell, charm, s. iffodk). 
i^f koda, s.f. Sorcery, enchantment ; jug- 
glery, kod-ffar, s.m. A sorcerer, magician, 
^^^ ka/cda-h fl-f* A cowrie. 8. {kauri), 
kuda-i, s.f. A shed, arbor, temporary hut 
made of boughs and leaves. H. (kutl). 
j^kor^ s.m. A house, dwelling, habitation; 
wife, family, h. (ykar). krvar, a.m. A 
wild grape tree, vine, kor, a. Blind. P. 
Border, margin, side. H. 
ijj^ korbak, 8.m. Landlord, master of house; 

host, paterfamilias. 
iJj^ kurta, s.f. A coat, jacket, frock. H. 
J^j^ kor^undal, s.m. Indian cactus, 

prickly pear. 
sj<^jf kdrkanidn^ a.m. Turmeric 
ij\^j^ konndnUf s.f. Domestic economy, 

housewifery, keeping house. 
vJV'/ A?r-n:a&ii, s.m. Marital duty, inter- 
course between husband and wife. 
9j^ korah, a. New, unused. H. (kord). 
^j^ ^^ra^ s.m. Net for carrying grass, 
forage, etc. h. {kkdrd). kuri/iw. Away I 
Get out! 
^S kor, s.m. Leprosy. 8. (kork). 


( 134 ) 


*i/ *^r«» ®-^' ^ '^^^^ ^^^^ "* *^^ ground for 
playing at marbles. H. 

t^j^ kurai, s.m. A measure of com equal 

to the fourth part of an »c,«^ o^au H, 

(kurd). iori, a.m. A leper, a. Leprous. 

8. (korht). 
\S hn::, a. Below, under; low, lower 
i}^)^ kUZ'kaial, v.a. To look down, be sick 

at stomach, feel nausea. 
^^lij^ kUZ'f/hdlai, s.m. A dog's basin or 
~ eating dish. 
J j^ kuza, s.f. A gugglet, long-necked water 

^^^JS hojdan, ) s.f. Betrothal, marriage en- 
^^jf hojdana^ ) gagement. See Jb^^. 
h\S koja, s.f. Eating the fast, not keeping 

the *•.•.. 
j^ kog,, a. Bent, crooked, askew, p. Qaj). 
Jj^ krvaffxiU v.a. To endeavour, strive. 
j^^jf kog,*icog,, a. Very crooked, all awry. 
^jmf kxlSf s.m. A large drum. p. 
^jt^S koH'hihkh. s.m. Endeavour, applica- 
tion, zeal. p. (koshish). 
^X^f kiiH'halaL a. See ^\^ ikshiclai. 
i^S kol'kha. A kind of slipper, p. (kau.^). 
Cjf kuk, s.m. Crying, sobbing. 8. 
%^/^ hlkarai, s.m. A puppy dog. 8. 
^J^kokarai, s.m. Abiscuit, bun. See i^j^* 
JziS kokndr, s.m. The poppy plant; the 

capsule, p. 
ii/ kiika, s.f. See Cilf . 
vu/^ f^okoraXf sjn. A large bannock or 

cake of bread baked upon heated stones. 
^f kuka-'i, s.f. Name of a tree {likamnus 

tirgatus). koluxi^ s.rn. A boy, lad, child. 

koka-t, s.f. The cheek, side of the face ; a 

little girl, female child. 
J^ kamil^ v.a. To do, act, perform, kal, a. 

Cotcuiporary, peer, of the same age. kol^ 

s.m. A pond; a ford, shallow water. A. 

{qui), kol, s.m. See J^. 
Ci3^ kolak, s.m. Tlie brow above the fore- 
head; a hole in the roof by way of 

^^ koland, s.m. A piece of stick used to 

tether cattle, etc. by the neck or foot ; a 

log of wood attached to the neck of cattle 

to prevent their straying. 
^^ kolai^ 8 m. A helmet, hat. P. {kuWiS. 
jU^ koliydr^ s.m. Name of a tree {Bauklnea 

variegata). h. (kadndr). 
j^f kUm, pr. What? which? that which, p. 

CS^f komak^ s.m. Aid, help. See v^lC*^. 
^^ kiimai, s.m. The palate; cleft in the 

jij^ karvntar, s.m. A pigeon. Beey^. 
^^ kiintai, s.m. A shepherd's crook; a 

stick with a crook at the end. 
y^^ kontsa-l, s.f. The braided or plaited 

hair at the back of the head of women. 
^^y^'^ kunsat, a. Contracted, shrunk, 

shrivelled, s.m. Foundation, base, root; 

stock or stump (as of a tree). 
Jl}^ kawutikaip s.m. Actor, agent, doer, 

performer, konkai, a. (for kamkai), Di- 
minutive, small. 
^jfi^ As;2yarai, s.m. A puppy dog. 
^j^ k&naf&S. Backside, podex, anus. P. {kun). 

kil?ia'8tarkai, s.m. A clout, child*8 napkin. 
^^ kunh s.m. ) 
^^J^^ kunlgai, s.f. ( 
^^ kanaif a.m. A dog louse^ dog tick. 

Mortar, lime, whitewash. 
i^\^^ ^tf/ii-/'tfiflr, s.m. A crab. 
^f kUB£, a. Deaf. p. (kar). kour, a.m. A. 

tick, dog louse. 
>^ koh, s.m. Mountain, hill (in comp.). P. 
^\s^ib^ kokistdn, s.m. Mountain country^ 

A catamite. 

Digitized by 


»/ ( 135 

Name of the liigliland tract 



highlands. P, 

north or Swat. 
^^ kuhaiy s.m. A well. 8. (kud). 
^S loc^ s.m. Itching, titillation, 
^^^Ci krrcH'haL v.a. To write, Def. in prea. 

ten. See J^\^. 
^ *c hoc'habar, s.m. See ,S ^S . 
^^ /ioyilat, ) s.m. Pot-scrapings, burnt 
<^/ koyinai, ) part of victuals at the 
^bottom of a pot. H. {khiirdan). 
^S I'i, c. If, as, that. p. 
i.'sji kahara, s.f, A pannier. See *;'/. 
*jUi kahdra, s.f. A ring of rope, straw, etc, 

u?ed as a target for arrows. 
^j'w^ kahdll, B.f. Indolence, laziness; yawn- 
ing, gaping, stretching, A. (kdhill), 
j^ k\htm\ a. Junior, minor, less, small. P. 
\j^ haJiruhdy s.f. Amber. P. 
jc^ kuhand, a. Ancient, old. p. (kuhari). 
J^ kahol, s.m. Family, house, tribe. 
i^ haha, s.f. Itching ; nausea. 
^ kahai^ s.m. A reed, rush ; *> kind of clay, 
** oclire. kaha-'i, s.f. A pickaxe ; axle of a 

water mill ; a ditch, trench. 
ms:^ lejaniy s.m. A saddle cloth of felt. 
^}xS kedal, v.n. To be, to become, 
^-ji klr, s.m. Rice and milk cooked together. 

s. (/•/<?>•). ker, A.m. Penis virilis. p. 
^jj^ ktrrai, s.m. A mole cricket. 
s^jJ klra-l, s.f. The felloe or rim of a wheel. 
j^ ker, s.m. A screen or wattling made of 

the twigs of the tamarisk tree ; a hedge, 

paling, etc. of tamarisk twigs. 
y^fS kera, s.f. An iron ring in a plough; 

twig8 or saplings (generally of the tamarisk 

tree) used in forming the roof of a house. 

H. (kerd). 
Jj^ ketjuclal, v.a. (For Jj^«4^ or J*^-Cj».) 

To set, place, put, etc. Def. in past ten. 

See J^4^. 

^j^ kais, s.m. The name of the great 
ancestor of the Afghans. He had three 
sons named Sarabanr, Bataor. &nd Ghur- 
ghii-5llt, to whom are traced in three great 
divisions all the different tribes of Afghans. 

^J^i kesht s.m. Faith, religion, belief; manner, 
quality, p. Damask, diaper. H. (kk'is). 

^}>y^^ kcH'hodal, \ v.a. To place, put, set, 

Jy^ kcH'ka7vulf ? etc. Def. in pres. leu. 

J ,^4^ kckklwnuir J See J J.^ • 
•4*-^ kU'lka-lf s.f. A worm, mite, insect. 

wL^ kaiff s.m. Intoxication, a. kai/l, 
a. Intoxicated ; intoxicating, s.m. A 
drunkard, sot. 

w..,^..^ kaxfiyai, s.m. Condition, state ; state- 
ment, account ; description, remark, a. 

CS^ kaik, a.m. A flea. p. 

j^ k'tkar^ s.m. Acacia tree. H. 

J^kll, 8.m.Furrow,rut,ti*ack,scratch. H. (fti). 

(Ji3u^ kilak, s.m. A hobble or fetter for the 
feet of a horse ; a cord or tassel used to 
tie the scabbard to the sword handle.^ /dmukht, s.m. Shagreen; leather 
prepared from the bide of the horse or ass. 

La-^ ktmiyd, s.f. Alchemy, chemistry, a. 

J-mJ-.X kendstal, v.n. To sit, su ^own, setUa, 
subside. ( For Ji-dxXj, or Jz^\\^^ .) 

x^ kind, s.m. A tattered and patched gar- 
ment worn by dervishes. 

J 4i-j^ ke^ianul, v.a. To seat, instal, set. ( For 
J^iXf»or J;i-4^.) 

^ klna, s.f. Malice, spite, rancour, p. 
klnawar, a. Spiteful, revengeful, malicious. 

j^ kinr, a. The lea hand, left side, left. 

^gdf. This letter being nnknown in the 
Arabic is called the Persian kaf. It is the 
twenty-sixth letter of the Persian, and the 

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( 136 ) 




thirty-third of the Pukkhto alphabet. It 
always has the sound of y hard as in yun. 
By the Yusufzais and Eastern Afghans it 
is very generally substituted for . ^. 

^^^ gatla-i^ s.f. A bundle, package. H. 

" (yathri). 

^J^ gata-ly s.f. A small flat pebble, or bit of 

** pottery set at the bottom of a pipe bowl, 
to prevent the tobacco getting into the 
stem, gafaif A round pebble, or 
pellet of dried clay, used to shoot from a 

i^^^ffdda-l, s.f. A cart, waggon, h. (ydrl). 

t-ii'^ ^^^ra, s.f. Mixed grain, meal of 
pulses, corn, etc. mixed together; bread 
of mixed meal. 

ijj\^ffdzcu*a, s.f. A carrot. 8. (gdjar). 

hf'^ gdgray s.f. Granite amygdaloid, trap- 

J.'t gCdaU v.a. To keep, preserve; watch 
over, care for ; to finish, complete. 

^iyam^ s.m. A pace, step. P. 

h^^^ ganddhy s.m. Future, coming time. p. 

^^^^ gdnda-l, z.t The pole or shaft by 
which a Persian wheel is set in motion, 
clod to which the bullocks are yoked. h, 

K^l^ gdngura^ s.f. Snivelling, snuffling, 
speaking through the nose. 

hj^ gdura^ s.f. Pawn, pledge; jewel, orna- 
ment, trinket. 6. igahnd.) 

^jf^^gdnra-l, s.f. An oil press. H. g/idni). 

^ii^ gdrcdum, a. Tapering, like a cow's tail. P. 

j^gdwnZy s.m. Stag, elk. p. (ganaz). 

^^^gdacandciy s.m. A neighbour, parish 

ioner, fellow townsman. 8. (gdoMt). 
i^gdli, s.m. Time ; place (in comp.). p. 
jb^ gdltor^ s.m. A drove of oxen, herd of 

yt'^gd/iU, s.m. Drover, cattle driver. 
^\^gd/ie,ad. Ever, anytime; once, sorae- 
" time. p. gd/ie-gd/iet ad. At times, some- 
times, occasionally, p. gd/il, s.f. A deep 

wound or sore. 
Jjtfydya/, a. Wounded. H. ighdyat). 
j^gabi%6.m, A fire worshipper, Zoroastrian.p. 
Aiw.^ gablna^ s.f. Honey ; honeycomb, p. 

4u/^fl/?a, s.f. Chatter, prattle, talk. h. kyrp). 

A lump or handful of mud. 
^ gaplf s.f. A cord used as halter, bit and 

bridle of rope. 
i ii:::$gatkay s.f. Fencing foil. H. igddkd). 
^'J gutma^ s.f. A button hole or loop ; a 

thimble, thumbstall of leather. 
u^gat, s.m A boulder, rock, stone ; a dark 

and heavy cloud, gut, s.m. A corner, 

angle, recess; a hole dug in a wall by 

J;^^ gafa/, v.a. To acquirer realfze, gain ; to 

win, succeed, gain the victory, etc. p. 

^\^guima'tf s.f. A thimble. 
^ ^(^ta, s.f. A pebble, stone; advantage, 

gain, profit. 
^^5^ gita-t, s.f. A potsherd, bit of stone ; 

gravel, shingle ; urinary calculus, stone in 

the bladder, gitai, s.m. Pebble, small 

stone. H. (gltl). 
^^ gifin, a. Stony, pebbly, gravelly, 

sJj^ gcohdrai, s.m. Refuse, chafi*. stubble. 

^^^gdJtlai, s.m. A kind of sandal or slipper 
made of leather. [mcsh\ 

^ji^^.^ gdwmclMf »•!"• A buflalo. p. (gdw- ; ^gafs, a. Left, the left side, 
^^^^gdh-and, a. Neighbouring, next door. I ^ gatml, a. Left-handed. 

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( 137 ) 


J gach^ s.m. Lime, cement, mortar. H. 
^^j^ gaddCf s.m, A beggar, mendicant P. 

igacld). gada-i, s.f. Begging; beggary, 

poverty. P. 
^}j^ffdal, v.a. To place, set. P. (hldan). See 

^ f/a-ad, s.m. A ram, sheep. H. (gddar). 
gat!, a. Mixed, compounded, blended, gud, 
a. Elalt, lame, crippled, maimed. 

j^gidar, s.m. A jackal. H. igldar). 

i^^ji^gadandai, s.m. A dancer. 

^•^ ^ad-^r^rf, a. Higgledy-piggledy, con- 
fused, entangled, jumbled. H. {gad-mad). 

^.•^gadHraiy s.m. A lamb. 

^u^ gadozaif s.m. A span, the space be- 
tween thumb and forefinger. 

Jt^gadawul, v.a. To mix, compound, com- 
bine, etc. ; to make dance. 

(^*%^gadtl?2, s.m. Intercourse; mixture. Name 
ofaPathan tribe located on the southern 
slopes of the Mahaban mountain. 

t^ga-ada, s.f. An ewe, sheep. 

^^>^gadhal, s.m. A bucket, tub, pail. 

^^^ gada-i, aS. \ lame woman; a doll. u. 
iguddd). gudaif s.m. A lame man, etc. 
gada-l, s.f. A cushion, pad. H. (gaddO. 

Jo^\^gadedalf v.n. To dance ; to be mixed, 
confused, blended, etc. 

40ju>^ gadedana, s.f. Dancing ; mixing, 

\J^^'^l^ gadedUnkaif ) s.m. A dancer ; 

^•Jlt^ gadcdUnaif ) mixer. 

hji^gadera^ s.f. Mixture ; intercourse. 

^j^gadeAa, s.f. The support of a spinning 
wheel ; the crutch at the side of a sandal. 

j^jfgurdr, s.m. A blow, stroke ; pass, turn, 
round, etc. P. • 

j^guzar, s.m. A ferry, ford, passage, p. 

^jj^guzrdn^B.m. Employment, living, live- ijSjfgiayura, s.f. Name of a tree yielding an 
lihood. p. * edible fruit or berry {Rcptonia buxi/oUa). 

^ga-ar^ s.m. Rumble, rattle, clatter, etc. (as 

of wheels). 
J gar (in comp.), added to words denotes 

-doer, -maker, -performer, p. 
fj^jgrdn, a. Important, momentous ; heavy, 

weighty ; dear, precious ; difficult, hard. p. 

{girdn). grdm, s.f. Dearth, scarcity, dear- 

ncss of provisions, etc. 
uzjjf gnU, s.m. Interdigital space (hand or 

foot) ; angle between the trunk and branch 

of a tree, grut-nhculf v.a. To hold between 

the finger and thumb (as a pen, arrow, etc.). 
j/gird, a. Circular, round, p. girddgird, a. 

Bound about, all round, on all sides, p. 

gardf s.m. Dust ; the globe ; fortune, p. 
^jjf girddbf s.m. A whirlpool. P. 
^Cfjf gardafif s.m. The neck. p. 
^^J^ gardanl, s.f. A horse cloth. P. 
^j^ gardun, s.m. A wheel ; finnament, 

heavens ; destiny, fortune ; a chariot. P. 
js:^ ^^J gardai'lechai^ s.m. The arm above 

the elbow ; humerus. 
jj garz, s.m. Dust. p. (gard). gurz or 

gruZy s.m. A battle-axe, club, mace. p. 
^^jj garzandai, ) a.m. A reel, spindle; 
^j^ garzanai, ) whirligig. 

J.\jigarzan:ul or girza7vul, v.a. To turn, 

change about, turn round, wheel, twirl, etc. 
Jjjjy^garzedal or girzedaf, v.n. To re- 
volve, spin, turn about, wander, meander, 

walk about, etc. P. (gardldan). 
Jij/ gargal, v.a. To scratch, claw, scrape 

(with the nails). 
9^J^ garkanda, s.f. See t^^J* 
^^ ga-ai^hai, s.m. The rattle or rumble of 

^/garg, s.m. Mange, itch, scab, gurg^ s.m. 

A wolf. F. 

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( 138 ) 

^/ paryas, s.m. A vulture. ?• {kargas), 
gargas^ s.m. The cavity of the chest, thorax. 

ii^garga^ 8.f. A log, block, stump of a tree. 

aJ garm, a. Ilot, warm ; active, zealous ; 
fiery, virulent; eager, intent; crowded, 
thronged, p. yi^am, a. Confuted, convicted; 
censured, rebuked, gtiram, s.m. A clump 
of trees; anxiety, mental distress, pertur- 

iS^^J pmmaka^ s.f. A heat spot, vesicle, pus- 
tule, pi. garmake, Prickly heat (Lichen 

^*/ garmah, B.m. A kind of melon, p. 

^jf garmlf s.f. Heat, warmth, etc. ; the 
venereal disease, p. 

h^'J garaiida^ s.f. Name of a shrub and its 
fruit (Carissa spinarum). H. (karaundd). 

^^graw, s.m. Pawn, pledge, p. (girau). 

J^jf gara^cul, v.a. To scratch, claw, scrape 
(with the nails). 

^^/grolbax^ s.m. Phlegm, mucus or pus 

" from the lungs. 

injgrifca, s.f. The collar bone, neck above 
the collar bone; collar of a garment; 
button-loop. p. (girebdn). guroh^ s.m. A 
band, troop ; people, tribe ; party, sect. p. 

Jj^^j^ groAeda/, To admire, follow; be 
attracted, captivated; flock to; to fear, 
respect, revere, p. (ginvldan). 

^2;\^ girewdn, s.m. Collar of a garment ; the 
neck. p. igirebdn). 

h^greita^ s.f. See i%^grina. 

J gaff A castle, fort. 8. (garh). 

y^^Jgarda-l, s.f. The whirl of a spindle. 

^J 9T^^J* fl*"** A clink, jingle, ring (of 
money), tinkle (of a bell), etc. guranj, 
a.m. A low voice, whisper. 

^^J garandcu^ a. Quick, hasty, precipitate, 
rash ; nimble, swift, fast. 

dij garang, s.m. Abyss, crater; cavity, 

shaft, pit. grang^ s.m. Mucus from the 

nose, snot. 
^.Jgurobai^ s.m. Sherbet, eau sucre, sugar 

and water. 
^jjgarrtanj^ s.m. A frame or stand for water 

jars; a stand, stage, platform. 8. {ghar- 

y^gura,sA\ Raw sugar, brown sugar, s. igur). 
^J gara-i, s.f. A measure of time, about 

twenty-four minutes ; a clock, watcji. 8. 

(g/tari). A pond, pool. H. (garka). A 

fort, castle. 8. (garkt). 
'ji gaZf s.m. A yard measure ; a ramrod, p. 
CJ'Jgazak^ a.Festercd, sloughed, suppurated, 

mortified (a wound) ; nipped with cold. p. 

s.m. Corruption, decay. 
^^ guzan^ s.m. Palsy, paralysis, guzan* 

nahalaiy a. Palsied, paralysed. 
Jgctg^. a. Dappled, mottled; hybrid, mongrel. 
Js^gustdl/u a. Insolent, impertinent, rude, 

saucy, pert, p. gtistdlln^ s.f. Impertinence, 

assurance, pertness, etc. 
i^gasa^ s.f. Rebound, recoil, ricochet; blow, 

dig, stroke, poke. 
\^ gasiydf a. Abraded, rubbed, frayed. 8. 

^z. .^gakk/tt. s.m. Patrolling, walking round, 

strolling, wandering, p. (gasht). 
j\ss^gu/(dr, s.m. Discourse, conversation, p. 
^^^Ls^gu/t'go€fS.m.ConveTaaiion, talk, etc. P. 
ji^gagar, a. Brawny, muscular, stout, strong. 
i^>^ gagarodza, s.f. A shiver, tremble. 
yJLi? gugushtu, s.m. A turtle dove, ring- 
dove. H. {ghnghn). 
J^gul, s.m. A rose ; a flower in general, p. 

A disease of the eye, albugo. Monday. 

gil, s.m. Clay, eaKh. p. 
i^i^guldb, s.m. Rosewater. P. gulubai^ s.m. 

A barber. 
^ji^ gulkfiunt s.m. A flat slab of stone used 
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( 139 > 


for the flooring of a Turkish bath; a 
furnace, stove, p, 

y-A^ynlhtnn^ \ 8.m. A rosc bed, flower 
^^SJ gulshan, ) garden. P. 
^ ijuluy a.m. The throat, neck. p. gilau, 
?.m. Name of a plant, called also kubna* 
icalai (Mimosa sca)idens), H. (filau). 
il^ g'tia, s.f. Complaint, lament, grumble, 
p. y27a«;«aw,a. Complaining, grumbling, p. 
galla, 3.f. A herd, flock, p. 
^^gala-l, s.f. Hail. See J ,. 
^gum, a. Lost, missing, wanting, p. 
J ,^\^ giandraly v.a. To consign, entrust, give 
in charge, commit, p. (gunidndan, gu?nd^' 
dz^^^ gujndsh^ak, s.m. Agent, factor. P. 
^s^ gumd7if s.m. Doubt, suspicion ; imagina- 
tion, fancy; thought, supposition. ?• 
i^ ^gumrdhy a. Erring, astray, p. 
y^^gamanz, s.f. A comb. See j-i^. 
i\Jgimd/i, s.m. Crime, fault, sin. p. 
i:^ gunbatay s.f. An arch, dome, cupola, 

vault, p. (gumbad). 
JJ ganj^ s.m. A gran ar}^ market ; treasure, 

store, p. 
^jSiT^ ga7ijait a. Bald, scald beaded; a vul- 
" ture. H. (ganjd). 
^s^;:^ ganjlfa^ s.f. A pack of cards ; game at 

cards, p. 

Jc^ gand, s.m. A patchwork garment worn 

by dervishes, gind, s.m. A ball for play. 

s. (gend). gund^ a. Equal, level, even, on 

a par ; peer, compeer, match, gundi, ad. 

By chance, perhaps, possibly. 

ijxjgandana, s.f. A leek (Allium porrtitn). p. 

iX^gandah^ a. Fa?tid, 8tii\king. p. gitndah, 

a. Coarse, thick. » 
^jf gand, s.m. Etlging ol 5 gannent; an 
ornamental collar worn by women ; edging 

of clay round a millstone, s. (gandd). A 
patchwork coat worn by dervishes, 
j J>^y«wda/, v.a. To hem, sew, stitch, baste, 
I etc. p. (nigandan). 
^•^gandolai, s.m. A short sleeved shift or 

jacket worn by women. 
j^^:^gandkery s.m. Name of a plant( Rhazzia 

^j^^gandhera-lt s.f. A joint or segment of 
sugar cane (cut for convenience of chew- 
ing). 8. (ganderl). 
^^ giindly s.f. Collar of a dress ; edging of 
a garment; a button loop, button, h. 
(ghundl). gundai, s.m. Refuse ears of 
corn, straw, etc. left on the threshing-floor. 
gunde, ad. By chance, possibly, perhaps. 
^ji^gctnderai, s.m. The oleander or rose 

bay (Neriitm odorum). 
^y^ gunza, s.f. A crease, crumple, pucker, 

wrinkle ; a comb. 
^j^gans, a. Stunned, stupefied, deafened. P. 
s^S\^ gankap, s.m. A cut-purse, pickpocket. 

H. (gath'kafd). 
Cj^gung, a. Dumb, mute. p. 
^/^ yww^n, s.m. Boiled grain of pulse, 
wheat, etc. Grain steeped in water. 8. 
^^J^gingarai^ s.m. A small bell for the feet 

of pigeons, hawks, etc. H. ighUngrU). 
^j»ti^ gangas, s.m. A bend, swerve, turn, 
twist ; narcissus, daflbdil. 
^^i'J gangosai.^MU Rumour, report; hum, 
' murmur, whisper; sound of footsteps, - 

talking, etc. 
t:jS gunahy s.m. Sin, crime, fault, p. gunah 
gar, s.m. A sinner, culprit, gunah^gdrl^ 
s.f. Sinfulness, guiltiness, criminality. P. 
ganna, s.f. Tlfe sugar cane. u. (gannd). 
j^ gunhar^ a.m. Name of a pot-herb (Ama- 
rantus polggamus). 

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( uo ) 



^ yflwff a- Close, dense, thick, crowded ; 
cloudy. 8. (fffian). 

A^yanj:al, v.a. To count, reckon ; to con- 
sider, know. p. {angardan). 

^j^ ganranai, b.ui. The womb. 

*^ <jan£,(h ad- As if, as though ; know, 

1^^^ yicaHh. s.m. Arbitration, mediation; 
compromise, settlement. 

^^jjf^^jfg/vaiM'ffrandai, s.m. Intercessor, 
mediator ; negotiator, arbitrator. 

y^sJjfpfvdH'/ialf ) v.n. To pick a quarrel, 

f^j^^gn'dkkjicdal, j peck at, irritate, pre- 
pare to quarrel; chide, reproach, blame. 
To mediate, parley, compromise, settle a 
<|uarrel. p. (gatc&jldan). 

^^^^gandndai, s.m.. A neighbour, h. 

9\^ga/cdh, s.m. A witness. P. 

^^jf ga7cd/u, s.f. Evidence, testimony, p. 

** gaK'dhl'lal, v.a. To testify, give evidence. 
gafcdhi'lUnai, s.m. A witness, testifier. 

w*/ gap, s.m. Tlie evening star, Venus ; a 
bank of clouds. 

^jfgilfa, s.f. A finger, toe. 

^:^/ gut, s.m. A comer, angle, nook; a 
liole dug in a wall by burglars. gUt* 
mdtaicid, v.a. To break into a bouse 
through a hole in the wall (as burglars). 

j>'^gnjar, s.m. A grazier, cowherd. Name 
of a tribe of Rojpats dwelling amongst 
the Eastern Afghans, and mostly occupied 
as cattle breeders and graziers. 8. 

y^^ gdjoi, s.m. A small fresh-water shell ; 
a fir cone. 

j^^ gudar^ s.f. Ford, ferry, passage, p. 

^/ god, s.m. Weeding, thinning plants. 8. 
(Mod), god'kawul, v.a. To weed. 

\^^gudd, s.m. A doll, puppet. H. 

1^^/ gddai, a.m. A pouch; car of Indian 

corn before the grain is formed. gUda-l, 

8.f. A doll, puppet. 
j^gor, s.m. A grave, tomb. p. gor*han, s.m. 

A grave-digger, p. gur, a. See^. 
j^j^gordgor, a. Fast, quick. 
fjc^j^ goristdn, s.m. A graveyard, p. 
yjSj^ gor*hahhh, s.m. Name of an animal 

found in graveyards, Indian badger. 
i}j^ goral, v.a. To see, look, inspect, view, 

etc. p. (girdndan). Def. in past tenses. 

See JsJ. 
Mj^goram, s.m. A drove of buffaloes. 
J^^j^ gorytdn, s.m. A drover, grazier, cattle 

/>-*j^ gorah-JJiar, s.m. The wild ass. p. 

s^icjbj^gor/tanda, s.f. Rough uneven ground ; 

ravine, chasm, pit, fissure. 
i^j^gUra-t, s.f. Juice or sap of trees. 
^^gosfd, s.f. Capitation tax on cattle. 
i^jfgoH'/faf s.f. Corner, angle, nook ; privacy, 

retirement; aside, side; cell, closet, p. 

j^^gogar, s.m. Sulphur, p. (gogird). gifgar, 

a. Aged, old, worn out (man or beast). 
s}^^gogal, s.m. Cavity of the chest, thorax. 

gdgaly s.m. Name of a gum resin, Indian 

bdellium. 8. gogiU s.m. Sulphur, p. igoghi). 
i^^gola, s.f. A mouthful, morsel. 
A^ gola-l, s.f. A ball, bullet, pill. u. igoK). 
^^\^^ gumdndily s.m. Mushroom, toaJstool. 
^"^gundza, s.f. A crease, wrinkle. See *j-if . 
i^:^/gi2iigat, s.m. A dung beetle. 
Jij^gungu, s.m. The yellow crocus, saffron. 
^/j/gungai, s.m. An owl. 
dj^ gtlna, s.f. Colour, face, figure, form ; 

kind, species, p. 
j^/guiir, s.m. A weevil, insect in com. n. 


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( 141 ) 


*i^j^^goliafa, A stack of cowdung (dried and 

stored for use as fuel). 
,\a^ guitar t s.m. A drove of oxen or buffaloes. 
^^ gauhar or gHhar, s.m. A pearl, gem ; 

essence, nature, substance, disposition ; 

intellect, wisdom; lustre of a gem or 

metal. P. 
^/goc, s.m. Dry cowdung; a ball. p. 
Uyf y(?ya, a J. As if, thus, as one would say, 

etc. P. 
^ga/t, s.m. Time, place. See ilii 
h}*A gahwara^ s.f. A cradle, swing, p. 
.^gahUr, a. Dense, shady, umbrageous. 
^gahe, ad. Ever. See ^^/. 
^ gahuhi a.m. Dawn, morning. 
i^^gigalif s.m. Grass, herbage, weeds, p. 
^x^ gcdlf a. Stupid, p. gedvkh<At, s.m. 

Stupid ass. 
i^^gcdUf s.f. Belly, abdomen. 
^.Oco*//t7^'?, s.m. A load of wood, grass, etc., 

for the head, gctla-'i, s.f. A small sheaf of 

corn, a bundle of grass, faggot of sticks, etc. 
^ g'lt'i a. Caught, seized, captured, taken ; 

vin comp.) conqueror, taker, seizer. p. ger^ 

a. Surrounded,besieged, enclosed, u. igher). 
i^^glguha, s.f. A magpie. 
^^gesily A curl, ringlet, p. 
^,^^gehdai, s.m. A rhinoceros ; shield of 

rhinoceros hide. s. (gaindd). 

'jjfgctir^fjai, s.m. The womb. 
J^gagamcl, | v.a. To interlace, intertwine, 
J--^yc/ytfya/, ) wattle, net. 


J lam is the twenfy-third letter of the Arabic, 
and the thirty-fourth of the Pukklito alpha- 
bet. It is often substituted for the letters 
o and J in words from the Ilindi and Per- 

1 la, ad. Even, yet, still, hitherto, otherwise, 
unless. A particle prefixed to woitls to 
denote privation or negation, and equiva- 
lent to the English prefixes im-, in-, tm-, 
etc., and the affix -less. a. 

iSi laba, s.f. Jest, irony, ridicule, p. 

iSi lapa, s.f. Boasting, bragging, r. (/4/). 
IdpsJiap, a. Proud, arrogant; bragging, 

CL?3 lat, s.m. Name of an idol of the ancient 

yi^i lata, s.m. A shrike, butcher bird ; a hum- 
ming-top ; a whip-top. 11, 

j^l ICijhar, s.m. Lapis lazuli, p. (Idjrvard). 

^^3 IthJii, s.f. Cardamums. n. {ildcht). 

^yj/a^?7, s.m. A kind of sweetmeat. H. (laddaY 
A humming-top. h. (lattU). 

Ji ldi\ s.f. A road, way, path. p. {rdli). 

i^Ji larjhali, s.m. Delay, procrastination; 
lateness, slowness, ad. Ago, formerly. 
lire^drghah, ad. Long ago, of yore; long 

J^5 Idral, v.n. To go, depart, set out. Def. 
in pres. ten. See JJj Hal. p. {rdhraftan). 

sjt Idra, s.f. Saliva, spittle, a. (lar). 

A\i Idz'im, a. Necessary, urgent; proper, 
suitable, k. 

^ Ids, s.m. The hand ; the arm. p. (da$t\ 

cc^'i lasta, s.f. Direction, side, quarter. 
jJ"! Idstai, s.m. Ilandle, haft, hilt. 

jj^^J Idslora, s.f. Name of a tree and its 
fruit (Cord'm Mgxa). h. Udsora). 

^3 Idhdi, s.m. A corpse, carcase, p. (Idsh). 

j^^i Id^ar, a. Weak, thin, lean. p. 

Ai2/a/a, s.f. SecAjl 

C/5/d/',s.m.Gumlac; sealing wax. sXldkh). 

^1 Idkan, a. Waxed; covered with wax. 
Idhin, c. But, etc. See ^^CJ. 

iJ/« lag, s.m. Dealings on credit with a trades- 

Digitized by 



( 142 ) 


J^J Id^h s.f. Trade, commerce, a.m. A dealer, 

J3 Idl, a. Bed ; dumb. p. a.m. A ruby. p. 

n/d/d, in. Master! Sir! H. 
^3 Idlan, a.m. A lover, sweetheart. 8. 
a!^ Idla, s.f. A tulip. P. lala-gul, a.m. The 

J 3 /a/ai, a. Dear, beloved, darling. 
wJ3 /d;2((?, s.f. Swimming. Idnbo-xan, s.m. 

A swimmer. 
jJ'i Idndi, ) ad. Below, under, beneath, 
^-jJ!l /dn{/e, j down. Idndc-bdnde^ ad. Up- 
side down, topsy-turvy, tumbled, jumbled. 
^-jJl Idndai, s.m. Salt meat, sun-dried meat. 
^^"i Idnda-lf s.f. A kind of snake, amphis" 

^j^^^'i Idndcs, s.m. Name of a tree and its 

fruit (C(usia fistula). 
^iSi Idiiffa, s.f. The cord at the foot of a bed, 

which is used to brace up or tighten the 

netting. The name of a tree from the wood 

of which arrows are made, 
jy J Idtjra^ s.f. Name of a plant (Sahola kali) ; 

it is burnt for the potash it yields. Spittle, 

saliva. See *jJ. 
»jy1 Idnndah, a. Wet, damp. PI. of jjj). 
J.'i Idrcanr, s.m. Caudle, posset. 
y^'J Idhu, a. Flooded, swept away by a flood, 

floated down by a river, etc. 
AJt^ Idka, s.f. Alluvium, mud, mire, muddy 

deposit left by floods. 
^"ildc, s.m. Mire, mud. See preceding word. 
Jk'- /d-/y, a. Becoming, fit, suitable; proper, 

deserving, worthy ; capable, qualified, ex- 
pedient. A. 
wJ lab, s.m. The lip; brim, edge; bank, 

margin ; coast, shore. P. 
{jJJ libds, s.m. Apparel, clothes, dress; 

garb. A« 

J lap'tsat,^. Fertile, fruitful (aa land). 

j2 lapar, a. Coarselyground, gritty, unevenly 
mixed, clogged, clotty, lumpy (as food) ; 
thick stalks, stringy fibres, etc. mixed with 
pot-herbs ; stiff*, stark. 

aJ lapa, s.f. The palm held to receive a 
thing; a handful, palmful. lapakai, a.m. 
The quantity containable in both hands 
held together, u. (Japkd). 

>j:^^^ lat'pat, a. Soiled, polluted, splashed t 
trampled, trodden down, etc. 

j(jU latdroA, a. Trodden, trampled ; spoiled, 

isi lata, s.f. A kick. h. (&U). 

1^ laf, a.m. An axle; axle of a Persian 
wheel, weaver's loom, etc. A fishing 
stake, bird springe, a. Dull, indolent, 
lazy, listless, a.m. A lubber, lazy brute. 

,^-^v.«J lappatf a. Tangled, tumbled, con- 
fused; soiled, stained; trampled, trodden. 

J^ latanul, v.a. To examine, seek, search, 
rummage, turn over, investigate, look into, 
etc. H. Uatolnd). 

j^^^ lata'per, a.m. Bomping, frolicking, 
playing pranks, playing roughly, boister- 
ous play. 

j«ils) li/jdff s.f. A coverlet, quilt. A. 

As) lai^ad, s.m. The niche in the aide of a 
grave for the reception of a dead body. a. 

4iksr lah^a, 8.f. A moment ; glance, look. a. 

jj lidf s.m. Horse dung. h. {lid). 

^jJ ladan, ) s.m. Inspiration. 'ilm-i^ladUn, 

^jJ ladUn, ) a.m. Inspired knowledge, in- 
herent wisdom. A. 

j^ ladar, a.m. A dealer in old clothes, rags, 
etc. a. Imbecile, foolish, stupid. 

CL^ijJ lis±cit, s.m. Flavour, taste; delight, 
enjoyment, a. (Jazzat). 

Joj») /a^i^,a. Pleasant, savoury. A* 

1 lar, a. Lower, inferior; subordinate, minor ; 

Digitized by 



( 143 ) 


conquered, snbdued. p. Under, below, 

beneath. Iar4ara/, The losing side, 

lower side, liri, ad. Far, far off, off, away. 

P. (dur) 
^yi) lar^ani, ad. Already, ere now, before, 

long since, long ago. 
^J^J lar^Unai, a. Former, pristine, old, 

lar^ane, ad. Long ago, formerly, anciently, 

of old. 
JJ laryai, a.m. A stick, staff; timber, wood. 

H. Uakrl). tiragai, s.m. The lobe of the ear. 
J^ laralt v.a. To own, have, possess. P. 

(ddshtan, ddr-). 
dj lara, A particle used as the sign of the 

dative case ; to, unto, near, with, at ; for, 

for the sake of. 
^^^ larai, s.m. The small intestines ; bowel, 

gut. Defeat, discomfiture, loss, lire, ad. 

Off, away ; lar, far off, distant. 
^ lar, s.m. A row, bead, string, thread (as of 

beads, pearls, pots, etc.). u. [,(larza). 

i\J larza, s.f. A shake, tremor, quiver. P. 
Jj^jJ! larzedal, v.n. To tremble, shake, 

shiver, quiver. P. {larzldan). 
J J laral, v.a. To mix, stir, stir up, combine, 

stir about. H. {lahrdnd). 
Mj laram, s.m. A scorpion, 
c^t^ti l(^pnun, s.m. The bowels, the internals, 

the heart, liver, lungs, etc. P. (darUn). 
^ larama, s.f. Ncttlerash, hives, urticaria. 
^•} laro-tjqto, a. Mean, low, vulgar, s.m. 

A rascal, blackguard, scx)undrel, vagabond. 
>J lara or la-ara, s.f. Fog, mist, vapour, 
tl la-a^i or la^, a. Small, little, less ; few, 

scarce, la-asu'der, a. More or less, some- 
what, a little, few, some. 
^^ la-ag^lmtl, ad. Little; somewhat, few; 
" scantily, slightly. 

^ las, a. Ten. 8. (das), lasam, a. Tenth. 
^Jff^ lastayj£al, s.m. Sleeve of a dress. 

isJi lasta, 6.f. Handle, hilt P. (dasta). 

ijJ^ lasara, ad. Never, not at all, not a bit. 

<<<^ 4.^.3 laskmaAa, ) s.f. Artful, intriguing, 

^iC^ lashmakaA, ) cunning, deceitful (wo- 
man) ; wanton, lewd, shameless (woman). 

<Ll] laska, s.f. Spike, prickle, bristle; sting 
of an insect; beard or spike of com, 
grasses, etc. P. (nesh)* 

ic^ lakklita, s.f. A twig, switch, rod, cane. 

^A^ lakkJitai, s.m. A brook, rivulet, linn, 
stream, lakkhta-i, s.f. A dancing girl; 
ear-drop, pendant (of gold or silver). 
Name of a plant, the root of which is 
used as a charm by wounded persons to 
protect them from the evil wishes of their 
enemies, who, it is believed, by eating 
some of the root and then breathing upon 
a wounded man can prevent the healing of 
his wound, until some of their own spittle 
be applied to it; visitors to a wounded 
man are therefore requested to spit on a 
bit of the root, which is then passed over 
the wounds. The root is commonly found 
mixed with those of the madder plant 
(majlt or rodang) as sold in the shops. 

^^ lahhhkar, s.m. An army, multitude, p. 

^J^ lalddike, ad. Little. See ^jy3 . 

«.::^\y laid/at, s.m. Delicacy, elegance; 
humour, wit, facetiousness. a. 

(.jy lut/, s.m. Courtesy, gentleness, kind* 
ness. A. 

cgjV>l latlf, a. Elegant, delicate; agreeable, 
pleasant ; courteous, kind, gracious, a. 

iSL^ latlf a, s.f. A joke, witticism, a. 

v^U lu*db, s.m. Mucilage, a. 

Jji! tal, s.m. A ruby. p. 

^ Fan, s.m. Cursing, damning, a. 

Fanat, s.m. Anathema, curse, mal^ 
diction, a. Canatl, a. Damned, cursed, 
execrated, a. 

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( 144 ) 


u:^ lu^at, a.m. Dialect, phraseology ; dic- 
tionary; word, A. 
^ la^ata, s.f. A kick. p. (lagai). 
Ji la^Aar, a. Bare, stripped, naked ; poor, 

destitute. lUtS'la^ar, a. Bare as a bone, 

stark naked. 
\Jl laghz^ s.m. A slip, slide, stumble. P, 

lu^z^ s.m. Enigma, riddle, a. 
^•x! lughaitlf a. Linguistic, literal meaning 

of a word. a. 
Ai'Jj lifd/a, s.f. Cover, envelope, wrapper, a. 
lii! lafz, s.m. A word, saying, a. 
w^ /a^ai, s.m. Surname, title; nickname, a. 
^ui3 lugma, s.f. A morsel, mouthful, a. 
iJi luqfca, s.f. Spasmodic distortion of the 

face ; paralysis of the facial nerve, a. 
4u! luqaA, s.m. A bully, brag. 
CSi la/:, a. StiiT. rigid, straight ; punctured, 

bored, pierced, s.m. A lac, a hundred 

thousand, s. 
*^ la/cara, s.f. A beam, rafter ; pole, staff; 

bargepole; boat hook. h. (lakaf). 
^^ lakute^OT lakut'i^aA. A little, somewhat, 
" slightly, not much. See ^•O. 
ijj^^ lakorai, s.m. Name of a fruit. 
»ol! laka, s.f. A blemish, blot, spot, stain ; the 

tail (of bird or beast), ad. Like, so, as, 

^^Ai3 laka'lamai, s.m. The rump bone, tail 

bone, coccyx. 
jS3 lalia-i, s.f. The tail (of bird or beast) ; 

a meteor, falling or shooting star. 
jfl lagat\f^.m. A kind of hawk. H. 
j^ /a^aiir,s.m. A washing basin, p. {lagan). 
J*H lagamul, v.a. To attach, fix, join; 

ascribe, impose, add; place, put, set; em- 
ploy, engage, use; set to work, etc. u. 

\£1 lagiyd, a. Applied, attached, placed; 

employed, occupied ; intent. 

Jju^ lagedal, y.n. To adjoin, reach, touch, 

apply ; happen, befall, occur, begin ; be 

occupied, employed, etc. H. (hgnd). 
J! /a/, a. Dumb, nmte, speechless, p. (Idt). 
J! lal, v.a. To utter, pronounce, say, express. 

Only used with a few words fis, gandAhlaf, 

v.a. To give evidence, testify, bear witness, 

etc. sald?n'lal, v.a. To say salftm, pay 

J3 lalam, a. Arid, dry, unirrigated (land). 
^^^JJ lalami, s.m. Crops entirely dependent 
* on the rains for water, uniiTigated crops. 
JJ lala-i, s.f. Lullaby, hushaby, lala-h 

lalos/iu, Uushaby baby, words intoned to 

put a child to sleep. 
^^ /alUn, s.m. Weeding, thinning (a field 

or garden). 
J lam, s.m. Tail, end, extremity ; fat tail of 

the Afghan sheep, p. (dtim). lamayrar, a. 

Fat tailed, having a fat tail. 
j^ litmbaw s.m. A fox. H. ililmbarX 
J-^I lambal, v.a. To bathe, wash, clean, purify. 
duJ laniba, s.f. A blaze, flame. 
^^y^ lajnbedal, v.n. To wash, bathe. 
^^^^ lamtsai, s.m. Felt. p. {namad). 
jy^ lamsa?cul, v.a. To incite, instigate. 

urge, prompt, tempt, a. (lams), 
^^y^ lamsUn, s.m. Instigation, prompting. 
i^J^ lamshara-l, s.f. Contortion, writhe, 

twist ; device, trick, wile ; shamming, 

^ lamaUf s.m. Border, hem, skirt ; margin, 

edge, verge, p. (daman), 
jy^ laman'ur, a. Fat tailed (as Afghan sheep). 
J^ lanbal, v.a. To bathe. See J^« 
KjJ linda, s.f. A bow. 
^^-jJ Undai, s.m. An archer, bowman. Unda-l, 

s.f. A small bow used by carpenters to 

work a drill or bartna ; the bow of a fiddle ; 

one of the bones of the forearm ; the outer 

Digitized by 


( 145 ) 

bone of the leg ; the hamstrings ; any bent 
or arched twig ; guard of a sword; a jet, 
spout, spurt of water* 

>:3 land, a. Brief, short* 

>>J landah, s.f. Lower end of the spine, 

jA->J landa-i, s.f. A kind of poetry or verse, 
with seven or eight syllables to the line. 
A kind of snake, the head and tail of which 
are like each other (amphisbcena). 

cl$U lang, a. Lome, crippled, p. lunff, a.m. 
A cloth worn over the loins and hips when 
bathing ; a clout worn between the thighs. P. 

*j^ linffata-l. s.f. Name of a herb (Helio- 
tropwn orientate). 

^ langar, s.m. An anchor; almshouse, 
kitchen, p. 

^^^ langarai, s.m. A shallow metal dish, 
in which dough is kneaded ; a deep bowl 
of metal or pottery in which snuff, spices, 
etc. are pounded ; mortar, h. (lanffri). 

j^ langor, s.m. A span between the thumb 
and forefinger. 

aSjJ lanffa^ a. Puerperal, childbed ; a puerperal 
woman, a woman for forty days after child- 
birth; an animal about to drop its young; 
an animal suckling its young ; a bird 
hatching or sitting on eggs ; with young, 
breeding, pregnant, langa'kkhadza^ A^ner- 
peral woman, langa'^hnd, A milch cow. 
langa^^irga, A brood hen. langa, 8.f. A 
brace. See ^). 

^^SSJ lunga-i, s.f. A scarf, sash (used as a 
headdress, or waist-band, or worn as a 
sash over the shoulders), p. ilUngl). 

J Ju^ lungedal, v.n. To litter, drop young, 
p. ilangldan). 

yi In, s.m. Smoke, p. (dUd). lau, s.m. Reap- 
ing, mowing, p. {dirau\ 

^^ Ircar, a. Coarse, thick ; rough, uneven ; 
boorish, clownish; rude, unpolished. 

Jl^Ij) Rwdtat, a.m. Sodomy. A* 

J|y Rw&l, a. Hungry, peckish; longing, 
yearning ; inclined, hankering. ▲• ihucdk) 

jj\^ /aird*i7r,8.m« A sickle, scythe. See^^ lor. 

^\»^ lobdn, s.m. Benzoin. A* 

^jj loba, s.f. Play, fun, frolic, game. A. (Vab). 

L}^ lobiyd, A kind of bean {DoGchos dnenat). 

<^^ lut, s.m. Booty, plunder, spoil, s. 

^y lata, s.f. A clod, clod of earth. H. {londd). 

^Si} lotkai, s.m. A pot, pipkin (of the kind 
used on Persian wheels). H. (lotd). A amall 
pillar of baked clay, three of which are 
used to form a tripod for the support of the 
iron dish on which cakes of bread are 

j^ luts, a. Bare, naked, nude. p. Oud^). 
luts'lapar, or luts'pilts, a. Stark naked, 
bare as a bone, without a shred. 

il^^ lutsak, I a. Alone, destitute, friendless; 

Cio^jl ludkak, ) profligate, vagabond, liber- 
tine ; having little hair on the body (as a 
dog, etc.). 

A^Aft^jS &^a*/?(7^,s.f. Rolling and tumbling 
(as a baby on its back) ; rolling on the 
ground (as a dog, horse, etc.). h. (lot^pot). 

.jj lau}i, s.m. A board or tablet used by 
schoolboys to write upon. a« 

i^^ lolka, s.f. A ruler, or scale of iron for 
drawing lines. 

3fj^^ luMdT^f s.f. A blaze, flame. 8. (luM)* 

i>^ji laMa, 8.f. Bulrush (PendUaria ^ncata) ; 
soft rush (Juncus effuzui). p. 

J j^ lamdal, v.a. To say, express. See JJ. 
Particularly applied to giving evidence^ 
paying respects, etc. p. (/an^l^fon). 

4^jj) lodl, s.m. Name of an Afghan tribe, 
famous as having furnished emperors of 

j^ lor, s.m. A sickle, scythe. Direction, tide, 
/fir, s.f. A daughter. P. (iu^tar). 


Digitized by 



( H6 ) 


ii\j^ larvardya, ad. From afar, a long way off. 

(For ^^j)^ la Tcardya.) 
^j^ lorcu^ 8.m. Direction, quarteri side. 
jjS la^car, s.m. A bludgeon, club, baton ; a 

wooden pestle, s. (lor Ad). Imar, a. Elevated, 

raised, high ; upland, rising, hilly, etc. 

(ground), htara-jarcara^zmaka^ High and 

low-, np and down-, undulating-, uneven-, 

or broken ground. 

2jS bcaramul, v.a. To detach, divide, 

separate, part, sever. 
Jj^^ Irvarcdal, v.n. To part, separate, fall 

ij^ lau::a, s.f. A honey bee. 
i.jS lTCug.a, s.f. Hunger, s. (bhukh). 
s^j^ Irvugai, a. Hungry, famished. 8. {bhukhdX 
Ji-»jJ Iwustal or lustal, v.a. To read, learn. 

p. (nabistan^ to write). 
Jb^y larvastal, v.a. To bale, empty ; dis- 
perse, scatter, strew, daub, dash, besmear. 

Irr. pros, lafcanh Past, lattasU 
J--P ln:ashal, v.a. To milk (as a cow, etc.). 

P. (doshidan). 
Js^J Iwukk/tfal, v.n. To part, separate, 

diverge, fall away, abscond. Def. in pres. 

ten. See Jj^j^. 
^j) lohkhaU s.m. A basin, pan, pot, etc. 8. 

(lokhar). Nature, temperament, quality. 
zyi^ hcaghza^ s.f. A milch cow, goat, etc. 
^ J Ingharan^ a. Charred, smoked, smoke 

AJ^y laitafjUiilnai s.f. A milk pail. 
s^^^ lau'fforai, s.m. A reaper, mower. 
^ lUffai, s.m. Smoke, vapour, steam. 
ijjS lulapahf a. Burnt to ashes, scorched, 
jy lolo, s.m. An ornament for the arm or 

Jjjj) Ifcularvul, v.a. To cause to read, to teach 

or learn by reading. 

^j) Ma, s.f. A ball or skein of thread ; roll 
of paper, cloth, etc. ?• 

^jl lolai, s.m. A dancing boy. lola-l, 8.f. 
A dancing girl, prpstitute. P. (lull). 

M^ lnm, s.m. A net, noose, snare, p. (ddm). 
8. (lum). 

ACtjJ lUmaAa, ) s.f. A noose, snare ; a bird 

^J Ittma, ) trap of horse-hair nooses. 

^^ laun, s.m. Colour, hue ; kind, species. 8. 

j-JjJ lUnbar, 8.m. A fox. See j-^J. 

jjy lUndf a. (f. lajnda) Damp, moist, wet. p. 

OJ^ lartand, s.m. A bachelor; widower; 
adventurer, vagabond, rake. p. (lawind). 

d&y Umang, s.m. A clove. S. (laung). laung, 
s.m. Posset, caudle, boiled milk and sugar. 

aJj) lUna, s.f. An abscess, boil. 

j\jb^ lo/idr, s.m. A blacksmith. 8. 

_}Uy lokdnl, s.m. Name of an Afghan tribe, 
principally occupied as carriers of mer- 
chandise between Hindustan and Turkistan. 
(For rarvdni, by which name they are 
sometimes called.) 

t^y loe, a. Great, large; corpulent, stput; 
chief, superior ; full grown ; great in office, 
rank, etc. 

Jje^ Ircedal, v.n. To fall, slip, slide; drop 
down, fall down, tumble down, etc. 

(jl^JLjj) bceshtf s.f. A span between the thumb 
and little finger, p. (biUsht). 

uioiX^p bveshtinakf ) s.m. A pigmy, dwarf; 

LL^ny\MO^ Irce^tlnak, ) small span ; preco- 
cious child. 

jrjciSj) Irveganda, s.f. The temple, space be- 
tween the ear and eye ; fontanelle of an 

ijjj Ifvlnaf s.f. A net or snare for birds. 

jJ^ bceff^and, s.m. A sponger, parasite, toady. 

4) &i, A preposition governing the ablative 

Digitized by 


( 147 ) 

case; from. A preposition or affix govern- 
ing the dative case ; to, unto. 

^j^ laharai, a.m. A beam, rafter. 

jJLU lahlapdnd, a. Scorched, charred. See 

^^U liydqai, s.m. Capacity, fitness; ability, 

skill; merit, worth, a. 
j^ leta-lf s.f. Batier, paste, pap. H. Ueti). 

lefaif s.m. Hard clay, marl. 
^ lech, s.m. Ophthalmia, disease of the eyes. 
j:^ levhaiif a. Blear-eyed. 
tsaJ ledtcL, s.f. The cubit, forearm. 
•^J lecha-t, s.f. The trotters of a sheep, etc. 
JjJ tidal, v.a. To see, look, perceive, p. 

idldan). Irr. Pres. (fc'ini). Past, lidah. 
> jj lldahfS.m. Seeing, sight, vision, p. (d'ldah). 
:fj2 lira, s.f. A shred or strip of cloth, u. illr). 
^^j^ lera-i, s.f. Narrow ridge or edge of a hill. 
^ lezam, a. Confuted, abashed. 
^^J^ lctj.dal, v.a. To march, set out, pack up 

and depart 
j^j^ legdanul, v.a. To load and move off, 

JJ l^O-olt v.a. To send, despatch, transmit. 
JgAuJ lekkhal, v.a. To load, lade ; march, set 

out. Def in pres. ten. See JcO . 
kISs^ tik, s.m. A line, mark, ruled line; 

furrow, rut, scrawl, wheel track, h 
JiJ tikal, v.a. To write, h. (I'lkhna). 
jLi leldn, c. But, yet, moreover, a. 
.XJ tika, s.f. A line, furrow. See vlXJ. 
.uJ lema, s.f. The pupil of the eye ; the eye. 
»JcJ tlnda, s.f. A bow. 
^ jCwJ tindai, s.m. A bow. See c^aJ • 
i^ lenifa/i, a. Bald ; scald headed. 

J^ Icnffoi, s.m. The leg. 
4J lew, s.m. Plaster, mud plaster, h. 
J\^ le?vdl, a. Hungiy. s.m. Appetite, 

hunger. See J^j). 
j^ 2e;rar, s.m. Husband's brother. B.{deivar). 

^jj (cfranai^ a. Demented, mad. vXd'ucdnah). 

Jjb^ lewahal^ V4i. To plaster, daub, smear. 

a*J Ufcah, a.m. A wolf. 

fJ liya/i, a. Useless, worthless ; uncontrolled, 
dissolute; wanton, lewd. Covered, veiled; 
noble, exalted, a. liya, s.f. The tamarisk 
tree. ad. Merely, simply, only. 

A Mlm is the twenty-fourth letter of the 
Arabic, and the thirty-fif\h of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is a labial letter, and is 
sounded like the English m. In words 
where it is followed by l^ it is sometimes 
changed to ^, as ^ lanba for i^ lamba, 
flame. Prefixed to the imperative of a 
verb it denotes prohibition, being in place 
of the particle a^ tna, as >yU for »^4^ 
ma/can:a, don't. It is added to the cardinal 
numbers to form the ordinals, as ^jj las, 
ten— ^ lasam, tenth. 

A mi, A form of the genitive and instrumental 

' cases, singular number, of the first personal 
pronoun *j zaft, I. Also written ^ me. 

U md, The instrumental case and inflected 
form of the flrst personal pronoun »: . 

c-^^jU mdbub, a. Beloved. See «— ;«-.jr«. 

^,-4jU mdpakhhln or mdpak^tn, s.m. After- 
noon ; afternoon ^Tayer$.T.(namdz*peshln). 

CL^U vidf, a. Broken, cracked; beaten, dis- 
persed ; torn, lacerated, r. 

JyU vidtawul, v.a. To break, burst open, 
smash ; to break in upon, disperse, beat, etc 

a;U mdla, s.f. Prey, quarry, s. (mdrd). 

JjuJU mdtedal, y.n. To break, burst, crack. 

^U mdtttSf s.m. A bump, swelling (from 
a blow). 

_^U rnddhe, s.f. (pi. of mdcf^a) Vermicelli. 

Digitized by 


( H8 ) 


^l^mdMustan, a.m. Bedtime, evening; 
bedtime prayerd. p. (namdz*ihu/tan). 

* jU mdda, s.f. Article, clause ; matter, sub- 
ject. A. imddda). m&da.sS. Female, a. 
Feminine, p. 

,^bjU mddiydn, s.f. A mare. p. 

^^jU mddin, s.f. A female. P. 

^U mar, s.m. A serpent, snake, p. 

-^U vidri), 8.m. A flame of fire. a. 

s^/t)^ mar jar ai, s.m. Name of a bulbous 
root usetl as a remedy for snake bites. 

ai^U mdrghah^ s.m. PI. of <u^ which see. 

VrU^srU^ mdre-hdre, in. Exclamation of 

complaint, dear me! oh dear! 
^jjU mdzdigar^ s.m. Afternoon; evening; 

afternoon prayers, p. (namdz dlffor). 
jj^U mdztl, s.m. A gallnut. p. 
^.--i^U mdspakkjrin. s.m. See ^^^j-ijU. 
A:^U mdstah, s.m. Curds, curds and whey. 
^j^i«-«U mdsl/jutan^ s.m. See j:.^.^^^. 
l»wU md'Siwd, ad. Besides, moreover, a. 
A^U md^a, s.l. Name of a weight equal to 

twelve grains, n. 
^U vidsa-l^ s.f. Leather socks worn inside 

the shoes, and not removed in the house. 
^U mdsh^ s.m. Name of a kind of pulse or 

bean (Phascolus Mux). 8. girgirah-rndsh^ 

s.m. Bean meal. 
aLiU mds/icila, 1 s.f. A skein, hank of thread 
*j^U mdshora,) or silk. 
j^U mdshUq, s.m. A lover. See ^^su: 
^^U mdshdm, s.m. An infant. See /♦;-a«^. 
^U mdshai, s.m. A musquito, gnat. 
^1«}»U mdHhdm or mdk^dm, s.m. Evening* 

p. {namdz shdrn). 
jjiU mdsihzah^ s.m. The brains (pi. of jJU 

which see). 
j^ wfi^a,s.m. A weavers shuttle, s. (mdMio). 

Name of an Afghan clan. 
JU mdl^ s.m. Property^ wealth ; effects, I 

goods ; cattle, merchandise, a. mdl (in 

comp.), Rubbing, rubber, p. ma-^, s.m. 

End, issue, a. l^air^nia'dl^ s.m. A hiqppy 

^WU mdl-ddr, a. Wealthy, rich in cattle, etc. 

Owner of cattle ; cattle grazier. 
i^U mdlat, s.m. A division, quarter, parish, 

ward. A. (mtihalla). 
,^L« mdlishf s.m. Polishing, rubbing, 

friction, p. 
v.lXJUwa///r,s.m. Master,owner,proprietor. p. 
^^>iCU mdlkunda-l, ) s.f. Name of a plant, 
^J^U matkunra-l, ) caltrops (Tribidus 

aSUU mdfya, s.f. Salt. 

^U mdlgbah, s.m. Collector of salt, dry- 
^,-S2U mdfyin, a. Salt, saline. 
^,£|i-SUU mdlffifjrai, s.m. A game played by 

^^U mdlUchi s.m. Picked cotton, carded 

^U mdla^ s.f. A weaver's brush; clod 

crusher; rubber, p. 
UU mdmd, s.m. Maternal uncle. 8. 
^U mdman^ Place of security, asylum, p. 
jyX^mdmikr, a. Established, ordered, fixed. 8. 
A^J^U mdmUlaha^ s.f. A water-wagtail, a. 

i^^U mdmU'l, s.f. A dried apricot, with the 

kernel preserved inside it. 
^U mdm'if s.f. Aunt, maternal uncle's wife. 
-aA« mdnj'i^ s.m. A marriage guest of the 

bridegroom, h. (rndnjkd, wedding feast). 
jf^jjU mdndara^ s.f. A tent rope ; a heart 

string, one of the corda temUnea. 
*»x3U mdnda/i, a. Weary, fatigued, tired, p. 

mdnda, s.f. A heart string, tendinous cord 

of the heart. 
AijrjjU mdndina, 8.f. A female, p. (mddln). 

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( 149 ) 


^U ntdnX a.m. Forbidder, preventer; 
obstacle, hindrance. A. 
^U mdngai^ ) s.ui. A boatman, sailor, h. 
^Sj}U mdnrgait ) (mdnjkl). 
^•^U mdnmola^ s.f. Name of a pot-herb. 

s.f. Blame, complaint; mur- 
mur, lament. 

•JU 7ndnnl, s.m, A kind of wild sloe or plum , 
the name of a herb used in medicine. 

^^U mdnraif s.m. Estrangement, misunder- 
standing; umbrage, pique, mdura-lf s.f. 
Edifice, building; pile, storied house. 

iOjU 7ndnrhgar^ a. Annoyed, piqued, dis- 
pleased, estranged. 

J^U 7nd?vlah 8.m. The piece of wood in the 
centre of the upper millstone, through 
which the pivot of the lower one passes. 

>UmdA,s.m.Themoon(incomp.); month, p. 

. ^U mdhai, s.m. A fish. p. (mdfd). 

^^:^U vid'ichef s.f. Vermicelli. See i<?"^* 

JJL« 7nd-il^ s.m. Propensity, inclination, ten- 
dency. A. 

^^U md'Udrif a. Partial, biassed, inclined, a. 

A^U mdya, s.f. Capital, stock ; leaven, fer- 
ment; rennet, p. mdya/t, s.m. A double 
humped camel, p. 

A^ fnubdk, s.m. An indiflferent action, an 
action neither ordained nor prohibited in 
the law. a. 

bU« 7nabddd, in. God forbid! lest! be it 
not! p. 

CJj\^ 7nuldrak, a. Fortunate, happy ; holy, 
in. Hail! welcome! a. 7nubdrakl, s.f. 
Congratulation, happiness, a. 

^i!U« muhdlighaf s.f. Hyperbole, exaggera- 
tion. A. 

^^s:^^^ mubtadi^ s.m. Tyro, novice, beginner ; 
beginning, a. 

mubtildf a. Captivated, fascinated; in- 
volved in trouble, distracted, a. 

^L« Tnublast, 8.m. A sum, ready money; 
much, many. a. 

tnubhamp a. Ambiguous, occult, un- 
known, secret, a. 

ij:^ 7natra, s.f. Posset, sillabub, curdled mOk; 
dregs, sediment, refuse. Tnatrah, a. Rare, 

J-ai^ 7nuta^i^il, a. Contiguous, close, adjoin- 
ing. A. 

^^jc>^ tnut^alliq^ a. Concerning, relative ; 
belonging to. a. 

^y^^ 7nut<ifarriqf a. Separate, distinct ; dis- 
persed. A. 

^jsji^ 7nutajfiqt a. United, agreeing ; accom- 
plice. A. 

J:;^ 7natal, s.m. Proverb, adage; fable, 
saying, a. (fnasM). 

^^ 7nata7if s.m. Middle or teit of a book. A. 

^^ 7nutawaj;aA, a. Facing, turning; at- 
tending, favouring, a. . 
Jyi^ 7nuta7valHf s.m. Superintendent or 
treasurer (of a mosque). A 

Ai^ 7nat(ih^ s.m. A wild boor 

*|Li^ 7nitiydza, s.f. Urine. 8. {mUt). 

77ia-atf s.m. The arm ; fore limb of an 

7natf s.m. Celerity, dispatch; deep 
dust on a road; a kind of earthenware 
pot. 7)mt, s.m. The fist, closed hand. 
H. itnuth). 

(J/Vr^ Tnatdk^ s.f. A walnut with a hard shell. 

^\;^ tnatdka^ s.f. A bump, swelling from the 
sting of a bee, etc. ; uettlerash ; ball of a 
pellet-bow ; kind of hard walnut. 

^« fnutar, s.m. Dolt, fool, piss-a-bed« 8. 

^Jl^ matkai^ s.m. Bracelet, ornament for 
the arm. A large earthen jar. H. (matkd). 

A^^ tnata, 8.f. Clay, marl, greasy earth. 8* 
(Tnatti). matahf a. Lazy, stubborn, ob- 

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^^ ( 150 ) 

^ mufai s.m. The fist; handle, hilt. 8 


(jnut/ii). mtita-l, s.f. A bow for cleaning 
cotton ; the club with which it is worked. 
Handle of a plough, hilt of a sword, etc. 
^JrU^ mifiya-l, s.f. A sweetmeat; confec- 
tionery, u. (mitftd-l). 
J-^^ 7nanz, s.m. A man wljo has eloped with 

another's wife or daughter. 
^J^ii^ maflx:a, s.f. A woman who has eloped 
with a man to whom she is not married ; 
elopement, running away (of lovers). 
Jb-* f?uml, s.m. Metaphor, allegory; like- 
ness, simile , parable, saying, a. 
JUl^ mhqdi, s.m Kame of a weight equal 

to fifty-four grains (troy), a. 
Jl^ ma,^al, s.m. A proverb. See J^^, 
It^ masilan, ad. For example ; e.g. ; ue. ; 

riz. A 
j^\s^ mujmtar, s.m. A verger, sweeper at 

a mosque or shrine, a. 
1/^ ^W^^ 8.f- Premium, allowance; deduc- 
tion, retrenchment, a. 
K^js^ mitjarrah, a. Troved, tried ; skilled, 

expert, a. 
*>r?* mtjcurad, a. Alone, single ; unmarried, a. 
fjs^ mujrim, a. Sinful, criminal, s.m. A 
culprit. A. 

ij"^^ viajlls, s.m. Assembly, congregation ; 

meeting, party, a. 
j^^ viajmlr, s.m. A chafing dish, incense 

dish. A. 
O^^ m?fjmaf, s.m. Abstract, summary, a. 
or^ 7;iryw?7/i, a. Insane, love mad. p, 
^^^•s-^ matsofs/:ai, s.m. See cCsrf^. 
^ macl, s.m. A fly; the sight at the muzzle 

of a gun. 

{jf-f^ ^narhichlufif a.m. Name ol a plant 

used in medicine. 
CXfr* viachak, s.m. A shepherd's crook. 
^^f^' madimacJiai, s.m. A lioney bee. 

achalo^hza, ) s.f. A sling (fo 
tchoghana, \ ing stones). 

for throw- 

*^^f^ fiiachoghana^ J ing 

^ macha, s.f. A kiss. h. (mackhl). 

^^ madia-i, s.f. A bee. 

csJfliUs^ muhafi^aty s.m. Custody, care, 
protection, a. 

JU^ mahaly a. Absurd, impossible, a. 

cu^-^^ 7nul^aUat, s.m. Affection, love, a, 

S^^-ssr* maltbab, a. Loved, beloved, a. 

Js^^ miilddj, a. Needy, indigent, neces- 
sitous. A. 

r'^*-:^^^ mufitassid, s.m. A censor, a. An 
official who parades the streets armed with 
a thong, sees that the faithful duly per- 
form their prayers and repeat the belief, 
etc. A. 

t-^|^« miljrdb, s.m. The alcove or closet in 
a mosque, in which the priest, facing 
Mecca, performs prayers before the con- 
gregation. A. 

f^js:^ muljiarram, a. Sacred, forbidden, a. 

4U^ mufiorrama, s.f. Name of the first 
month of the Muhammadan calendar. 

(•JLr*'* mahnlm, a. Forbidden, prohibited; 

deprived, excluded, a. 
^}yAs:^ maltsul, s.m. Custom, excise, duty 

crA«^ ^idh, a. Pure, simple, ad. Purely 

solely. A. 
)ffyk^^ maJi/u;^, a. Secure, protected, a. 
fS^s^ multkam, a. Firm, strong, secure, ad. 

Firmly, a. 
A^Csr^ wuhkama, s.f. A court of justice, a. 
J«^7«<i//a//,s.m.riace,hou3e,abode; time. a. 
a1«^ miihalla, s.f. A district, parish, ward ; 

place, building, edifice, a. 
.X4^^ muitamtnad, a. Praised, s.m. Name 

of the Arabian prophet, a. 
v£--i«^ mihnat, sm. Labour, toil, trouble; 

Images, hire; affliction, difficulty, misfor^. 

tune. A. 

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( 151 ) 


^ maMt ••m- Face, front, surface; civility, 
kindness, courtesy. 8. (muf£). mahbd* 
maMt ad. Face to face, opposite. 

u-illi^ miMdlif, a. Adverse, opposed, con- 
trary. A. 

vi^li^ mu^dlq/at, s.m. Opposition, con- 
trariety. A. 

j^J:r» vinJJibir, s.m. A 8py,reporter,informer. a. 

^Ixir* muJMdr^ s.m. A free agent, attorney. 
a. Absolute, independent ; chosen,selected . a. 

j^.zir^ muJJiiamr, a. Abridged, s.m. Com- 
pendium, abstract, epitome. A. 

cpl-y-* miiJdftalif^ a. Discordant, diverse, a. 

hjK^i^* mak^sara, s.f. Jesting, jolting. See 

^<fj^ mal'hranai^ s.m. A kind of plum, 

^J^s^ tnaJJifl, a. Secret, concealed, hidden, a. 
^jAJr^ mu^li^f a. Sincere, true (friend), a. 

muJJilaii, s.m. Asylum, refuge, a. 
1?^1^« maJshlutt a. Mixed, combined, con- 
fused. A. 
j^Lsr* maMiliiq^ S.m. Creature, created being. 

a. Created, a. 
j^st^ maW^arcar^ a. Polite, courteous, civil, 

Air* muJcha^ s.f. A butt for arrows, archery 

butt. fnaMdt s.f* Direction, side, way. 
^jsr^ ma^au a. Equal, even, par. s.m. 

Compeer, peer, equal, clansman, 
^^•x* maddr, s.m. Affability, complaisance, 

favour, politeness, kindness, a. (muddrd). 
J j^ muddm, ad. Always, continually, ever. a. 
ci? Jl« muddat, s.m. Time, space, long time. a. 
jx« niadad, s.m. Aid, help, succour. A. 
^^^ju« mudarriSf s.m. Professor, teacher, 

head of a college, a. 
A^ju« madrassa, 8.f. College, university, 

school. A. 
y^j^mudd'd, s.f. Desire, wish; object, view. a. 

^x« muddai, s.m. A plaintiff, claimant, 

prosecutor; enemy, a. mudda'halaiki, 

s.m. A defendant A. 
j^^ mazkar, a. Aforesaid, mentioned. 8.m. 

Discourse, mention, conversation. A. 

mazamat, s.m. Abuse, contempt a. 
mazhab, s.m. Religion, sect. a. 
^j^ maza-lf s.f. Mucus from urethra or 

vagina, a. 
j^^ murdd, s.m. Desire, wish; purport, 

design, a. 
a jjl^ mardnda, s.f. A tent rope. See jt^jJU. 
>y^ mrdwa, s.f. The part of a Persian wheel 

which supports one Of the troughs. 
^j^ murabbl, s.m. Tutor ; guardian ; 

patron, a. 
iZJ^ murt, s.m. A kind of wormwood ; a 

powder applied to the private parts of 

i^j^ martaba^ s.f. Degree, office, rank; 

class, order ; time, turn. a. 
jJ^ murtadd, s.m. Apostate, renegade, a. 
^\j>y« tnarjdn, s.m. Coral. P. 
jy^-5jy^ marjJrvanrah, s.m. Coral diver, 

pearl diver. 8. (moijiyd). 
-.^ jnracli, s.f. Pepper. B. (mir^). gra* 

mrack, s.f. Red pepper, capsicunu 
«^ mardf s.m. A man ; a male. p. 
j\^j^ murddr, a. Polluted, filthy, foul ; ugly. 

B.m. Carrion, oflal, pollution, p. 
A}^ j^ marddnah^ a. Manly, brave, p. 
yjOj^ mard'rau, s.m. Parapet, breastwork, p. 
C/j^ mardak, s.m. A ball, cannon ball. 
i^jj^ mardafta^ s.f. ) A bullet, pellet, bolus; 
_^j^ mardakaif s.m. ) a marble, pebble. 
Ajy« mardum, s.m. Man, mankind ; people, 

the world, p. 
j^jy* mardud, a. Outcast, reprobate, re- 
jected. A. 
jrjy« tnurdah, a. Dead. s.m. A corpse. P. 

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( 152 ) 


«/«>^ mardi, 8.f. Manliness, Iravery; Tir- 

ilitj, semen, p. 
ix^j^ mrasta, sS. Partiality, favour; help, 

aid, assistance. 
J^j^ mursal, s.m. Messenger ; prophet. A. 
aL^ mursila, sS. Epistle, missive, a. 
oJ^j^ murshid, s.m. Gnide, teacher, director 

(religious) ; monitor, instructor, a. 
^/* mura^^a\ a. Jewelled, gilt a. 
ijoj^ mara^, s.m. Disease, sickness. A. 
^j^ tnar^fl, sJ. Will, pleasure, a. mara^^lf 

a. Sick, diseased, a. 
Cj^ mtagh^ s.m. A large stone used in the 

exercise of " putting the stone.** 
-ssf^ marghachxi^ait s.m. Name of a 

grain used to make necklaces, etc. ; JobV 

tears, seeds of Coix lachrynui^ 
t^js-j^ mar^arcUf s.m. A tumour, glandular 

ifj^j^ marfihalara, s.f. A pearl, 
^--•x^ marghumakf s.m. A kid. See ^^jy 
Ai^ marghah (pi. mSLrghah)^ s.m. A bird. p. 

{tnurffh). mwrgha^ s.f. A kind of grass 

{Milium Jiliforme). p. (mar^). 
^y marghoA^ s.f. A little bird, any small 

s^^j-^ marianda-l, sX The throat, neck; 

windpipe and gullet 
C^^ marg, s.m. Death, decease, demise, p. 
_j^ margotai. s.m. Paroxysm of death, 

death struggle, death* 
<)^ marla^ s.f. A land measure equal to four 

and a half yards square. 
^^^ mar/vat, s.m. A coil, twist ; screw. 

marwatf s.m. Name of a district between 

the Indus and Sulaiman mountains; name 

of the tribe inhabiting Marwat. murufcat, 

s.m. Urbanity, generosity; fortitude, 

manliness, a. 

%/jlf^ marorl, s.f. Name of a plant (ffeUc- 

teres isorah H. 
j^j^ maror, s.m. Convolution, turn, twist H. 
^^>}|^ marwanda-i, s.m. Name of a shrub 

( Vitex negundo). 
Mhj^ marAam, s.m. A plaster, ointment, 

salve. A. 
,^« mara-t, s.f. The neck, throat, gullet and 

windpipe; ahead; acbann. 
^j^ tnurld, s.m. Disciple, follower. a« 
^^ tnarl^, a. Diseased, sick. a. 
jji^^ marlnra^ s.f. Patch of a field left 

uncut, work left unfinished. 
^j^ mra-e, s.m. A slave, bondsman. 
jt mur, a. Dead, lifeless, defunct, p. (murd). 

mur'AafctU, v.a. To kill, deprive of life, 

put out (as fire, etcX 

^f * 1 a. Decayed, withered, faded, 
jj^ mr&tv^ ) '' 

dJ|^ mardna, s.f. Bravery, heroism, manli- 
ness, p. (marddnah). 
^^^j^ martsapan, a. Faded, withered, decayed. 
jj^ mard, s.m. A saint, religious guide. 
^yJLy mur*shilma, s.f. Food sent by friends 

and relatives to the house of a deceased 

person on the day of death 
jy tnraz^ s.f. A quail. 
Ai^i^ maragAuna, s.i. Bitter apple, colocynth 

(CitruUus Colocyntkis). 
^^^Ai^ marghechan^ a. Faded, withered; 

frost bitten, nipped by cold. See ^j;^j^ 
J^ mralf v.n. To die. P. (murdan). 
Jj^ maranai, a. Brave, daring, manly. 

s.m. A hero. p. {marddnoA). 
4^•^J^ marokkha. s.f. A married woman, 

woman under coverture, wife. 
jLM^j^ manvatid, s.m. The wrist, wrist joint 
$j^ maroA, )in. Man! Sir! Master! Sirrahl 
^j^ maraif) p. {mardi. 

jfj^maratvarftL. Displeased, offended, piqued. | ^j^ murtu, a. Dead, lifeless, s.m. A corpse^ 

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dead body, mara-l, s.t A morsel, xnoutli- 

yj^ tnhdj, a.m. CoDstitution, temperament, 

habit, disposition, temper, nature. A. 
l}u mazaM, a.m. A joke, jest ; ridicule. A. 
»K^ muzd, s.m. Ilire, salary, wages ; perqui- 
site, premium ; com taken by a miller as 

the price of grinding. p« mazdah, s.m. 

A miller. 
i^^Sf^ tnuzdgarai, s.m. A miller. 
j^^y% mazdOr, s.m. A labourer, workman, p. 

mazdUrlf s.f. Labour, work ; hire, wages, p. 
4^^ mzarai; s.m. A leopard, panther ; tiger. 
4^ tnzaka, s.f. Earth, ground, land, soiL 
J^ mazal, s.m. A stage. See ^jp^. 
y^ maza, s.f. Flavour, relish, taste ; delight^ 

enjoyment, pleasure. P. (mazd). 
t^j^ tnazaif a. Powerful, strong, s.m. Cord, 

twine, thread, string ; edging or piping of 

a dress. 
j^ magi, s.m. A ram. 8. (mekk). 
CSr^ magia/i, s.m. A rat. 
J-« magiol, v.a. To rub. Def. in past ten. 

See J4i^* 
fj^ ma^ak, s.m. A rat. p. (mil^\ 
^j^9/* ma^ah'kurai, s.m. Amouse,young rat. 
^^ mis, s.m. Copper. P. thos, s.m. A cup 

for collecting lamp-black. 
jsL^ musafir, s.m. A traveller, stranger, a. 
s^:^.wM.^ mast, a. Drunk, intoxicated ; proud, 

wayward ; wanton, sensual, p. 
C^':.»M^ mastak, s.m. Name of a weed, darnel, 

tares. Name of a resin, mastick. a. 

ssf**^ masjid, 8.m. A mosque, house of 

prayer, a. 
i,^^^ masha, 8.f. Anointing; wiping. A. 

^^I^i-***^ 9na«£Jard^I, s.m. A buffoon, jester, 

clown. T. 

( 153 ) JA^ 

jr^jcT^ masHara, s.f. Drollery, jesting, P. 
uJ/M.^ musrif, a. Prodigal, extravagant a« 
jLt^ maskan, s.m. Abode, dwelling, a. 
iL^ maskci, s.m. Laughing, smiling; 

simper, smile, h. (muskdn). 
J«M^ miisal, y.n. To simper, smile. 

masaXa, s.f. Proposition, question; a 

precept of Muhammad, a. 
masnad, s.m. A throne. A. 
CS\ym^ misrcdk, s.m. A toothbrush, a. 
^Vm^ masa-l, s.f. An ornament for the head. 
JjijMi^ musedaf, v.n. To simper, smirk, smile. 
^^^«««*^ misln, a. Made of copper or brass, 

brazen, p. 
4v.».^ mislna, 8.f. A set of copper pots and 

4j\J^ mnshdbih, a. Resembling, like. a. 
<.:^^Ul« mushdbUiat, s.m. Resemblance, like- 
ness, conformity, a. 
ij\jL^ mushdta, 8.f. An ugly face, cross look. 
jll^ mushdd, a. Ugly, cross-looking. 
JUi^ mashdl, s.m. A torch, a. (masKali. 
miLsht, s.m. A fist, closed hand. p. 
mushta, s.f. A cotton carder's beetle or 


mashar, a. Elder, senior, chief. 
*^jJ^ mtisharraf, a. Honoured, exalted, a. 
j^A/t ma^riq, s.m. The east. a. 
\LijJ^ mu^rik, 8.m. An infidel, a. 
JjlbL* m ashah uL a. Busy, occupied, em« 

ployed. A. 
tyiZ^ mashffhuld. 8.f. Business, occupation; 

pastime, recreation. 
fjiJL^ mushfiq, s.m. Friend, companion, a. 

Kind, merciful, obliging, a. 
Jh2U mashq, s.m. Copy, exercise, example, a. 
4«.il&u4^ mashqdh, 8.m. A trencher, kneading 

dish. T* 
ka^^# mus^aqqat, s.m. Labour, pains, 

trouble, toil. a. 

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( 154 ) 



il^^ mashk, 8,111. A leather aac for holding 
water, r. muM, a.m. Musk. p. 

jMjl.^ mu^hkar, s.m. A falconer ; chief hunta- 
man. p. (mir^shikdr). 

jLl^* mu§hkiU a. Difficult, a. 

^\^:Sji^ miishkundaA^ a.f. A pod or bag of 

ijSJL.% mash/iaura, a.f. A glass bead. 
JLl-* mus^kai, a. Musk-coloured, dark 

^jSjl^ mu^kln^ a. Musky, smelling of 

'AyL^ mashrcdnra'l^ a.f. An inkstand. H. 
(mlsiydnl). mashitdiin, a.m. Kame of an 
Afghan clan. 

*^jy^ mashivarat^ a.m. Consultation, coun- 
sel, advice. A. 
masha, a.f. The priming pan of a gun. 

j^i^^ maMur, a. Notorious, celebrated, 
famous, well known, published, a. 

J4^* mukkhaL v.a. To rub, polish ; anoint, 
lubricate. Irr. Pres. ?we/^i. Past, wwiMa//. 
p. (mush tan). 

^y^ makHaka, a.f. Beak, bill of a bird. 

aILo^ ma^dla, a.f. Spice, seasoning, a. 

^jA^ ma^raft a.m. Cost, expenditure, a. 
mu^rif, a. Prodigal, extravagant, a. 

wi«y«a^ masrn/, a. Expended ; changed, a. 

c:Js«^* maMiat, a.m. Advice, consulta- 
tion, counsel ; convenience, expedience, a. 

La^ mu^alld, a.f. A carpet used to pray on. a. 

c;,-;iyd# tnufibat, a.m. Adversity, calamity, 
diaaater, miafortune. A. 

)ffjf*S^ tna:;bat, a. Firm, fixed, atrong. a. 

j0A^ mu:;irr, a. Hurtful, pernicious, a. 

^y^^ ma:;miln, a.m. Meaning, sense, a. 

j;jUau« mutdbiq, a. Agreeable, conformable, 
suitable, a. 

AaIUx* muldVa, s.f. Contemplation, considera- 
tion; reading, study, a. 

c^Jx« mathil\ a. Acceptable, worthy ; innate, 

natural. A. 
i^Ja^ mutrib, s.m. A musician, a. 
wJIl^ mat lab, a.m. Desire, wish ; aim, 

object ; meaning, purport, a. 
jdk« mutlaq, a. Absolute, aupreme. ad. 

Entirely, wholly, altogether, a. 
<^^* matlab, a. Wanted, required, a. 
^yia^ ma^lam, a. Injured,' oppressed; mild, 

gentle, a. 

•U^ m'dsif a.m. Living, livelihood, aub- 

aiatence. a. tn'o^ara^, a.m. Converaation, 

aociety, living together, a. 
^U^ mu^d/, a. Absolved, exempted, for- 
given. A. mu'dji, s.f. Exemption, immu- 
nity ; rent free lands, a. 
^U^ mu'dUja, a.f. Cure, remedy ; healing, a. 
c:^U^mti'dma/af,a.m. 1 Affair, tranaaction, 
aL«Ia^ mu^dmala, a.f. ) buaineaa. a. 
^7nM^ mu*tabar, a. Trustworthy, reputable, 

confidential, reapectable. a. 
Jjcjt^ TTiuVoc/i/, a. Temperate, moderate, a. 
j^ssj^ m'utaqid, a.m. A believer, faithful per- 

aon. a. Confiding, believing, truating. a. 
^p i-.n^ fnutakf/, a. Devout, pioua. a. 
hj^^ m'tijiza, a.f. A miracle, a. (jnnjiz). 
^^ys^ m*ajiln, a.m. Confection, electuary, a. 
^^jiA^ m*adUm, a. Aboliahed, non-existent, a. 
^jjt^ m'ida, a.f. Stomach, a. 
.• jiA^ m^a^UTf a. Excuaed, disappointed, a. 
ij:^jM^ m^ari/at, a.m. Knowledge ; account. 

cauae, reaaon. p. By, through, by means 

of. A. 
4^jM^ m*arika, a.f. Aaaembly or convocation 

of arbitratora to aettle diaputea betwees 

warring tribea. a. 
^)j^ iriarnf, a. Known, a. 
j^^^Ln^ via^Hq, a.m. A loved man ; lover, a. 

m^asliUqa, a.f. A miatreaa, aweetheart. 
A^i^M^ m^a^Um, a.m. An infant, babe. a. 

Innocent, aimple ; defended, preserved, a. 

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JUm^ mattafy a. Idle, neglected, unemployed ; 
suspended from office, disengaged, a. 

J^« tiiaqP.l^ a. Just, proper, reasonable, a. 

f^yj^^ m*alam^ a. Known ; notorious, distin- 
guished ; apparent, evident, a. 

^U«^ 7nim(ir, A builder; mason, a. 

j^^t^j^ viamilr, a. Full, stocked; cultivated; 
happy. A. 

Jy*j^ inmnCil, a. Customary, practised, a. 

Ujt.« m'am, ) s.f. Meaning, signification, 

^^^j^ tnani, J sense. A. 

j^^A^ viuhad, a. Agreed, determined, fixed, 
promised, a. 

^t-^« imCavjan^ a. Appointed, established, 
certified, fixed, a. 

CS\k^ muyhahy A pit. p. 

ajIjU m^Cina^ s.f. The groin, inside of thigh. 

<— jyL« ma^riO, s.m. The west. a. 

j.jk^ma^/irar,a. Arrogant, proud, haughty, a. 

jjL« mafjhzy s.m. Brain, marrow, pith. p. 

^\jt^ ma^zan^ a. Powerful, strong. 

yj'^j^ vxu'jhx'i^ s.f. Border, edging, p. 

^-- mafjhldhy a. Conquered, overcome, a. 

^^LjU muf0l^n^ s.m. Acacia tree. a. 

d^Uj-li^ majajuiy s.m. Sudden death, a. 

c:^5^,lL« mn/anqat^ s.m. Absence, separa- 
tion. A. 

ALff'i^ majdfiila^ s.f. Interval, distance, a. 

ci^i^ 9;^^{/^ ad. Gratis, for nothing, a. 

-lii^ miftdli, s.m. A key. a. 
-li^ 7;iz//lf<, s.m. A lawgiver, chief justice, a. 

CjL^ mujrady a. Alone, solitary, single, s.m. 
The singular number, a. 

Ju.^« mujsid, s.m. Rebel, seditious person ; 
evildoer, mischief maker, a. 

J..^si^ vxufasisial^ a. Detailed, distinct; full, 
ample, ad. Fully, distinctly, a. 

^^AL% mujlis, a. Destitute, poor. 

mu/ld, a. Profitable, salutary. a« 

JijlX« muqdbil^ a. Confronting, opposite; 

comparing, matcbing,equalling. a. 
^U^ muqdbala^ s.f. Comparison, matching 

opposition, contending, a. 
^U,« muqdtala, s.f. Slaughter, carnage. A. 
JU.« maqdl, s.m. Speech, discourse, talk. a. ' 
ALm vutqdm, s.m. Abode, dwelling ; mansion, 

place; stage, resting place, a. 
Mj^ maqbara, s.f. A tomb, sepulchre, mau- 
soleum. A. 
J^^ maqbdl^ a. Acceptable, agreeable; 

accepted, a. 
^^jcs^m mnqtadlf s.m. Imitator, follower, a, 
JyA^ viaqtill^ a. Killed, slain, a. 
^^jlL« miqddtf s.m. Measure, quantity, a. 
^^aL* viuqaddas, a. Consecrated, holy. a. 
^Ji^ muqaddam, a. Prior, antecedent ; chief, 

leader, a. 
4^j^ muqaddama, s.f. Preamble, preface; 

aflair, matter, business ; cause (in law), a. 
.^Ai^ viaqdUr^ s.m. Ability, power, possi- 
bility. A. 
jjL^ muqarrar^ a. Fixed, established, certain ; 

unquestionable, infallible, ad. Certainly, 

positively, a. 
a^mJ^ 7naqsiim, a. Distributed, divided. A. 
JusI^ maqfiod, s.m. Design, purpose, wish, 

aim. A. 
juu^ maqad^ s.m. The hips ; anus, podex. A* 
Ji^ muqU a.m. Fruit of the dwarf palm. a. 
s^^ muqaw7vl. a. Strengthening, tonic, a. 
^JLJU muqqaish^ s.m. Brocade, a. 
f^ muqim, a. Constant, fixed, stable. a.m. 

Resident, dweller, lodger, a. 
j\L^ maMdr, a. Deceitful, insidious. 8.m. 

Cheat, hypocrite, impostor, a. 
v/^lC# maMdri, s.f. Uypocrisy, imposture, 

roguery, a. 
^l^ makdn. s.m. Place, station, a. 
« maktab. s.m. A school. A. 

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> ( 

J^ makr, 6.m. Deceit, evasion, fraud. L. 
j^ tnukarrar, a. Repeated, reiterated. Ju 
ijj^ tnoArUh, a. Odious, hatef ul,di8gu3ting. a. 
ijJ^ moAaura, 8.f. The wooden catch which 

fixes the upright pillar of a Persian wheel 

to the cross-beam. 
jX^ makez^ s.ra. Pretence, coquetry. 
^« magar^ c. Except, but, otherwise, only, 

moreover, unless, p. s.m. A crocodile, 

alligator. 0. 
jf^ magkar^ s.m. A stone used in a game 

like pitch and toss, ducks and drakes, etc. ; 

a stone used in the exercise of ** putting 

the stone." 
JL« malt s-m* Associate, comrade, chum. 8. 

L« mld^ s.f. The loins, waist. muUd^ s.m. 

Schoolmaster, doctor, scholar, learned 

man. a. 
j^X^mld-tar^^.xn.kTmeA retainer, henchman; 

mercenary soldier ; reserve of an army ; 

aid, succour, support, a. Armed, accoutred, 

having the loins girded. 
CJli^L« miilld-chargakf s.m. The hoopoe. 
^L« malldli, s.m. Boatman, sailor, a. 
^ds»-L« muldlta;;a, s.f. Consideration, con- 
templation, notice, regard ; looking at. a. 
/,!« muldzwip s.m. Attendant, servant, a. 

Attentive, diligent, a* 
v^^«»!U midst, a. Reclining, lying down. 
JbL-L« fnldstal, v.n. To recline. See JsJIjU^ 
<jL:liL« muldqdt^ s.m. Interview, meeting ; 

visiting. A. 
JL« maldl, a. Dejected, sad ; drooping, faded. 

s.m. Languor ; grief, sadness, a. 
\JL^^\^ maldmat, s.m. Blame, censure, re- 
buke, a. Reproved, censured, a. mald^ 

mail. a. Reprehensible, blameable. a. 
^y^ muUaici, a. Protracted, delayed, s.f. 

Delay, procrastination, p. 

156 ; 


^ mla^f s.m. A locust. P. (malal£). 
^^«L« malaUn, a. Cursed, execrated. A. 
jj^jB^ maliioza, s.f. Name of a potherb, 

fenugreek ( lYigonella/csnugrcocum)* 
CXL* mulk, s.m. Country, kingdom, region. 

A. malik^ s.m. Chief, master, king. a. 

milk, s.m. Possession, property, right, a. 

mala/:, s.m. An angel. A. 
aO^ malaka, s.f. An angel, inalika, s.f. 

Queen, empress, mistress, wife of a mahk. 
SL% malUci, s.f. Office or duty of malik. 

mulkl, a. Civil, political, relating to the 

country or empire, mil/cl, s.m. A farmer, 

landholder, a. 
^ji^^ mal-garai, 8.m. Associate, comrade, 

^jil^ malgar'tiyd, ) s.f. Friendship, com- 
^jJJLt malglrlf ) panionship, associa- 
tion, etc. 
JuL« malmal, s.m. Muslin. H* 
^uL» malmah. a. Enamelled, glazed, gilded ; 

coated, covered, a. imulamm*d). 
i^^ malanda, s.f. A joke, jest. 
^^^ malandai, s.m. Buffoon, jester, clown 
cLJLL« malang, s.m. An ascetic, hermit, ii. 
^\iSL« malangdn^ s.m. Name of a grass 

( Cgperus elatus). h. (malanga). 
^ malaw, s.m. A sac or bag in which loads 

are packed previous to loading. 
v^-«L« malob, s.m. Blood and water. 
CS^ malaA, a. Delicate, handsome. 
J^ malal, a. Faded ; sad. See JL«. 
ij^ mlana, s.f. Bridle, reins and bit. p. 

aU mala, s.f. Name of a grass. 
*fL« malAam, s.m. Ointment, salve. P. (moA 

1^ malaif a. Emasculated, castrated (by 

crushing the testicles), h. (maid). 
UU mtliyd,2L. Encountering, meeting. BXmild). 

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( 157 ) 

iU^ mumdnFat, a.m. Prohibitioo, hin- 
drance. A. 

ij\A^mamdtjra, s.f. Name of a tree (Sageretia 

j\zj^ mumtdz, a. Eminent, flluatrious, ex- 
alted. A. 

)ij'^-^ mamrez, s.m. A spur, p. (piahmez). 

,.X-^ mum/dfi, a. Possible, a. 

cuX^^ mumlakat,8.m. Empire, dominion, a. 

di^U^ mamlukt a. Possessed, in one's power, 
a.m. A Mameluke, captive, slave, a. 

^ via?i, s.m. Name of a weight. The man 
of Tabriz, used in Western Afghanistan, is 
equal to eight pounds (avoirdupois) ; that 
of Peshawur is equal to eighty pounds, a. 

L^ mancl, s.f. A raised platform or stage for 
watching a field from. 

vi^U^ mandt, s.m. Name of an idol of the 
ancient Arabians, a. 

c^U-li^ mundjdt, s.m. Prayers, supplica- 
tions. A. 

^'JL^ munddl, s.f. Proclamation, a. 

>^U^ mitndra, s.f. A minaret, turret, a. 

w- — sli^ mundsiO, a. Convenient, proper, fit, a. 

i^:...w^U^ mundsabatp s.m. Expediency, pro- 
priety, fitness ; comparison, connexion, 
relation, a. 

j;iL^ mundjiq, s.m. Atheist, heretic; hypo- 
crite; enemy, a. 

Jli^ mandl, s.m. Substance, wealth, a. 


s.m. A pulpit. A. 

minnat, s.m. Entreaty, supplication, 
obligation, favour, a. 

jxi^ mantar, s.m. Chnrra, spell, philter. 8. 

Jiii^ mttnta;:ir, a. Expecting, looking for. a. 

^ mandz, s.m. Centre, middle, ad. Between, 

i^jisT^ man^'ffarai, s.m. Mediator, go- 

s^yir^ man^Tvai, a. Central, medial. 

-£-# fnan}, s.m. A bed, bedstead. 8. (manfd). 

munj, s.m. Name of a grass from which 

ropes are made (Saecharum munja). %. 

^^^f^ manjaqai, s.m. Clitoris. 
aLscu* manjala^ , s.f. A ring of grass or rags, 
aLscu manjlla^ J used as a stand for round 

bottomed vessels, or as a pad for the head 

to support a load, etc. 
j>^ss:i^ munlto^ir, a. Besieged, surroonded. a. 
^ man, ) m. A possessive particle added to 
.x:^ mand, ) nouns and adjectives to denote 

endowment or possession, p. 
•J\x^ manddnrd, s.m. A churning stick; 

rolling pin. u.(manthani). Name of a plant 
^jS:^ martdrai, a. Short, squat, little, h. 

(mandard). mundarai, s.m. An ear-ring. 

H. imundrd). 
ji x^ mandatrr* See^ ^c^ . 
.>i^ mandate, s.m. The withers of a horse, 

etc. H. (mondhd). Mustard seed. 
^i^ mand, s.m. Footprint, footmark; foot- 
step ; the stump of a tree. 
j,^:^ mioidar, s.m. The stump of a tree. 
jO^:^ mandar, \ s.m. Name of one of the 
^j^^^mandan, | two great divisions of the 
j3 >i^ mandanr, j Ynsufzai tribe, located on 

the Sama or YQsufzai plain. 
Joa^ mandal, v.a. To cram, stuff, thrust, 

or force in ; to knead the limbs, shampoo. 
.,)c^ mandafv, s.m. An arbour; porch, 

yerandah, shed, u. (jnandnd). 
^^.>x^ mandos, s.m. A play ball. A cloth 

tied over the head and under the chin ; a 

small turban, h. imunddsd). 
s^jc^ manda, s.f. A pace, step; race, run, 

course, manda-rcahal, v.a. To stamp with 

the foot, mandc'wahal, v.a. To run, race. 

^>i^ mandhaA, 8.f. A market. H. (mandti. 

• ^->i^ mundai, s.m. The innermost of two 

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bollocks treading corn, or working a Per- 
sian wheel. A pollard, or lopped tree ; a 
man who has lost a limb; a short, sqnat 
J^-i^ manzil, a.m. A day V journey, stage, a. 
manzilat, s.m. Dignity, rank. A* 
mumUJ^t ^< Abolished, cancelled, a* 
man.^d, s.f. Beginning, origin, source. 
mtf;}.f^a,s.f. Intention, meaning, wish. A* 
> inuii^Z,8.m. Secretary, writer, clerk, a. 
inan^ab, s.m. Dignity, office. A. 
munsi/, s.m. Arbitrator, judge, um- 
pire, a. Equitable, just. a. mumi/l^ s.f. 
Arbitration, judgment; decision, justice, a. 
.^la:^ mansUr, a. Approved, accepted, chosen ; 

seen, looked at. a. 
<;jc^ ?nana, s.f. Refusal, prohibition, a. 

/j^ muti/iir, s.m. Denying, rejecting, a. 

CJL^ mung^ pr. We. See .^. 

J&;^ mangar^ s.m. A viper. See^.^w^. 

4^UL« mangara^ s.f. A scratch with the nails. 

^^JL^ mangar^ c. But, etc. See^iU. s.m. 
Name of the eighth Hindu month, October- 
November. 8. lag/ian\ 

i^J^ mangarai, 8.m. A viper, a small 
venomons snake. 

'Jf..« mangaz, s.f. A hair comb, a comb. 

JsL^ manguU s.f. The hand, claw, paw. 

j^^ manganit 8«ni. A bug. 

^.j^L^ mangor, s.m. A viper. See k//^» 

tf^L* munga, pr. One of the plural oblique 

forms of the first personal pronoun mj ; us. 

JL* viangai^ s.m. An earthenware pitcher 

for water, mangofai, s.m. A small pitcher. 

Ju.^ manal, v.a. To obey, submit, yield, com- 
ply, attend ; accept, believe, agree, confess. 
8. (mdnitd>. 

<u^ vmna/i, s.m. An arbour, shed (of boughs 
and leaves). 

168 ) 

tnanaif s.m. Autumn, autumn harvest. 
fnajil, s.f. Semen, sperma genitale. a. 
Egoism, egotism, p. munai^ s.m. A sage ; 
a devout, pious, or holy man. 6. (muni). 

jf^ fnanra, s.f. An apple. 

^ mo, pr. A form of the genitive and instru- 
mental cases plural of the second personal 
pronoun ^J. ;;m, pr. A form of the genitive 
and instrumental cases plural of the first 
personal pronoun >:. mU, s.m. Fat, grease, 
tallow, suet. The hair (in comp.). p. 

w^^^^« muicajib^ s.m. Pension, salary, a. 

i.y mwcara, s.f. An instrument for cleaning 

J^fnu7vds, s.m. Backbiter, tell-tale; rebel, 
mischief maker, viawds^ s.m. Asylum, 
protection, refuge. H. 

^^y^ murtafiq^ a. Apt, agreeing, conformable, 
like, consonant, suitable, a. 

s^^JJ^y viuftdfaqatt s.m. Analogy, con- 
formity, etc. 

LUy tnaut, s.m. Death, a. 

(^^ mot 9 s.m. Name of a pulse (P/iaseolus 
aconitif alius), h. (moth). mUt^ s.m. The 
hand closed, fist; a handful; handle, hilt 
6. (muth). 

«.^ mauj, s.m. A wave, billow, a. 

C;^^^ majib, s.m. Cause, motive, reason, a. 

*i^y maujud, Present ; existing, a. 

*^^ mo^aar^, s.m. A cobbler's wife ; a 

,^y^mochlt S.m. Acobbler, leather worker. H. 

» j^ muda^ s.f. Appointed time, season. 

^iy murtazzintS.m.V\i\}i\c crier to prayers, a. 

^iy* ffiU^lf a. Pernicious, hurtful, noxious. A. 

jy^ mor^ s.m. A mother, (pi. mainde). p. (mdr 
dar). f?tor, s.m. A peacock. 8. mor, 8.m. 
An ant. p. 

L^ !;/* m(?rawa-J, s.f. Ferule of a knife handle. 

C^^jy mor^ang, s.m. A Jew's harp. P. 

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(159 ) 


i>-jy morcha, s.f. A battery, redoubt; rust. P. 

^jy Mor'ffanai, a.m. A relative by the 
mother's side. 

^.^ fnorya, s.f. Brim, edge, rim, margin, 
border, etc. 

^jy^ moranai, a. Of the same mother by 
different fathers. 

ciju.^ 7naur(Ui, a. Hereditary. A. 

J^jy* mora-h a-f* A drain, gutter, waterpipe. 
H. (morl). 

j^ mor, a. Sated, satisfied, surfeited ; com- 
fortable, well off, in easy circumstances. 

ij^y^ mora, s.f. A pad, cushion for tbe back of 
a baggage animal. A stool. H. (morhd). 

jy mauz, s.m. A plantain. ▲. 

i;y^ moza, s.f. A boot ; a stocking. P. 

jy^ mngi, pr. A plural form of the first per- 
sonal pronoun ij. Also written vJL^* 

K^jy fnotjLoi, s.m. A peg, stake, tent peg. 

f^y^ nwsim or mausim, s.m. Season, time. a. 

^y mosa-i, s.f. A stone used in a game like 

" pitch and toss. 

^i^ fnUsh, s.m. A rat; a mouse. P. 

^yy mamUf, a. Described; celebrated, 
praised, a. 

^y fnau:;*a, s.f. District, place, village, a. 

^y mauq*a, s.f. Contingency, occurrence ; 
proper, fit, suitable, a. 

*^^y mauqUf, a. Deferred, postponed ; re- 
linquished, stopped ; dependent, a, 

CJy fnokt s.m. A bribe. 

"iy mauldf s.m. God; judge, lord, master, a. 
)y molai, s.m. A wooden pestle ; stump of 
a ti*ee. tnUla-i, s.f. A radish. 8. (mSA). 

j^y mom or mUm, s.m. Wax. P. 

^y momin, a. Believing, orthodox, faith- 
ful. A. 

J^\t^y tnomyd-lf s.f. Name of a waxy sub- 
stance found in caves, and used as a remedy 

for fractures, bruises, and sprains ; mummy 

wax. P. 
Mjsjy mUndra, s.f. A ring, ear-ring, finger 

ring. 8. (mOndfi). 
JjJ^ mUndal, v.a. To find, get, obtain, pro- 
cure, gain, acquire, etc. 
^^SJy mUndai, s.m. A goat or ram with 

short ears or horns, or without horns. 
^y mUnd, s.m. Root of a tree, germ of a 

plant ; source, origin, cause ; germ, 

nucleus, radix* 
jjy mUnz, s.m. Prayer. See ^^* 
ijjijy mnng, pr. See Cic^ ^^jT** 
^jy mUttrai, s.m. A plug of rags, etc. used 

to stop the hole of a cistern or tank. 
,^^y marrel'khe. s.f. (pi.). Hemorrhoids, 

piles ; pmrituM onL 
^ ma, ad. of prohibition used with the im- 
perative mood ; no, don't. 
jl^ muhdr^ s.m. A bridle, reins ; the nose 

peg and string by which a camel is led. P. 
Jl^ malidl, s.m. Delay, respite, pause, a. 
•^li^ mahtdba-t, s.f. A kind of firework. P. 
yif« mihtar, s.m. A chief, prince ; a groom, p. 
fAZ>^ muhfammm, s.m. A superintendent, _ 

factor, a. Thoughtful, anxious, a 
jj^frf^ malijnr, a. Forsaken, left ; separated, 

cutoff. A. 
j^ mahr, s.m. Marriage portion, settlement. 

A. muhr, s.m. A seal ; gold coin equal to 

sixteen rupees, p. mihr, s.m. Affection, 

kindness, p. 

mi/irbdsli, ) a. Indulgent, friendly, 
miArbdn, ) kind, favouring. P. 
^Kij^mihrhdngl, ) s.f. Favour, friendliness, 

Jb^ mihrbdnlf ) kindness, p. 
^^ji^ muhr'kan, 8.m. A seal engraver. P. 
»j^ muhra, s.f. A shell; a rubber for 

smoothing paper, etc. p. 

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^j^ tnu/trl, a. Sealed, stamped, s.f. A 
gatter, drain, waterpipe. p. 

czJif* muhlat, a. Dererring, retarding ; lazi- 
ness, indolence ; leisure, time. a. 

Cj\^ muhlik, a. Deadly, killing, mortal, a. 

^ mu/ihnm, a. Important, momentous, s.m. 
Risk, hazard, danger, a. 

^U^ 7ni/i?nun, s.m. A guest, stranger, p. 
JUf« mi/imdni, s.f. Hospitality, entertain- 

jcm^^ miihmand, s.m. Name of an Afghan 

»j:;.«^ fna/ime^a, s.f. A spur. P. (mahmez). 

ij^ viahanra/i, s.m. A boatman, sailor. 

^^f« vialtai^ s.m. A fish. p. (mahl). mahe^ 
s.f. (pi.). A kind of pulse (Phaseolus max). 

*^j^ix^ maherffa, s.f. Epilepsy. See ^j^* 

^j^^ ma/iin, a. Fine, subtle, thin. p. 

*ijji^ ma/ii7ia/t, a. Foregoing, preceding, 
prior ; elder, first-bom ; early sown crops, 
ad. Before, ere now, previously. 

^ vie^ pr. A form of the genitive and in- 
strumental cases singular of the first per- 
sonal pronoun j^j. See ^. maf, a.m. Wine, 
spirits, p. 

L^ mi^df s.m. Title of a religious class; a 
friar ; master, sir. n. {mydn). 

(.=.^L« mydsit, s.r. A month ; new moon. 

^L^ miydn, s.m. The loins, middle, waist ; 
sheath, scabbard, p. Between, betwixt, p. 

aJL^ iniydnat s.f. Name of the eleventh 
Afghan month, between the Testivals oi 
Ramazsln and Qurb&n. P. miydnah, a. 
Middling, medium, medial. P. 

J:.«r« m'ital^ v.a. To piss, make water. 

M^ mecli^ s.m. Measure, scale ; measurement, 
reckoning. p« mech'karcul^ v.a. To mea- 

^js:^ median, s.f. A handmill. a* (tnljan). 
f^ meMf 8*in. A bolt, peg, tent peg. P* 

( 160. ) ^^ 

^a?3^ meMdk^f «.ni. A nail, pin, spigot 
i^\s^ maiddn, s.m. Area, field, plain ; field 

of battle; parade ground ; race-course. P. 
»ju^ maidahf s.m. Meal, flour, fine meal. P. 
j^ mlr, s.m. Chief, leader ; a title given to 

Sayads. p. 

^\j^ mlrdt, j ^^^ Heritage, patrimony, a. 

*^j^ fnlrd^,^ ) 

^^jt^ tnlrd^l, a. Inherited, hereditary, s.m. 

Name applied to a class of bards, improvi- 

satores, or singers. 
^^;A^L^ mirtsaman, a. Deceitful, false, lying; 

hateful, vile, odious. 
^jiT* mlrtsl, s.f. Woe, distress, trouble; 

malice, spite, enmity ; pique, umbrage. 
^Uy-^ mirMdna-h s.f. A kind of turban ; a 

kind of fine cloth, p. 
\jj^ mir^a, s.m. Grandee, noble, prince; title 

given to a secretary or scribe, p. 
i^Jli^j^ mit'Sany, s.m. A conch, a large shell 

used as a trumpet by hammdm keepers, to 

announce the opening of the baths. 8. 

J^j^ mtr-yanj, s.m. A kind of vulture; 

the royal vulture, p. 
^^-^ meryaip s.m. Epilepsy, n. {miryl). 
^^ji^ merman^ s.f. Lady, matron, madam, 

mistress, hostess. 
Mj^ maira, s.f. Mother-in-law, stepmother. 8. 

(maibhd). A desert, open plain. 
9jP^ merah, s.m. Husband, lord, master, 

j^ meZf s.m. A table, p. mezmditp B.m. A 

guest p. 
^j^ mJ::dn, s.m. Balance, pair of scales ; 

metre, measure ; addition. P. 
jj^ maizar, s.m. A veil of fine muslin worn 

by women. 
i^jji^ tnaizarai, ) s.m. The dwarf palm 
i^jo^ nud^arai, ) {Chamarops Riehiana). 

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( 161 ) 


j^ mcgi, 8.f. An ewe, p. (mesh)* 
^yiji^ mefflatUn, a.m. An ant's nest. 
^c^ mennau s.m. An ant, the black ant. 

muyassar, a. Procurable, obtainable, a. 

mes^t, a. Settled, abiding, residing. 

mes/ita, s.f. Abode, residence, dwelling. 

A. inia'tshat). meshta'kawuU v.a. To in- 

habit» colonize. 
yjSg^^ niekkh, s.m. A bull buflfalo, buffalo. 8. 

A^M^« mekkhbah. s.m. A buffalo grazier ; 

owner of buffaloes. 
^^j.4^.>j>^ irnkkhmlkkh. a. Sick at stomach, 

nauseated ; disappointed, chagrined, 
jlu^ miyddt s.m. Time or place of a pro- 

J^ mil, s.m. A bodkin, needle, skewer ; the 

barrel of a gun ; a horse that stands on its 

hind legs. p. mailf s.m. Dirt, rust, scum. 

8. tnai'l^ s.m. Partiality, desire, fondness, 

inclination, a. 
JiL^ mai'ldn, a. Inclined, partial, biassed, 

bent on. a. 
L-oM^L.^ melmastiyd, s.f. Hospitality, enter- 
lA^ melmah, s.m. A guest, visitor. P. 

^L^ 172^/^, s.m. A bear. h. imallu). 
dL^ mela, s.f. A fair ; picnic ; concourse of 

people gathered together for religious or 

commercial purposes. 8. (meld)* 
_.»^ vicme, in. The bleating of sheep, kids, 

etc. ; the call of a child for the mother's 

breast. 8. 
^^^ mayan, a. Fond of, loving, in love. 

s.m. A lover, a. (mail). 
L^ maind, s.f. Name of a bird (Graculus 

1^ myan^, a. Midst. See ^ . 

Jib^ mlndzalt v.a. To wash. p. {mWdan\ 

Sea J<&^^. 
jyf^ mlnjatvar, s.m. A sweeper at a mosque 

or shrine, a. (mtffdwir). 

.^ mindah, s.m. A male kept for breeding 

purposes ; bull, ram, etc. 

mlna, s.f. Affection, love; partiality, 

regard, mena, s.f. Building, habitation, 

y^ miyaw, s.m. The mew of a cat 
sj^ merva, s.f. Fruit in general ; raisins. P. 
v« ma-U 8«f« Kame of a kind of pulse 

(Phaseolus ra£(Uus). 


^ nUn is the twenty-fifth letter of the Arabic, 
and the thirty-sixth of the Pukklito alpha- 
bet. It is a dental letter, and has the 
sound of the English n. It is added to 
some nouns to transform them to adjec- 
tives, as ^ pam, mange ; ^^ paman, 
mangy. Added to the Aorist and Future 
tenses of verbs it denotes certainty or be- 
lief, as ^^^ Aarvi (he does), ^j}^ kanlna 
(he surely does). It is also used as an 
adverbial prefix of negation instead of ij 
na, as Ji^ manal (to obey), Jjmw namanal 
(to disobey). 

\j ndt No, not; a negative particle prefixed 
to nouns, participles, and adjectives, has 
the same meaning as the English prefixes 
dis'f in-, un-f etc. as C/bU ndpdA (unclean), 
j^\j ndqaldr (discomposed), ^j:^j\j ndrdii 
(unfair), etc. 

i^\j ndb, a. Pure, genuine, p. 

jjU ndbar, ) a. Clumsy, sturdy, stout; huge, 

jiU ndpar. ) gigantic, immense. 

j\j\j ndfdr, s.m. Plunder, devastation, destmc* 


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( 162 ) 


^jfj\^ nutkaA, 8.f Jndivi(Iiia1ity,oncne86,unity. 

^U ndjUf a.m. A pine, fir tree. p. 

^IlU ndlscu^ja^ ad. Suddenly, unawares. 

Jo ndch, 8.m. A dance. 8. 

,^yj ndJJiun^ 8«ni. A nail (offinger or toe), p. 

a:^U ndJJfuna, s.f. A disease of the eye, 
pterygium, p. 

^Jf>^ Tidrfttw, a. Ignorant, simple. P. ndddni, 

s.f. Ignorance, stupidity. 
,o\j nadir, a. Exquisite, choice, rare. a. 

j\j ndr, s.m. A slioot, sprout. Fire, hell. a. 

. A pomegranate. P. 

^U ndranj, s.m. An orange. P. 

ji^U ndrUf s.m. Guinea worm, dracunculus. B. 

jr^U ndra, s.f. A shout, call. See jyu • 

^^l; ndrinali, a. Male, masculine ; manly, 
bold, brave, p. (narlnah). • 

gr^Uworae, s.m. Food, refreshment. See^^l^}. 

jU n&r, s.m. A shoot, sprout ; stalk, stem, 
stubble. H. 

»jU ndra, s.f. Stalk or stem of a grass or herb. 

ij^U ndrai, s.m. Rope made of strips of raw 

gracefulness ; fondling, soothing ; con- 
sequential airs, pride, p. 

(Jli;U ndzak, a. Delicate, elegant; fragile, 
tender ; light, thin. p. 

i^iU ndzaka, s.f. A doll ; mistress. 

J^U ndzil, a. Descending, alighting, dis- 
mounting ; befalling, occurring, a. 

i^j\j ndzila, s.f. Calamity, misfortune, a. 

^j\j ndzmn, a. Delicate, lovely, p. 

Jj^l3 ndzarcul, v.a. To fondle, pami)er, spoQ 
(as a child). 

J jj :U ndzedal, v.n. To coquet, assume con- 
sequential airs. 

vji^^U ndsU &• Seated, sitting. 

ijm»\j no^ara^, a. Alloyed, counterfeit, impure; 
false (as coin), etc. f» 

ci:^^Uii^ti/,s.m.Humanity, human nature, i. 

jy^\j ndsUr, s.m. Sinus, fistula, a. 

v^^wU ndsolat, a. Uncircumcised. A. (ndsuit' 


JU.lVi ndshpdlai, s.m. A pear. P. 
Ai^U nd^ia, s.f. Breakfast, luncheon, p. 


ix^^\j 7}dhkhanda, . 

s.f. Impropriety, wrong. 

^lim^iU ndkkhana. 

^\j wa^^^7^,s.m.Adviser,couhsellor,monilor. A. 

^^l^U ndtiq, s.m. Speaking, a speaker. A. 

Js\j ndzir, s.m. Observing, seehig; inspector, 
supervisor; an ofiicer in judicial courts, 
sheriff. A. 

JtU nd^im, s.m. Governor, ruler; arranger, 
composer, a. 

AiU nd^a, s.m. Mulct, fine, poundage ; 
respite, adjournment, nd^ah, a. Vacant, 
empty, void ; unemployed, out of use. T. 

uJU wa/i s.m. The navel, p. 

^U ndfa, s.f. A musk pod. p, 

w3l3 72a/r, a. Advantageous, profitable, use- 
ful. A. 

^\j fidqh, a. Deficient, imperfect, a. 

J5U ndqilf s.m. A reciter, reporter, a. 

vl/U ndk, s.m. A pear. p. m. A particle 
added to nouns to denote endowment or 
possession, and corresponding with the 
English affix -fiU, as sham^ndk (woeful), 
qahr-ndk (wrathful), shann*riak (bashful), 

jf^l^U ndkdra, a. Useless. See ijij . 

4Aj ndka, s.f. An alligator. 8. (ndkd). 

»\^ ndgdh^ ad. Suddenly, unawares, unex* 
pectedly, all at once. P. 

^U^U ndgumdn^ \ a. Abrupt, sudden, nnex- 

^l^ fidgahdHf ) pccted. ad. Unawares, 
by surprise. P« 

JU ndU s.m. A horse shoe. See Jiiu« 

^U ndUshf s.m. Complaint, lament, growl, 
grumble. p« 

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( 163 ) 

4!U fidla, 8.f. A canal, stream, rivulet; glitter, 

drain, watercourse; weeping^lamentation. p. 
^\j ndtl, bS. a quilt, etc. See ^l^ • 
^U tidm, a.m. Name (in comp.)« p. 
^y^\j ndmOs, a.m. Renown, fame, reputa- 
tion; disgrace; female part of a family, a. 
^•U ndma^ s.f. Book,letter; treatise, writing, p. 
jy^\j ndf/ucar, a. Celebrated, famous, re- 
j^\j fidmer, ) nowned. P. 
^\j ndn, a.m. Baked or leavened bread, f. 
iii\i ndnt/a, s.f. A blackbeiTj. 
s^^y^ ndmcd'i, s.m. A baker, p. 
j^\j ndfcar, s.m. A reservoir, pond, tank, 

cL^U ndicak^ s.m. An arrow; tube, pipe; 

bee's sting, p. 
^•U ndKo/ta-i^ s.f. A doll, plaything, ndjvor 

/foi, s.m. An arrow; name of a plant 

(Jasmlnmn rcvolutum). 
9X ndjca^ s.f. A canal, gutter ; a tube, pipe ; 

a long barrelled gun. 
^^jU ndice, s.f. A bride. 
CL^b^U fidmydtf a. Rare, choice, matchless, 

f^s^^\j fidmyatf s.m. Honeymoon, bridal 

^•>l; wa-Z, s.m. A barber. 8. ndCf s.m. A reed, 

pipe; flute, p. 
c.^U nd'ib, s.m. Deputes lieutenant A. 
dCU ndyalif s.m. Chief, leader, master, 

patron. 8. 
>jjU ndj/atiraf s.f. A barber's wife. 
yZjLj nabdt, s.m. Sugar, p. A herb, grass, a. 
^^^ nab:;, s.m. The pulse (at the wrist), a. 
_^ imbi, s.m. A prophet, a. nabuivat, s.m. 

Prophecy, prophetship. a. 
•C;^ naikaA, 8.f. A small ring worn in the 

nose by women, n. 
J:J natalf v.a. To despoil, plunder, sack, 

ravage, etc. 

izj nala, 8.f. A ring worn in the nose by 

women ; the peg of wood in a camel's nose. 

8. inalA). 
^^cuJ napja, s.f. Consequence, result, issue ; 

reward, retribution. A. 
v^ naf, s.m. Name of a caste of Indians who 

are jugglers, tumblers, ropedancers, etc. 

A cheat, rogue, knave. 8. 
j\ij ni^dr, a. Scattering, strewing. A. 
ijL^[:3C^najdt, s.m. Escape, flight; salvation, a. 
^lac* naj;dr, s.m. A carpenter. A. 
o.wlac* najdsat, s.m. Filth, impurity, dirt, 

oflal. A. 
Jiac* njatal^ v.a. To implant, imbed, stick 

into, thrust. Irr. Prcs. njanl ; Past, njdtuh. 
^j^ najis, a. Nasty, dirty ; filthy, foul. A. 

najas, s.m. Dirt, dung, filth, ordure. A. 
A^ya^ nujum, s.m. Astrology, astronomy, a. 

nqjdmif s.m. Astrologer, fortune-teller. a« 
c,^jj3 g * tiajib, s.m. A kind of soldier, guards- 
man, a. Noble, excellent, a. najlb^zadah, 

s.m. A nobleman. 
Is^ naUd, s.f. Waving, shaking ; bounding, 

dancing. 8. {nachd). 
*ay natjorx, s.f. Cord, twine. See ^\s^\m 
jff ni^or, s.m. A squeeze, wring, u. 
i}jUlff fdchora)tul, v.a. To squeeze, wring, 

s^ nada, s.f. A weaver's reel ; tube of a 

smoking apparatus or huqqa. p. ivecto). 
^la^ naklidla^, a. Genuine, pure, unmixed* 

A. (ni^dla^). 
*^ nalJira, s.f. Coquetry, pretence, artifice ; 

trick, sham ; joke, pleasantry, p. A hole^ 

fissure, crevice. See ics^j. 
j^j^ naMra-bdz, s.m. An aflected person. 

naMra'bdza, s.f. A coquette, p. 
^ji^ nu^akki, s.m. A flesh-hook, an iron 

hook used to draw meat out of a pot 
443c* naMihiliflt e.f. A plan, chart. See 44J • 

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( 164 ; 


Ji^ noMl, 8.f. A date tree, palm tree. a. 

namistdn, a.m. A palm or date grove. 
iZJ^ nal^nat^ a.m. Pomp, pride. a« 
j^ nuJMd, 8.m. A kind of pulse {Cieer 

arietinum). p. 
1 JJ nidd, s.f. Voice, sound ; call, shout, a. 
c->^ jj nadddp, ) a.m. A cotton carder, cotton 
«-J^jJ naddd/,) dresser. A. 
v.::.^^ jj naddnuU, 8.m. Contrition, regret. A. 
j^j^ ndror, s.f., pi. ndrende. Sister-in-law, 

husband's sister. 8. (nand). 
^jJ nadlmp s.m. A courtier ; intimate 

friend, a. 

jjj nazr, s.m. A gift, present, oflcring. a. 

7iazrdna, s.f. A present oflered or 
received when people of rank meet, or 
pay their respects to a prince; tribute; 
fees paid to Government for grants of 
land, office, etc. a. 

jj nar, a. Male, masculine ; manly, bold, p. 

i-y nirM, s.m. Tariff, price current, rate. P. 

^^jj narshcaif s.u]« A kind of wild pome- 
granate, a. Sunburnt, scorched by the sun. 

^/iSjj narkahkh. s.m. A mountain ram ; 
leader of a herd. 

fj^^Ji 7iarkokkhf 6«ii^« A fish-hook ; a hook 
usod to gather fruit from the tree. See 

^j^ nargis, s.m. The narcissus. P. 

^jSp narlaM, s.m. The bulrush. See J^s^^. 

Mji narm^ a. Soft, tender ; easy, gentle, 

silly, p. 
^Ji narma-lp s.f. The lobe of the ear. 

narml, s.f. Softness ; mildness ; silliness, p. 
j>*ly nar^ndhaqq^ ad. Entirely unjust, alto* 

gether wrongfully, without cause, illegally. 

p. (bar*ndhaqq). 
^y narai, a. Fine, narrow, thin, slender. 
\jf nardf s.f. A bellow, bray, roar, low, shout. 

A. (fCara). 

J^ fUMTol, v.a. To bray, roar, bellow ; call^ 

Jj J naratrul, v.a. To raze, demolish, knock 

down, level, overthrow (as walls, etc.). 
^^^ nara-l, s.f. World, universe, globe. 
Jja J narcdal, v.n. To crumble, fall down» 

tumble, fall to ruin, subside (as walls, etc.). 
\j:^Jj nazakat, s.m. Delicacy, neati^ess^ 

elegance, p. 
sip nazla, s.f. 

catarrh, a. 

>^ nizde, ) ad. 
}jj nijde, ) t 

Defluxion of humours ; 

Close, near, adjacent, con- 

^^JJJ nijde^ ) tiguous. P. (nizd). 

^Xj JJJ nijdekl, s.m. Closeness, nearness, con- 

^J nsucu, s.m. A sneeze. 

j^j9 ng/>rf s.f., pi. ng.cndet Son's wife, 

^j^ nas, s.m. Abdomen, belly ; concupi- 
scence, lust; a sinew, tendon; nerve, 
vein. A. 

^^*a/j nasab, s.m. Genealogy, lineage, a. 

o^.g.} nisbat, s.m. Affinity, relation; re- 
ference, respecting, regarding, a. 

Ai**^ nusMa, s.f. Prescription, recipe ; exen>- 
plar, copy, model ; book, letter, writing, a. 

^^J^ nasnn, s.m. A wild rose. p. 

wJ nasa^, s.m. Boring, piercing (as the 
nose, ears, etc.). a. Order ; execution, tor- 
ture, p. (nasaq). 

^yLj na^kor, a. Inverted, upside down. 

Jw nasal or nasi, s.m. Breed, descent^ 
family, origin, pedigree, race. a. 

j^y^ nasn^dr, s.m. Snuff. 8. (n<is). 

M^ fiasJm.s.m. A breeze, gentle air,zephyr. a. 

A«w nasiya, s.f. Credit, money promised. P. 

^Il3 niskdn, s.m. A mark, sign ; scar; butt; 
family arms ; ensign, standard, p. 
nislitar, s.m. A lancet. P. 

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( 165 ) 

nishta, Negative form ot^oJ^t, Is not. p. 

i^^mu/f nishastf a.m. Sitting, seated (in 

corop.). p. 
^ nashtn, a.m. Deceit, craft, artfulness; 

lewdne88,wantonne88,eitravagance, luxury* 
^^^-♦-iJ nashmif a. Luxurious, extravagant; 

lewd, wanton ; crafty, artful. 
4JtJ nasha, s.f. Intoxication, a. (nashd). 
i,,.^ju..) 7uxsheb^ s.m. Declivity ; hollow, p. 
4^l4J nihHdrif s.m. Mark, sign. See ^luJ. 
^UJ niWidnl, s.f. A keepsake, token, sign. 
jii^ naWtiar^ s.m. A pine tree, conifer. 
Ji-ij nkhhatal or nkshatal^ v.n. To hitch, 

catch, stick, be caught, entrapped ; to 

cling, cleave to, etc. p. (nhkdMtan, 

Jasr=^ nakhhtedzal^ v.a. To squeeze, wring, 

jy^^J nHhlaKulf v.a. To obstruct, catch, 

stop, jam, hitch, entrap. 
nakkha Of nalfiha. s.f. Mark, sign, token; 

emblem, device; banner, flag, standard; 

target, butt. a. (naq.^a). 

.-^ 7uiiib, s.m. Fixing, establishing, plant- 
ing. A. 

nh/, a. Half. a. 

J nasib, s.m. Destiny, fate, lot. a. 
nafilutt, s.m. Admonition, counsel, 

advice, a. 
Aiiaj mcfja, s.f. Seed, sperm ; semen, a. 
^UaJ fihdm, s.m. Arrangement, order; cus- 
tom, habit, constitution ; sovereign,ruler.A. 
JisLt nazar,s.m. Sight, vision; look, glance; 

regard, observfition. a. 
^ nazm^ s.m. Poetry, verse, a. 
iyu nWa, s.f. Bawl, shout, call; noise, 

clamour, a. 
Jiu n^al, s.m. A horse shoe; ferrule of a 

scabbard, a 

n^imat, 8.m. Favour, beneBt; delight, 
joy ; affluence, ease, wealth, a. 

9j\mj nashdra^ s.f. A kettle-dmm. a. (naqdrdi. 

JjW nghdral, v.a. To fold, envelop, wrap, 
roll op. 

^yu ngharai^ B.m. A fireplace. 

J J|i5 n^ardal, v.a. To swallow, gulp. 

J:^ nphahkhtal^ v.a. To fold, wrap, roll, 
etc. Def. in pres. ten. See JjU). 

jJiiu na^Aldnd, a. Hungry. 

Ju nagham^ s.m. A mine, tunnel. P. 

4.4x3 naghma^ s.f. Melody, music, song. A. 

Jjyu nghcatalt v.a. To attend, listen, give 
ear, etc. Irr. Pres. iv/htagH. Past, nghwaJt. 

J ju.j,yu nghnakkhedal^ v.n. To crawl, creep. 
Ju nughci^ s.m. Brand, scar, cicatrix ; cut- 
ting off the nose, ears, etc. 

jU3 mfdq^ s.m. Enmity, disagreement; 
hypocrisy, fallacy, a. 

^ najar^ s.m. A person, individual ; servant, 
groom. A. 

i:L^jij nafraU s.m. Abomination, aversion; 
flight, terror, a. 

^jiy^ nqfrln^ s.m. Malediction, curse, im- 
precation, p. Detestation, aversion, a. 

^j^ nafaz^ s.m. Respiration, breath; mo- 
ment, minute, a. na/5, s.m. Spirit, sub- 
stance, soul; sensuality, concupiscence; 
lust, desire; envy, pride; vice; gravity; 
sperm ; penis, a. 

3Uui; najsdnl, a. Carnal, sensual, lustful; 
luxurious. A. 

ijdj nafa^ 8.f. Profit, advantage, gain. a. 

isjo najaqa^ s.f. Necessary expenses of living 
(food, clothing, and lodging), a. 

<^Ui niqdbt s.m. A veiL a. 

^U; naqqdsJif s.m. A draftsman, sculptor^ 
painter ; carver, engraver, a. 

naqb^ s.m. Tunnel, mine, gallery; 

Digitized by 



( 166 ) 

burrow; excavation, a. naqb'Zan, a.m. A 
miner, excavator ; burglar, naqb^zani^ b'S. 
Tunneling ; honsebreaking by digging 
through the walls. 

jjj naqdt a.m. Cash, ready money, a. 

9^ nuqra, s.f. Silver, a. 

JiJj naqsh, s.m. Carving, painting, em- 
broidering, etc. A. 

^J:Jj naqsha, s.f. Map, pattern, model, plan, 
etc. A. 

^LsaJ nuq.^dn, s.m. Blemish, defect; injury, 
loss, damage, etc. a. 

^lsSJ nnqtfl, s.f. A spot, dot, point. A. 

JSj naql, s.m. Fable, anecdote ; history, tale ; 
copying, imitating, transcribing; copy; 
change of place, migration, a. 

JSj nikalu s.m. Marriage, matrimony, wed- 
lock. A. 

ijij naharah^ a. Useless, worthless; in- 
valid. P. 

isij nukta^ s.f. A subtle point, mystical mean- 
ing. A. 

jj^jf^ valirtj:a^ s.f. Name of a plant (Law- 
sonia inermis\ the henna plant, pi. 92^/^ 
r?j?e. Henna leaves ; the dye obtained from 

^^ nal'os, a. Abject, mean ; friendless, 
poor. p. ind/cas). 

jjj nalur, s.m. Name of an angel. Munkir 
Naklr, The names of two angels who ex- 
amine the spirits of the dead in the grave, a. 

^ niffdr, s.m. EiBgy, picture, idol. p. 

i\ij niffd/i, s.m. A look, glance, sight; ob- 
serving, watching; custod^^care. p. ni^d/f 
ban, s.m. Guard, keeper, p. 

^^^ vgaWitdf 8.m. A plaited lock of hair 
on the temple or forehead (of women). 

^^ ngUbai, s.m. Pommel of a saddle. 

^^ vffolai, s.m. Meat, fish, etc., eaten with 
bread or rice as a relish, a made dish, 

f^^ niffUn, a. Inverted ; hanging down- 
wards, p. 
Ji no/, s.m. A reed ; tube, pipe, spout. 8. 
aL nala, s.f. Urinary passage, urethra. 6. 

J nam, a. Damp, moist, wet. r. nu?H, a. The 

ninth. P. {nti/ium). 
j\aj namdz, s.m. Prayer. See l^y^ . 
JjUj nmdzal,v.K. ) To rear, sustain, £up[>ort, 
jkr^Ui 7imdndzal, ) bring up, cherish, 

nourish ; to pamper, spoil, p. {nan:dztdan). 
A^\aj nmdH'hdm. s.m. Evening. See ^l4»U. 
xw namad,%.m. FeIt,unwovcn woollen stuff, p. 
jAj nmar, s.m. The sun, sunshine. 
^jAj nmarl,s.xn. (pl.)Clothes, garments, dress. 
^ numar, ad. Before, formerly, a. Prior, 

first; fixed, determined; betrothed, en- 
gaged ; promised, pledged ; bespoken. 
^j^ numarai, a. Former, preceding, etc. 

nniaraA, s.f. A morsel. See ^J^y . 
^^**AJ nmasal, s.m. A grandson. P. (nawdsa), 

72i72a^a-i, s.f. A granddaughter, p. (najtdsl). 
uXw namah, s.m. Salt (in comp.). p. 
aLw namla, s.f. A felt pad for a saddle, p. 

jyj namUd, a.m. Guide, index; display, 

show. p. 
J^y^ namUddr, a. Conspicuous, famed, noted. 

a.m. Specimen, model, sample ; proof ; 

index, p. 
^y^ mtiUn^, s.m. Prayer, p. (namdz). 
^y%j na7n22;ta,s.f.Pattern,specimen,sample. p. 
^ nan, ad. To-day. nan^fcra^S,* This day, 

to-day. nan*s^pa. This night, to-night. 

nan'^abdf To-day or to-morrow, in these 

days, in a day or two. 
JAfij nanabdsal, v.a. To insert, etc. Def. 

in past ten. See J-.».jv/. 
9j\j^ nanddra, a.f. Sight, spectacle, show ; 

glance, look, inspection. ?• (namilddri). 

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( 167 ) 


j^ijo} nandror, 8.f. Husband's sister. See 

jN ijj nanzarah, s.m. Tar, pitch. 

iLj nanaia, s.f. A vesicle, pustule. 
•Cx* nana/ia-i, s.f. Small pox. 

d^ na;7y, s.m. Honour, reputation ; dis- 
grace, p. nanp'O^ndmUSf Honour, dis- 
grace. P. 

^ nangU, s.m. A span ; the space between 
the thumb and forefinger. 
JLiSJ nanff'f/dlai, a. Honourable, reputable 
j^ nananai, a. Hodiernal, of to-day. 

4j\^ nanajvdtah^ s.m. Entrance, admission : 
refuge, shelter, asylum. 

Jj^ nanafvatal, v.n. To enter, go in, in- 
trude ; to take refuge, seek protection from 

^ nana, ad. Inside, within. 

Jr..iujvr nanayastal, v.a. To insert, introduce, 
draw in, retract, conduct, or lead in, etc. 
Def. in pres. ten. See J^LJ . 

y 7fa?v, s.m. Moisture, dampness, r. (nam). 
7iaH, a. Fresh, new, young, p. nU, s.m. 
The navel. 

cy^y narcdh, s.m. A chief, governor of a 
province, a. 

^^^y najvalfi^ s.f. Environs ; territories, a. 

ijiy naKdra^ s.f. Cultivation, habitation, 

jly nmdr, s.m. Broad tape. h. 

^^Jy nmdrai, s.m. The tape or lacing of a 
pair of trousers; the hem in which the 
tape passes. 

^\y naredz (in comp.), Cherishing, p. 

^j^y narcdzl^^ s.m. Favour, patronage, p. 

^c^,y nobat or naubat, s.m. Period, time, 
turn; opportunity, occasion; accident; 
occurrence; degree, pitch ; keeping watch ; 
relieving guard ; musical instruments 
sounded at the gate of a great man's 

. house, or M the market place, etc., at 

fixed intervals, a. 
j\^y nau'ba/edr, 8.m. Spring, early spring, p. 
«^y nUtsa-l, 8.f. Pliers, forceps, pincers. H. 

jy nor, a. Other, another, diflerent, more. 

ad. Besides, moreover, also, likewise, h. 

(aur). nur, s.m. Light, splendour. P. 

nn:arf s.m. The sun. See^^ . 
yJ^jf nUrdnl, a. Bright, light, clear, p. 
j^jy nau'roz, s.m. New year's day of the 

Persian calendar. P. 
v^-^y nwari, s.m. Old clothes. See ^jyw . 
jjy mvaraz, s.f. A qnaiL 
i^y mvara-l, s.f. A mouthful, morsel; food. 

p. (niAdri). 
Jjk£jy nwarcdal, v.n. To peel, excoriate, 

strip off. 
J.y no^, I s.m. Genus, kind, source, origin. 
^jy no^ci^ ) A. (wom'). 
^j44y naus or naws, s.m. Spirit, soul ; self; 

lust, sensuality, a. inq/s). 
^y mrasai, s.m. Grandson. See ,«*«mij . 
A^y nau\ s.f. Species, kind; manner, 

mode. a. 
CSy nUk, s.m. A nail (toe or finger) ; claw 

(of an animal or bird). 8. (nakA). 
»Jiy nUkdra, s.f. A scratch, claw, scrape; 

clawing, scratching. 
^y naukar, s.m. A servant, p. nokarl, b.£ 

Jy nUl, s.m. Grief, sorrow, affliction. F. 

^y nolas, a. Nineteen, holasam, a. Nine- 
^y nolai, s.m. A weasel, mongoose. 8. 

JjJy nuledal, v.n. To fret, pine, grieve^ 

^y nUm, 8.m. Name; reputation, .fame; 

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( 168 


honour, character, a. {ndm). nUm, s.m. 

The name. 
^jjUy nUmdndai, a. Named, called, yclept, 
j^y nUmd, a. Damp, wet. See jJj). 
k//*y nilmarai, a. Named, called; famed, 

celebrated ; eminent, great, 
ju^y nauTttedf a. Ilopeless, without hope. P. 
jjy nUnd, a. Damp, wet See x«y • 
^^y 9i£;2a^a-Z, s.f. A furuncle, boil, pustule. 

See •fjj. 
^y najcaif a. New, fresh ; unused ; young ; 

late, modem, p. (nau). nafvai, B.m. The 

inside one of a drove of oxen treading 

com. nan;e, a. Ninety. nUe, s.f. Mother's 

brother, matemal uncle. 
Jj nu/tf a. Nine. «a, ad. Nay, no. Negative 

particle. Neither, nor, not 
jl^ niAdd, s.m. Habit, nature, quality. P. 
j\^ nahdr^ a. Fasting, p. 
^^^l^ na/idrai, s.m. Breakfast, luncheon, 

forenoon meal, refreshment, p. 
Jl^ m/idl, s.m. A sapling, shoot, sprout, 

seedling, p. 
^\^ ni/idtlf s.f. A cushion, mattress ; quilt, 

coverlet ; sapling, seedling, sucker. 
^\^ niAdn, a. Concealed, hidden. P. 
v::^l^ tu/idyat, a. Extreme, excessive, ad. 

Extremely, s.m. Extremity, limit; ex- 
cess. A. 
j^ nahr^ s.m. A canal, stream, rivulet, a. 

naMar^ a. Fasting, unfed, p. 
C^ nahanff, s.m. A whale, leviathan, cro- 

codOe. p. 
9^ na/ifva, B.f. Refusing food, fasting. 
^ noAa, s.f. Tuesday. 
A^ nahiya, 8.f. Prohibition; interdict, a. 

^ not, 8.m. A reed, tube ; flute, pipe. p. 
ly niyd, s.f. A grandmother. 
jUi niydz, s.m. Petition, supplication ; in- 

digence, poverty ; a thing dedicated, p. 

niydZ'tnan, a. Indigent, suppliant, mydzlt 

B.m. Lover, friend. Name of a Pathan 

dj\^ niydydna, s.f. A mother's family or 

^Lj niydm, s.m. Sheath, scabbard ; bandage 

for a broken limb; plough tail or handle. 

F. (mydn). 
^Lj niydw, s.m. Kight, equity, justice. 8. 

jjLj niydyah, s.m. Maternal uncle. 

j^ nlba, B.m. A lemon, citron. 8. 

1.=^ niyatf s.m. Purpose, intention, design ; 

will, desire, wish. a. 
^ 7ietap s.f. Bargain, contract; promise, 

engagement; appointed time ; season. 
C^jiJ nairany, s.m. Deceit, evasion, fraud ; 

magic, sorcery ; miracle, novelty, p. 
jj^ Tiira, s.f. A cobbler's awl. 
j^ nlcr, s.m. Deluge, inundation, flood ; driA 

wood, mbbish, elc^ carried by floods, ad. 

Also, again, likewise, p. 
9jJ 9iezaf s.f. A spear, lance, p. 
^yu«-J nestif s.f. Non-existence, p. 
y:JL-j neshtar, s.m. A lancet, fleam. See^^s-iJ. 
^^ 7iehJih. B.m. A prickle ; sting of an in- 
sect ; puncture, prick ; tusk of a camel, 

dog, etc. p. (nesh). 
wJ ncf^^ a. Straight, stiff, upright, erect 
clCi nek, a. Moral, honest; good; lucky. 

p. nayakf 8.m. See \lSS^ . 
Ji^ nehohdr, a. Righteous, honest, moral, p. 
aCJ nU*aA,s.m. Paternal grandfalh6r,ance8lor. 
JLj neki, s.f. Piety, virtue, goodness, 

morality, p. 
JJ nilf s.m. Indigo ; blue. 8. 
i^JLj nlldb^ 8.m. The river Indus. Name of 

a town on the Indus below Attak. 
Ju^ nllam, a.m. A sapphire. 8. 
JlJ n'llait a.m. A grey horse. P. 

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( 169 ) 


w nimi a. Half. p. nlma'^rcd, a. Immature, 

erade, unripe ; changeable, fluctuating ; 

bootless, unayailing. 
^Iw nlmdyahf a.m. A half, one-half* 
J^-^ nlmbola't, bS. A necklace of gold and 

glass beads (worn by women). h» 
^•■-■.♦■J nimtancu, s.m. A vest, waistcoat, 

^J^ nlmgiraif a. Unfinished, incomplete. 
is^ nlmdia^ s.f. A short sleeved fur coat. 

nimdiah^ a. Hybrid, mongrel. 8.m. Name 

applied to certain tribes of Kafiristanis who 

have become converts to Islam. 
_^ nimaif s.m. A half, moiety. 

^y^ nenzaka, s.f. See a^;U . 

^kLJ nena/ia, s.f. Name of a bird, the tomtit. 

^j^ nine, s.f. (pi.) Parched grain. 

j^ niyUz, s.m. Flood, torrent, inundation. 

7i}f/HZ'ivrai, a. Drift wood, rubbish carried 

by floods. 
J^ nJmul, v.a. To catch, lay hold of, take, 

capture, seize. Irr. Pres. nisi. Past, nm^oA. 


^M orji rUn, This compound letter is peculiar 
to the Pukkhto alphabet, of which it is the 
tliirty-seventh in number. It has a pecu- 
liar sound formed by a combined pro- 
nunciation of the component letters ; the 
sound of the n is nasal, and that of the r 
full and rolling as pronounced by a French- 
man. By some tribes this letter is pro- 
nounced as n doubled or emphatic, as 
rannd for raord, ffonn for ganr^ etc. This 
letter does not occur at the commencement 
of any word in the Pukkhto language. 

^ wdWt is the twenty*sixth letter of the Arabic 
and the thirty-eighth of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. As a consonant it has the sound 
of n?, and is sometimes interchanged with 
c-i . As a vowel it has the sound of (h, H-, 
and aic, as is explained in the Grammar. 

J tea, c. A copulative conjunction used to 
connect words and sentences; and, also. p. 
A particle used as the sign of the vocative 
case. A particle used with signs of the 
dative case. 

J Ku^ A particle prefixed to the aorist, future, 
and perfect tenses, and imperative mood 
of verbs ; it corresponds to the c-i simi- 
larly used in the Persian, and like that 
letter is also sometimes rejected as re- 

• n:i. An abbreviated form of the third person 
singular, perfect tense of the verb Jjj fca- 
yal, To speak. 

ai^^j ftdbastah^ a. Related, connected, bound. 
s.m. An adherent, dependant, p. 

{j»^^^ mapas, ad. Again, back, return, p. 

aj\^ fvd(a/i, s.m. Exit, issue, coming out. 

c^\j tvdt, s.f. A road, path. 8. ibdt). 

^^j fvdtan, s.m. Distance, interval, space. 

^j 7vdj, s.m. Barter, exchange, trading in 

^...c^l^ fcdjibf a. Expedient, fit, necessary^ 
proper ; worthy, just, reasonable. a« 

j^^U wdhid, a. One, single, sole. a. 

lS^ n:dMf in. Alas ! sorrow ! woe ! 

»j\^ fvddah, s.m. Marriage, wedding; mar- 
riage festival, ftdda, s.f. Agreement, 
promise, vow. a. (tcada). 

y^ war, 8.m. Turn, time, period, p. A blow, 
stroke ; attack, ossault. h. Leisure, rest* 
6. ndr, A particle added to nouns to de- 
note similitude or endowment. P* 

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( 170 ) 


C^lj warw, a.m. TIeir, owner, lord. a. 

rj^^ fvdrlza, s.f. Intermittent fever. 

y^^ wdra/i, a. All, the whole, ad. Wholly. 

)\j Tcdz, a. Open, ajar, gaping, p. Fat, 


*Jtu fcdzdcL. ) ^ ^ , , . . 
// ' s.f. Fat, blubber. 

*jlj Tcaza, s.f. A fathom, stretch of both arms 

extended ; stride of a horse. 
^^j\ fcajf/an^ a. Inverted, upside-down. ?. 
i^^^ fcdsfa, s.f. Account, cause, sake, 

reason, a. nasita, s.f. Agency, medium, 

means, a. 
aCmj^j rcdslha, ad. Immediately, now, at once. 
^^ fvdkk/f. s.m. ) Rope or cordage made of 
^Xji^^ TvdH'hkau ) goat's or cameFs hair. 
i^\^ fcdWiaL s.m. Fodder, grass, hay; 

herbage, pasture. 
J^\^ Kdnlt a. Arrived, met; coupled, 

joined, a. 
)k£\^ nah^ s.m. Preacher, lecturer, a. 
wi^j Tvdf, s.m. Nightingale ; songster, p. 
»J^ rcdq^if s.m. Befalling, happening, occur- 
ring; appearing, a. 
A*5|^ rcdq^ia, s.f. Event, occurrence, incident. 
^\^ ndq'}, a. Proper, right, true. ad. 

Truly, actually, really, a. 
««.£J^^ ndqiff a. Acquainted, conversant, a. 
CS\^ rvdit, s.m. Authority, command ; choice, 

will ; power, force, p. 
^^^ rtaga, s.f. A bridle, rein. h. (hdg). 
J^^ ndl, \ A particle added to nouns to denote 
^^ ndld^\ resident,inhabitant;agent,owner, 

keeper, etc. H. Kx. ^uner-n^A/, A resident 

of Buner. Aotl-fvdld, A townsman of Hoti. 
1^^ ftdld, a. Dignified, sublime, high. a. 8.f. 

A kind of silk, sarcenet, p. 
jiS^^ fcdUd, s.m. A father, a. 
» jJI^ fvdlida, 8.f. A mother, a. 

^jjlj Kdlidain, s.m. Both parents, a. 

^\^ rcdla, s.f. Rivulet, canal, stream. 

^^^ wd!l, s.m. A chief, ruler, prince. A. 
Tcdlaif s.m. An earring. 8. {ball), tcdlcd^ 
m. A particle affixed to nouns and ad- 
jectives to denote endowment or possession, 
as, plan (wide), plan-tcdlai (wideness). H. 

f\^ 7vdm, s.m. Debt, credit, loan ; borrowing, 
lending, p. 

s^\^ tvdujra, s.f. A pile of grain mixed with 
the husk and chaff as trodden out on the 
threshing floor, a pile of grain, busk and 
chaff before winnowing. 

\j^^ tvdwrd, s.f. A kind of vulture. 

ijy\^ rtdJtra, s.f. A flake of snow. pi. ndrcre^ 
Snow. p. (barf). 

tl^\^ 7vd7oaildf s.f. Wail, lament, bewailing, a. 

9\j fodh, in. Bravo ! well done ! excellent, p. 

<UJ^^j 9vd/(ima, s.f. Fancy, imagination, a. 

^^^ fvde, in. Alas ! woe ! woe to you I a. 

bj Tvabd, s.f. Plague, pestilence, epidemic, 
disease, a. 

Jb^ 7vabdl, s.m. Sin, crime, fault. A. 

ss\j^ 7vabulta, ) ad. Together, one with 

aL^ fcabla, ) another. 

^jjb abj Tvablu'bdnde, ad. One above another, 
before and behind, in layers, in folds, to- 
gether, etc. 

j\j^ wapdr, s.m. Trade, traffic, commerce. 8. 

^^^ fvapdrlp s.m. A merchant, trader. 

CLJ^j fvat, s.m. Interval, gap ; gorge, defile ; 
pass, witp a. See <-s«<«j^ • 

y» tvatar, a. Watered, saturated, irrigated 
(field), fcitarf s.m. A voluntary prayer 
not enjoined by thenar;: nor the sunnat. 

s^^lrO fvatrdwlp a. Unaccented, without bar- 
mony (as poetry). 

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( 171 ) 

JJ^ fcatal^ T.n, To issue, emerge, come out, 

go forth ; to exude, ooze. 
ii^ fvafa, 8.f. Discount, exchange; defect, 

deficiency ; injury, blemish. H. (bafid). 
jW^ ^reydr, a. Desolate, ruined, waste. H, 

i^J^j Ttujdral, s.m. Wilderness, desert, wild. 
J^j 7vajal, ) v.a. To kill, slay, put to 
Jij>-j Tvajlal, J death. Irr. Pres. tcajnl. 

Past, fcdjah. 
ti^y fcujadf s.m. Body, being, substance; 

penis. A. 
i^^ K-ajUf s.f. Nape, occiput, depression at 

the back of the neck, rcuja, s.f. A nerve, 

vein, tendon, sinew. 
i^^ 7cajha, s.f. Cause, reason; manner, 

way ; appearance, visage, a. 
Axa^ fvuts/(a, s.f. A raisin ; a kind of raisin 

without pips. 
^^ fvuch, a. Arid, dry; parched, withered; 

sapless ; without milk, etc. 

f/^ "',,',.! A castrated ram, wether. 

^Cj-^ 7vuc!ia/ia'l, s.f. A burning fever. 

^•^^ Tcuch7culaif s.m. The forehead, brow. 

ij^'^y rcahsh^ 8.m. A wild beast, a. 

^s^JL^^ Tvallisiatf s.m. Fear, fright ; solitude, 
desert, wild, waste* a. 

^^-l^j Tva^shh a* Fierce, savage, ferocious, 
wild. A. 

^^ fcaM, in. Ugh ! Oh I Heigh ho ! 

%j:^<>'^ Tval^t, s.m. Time, season, a. (tvaqt). 

^jy 7vida\ s.m. Adieu, farewell. A. 

^bj fvaddn, a. Cultivated, inhabited; peopled, 
prosperous . rvaddnJ, s.f. Prosperity , plenty ; 
cultivation, population, p. (dbdddni. 

Jytj^ tcaddnarcul, v.a. To cultivate, popu- 
late, people, colonize. 

Jjujbj 7caddnedal, v.n. To flourish, prosper. 

J^^j^ Tvudrawul, v.a. To erect, set up, pitch 

(as a tent, etc.) ; prop, support ; to stop, 
stay, halt. 

Jjj^j fcudredal. v.n. To stand, stand up, 
stand still; arise, get up; stay, abide, 
halt, stop. 

Jjj;^ fcadamU, v.a. To marry, give Jn mar- 
riage, take in marriage. 

Jjjjj rtadedalf v.n. To be married, taken or 
given in marriage. 

i^ Tvad, a. Fallow land, land from which the 
crop has been gathered. 

jy Tvar, s.m. A door, gate. p. idar). tcar^ m. 
A particle added to nouns to denote posses- 
sion or endowment, as d^dn (life), 4^dfmar 
(an animal), p. nrar, The pronominal dative 
affix, singular, of the third personal pro- 
noun, as ;rar*^a, go to him. 

\j^ fcrd, s.f. A marriage procession ; party of 
women who conduct the bride to the house 
of the bridegroom. 8. {bardt). tvard, ad. 
Afar, far off, yonder ; beyond, besides, a. 

s^Vl;^ fvrd'bdiu:au s.m. A male member of 
the 7vrd^ or marriage procession ; guest at 
a wedding feast. 

y^^j^ 7vird.iatf s.m. Heritage, heirship, a. 

^\j^ fcrdiza^ s.f. A species of louse which 
infests camels, sheep, dogs, etc. 

i^j^ tvrdralit s.m. Brother's son, nephew. 
fvrdra, s.f. A woman whose brother is dead. 

iJiAjy rvrd^a, s.f. Language, dialect, h. 

^jy fcrdn, a. Destroyed, ruined, spoiled; 
desolate, deserted, waste, p. {Kahrdn). 
fvrdnlf s.f. Desolation, ruin ; spoiling, 

lAj^ fcardya, ad. Far, far away; beyond, 

yonder, la^tvardya^ From afar. 
\yij^ fctirbUz, s.m. The snout, muzzle. 
dJijj^ wartag. s.m. Outset, departure, exit. 
JlJj^ tvaratlal, v.n. See J^jy • 
i}yj3 fcratuTvul^ v.a. To fry, grill, roast, broiL 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 172 ) 


^x^j^ftraicdal, v.u. To fret; be broiled, fried. 
\^j^ wrat^ A gush or flood of tears. 
^^,. Tcradz, s.f, A day ; daytime, p. (roz). 
^^jy wardzane, ) ad. Outside, without (the 
^^^j^ war^ane^ ) house). 
^j^ wntdza, s.f. TJie eyebrow. 

^ ,^ fcarM^ s.m 
*S^j^ wat^hha, s.f. 

A small hole or passage in 
tlje side of a watercourse 

to let out the water for irrigation of fields, 

c/jU.^.. rcarhharai, s.m. Name of a pot-herb, 

purslain (Portulaca oleracea). A disease 

of goats and sheep, murrain. 
*i^j^ tvarkhata, ad. Firstly, in the first place. 
y^j^ ftarkhara, s.f. Rubbisb.litter.sweepings. 
J^ wxrd, s.m. Reading the Qurftn at certain 

fixed time^ ; daily use, practice, task. a. 
^"^-JJ^ «^«''-^rffi/, v.n. To fly (as a bird). 
Sjjy '^f^(^rjal, v.a. To chop, mince. Pres. 

tcarjan'i. Past, narjah. 
^jj: ^^J^f s.f- (pl. * Rice (the grain), a. (aruz). 
^j^ tcragt, s.m. Mane of a horse, etc. 
*^^ fcraaa, s.f. A flea, ivarg^ak^ s.m. Biest- 

ings, the first milk after calving or kidding. 
^^.. 7vrusto, ad. After, behind, astern. 
i}f^j^ icarastamd, y.a. To send. See JyJT. 
is^j^ 7crus(ah, s.m. The rear, stem. 



a. Hinder, posterior, rear, 
hindmost, rearmost. 

^j. icrustanai, 

Jo-s^^^ lorastedal, v.n.To decay, rot, putrefy, 

^fj^J3 ^^r^i'f^'CLfcul, V.a. To give freely or 

^j^ fcarsho, s.f. A grass plot, lawn, meadow. 

4tt.t fcarta, s.f. A labyrinth, maze; whirl- 
pool, vortex. A. 

^'jf^j^ ^^^rghatirax, s.m. A paste of butter 
and flour used to anoint newborn babes 
and puerperal women with. 

Jli;^ voaraf/hlal, | v.n. To arrive at, go to, 
Jlj^^ tcaratlal, j set out to, depart. Irr. 
Pres. fvardzam. Past, tvard^lam. See 
JbV^and Jli\;. 
i^^jy ^^rfuknmai, s.m. A young kid. 
^yLjy warshawcu, s.m. The palm, sole, 
j^^ rcaraq, s.m. A card, leaf of a book. a. 
k:Jjj wruk, a. Lost, mislaid ; wasted. 
c|/^^ n^arkral, | v.a. To give, present, be- 
J^^ warkarcul, ) stow, grant (to another). 
J/;^ wrul-awul. v.a. To lose, mislay; 

squander, waste, u, (lu/:dnd). 
iSj^ fcrulia, s.f. Deprivation, loss ; wasting. 
d^j^ n>rukedal, v.n. To be lost, to wander, 

stray ; to be mislaid, forgotten. 
^j3 ^<^rff, s.m. The fleece of a sheep, rcrag, 

s.m. The mane of a horse, etc. 
^j^ warla^ a. Big with young, pregnant. 
fjy n:araw, s.m. Swelling, tumour, a. Swelled, 

tumefied, inflated, a. 
A^Uj,^ warmdrgah, | s.m. An eruption of boils 
1^ tea 

ah, I 
*^ ) 

Ail*^ warmagah, ) on the face (of chil- 

^j^ Karmcg,, s.m. The nape, the neck. 

^^j^ fvrandar, s.f. Brother's wife, sister-in- 

aCj^j fca-amUah, s.m. A great grandfather 
on the father's side; an ancestor. 

•jy Tvro, ad. Gently, slowly. 

^•j3 ^rUrka, s.f. The eyebrow. See d^.,. 

JV^ ^^^or, s.m. A brother, p. Uarddar). 
fcrorl, s.f. Fraternity, brotherhood. 

vju^j^j nrosC, a. Rotten, putrid, decayed. 

J^J) ^^ramd, v.a. To tear, rend, lacerate. 

cjf.^^ fvran, s.m. The thigh, p. (rdn). 

J^jy tcarliawul, v.a. To liberate, release, set 
free, save. v. (rahdnldan). 

J j^^ TvarAedal, v.n. To escape, become free. 
p. (ruhidan). 
I ^jy fvrai, s.m. A lamb. p. (barra). warai. 

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( 173 ) 


8.f. A cloud. A bundle or load for the head ; one of 
the packs of a earners or bullock's load. 
s^^^j^ fvrlt, a. Broiled, grilled, roasted, fried. 

Aa^jij narya^a, 

J'^ij) tvaredalf v.n. To tear, be torn, rent, 

Jjkj,^ Tvarcdal, v.n. To rain, drizzle, shower. 

tjljy icrera^ s.f. Brother's daughter, niece. 

jij^^ wresialp v.a. To spin, twist. 

^^j} rvrehkham. s.m. Silk. ?. (reihanCi. 

ijJij. rvra-eza, s.f. Bridesmaid, female guest 
at a wedding. 

j^ jca-ar, a. Successful, victorious, winning. 
P. (burd). H. hvar). war, s.m. Scab, 
crust of a sore ; miscellany, mass, bits of 
gold and silver mixed together, wur, a. 
Small, p. (Murd). See j.^. 

jj\jy Hjdndi, ) ad. Ahead, ia front, before, 

%^^\iy fvrdfide, ) foremost. 

^fjjj^^ jvrdndcu, a. Prior, preceding, fore- 
most, s.m. The front, bow, prow, advance, 
ciJJJj^^ wrdndlnai, a. Foremost, prior, first. 

ij\j^ Ka-ardna, Success, winning, gaining. 
Tva'ardna'pa-ardna, Winning and losing. 

J^^ jvral, v.a. To bear, support, carry, con- 
vey, remove, take away ; endure, put up 
with, etc. (only used with reference to in- 
animate objects). Def. in past ten. See 
Juji. P. (burdan). 

^ .^ Tvaram, ad. Last but one (applied only to 
times and seasons), rcaram^kdl. The year 
before last, rcarama'shpaf The night be- 
fore last. Id'Tvaramu'Wrar/z, Three days 

^^^^ wrumbc, ad. Firstly, in the first place. 

i<rti^ ^T^^bai, ) a. First, principal, fore- 

icVtl^ wrMwianoi, ) most, chief. 

L^JU-> ^^T^^^^f ^* Tiny, small, wee. 

Jti^ ^^T^'^^f ▼•*• To powder, pulverize, 
grind, triturate. 

9j^ wurah, s.m. Flour, meal, powder. 

gr^^ fvurai, a.m. Summer, wrai, ad. Re- 
moved, carried away ; borne, endured. 
ftara-l, s.f. Wool, fleece, ^rai, m. A par- 
ticle affiled to nouns to denote smallness, 
as diirg (acock), chirgUrai (acock chicken). 

j^ wnz, 8.m. A he-gdat ; mountain goat. 
p. {buz). 

jjy Tcazr or rcazar, s.m. The wing of i^ bird 
' or insect ; fin of a fish. p. ibdzU). 

jij^ nuzgdr, a. Unemployed, unused, un- 
occupied ; idle, inactive, at leisure, 

i^J^y nuzgarai, 8.m. A young goat, 

^jj fcazma, s.f. The charge of a gun. 

^j^^ rcazn, s.m. Measure, weight ; metre (of 
verse) ; esteem, reputation, a. 

jijj Tvazlr, s.m. A minister of state, prime 
minister, a. 

i^jjjy Tcazirl; s.f. The office of Wazlr. s.m. 
Name of a Pathan tribe, the Wazlrls. 

<uy^ fcazema, 8.f. An ewe or goat seeking 
the male, in heat. 

Jj^ fcajal, 

JJj;^ fcajUU, 

ij^ nuja, s.f. A nerve, vein, sinew. 

^j^ fcagm, s.m. ) Breath,vapour,exhalation, 

x^jy wagma,9X.) steam. 

^^^ foagma-i, ) 

^jj nugai, a. Hungry, famished, tcagait 
s.m. An ear of com, grasses, etc. 

^^ teas, s.m. Endeavour, attempt, trial; 
ability, power, force; advantage; oppor- 
tunity ; authority. 8. {b(uh 

is^^ wasta, s.f. A pond, pool. 

vIJLij fvasAa, ) od. As, as if, as it were« 

^^ rcas/ca, ) Finally, then, therefore. 

v.a. To kill, slay. See Jdj^j . 


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( 174 ) 

4Lr« tcasla, s.f. Arms, accoairementSi wea- 
pons; toolsi implements. AAsildh). 
^Uwj Tvasma, s.f. Leaves of the Indigo plant, 

used as a dye for the hair. a. 
^^^ fcisKds, s.m. Apprehension, suspense, 

doubt, hesitation ; distraction of mind ; 

temptation of the devil, a. rcwcasi, a. 

Apprehensive, distracted ; perplexing, 

causing doubt or suspense, 
iu^^ira^yro^a, s.f. Temptation; suspense, a. 
i^y fcasa, s.f. A summer shower, summer 

aLw* fcasila^ s.f. Affinity, conjuncture, cause, 

medium, means; prop, support, patronage. 

A. Kasila-ddr^ s.m. Client, defendant. 
izJU^ itashia^ s.f. A joke, jest; joking. 
_i4i^ wakkhte. 8.f. (pi.) An inferior kind of 

,^i:^. 7caWi^or,a.m. An herbivorous animal, 

grass eater. 
JiCj»j 7vutk&ficilf ▼.»• To pull. See J4S^. 
^^ ftakkhai. s.m. A bracelet. 
JUj«?iVa/,s.m. Meeting, interview; death, a. 
w&^j itasfy s.m. Encomium, praise, a. 
J^^ fcuRUlp s.m. Arrival, acquisition ; junc- 

ure. A« 
c=^.w^^ Ycasiyaty s.m. A will, making a will ; 

precept, mandate, a. 
ys^ 7cu:^U, s.m. A form of purification by ab- 
lution before prayer, a. 
^» Tvatan, s.m. Birthplace, home, native 

country, a. 
^\^^ naijcat, s.m. A kind of swallow ; a bat ; 

a languid man, timid man. a. 
^^ fcafU s.f. Copulation, coition, a. 
dlJiff^ na^lja^ s.f. Pension, stipend, salary ; 

religious duty, task. a. 
i^»n?'a^,s.m.Sermon,lecture; admonition, a. 
^^ fcag^a, s.f. A long red worm; a kind 

of intestinal worm. 

9j^^ wa^aira, ad. And so forth, and the rest, 
et cetera, etc. 

lij fvq/d, s.f. Fidelity, sincerity, a. 

J3y wtqdr, s.m. Dignity, estimation ; con- 
stancy, steadiness ; mildness, modesty ; 
honour, reputation, a. 

Li^^ fvaqt, s.m. Time, season, a. 

wi3^ fvaq/y s.m. Endowment, foundation, 
legacy for pious purposes, a. 

wi^^ wuguf, s.m. Sense, understanding ; ex- 
perience, information, a. 

J-fi^j fcukkshal, v.a. To draw. SeeJ^i^. 

J-^j n:a/rt/, s.m. Attorney, agent; delegate. 
a. rcalidlat, s.m. Commission, embassy, 
agency, a. 

^J^ Tcagarai, s.m. A creature, man, human 

J^ Tvaly s.m. A coil, curl, twist, etc. H. (bat), 
rculy A particle added to nouns and adjec- 
tives to form the infinitive mood of active 
verbs, wa/, s.m. Cheapness. See Jj^ tvel. 

Ji^ Tcaldr, a. Erect, upright, standing. 
, Jj fcaldri, ) ad. A short time, brief interval, 

^^J^ fvaldre,) somewhat, slightly. 

c>iJ; Tvildyat, s.m. Abroad, foreign country. 
A. mldyutl, s.m. A foreigner, a. Foreign. 

J3j fvialf v.a. To wash. 

^^ Tvala, s.f. A canal, watercourse, stream ; a 
cane, reed ; willow tree, wula^ s.f. Root 
of a plant, rvlak, s.m. Washing, tvala, p. 
To, unto ; sign of the dative case. 

J^ rcalif ) ad. But, besides, yet, however. A. 

J^ fcale, ) {waleh). Why? wherefore ? 
ly wall, s.m. Lord, prince, master, a. tcHlf 
a. Melted. See ij^. 
vj:..w1J^ wlcshtf s.m. A span. See v:^^jS • 
jj^ wand, s.m. A bank, dyke, embankment. 
p. (hand). 
^ j^: ^<^^d<^^9 8*^* A tethering rope with 

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( 175 ) 


several loops for the feet of goats^ sbeep^ 

JjJ^ wafidancUt s.m* A bandage^ binder, 

wisp of straw used to tie ap a sheaf of com, 

.b jJ^ 7vandydr,sS. Brother's wife. See .<jj^.. 
^. Ttand, s.m. A field, estate, farm, parcel of 

»^^ iranda^ s.f. Division, portion, quota, 

%^y fvangaraf s.f. Pond, pool, lake. 
ij^ rvana, s.f. A tree, shrub. 
•^ /r(7, s.m. Air, wind ; rheumatism. P. (bdd). 
Jj.y ?t'ildalt v.a. To weave, plait, braid. 
^«\^ fcitdah, a. Asleep, sleeping. 
^•^ ?cor, a. Diminutive, minute, small, wee. 
Jj*^ Tvor/iai or Tcorukai^ s.m. A little one, 

v^JU '^ ^r^rfi/^oi, a. Minute, tiny, very small. 
<0.^ TfcUna, s.f. A kind of Damascened sword. 
J>^ wahalf v.a. To beat, hit, strike, wallop, 

^jJufe^ Tcahlandai^ a. Wavy, tortuous, mean- 
dering, serpentine, winding. 
^^ ;ra^m, s.m. Idea, fancy, conjecture; 

anxiety, dread, a. icaliml, a. Fanciful, 

flighty, etc. 
s^h^ ivahcah^ in. Bravo ! well done ! 
abyb^ fca/ncaiUit s.f. Lament. See li^\^ . 
j^^ fcaher, a. Forgotten. 

A^ ^^y^r» 8*°^» ^^anity, conceit; envy, 

JjU^ fviydral, v.a. To boast, exult, chuckle, 
c:^ fvJtp a. Ajar, open, gaping; pert, saucy; 

mischievous, wanton. 
,J^ tcitakaip 8.m. A mischievous, pert, 

precocious, forward, etc. child. 
izj^ fclta, s.f. Impudence, precocity, pert- 

ness, etc. 

^j fvefA, >«ni. Root of a tree; foundation, 

root ; origin, source. P. (be&i). 
jl% fclr or rlr, 8.m. Mourning, lamentation ; 

beating the breast p. rclrjalai or tplra* 

jalcu, s.m. A mourner, lamenter. 
ij^ji) w?airflit, a. Desolate, ruined, waste. P. 

wair&na^ s.f. A desert, wilderness, solitude. 

fcaird?ii, s.f. Desolation, ruin. P. 
9ji^ fvera, s.f. Fear, fright, alarm, fcerawul, 

v.a. To frighten, terrify, alarm. 
J jj^^ Tvereddl, v.n. To fear, be afraid. 
jl^ n?ir, a. Open, distended, spread out, ex- 
Jjjji^ mratvul, v.a. To strew, spread out, 

scatter, etc. 
Jjki^ Tvlredalf v.n. To expand, open out, 

blossom, etc. 
[ijf^^ tceriyd, ad. Free, gratis, for nothing. 
j\jl^ wlzdr, a. Angry, displeased, chagrined, 

vexed, p. (bezdr). tcizdri, s.f. Anger, 

Uj^ Tvlsd, s.f. Faith, belief; trust, reliance. 
clTLuj^ rvUdk or wcdsdk, s.m. Name of the 

first Hindu month, April-May. 8. ibaisdkh). 
^J*j^% we^, 8.m. Division, distribution ; lot, 

JsJ^^ Tvl^tal, v.a. To cast, hurl, throw; 

discharge, propel, shoot. Pres. tcuG. 

Past, wlsit. 
JJLjj fveshal, v.a. To distribute, divide, allot; 

sift, separate. 
a]u!Lj^ foeshala, s.f. A kind of unleavened 

bread, a pancake. 
^^^ wlkkh, a. Awake, waking, vigilant. 
a:l4j^ wekkhtah. s.m. Hair, a hair. 
Jly fvayal, v.a. To say, speak, talk, tell. 

rvel, s.m. Cheapness, low price, h. (tcdrd). 

jjj^ fvelanca, 8.m. Herb mint, peppermint. 

p. (pUdlna). 
s\jj Tvela^ 8.f. A brook, small stream, rivulet. 

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Ji3 176 

melted ; liquefied, 


^Jjy will, a. Fused, 

thawed, h. (pi^ld). 
Uj^ jvain^, s.f. A lament, wail ; dirge, funeral 

song ; conversation, speech, talk. 
J^^y ivin4zal, v.a. To wash, cleanse, purify. 
laH^ wln(ka, s.f. A bondmaid, slave girl. 
lij^ wainaA, s.m. The white ant. 
^^^ wlnef s.f. (pi.) Blood, 
^j way at f s.m. A word, saying; talk, speech. 

$ ha or he is the twenty-seventh letter of the 
Arabic and the thirty-ninth of the Pukkhto 
alphabet. It is sometimes substituted for 
^, and by some hill tribes is used instead 

of r and 


At the end of a word it is 

either "perceptible" or aspirated (hoe- 
zdkir), or it is "imperceptible" or un- 
sounded UidC'M^jf/l). Words ending in the 
former are of the masculine gender, and 
those ending in the latter are of the femi- 
nine. Jlde^M^/l is added to nouns, ad- 
jectives, etc. ending in a consonant for the 
formation of their feminines. Adjectives 
ending in hdC'Zdhir form their feminines 
by changing it to hde^liha/'i^ and this letter 
itself is often dropped and replaced by 
the short vowel -r- (zabar)^ especially in 
poetry. At the end of Arabic words it is 
generally written with a couple of dots 
over it (I) and pronounced as d^ • 

U hdt s.f. An egg (of bird, insect, reptile, 
etc.) ; the testicle, hd^ ad. Aye, yes. See 
^. hd^ in. Lo ! Behold ! 

ijJU hdtaiiia, s.f. An elephant. 8. (hdthnl). 
jU hdth 8*in. An elephant. 8. {hdihl). 

4^jU hadl, s.m. Director, leader, guide, a. 

.U hdr, s.m. Necklace, garland, wreath; 

herd, flock, drove (of cattle). 8. hOr, A 
particle affixed to nouns denoting sound, 
to form their plurals, as ^rany (a jingle), 

jU hdr, s.m. Name of the third Hindu 

month, June-July. 8. (a^rh). 
ij^^ifjlib hdra'hUra, s.f. Clamour, noise, tu- 
^^jU Mrc, s.f. (pi.) Entreating, coaxing, 

4OU hdla, s.f. A halo or circle round the 

moon. p. hdfa, ad. Then, at that time. 
i^y\i^ hdman, s.m. A desert, plain, p. 
^^>}U Adnda-l, s.f. A cooking pot, stewpan. 

8. {hdndl). hdnda-i-wdl^ s.m. A mess- 
mate, pot companion. H. 
\sb\jb hdhd, s.f. Laughter, laughing loudly, a. 
ybU hdhn, s.m. Noise, din, tumult; fame, 

report, rumour. 11. Uidlid). 
^\ib hdey in. Alas! Woe! 8. hde^hde^ Alas, 

alas! Dear, oh dear! hde-hnc. Ah me! 

Woe, woe ! hd-x, pr. See following word. 
^U hdyah, pr. An emphatic form of the 

proximate demonstrative pronoun ; this, 

this very. 
^"■.^ habatah^ a. Worthless, useless, spoiled. 

A. (b<^bafah). 
<uJh hiba, s.f. A bequest, gift. A. 
ij^i^ liaba*daba, 8.f. Name of a disease, 

^.y^Jv— ^5 hap'dap, a. Hasty, quick, rash. ad. 

Suddenly, all of a heap, quickly. H. 

s^ hapa, s.f. Help, succour, rescue ; re- 
prisal, foray, raid, incursion. 
4z^ hata, s.f. Beam of a weaver's loom ; the 

cubit, forearm. 
d^Lu^ hatiydt, a.m. Foresight^ caution, care. 

A. di^tiydt). 
j\^ Aatiydr, s.m. Apparatus, arms ; imple* 

ment, tool. 8. (Aathydr). 

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( 177 ) 



1^-^ /lat, e.m. Obstinacy, perversity, atub- 
bornness. 8. a. Erect, standing; sta- 
tionary, stock-still. 

Jljj^ hatdl, a. Prevented, slopped, driven 
back, repelled, hindered. H. 

jyi;jb hatdlarcul^ v.a. To hinder, prevent, 
repel, push back, etc. h. (hatdnd). 
J^ hatkai, s.m. Hiccough, u. (Jiicjlikl). 

A^ hat ah, a. Active, stout, vigorous, h . (hatd). 

^yj^ hata-i, s.f. A chandler's shop, market, s. 

jjs^ hijr, s.m. Absence, separation, a. 

^J/s^ hijrdn, s.m. Separation (from friends, 

i^j^ hljrat, s.m. Flight; the flight of 
Muhammad from Mecca to Medina; the 
date or era of that event, hijrl, s.f. The 
Muhammadan era. a. 

jf^ hujra, s.f. A kind of inn or hostelry for 
the reception of travellers and visitors, free 
of expense ; there is always one of these 
buildings in each quarter of a village 
amongst the Tusufzais and Eastern Afghans 
generally. The hujra is also used as a 
town-hall and vestry-room ; also as a club 
or place of common resort for the men of 
the quarter in which it is situated. 

^js^ hijraU s.m. An eunuch, hermaphrodite. 
H. (hijrd). 

^J^ hi) fit fl«f- Spelling, a. (hajl). 

^ huts, a. Infatuated, mad. h. (huch). 

aJb^ hatm, s.f. Labour, trouble, toil ; desire, 
inclination, wish. 

^ hidi, ad. Nothing. See ^. 

c:^\ju^ hiddyatp 8.m. Guidance, direction. A. 
«^jj^ hadq;, 6.m. A butt, target, mark, a* 
jj^iX^ hudhud, s.m. The hoopoe, a. 
jr^ jj^ hadera, 6.f« Area, enclosure; graveyard. 
^jub hadiya, 8.f. A present to a teacher, 

schooling fee, a. 
^ had, s.m. A bone; centre or hard part of 

firuit, etc. 8. ihaddi). Ancestry, lineage ; 

greatness, nobility. 
.^ hado, ad. Never, not at all, no sucb tbiiig. 

in. I say! a term of familiarity or affection. 
jy^ hadawar, a. Bony, strong. 
yjj^ hadukai, s.m. A bone, stone of firnit 
^^>> hadai, s.m. Bone spavin; anode; tongue 

bone ; tonsil. 8. (haddd). 
jib har, a.m. A rogue, wag. 8. har, 8.m. 

Bray of an ass, har, a. Every, each, any 

(in comp.). p. har^tca^t, Each time. 

hara-fcradz. Every day. 
^ji^ hirds^ 8.m. Fear, terror, p. 
J^l^ hardacul^ 8.m. Advanced guard of an 

army. T. 
jJ]^ hardnd, a. Fearful, timid. 
Jl;^ hartal, s.m. Orpiment. 8. 
sj^y^ harat, s.m. A Persian wheel for draw* 

ing water from a well. n. 
^^U.^ har^d'i, s.m. Vagabond, wanderer, 

-^ hajj, s.m. Interruption, delay; tumult, 

sedition, a. 
9jj:bkarzah, a. Nonsensical, frivolous, harza^ 

8.f. A trifle, bagatelle, absurdity. P. 
ijij^b harkdrah, s.m. A courier, messenger; 

emissary, spy; man of all work. p. 

harkdra, s.f. An iron spoon, a large ladle. 
*l^ hargdh, ad. Whenever, wherever. P# 
yl^ hargiz, ad. Ever, never. P- 
ij^j^ hargora, ad. At least, at all events, by 

fjl means ; wholly, altogether, entirely. 
^Va UraA, s.f. Excuse, pretence, shift, plea. 

A. (Al/a). 
^j^ harera, s.f. Name of a nut used in 

medicine, and as a dye, myrobalan (7er- 

viinalla chebula). 
^jt harpa-l, s.f. A casket, small box. 
9j\jib hazdrah, s.m. Name of a Tartar tribe 


Digitized by 



( 178 ) 

who possess the lull country between Kabul 

and Herat 
^jA hazm, 8.m. Digestion. A. (Jia^^nd. 
s^\^)jb Aajddt, s.m. Bell metal, bronze, brass. 

8* (ajdhdt). 
.luJb hisdr^ s.m. A castle, fort. A. (Jiii^^)^ 

Difficulty, embarrassment, a. Enclosed, 

surrounded, besieged. 
J^^Lj^ hisaramui, v.a. To enclose, surround, 

besiege; stop, prevent, keep. 
Jjj^Lj^ kis&redal, Y.n. To be besieged, 

enclosed, etc., to stick, stop, be stuck, 

clogged, etc. 
4U«j^ fiaspa, s.f. Erysipelas ; quinsy ; purpura. 

Aaspabutai, s.m. Name of a plant used as 

a remedy for haspa Undigofera spX 

"r !» Aastl, s.f. Being, existence. P. 
cLX--> hask, a. High, lofty, tall. p. Above, 

aloft. Aisk, s.m. Lottery, hazard, chance; 

drawing lots, lot. 
^j^jbAasi, )ad. As, thus, in like manner, 

^-*ji Aase, J likewise, therefore. 

iu^Jb Aakkhrnf^t 8-f« An April shower, a spring 

shower soon passing away (of rain). 
9j^Jcb AagAomhra^ ad. So much, that much. 
d^ AaghaA, pr. The third personal pronoun ; 

he, she, it. The remote demonstrative 

pronoun ; that. a. (/ia^d). 
^-.Ab hafia^ 8.f. A week. p. 
slSiC^ Aak*paA, a. Aghast, confounded, 

confused, h. (AaAAd'bakAa). 
^^ Aaga-l, a.f. An egg. See U. 
jA/m/,s.m. Handle of a plough; a plough, s. 
diTU AaWt, 8.m. Perdition, ruin, death, a. 
Dead, killed; annihilated, lost, ruined, a. 
sj>^Sjs» AaluAat, 8.m. Perdition, death. 

Shb AaldAi, bS. Ruination, destruction. A. 
JSa Ail&l, The new moon ; the first and 

last two or three days of the moon. a. 
Aa/d/, a. Lawful, etc SeeJlU.. 

Jj^!U AaldAal, s.m. Deadly poison. 8. 

AsJjb Aalta, ad. \ There, yonder, thither, in 

^idlA Aalta-Ae, ) that place, over there. 

vli3j^ AaloAf s.m. A boy, lad, youth, a. 
Small, little; slight, mean; debased, 
cheap; easy, soft; silly, useless, u. 

u-XU Aalakatf s.m. ) ^^ v 3 , xi. 

^\^^ AalaA'fvdlai, ) 

4uJl& kalAlna, s.f. Infancy, childhood. 

Jjb Aala7n, s.m. Cress, watercress (Lepidum 
satman). H. (Adlim). 

dPJj^ AalrvdA, a. Fast, swift, quick, fleet, 

aIa Aalla, s.f. Charge, attack, onset, assault; 
riot, uproar, tumult, a. Aahf ad. Then, 
at that time. 
Jjb Aale, ad. Here, hither, in this place. 

^ Aum, c. Also, even, likewise. P, {Aam) 
(in comp.). Together, with, same, equal, 
etc. as Aian-Aar, s.m. A fellow workman. 
AioH'Jvazn, Of equal weight. Aamm, s.m. 
Solicitude, anxiety, care. a. 

^^Ujb Atimde, s.m. Phoenix, bird of happy 
omen. p. {Aumd). 

Li^Jb A'mrnat, s.m. Bravery, courage; reso- 
lution, spirit. A. 

C<\:,::^ Aimmat-ndk, ) Resolute,daring,bold, 

j:JU Aimmati, a. ) courageous. 
i\jAJb hamrdh^ s.m. Companion, fellow- 
traveller, p. Along with, together. P. 
Ly..4J^ Aamsdf s.f. A mace, stick. See U.^^. 

^/'T'!«. All. the whole. 

^J\^ Aamiydna-l, s.f. A purse, P. 
^J:,^^ Amnesia, a. Perpetually, always. P. 

is:^ hinja, s.f. ) 

juji Ahidf s.m. India, Hindustsm. 

*/xjfc Ainddra, 8.f. A mirror, looking glass. 


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( 179 ) 


j$ Ai* Amdio, 8.f. The longnage of the Indians, j ,^\,^ habaraA, s.m. A kind of bustard. A. 
^Jx^ hindka-h s.m.The Indians ; nameof an ^^ habahn, ad. ExacUy, perfecUy, quite. A. 

If JUft Afl^a, s.f. Charming^ exorcising, mes- 

8.f. A Hindu woman. 

Indian tribe (converts to Islam), settled in 
parts of the Peshawar valley and surround- 
ing hills, hindkai, s.m. An Indian (Mussul- 
man). hindkaAt s.f. An Indian woman. 
.xjb hindu, s.m. A Ilindu ; a pagan, idolater. 
.U. jcj> hhidnbdr, s.m. A place where Uindca 

dwell or meet; dealings with a Ilindu. 
^li-i^ joA hhidustan, s.m. India, Upper India, 
the country of the Hindus, 
ijxji /dndUffai, s.m. A term of abuse. A 

Uindu grocer, grain dealer 

<0^^jjjb hindrcdna, s.f. A water melon. P. 

^^^^juA Aindjvdtyra-i, 

s.jjjb /iindafca, 

^^ub hundah, s.m. A wolf. H. handa^ s.f. 

Ambition, desire, wish ; fancy ; want, hiu' 

daily s.m. A stallion, bull, male kept for 

breeding purposes. 

^-^a> hunda-i, s.f. Bill of exchange, money 

order. 8. Uiundl). 
jjb hunar, s.m. Art, skill ; virtue, quality. P. 

hunar*inan^ a. Clever, ingenious. P 
^^-.ijfe hans, s.m. A goose^ swan. 8. (hdii$). 
Ji:^ hangdm^ s.m. Period, time, season, p. 
s^%€:Jb hangdma^ s.f. Mob, crowd, assembly; 

uproar, riot, tumult; assault, onset, p. 
\^^ hanoz, ad. Yet, hitherto, still. P. 
^ haiir, s.m. Keigh of a horse, bray of an 

Jj^jijb^ hanr^hanredal^ v.n. To neigh, 

bray. n. Udnhinhdnd). 
4Jb ho^ ad. Aye, yea, yes. 8. {hdh\ in. Halloa ! 
ho ! 8. Hurrah ! An exclamation used 
when rushing on an enemy in battle. 
\^ larva, s.f. Wind, atmosphere, air ; lust, 
desire ; affection, love ; pride, conceit, a. 
harvd, in. Dear me I Ah ! Alas ! See i^U. 
j\yb /larvdr, a. Even, smooth ; level, flat; fit, 
proper; gentle, docile. P. (hamrcdr). 

raerising (by breathing). Appointment, 
office, post, business. A. Cuhda). hauda, 
s.f. A litter or sedan used by women when 
they travel ; a seat or stage placed on the 
back of an elephant, a. 

^j> hod, s.m. The contrary, opposite. 

y^^ hoda, s.f. Perversity, obstinacy. 

^^^ Aodai, a. Stubborn, perverse, way- 
ward ; opposed, opposite. 8.m. Name of 
a hill opposite Attak (on the Indus), on 
the top of which are some Buddhist ruins. 

jyh kor, s.m. Time, season. Fire. A deer. 

^^ ' J ad. There, thither, over there. 
^j^ Aure,) 

Sj^ hUga, s.f. Garlic 

^^ hajtas^ s.m. Lust, concupiscence ; am- 
bition, desire ; curiosity. A. hawas*ndk, 
a. Sensual, ambitious, etc. 

L>^ Aosdp a. Refreshed, recruited; untired, 
unwearied ; idle, lazy. P. (Acshd). hosd* 
iatvulf v.a. To recruit, rest, refresh, repair, 
refit, etc. 

^^ hosai, s.m. A deer, gazelle, p. (Ah0. 

^^ hohkh. s.m. Sense, understanding; 
mind, soul ; judgment, p. (jkosh)* 

^Ufi^ hohkhydr, a. Intelligent, sensible, 
wise ; cautious, discreet, prudent 

W^jW>^ hoH'hydr4it/df ) Intelligence, discre- 

^jr^Uj,^ hokkiydri, s.f. ) lion, prudence. 

cl9^ /iH/if a. Flooded, inundated, sunk. 

Al^y^ ho/ila-l, s.f. A large wooden pestle. 

^^ haukakf a. Fatigued, tired, weary. 
Sjtb hokai, s.m. Assent, consent, saying 
" yes " ; consent of parents to marriage of 
a daughter. 

J4& hut, 8.m. Bolt or bar of a door, ha^ 

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( 180 ) 


s.m. Horror, fear, terror. A. haulnak, a. 
Terrible, awful, dismal, fearful. 
s^ybhomra, jad. So much, that much, 
Sjfj%^ honhra^ J this much. 
)^y^ honra, s.f- A kind of trap for catching 

birds ; the perch placed over the trap. 
^^ hue, in. Alas! See v^U. 
\si^ haH'ida, a. Evident, manifest, clear, p. 
io^js^ hoya, s.f. An egg. 

A^ hak, in. Indeed ! Really f Oh bo ! Halloa f 

^ hai, in. Alas! Dear me! halhai, in. 

\Vhat a pity! Dear me! Wonderful! 


cl^Ij^ hayat^ s.m. Form, aspect, visage, 

face. A. 
vjL^-.N /a^Ja^ s.m. Panic, terror, awe. 
A. haibat-ndfc, a. Terrific, awe-inspiring, 
^ hets, ad. Nothing, nought, none. P. {hedji). 

hctS'tsqk, Nobody, /icts-.shai, Nothing. 
^^ hccharU j ^^^ jj^^^^^ ^^ „^ time. 
j^^ijh hcchare, ) 
Ajys^wJ^ hecharta^ ad. Nowhere, 
-jjb A(?r, a.Forgotten,omitted,lost to memory. 
^;P^^ /^erroi, s.m. A sheep of the long-tailed 

breed. H. (bhera). 
.ILi -jA hlr-qatdr, s.m. Indian file, one behind 

the other, filing along. 
j^ her, s.m. Time, season, period. H . ( phcr). 
9jJb hera, s.f. Turn, time. ad. Cnce, one 
time, yajva-hera, Once. dn:a'hira,Tmce, 
^jjb herai, s.m. A sheep. See ^m^- 
\^ hJz, s.m. Hermaphrodite, p. 
^^ hezyh 8.f. Spelling. See ^^. 
A-'-r^^ hlsta, ad. Here, hither. r&fiUta, Near 
. me. rfarAl5^a, Near thee, ^varhlsta, TienT 

him, her, it, etc. 
,^4^ hekM$ a. Amazed, confounded, per- 

hai:;a, s.f. Cholera morbus. A. 
wJ^ /ler^h, a. Stiff, straight. See j-J. 
jLa AafAa/, s.m. An ornament for the neck; 
face, figure, form, person; palace, temple. A* 
J^ hel, s.m. Cardamoms. A. ield\ 
4)1j5 hila, s.f. Subterfuge, trick. See - 

J^ hlla-h 8-in- A duck, water fowl, 
cl/i^ heny, s.m. A groan, moan, sigh. 
^\^ hercad, s.m. Country, region, clime. 
^yjb hayUn, s.m. A horse ; camel. P. 
ti^l^ haihat, a. Lamenting, wailing. A. in. 
Alas! Begone I 

^ yd or ye is the twenty-eighth letter of the 
Arabic and the forUeth and last of the 
Pukklito alphabet. When used as a con- 
sonant it has the sound of y, if moved by 
a vowel (mutaharrik), and of the French e 
or English ey (as in they), if quiescent or 
unmoved (sd/dn). When used as a vowel 
it has the sound of i (yde-mWoOf or e 
(yde-majhul) if preceded by the short vowel 
kasra — , and of the diphthong at, if pre- 
ceded by the short vowel /atha — (yde* 
^dkin^rndqablvmaftuh), as is explained in 
the Grammar. Yde-nCarUf, preceded by 
hamza — has the sound of a-l (yde-nCarUf 
mdqabli'hamzad'Idiafi't*maksilr\ and is 
the termination of a number of feminine 
nouns, both in the singular and plural. In 
Pukkhto the vowel sounds ydenCarUf (I), 
yde-majhul {e\ and yde-m^arUf mdqablu 
hamza (a-I) are often dropped and replaced 
by the short vowel kaira t • 
\j yd, c. Either, or, whether. P. in. Oht^ 
* Vocative particle. Oh! Halloa! a. 
t-^b ydb (in comp.). Finding, obtaining. ?• 
kanvydb, a. Scarce. P. 

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( 181 ) 


^!£ ydbu, a.m. A pony. h. 

«>b ydd, a.m. Recollection^ memory. P. 
yddajvul, T.a. To remind^ mention, call to 
mind, yddcdal, T.n. To recollect, remem- 
ber, recur. 

\j ydr, a.m. Paramour, lover, friend; com- 
rade, companion, assistant. P. ydrl, a.f. 

^j^\ yastaA, You are ; a form of the second 
person plural present tense of the defective 
verb yam, I am. 

^♦jmv-jU ydsam'in, a.m. Jasmine, p. 

^b ya^Z, a. Mutinous, rebellious, a.m. 
A rebel, mutineer, a. (ia^l). 

jljib ydf^iyar, a.m. A mutineer, rebel. 
ydf/hVyarlf s.f. Mutiny, rebellion ; sedition, 

c:^b yq/lf, s.m. Earnings, perquisites. P. 

c:^y b ydqUt, s.m* A ruby. a. 

Jb ya/, s.m. Tlie mane of a horse, etc. p. 

.^b yditar^ a. Aiding, helping, friendly, s.m. 
Coadjutor, assistant ; companion, friend, p. 
ydfcari, s.f. llelp, succour, aid. 

tj.\l ydwara, s.f. A big-bellied mare, ass, etc. 

ijU yd)va/i, a. Vain, absurd, futile ; ruined, 
lost. p. ydn:a-yoe,s.m.A talker of nonsense. 

^b yd/iU, s.m. Jehovah, a. 

J-i yabl, a. Barefooted. See JA • 

f^p^i yat'tm, a.m. An orphan, a. 

^ yoMt a. Cold, frigid ; cooled, damped ; 
satiated ; slaked, subsided, s.m. Cold ; 
ice. p. 

^yoKT yaMnl, s.f. Coldness, frigidity, chilli- 
ness ; cold, chill ; gravy, jelly. P. 

ij^ji y<^^<^Qt 8»m. Arms, accoutrements, 
weapons. T. ^ 

K^jji yarrai, s.m. A sheep. See i^jjt^* 

jji y<^^^f ^•^^ Ability, skill, fitness, capacity ; 
merit, worth ; propriety, expediency ; con- 
sistency, congroity. 

i:)jjiyarzan, a. Expcdient,fit, worthy, suitable. 

jUi^ yar^amdt, s.m. A hostage. F. 

^ji y<z^^a^» &• Ambling, s.m. An ambler, 

an ambling horse or mule; a horse or 

mule with the ears slit. p. 
crVi y^^'^^^^^f ft* Timid, timorous, nervous, 

fearing, shy. 
irt y^^^^f *•**• ^^^^f fright, ad. Really, truly, 

yes, indeed, verily, p. (dre). 

-r^'^'''. U-m-God. P. 
iJ^ji yd^dan, ) 

•i ycig.9 s.m. A bear. 

hJ yaga^ s.f. A she-bear. A kind of ulcer. 

J^Uj yasdfvul, s.m. A mace-bearer; equerry, 
mounted attendant on a man of rank. p. 

Js**o yastal, v.a. To eject, expel, pick out, 
extract, produce, etc. Def. in pres. ten. 
See J-V . 

JLj^ yashnif s.m. Jasper, jade, agate. p« 

ojJIj yashandf a. Boiling, cfiervescing. 

\JLi yashndf s.f. Ebullition, effervescence. 

^}yLiya§haitul, v.a. To boil, cook, stew. 

JjlJLj yashedal, v.n. To boil, bubble, fer- 
ment, effervesce. vAjosh'idan). See Jju-ijU 

^^^ yakkhal^ v.a. To put, place, set, deposit, 
etc. P. (slidndan). Applied to inanimate 
objects. Def. in pres. ten. See J J.. 

Ji^yjj yaH'hodalf | v.a. To place, put, seU 

J^ yakkhattulf J See Ji3j-wU 

^4j yakkkai, a. Placed, put, set. 

^•ju y*ane, ad. Namely, that is to say, vix., 
i.e. A. 

^uJb yaghma^ s.f. Plunder, booty, spoil. P. 

^^^ yaqin^ a. Certain, sure, true, real. ad« 
Certainly, surely, truly, a. yaqinl^ s.C 
Beality, certainty, a. Certain, sure, real. 

Gm^j yaqlnan^ ad. Assuredly, certainly, a. 

c!iO yak^ a. One (in comp. only). P. yak^dil^ 
a. Of one mind, unanimous, yai'lakita, 
ad. All at once, suddenly. y. 

dii^ yak'Unya^ 8.f. A lever used to draw 
water from a well. p. See ^^ii^. 

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( 182 ) 



^Ui/tJo yak'skamba, s.f. Sunday. P. 

^^?tl^ yaA'ld-t, s.f. A mantle of a 
layer of cloth, p. 

iij yakah, a. Unique, single, alone, sole ; a 
one-horse chaise. P. 

^Sj yaki, s.f. Name of a small copper coin. 

u^ y^9^^t *• Single, unique, p. 

i^^ yctyunayl, s.f. Singleness, uniqueness ; 
unanimity, concord, unity, p. 

A; US yaganah, a. Single, sole; unanimous, 
agreed, p. 

^ yaya, s.f. A kind of corroding ulcer ; a 
disease aflecting the tail of a horse, mela- 
nosis ; cancer ; a she-bear. See 

Jd y^^» ^•™* H^i*Of champion, p. 

yjj yalghwr^ s.m. Foray, raid, incursion, a. 

Ali yalah^ a. Free, liberated ; wandering, 
vagabond, yala, s.f. A bog, marsh, morass. 

>: yam^ s.m. The ocean, sea. a. yam^ I am, 
the first person singular present tense of 
the defective verb *' to be " (inf. wanting). 

<-l^ y^^^i 8.m. Conduct, behaviour ; manner, 
mode, way. 

^ yo, a. One ; a, an. p. {yaU). 

tf^a ycLvcaihai^ a. Alone, single, solitary, 
ad. Separately, alone, apart. 

*^V y^^^^^f s.m. Country, region. See j^^. 

jyl yor, s.f. Uusband*8 brother's wife. pi. 

^jyl yUrish, s.m. Assault, charge ; inva- 
sion, p. 
jyiyflz, s.m. A lynx; panther, p. 

^/U-»^ yHsupzl, s.m. Name of a powerful 
clan of Afghans, the Yasufzais. 

i^f^^ yattastaivai, a. Single, without fold 
or lining (as a garment). 

s^j^^ yilsufzl, s.m. See c^j---«ji • . 

J-yj> yosalf v.a. To bear, carry, support, put 
up with, endure (applied only to inanimate 
objects). Irr. Pres. yosl. Past, yoitar. 

Ayi yUm, s.m. A shovel, spade (with a bar ot 
wood fixed above the blade as a rest for the 
foot in shoving it into the ground), yaum^ 
s.m. A day. a. 

^y^ yUn, s.mi Pace, step; gait, carriage^ 
custom, habit ; moving, passing. 

jf^ yarca, \ s.f. A plough, yarve or yitce^ pi. 
H^y^J^^ ) Ploughing, tilling. 
J^Mjf yehkhal^ v.a. To put, set. See ^}^. 
fHj yim, s.m. A shovel. See ^^ yam. 
li ya, ad. No, not. p. 

^^ ^, A form of the Genitive and Instrumental 
cases, singular and plural of the third 
personal pronoun JJct, His, hers, its, theirs^ 
etc. He, she, it, they. 


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PART 11. 

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a. QdjcctiTe ; ad. adverb ; c. conjuDcilon ; in. interjection ; p. preposition ; pr. pronoun ; a. substaniire ; T.a. rerb actife; 

T.u. verb neuter ; k, kawul ; ked. kedMl. 


Aback, ad. hiifarta^ Tvrusto, pastana. 
Abaieance, s. saldm, sijda, fazim. 
Abandon, r.a. pretnidal, prehkhodal^ preHha- 

TVuL preyaH'kal : (ark k. 
Abandoned, a prckk/iodalai, prcyakkhai or 

Abandonment, s. prekkhodana^ prcH-hatvuna. 
Abase, v.a. spukawiU. 
Abased, T.n. spukedaU a. spukaitulai, spu- 

Abasement, s. spulMtdlaif spukedana* 
Abash, T.o. iharmawul. 
Abashed, v.n, ^anncdaL a. ^armsdrf^arm" 

indah; pakkhemdn ; sharmedalai. 
Abate, v.a. kamatcul, leg, k. T.n. kamcdal, 

Abatement •• kamcdina^ kam*fcdlai, kam* 

tiyd, Icffedena, la-ag-Ttdlai ; ^Uk. 
Abbreviate, v.a. landattul. 


Abbreviation, s. land'/vdlai. 

Abdicate, v.a. tark k. pregdaL (Abandon.) 

Abdicator, s. tark karvUnkaif prekkhoddnkai, 

Abdomen, s. gcda^ MiCta. (hjpogastrium) 

spoHidza^spoMiZ. (hypochondrium) /2£^ai, 

Abet, v.a. madad tcarkarcul, pushtH k.; 

Abetment, s. madad, picshd, komak; lamsUn. 
Abettor, s. madad-, pu^ti-, komak^, etc. 

rvarkarcUnkai; lamsUnai. 
Abide, v.n. osedal, dst€dal,pd(edal,pdtai ked. 

Abject, a. Mrvdr, dUn, sperak-kai, sperak* 

Abjectness, s. kkrvdrl, tabdkU 
Ability, 8. qdOiliyat, tdqat, teas, yarz ; qdhU^ 


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( 1«6 ) 


Abjure, r.a. munkircdaL 

Able, a. qdbil, tiutand. v.n. shirul, timdnedaL 

v.a. fdqai', zor-, tcdk-, fvas-, etc. laraL 
Ablution, 8. ^usl. (ceremonial) dfcdas^ 

tva:;U, tcdmum or tebUn. 
Abode, 8. (hdet asiogia, astog.naf tiMo, 

mUhta, /:oi\ maldn, /:ilai, dera, borjal. 
Abolish, v.a. handarcul, mauquf-^ mana-^ 

mansul'/j', etc. k. 
Abominable, a. bad, patit, nd-pd/t, stuM, 

Abominate, v.a. bad manal, chhjarvulf kraka 

dljiiital, nafrat k.^ijhandal, kag.aU 
Abort, v.a. gcda, f/Jiurzaivul, ziydn k. 
Abortion, s. da gede ziyd7i. (in animals) 

Abortive, a. bc/d-ida, *abas, batil, nd*kdr. 
Above, p./?d^, dapdsa, bd7ide, dabdnde, porta, 

Abound, v.n. naddnedal, zhjdtcdal, deredal. 
About, p. chdpera, rhaupcr; dapdra, bdbat; 

nizde or nfjde, fjarlb, halha or lhatja\ 

lagiyd, vmshg/tdl\ pa anddz, pa hisdb. 
Abrade, v.a. silfafvuf, garan:iil,gargal,gasiyd 

k. v.n. su/edal, blodal, bbscdal, gasiyd, 

Abrasion, 8. sdda, bios, gasiyd ; bloscdana, 

Abreast, ad. bardbar, tsangpa tsang. 
Abroad, ad. bahar or bdkir,pa pradl mulk 

(or (hdc) kkhke. 
Abrupt, a.garandat, za-ar or zir,jaU; zlg^ 

Ircdr. 8. doghal, kand, garang, kaniar. 
Abruptly, ad. nd'fsdpa, nd^gdrndn, ndgdh, 

sam da Idsa. 
Abscess, s. ^arai, ihhanza, sJnnai, nanaka-J, 

iMildna, luna. 
Abscond, Y.n.pu/cdal, tal-khtcdaL Jirdrl ked. 
Absence, s. biyahtUn, juddA^ kijrdn; ni§!it 

fcdlaip ghfl^r id:;irl. 
Absent, a. gkd-ib, nisktak, g^air Itd^ir; 

b!yaf,judd; ghdjil, be*MiUd, pajikr kkahe 

Absolve, v.a. pulawul, bakkhal or bakhkkhaL 
Al solved, a. bakkhalai, pulawu/ai, ^ald^, 

Absolute, a. pnrak, sardsar, amdnl, tamdm, 

tol, mufiaq ; ^pul-sarov Miapsar, 7cdk'ddr, 

Absolutely, ad. amdni, sai'dsarl^ taindml. 
Absolution, 8. bakkhana, M^ldsl, put (or 

pa-al), najdt. 
Absorb, v.a. tskkk al or fskal or skal, rvu^a- 

Absorbed, v.n. Kuchcdal,jazb ked. 
Abstain, v.a. parkez-, pdU, etc. k. Ids-, 

dzdn-, etc. bdsal—yastal, Ids-, dzdn-, etc. 

Abstemious, a. parkez-gdr, kant'lkjcurdk, 

Abstinence, 8. pal, parkez ; roja ; pdrsd-l. 
Abstract, s. tnujmal, klmldRa. v.a. bdsal^^ 

yistal, kagal^tkitkal; biyalawul, jitdd k. 
Abstruse, a. bdrik, narai, put ; grdn, mu^- 

Absurd, a. *abasi, beJiUdak, rvucj^ pucha, 

ydftak, JJi^tshai,prat, karzah. 
Absurdity, s. bc'luldag't, be-jcilqd/i, kam-^aqll. 
Abundance, 8. der^rcdlai, rvaddnJ, dbddi, 

Jrtndnl, zhjdVrtdlai. 
Abundant, a. der, zxydt.frercdn, tah 
Abuse, 8. kkhkandzal or kanzal, pcghor. v.a. 

kkJikandzal or kanzal, kanzaU, rustvd', 

etc. k. pcfjilior 7carka7cul; bad suluk'i-, 

be^kurmatl; etc. k. 
Abusive, a.jiba*n:ar, kanzal kaitUnkai. 
Abyss, 8. garajfg, kanda, dogkal,jan:ara. 
Accede, v.a. manal, qabdlanuL 
Accent, 8. lakja, qirdt, :;arb, ghag, maktraj. 
Accept, v.a. nmnal, qabalawul; dMistal; 

khtakkhamiL pasandanul, tMah gauxal. 

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( 187 ) 


Acceptable, a. Ihrtakkh. gj^rtarah. v.n. /?a- 

tandedaU Mn^akkhedal, qabuledal. 
Access, s. dakhll r&sha darsha^ nanandtah. 
Accession, s. MdtaA, Ihatana. 
Accident, s. of at, rvdqia^ kddi^a, bald. 
Accidental, a. qa:^d'i, qismatl. 
Acclamation, s. zrcagi zUgi^ hdhu, dilf^a; 

dparlUf shdldsh. 
Accommodate, v.a. dzdyawul; I^ldmat k. 

atsanralf hartdrartuL 
Accommodation, s. ^a« ; IhidmaU 
Accompany, v.n. malgarai kcd.; Matsa 

Accomplice, s. mat, malgarai^ sharlk, ydr. 
Accomplish, v.a. tamdmawul, pUrah /:. pa 

(fzde rdfvral ; katvul^kraL 
Accomplished, a. tamdm shaivai or -karai, 

pUrah ; qdbU, po/idnd, hunar^man, kdmiL 
Accomplishment, s. tanidml, anjdm, taigdrl ; 

hunar, qdblltob, kdmil'tob. 
Accord, 8. rogha, jora^ ptiMiild'tob, dshtl; 

bardbari, nisbat. (of own-) pa fJipuL 

(of one-) gakjlhat^ yak dil, yo shdn. v.n. 

yak sdn- or yo shdn-^ bardbar-, etc. ked. 

According to, p. pa-^ara. (-custom) pa 

dastUr sara. 
Accordingly, ad. la de na, dzaka. 
Accost, v.a. pukkhtcdal, saldm k. pukhhtana 

k. rcayal^ Mabare k. ndre wakaL 
Account, v.a. ganral, po/tedal, shmeral. 8. 

Jiisdb, shumdr ; qhi^a^ baydn, naql, tazkira ; 

dzajvdb or jajvdbf Ihabara. 
Accountable, a. ^dmin\ (djrdn- or dzatvdb 

Accoutre, v.a. mid taral, drasta- or ftasla 

Accrue, v.n. hdRiledal, paidd kcd. ; ^atal. 
Accumulate, v.a. gatal^ iolarvul, yorhde-, 

janCa*^ ambdr^f etc. k. v.n. tolcdal, 

jam\ yodzdC't etc. ked. 

Accuracy, •. rikkhtln'tob^ rikkhtlnl, ju^t- 

Accurate, a. rikkhtJnai, sUdioh; juHt,, 

bardbar, rikkhtiyd. 
Accusation, 8. tuhmat or tomat^ d^awa, ma' 

Idmat, pegAor, tor. 
Accuse, v.a. d'awa-f/arydd-, etc. k. tukmat 

taral or "tvayal or -pore k. peghor rear- 

Aawutf (or pore k. 
Accuser, s. d'ana- or tor pore kawdnkai, 

Accustom, v.a. dmoMtak-, *ddat», etc. A. 

Ache, 8. dard^ k/ji^g, randz, za^m. v.n. 

Mtdgedalf dardedaL 
Acid, a. trlw. (f.) tanva. 
Acidity, s. trlTC'tob, trhV'Tvdlai. 
Acknowledge, v.a. manaL v.n. qd'iledal. 
Acknowledgment, a. tnanun, qabdl; ^ujjat, 

rasJd; shuArdna. 
Acorn, s. Arcarai. 

Acquaint, v.a. M^ibararvul, pokarvul, dgdh A.. 
Acquaintance,8. pejand'gall,dsind'i ; dshnde. 

pejdndak. (f.) dskndya, pejandala. 
Acquainted, v.n. kiabaredal, poAedal, dgdii-., 

ftdqif'f etc. Aed. 
Acquire, v.a. gatal^ mandal, paidd-, ^^f i^» 

eagaA'p etc. A. 
Acquit, v.a. pularcul, bakk^al, tca-af k. 
Acrid, a, tr'tlci. (f.) tarMa. 
Acridity, s. trlkk.*7vdlai, trlJ^*tob. 
Across, ad. pore^ pore g^dre. 
Act, v.a. kafcul, Aral, pdzak-, ^amaU, etc. k. 
Action, 8. kdr, krak, *amal, barkat, pdzak, 

Active, a. chdldK rlfust, takrak, tund, tez. 
Actively, ad. pa chdldkl sara. 
Activity, s. cJidldkl, chisil, tundwdlai. 
Actor, 8. kawdnkai, Aranai,/d% ^dmiL (in 

a play) nat, pckk^e-gar, toq*mdr, sndng 

Aa)tUnkai or S)tdngaU 

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( 188 ) 


Actnally, ad. rikkfttiyd. pa fcdq% qat*ah 
Acute, a. (cz,t€rah,sa/M; /tokkh/dr, pohind. 
AcuteneBS, 8. tez'7tdlai^ terah'lobf sal'Jdlydi 

Ito kkhj dMiyd^ ho kkhv drU pohind'TCdlai. 
Adage, s. matal, mi^J, mi^dL 
Adapt, v.a. jora7vul, (hdyawul, handranul^ 

atjaujralt sama?cul, drust-, bardbar-^ etc. /:. 
Add, \\VL.joraicul, laffa?vtil, gadanul. 
Addition, 8. m7j:d?i, [lisab ; joraivdna, gada- 

Additional, a. ziydt^ nor, buL 
Addle, a. $Md, gandah, itrosU 
Address, v.a. sandl-, tapahds or (apos-, etc. 

A*, wayal, piikkktcdal; sar^ndma llkal 

or—kkhkaL darMtttdst k. saldm h. 
Adept, 8. uitdz, kdrhgar^poMltPdrah, hunar* 

Adequate, a. baz, pfirah, kdfh 
Adhere, v.n. lagedal, nkkkatal, cJiaspedal; 

grohcdaL v.a. laman v'ovul, idb'i'ddrl k* 
Adherent, s. (db^iddr, mld'tar, faraf^ddr^ 

para^ddr, ndbastah ; ^arekdr, kanxsdyah^ 
faqir. a. slckkhndk^ bokklit, ^aspdn ; 

nkkhatai, lagedUai. 
Adhesion, 8. J9(r;t*a5/ayi ; ^asp; nkkhatUn. 
Adhesive, a. Blekkhndk^ bokkht^ barivai^ 

Adieu, 8. da Mttddepa amdn, saldm. 
Adjourn, v.a. ndgha-, bar^jcdst-, maugilf', 

etc. i. 
Adjust, v.a. tartlb', dtirusi-, bardbar-, etc. k. 

sama)culf joraTVul, afsanral, katvdrafvul; 

pdrah't/ai^al'f drdstah-, etc. k. 
Admirable, a. nddir, *ajlb, gharxb. 
Admire, v.n. groliedal. v.a. iA7/a/i ganjcal, 

Admission, 8. da/Jtl, nanapcdtah, rd^ta dar- 

sha ; ntanana, qabdfedana. 
Admit, v.a. da^l- or Idr Karhawul\ manal, 


Admonish, v.a. pand-, na^ikat-, tambl/i-, etc. 

k. maldmata^val, taqawul, (ratals ratal. 
Adopt, v.a. hhrcakkkaKul^ pasandatculf if^tU 

ydratvul', dkiistaL 
Adore, v.a. parastl-, 'ibddat-, sijda-f etc. k. 
Adorn, v.a. psolamil, singdrawul, sdzawul, 

kkhcTva k. kkhdyastak k.jorarcuU 
Adulation, s. hhushdmad^ chdpldsl, dirpati. 
Adulator, s. Ihushdmadgar, chdpltls, dirpal. 
Adult, 8. dzaitdn, zalmai, zalmofai, bdligk. 
Adulterate, v.a. gadawtd, ndsarak k. 
Adulteration, s. gadun^ qafp*n:dlaL 
Adulterer, 8. kdslr, zand'kdr. 
Adultery, 8. kdsirly zand. 
Advance, v.n. rvrdnde tlal or -kcd. 8. 7w>r, 

qar^fpeskgl; taraqqi; gdndah. 
Advantage, s. jMcgara^ galla, sdd, Ja-ida, 

bihbddU nafa\ baraif ghalaba, /atbaf 

Advantageous, a. sud^ntan^ ghrtarah, kkkah. 
Adventure, 8. kdr, dtal^ ^dr, ndq*ia. 
Adventurer, s. lawand^ gashtai ; chatf Idtsak. 
Adversary, s. dukkhmah^ muddaX 
Adversity, s. tangly tafigsiyd, kam-baMtl, 

bad'balJUif saMti, ^dmat; dukkkmani. 

muJJtdlifatf MarMaska. 
Advice, s. maslakat, maskn:arat,pand, ^aldb, 

na^ikat; Jcliabarfittild^a. 
Advise, y.Vi.pand'p nafdiaUf etc. 'n:arkafvul; 

maslakat kan:ul; ]JtabaraJtul. 
Advisable, a. mundsib, Idzm, id-iq, qhrcarah. 
Advocate, 8. rcaktl, muHitdr. 
Adze, 8. iarkkkadza, tesha, sUza. 
Afar, ad. lire, la nardya. 
Affable, a. Itallm, mihrbdn, maMsanar, WiU^ 

sulak, Jchdsh'goe. 
Affair, s. kdr, Jilabdra, ^dr, muqaddama, 

mudmala, amr. 
Affect, v.a. Zar-, a$r; ^amaU, pdzah; tdfir^, 

etc. /:. (feign) bdna-, makr-, etc. Jk. 

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( 189 ) 


Affectation, s. ndz, naMira, makez^ nal^ra' 

bdzl ; bahdnd, ^al,/areb, makr^ il/a. 
Affected, a. chal»bdz, ma/ir^jan, bakdnd'Mor, 

/arebl, b^la-bds ; na^ra-bdz. 
Affection, s. mJna, niahabbatt *i^q, tnihr, 

tapdk ; mayaii-tobf ^wd MoffJ, ul/at. 
Affectionate, a. mayan, mihrbdn, J^rcd 
Affinity, s. nisbat, 'aldfja; Jchpelnall, rishta- 

ddrl, rayai, ndbastagx^ sar'tishta* 
Affirm, v.a, nayal, iqrdr, A. lal or larvdal^ 

gaicdhl lal 
Affirmation, s, qaul, lafT^^ qardr^ xqrdr^ i^bdt. 
Afflict, v.a, dzdrawul^ zajiirawul, randzanuL 
Afflicted, a. randzUr, ^atnjan, dard'tnan. 
Affliction, s. randz, ^am, dard^ dzdr^pasMidk 

or paiisdkf mlrtsJ, sak^tl. 
Afford, v.a. tvar/iarvul, Martsawul, da narka- 

fvufo taqat laraL v.n, sArval, kedal, ttir 

Affront, s. M^^'badl, mdnrai; spuk*tiyd, be* 

Afoot, a. palai, pa Hkpo, piyddah. 
Afraid, v.n. tccredal or ycrcdal. (in animals) 

tarahedalf bugnedal. 
After, ^.pa3, b*ad, rvrusto. (year after year) 

kdlpakdh (-to-morrow) jt?a« ^aJa. (fol- 
lowing-) pa$c. a. Tcrustai, tvrustanai, 

fvrustlnai, pasinah. 
After all, ad. d^ir. 
After-birth, a. prervdn. (caul) ohanra* 
Afternoon 6. dnahpahdr. (early) pehhhln^ 

mdspekHin. (late) diyar, mdzdlgar. 
Afterwards, ad. pas, dMir, biyd, Vad. 
Again, ad. bxyd, dubdra, bul her, bula pld, 

bul ndr. (-and again) biyd biyd, tvdrpa war. 
Agape; a. ^Ing, tvU, tcdz. 
Age, 8. *umr, san. (era) daur, daurdn, dahr^ 

zamdna. (old-) zontiyd, zof'Ttdlai. 
Aged, a. zor, budd. (-man) epln^firau 

(-woman) $pln*sara. 
Agent, B.pesh^idr, wd-f i, n-oAU, dlrvdn, kdrddr. 

Aggravate, v.a. pdrarcul^ taqafvut, ratal; 

baiar k. ziydtattuL 
Aggregate, s, iol, tol^tdf.Jumla, ndrah* 
Aghast, a. hak-pak, ^aq^hairdn. 
Agile, a. chdldk, yarandaU taA'!dst(d,jalL 
Agility, 8. chdldkl, ^ustl, sam-dasti. 
Agitate, v.a. tsandal, JJtKailzaTculf laral, 

hkhorawul^ shanawul. 
Agitated, v.n. rapedal, ihwadzedal', eskedal; 

kJchoredaL a. (jandalai, laralai. 
Agitation, s. larza, rapedatia; esindjosi. 
Ago, ad. pa^wd, laryhUne. (long-) IdryAah, 

lire Idryhak. 
Agony, 8. (hdn-kandan ; *azdb, dard. 
Agree, v.a. manal qabalawtil, iqrdr k. 

royha-, jora-f etc. k. holm rcayal, or k. 

v.n. pakhuld', r5^l-, yo zrah-, yo jihai-^ 

etc. ked* 
Agreeable, a. Mivakkh, ptrzo, Mmand^ndk^ 

kkhah, kkhd^alai, man^^Ur^ ^i^^^^^ 
Agreeably, ad. pa mqjib, pa ^ukm sara; 

Mn^and sara, khrvakkhl sara. 
Agreement, s. jora, royha ; ^arjf, vodda^ 

lafz, qaul, qardr; neta, tara, oe. 
Agriculture, a. kar, Iwe or yatce, zamtn- 

ddrl, baZ'garl,zird*at,dikqdni, ^arekdri. 
Agriculturist, a. kar-karcUnkai, zamlnddr, 

kikkht*yar. dihqdn, oharekdr, baz^gar. 
Ague, 8. sara taba, sara lawe or sara lare, 

Ah! in. rcdrl! rvUel dkhkkh/ tcdkhkkkef 

hdef ttdh! rcdwaildt dareghal 
Ahead, ad. wrdnde,pa tnaH kknhe. 
Aid, 8. kumak, madad, pushd, ydwoH. 
Ailing, a. ranizUr, ndjor, nd^rog^, bUndr, 

Ailment, a. randz, ndjoMiyd, nd-rogA-tiyd, 

blmdri, nuira^, mdndagl, dard, dzdr. 
Mm, 8. niyat, matlab, qa^d, gf^arati^, irdda ; 

na^ar ; nakklia, tsalai, muMa. v.a. niyai-f 

qasd', etc. k. na^ar tafal or lagawuL 

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( 190 ) 


Air, s. lad, haKd. (musical-) badaia, rcazn, 
(rang, sarod. (assumed-) ndz, na^ra, 
sholch* (mien) Tvajha, tsikra, daul, ch^l, 
ckalan, ^Urat. 

Alarm, fJiof, yera or rcera, tan, Id/c; dagh- 
dagha, kdhn^ ghdlo^ghnU sh or > shag/tab, 
ZKatj'Ziug., hdra-hiura, char^-vh ur^, ghogk^* 
v.a. rceraicul, tarkarcul; baiddr-, hhahar* 
ddr-, etc. k. darndina-, nagltdra-, doUud-, 
etc. rcahaL 

Alarming, a. kAanf^rM^ tars*ndk, haibat-ndk. 

Alas! in. hde-hdel Ttdc-rcdel armdn dait 

Alchemy, s. klmiyd. 

Alchemist, s. k'lmyd^gar. 

Alert, a. baiddr, Mabar-ddr, holHydr; ddr 
Idk, chust, tak'ldstai. 

Alertness, s. baiddrl, ho lHy dr'tiyd ; chdldku 

Alias, a. numdndai, nUmedah, *ur/. 

Alien, a. pradai, beydna/i, glarlb. 

Alight, v.n. hazcdal, ndzlkdal. 

Alike, a. gxind, bar alar ^ yo'shdn, yo^rang, 
siydl, mahhoi* 

Aliment, 8. UkMidhlJtKurdk, fc^dm, shdma. 

Alimentary, a. Hwurdkl, da M^uraht. 

Alive, h.jttandai, baiddr. 

Alkali. 8, H-hora. shkdr. 

All, a. tolf fvdrah, amdni, kuL (-day) hara-l 
nradz. (-night) kara-l s^a. (at-) ad. 
/:rut, la sarcu 

Allay, v.a. kamawul, sarawul, la-agawuL 

Allegiance^ 8. idVi'ddrl. 

Allegory, 8. mhl, mi^dl, mataU 

Alliance, 8. iora, para^janbajorilkht ; Mpul^ 
ami, iAfves^l. 

Alligator, 8. nahang, ndka. 

Allot, v.a. fccshal^ hisk d^atvuL 

Allotment, 8. fvesk, brakhcLf kisk, wand, patau 

Allow, v.a. manal, qabalarvul; pregdal^pre* 
Hiodal; rawd laral; baHhal^ Hhandal ; 
ijdzat', liukm, etc. tvariawuk 

Allowance, 8. man^djib, ianJJiKdh rizq. (in 

weight) dara, iUfaniai. 
Allure, y.ti.gAularcul, dargkalarcul^farefiah-, 

mayan-, etc. k. 
Allurement, ^.farcftag\, ghulcdana, mina. 
Alluvium, 8. Idha, Miatta, driqar. 
Ally, 8. mal, malgarai, ydr; /tumaltl, sharlk. 
Almighty (the), lljuddc (a did, haqq tadld. 
Almond, s. bdddin. 
Almonry, s. langar, langar-Midna. 
Almost, ad. nijde, qar'ib. 
Alms, 8. Mairdt, zakdt, f^adqa, sarsdya, 

qurbdnt; shukrdna. (-house) Ia7igar-Mdna. 
Aloft, p. pd$, porta, bar. 
Alone, a. yamirhai, tjcirah, biyal, tanlid. 
Aloud, a. pa achat dttdz sara. 
Alphabet, 8. jyata-i. 

Already, ad. Id, as, la jvriltibl na, larghnnc. 
Also, c. hum, an, rta, o. 
Altar, 8. da qurbdnl dzde or -dunhd^a. 
Alter, v.a. badlawuL v.n. drcukhhtal, bad- 

Icdal, girzcdaU 
Alteration, s. badal, tabdll; girzcdina. 
Altercation, s. jagra, tahrdr, kharJchaklhaf 

q-d'O-qdl, stcza, qa:;iya, qatdrai. 
Alternative, s. ^dra ; rcdk, iMtiydr. 
Although, c. agardi, shed, la de na, ziydt la 

de na, sara la de. 
Altogether, ad. oindnl, sardsar, bilkul, ioh 

tdl, rcdrah, srup. (in comp.) ta/:-, tap-. 

Ex. tah spin (altogether white), tap rand 

(altogether blind). 
Alum, 8. Mdn^ra-x, spAna yhdnra. 
Always, ad. muddm, har-kala, hamesha, tal, 

tar tala. 
Amalgam, 8. qala-l. 

Amass, i.a.gaial, tolamul; yo*^dyafvuL 
Amaze, v.a. hariydnatcul, rabranul, sar* 

garddn-, hekkh-. sardslmah-, etc. k. 
Ambassador, 8. dsto^ai, el^h 
Amber, 8. koA rubd. 

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( 191 ) 


Ambergris, s. *ambar. 

Ambiguous, a. shakk'ddr^ slaktcman. 

Ambition, s. himmat^ zra/t, tain^a, dam 

Amble, s. yargha. v.n. pa yargho tlal. 

Ambuscade, s. Ipuf'^ana-l, pasunai, tsawai, 

Ambush, s. ) dakhma, kamln. 

Amen, ad. dm'm^ Iiase di rvh 

Amenable, a. eman, pes, narm; da qdhu 

Idndi ; da tdrvdn p'trzo. 
Amend, v.n. raghcdal^jorcdaU 
Amendment, s. hhhegara^ ra^cdana. 
Amends, s. tdrcdn^ badal, nd^a, bUnya. 
Amiable, a. nek^ milirbdn^ ftallm. 
Amicable, a. nck-khwdh^ khair'^ircdh. 
Amidst, p. pa 9nandz hhhfce. 
Amiss, a. l:hatdf fjihalat; bad, nd-sdz, nd-ld-tq, 

Amity, s. royha^jora, dosti, dshfl. 
Ammoniac, s. (gum-) ^amdyh, oshdq. (sal-) 

Ammunition, s. dajany Mil, -^mdn, -asbdb; 

ddra mardaJt ; yold bdrUt. 
Amongst, p. pa mandz kknhe or Ickhke. 
Amorous, a. mayan, ^dshtq. 
Amount, s. fnablayh,jama,jumlaf Aul, tol'tdl, 

Amour, s. dshnd-l, yarl, ^dshiql^ Hshq^bdzl. 
Ample, a. arat,plan,psorawar,sara'tvar; der. 
Amplify, v.a. artarcul, planarvul ; derawul^ 

Amputate, v.n. prekawul or preAral. 
Amulet, s. t*arviz, (d/cltak, amel, dared. 
Amusement, a. tamds&a, nanddra, loba. 
Analogy, s. mUidl; nisbat. 
Anarchy, s. patna, balrcd, ydyhhyarl. 
Anathema, s. JM^ra, Vanat or fCalat. 
Ancestor, s. ntkah, pldr nlkah. 
Ancestry, s. pera-l, a^l, picsht, ray, noya. 
Anchor, s. lanyar. 

Anchorite, s. zdhid, qalandar,yoiM(i>nhlfin. 
Ancient, a. zor, paM^dnai, kuhand. 

Anciently, n^.paMttd^ lire lary^ana4* 

Ancients, s. palJtKdnl *dlam or -^alq. 

And, c. air, ita^ o. 

Anecdote, s. qlsssa, naql, riwdyatf Mabara* 

Anew, ad. biyd, turn. 

Angel, t. pirikkhtah, malak. 

Anger, s. qahr, yhmisa, yhazab, Mopctyh 

Angle, 8. y&ft ynU, dwa-kkhdkha. 

Angry, a. khapah, bro^. v.n. JJiapah ked. 

Anguish, s. *azdb ; Sitau 

Angular, a. hoy, h^ny, yuflai, kdlkdcJiaju 

Animal, s. dzandwar, lioirtdn. a. ^dn*ddr, 

yarcai, ttayarai. 
Animation, s. jitand, jrcanddn, (fzdn, 8&; 

baiddri, chdfdkl ; fJtUsh^hdti. 
Animosity, s. klna, dukkhnl^ ^addttat, badi, 

taka, iku^Umat, buyk:^. 
Ankle, s. kkhanyarai, kkhatyarai ; yita-h 
Annals, s. taivdriMit alkbdr; skajara. 
Annex, v.a. layatcul, taral, jorawul ; Idtidi 

k. dkhistaL 
Annihilation, s. ndbadi, haldkat,/il*/and. 
Announce, v.a. Mabararcul, tvayal; tsar' 

yand', kkkkdrali-, etc. k. munddi k. 

jdr TtalitU. 
Annoy, v.a. pdraivul, zoral, rabfOfVtU 

Wiapdh k. 
Annual, a. kdlanai, liar kdlatu 
Annually, ad. kdlpa kdl. 
Annul, v.a. bandawul, matCa*, mauqilf', 

mansilMi'9 ^tc. k. 
Annular, a. yJiUnd or yhUnd^man, tMvri^an, 

Anoint, v.a. ykrcarawul, mupaU^mukkhaL 
Anomalous, a. be^tardb. 
Another, a. bul, nor^ but tsqk, nor (spk, but 

(sa, nor tsa, bxdyo, noryo. 
Answer, s. dzawdb, pdsuM* v.a. ^(ucdb-^ 

tdrvdn^, etc. rtarkapsuL 
Ant, B.meyai,mor. (black-) ^r wi^^ai. (red-) 

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( 192 ) 


$Urm€gL(U. (white-) o^a^. {AADmeffatUn 

Antagonist, s. duH-hman^ muqabil; raqib, bC" 

lak ; dzarcdb, ma^ai. 
Antechamber, s. ddldn, dlhtiz^ mandaw. 
Antelope, s. osai, diikdrah. 
Anterior, a. rvrdndlnai, puljhicdnaif ivrUn- 

banaif peHhin. 
Anticipation, s. pesh-dastl, pesh'bandl. 
Antidote, s. tiriydi, Hldj. 
Antimony, 8. rdnjih, surma, kuhl. (-box) 

rdTijrUma, ranjunUna. (-bodkin) aald-l. 
Antipathy, s. kralta. (to food) sekan. 
Anvil, 8. sanddn, palk ; tsat. 
Anxiety, 8. gham, andekk^nd, tvtsn:d3, JU:r ; 

Anxious, a. (jh^am'jan^ andeH-h^man. wiswdsl, 

JUir'man; gram'tidk. 
Anus, 8. kumia, supra, (prolapsus ani) bdra-l. 

(pruritus ani) mawekkhe. 
Any, a. t^k^ tsa. 
Apart, a. biyal^judd, f/an:ddzai. 
Apartment, s. MUna^ kota, dzde. 
Apathetic, a. be^panvd, be-Mabar, kdkil\ lat, 

shatal or ikalat, sust, ias mas. 
Aperture, s. sUra, M^ula, spam or s)vam. 
Apex, 8. sar, peza, pitska, tsuka. 
Apologize, Y.a. *uzr ^okkhtal; minnat k. 
Apoplexy, s. tsat wat^ sakta. 
Apostatize, v.a. mdn-^ din-, etc. bdelal. y.n. 

din-, Imdn-, etc. najdnvatal. 
Apostle, 8. rasal, astd^ai^ paighdmbar. 
Apothecary, s. pansdraL 
Apparatus, s. sdz, sdmdn, kdh, asbdb. 
Apparel, s. dahustan^ pokkhdk ^ jdme. zarUki, 

kdtl, ntcari. 
Apparent, a. tsargand^ kkhkdrah^ bartstr^ 

atvtsdr, bewrah, ^dhir or jdr. 
Apparently, ad. bartseran, pa jdr, ^dhiran. 
Appeal, v.a. t/^okkJital, minnat-, sarcdl-, etc. i. 

Appear,v.n. tsargandedal, kkhkdrah-, bartser-, 

etc. ked. ; m'alUmedaL 
Appearance, s. §iiraf, tcaJAa, tmkra, rang, 

Appease, v.a. sarawul,pu^uld', ra:;d', etc. i. 
Appetite, s. ishtihd, Imaga, hhtd, lbtdl*iob, 

zraJi ; raghhat, shahrtat, mlna. 
Applaud, v.a. stdi/al,shdbdshl', dparin^etc. h. 
Applause, s. shdbdshl, std;/ana. 
Apple, 8. mattra, seb. (crab-) mdurU. (-of 

eye) lema, kasai, bdtor, torai. (Adam's-) 

Applicable, a. mundsib, sazdwdr, durust, 

Application, s. rrdJmat, ko kkhikkh ^ lagtgd'tob ; 

*ar:;^, sandl, darl'hcdst. 
Apply, v.a. lagajtul^pore taral; sandl-, *arz; 

darMiitdst', etc. k. v.n. bardbar^juMt; 

etc. lagedal*, joredal, lagedal. 
Appoint, v.a. kkhkcnawul or kenawul, mu* 

qarrar k. nuldrawiil, 7vudrawul. (-a time) 

7vdda k. neta taral. 
Appointment, %. dzde, 'uAda; lafy, shar^; 

fvdda, neta, tara. 
Appraise, v.a. bai^a-, qlmat-, nirM-, etc. taral. 
Apprehend, v.a. n'twul, girijtdr k. v.n. jw>- 

hedal, m*ala7nedal; rceredal, andekkhedal^ 

fcisTcdsl ked. 
Apprehension, s. niwah^ giri/tdrl, ghr ; poka, 

Miydl; Wian^f^ andekkhnd, wisnds, tcera. 
Apprentice, s. s^dgird. 
Apprize, v.a. Mabaramul, dgdk k. 
Approach, v.n. nijde kedal. 
Approbation, s. ) pasand, • Mwakki, plrzo. 
Approval, j ra^d, man^Uri, qabuti. 

Appropriate, v.a. Ickpulawul, 4sfl,n ta dUistal, 

rdnlKul, Idnde k. 
Approve, v.a. JJiwdkkhanmLmanzUr'^pasand'^ 

etc. k., manal, qabulawul, kkhdg^al. 
Apricot, 8. zarddlu, maMranai. (preserved-) 

M^bdtil. (dried-) kish ta, asJ^drai, mdmHrh 

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( 193 ) 


April, 8. fCiSdA or baisdk. (-shower) na$a. 

Apropos, tL.juMt,jorp bardbar. 

Apt, a. mund^ib ; qdbilt Id-iq ; kdrl^gar. 

Aqua*forti8, 8. tez db. 

Aquatic, a. dbi, dariydbi. 

Aqueduct, 8. ndla, Tvdla, lal^tai, ndrca, 

pal; famdo; kdrez \ tarai. 
Arable, a. ^arfjw, .^udiydr; da kar^ da 

Arbitrary, a. zordwar^ T^pmr or Mpulsar. 
Arbitrate, v.a. grcdkkhal or p7vdH'hcdal; 
pwdkl'hgrandai-. jirga-^ munsi/i-, insdf-, 
'addlat-, etc. k^ 
Arbitration's. /7/raA'A7/.jgV<ya^wmn^?Y7,fn*ari^a. 
Arbitrator, s,jirgatil.aTtdkl'h*prandai. tnun^if. 
Arbour, 8. chopdU jnngara^ Csapar, mana/i, 

ddra, kudala, kuda-u 
Arch, 8. qubba, gunhata, tfiQt mihrdbf kamdn. 
Archer, 8. lindai, tlnda^kakkh^ ^a.^h^ldstai^ 
rasd'tlndcUp kamdri'kahkh^ ttnanddz, bar* 
Archery, s. hamdn-kahkhl. tir'anddzh 
Architect, 8. rdj^ nCimdr,jorawilnkai. 
Archives, s. dqfiar, shajara^ tarcdrlkh. 
Ardent, a. tod, ff arm; tund^ tez; mast. 
Ardour, 8. tod-wdlai, toduWia, garml ; tezx, 

tu7id'?rdlai ; mastic tapdk. 
Arduous, a. sakhtt grdn, mushlAU dnlnd. 
Area, s. maiddnf sama, zmaka; angauj:, 

g^olai, jattas. 
Argument, s. balt^f liujjat, mtmdzara, datil, 

Arid, a. wuch, satvai, sokrah, sokhtah ; (as 

land) cjhol, lallam ; tosand. 
Aridity, s. rvtirh'Wdlai, Miushkl, soi^tapf. 
Arise, v.n. pdUedal, J^atal, rcaldredal, porta 

ked.; fcudredal. 
Aristocracy, a. khdn^lwdnln^ ^dnaftddah 

J^alq^Jirqa da ghato I'ljalqa. 
Aristocrat, s. yhdnanddali saraip da ghat*, or 
da loe kor-p etc, sarai. 

Arm, 8. Ids. (above elbow) gardai^le^^qi^ tar* 

gharai, mett. (below elbow) (sangal, le^a 

or letsa. (cubit bone) Rnda^. 
Arm, y.a. mid taral. wasla-, drasia-, etc 

dgkostal; dzdn sambdlawul. 
Armistice, s. rogka^jora; gwdkkk. 
Armful, 8. ghUzai, gheg.. 
Armour, 8. (chain) rg^ara,;rira. (steeD^^'a^, 

baktar^ janshan. (clad in) zgkar-ydlai^ 

baktar-, etc. dgkostai, zira-, baktar-, etc. 

Armpit, s. traMi^ tk1\arg, arj^, bagkal. 
Arms, 8. Tvasla, drasta, dajang kdltp -sdz, 

-asbdb, or -katiydr. 
Army, s. lakkkkar^/akg. 
Aromatic, a. ^Ushbu^ddr, bu-hndk. 
Around, ad. cltdpera, Mtvod o shd^ gvrdd gird^ 

didr cJidpera. 
Arouse, v.a. rclkkhartuLpdtsarcul, baiddrawuL 
Arrange, v.a. sambdlatvul, tartlb A., tandal, 

atjtaural, lagawul,jora?vul, ^tmdiyal. 
Arrangement, 8. tartlb, dzerma, bandobast, 

kktmdi'tobf jorikkkt. 
Array, s. para, tslra^para'bandi, mff, qaJtpir ; 

Ubdi^, dgkOstan, pokkkdk, zarUkt. T.ft. 

poslal, pokkkaL dgkostawul, zaruH dgluh 

stal; para-, etc. taral or rcudrawuL 
Arrears, 8. bdqt, pdd. 
Arrest, v.a. nlrcul, giriftdr-, gtr^, band-, 

qaid', etc. k. 
Arrival, 8. rdtag, rdtak, rasedak, daMlp 

dmad, rdtlina, rasedana. 
Arrive, v.n. rdtlal^rdghlai, rasedal. 
Arrogance, s. kibr, bdd, magkrUri, ^dntamd, 

Arrogant, a. kibrjan, bddl, magkrUr, gkarak, 

Arrow, s. g^askai^ tJr. (-flight) ttr^partdb, 

tlr^ras. (wing place of-) par*^dna. 

(blunt-) toqa, tuqqa. (barbed-) ^ataA. 

(iron tip of-) tubrau (shaft of-) Idnga. 


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( 194 ) 


ttla-h (notch ofO phcakkhkai. (wing of-) 

hwi^na^ fcazar. 
Arsenal, s. Mldi^'l^dna^jabba-l^dna. 
Arsenic, s. sen/dyd, hartdl. 
Art, s« hunoTp ftikmat, ^al; kasb^ pesha^ 

san^at, ustddl, pand, kdri'garl^ dast'idri. 
Artery, s. ray. (of the pulse) nab:;;. 
Artful, a. itibnatl, hunar'tnan; Jarebi, chal* 

bdz, d^alTvalai, Jfila^bdz. 
Article, s. kdlai, ^ai^ Mz. 
Artifice, s. ^o/, ^I/a, bdna^ /areb, tagl^ 

mah',palma^ lam^ara-ip hirdrl. 
Artificer, s. Aasb'yar, kdfi^gcLr^ pesha^fcar. 
Artificial, a. jUfaA, ndsarah^ naqll ; kasbl^ 

hunarl ; jor karai^ sdMtaA. 
Artillery, s. top^Mdfia. 
Artisan, s. See Artificer. 
Artist, 8. ustddjidrl^gar^liunar'tnan ; naqqdsh. 
Artless, a. sddoA'dil, rikhhtUnai^ karaJi. 
As, c. laka^ hose, (-if) laka cjii^ ganie. 
Ascarides, s. kikkhai. cjiinjai. 
Ascend, v.n, MiataU porta ked., pdtsedaL 
Ascent, s. MdtaA, ^atana ; taraqqa-l, bear a. 
Ascertain, T.a. tnalUmawul, zdah-^ tahqlq-, 

Ascetic, s. zdhidt/aqir; malang^ darwesh^ 

Ascribe, v.a. tdsbai lagawul^ pore taral, 

pare k. 
Ashamed, a. sharmindaht skarmsdr, pakkhe* 

tndn. T.n. sharmedal, pakkkemdn ked. 
Ashes, s. Ire, Mdkistar. (hot-) $khwakkhtan^ 

kioglan. (cold-) eare fr^. 
Aside, ad. biyal, pa dade, pa irate. 
Ask, ▼.a. pukkhtedal. y^kkhial. ea^dl-, 

tapoS', pukkktinna-. pursdn-, etc. k. 
Aslant, a. trats, trafskan, eanpzan, krlng; 

shewah, ear^^arvar, sar*lwar,pa rewand. 
Asleep, a. Udih, bidih, ^ob'tcrai. 
Aspect, s. malsif (Ural, fsikra, rang, s^akl. 


Asperity, s. zfg-mdlai, l/vdptiyd, zmoM'tiyd. 
Asperse, v.a. peghor Korkanul^ tor pore k., 

tuhmat vcayal, Randal, kagal. 
Aspire, v.a. tania-^ drxU-, umed-, etc. laraL 
Ass, s. Mar. (-colt) ba^rat, kutai, ktl^ai. 

(wild-) gorytar, gkyarah. (-load) JJ^artcdr. 

(-play) MoT'tiiastlf Mtor^khdrai, Miar-t'iza. 
Assafoetida, s. hanj, kanja. 
Assail, v.a. halla-, ddra-, tjot-fgUrusk, etc. k. 
Assassin, s. qdtil, ii^f^h nioiy kattUnkai. 
Assassinate, v.a. rcajal or wajlal, mer k., 

Man-f marg-, etc. k. 
Assault, s. kalla, guzdr, (sot, yUrus^. 
Assemble, v.a. tolawul, yo^dzde-^javrCar, etc 

k. v.n. tolcdal, yO'dzde',jatn*a', etc. ked. 
Assembly, s. tolai, tnajUs, data, janCiyat ; 

Assent, s. tv.:;d, qabul, kokai, oe. 
Assert, v.a. ttayal, led or UutdaL 
Assertion, s. nayax, nayana, Jyhabara, la/^, 

lana, qaul, d^awa. 
Assessment, s. Jckkkewatt nidliya, bdj, i^rdj. 
Assiduity, s. ko ksh i kah or k okkkikkk . mibnat, 

sa% tapdk. 
Assiduous, a. milinatl, ed% k okkkikkk l. 
Assign, v.a. neta taral, muqarrar k. ; bardt 

Assimilation, a. gundl'tob, maMl'tob, hum* 

shakhf kum*rangl. 
Assist, v.a. komah-, madad-, mrasta-tpusitJ', 

etc. k., Ids warkawul or nlwul. 
Assize, 8. *addlatf malilcama ; n/r£$, roi. 
Associate, s. mal, malgirai, dshiide, ydr; 

ra/tq, §harik. v.a. mafglri k.; ydii-, 

dsknd'i'f etc. k.; kilai k.; fulibat k.; 

skartkt k. 
Association, s. malgirt, malgir^tiyd, ^arikU 
Assort, v.a. ^unral, ateaordl, tarUb k. 
Assortment, a. tartib, ^Inda. 
Assume, v.a. dMistal, iMtiydr^, d*a»oar, etc. 

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( 195 ) 


k. (airs) nUz^t na&ira-, etc. i. t.d. nd- 

Aesamption, 8. Hipel-sarl, zordwarl, bddl*tob, 
iibr; rcdk,mtiydr; dUistana. 

Adsarance, 8. bdrcar, 7tibdr^ sd'tvUd, yaqln^ 
tarcrca/(ul\ yustdl^l^ be bdkl. 

Assuredly, ad. be-sia/ik^ be ^ubha, albatta. 

Asthma, s. sdA- or sd landl, kotdh sdhh 

Asthmatic, a. sd/t landai^ kotdh sd/u. 

Astonish, v.a. bariydnofvul^ rabrarcul, AekM-f 
saryarddn-, hahpak-^ etc. k. 

Astonishing, a. *ajab^ 'ajiboA^ *ajilbah. 

Astonishment, s. itariydnl or luurdnl. 

Astray, a. fvruk^ gumrdh^ be Idr. 

Astringent, a. qdbi;^, tlng^ klak,zmoMtfSta^. 

Astrologer, s. rammdl, najUmh 

Astrology, s. ramal, *ilm da nujUm. 

Asunder, ad. biyaU iudd. 

Asylum, s. dsra^ pandh^ nanattdtah^ aman. 

At, p. pa^ pa iMike. (-home) pa kor kkhke. 
(-least) hargora^ Isho. (-once) yak lakhta^ 
pa tikh (-last) dlkir. (-length) bdre. 
(-me) rd bdnde. (-most) pa ftadda. (-all 
times) kar fca^t, har kala. (-how much) 
pa tsqmra. (-all) hado. bekkh (-present) 
pa da saat or -}vakJtt or -mahaL (-hand) 
nijde, k/tafja or fmk/ia. (-first) wrUnbe, 
CfCftaL (-all events) Mrtdh nd Jdi^dh. 
(-times) kala kala. (-sight) pa tldak, pa 
kdtah. (-night) pa shpak. 

Atheism, s. ilhdd^ inkdr, zindlql^ gumrdhh 

Atheist, 8. fnulhid, zindiq^ mwMr da yhudde. 

Athlete, s. paklaitdn, katak. 

Athletic, a. pakla?vdn, katak, zor*man. 

Atmosphere, 8. bdd, kawd. 

Atom, 8. pUtaif pjtsdijrai, totaif ^arra^ d^Ur, 
reza, shama^ dara. 

Atone, v.a. tdrtdn-^ ladaU^ *ma;^»^ etc. wjor- 
kawul; ka/drat k. (hdr; fadqa-, qurbdn-^ 
etc. A. 

Atrocious, a. bad saMU ba^hpar. 

Atrophy, s. narai randz, karedana, wu^* 

Attach, T4L lagoitul^ tarat^ pore k. , MptUot 

fvul, pewastak-, grokedak-, etc. k. 
Attachment, t^peftastUn^ tardn, band; mlna, 

mayari'tob, mababbat, grokedana. 
Attack, T.a. Aatla-, b^tmla-, guzdr-, tet?^, 

data dopa-, kappa dapa-, yitru.^-, etc. A* 
Attain, v.a. mdndcU^ biyd'tnilndal; gatat, 

paiddr^ bd^il% etc. k. v.n. rasedal, ^fcoL 
Attainable, a. mdnddnai, ^wdnai, da mUndalo. 
Attainment, b. gdtak, biyd-mUnd; mdndenOf 

Attempt, 8. qa^d. dznielkht^ zor, kokkkikkkf 

wa$^ s'al. 
Attend, v.a. dwredaU ghwag bdsal^yastal or 

-gtdal-^lkHodalr nyhttatalt ghaur-^ fikr*^ 

^\a. k.; Mabar dkhietal^ ^idmat-, maddr-. 
- etc. k. v.n. fnalgarai ked. ^d:iir osedal 
Attendance, s. kkidmatf nokrL 
Attendant, 8. /^idmat^gdr, nokar, tmddzim ; 

mal^ malgirai ; mld'tar^jilaw'ddr^ nq/ar. 
Attention, s. liltd$, Jikr, s*dl^ ko kkhikkh . 

baiddrl, kkabar'ddrl^ ko kkhy drl. (to a 

guest) mchnastiyd, mezmdnl, maddr, tnaH. 
Attentive, a. lioHkydr^ baiddr^ IJiahar^ddx. 
Attest^^v.a. gandhl lal or Uwdal, shdkidi 

fvarkawul or laL 
Attestation, 8. garvdhl, sAdkidl ; gatcdkt tana 

or fcarkawUna. 
Attire, v.a. zarUkl-f fmarl-, pokkhak-. tibds-, 

jdme-, etc. dgho$tal\ postal^ d^ostawuL 
Attitude, 8. fvqjlia^ daul, sHrat, shdn, hdl. 
Attorney, s. wakU^ mu^tdr. 
Attract, v.a. raJidgal^rdkkhkal ; grokedak^, 

/are/tak', etc. k. ghularvul; mayan k. 
Attracted, a. rdkkhkalai ; grokedalai^ eto« 

v.n. groAedal, mayan ked* 
Attraction, s. rdkk^kana, kakkhikkfj ; nana, 

niayan-tob; cUl'barl; dil*/arebl; grohe- 


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( 196 ) 


Attribute, s. Mi^^t Mastatf ^ifat, ^ds^^yat. 
Audacioas, a. be bd/i, nd'tars: be adab, 

Audacity, 8. be bdin ; be adabh 
Audience, 8. majlis^ Ja/bdr; d}vredilnln^ 

sdm idfi* 
Auditor, s. dJvrcdHnkai, sdm*L (of accounts) 

muhdsib, liisdb kawUrUiau 
Augment, v.a, ziydtcuvul, (lerartid. 
Augmentation, s. ziydt»?vdlai, der-ivdlai ; 

ziydtedena^ deredana. 
Augur, ^. pdl' OT Jdl ka(ilnl:aiy /dl blntfttli^ 

fdl yastUnltai. 
Augury, ^./dl kaicna,/dl yastcna^Jdl b'lni. 
August, a. yhat, loe. (the month) bddro. 
Aunt, 8. (father's or mother's sister) tror. 

(father's brother's wife) taiidor^ tandydra, 

hdha-'i. (mother's brother's wife) mdma-'i. 
Auspicious, a. iqhdVman^ balshtavrar^ nek' 

balht, 7nnbdrak. 
Austere, a. eaMtt, zl^\ trac^ zinokht) sUf, 

Authentic, a. riHhtiyd^ riWiCinaL taJiqiq. 
Author, s. mus^annif^ hitdb kkhkawUnkai ; 

jorajvdnkai^ IcaR'Unhai^ 7vayil7i/tatf etc. 
Authority, s. wdk, iJchtiydr, tvas; maqdUr^ 

zor^ qitdi'atf 1/ ukUniat ; // nhn^/armdn^ sanad. 
Authorize, v.a. I/u/im-, ndk-, iMtlydr-, etc. 

Autumn, s. manaif JkMzdn, Wiafif. 
Auxiliary, a. homahl^ madad-gdr^ janba'ddr. 
Avail, v.a. fd-ida-^ imfa-^ etc. razawuL 

v.n. chaledalt pakdr kcd. or -rdtlaL 
Avarice, s. //ir^, tarn a, bakltitl* 
Avaricious, a. baMnl^ bir^^nd/:, ftdri^^ tdtnu 
Avaunt, in. lire ska ! biyarta sha I 
Avenge, v.a. badal-, qi^ds-, tdivdn-, etc. ff Z^/- 

Averse, a. nd'rd;;^ muMidtif^ hhrtd bad. 
Aversion, s. kraka, ^injedana, kaffana^ f/han- 


Avert, v.a. man*a*, dq/^a-, etc. i., yirzawul, 

Avidity, s. tatn*a, Ibvdhtob, skauq, ra^bat. 

Avocation, s. kdr^ kasb, pesha. 

Avoid, v.a. varkez k., dzdn sdiaL 

A wai t,v.n . muntazir osedal^nudredaUpdtedal. 

Awake, a. wUkJu baiddr. v.n. mkkbedal. 
pdtscdal, baiddr ked. 

Aware, a. hhabar, dgdh^ 7vdqif\ zdah. 

Away, ad. lire. in. lire ska, biyarta ska. 

Awe, s. kkof, wera or yera, tars, bdk, baibat, 

Awful, a. kkaitf-^ tars-, sahm-, etc. -ndk, etc. 

Awhile, ad. drany saat, la-ag saat. 
I Awkward, a. kdrvdk ; Ittdr. 

Awl, s. nlra or rina. 
\ Awning,s. vhatrai,sircrai,skdviiydna,sdefvdn. 

Awry, ad, pa frats, krlny prlng, kog ttog. 

Axe, 8. tabar. (battle-) tabar^zln, gurz. 
I Axis, 8. qntb, ghashai. 

Axle, 8. laf, tirakf tsdkkhtn, 
I Aye, ad. ko, dre, kkhah. 

Azure, a. .v/^iit. 


Babble, v.a. bak bak-^ bar bar-, etc. n. y.n. 

Babbler, s. bak bakai, bar barai, Unai, tarai. 
, Babe, s. bachai^ tankai, tandai, m*a$iim or 

mdsk Hm, tat ra7cae,pa-i ran'du7fkai, wrUkai. 
Bachelor, s. lartand^ tsarak, mvjarrad. 
Back, 8. .^d. ad. biyarta, b'tyd, rcn/sto, 

pastana, pas. (behind one's-) pase ska. 
Back, v.n. (go-) pasfufia-, wrusto-, biyarta^, 

etc. kcd., stUncdal or stanedal. v.a. (aid) 

pandk', komak', pus^ti', etc. -warkanul^ 

dada lagattul. 
Backbite, v.a. cJingkti-, gjabat-^ gkammdzl*, 
i etc. k. 

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( 197 ) 


Backbiter, s. chughlkhor^ gifihat kanUnkai^ 

mtmoit ghammikz^ 
Backbone, a. mla Hr^ shamdza-h 
Backdoor, 8. da vhane fcar^ da hor da ^h^ t^ot. 
Backside, a. kunatax^ kunna^ghara^ dumbdla ; 

fvritstcu, ^d. 
Backward, a. nd'rd^, lat, tas mas, nd'rdst ; 

siist, paslnali. ad. wrusto, pastana, biyarta. 
Backwards, biyarta, 7cru$to. a. naskor, 

aramdai^ apUtak. 
Bad, a. bad^ nd'ltdrah^ Mardb, nd^sarah. 
Badge, 8. nakl'ha or nakhHlia, nthkhdn^ iogh^ 

Badger, s. tonlafnaif gor^kdkkk 
Badly, ad. va bad skdn sara. 
Baduess, s. khardh'i, badh *aib. 
Baffle, v.a. rabraitul^ ghularcul^ war Mafd k.f 

be/d'ida-^ ^abast-, etc. A. 
Bag, s. taila-lf (hpla-i. (clothes-) katsora, 

butskha^buqcha. (money-) kanuydnl^bacbra. 

(letter-) IdiO'Tlta. (grain-) tsata^ gkUndai. 

(tent-) gkardra. (trinket-) butskhalcai. 

(leather-) banaA, gudai. (ammunition-) 

kisa, klsbaU (leather water-) maskk, chdguL 

(leather air-) shindz^ zik^ jai. (baggage-) 

Baggage, s. asbdb, rakhU sdmdn, partaL 
Bail, 8. ^dminl, ^a/ndnat. (the person) i;dmin. 

(to give-) ;;amdnat'f :;dmm itarkaituL (to 

take-) ;;amdna(', :;dmin dk/tistal. 
Bailiff, 8. multa^^ilfpat^vdri, kdrddr, sazofval. 
Bait, v.a. tsar-, tcdkkluUi-. JJiwdrali'^ etc. 

fvarkawul ; bdoti 7carka9vul; na/tdrai-f 

tdmba or tfCdm-^ kltwurdk-, etc. Karkat/cuU 
Bake, v.a. jgg taniJUr kkkke pakhattul; karaitul^ 

Baker, a. ndmcd-it ndnpaz. 
Balance, s. tala, tardzu. (the beam) ddn- 

da-u (the scale) pela. (the tongue) jiba. 

(of an account) bdql. v.a. talal^jokal; 

bfiffipUrah A., hhdb bardbar k. 

Balcony, a. bdld-kbdna. 

Bald, a. (from age) kal. (firom disease) gath 

Jai, sudor, lenda/i, chatrai, poroktoi* 
Bale, 8. andai, pand, petai. (of grass) ged€d^ 

T.a. sandzal, toyawul, laicastal. 
Baleful, a. bad, mtairr, tdmdnl^ zij/dnu 
Balk, v.a. ndr Haffl k., *abas k., wrdnattuL 
Ball, 8. pandas, pandoskai, mandos ; golorlf 

mardaltax ; g^unddrai ; nd^, gadedena. 
Ballad, s. sandara, lamlorl, ^dr^bait, g^azal, 

tapa, ffd^r\ stdyana. 
Ballast, 8. tangar 

Ballot, v.a. qur^a-, kisk-, pedia-t etc. d^awuU 
Balustrade, s. ka^igura. 
Bamboo, 8. bans. 
Band, s. park, tolai, folgaz, ghol, tamba; 

Jirqajanba ; ikelf duxm. 
Bandage, s. pata-l, band, tarUnai. (for the 

head) sar>pechaJt, $ar*tarUnai, tsapdtkai, 

sar'basta. (for clothes) ^o^a-t. (a child's-) 

Bandbox, s. tattang. 

Banditti, s. gldak, shult'indr, ddr, tdr, qa^dk. 
Bandy, v.a. radd badal k., q'll'O'qdl k., diOr 

ghaicul. a. kog. (-legged) kage kkhpe. 
Bane, s. zalir; nuqmn, tdwdn, ziydn. 
Baneful, a. za/tr^ddr; nuq^dnt, iiiii;^tir, 

mosh cCc. 
] Bang, v.a. fakattul^ wahal, tak-, daz-, tas-, 

etc. Tcakal. 
Bangle, s. bdliU, waHj^ai, ^drd, karaip 

Banish, v.a. sharal, be tcatan-, jild 9oataH^ 

etc. A. 
Bank, s. pUla, 7cand. band, (river-) ghdfo. 

(high-) kamar. (opposite-) pore g^dra. 

(-of clouds) gUp, Iha-af. (for money) ^^ 

zdna, Itota-t. 
Banker, s. sarrdf, Mizdn^l, sef. 
Bankrupt, 8. nd'ddr, defvdliyd, tabdh, l^ttdr. 
Banner, s. nakj(ia,janda, bairaq, tUg^. 

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( 198 ) 


Bannock, s. (plain) t^apata-l, kakora. (oQed-) 

foe^ala. (buitered'')pardta,lachcL. (sweet-) 

Banquet, s. :;fiydfat, meltnastiyd^ mihnidnh 
Banter, y.tL.toqa',fvashta'9 maskkara-. etc. i. 
Bar, s. (cross-) AuL (upright-) armn, aramai. 

v.a. ba?ida7vul, Aul-, arcun-, etc. lagamuL 
Barbarian, s. dzangati^ jdhil^ baijr*mdnr^. 
Barbarity, s. beraliml^dzangali'tobjdldl'tob. 
Barbarous, a. be raftm ; jdhil^ ^aban, hear. 
Barbed, a. shata-l or biyak Icu^dnkai. 
Barber, s. nd-i^ ytUdborl. 
Barberry, s. korai^ karwara^ ziri^k. 
Bard, s. jmrd^l^ dum, shd*ir. 
Bare, a. bar band or barmand^ Idts ; ta-ash, 

Mdti. (-faced) be mahh, be bayd. be s^artn^ 

beparda. (-footed) abLpkkhe-able. (-headed) 

soT'tor. (-backed) fiJfs, barband. 
Barley, ad. sump, ta-ash, khdti, fa^H^ ?'(/. 
Bargain, s. shart, w'ada^ iqrdr, laj^^ neta, 

tara, *ahd. v.a. sharl-^ etc. A. or taral^ 

saudd% bai*a-, etc. A., ^ana tcahaL 
Barge, s. bera-l, kishta-u (-pole) singdivaui' 
Bark, s. (tree-) pat, pof, potatAf poetaltai, 

Mifcar. (dog's-) ^ap, ghapd, ghdp, T.a. 

pot*, etc. kdfial^kkhkal or 'bdsal^yastal ; 

gh^paU gh<ip voalial. v.n. fjij^apedul. 
Barley, s. orbn^e. (a grain of-) orbUsha, 

(husk of-) ^arhata. (-bread) orbHshlna. 

(-gruel) o^ra. (-grits) dal, bata. 
Barm, s. Miamlra, ioma or tomna, mdya. 
Bam, s. iblrman, dirmand, ambdr^kkdna. 
Barrack, s. spdAh^dna, urdUt dal. 
Barrel, s. nal, nail, skpela-h (-bellied) yayor, 

gcda^Kar, Wieta-vcar. 
Barren, a. (animal or tree) shanda. (land) 

ddg,z2}dr,skdr. (saline) kkhoran. (sandy) 

skiff Ian, AliiglofoA. 
Barrenness, s. skand^rcdlai, s^and^tob. 
Barricade, a. sangar, bdra, katsa*bandi. 
Barrier, s. pdla, brld or brltf badd. 

Barter, a. adal-badal, plot, t^ana, saudd, 

i^h ptral'ploral, rdkrak'?carkraA, v.a« 

adal^badal', plor-, etc. k., chana tcakuL 
Base, a. pallt, murJdr, dan, bardml, bad'^dt, 

kam^a^l, be nog, (-coin) nd*sarak,jiltah. 
Base, Basis, s. dra, itekk, kansat, bUnsat 

bunydd, pdya, pkkha^ sar. 
Baseness, s. ddn'i, bardmhtob, bad'Zdtl, etc. 
Bashful, a. shann-ndk, hayd'Udk or hayd-ddr, 

ffkalrat'ndk or /^airat-man. 
Basin, s. (of wood) kandai or karurai, bUgA. 

(of pottery) kandol, kandolai. (kneading-) 

kkJidnak. 0}eggiir*S')kar!ikol. (wash-hand-) 

taskt, lagan. (dogV) d^at. 
Bask, v.a. pitdo*, mcar-, or-, etc. ta kkhke-^ 

Basket, s. tokra-h (flat-) skkarai or shkorai 

or skker, kk^karai. (fruit-) kaivdra, kdra. 

(winnowing-) (jiaj, tjap. (safe-) (jakai. 

(clothes-) /a>j;a«y. (bread-)5anrarfa. (withy-) 

Bass, a. bog, dad. 
Bastard, s. b<vrdml, bardm-zddakf Mc^fd* 

Baste, v.a. wakal, tahaitul, hltal, at^attraL 

(sevr) gandal, pezal, bezal. 
Bastion, a. bruj, morvha, damdama. 
Bat, s. kkhdpcrak. skaparak. 
Batch, 8. gundl ; nugkd^ zdt. 
Bath, 8. (cold-) gkusl. (vapour-) bamnidm. 
Bathe, v.a. gkusl k., lanbal. v.n. lanbedal. 
Baton, 8. ainsd, latcar, kotak. 
Battalion, s. paltan. 
Batter, v.a. fcalial. takanul, kiltal, narawul, 

daf'dar*, ^Ur-^tlr-, kand^kapar-, etc. k. 
Battery, s. nwr^a, danidama. 
Battle, B.jang. (-array) fslra, para^basta, 

Battlement, •• kangura. 
Bawl, T.a. naralp diiykawul, ndre*, d^ig^, 

etc. tca/iuL 

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( 19» ) 


Bay, a. sHr. (si')jah. (to stand at-)JflA ked. 

Bayonet, a. st^^a^ sangln. 

Be, v.n. kedal, shtccU, osedaL 

Beach, a. ghara. 

Beacon, a. nakkha, nikkhdn. mundra, tsalai. 

Bead, a. (stone) mara-u (glass) maMa^ra. 

<jet) shaba. 
Beak, s. makklnlka. Mlka, shuka. 
Beam, s. benshjakara,laharai^patera^ harga. 
Bean, s. lobiyd. 
Bear, s. yag, melu, Mirs. 
Bear, v.a. 9cral, rdrvral; zghamal^ petsaL 

y.n. saltal, sakedaL (-young) zegedal, 

Beard, s. gira, fish, (of grasses) banbal, 

lasha, shorn, (grey-) spln'glrcu. (-less) 

Bearer, s. Ktrunkai ; zghamUnkai^ etc. 
Beast, 8. dzaiWLKar^ ftaircdn. (wild-) rcajish. 

(-of prey) dad. (-of burthen) Idr^kakkh. 

sutUr. (quadruped) tsdntai, ddba. 
Beastliness, s. gandagl, patUl, murddri; 

liaircdn^tob^ dangar^tob. 
Beastly, a. gandah, patU, murddr. 
Beat, v.a. fca/tal, talMiml^ kutal; pa-ar; 

mdt'f Idndi', etc. A., bared mUndal or gatal. 
Beaten, a. rvahalai, takanulai, kutalai ; 

pa-ar, mat. 
Beater, s. rvahnnkai, etc. ; pa-ar-, etc. Aa- 

tvUnhai, tva-ar, barai mUndUnkai or ga- 

Beating, s. rcahal^ tvahana, kutana, kutal, 

takaTvul, takawUna ; pa-ar kawUna, etc. 
Beau, 8. tataif tain^l, bdnkiyd^ dauti. 
Beautiful, a. kkhdyastaL kkhkulai^ ^ub 

snrat^pa-h or p^'ma^ai. 
Beautify, T.a. kkhdyastah k., kkhdyast fcar* 

katvul, an^orarvul. (-oneaelO singdr-f 

kkhewo'f etc. k. 
Beauty, a. kM&yost, UldyashKdkd^ jordb^ 

krdh*wfah,paA makh^tob. 

Because, c. 4^aka^ ska, kaila. 
Beckon, y.a. is^drat k.. Ids (sandaL 
Become, y.n. s^wal, kedal, osedal; pirzo-, 

Id-iq-f mundsib-t etc. ked. 
Bed, 8. be^dnra. (-stead) kat, pdJang, manf* 

(-coverlet) brastan^Widf. (-mattress) told-lf 

nihdtt^ taltak. (-cushion) bdUkkht^ bdUn, 

bdJlkkhtak. (-sheet) tsddar. pdlang pokkk. 

(-time) md^ustan or mdsMiUtan. (-ridden) 

a. zmol, zam^zambolai or zam^zmokd. 
Bee, a. maclta-u (honey-) ghlauza or /oiera, 

mach'tnadiai. (black-) teeo-a. (-hive)ytf^ 

boia, garblnaif kkhor. 
Beet, a. diughandar or ^uqandar. 
Beetle, a. gUngat, ghpzaXt, ghozakarhn, TAor 

atak, cfidnri. (mallet) dabalai, bag^dar, 

Befall, v.n. ndziledal, prercaial, rasedal, 

ftdq*% ked. 
Before, p. paMwd, wrUnbe, wrdnde, qabl, 

drcrdnde, ma^ kkhke. 
Beforehand, ad. awfvat, fvrHnbe, peshtar. 
Beg, y.2L.gadd'l k., khair ghokkhtal; tninnat-^ 

saicdl't etc. k. 
Beget, v.a. zegjarcul, zotoul, bldrbawul, da* 

katvul, paidd k., ikigdra k. 
Beggar, 8. gadde, paqir, mujlis, kangdl, nesi* 

man, ^nr^. 
Beggary, a. gadd-l, gadd-tob, paqlri, Mfcdri. 
Begin, T.a. sktiril\ ibtidd-, darak-, etc. k. 
Beginner, a. shitrfC katvUnkai, mubtadi. 
Begone, in. (fza ! Ure ^a! nruk §ha! ^Hbet 
Behalf, a. tcdsUa, kLdfir, dapdra, pa ^aqq. 
Behave, v.a. sulak k. v.n. ckaledal, ramedaU 
Behaviour, s. ^d/, d^alan, t^iriqa, suliik. 
Behind, p. wrusto, dumbdl, pastana,pa ^d. 
Behold, in.gora/ tvu^garaf wu wlnaf 
Behove, Y.n.ldzim-,fcdjib', mundsib-, etc. ked. 
Belch, 8. agramai, argai, dakdr, te^. v.a. 

agramai', etc. bdsal^astal or ^ 
Belief* $« bdwar, Ctibdr; Imdn, dbtu 

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( 200 ) 


Believe, v.a. bdjcar-, etc. k. op laral; imdn-, 

etc. rdwroL 
Believer, s. bdrccur kaicUnkai ; imdri'ddr, 

mUmn, nCutaqid. 
Bell, 8. zangola^ zang^ jcuroM^ jangaitrari, 

Belle, 8. ndcUrOf ndznlna^ pa-l 7?iaMa. 
Bellow, v.a. 7iaral, nard-, 7idre-, etc. rcahal. 

v.n. ghurunbedalf gAurdltedal. 
Bellows, 8. bana-lt pUgar, 
Belly, 8. geda, Meta ; nas. (-acbe) kdnga. 

(-fretting) qur^quroL 
Belong, T.n. lagedal, 7iisbat ked», kedaL 
Beloved, a. maftbab, mayan. 
Below, ad. kkhkatUf Wtkiya. IdTide, kuz, lar. 
Belt, 8. tasma^ rog^ baTid. (wai8t-) kamar^ 

Aisa. (sword-) pata. (shoulder-, orna- 
mental) banda-h 
Bench, s. ta^a^ dunkdcha. 
Bend, v.a. titarvul^ kagatvul. v.n. tltedal, 

kagedal^ kdlkUch-^ kagUch-, etc. ked* 
Beneath, p. Idnde^ daldnde, kknhata, kkfthiya. 
Benediction, s. du*d, dud da ^afr, tabarruk. 
Benefactor, s. da rCi7natU7io bakkhUnkaL 

kkhegara karvUnkaU khairdt tcarkaTvUnltai. 
Beneficent, a. bakkha7ia kanUnliai, foi^-f or 

--n^itnat rasawUnkai. 
Beneficial, a. khhali.farida^. sud-, iiaf^Or^ etc. 

Benefit, s. Hhegara,gata, sad, bthbudtJcL-ida. 
Benevolent, 8. saMh saMdfcad, Mairdtl, 

Bent, a. tit, kogu 

Benumbed, a. qarqe^an, marghechati, Udah. 
Bequeath, v.a. hiba-f mlrdt', etc. k. 
Bequest, s. tnlrdif or mtrdt, kiba, tarka. 
Bereave^ v.a. dMUtal, ikukawul, lilts k. 
Berry, s. ddna. 

Beseech, v.a. tmnnat', d^ud^p etc. A. 
Beside, ad. tsaM*a or Matsa, mjde,pa tsang, 

pa ara^ppa dade. 

Besides, p. ^tcd, ziydt, ^aldwa, nor. 

Besiege, v.a. Iki^drawul or Udratvul, ger A. 

Bespeak, v.a. numar k. 

Best, a. ghcarah^ der kMak, la tola na kkhak. 

Bestow, v.a. baHJ^l, Tvarka7cul, kkJiafidal. 

Bet, v.a. shart taroL 

Betimes, ad. tcaMti* 

Betray, v.a. ghulatvul, tagV, puduH-, etc. k.t 

parda porta k., JJoKdla itayaL 
Betroth, v.a. kojdan k. 
Betrotlial, s. kojdan, kojdana, kojda. 
Betrothed, a. (-youth) cJianghoL (-maid) 

Better, a. gh7tarakf an^ldtar, bihtar. 
Between, ad. pa mandz (or myand^ kk^he^ 
Beverage, s. skarbat, tskkh dk. 
Bevy, 8. sail, ghol; park, tolai; k/jel. 
Bewail, v.a. tvd7vaild-, zdri^farydd-, etc. k. 

(-the dead) ;r7r k., naind nayaU 
Beware, y.n. pohedal, ikabar^ddr-, ho kkhy dr-^ 

bcuddr-, dgdh-, etc. osedal or ked. v.a. 

parhez; pahm-, etc. k. 
Bewilder, v.a. hariydna7tul, rabrarvul, sar» 

garddna7vul, /tekkh't kak'pak-, hak'liairdn-, 

etc. k. 
Bewitch, v.a. nazar lagawul, sitvrai d^arvul, 

Itod k., ghulafvul./areftah'^mayan', etc. k. 
Beyond, ^.pore, lire, kagha 1d^d,pore ghdra, 

bdhar, tcard or wardya. 
Bias, 8. khfcd, mina, zrek, 7nrasia, rujil*a. 

v.a. M^d girzawul, la^nsa^vul, 7Ha4l', 

ma-ildn-, grokedak, etc. k. 
Blhle, B. kitdb. (Pentateuch) ^at/r^^ (Psalms) 

zabur. (Gospels) OTylL (Muhammad's) 

qurdn, furqOn. 
Bicker, v.a. chigha7vul, ratal, tratal, ddral, 

qa:;iya-,jagra', etc. *. 
Bier, s. tdbut, da muji taJ^ta. 
Biestings, a. wargak. 
Big, 8, loe, g^at, katah, siar. 
Bile, 8. triMai, zahra, fofiiL 

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( 201 ) 


Bilious, a. ^cJ'rHrl. 

Billy 8. (bird's) makhhuka. (account) JttB&b. 
(note) liuj^at^ tamassuk. (-of exchange) 
hunda-l. (-of sale) qihdla, lHU*a»ndma. 

Bind, y.a. taral^ layan:ul,joraituL (a book) 
juz* OTJild'bandl k. 

Binder, s. tarankai, tarUncu. (in comp.) -band. 

Binding, a. tarUn, 7candanau (book-) jild' 

Biography, s. tazklra^ rmdyaL 

Bird, 8. mart/kah^ mar^m. (-catcher) 
mas^Adr, kjchkari. (-lime) sleHh. (-net) 
ddm, daba-i^ jdl, djca^gaza. (-noose) 
ghundarai, Ircina^ lama, lomaka. (-springe) 
lat^ talaka, kurka-u (-trap) parka, konrd. 

Birth, 8. zowa/i, zotvUna^ z€g.edeli, zcgcdina, 
tarcallud, paidd-ish. (-place) Katan, da 
paidd'ikkht dzde. (-day) da tawallud 
wradz. (-right) haqq da mashari. 

Biscuit, 8. kak, kaJtora. (sweet-) amrasa. 

Bit, 8. tota, total, fdiatjqsa. (of food) 
mcara-l, tuk. (of a horse) mlana, qd-iza, 

Bitch, 8. spa-h (-in heat) spayama or spa-cma. 

Bite,v.a. chichal,k!iwural,ddral,diaji lagaicuL 

Bitter, a. trM, talfii. 

Bittern, s. baglai, kablau 

Bitterness, 8. trl^'fvdlai, tnkL'tob, tr'tJJi-tiyd. 

Bitumen, s. qafr ulyahnd. 

Black, a. tor. (jet-) tck tor. 

Blacken, T.a. toratvul. v.n. toredal. 

Blackguard, 8. charland, t^at, vhulur, bad* 
nCash, laralai, liardml, lu^ lattand, laro 
tsato, ka^ar. 

Blackish, a. tor^shdn. 

Blackmail, s. bUnga. 
Blacksmith, s. lohdr, dhanyar> 
Bladder, s. pakanra-l. 

Blade, s. palka, ttgh. (of grase) ybatax. 
(of scissors) para^ pal. (of plough) pdla^ 

Blame, s. maldmat^ *aib, taqxlr, qufUr, Koldl^ 

gundh. T.a. maldmatattulf rated, tratal. 
Blameable, a. maldmatl, taq^lri, gunah-gdr. 
Blameless, a. be gundh, be qus^Hr, be maldmat. 
Blamelessly, ad. nd-haqq, be sabab, begundk, 

Bland, a. post, noi-m, Hog, muld-im. 
Blandishment, s. ndz, nakhra, karashma^ 

makez ; kkhoca, singdr, dauL 
Blank, a. ta-ash or t*hh, Mdli, spin, sddak 
Blanket, s. sharort, krdsta. 
Blaspheme, v.a. kitfr tcayoL 
Blast, 8. (breath) pUk, pUkcd. (wind) sllorl, 
jakar, cliapa. (sound) bdng, d)cdz, ghag. 
Blast, v.a. dlit:dzartul,/and k., baroddawul, 

ttrukojtid*, H'here k. 
Blaze, 8. IdJdiara, lanba, bdmbatjra, ddnda-i. 

bardnda, ghardnda. v.a. IdMara-, etc. i. 
Bleach, v.a. splnarcul, spetsoL 
Bleak, a. sor, yakh. 

Blear, a. ohjan, dund, M't^^c^^h l€^an, zarvlan. 
Bleat, v.a. bregan-, me me-^ etc. /•. v.m 

Bleed, v.n. tc medal, tvoie bal/edal. v.a. rag 

fvalial, wine bdsal^ydstal. 
Blemish, s. *aib, qu^dr, ddgk, tor, rakhna. 
Bless, v.a. d'ud-, tabarruk-, etc. k., barakat 

Blessing, 8. d*ud, da kJjoir, barakat, tabarruk. 
Blight, 8. torka-l, sitrld^-l. 
Blind, a. rUnd. (eXoxte-) tap rUnd. (night-) 

shamkor or shokor. v.a. randatvul, nH^ 

bind k. v.n. randedal. 
Blindfold, v.a. starge putawul. (-cattle) 

Miolai taral. (-hawks) topa-l pasarcuvuL 
Blindness, 8. rand-tvalai, rund4iyd. (night-) 

Blink, v.a. starge tcahalt dzezme rapoKul^ 

dzanbal or ^amaL 
Blister, 8. taurdka, pUla-lp matdka. 
Blithe, a. kkli^f khu^^dil, l^andd^rts. 

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( 202 ) 


Bloat, v.a. parsatvul. v.n. pnrsedal. 
Block, s. t^t, mtlnd, garga^ kunda. 
Blockade, v.a. lihdrcuvul or Isdratcul, band- 

Blockhead, s. ffedi^Mar^ TJiar^ pnhar, dHzai. 
Blood, 8. jvlnc. (-shed) k/tiln. (breed) ^a^, 

roy, ad, nog., (-stained) pa tvino habatah. 
Bloom, v.n. filkedal, zarghUnedal^ ghwaredal. 
Blossom, e. f/hUfa-h g^l» v.n. khitaredal, 

sparcdalf spardai ked.^ ghivaredal, etc. 
Blot, 8. laka, ta/iaif datjh ; 'ail, ndniUs. tor. 
Blow, 8. guzdr. (of fist) gasa, dab, ^flk, fas. 

(of breath) pilk, pUkai. (of wind) slla-l. 
Blow, v.a. (a fire) pultal, pUk tvahul. (as 

wind) v.u. dhcatal, chaUdaL (as a flower) 

tnkcdal, f/h/varedal, sparcdal, spardai hed. 

(a bogle) v.a. ghagawuL (-out) mur-, sor-, 

etc. /:. (-down) ringarai k. 
Bludgeon, s. hotak, larcar, dang. 
Blue, a. shui', nil', dstndm-, etc. -rang. 
Blunder, s. l^hatd. v.a. li^atd k. 
Blunderbuss, s. r^hardhm, mjf'shtkan. 
Blunt, a. pa-ats or p^uts. (-ness) 8. pa-ats* 

Blur, 8. dd^, *aib, tar, laka, taliai. 
Blurt, v.a. parda prdnatal, yhwala vcayaJ. 
Blush, v.n. skarmedaL 
Bluster, v.a. lap waliul, tar^tar k., dam rcahaX. 
Blusterer, s. Idpal:, tarai, dUzak. daz. 
Boar, 8. sarkazai, kharbisJioe, IJtug% (wild-) 

zodar, matak. 
Board, s. talhta. (writing-) laub, pata-h 

(food) fsH'h dk Ihwur&k. 
Boast, v.a. lap-, Idpa-^ dam-^ etc. rcahal or k. 
Boasting, s. Idpa, lap skdp, dam. 
Boat, 8. bera-l^ kiskta-i. (bridge of-) put, 

jisr. (-man) mdorgai, mahaarah, matldh. 
Bodkin, s. sald-h slMicha, stan, dui. 
Body, 8. tan,jii^Fia, silrat, nujud, jism. (in 

comp.) anddm. (of men, etc.) tolai, tolgai, 

gliOl, park, Hel, ianba,Jirqa. 

Bog, 8. bokkM, bokkhtenna, yala, taramna^ 

Boil, v.a. eskawul or yaskawul, HuC A. v.n* 

eskedal or yaskedal, ^Ut ked. 
Boil, 8. ddna, nanaka-l. (blackhead-) tora* 

ddna. (^cne-) (fzfvdnaka. iheiiir)garmaka. 

(whitlow) Mdrai, sklnai. (carbuncle) 

kkhandza. (abscess) hkhalUna, lUna 
Boiler, s. Ickam, karahai, deg, de^ka. 
Boiling, 8. esknd, MiUtkaii ya^^dnd or 

Boisterous, a. tund, tez, mast. 
Bold, a. maranai, zreh^war, tUrzan, baJiddur, 

dildivar, be bdk; gustdMi, ckHnkcu, mtak. 
Boldness, a. mardna, zraJi^war'tob, tUrzan* 

tob, baliddiirJ, maranVtob, be bdki; gus 

tdMh 'SkoMh ch^nkl'tob, be maMi*tob, be 

Bolster, s. bdlakkkt, bdtln, talcya. 
Bolt, 8. hdl, meMdkU, bala-l, jarandaA, 

Bond, 8. band, dzolana, dzel, kara-l, zan^lr. 

(note) hujjat, tamassuk. {xxmon) petvand, 

band, jorikkht. (blood) ragai, M^pulawl, 

riskta, ivdbastagi. (compact) mdda, tarUn, 

tara, bandanr, laf^. 
Bondage, s. qaid, band, bandl^tob ; bandagl, 

gkuldml, mra-e^tob. 
Bondmaid, %. wlndza, kanlza, barda. 
Bondman, s. mra-e, gkutdm. 
Bondsman, 8. ^dmin,yargkamdloTyarg^amat. 
Bone, 8. had, IiadUkai. 
Bonfire, 8. duna, aldo, ddnda-h 
Bonny, a. ikhdyastah, IMkulai, pa^^maliai 

or pej^maMiai, pa-vmakA. 
Bony, a. hadawar. 

Booby, s.sddah'dil,pilkar,gecU'Mar,kam'^aql. 

Book, 8. kitdb. (bound-) ^'i2tf. (unbound-) 

juz. (-stand) rahel. (in comp.) -ndma. 

(-binding) juz* or jild^bandH. (-boarda) 

kdnta-l. {•hinier) jild-gar, faib^^ 

Digitized by 



( 203 ) 


Boon* i« g^artlmatf fCimat, barakai^ Sa^t ; 

tndm, bakh kMhiknh. bakkhana. a* ^tZ^t^* 

^7, kkhdd. Mandd'fUe, f^H.^^Uil/a. 
Boor» 8. gamdr^ ghundayahf Ircdr^ pU/iar, 

Boot, 8. rnoza^ (hakma. (for women) jasta. 

(to-) tid.paffafe,pa Tverif/d^paziydtfjunya. 
Booth, 8. frnpar, kudalu, mana^jUngara. 
Bootless, a. 'oio^, be Jd-ida^ nlma^Mpcd, 

Booty, 8. luffpatOf shaia, tdla, gharaJt. 
Borax, 8. tanrakdr. 
Border, 8. Itadd, brld, pula ; ghdra^ marga ; 

tsanda, ticlmafja-i, laman. 
Bore, v.a. barma^, aUrai-^ etc. A:., 8i^a/. 

Bom, a. zoivufai, zegedalai, paidd §hawai. 

(in comp.) -zadah^ -zai^ -dzoe^ 
Born, v.n. zer/icdal, zowul, paidd ked. 
Borrow, wfx.por-^qar:;', etc. dljMstcil* (a thing 

to be returned) 'driyat-d^istal. 
Borrower, 8. porajcurai, qar:i^'ddr. 
Bosom, 8. (embrace) gheg^ ghUzai. (chest) 

tatar. (breast) sina. 
Both, a. dfvdrah, dttah*Kdrak* 
Bottle, 8. kkh i kkh a. 

Bottom, 6. fccJslif taf, mUiid ; kilnsaf, bUnsat. 
Bottomless, a. be pdydn, nd'pdydw or nd» 

Bough, 8. (sfmya, Ixhrdnga^ lakkhta. (large-) 

kkhafdi, Mand, tdl. 
Bound, v.a. danyaU top tcaJiult trapfaL v.n. 

trapcdal, yhKurzedaL (ricochet) v.a. 

ilndah uahaL (limit) v.a. pUla-^ bnd*, 

badd'f etc. taraL 
Boundary, s. pilla, liodd^ brld. 
Boundless, a. be Itadda^ be a)ida, be ^dna, 

be nilidyafa, be f/iydsa. 
Bountiful, a. saHl, salidwati, fai:^-rasdnf 

kkhandana-. bakkhana: etc. kawUnkai. 
Bounty, s. sa^'/ntfcat, sak^htob^ bakkhana. 

B6tr« ff. mAEm, adah ; fU^wdlai.. 

Baw-,. 8. tinda, llnda-l, iatndn. (-string) ja-U 

(middle ot) mUtai. (horn of-) ghKagai^ 

Mdm. (notch, of-) rfA-yir. (-for practice). 

damresha-u (pellet-) jj^wr-^awiawa. (pellet*^ 

cup) pdta-U (bar of cup) panjakai. (-of 

a fiddle) kamdnd^a. (rain-) da buda-l tdl^ 

sara^shna kdsa, (to bend a-) v.a. Ja-l 

bdnde k. (to unbend a-) v.a.^a-i kuzarcuL 

(-maker) kamdn^gar. 
Bow, v.a. titaicuL v.n. tltedaL 
Bowels, 8. larmdnah, hdme. (of niminants) 

Bower, s. (Aopdl, jUngara, (sapor, dzo^* 

Bowl, 8. (pottery) kandot, kandolai. (glazed-) 

zarghnn-kcmdol. (china-) c£l27ia-t or ^iita-l. 

(wooden-) kdsa^ pina, kut^a-t or kunda-u 

(metal-) katorai. 
BoXp^^ndUq, s^andUq^a. (clothes-) ^aunra-u 

(band-) tarta^g^ (trinket*) harpa-x. (pill-) 

dablai. Qn comp.) '^dn. (blow) tsapera 

Boy, 8. halak. tcorkai. (school-) jav^cai. 

(plough*) ghunddyaK (dancing-) lakhhtai^ 

Boyhood, s. halak'Tvdlcu, rciUk'frdlai, jaari'^ 

Brace, s. tatUn^ fanra-f, wandanai ; Idngdp 

piydrma, kakkha ; jora^juft, qulba. 
Brace, v.a. klakawul, tanganrul, tlngcutul, 

Bracelet, s. (above elbow) ma-atkai, bdzU* 

band, (below elbow) bdku^ bangjau iat 

wrist) kanganr^ karai, fcakkhai^ gajrak. 
Bracket, s. cfarot, Taf\ puskta, aram. 
Brackish, a. mdlgln, kkkora'ndk ; Uiw. 
Braid, v.a. odal. 
Brain, s. fndgkzak. 
Brake, s. karkanra.jdra^ fdmbfa. 
I Bramble, s. karkaarct, jdra ; agJ^aif g^na. 

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( 204 ) 


Bran, b. sUrl, bilt-aUft, gadzdri. 

Branch, s. ikhdlhf tjanpa^ Mand. (famfly-) 

Aor^ nadfpiisht, ahvdd. 
Brand, wa. ddf^amtl, nu^aigidal—lkkliodal; 

tor-, tu/imcU', etc. pore k., maMi'torai k. 
Brandifih, v.a. (jandattuL 
Brass, s. ziyar. 
Brave, a. maranai^ zrelo^rar^ tflrzan^ laid- 

dur, takralif via:;bili^ dlldicar. 
Bravery, s. mardna^ mardi, zra/orcar'tob, etc. 
Bravo, in. shdbdsh 1 dprin I 
Brawl, v.a.jaffra-, fja:;iya', etc. ^., chisL<^^^f- 
Brawler, B.jafffda, takrdrl^japg'ydlai. 
Bray, v.n. hiuredal. 

Breach, s. chdttd, (mk^ darz ; kandam^ chrrand. 
Bread, s. doda-h (leavened-) Manura. (un- 

leavened-) pattra. (barley-) orbu.^lna. 

(maize-) sukrak. (millet-) kkamarha, pi- 

ydha. (mixed meal-) rdra^ brora. (dry-) 

spora dodaA. (-of charily) ^ikarai, char. 
Breadth, s. p/an'U'dlai, arat'jvd/ai, sor or pfor. 
Break, v.a. mdtaicul. (-to atoms) rhur'dar-^ 

dar'Jaf't kand-kapar-, rndt^gud-^ etc. k. 
Breakfast, s. ndrai or nakdrai^ ndAta^ 

trnkkhCt. (-during Lent) pesh^manai or 

•namai or •lamaL 
Breast, s. slna. (nipple) tai. (-band) ta^or. 
Breastplate, s. diaprds. 
Breastwork, e. savffar^ mard'raic^ fo-ffd. 
Breath, s. m or zdk^ dam or dama. 
Breathe, v.a. «d-, dam-^ etc. dfdi'utal or rdJ:d- 

yul'-rdkkJikaL (-upon) damcuvul, dam k. 
Breeches, s. paring.^ skabvdr. 
Breed, s. a^/, na^l, ^dt, rag^rlkkka^ nogai, 

zdd*zajczdt^ rang. 
Breed, v.a. jmlal^ partcaral ; zcgaitul^ fiaxl* 

paiddk. y.n. langedal^ zcgedal; bldrbedal^ 

warla kcd. 
Breeding, s. pdfinna^ panvarhk ; tarbiyaf, 

Vatim ; /awya, bldrba^ narla^ daka. 
Breeze, s. haitd^ bdd, bddnkau vtagma. 

Brethren, s. fcrHtjraA, *aztzdfu 

Brevity, s. land-Kdlaif land*tiy(L 

Bribe, s. bada^ riskKot, 9nok, 

Brick, s. kkakkhta. (-bat) tota, rora. (-dust) 
sitrtkh (-kiln)y>a;a. (-layer) /m/Zd/. 

Bridal, a. ndjceyat. 

Bride, s. 7id?c€. (bride's maid) Krd'bdtjra-i^ 
jvrc'oza op tvreyaza, mdnja-u (bride's 
female servant) Inga. 

Bridegroom, s. zalmai. (bridegroom's man) 
?crd'bdiirai,jdnji^ mdnjU 

Bridge, s. puL (-of nose) tmJond, tanbeza 
or tambdzai or tambdzak. (of fiddle) tatd, 
klargax. (to make a-) Y.z.])id iaral. 

Bridle, s. ;raya, mldna ; jalab or jalaw. (of 
cord) gaplf pd-l. (camel's-) 2>€Ztcd7u 

Brief, a. land^ kotdh. 

Brigade, s. tuman^ dasta. 

Brigand, s. f^al^ shdk'mdr^ qa:;:;dq. 

Bright, a. ruijr^ roH-kdn. tdhndJ:; spin, .^Jn. 

Brighten, v.a. rdarajcul^ splnamdf pukattui^ 
rokkhdn k. v*n. runredal^ dzalcdal or 
dzal kcd. brckkkcdal ; sp'atcdal, shin-, 
pdJi'^ etc. ked. 

Brightness, s. ranrd, brekkhi%d^ roHlmd-h 

Brim, s. morga^ ghdra^ tsanda. 

Brimstone, s. gogar or gogiL 

Brindled, a. brag^gag, cJirag^brag, ablaq. 

Briny, s. vmlg'tn. (brine) tuafglna oba. 

Bring, v.a. (-animate objects) rdivustaL (-in- 
animate objects) rdicral. (-forth young) 
langcdal. (-off) barha?vuL (-up) pdlal, 
panvaraL (-under) Idnde k. 

Brink, 8. gkdra, miorga^ tsanda, dada. 

Brisk, a. ^ust,(]idldk,takrahttund,garandau 

Bristle, v.a. (as the hair or skin) itcH-htak-^ 
gkdnd't etc. -zigedal or ivaldredaL s. da 
sarkdzJ tcckkhtah. 

Brittle, a. ndzuk^ mdtedUnai, narai, spuk. 

Broad, a. plan, arat, $ara*tcar or psora^war. 

Broadcloth, s. bandt. 

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( 205 ) 


Broadness, s. plan'Tvdlai, arat'fcdlai^ sor or 

Brocade, s. klmldiKdb^ zar^haft^ nmqqaisj^. 
Broil, v.a. ^vntaivid, kabdhaKul, teyal^talafvul. 
Broken, a. inCit. (-to bits) mdt-gud, kand* 

kapai% tjfur'chilr, dandaf. 
Broker, 8. dalldl. 
Bronchocele, s. ^t(r. 

Brood, 8. zurczdd or zauzdt, ahcdd, bachh 
Brood, v.n. f/hamedal^ nUledal, karedal\Jikr' 

man-, andekh^man-^ Tviswdst^f etc. ked. 

(sit on eggs) kurkcdal, kuraka ked. 

Brook, 8. /aHJitai,na/iar,ardklf,7valla,M^<^r* 

(dry bed of-) kanda, kas, sJiela. 
Broom, s.jdrH, 
Broth, 8. H'/tonvd. 
Brother, s. wror. (elder-) mashar rvror. 

(younger-) kis!i<^r rvror. (middle-) mandz- 

rtai wror. (foster-) da tl- or da to wror. 

(full-) sakah ivror. (half-) nd-sakah tvror. 

(•in-law) aKhkhau (husband's-) tercar. 

(-hood) rvrorlf rvror^nallf 7vror'ffahcl, ivror* 

Brow, s. ?ciiclf7ru/ai or rvucharfai, tafidai, 

kolak, (-of a hill) kamar^ taraL 
Brown, a, viu.^/fkai, ior, Ijha-ar. (light-) 

sperah. (dark-) sHr^bor. 
Browse, v.a. portid. (tend at-) phjdydl. v.n. 

Bruise, v.a. blodal, 6fila7Vid, dzabali kutal, 

fakamiL (-grain) dal k. 
Brush, 8. (weaver's-) md/a, (foxV) fakai. 

v.a.jdru h. (-clothes) tsandal. 
Brushwood, s. (haPffal,JQr,jd7nbra. 
Brutal, a. be durd, be rahm, saJM'dil, dzabajt, 

bairvdm. ^ 

Brute, 8. hai?vdn, dad, dzaTidirar. 
Bubble, 8. hulbula or burbura^ ghdai^jayii* 

v.n. cshedal^ jf^at ked., IJiutsedaL 
Bubo, 8. f^umba, f/hunddrai, ztarili. 
Buck| 8. o$ai» (-rabbit) ^oe. 

Bucket, 8. boka, ta^draU satal; dabta. 

gadhal; sofdgj^a. 
Buckle, 8. kcu-a-lf gkarabbai. 
Buckler, 8. ddl, sipar. (-handle) Idstai, mUtoL 

(-cushion ) gadai. (-boss) pairai. 
Bud,8.^0/a-t. (leaf-) ^a;2^a/. y.n.tHkedaL 

flhrcaredal, zarg^Unedal. v.a. red-, qalam-^ 

etc. k. 
Buffalo, 8. mekkht gdrcmekkh* f. mekkha. 

(young-) katai. (two-year-old-) jotak. 

(bull-) sandali. 
Buffoon, 8. foql, toq^mdr, tvaskil, fvasht^mdrf 

malandai^ ma$khardrhl, pekkhe*gar. 
Buffoonery, s. toqa^ ivashta^ malanda, mas- 

Bug, 8. mungaur, katmal. (tree-) MasaL 
Bugbear, s. bdga, bagalolaif bau. 
Bugle, 8. tifrai. (Bugler) turi'tndr. 
' Build, v.ix.jorarvuL 
Building, s. kandar, mdnra-i, kota, kar» 
Bulb, 8. ghlfa, (jhuta-u (garlic-) palau 
Bulk, 8. ghaUndlax, loe*ndlax. 
Bulky, a. ghat, loe, ndpaw ^^^^» ^/rf*,^£yar. 
Bull, 8. hlndah or m'mdah. (-calf) sf^ni. 
Bullet, 8. mardaka or mardak, gola-u 
Bullion, 8. srak-zar, spln-zar. 
Bullock, 8. ghrcayai or ghna-e gkutskai. dan* 

gar. (z{e(^v)zdrai,skL^tandarkotat^zM^f^'^' 

Bully, s.zdlm,zord^car,luqa/tf daZpZorUnkai^ 
Bulrush, 8. lukha, kahai, nal, badagdf.. 
Bump, 8. pdrsob, rndtds, matdka, ^Unda^ 

pilpaka, pund. 
Bunch, 8. gkotai, gkUn^a, Moska^ 
Bundle, s. gdtfai, petal, gedaz, panda, pan^^ 

Ukai. (-of hay) bcda, kahhhj^ta.. 
Bung, 8. bnja, dida, khulborai, siofo^ 
Buoyant, a. spuk, pdydrcai^ 
Bur, B.jiskai, kandala-h 
Burden, s. bdr. v.a. bdr drhanrul or k.; 


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( 206 ) 


Bnrdensome, a. drUna, pUn, sa^t 
Barglar, s. ghal^ kandar- or gUi mdtofcUniai, 
Burglary, a. ^Id, kandar- orgUt mdtarcUna. 

(to commit-) v.a. kandar- or gUt mdiaicul 

or i., naqb'zanl k. 
Burial, %. khaHhawUna. kkaWtedina. (ser- 
vice) jandza. (-ground) gorisidn, qabr- 

Burlesque, s. toga, malanda, mazdJ^. 
Burn, v.a. srca^awul, sedzaivul; balawul. 

v.n. STcal^ se^alf baledal. 
Burning, s. strai ; scdzana ; bakdana ; balor 

Burnish, v.a. rUnrattulg ^olkaTVul, rohjchdn'f 

saiqal-f sdf-, pdk-, brekkh'tidk-. etc. k. 
Burrow, v.a. siirai- or sUra-^ ghdr-^ surang-^ 

etc. ^., or kanarvdalt or kanat, or kanastoL 
Burst, v.n, cj^drrdal, prak didtvdal, s^ledal, 

(^redatf chdq kcd. (-into) dUsa k. (-out) 

mdtedal. (-upon) rd^mdi ked. 
Bury, v.a. khakkhamuL 
Bush, 8. butai^jdra, dakcA. 
Bushel, 8. ogau (a quarter-) kurcd. 
Business, s. kdr, kasb, peska, ^erca. 
Buskin, s. sugul; mdsa-l. 
Bustard, s. (sdrai, Ma-anmor, ftUbdrah, tugh- 

B us tie, 8. dialchald^ hatsa^ tag*o^ dau^ tagd'pU. 
Busy, a. lagiyd, mashghuL 
But, c. lekin^ mangar^ tvale, balki, sitvd. 
Butcher, s. gas^db. v.a. Jtaldlarcul; ttajlal 

or fcajalf qatl^, marg-, Mi^n-^ mur; etc. k. 
Butt, 8. nakkha^ mukha. (-with the head) 

takar^ daghara or daqara. v.a. fakar-, 

etc. wahal. 
Butter, 8. kurh. (preserved-) ghtcar^. 
Butterfly, s. puralioi, tdrUgai, kambahi-i, 

Buttermilk, a. s^omh or ^lombe. (sour-) 

Buttock, i. knndtai, sarin. 

Button, 8. ghotai. (-loop) tanra-li gUtmd, 
palftdkid, gkards^d. 

Buttress, s. piishti^ aram. 

Buxom, a. takraJi^ didg, tdzah, Mdndd^rUe. 

Buy, v.a. piral or pira?cdal, pa boTedkiistaL 

Buzz, v.n. bonredaL 

Buzzing, 8. bonr, bonrkai, bonredana. 

By, p. pa. i-iay) pa wradzi. (-thousands) 
pa zirgdno. (-hundreds) pa siarcUno. (-all 
means) pa kar §hdn. (-degrees) ;;a ro ro, 
pa qaldr. (-no means) pa kets shdn, 
herhare^ hado. (-and-bye) pa dmng^ drang 
saat pa^. This preposition is often fol- 
lowed by sara (with), as pa har s^dn sara, 
by all means, etc 


Cabal, B.janba, para, gundl. 

Cabbage, 8. gobl, karamkala. 

Cabin, s. kota ; jilngara, kudala, fsapar. 

Cable, 8. da bera-l biydsta or -pa-arai or 

Cactus, 8. tohar, zaqUm, qdrghandal. 
Cackle, v.a. jakjak-, ^agh-^ugh-^ etc. A:., 

diilqa tvahoL 
Cadaverous, a. sperdk. 
Cadence, s. itazn, d9vdz, gkag, (rang, badala. 
Cage, B.pityra, qajaz. 
Cajole, v.a. ghulartul, tagal. 
Calamitous, a. bad^ or kam-ba^t, bad'tiaslb, 

bald'fidk, d/a(l, gha:;ab'ndk. 
Calamity, s. bafd, dfat, ndzila, mtislbai. 
Calcine, v.a. kushtah-, tre-, etc. k. 
Calculate,v.a. ^mdral, or skmeral, Idsdbawulp 

Calculation, s. bh^b, §humdr or .shtHerak, 

Caldron,8. Mium, deg, satal; dcgdiai, karahai. 

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( 2or ) 



Calendar, B^patra, taqmm. 

Calender, v.a, bath, kundx-, chdp-, etc, k. 

Calf, 8. haAcd^ dtikorau (bnU-) skjlicu. 

(buffalo-) katcu. (camel-) jUngai^ botai. 

(stuffed-) spandaH. (-of leg) parAai, 

Calico, 8. ^f^ 

Calk, v.a. t^hdwd'^ darz-f etc. -bandi k. 
Call, 8, ia;>y, ndra. (-for dogs) til-til. (-for 

cattle) ri'Tl. (-for cats) pordsh'parosh. 

(-for hawks) qil^qU. (-to drive cattle) 

tarorya'ta-arya, (-to encourage dogs) 

tap-tap. (-to encourage fighting rams, 

etc.) jiy -jiff, dridi-dri^. 
Call, v.a. ndra tvahal, bang wayal, ghag, k. 

(summon) balal, Udab k. (name) nayal, 

nam dMistal ; nUm kegdal^kehkhodal or 

kl'hkc^dal. etc. (-to mind) yddawul. 

(-back) stUnawul or stanawul. (-bad 

names) kanzal k., khhkandzal or kanzal. 
Called, a. nUmdndai, nUmedak. 
Calling, 8. kar, kasb, pesha. 
Callous, a. sa^t, klali ; be dard, beparrcd. 
Callousness, s. saMtif klak-wdlai; be dardl. 
Calm, a. dsildak, kajtdr, dram, band, waldr. 

v.a. tcaldrajvul, saran^ul, drdm narkawul. 

s. galdr-tiyd' or waldr-tiyd da bdd. 
Calmly, ad. pa qaldr sara,pa ro ro. 
Calmness, s. drdm-, qaldr-, waldr-, etc. -tiyd ; 

rdbat, tdtob. 
Calumniate, v.a. tukmaU or tUmat-, tor-, etc. 

-pore k., peghor Korkawul, gklbat A. 
Calumny, s. ttihmat, tor, peghor, ghlbat. 
Camel, s. Uhhh, shutur. iyomig-) jUny or 
jUnyai, botai. (rutting-) barbaraL (-driver) 

sarw&n, Hkkjibak. (-saddle) kata, pdldn. 

(-litter) kajdna. (-bridle) pezwdn. (-nose 

peg) nata. 
Camp, 8. dera, muqdm ; urdU, dal. 
CnrnpaigUi i. jany, gia:;d, jikdd ; sama, 


Camphor, a. kdfiu^. 

Can, v.n. skTval, UucdnedaL a. totkaL 
Canal, s. ndla, fcdla. (small-) lattitai. 
Cancel, v.a. mrdnamul, maria k., bdtjil k. 
Cancer, s. yaya, rasofcla-l, kjcliandza, ndsUr. 
Candid, a. rikkhtlnai, spin, sUchak, ^df. 
Candidate, a. umed-tcdr. 
Candle, 8. bdta-l. (-stick) dUtat. 
Candour, s. rikkhtin-tob, spin-7cdlai, sqfd-l. 
Cane, 8. bet. (sugar-) yanai. (-for eating) 

ponda. (-for the mill) ^iU 
Canister, 8. dablai, karpa-l, sandHq^a. 
Cannibal, a. sari- or ddam-Hor, ikandrau 
Cannon, a. top, topa. (-ball) yold, yola-h 
Canoe, a. IdsktOrL 
Canon, a. qdnUn, d-ln, dastiUr. 
Canopy, a. diatr, sdendn, skdmydna, sifcrai* 
Cant, 8. makr, riyd. (-word) taldya kaldm. 
Canton, s. tapa, cham,jam, ^eL 
Cantonment, 8. vrdU, dal, ^dn^Hra^l* 
Canvas, s. biyasta-l, tapra. 
Cap, 8. topa-l, Mola-u (padded-) fii^ata-U 

(-with ear flaps) kota^a, l^Hrjlna. 
Capable, a. qdbil, twcdnd, shftUnkai. 
Capacious, a. art,}awar, kushdd* 
Capacity, s. twcdn, qdbiliycU, qdbil-tob, idrdk; 

art-fcdUd, dxdje. 
Capital, 8. a^l, mdya, panya, saya. a. oaU, 

afvwal, wrUnbanai ; da marg Id-iq or 

Capsicum, 8. srek^mrid^ 
Caprice, s. M^ydl, fcaJan. 
Capricious, a. Miydtl, tvahml, nd-qaldr. 
Captious, a. b^j;<itl, takrdr%,jany-ydUn. 
Captivate, v.a. yhulawul,/arcftak-, mayan-^ 

hod-, etc. k. 
Captive, a. q<ddl, handH. 
Captivity, s. qaid, band. 
Capture, v.a. nJwal, dMistal, yiri/tdr k. 
Caracole, v.a. top-p HarOza', Hcr^aka^ 

elo^ •wakaL 

Digitized by 



( 208 ) 


Caravan, 8. kdnvdn^ qdfi/a^ sdnga. 

Caravansary, a. srde^ idntdti'Srae, rabdfl. 

Carawaji a. zira, sperkai. 

Carbuncle, a. Hhandza^ danddf% (fhunddrai. 

Carcass, a. murai, lash. 

Card, 8. pdara, pata. (playing-) tds^ ganjlfa. 

Card, v.a. aldjl-, tanbiyd-, etc. A. 

Cardamom, s. ildrht, AeL 

Carder, s. (cotton-) aldj ; nandCtp or nadddf. 

(his bow) tlnda. (the beam) ddndat. (the 

cord)ya-L (the beetle) //a&a/at. (the staff) 

i^a/ca. (the comb) aldjL 
Care, v.a Jtltr-, panvd-, ghaur-^ etc. ^., an- 

dekkhnd'f gham-^ etc. /•., Midtir-^ fnaM't 

muldhi^ia-f etc. ^., Ijhahar^ddr'i'^ tspAa-h, 

etc. /'., sdiana-f Hundl-p etc. k. 
Career, s. daur, daurdn ; manda, zo/tdl-khL 
Careful, a. yhahar^ddr^ h okkhy dr ; Jihr-man. 
Carefulness, s. yhahar^ddn^ h okhhy drdhid. 
Careless, a. he yhahar^ be parrcd^ hej\ln\ he 

gham^ ghdJiU shdrtlai'Ttdvolax, 
Caress, v.a. ndzawxd^ nd:;-, rn'ma-, dildsa-, 

etc. k. 
Carious, a. chhjan, Tvrost^ slid, sharhedalai. 
Carnage, s. qatU tnarg, Mi^n. 
Carnal, a. nqfsdnlf shahwaMidA, mast. 
Carnivorous, a. ghivaWtadhor. (-animal) 

Carol, v.a. stdyaU a. stdyana. 
Carouse, v.a. badmasii L, §hardh tsH-h al or 

tskal\ nashak. 
Carpenter, a. tarkdnr, dardz^gar. 
Carpet, ^.farsh ; ghdlaA, ghdtlrla. (cover 

for a-) chdnddnu (praying-) saj}dda, viu- 

Carriage, s. gdtja-i ; bdr'barddrl, hdrJialdih ; 

ydn, rhdl, ra/tdr ; daul, najha. 
Carrier, s. TvphdicU; bdr*kaHJu bdr^barddr; 

harhdi'ah, ItammdL 
Carrion, a. murddr. 
Carrot, a. gdzara, zardaha. 

Carry, v.a. wral, rdfcroL 

Cart, s. gada-i, irdba. (-man) gdd-hfcdn. 

Cartilage, s. Arachai, ArarJfdnai, ArapanduAai. 

(-of the nose) tandrtai, tlndorcd. 
Carve, v.a. Aanal or AanastaL (-meat) AiUal. 
Cascade, s. tsddar, ddra, tanddra. 
Case, s. Itfdfa, pokkh. gltUdf. (sword-) teAat, 

teAa, miydn ; Aisbat, A'lsa ; §anddq^a, 

Aarpa-i ; Jidl, Itdlat. 
Casement, a. AarAa-h 
Cash, 8. fiagAd or naqd, rok. 
Casket, s. dabalai, harpa-t, sandHqcha. 
Cast, v.a. Klshtal, d^arvul, gJ^urzoTvul, 

Cast, 8. Adlbut, ghdlab or qdlih. (at play) 

daw, guzdr^ 
Caste, 8. rang, zdt, a^l^ qdm or qaum, nog,. 
Castle, 8. Aot, qiVa, gara-u 
Castor-oil, 8. da arhando iel. 
Castrate, v.a. Ma^^i-t dMtaA-, malai-. etc. k. 
Casual, a. qismati, nafibi, ndgaltdn, nd» 

Casualty, s. djat, Adna, ndzila. 
Cat, 8. pisho. (tom-) barghdt or vargAuf. 

(wild-) pish 'prdng. (young-) pishongarai. 
Catalogue, s. siydha. (of men) asdml. 
Cataract, s. ddra, tsddar. (of the eye) parda, 

Catarrh, 8. zuAdm, ddmaU sdra, yaMnl, 

Catastrophe, s. ba/d, dfat, mxisubaU Adna. 
Catch, v.a. niKul, dljixsial, giriftdr A. 
Catechize, v.a. sawdl-, pukHtena-, etc. A. 
Caterpillar, a. plsha-i, ^injai. 
Catgut, %. ja-l, jatami. 
Cattle, 8. tsdnvai, dangar^ mdl, ddbiu 
Caudle, %. maiar, Idnanji:, Aara. 
Caught, v.n. nkkhatal. a. nkkhatcA^ 
Caul, 8. obanra, da ba^lparda. 
Cause, 8. sabab^jihat, Aabl, bd-ia, wasUil 


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( 209 ) 


Cauterize, r.a. d&ffhanmlt dllgh lagcuit%iL 
Cautioua, a. JJiahar^idr^ hoikhydr, baiddr. 
Cavalcade, s. sparli or Sfcarll ; Jilaw. 
Cavalier, 8. spor or swor. 
Cavalry, a. SfcdreA, risdla. 
Cave, 8. smats or samist, ghSr. kds. 
Cavity, 8. do/^al, tilbkai,ja?vara, kanda^ 

v.n. dfJiiredalf tamdmedal. 
Ceaseless, a. muddml, dd-inu 
Cedar, 8. diydr. 

Cede, v.2k.preg,daU spdral, warkawul; manal. 
Ceiling, s. ^a(, bdm, tsapar. 
Celebrate, v.a. stdyaL (-a day) manal. 
Celebrated, a. ntlm*rcar, ndm^ddTf ndmcr, 

Celebration, 8. ^^(Eyana; manencu 

Celestial, a. dsmdnl, jannatl. 

Celibacy, s. larvand-tob, tsaraJi'Kdlci. 

Cell, 8. JJiUna^ kota\ yoH^a, itijra. 

Cellar, 6. tah'Mdna. 

Cement, s. salekhh. (mortar) knnai, gatji. 

Cemetery, 8. tnaqbara, rau:;a ; gabristdn, 

goristdn, hadcra. (-of saints) ziydrat, 

Censer, 8. mujnur. 
Censor, s. mu^tasib. 
Censure, v.a, maldmat k,, tagawul, ratal, 

tratal. (-oneself) gram k. 
Cent, 8. sil. (per-) mikara^pa sil, silpau. 
Centipede, 8. zanza. 

Central, a. miydnah, mandzai or man^rvau 
Centre, s. mandz or myan^z. 
Centuple, a. sil'bra^, sil-chand. 
Century, 8. sihkdl. 

Cerate, s. malham^paha, mom^rog^an. 
Ceremony, 8. maddr, Mdtir, maM, adab, 

taklif, dastUr^ ra$m. 
Certain, a. yagln, tafiqjq, ^a^lb, muqarrar. 

(-one) paldnkai ot/aldnai. 
Certainly, ad, be ilia/d, albatta, riHhtiyd. 

Certainty, 8. yaqlnl, zbdd, iaftqjqt, i^bdi. 
Certificate, 8. sanad, d^lta-l, id^a^. 
Certify, r.a, yaqln-, zbdd-, ^dbit-, ia^qJf*, 

etc. k. ; Mabar-, dgdA-, etc. A. 
Cbafe, v.a« blodal, sUlawul, mugaU-^muH'haL 

v.n. blosedal, suledal, sUdak ked^ (grieve) 

ghamedal, suledal, karedal. 
Chaff, 8. bUBf pror, sUrl. (of rice) Hama^. 

(of com, etc.) drUze, ga^dre. 
Chagrin, 8. ran^, Miapagdn, nUl, gram. 
Chain, 8. zan^lr. (-link) kara-l. 
Chair, s. kursl, ^aukl ; katkaif peraA. 
Chalk, 8. splna'MidJDnu 
Challenge, v.a. jang gokkhtal ; d'oKa-, etc i. 

v.n. gwdkkhedat. 
Challenger, s. mudd'aA; jangjoe; gwdkkkkai. 
Chamber, 8. kota, MUna. 
Chameleon, s. karborai, tsarmakkhkoL 
Champ, v.a. krapartul^ d^l^aL 
Champaign, 8. matddn, sama, ^a^rd. 
Champion, 8. pahhcdn, (arzan, bahddur. 
Chance, s. na^lb^ qismai ; tcdr, puk ; dam. 

v.n. ndziledal, prenatal, tcdqVa ked. 
Change, v.a. badlatvtd. (-money) mdtajcuL 

v.n. badledal, dnukkhtal, girzedoL 
C!hangeable, a. nd-pdeddr, nd^qaldr; Mu^aip 

Channel, s. Idr ; ndla, rUd-Mdna, lakkktai. 
Chant, v.a. sarod-, sandera-^ badala-, etc 

Chaos, 8. tor 4am, ^ulmat. 
Chapter, 8. bdb,/a^l. (of Qurftn) sUra. 
Character, s. Hoe, Ma^lat ; ^ifat, ^d^^iyai ; 

nUm, ndmUs) ba^ai^, pat. 
(Tharcoal, a. skor. (pi. sidrah). dive-) sar* 

natka or skarwata. 
Charge, 8. amdnat, spdrah, sipurd, ian^dla. 

{order) bukm,kariy a, Jarmdn. (price) iai'o, 

qlmat. (expense) A2ar£|. (onset) Aalla^ 

tsot, guzdr, brld. (advice) maflaitoL 

(prohibitory) qadoj^an. 


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( 210 ) 


Charge, v.a. spdral, amdnat-, etc. k. (order) 
/armayalf fiuhn-, etc. rtarkawuL (accuse) 

d^arta k.^ tuhmat-, tor-, etc., -pore k. 

(attack) halla-, etc. k. (load) dakanul. 

(enjoin) toltld'^ etc. L, pohanul. (in ac- 
counts) Moril tU:al. 
Charger, B.jangl as; tabdM, ^db or qdb, 

Charitable, a. saMt, Mairdi't, saMidwad. 
Charity, s. Mioirdt ; zakdt, sadqa, sarsdya. 
Charm, s. t'a7ciz. (kind of) mara-i, tdmtak, 

amel, dared, Hlism. (for snakes, etc.) pdr. 

(juggle) mantar, koda,jddil, sikr, huda. 
Charm, v.a. huda-, dam-, etc. L ; pdrarvul; 

jddd', etc. L,/arefta/i k., ^ulatvuL 
Charmer, b. jddu-gar, kod-gar, silir^gar. 

(snake-) pdrd. (mistress) dil^bar, dil-rubd, 

Charming, a. IHdyistah^ k}tfcdkl% Mwand- 

Chart, s. nakhkkha or naqsha. 
Charter, s. sanad, 'ahd^ndma, iqrdr-ndma. 
Chase, 8. kkhkdr^ said; pcdrarti, manda. v.a. 

kkhkdr /i., takkhtamuL zghalaicul, pasc 

Chasm, 8. doghal, tilbkai, gorhanda, garang ; 

kanda, chdicd^jaivara. 
Chaste, a.pd/:'laman, neko'kdr,pdkl:ah,pdk. 
Chat, v.a. kitVpiti Miabare k. 
Chatter, v.a» bak-bak-, toT'tar-, ^indir-, 

etc. k. 
Chattels, s. asbdb, kdR, sdmdn, tndl, bar*bast. 
Cheap, a. arzdn, teal or fvel, spnk. 
Cheapness, a. arzdn*tiyd, Tvehvdlai. 
Cheat, s. tag, /arebl, darghal, sddM, makdr, 

chal'bdz, chal'jvalai ; (agl, droh, ^al, makr. 
Cheat, v.a. tagal, tagV, Jareb-^ dial'bdzl-, 

dargkaU', etc. k., drokawul. 
Check, v.a. atdlansul, Ids^dratcul, matCa k., 

sambdlamd, nkkhlawul, nmdrawuL 
Cheek, s. angai, anangai, koka-l, bdr^o. 

Cheer, s* ^igha, ndra; drdm, kkfvakkki : 

*ai^,}^wand,maza; kkhddi; melmastiyd. 
Cheer, v.a. ^?^e-,etc. rcahal; tasalti-,diUlMr, 

etc. ^. 
Cheerful, a. khmakkh. MUsk^fidl, kkhdd. 

kkhdddn, kkhdd*man, Mandd'rUe, 
Cheerless, a. be dil, be drdm ; ^wdr, lUU. 
Cheese, s.jt?awlr. (sott-) bagora,po(sa. (hard-) 

Chequer, v.a. brag-, gag-, rangln-, chrag* 

brag-, etc. k. 
Cherish, v.a. pdlal, parwaralf nmdndzal\ 

sdtal,jghoral, ^undiyaL 
Cherisher, a. pdlUnkai, panvarUnkai. (in 

comp.) panvar. 
Chess, a. ^atranj. (-board) bisdt. (king) 

s^dh. (queen) tcazJr. (castle) ruM* 

(knight) a.y. (bishop)/?!/. (pawn)/?^£- 

dah. (check) ki^t. (checkmate) mat. 

(-player) shatravj-bdz. 
Chest, 8. tatar, slna. (the cavity) gargaSp 

gogaU (clothes-, etc.) tau\%ra-%, ^andUg. 
Chestnut, s. banj, bavj-pdr. a. surang. 
Chew, v.a. chidial, jowul, krapawuL (the 

cud) shJJi^(ind k., or -itakal, or -rndtawuL 
Chicken,8. cliirgtlrai,^UchaL (-pox) katsTvak. 
Chide, v.a. ratal, tratal, pegkoratvul, ddral. 
Chief, a. maskar, arvrval, wrUnbaL s. sarddr, 

arbdb, Mdn, malik, ra-is, sargkanak, rdfilf.. 
Chiefly, ad. aksar, rvrUnbe, arcrtalan. 
Chiefship, s. Ididnl, sarddrl, maliki. 
Child, 8. ba^ai, tvorkai, wrdkai, mdshUmi 

Jarzand, tUng. 
Childbirth, s. langa, lang'Tvdlai, langa-tob. 
Childhood, 6. kalahndlai, rcrukivdlai, kalkat, 

Childish, a. kalalo^dn ; nd'ddn. 
Childless, a. ld*nalad, bezarvzat, be Jarzand. 

(by death) bUr. 
Chill, a. sor, ya^. a. zdrek, ya^nh 
Chilliness, &• sonrcdlai, yaMn^, sdrek. 

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C 211 ) 


Cblme^ v-a. tardne rcayal, tranyarvul, tcLl 
nahal. v.n.tranjedal,granjedaL s^trany, 
fdt, tardna. 
Chimney^ 8. lu^kakkh^ da lUffi sUrai. 
Chin, 8. zina, zana^, zana^-ddn. (double-) 

Chink, 8. ctd/vdf darz, rdkhna, chdq. (sound) 
shrang, granj. v.n. shrangedal^ grargedal. 
Chintz, 8. chfit. 

Chip, s. tota^ totkaU tatan/cai, tardza. 
Chipped, a. bUrcA. 

Chirp, v.a. diaur-diaur-f chit'chir-^ etc. k. 
Chisel, 8. tswarlai, l^khatjulai or shatjurUn. 
Choice, a. ghrcarah^ kHah, khdsf^. 8. rcdk^ 

iMtiydr; kJtrcakkh. pasand. ra:;d. 
Choke, v.a. hhapah /•., mara-XyUapa k. v.n. 

Miapah ked 
Cholera, s. itabd. 
Choose, v.a. hlmahlhaivuL chwjraU latawul, 

anrawul, kkhdghaL pasand k. 
Chop, v.a. /rfito/, Tvarjal, fofa'tofa',bja',e\c»k. 
Christ, s. lka:^rat 'Z^a, rnhullah. 
Christian, 8. ^Isdw'i, nasdrd ; farsd. 
Christianity, 8. *lsdm mazhab or -din. 
Chronic, a. der^pd, multarvl. 
Chronicle, 8. /a«:ar7/W. ; aMbdr; roz^ndma. 
Chuckle, v.n. khandcdaU musedal. (over 
enemy) v.a. sakhd k., rviydraL (as a fowl) 
dl^gk-chugh k. 
Chum, s.mal, mafgarai; hdnda-i'ivdl; b'f^jra* 

Church, 8. mayid,jumd*at. 
Churl, s. garvdr, dikqdn, ghunddgak ; Irtdr ; 

baJJvilf skUm. 
Churn, v.a. skdrbal. 

Churning, s. shdrlaL (-stick) manddnrii. 
(-tie) barangai. (-strap) j-og, tasma. (-dish) 
donra-l. (-cover) bargholai. 
Cinder, 8. (cold-) skor. (hot-) skarwata, 

I^uglan, sUtwaH-htan. 
Cinnabafi 8. shxngrap. 

Cinnaaion, 8. ddr^nl. 
Circle, 8. tsarl^, ^urlai. ^amboTf dd4ra. 
Circuity 8« dawr^ daurdn ; pakkkL 
Circular, a. ghUnd or ghUnd^man, tsarkkai. 
Circulate, v.a. ^alarvul, girzatcul, jdri k^ 

v.n, ^afedal, gtrzedal^jdri ked. 
Circumcision, s. sunnat^ t^atna. 
Circumspect, a« kokHydr, b^ddr, Mabar 

Circumstance, s. kdlat, ^dl; itabara. 
Circus, B.jauldn^gdk. 
Cistern, 8. i^au^, baka-l, taldo, dand. 
Citadel, 8. qita^ kot, gara-l, arg, bdld-^fdr. 
Cite, v.a« balal, (ulab k. ; yddarcaU 
Citizen^ 8. kkhakr^wdl ; dqftarU 
Citron, 8. nlmbu, trim ndrcay. 
City, 8. makr. 
Civil, a. mulkl^ dlrvdnl; maMatvar, suluH, 

mihrbdn. (-court) muUd ^addhU. (-war) 

patnaf Mdnajangl. (-power) ^addlai. 
Civilian, a. ^dmrnl ; kasb^gar ; akl da qalam. 
Civility, 8. maj^arvarl, ma^'tob, maddr, 

adab, nek'Stilnk, fnikrbdngl. 
Civilize, v.a, dbddarcul, kkkdyastak-. drdstak-f 

etc. k. sarl-tob chalawuL 
CHaim, v.a. daroa-, darikfvdst', etc. k. 
Claimant, a. mudd^ai, ddd-Mwdk, <tatva'ddr. 
Qammy, a, bokkkt, slekkkt-ndk, bamai, 

Clamour, a. zrcag^ztvUg, ^or-^agkab, 

(Hamp, 8. paired,. 

C!lan. 8. qdm^ ^d^Jirqa^ nlns, tabar, ^avu 
Gandestine, a. put, pinkam, gkalai. 
Clangour, a. shrang, gran;, trang. 
Clap, v.a. (the hands) tdltvakal; shdbds^ k. 
Clapper, 8. tak-takdijrai, jiba, spai. 
(Clarify, v.t^pdk',pdklzak', spin-, ^d/-, etc. k. 
Clarion, s. samde. (-player) sumdd^h 
Clash, v.a. blodal, takar-, daka^ etc. &$irif- 

fal. v.n. blosedal. 

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( 212 ) 


Clnsp, ▼.». pa ghegx niwul; hargrandl k. 
Class, 8. a^l, s^t, rang, nogiai ; folai, ^am, 

fitel; darja^pdya. 
Classification, a. tardb, ^erma. 
Clatter, v.a, tranyarcul, ^^rangawul, gran- 

Clause, s./ai^l; ^art. 
Clavicle, a. grerca. 
Claw, s. (hangdl, mangul, panja, nUk. v.a. 

panja*, etc. fva/iul, nUkara k. 
Clay, 8. mata- or tnatlna Mdwra, Hata. 
Clayey, a. matin, Mdwrin. 
Clean, a. pd&, pdluzah^ ^6f, spin. y.a. pdi-, 

etc. k. 
Clear, a. pdk% ^af\ Uargand, H-hkaraJi, bar- 

(seTp awtsdr, bewra/i ; yalak, dzdd^ Hald.^* 

v.a. spetsal, pdJtawul, spin-, etc. A. t§ar- 

gand', etc. k. yalaA-, etc. k. (-the throat) 

g^dra tdza k, 
Geamess, 8. pdk-wdlai ; tsargand'Wdlai, etc. 
Cleave, v.a. diaituL (asunder) diaurang k. 

prekarcuL (-to) v.n. nkk/tataL lagedal, 

Cleaver, 8. toqiyd, sdtul ; prekawUncA. 
Cleft, 8. didwd^cJidq.KaUdarz; kanda7o,kand. 
Clemency, s. (uitimi, shafaqatf rdfimat. 
Clement, a. ^atim, muld-m, ra^im, norm. 
Clergy, 8. pddriydn, muUdydn, bdmbanrdn. 
Clerk, 8. kdiibf tikUnJtai, kkhkarcUnkai. 
Clever, a. Iio klhy dr, pohdnd, poM; kunr* 

man, kdrl^gar, gdbil; kdgk, chirg. 
Client, 8. iarta-gar, muddCa-l. 
(yliflf, 8. kamar, tsaka, Idkkh. 
Climate, s. db'O'kamd, hin:dd, iqtlm. 
CHimb, y.n. Matal. 
Climber, a. MatUnai. (plant) bel. 
Cling, v.n. nkkhatal^ ^aspedal, lagedalL 
Clink, T.n. ^rangedal, granjedal. 
Clip» T.a. (hair, etc.) ikustal, kateyal. (cloth, 

etc.) skakiitat. (dock) gkut k. or -preka- 

^uL (hair of head) sar^kundai k. 

Cloak, 8. bdrdna-l ; d^ogAa, baraka. (felt-) 

kosai. (fur-) posiln. (blauket-)^'2i/2ya Hfi 

Clock, 8. gari, sd^ai 
Clod, 8. lata, diUm, gapa. 
Clog, 8. kanrdwa ; hatdl, nkkhata, bdr. v.a. 

AatdlafciU, kariydbawul, nkkhiawul. 
Close, v.a. bandawul, jo^awul, lagawul, 

pen?andk.; tamdmartul, IJiatm k. (a door) 

pore k. (a book) tapawul or tap wakaU 
Close, 8. dMi^f Ml^tm \ bdra, shpol, kadera. 
Close, a. nijdai; tang; pewastah; baHU, 

shUm; ting, tat, ganr. (as cloth) tok. 

(as B\ATi)jambaq. (-cut) ^Ht, land. 
Closeness, 8. nydekl ; tang-wdlai ; pewastagl ; 

bafilll, s^Um'Kdlai; tlng^wdlai. 
Closet, 8. hujra, hhnna ; gUt, gokkha. 
Cloth, 8. karbds, f^dmtd ; alwdn, ^It, etc. 

(woollen woven-) patU, baraka, ihara-l, 

pashmlna, etc. (woollen unwoven-) krdsta, 

lamtjcd, kosai, namada, etc. (broadcloth) 

Clothe, v.a. dnhustawul, pokkkat, poslal; 

Clothes, 8. zaruki, nwarl or nmarl, pokkhdk^ 

dghostan,libds,jdme. (swaddling-) oranjiai. 
Cloud, 8. foaryadz. 
Clout, 8. (Jarra, J^artsorax, taghar. Qoin-) 

lung, diotai, tardqa-l. (child's-) k&na* 

starkai; tar^nai. 
Clove, 8. laivang. (-necklace) lawang*kdr. 
Cloven, a. (cleft) d^dwd, c^dq. (-hooO swa. 
Clover, 8. speshtarai, s^autal, speshtai. 
Clown. 6. toq-mdr, malandai, pckkhe^gar^ 

masIJiardchl ; gamdr, pUltar, kdn^dk, ^dr. 
Cloy, v.a. sekan k., kraka dMistal. 
Club, 8. amsd, kotak, lawar, ddng. (society) 

^am, sufibatfjumd^aU 
Cluck, T.a. kunkur k. 
Clue, 8. bi/ga or balga, darak. 
Clumsy, a. kdttdk, bad^wyka, bad-dauL 

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( 213 ) 


Cluster, 8. nagtai, Mosha ; ganr^ tolai. 
Clutch, v.a. pa mUt n'ovul, (^ofa-, diapa^, 

etc. h'itcul or rcahaL 
Coagulate, v.a. tinffarvul, klakawtU^ tamna% 

mdya-, etc. k. v.a. kangal-f khyam-, etc. 

Coalesce, v.n. yadedal^ yo^dzde ked. 
Coarse, a. //rar, ^at. 
Coast, 8. gharay duda^ Uelma. 
Coat, 8. kurta, kadd-i^ tJiolqa^ ^ddara-l, 

/anda-l, andraka. (-for rain) bdrdnorl. 

(-of mail) zgkara^ zira. 
Coax, v.a. rfa/n-, dant'diftisa-, Jdna-, etc. k., 

ji9^'j^9^'9 kdre'kdre-y etc. k. 
Cobbler, 8. nwchl, tmmydr. 
Cobweb, 8. jdla-l. 
Cock, 8. chlrff. {gvLmii-) panddW'chirff. (-of 

a gun) pd€f kajak. (-crow) charbdng or 

Cockade, s.joj/ka, tUj^k, zunbuk. 
Code, 8. shara. (Af'^lian-) pukkktUti'Tvall. 
Co-equal, n. siydl, viakkai, guild. 
Coerce, v.a. zoral, Idnde k. 
Coeval, a. kuni'tjzolaif Uam-^wnr. 
Coffer, 8. khhdna. 
Coffin, 8. tdbUL 
Cog, v.a. clfdplasl-, dirpall; etc. ^., fj^ulawul. 

(of a wheel) 8. bUrai. 
Cohabit, v.a. kilal-, kcr-^ etc. ^., konwdlai k. 
Cohesive, a. boH/ii. barrvai, slekkkt'ndk. 
Coil, s.pech, tdo, teal. 

Coin, 8. sika, patsa, naghd or naqd» (counter- 
feit- )Je?/a A, nd-mrak. 
Coincide, v.n. jukLt-f bardbar-, jor^, etc. 

Cold, a. sor^ yakh^ 8. sdra, ya^nl ; zukdm, 

dUmaif nazla. 
Colic, 8. bdd^yola, silda, skrcata. 
CJollapse, v.n. drabal^ alimalpreivatal. 
Collar, 8. yreivdn. (-of a dress) gretca. 

(neck-) fauq. (dog-) gkorvaraudai. 

Colleague, a. ma/, nuUgarci. 

Collect, v.a« toUucul^gatal^ janCa Ar.. latawuh 

0)llege, 8. madrasia, maktah. 

Collision, 8. dika^ takar ; blos^ blosedana. 

Colloquial, 8. da 'dmmiydnojiba, wrd^a. 

Ollusion, %.jorikkht. iagi^ sdzish. 

Collyrium, s. rdffjak, surma, kukal. (-ca^e) 

rdnjarUiiia. (-bodkin) sald-L 
Colocynth, a. maraghdnai^ tarkAa kakora. 
Colonize, v.a. dbadaicid, waddnaicul. 
Colony, 8. bdnda, natcd-l ; dbddl, uaddal. 
C'llour, 8. rang^ laun. v.a. rangamU. 
Coloured, a« ranyln^ rang karai. 
Colours, 8. nakkha.janda. bairaq^ tog^. 
Colt, 8. bikdnr. (two-year-old-) dfcak. 
Column, 8. tsat(U, mundr^ stan or sitUn. 
Comb, 8. gamans or mangaz ; skdna. 

(honey-) gablna. (cock's-) ^dr^Uycabik. 

(cntrj") ghasko. 
Combat, ^.jang^ muqaddama. 
Combatant, s.jangi, mld'tar, tHrzan. 
Combine, Y.2^.joraivul; gadawul, laraL 
Come, v.n. rdXlaU^rdgklal^ rasedal. 
Comedy, 8. malanda, pekk^a, toqa, swdng. 
Comely, a. kkhkutai,'maUiai. 
C^met, 8. dajdrU storau 
Comfort, 8. drdm, mor-tlyd, drdm^tlyd ^JUdsa^ 

tasalli, ddd, fc^fcd^f^ogh 
Coming, a. gdndah, dyandak. 
Command, s. hukm, kariya, farmdn^ amr\ 

9rdk, fcaSp qdbU ; /ar:;;. v.a. /armdyil, 

iiukm-. etc. k. 
Commander, 8. ttdkim, sarddr, $ar»guroK 
Commence, v.a. ibtidd-, skur^U-, darak-p etc. k. 
Commend, v.a. stdyal, sipdri^ k. 
Commendation, s. sfdyana^ sipdri^. 
Commerce, a. sauddgarl, wapdr, Idgl^ rdkrak* 

Commissary, 8. ddroghdk ; dstdd^id. 
Commission, 8. sanad, \ikda ; paricdKa^/ar* 

mdn\ kdr. 

Digitized by 



( 2H ) 


Commity v.a, spdral, pdslairul. ffumdral, 

JiaKola-, etc, k. ; karcul, hraL (-adultery) 

zind', /idsiri', etc. L (-robbery) ^Id k. 
Committee, %.jlrja^ nianka^ majlu. 
Commodious, a. dzdc-Tvar, tnundsib, Id-iq, 

Commodity, s. mdlfjins, saudd. 
Common, a. *d7nm,jdri, chalaru 8. maiddn, 

pand'ghdlai^ ddya^ tihdrkai ; borjal. 
Commonly, ad. aksar, ziydtU 
Community, a. clam or jam, Mcl» ^Ids ; 

rd.^a'darsha, ydfiandhtob, malgar^tiyd. 
Compact, a. gaijr or gUr, tat, ting, (-cloth) 

/07. (-crops) taL e. 7cdda, laf^, tara, neta. 
Companion, s. mal, mahjarai ; dshnde, rajtq. 
Company, 8. iw^yVw ; tolai.park. /^oli mcU- 

girl, ds^nd-i ; mclmastlgd, ^ulibat. 
Comparison, s. miiqdbala, fnisdl, nisbat. 
Compass, s. fjibla^numde ; chdpcr, gahkht : 

badd, dzdc. (Tctic\i) partdb. v.a. Id^dra- 

fcul or xsdraituL 
Compasses, 8. par/tdr. 

Compassion, s. dard, rabm, zrah-srcai, tars. 
Compatible, a. mundsib, plrzo ; bardbar. 
Compel, v.a. zorel, Idndc k. 
Compensate, v.a. td^cdn-, ndgha-^ badal-, etc. 

Competence, 8. h\fdyat, roA. 
Competent, a. qdbil, fd-iq. 
Competition, s. muqdbala. 
Complacent, a. batlm. post, norm, mal^awar. 
Complainant, a. mudd'a-l, Jaryddl, d^axta^ 

gar\ gMa^man. 
Complaint, s. ndlish, mdna, gila^farydd. 
Compi&i:5ance, s. mdj^'tob, ma^aftarl, nor ml, 

Complete, a. pftrah, tamdm, J^aim, kumil; 

bashpar, amdnh 
Complex, a. gad-itad ; gran, mushkiL 
Complexion, s. da tjihre rang, chorda^ mizaj. 

(dark.) halot. 

Compliment, s. maddr, adab, saldm, maj^. 
Comply, v.tL.manal,qubUlan!uL v.n.r5;ji ked. 
Compose, y.a.joran:ul ; tartlb-, drdstah-, etc. 

k. ; sarawul; llkal, katial-kkhkal. 
Composition, s. gadan, gadcdcna, gada. 
Compound, v.a. gadawuL a. gad. 
Comprehend, v.n. pohedal. 
Comprehension, s. poh, palim^Jikr. 
Compress, v.a. iji'tt k., drabawul. 
Comprise, v.a. skdmil-, yo'dzde-, etc. k. 
Compute, \.v^.ganral, shmeral, bisdbawuL 
Comrade, 8. mal, malgarai, ydr. 
Concave, K.jaitar, do^al. 
Conceal, v.a. putaKul, pokkhaL ghalai k. 
Concealment, 8. put-rcdfai, putedina, ghatl^ 

Concede, v.a. manal, qabdlartul. bakkf^aL 
Conceit, s. k/fpul^sarl, bdd, ftiydr, kibr. 
Conceited, a. bddl, fihpuhsar, kibrjan. 
Conceivable, a. §hn:ilnk(d. 
Conceive, v.n. pohcdaL v.a. Jikr-, qiyds-, 

etc. k. ; bldrbcdaf, dakcdal. 
Conception, 8. pok,pahm,JU:r, qiyds, Wydl; 

bldrbedlna, bldrba'Tvdlai, umed, daka. 
Concern, s. kdr,vi'amala ; (iham,JU:r,panrd\ 

andekkhnd. fvisnds. 
Concerned, a. gham^jan, Jikr-man\ tvisn^dsl, 

Concerning, p. bdbat, haqq. 
Concert, s. iitipdq ; jna/gar*fiyd ; zamzama. 
Conciliate, v.a. pakhuld k., gttdkkhal. 
Concise, a. land, kotdh. 
Conclude, v.a. tamdmawul, dkiir-, JJiatm-, 

etc. k., tlaldsawul; maldmcucul, gaMcd. 

v.n. pohedal. 
Concord, 8. rogha.jora, dxhd, ashtoka. 
Concourse, 8. tolai,jamaat, gaoi'^dlcun. 
Concubine, 8. ttln^a, 'aurata, sUryata^ 
Concupiscence, 8. nas. masll, shahnoi. 
Concur, v.n, yojihat-, yo-zjroA-, rd^h, etc. 


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( 215 ) 


Concnssion, 8. takar, daka. 
Condemn, y.a. bad manal^ mar! a h. ; gundh-^ 
Tvabdl', taqj(lr', etc. ^dhitawul or dzdyawuU 
Condescend, v.a. mUtrbdngh, tnaH-, tnuld- 

bt^a-, tnaddr-, etc. A:. 
Condiment, s. masdla. 
Condition, a. //d/, bo-lat^ ^Urat, yang^ shdn ; 

ndda^ ncta, la/^, iiarL 
Condole, v.a. lds*nvtah k. ; pdtilia rvayal, 

Mtrtd^Mogl k.f poMh^ 
Conduct, a. ddl'dial, dlialan, fartqa, etc.; 

badraga ; sulukt maddr, ma^. 
Conduct, v.a. badraga k., botlal—blwul ; 

rdwustalf raTtdnawtil, chalatcuL 
Confection, a. ^a/n:a, mitiyd-l, qandt, shirinh 
Confederacy, b. paratjanba, gundi. 
Confederate, a. para'ddr^janba'ddr ; mat. 
Conference, sjirga, ma^lakat, sandhdzattdb. 
Confess, v.a. manal, MindXa tcayal. v.n. qd- 

Confidence, a. bdmar^ yaqin, sdrvlsd, Mo^U 

Confine, v.a. band-^ qcud-, bkdr or tsdr-, etc. k. 
Confirm, v.a. rikkiitiyd-pzbdd-, ^dbit; tahqiq-, 

etc. k. 
Confiscate, v.a. ndjj^a-, z<ibtr^ qurugh-, etc. k. 
Confluence, a. gadedana. 
Conform, v.n. yo-sh^n-, yo-daul-, yo*mal^, 

yO'Zrah', etc. ked. 
Confound, v.ti. gad'tvadatvul, laral, shdrbal; 
bariydnawulf rabrarvuU sargarddnawul, 
pareshdn-, hakpak-^ /leHh-, huts-f etc. k. 
Confront, v.a. makhd-maWi'^ muqabala-^eick. 
Confute, v.a. la'dzafcdb-^ gram-^ radd-^ etc. k. 
Congeal, v.n. tingedal, liangal kcd. ; ilyam 

Congratulate, v.a. mubdraki k. or rvayaL 
Congregation, s. tolai,jamd'a(, majliz. 
Conjecture, s. gUmdn^ 'aql, Wydl. 
Conjugal, a. da tsaH-htan aw da iMia^e^ da 
fvddah karai aw da nadcdaU. 

Conjunction, a. pcrvandtjor^ iarUn. 
Conjuncture, a. tvafit, neta^ nobai, tdng. 
Conjure, v.a. qasam-f saugand-, etc. tcarka- 

fvulijada-f koda-, etc. k. 
Conjurer, B.jddil-gar, kod-gar^ stfir^gar 
Connect, v.^.jorartuU lagatcul, taroL 
Connexion, a.Jor, band^ tarUn; nhbat; ragai^ 
yijpolm^ khcH-hl. (carnal-) gho, ghottuna 
Connive, v.a. slarge putawuU 
Connubial, a. See Conjugal. 
Conquer, v.a. barai k., or -mUndal^ P<^'V 

k., etc. 
Conquest, a. barai^ fta-ara, tca-ardna. 
Conscience, a. Imdn, diydnat; rikkhtln*tob. 
Conscious, a. ki<^bar'ddr, baiddr, ko khhy dr. 
Consecrate, v.a. niydz-, Mioir&t-t etc. i., op 

Consent, a. ra:;d^ qabul, hokai^ oe. 
Consequence, s. natlja ; pdzak. 
Consequently, ad. dzaka, tro. 
Consider, v.a. Jikr-^ pahm-^ qiyds-, etc. k.. 
andekkfmd'. hash-, etc. k.; gaoral. vai. 
Considerable, a. he, grdn ; der ; drund. 
Consign, v.a. spdraly pdslawul, gumdrai^ 

batvdla k. ; dstawut, legoL 
Consignment, a. spdrina, liatvdla; asbdb, 

Consist, r.n.jorcdal, osedal^ kedal, ^wal. 
Consistent, a.^'^^r, sam ; klak^ ting. 
Console, v.a. (asaHl-, dildsd-, ddd; etc. war- 

Consort, a. tsaiMitan, merah ; kkfta^lza, cuHna. 
v.a. kilai', kor-, rozgdr-, Mo^€Lmdna; etc. 
k. ; ydrl', dshnd-l-^ maFglrl-, etc. k. 
Conspicuous, a. (mrgand^ hhhk&rak^ mashhlkr. 
Conspirator, a. ydghhgar^ fnufsid,pasd(U 
Conspire, v.a. sdzisk^f badi; etc. k» 
Constant, a. pdeddr, qd-4m. 
Conatantly, ad. har^waikt, kar»9(Cat. 

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( 216 ) 


Consteniation, 8. iariydni, sargarddnl ; ^qf, 

yara, bdk^ U^, tarSf tra/id. 
Constipatioiii s. qahT^^ qab:i^tyat. 
Constitoenty a« o^/i, $dtl. 
Constitute, v.a. jorarvul, tvudrawut, pcidSr, 

mugarrar-, etc. A., rcaldrarcuL 
Constitution, s. vdzdj^ IclVo,* M^d. 
Constrain, v.a. zoral, sambdla/vul, tlngawuL 
Construct, Y.a.joraTctil, bind k. 
Consul, 8. Tcakil^ tnuMtdr. 
Consult, v.a. jlrya-, ma^la^at-, mashwarat', 

etc. A. 
Consume, v.a. sarf-, talaf-, M<^rtsr, etc. k. 
Consummate, h. pUraA^ poMf kdmiL 
Consumption, s. Marts, sarfa ; naraUrandz^ 

diqq, sill. 
Contact, s.jor, lagedena\ bios, bloscdana. 

(to come in-) v.n. blosedaljanyedal, lagedal. 
Contagion, s. nabd ; gazak. 
Contain, v.a. il^yawuU v.n. ^dedal. 
Contaminate, v.a. pahU, nd-pak-, sMd-, 

kakar-, gazok-, etc. k. 
Contemn, v.a. spuk ganraL 
Contemplate, v.a. ghawr-, jikr-, etc. k.\ 

nanddra^, tamdsha-, etc. /:. 
Contemporary, s. ham^dzolai, /lum-rcaMt, kul. 
Contemptible, a. spek, dun, ibushai. 
Contemptuous, a. Mbr-jan, bddl, be maj^. 
Contend, v.a.jagra', qa:;;iya', takrdr-, etc. A. 
Content, a. rd^fl, mor. s. ra!;d, moMiyd. 
Context, 8. matan, *ibdratf ma:;miln. 
Contiguous, a. nydai, percastak. 
Continent, a. parhez-(fdr, pdhlaman. 8. 

zmaka, barr, wudka. 
Contingent, a. mauqilf; ^driTfl. 
Continual, a. pdeddrjdrl, dd-im, pdyindali. 
Continuance, s. pdeddri, muddmJ, dd-iml. 
Continue, v.n. pdedal, osedal^ pitedaL 
Contortion, s. tdo,pedt, n:al, hdlkUchaka. 
Contour, a. mej^, gUna, tsihra, shakl, dauL 
Contract, §• n:dda, neta, bandaui, la/$ ; (eka. 

Contract, v.a. tanganml, kdgal^mkal. (a 

promise) wdda-, neta-, etc. taral or k. 

(a debt) per d^istal. (a marriage) tcddah 

k., nikdh eMeL v.n. kawt ked. 
Contradict, v.a. Mildfrcayal, radd-, daro^* 

jan-, hod', etc. k. 
Contrary, a. M^ildf, mul^dlif, hodcd. s. 

*aks, hod. 
Contrast, v.a. maJJ^d^mafd^; muqdbala-, etc. k. 
Contrite, a. tauba*gdr, pakkhemdn. 
Contrive, v.a. band-, tadblr*, iikmat-, etc. 

Control, v.a. sambdlawul, qdbu-, Idnde-, etc. 

k., nas ^alawul. 
Controversy, s. jagra, qa^iya, radd^badal, 

h<^hh h^jjf^tf steza. 
Contumacy, s. sarkdkkhl, yd^Vgari. 
Contumely, 8. peghor, Wikandzal, spuk4iyd. 
Contusion, s. bios, mdtils,pUpaka, Mi^gJobal. 
Convene, v.a. tolanul, yo^4^de k., baled. 
Convenient, %.jor,plrso, khnakkh. 
Convention, B.jirga,majlis,m*arika; tcdda, 

tard, bandanr, netd. 
Conversant, a. rcdqif^ dmoMtoA, Mflbar* 

Converse, v.a. I^abare k., sarcdldzamdb k. 
Convert, v.a. badlawul; mund-^ mutaqid-, 

etc. k. 
Convex, a. g^Und, gunbad. 
Convey, v.a. (things) dstawul, wrel, legaU 

(animals) botlel^lfcul, rdwustoL 
Convict, s. qaidi, bandi. 
Convict, v.a. gundh-, etc. zbdd k. or ^dbit k. 
Convince, v.a. qd-il k., gram k. 
Convivial, a. Miilsh^hdl, kkhdd, Mandd^rUe^ 

Convoke, v.a. balal, talab k., tolanuU 
Convoy, 8. badraga or badraqa. 
Convulsion, s. g^ota, parg/haz ; babtd. 
CooV^y. %.pahiarvul. s. bdwar^l or babdr^t 
Cool, a. sof, yaM I beparnd; mdarai^gar. 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 217 ) 


Cooly T.a« sararvul, yaf^awul. y.n. saredal. 

Coolneas, a. sdra, sonwdlai, yaj^nl. (pique) 
tnarawar'tiyd, marofcar'tob, mdozcd. 

Coop, 8. (of leather) daba. (-maker) dabhdsh. 

Coping, 8. fjatspbaif balari, par^afcu, $ar- 
mdtai, ^arifa. 

Copious, a. der,Jrefcdn. 

Copper, 8. tdmba. 

Copse, B.janffai, darga, ^U. 

Copulate, v.a, ghat/cU^^ghqwult ior'tcdlai-, 
gAchfjimd^a-, etc. k. 

Copy, 8. naql, namUna, misMa ; tna^q. 

Coquetry, s. ndz^ naMra, makez^ Aaras^tna. 

Coral, 8. mojjdn. (-diver) matjlttatnah^ 

(Tord, 8. (thick-) biydsta, pa-arai, rasa-t. 
(thin-) muzai, idr, tpantMZ. (hair-) 
antsa-l, szyala-l, nsdkkhkai. (palm leaf-) 

Core, 8. md;^zah, zreh, zartn. 

Coriander, s. damya. 

Cork, 8. (bung) buja, dlda, Mulborau 

Cormorant, s. Aotdn. (glutton) ^drai. 

Com, 8. ^ala, ddna. (green-) ^md, ^a«l/. 
(-stubble) <2rilca. (mowed-) M^roi. (-sheaO 
yeda-l. (-stack) dala-h (-bin) kanda, 
kota-i, f^amba. (-straw) ndr. (-broken 
straw) bus. (-treading floor) dirmand, 
airman, (pile of trodden-) tcdnra. (of 
the foot) baura-l, rasaula-l, Ula-l, meM* 

Comer, s. yUtf gohlcha ; da^ma. 

Corporeal, VL.jwndu^. 

Corpse, 8. mural, Ids^, murdah. 

Corpulent, a. (sprb^perar, g^at,pund. 

Correct, tL.jor,juMt, durust, bardbar, sam, 
rikMtiyd, hkhah. 

Correspond, v.n, jor-, sam-, bardbar-, etc. 
layedel, maMai ked. v.a. (^l/a-i-, kdghaz-, 
etc. tlhal or JcdgLol^hMlkal or legjoL 

Corroborate, v.a. rikhhtiyd', zbdd-, fiubut-, 
etc. A. 

Corrode, v.a. zany MiWuraL v.n. zang ked. 

C!orrupt, v.a. bos2wtui,patltan:ul,]kaAafawul, 
$lhdr, fvroit-, etc. k. 

CJost, 8. boTa, Marts, qlmai; idttdn, nuq^dn. 

Costive, a. qdtns^, ting, klak. 

Costiveness, s. qab:ii, qab:iiyai. 

Costly, a. qlmat'ndk, grdn^bahA. 

Costume, s.jdma, Rbds. 

Cot, 8. kathai, katotai. 

Cottage, 8. /Mdala,jangara 

Cotton, 8. mdlu^. (-plant) punba, kdlaka. 
(-seed) punddna. (-stubble) Miriz, Har* 
and. (-stalks) banbe^^o, idlak-^o. (-pod) 
ghqza. i'^ieker) pandol-gar. (his share) 
pandotl. (-dresser) nadddp, aldj. (his 
mallet) dabalai. (his bow) ddndat. (his 
gin)a/a;l. (carded-) jE>^uiMb« (roll of-) 
pttnra-l. (skein of-) md^ra. (-thread) 
tonbiyd, ata. (-reel) ateran. 

Cough, 8. taMai,taMa,tilM'tilii. (hooping-) 
pUMahi, tora^gkdra, habu'daba. v.n. 

Council, B.jirga, m^arika ; dalbdr, majUs. 

Counsel, B.pand, nasilkat; mofla^at, tadblr, 
ma.^fcar(U; waklL 

Count, v.a. s^meral, ftisdb k. ; gaoroL 

Countenance, s. ma^f tsihra, ba^ra ; ndhr^ 
bdngl, mrasta, muldld^a. 

Counterfeit, K.jUtah, nd-sarah. v.a. bdna-^ 
palma-, dial-, tagh, etc k. 

Counterpane, s. brasten, taUak. 

Counterpart, s.jora, pala, maMai, ^a^vdb. 

Country, s. mulk, hewdd. (own-) watan. 
(foreign-) nildyat. (-man, etc.) walaril. 

County, 8. pargana, tapa. 

Couple, s.jora, qulba,juft ; dwah. 

Courage, s. mardna, mardi, zreh, nar^tob, 
dildKorl, tUrzan-tob, ^n:dn*mardi, Aim- 

Courageous, a. marancd, zreh^tvar, £U^ar, 
turzan, himmat^ndk. 

Ourier, s. qd^id, c^apar, ditd^oL 

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( 218 ) 


Course, 8. zphdhkht. manda ; daur^ daur&n ; 

yan, ^dl; Idr; maiddn. (of-) ad. albatta, 

Court, 8. dalbdr, daulat-Mdna. (civil-) 

^addlat, malkama. (-yard) gholai^ angani* 
Court, v.a. ^/ioH'htal; rninor, ^ishq-bdzl-^ 

etc. k. 
Courteous, a. maMajvar, milirbdn^ nek'Moe* 
Courtesan, s. Aa^ana-i, lola-l. 
Courtesy, 8. mal^^ muldlii^a, adab, neA'Sulnk. 
Courtier, s. dilbdri. 
Courtship, s. H^q^bdzl, mina, ikhpa^drtUn, 

Cousin, s. (father's brother's child) m. tarbUr; 

{. tarla. (mothers brother's child) da 

mdmd ^oe or /Or. 
Covenant, 8. ndda^ tara, bandanr^ *ahdt qauL 
Cover, 6. sar-pokkh. te/cai, li/dfa. (dish-) 

bar^olai, (basket-) ^cSra, sawada. 
Cover, v.a, putarvul, poH-hoL 
Covering, B.pokMf pokkliikkhf iibds; miydn. 
Covet, v.a. fam'a-, /«>^-, etc. A. 
Covetous, a. tafna^jan, Idr^^ndk, UrvdL 
Covey, 8. sail, ^oL 
Cow, s. ^Ttd. (-in heat) gkrca-ema. (milch-) 

langa-f or pa-hrcara ghrtd. (dry-) zdraA. 

(-pen) ghyal. (herd of-) gohar. (-dung) 

(/hoshoc. (-dung fuel) tmpiydka. (-dung 

stack) gohdta. (-keeper) yhobah. 
Coward, s. nd'tnard, tuzan, karU, speriai, 

speroA^ma^, tayhan. 
Coy, a. ycnman, ^arm-sdr, s^ann-ndA, stdra 

Crab, 6. Aunl-kabart danydH. (-louse) 

Crack, 8. didrtd, darz, dara, raMitia. (sound) 

daz^ taSf trdA, ]Jirad^, faq. 
Cracky v.n. ^drvdal^ darz-, etc. Aed. y.a. 

daz; etc. A., or Kahal. 
Crackle, v.n. i§in(iir; sakiAd-f etc. Aed* 

Cradle, 8. AatAai ; zdnyo, yaArvdra. 

Craft, 8. Adr, Aasb, pes^a ; /areb, qhal, lain. 

Craftsman, s. Adrl^yar, Aasb*yar^ pesha'fcar. 

Crafty, a. ^al'bdz, lilla^bdz, tay'bdz,/arebU 

Crag, 8. isUAa, Aamar, garang. 

Cram, v.a. mandal, dakamiiL 

Cramp, s. brekkh. tdoi 

Crane, s. ding, zdnrai, Aulang. 

Crash, s. Miraqh, Mrap, Mjras, drab. v.n. 

drabal, naredaL 
Crater, s. garavg, tortam, doghal, Auhau 
Crave, v.a. yhokkfUalf Mimiat-, Mfi^^t", 

etc. A. 
Crawl, v.n. tsMedal or tskedal, pa Marpotj^ 

tlal, ghUndzedal. 
Crazy, a. letvanai, I^u$h\ii, saudd-h 
Creak, v.n. d^ingedal, trangedaU 
Cream, s. perawai. 
Crease, s. juhara, Aratai, diichar, gun^a^ 

T.a. diunral,jung A.,jilAara-, etc. A. 
Create, \.fi.paidd A.,joratvuL 
Creation, s. duniyd, nara-l, Malq, maMlUq. 
Creator, s. ^dUq, paidd AartUnAai. 
Creature, 8. bandah, Tcagarai,gff,n:ai; liaiwdn, 

dzandrcari tnaMf^q* 
Credit, 6, par, qar:^ ; nasiyah; bdrvar, yaqln, 

i*tibdr. v.a. bdfcar-, etc. A. (buy on-)jwi 

per-, etc. dMiital. 
Creditable, a. mu tabor ; dMistoL 
Creditor, s. parawurau 
Creed, s. imdn, din, mazhab ; Aalima^ 
Creep, v.n. See Crawl. 
Creeper, 8. bel\ 4zela,jurang, 
Crescent, s. mydsht, bildl. 
Cress, 8. halam, teza/c, tartezak. 
Crest, 8. (bird's-) ^dr^iJiKalai or ^dr* 

I^Kalak ; zUndaz. (snake's-) di^ja. (-of 

a hill) Aamar, g^dkkhcd ; (sHAaf peza. 

(-of a helmet) tJ^rra, tdj. 
Crevice, 8. sUrai, ^drcd, darz, dara. 
Crew, 8. g!iol, folai ; data, (ship's-) Ja/^O^rl. 

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( 219 ) 


Cricket, 8. itrrai, karboral. 

Crier, 8. jdr^if munddi karcUnkai. (-to 

prayers) mu-a^^in, mullcL'bdnff tvayHnkai. 
Crime, 8. gunah, tvabdl, taq^lr, M^ld, dazoA, 

Crimson, a. curgharcdnl^ Idl, sUr. 
Cringe, v.a. chdpalHsl'^ dlrpali-, l^U^dmad-, 

etc. k. 
Cripple, a, ywrf, karam, ::am-z7nolcu^ skall, 

sukruk. r.a. ffud-, etc. k. 
Crisis, 8. sd^at, tdny, nobat ; kanml* 
Critic, 8. har/'glr^ *(zibjoe. 
Crockery, s. lokkhl'largl, katrcVkandoU. 
Crocodile, 8. magar^ nahang. 
Crook, 8. kunda. (sliepberd's-) kUntai, ardm- 

kai, madiak. 
Crooked, a. kog,^ krlng^ tsor, tit, kdlkUch. 
Crop, B./a^l. (hird'e-) jajura, bausila. v.a. 

tsaral; skukarvul; gliUt k. 
Cross, v.n. (-over) pore fvatcl or -tlaL V.a. 

Idnde-bdnde-, oreporc-^ etc. k. C-breed) 

rag gadatvuL 
Cross, a. sut'but, mdnrai'gar, mararcar^ 

JJiapah. (-breed) drcak-ragak. 
Croucb, v.n. ghilai ked., petedaL (cringe). 
Crow, s. qdghah or qdrghah. 
Crow, v.a. (-over rival) saJJid-p ^'^y^f'f etc. k. 
Crowd, 8. ganr^'dlam, dala^ layhkar. 
Crown, 8. idjy JJioL (-of bead) tatar, topal. 
Crude, a. fiw, Mdm, kachak, nlmgarai, iilma- 

Mrvd, Hmghalan. 
Cruel, a. 5^afi»i, be^rahm, kdnraizrah, sa^t. 
Crumb, s. totui, pUtai, diHr^ rtza. 
Crupper, s. (borse's-) darnel, (bullock's-) 

ghwa-e lang, pigdrma. 
Crush, v.a. chlt^plt-, tmpW>t etc. /;., da 

JckhpO'ldnde A., paz nalial. 
Crust, 8. pot. (scab) khttar, tvar, ^i^, 
Crutcb, 8. fdpora. (-of a sandal) gadeka. 
Cry, jaral. ('yio\e\M\y) pa rat*rat jaraL 
(call) naral, note nahul, bang ttayoL 

Cry, B.Jard ; ndra, bdng. 

Crystal, s. bilaur; qaiam; ga^ 

Cubit, 8. tsangal, UcAa^ hata. 

Cuckold, 8. dakUt, bagkarai. 

Cucumber, 8. bddrang, tara, tarai. 

Cud, 8. sh^fcand. (-of hawks, etc.) par 

Cuddle, v.n. ghdra^ghara-l ked. 
Cudgel, 8. kotaky ddng, larcar. v.a. kutal, 

wakul, takajvul. 
Cuff, 8. tsapera, dab, fas. (-of a coat) la$' 

tUnrcu, piydMUu 
Cuirass, s. bakhtar^jaushan. 
Culinary, a. pctkh^iloi. 
Cull, v.a. skukarcul; ^unraL 
Culpable, a. maldmati^ taq^hi. 
Culprit, 8. gundA'gdr^ taqsirL 
Cultivate, v.a. dbddafvul, fcaddnamul; kar-, 

Ifce or yawe-^ etc. k. 
Cultivation, s. dbddl^ naddnl ; kar, lrv€ or 

yatve^ zard*at. 
Cultivator, s. zaminddr, kiklht-gar. (hired-) 

di/iqdn^ d^arekdr. 
Cumin, 8. zlra^ zanka-h 
Cunning, a. ^albdz./arebl; kdgh. ^irg. 

8. kunoTf Jiiktnat. 
Cup, s. (metal-) katorai, jdm. (pottery*) 

/:andol or kandolai. (wooden-) kunra-l or 

kunda-l, kdsa. (china-) piydla, kdsa. 
Cupidity, 8. shahtat, mastic nous ; (dr^. 
Cupola, 8. gunboL 
Cupping-horn, 8. Jddikar. (to cup) v.a 

kkhkar lagawul. 
Cur, 8. spai, katrai ; qa^ar, larcand. 
Curb, s. luifa^ zan^xra. v.a. uimbdUatul. 

qdbU k. 
Curd, 8. mdstch, ^a/ia ; pasta, malra, ^• 

Curdle, v.a. tomna-, wdya-, ixng-, etc. k. 
Cure, y.a.jofa/vul, ragliaicul. s. 'ildj^ raghflr 

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( 220 ) 


Cnrions, a. 'afr*, nOdir ; (j^wag,'t§ar. 

Curl, 8. /ra/, zulf, tsUnra. 

Current, tk.jdr%, c/ialan, rand. o. ^aldnda, 

Currier, b. tjamydr^ dabbd^. 
Currjr, v.a. kardra k. (tan) dabbd^l k. 

(-favour) chdplUsh, dirpaH-, etc. A. 
Curae, v.a. Wtere-, Canal', bad'd'ua-, etc. k. 

B. Hhera, etc. ; bald, dfat, wabdl, ^a:;ab, 
CnrUdn,a.parda,S(Ura. (-of a fort) Mirdco. 
Curve, 8. tifa, AdlH^, Aa^'le^, wal,pe^. 
Cushion, B. bdlikkJitak, balikkht^gotai. 
Custody, 8. amdnat, ftatvdia; qaid, band; 

sdtena, j^orana, Hundi'tob. 
Custonn, s. JastUr, rasm, ^idl, 'ddat, dod, 

rarcdj. (tax) mdliyd, Idiirdj, idndn, bdj. 

(-house) tjoka-l, tdiMCt. (-collector) tHU- 

^a^^il, bdj'ddr. 
Cut, 8. Mra, parhdr. (-purse) gan^kap. a, 

Mralaif ^tvuts^jobal. 
Cut, v.a. tjlral. (-off> prekanul op prekral. 

(-out clothes, etc.) skakkhtal. (wound) 

jobafarvtil, gktvufsqTvuL (-short) ^ Uf pre- 

kojvul, land i. 
Cutler, 8. dkan-gar, ^aiqalgar, lohdr. 
Cycle, 8. dour, daurdn, tsarH, zamdna. 
Cylinder, b. nal, ^pelai. 
Cymbal, s. zang, zangHla^jatdjaL 
Cypress, b. 9anva, fanobar. 


Dab, ▼.a. (apaL 

Daddy, s. bdbU. dddd. 

Daffodil, 8. nargis, kangoM. 

Dagger. 8. cJidra^ biAbudi, pesh'qahza. 

Daily, ad. rozmarra. Aar*roza» kara'wradz. 

Dainty, a. kffUsh'i^ara^ i JJi/catul'ndA^ 

tnaza^ddr, tu^/a. 
Dale, •• doiO. 

Dalliance, 8. ndz^o^naM^a, 'isiq^idzl, *d^igl» 
tna^Uql; dirang. IdrgAak^ susti, multatcU 
Damage, s. tdmdn^ nuq^dn, ziydn, trof* 
Dame, s. merman, bibl, Aorbana. 
Damn, v.a. kkhere-, I'anat-, bad^d'udr, etc. 

A., pethmU A., gUna wntAawuL 
Damnable, a. I'anatl, Id-iq da kkhero. 
Damp, a. lUnd, tar, nam*ndA, zyam-ndk, 

Damsel, 8. peghla, jina-h (betrothed-) 

DsLUce, B. gadeda ; ndd^; atanr,jiAr. v.n. 

gadcdal. v.a. nddi A. atanr-^ etc. -^^arvuL 
Dancer, 8. gadedUnAai, gadandai. (rope-) 

bdzhgar, nat. 
Dangerous, a. f^tar*ndk. 
Dangle, v.n. ^warandedat, awezdnd Aed. 
Dapple, a. brag, gag. 
Dare, v.n. gwdtkJiedaL v.a.JaA A.^gn^dkkha' 

Dark, a. tor, tdrlk. (-complexion) Aalof. 
Darkness, 8. tydra, tdrlkl ; tortam, ^ulmat, - 
Darling, s. may an, niashUq, dzdn. 
Darn, v.a. bezal orpezal, gandal; rafu h. 
Dart, 8. shalgai, barcka, bala. (iron) 9ela. 
Dash, v.a. tvlihtaL (-in pieces) ^UT'dfitr^p 

totC'tote-, pQthp&fl', etc. A. (-waier> 

lawastal, toyawul. 
Dastard, s. nd^mard, tizan, AariL 
Date, 8. tdrlM. (fruit) MajQra. 
Daub, v.a. lenawul, alJicral, afidra k. 
Daughter, 8. lUr. (-in law) ngjor. (8tep*> 

parkata-i, banza-h (broihere-) fcra-a. 

(sister's-) Hordza. 
Dauntless, a. bc'baA, zreA^war. 
Day, 8. wradz. (to-) nan. (of to-) nanancd. 

(-by day) nradz pa ttradz. (every-) kara 

ftradz. (-book) rozndma. (-light) ra\ird 

neradz. (-dawn) chirg^bdng, ^abd, iapede. 

(by-) da trradzi. (-star) ;itarga. (all the-) 

AaraA ura^. 

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C 221 ) 


Dnzxle. v.ti. brekkhedal, fJ^akdaU &«/ hd. 
Dead, a. tnur^ murai. (-aa a tree) mr&m or 

Deadly, a. qddL 

Deaf, a. kUni* (-as a post) tap kUnt. 

Deafness, s. kUnr'WdUu. 

Deal, v.a. tceshal, brakha k. ; fvapdr-, Id^-, 

etc. k. ; Idr-, rozydr-, Idff-, etc. k. a. da 

nakkhtar largaL 
Dealer, s. rvapdrl, Idgl ; sauddgar, pardJiahf 

tatdr. (Hindu-) banriyah, katn, htndU. 
Dealing, s. wapdr^ lag, sud-sauda ; Adrobdr, 

rozgdr, Idr, ^aldqa. 
Dear, a. may an \ grdn. (-met) hde*hdel 

(my-) dkdna, 4^amd 4zdn I 
Dearth, s. kdJJ^tl, matrah, tanysiyd, dukdl. 
Death, s. ajal, marg, qa^^d. (early-) ^wdnh 

marg. (sudden-) tsat'fvat ; mufdjdt. 
Debase, v.a. spekawul, kamawuU leggawul; 

be rUe-, be mehh% etc. i.ijUtaA', etc. k. 
Debate, v.a. bal^ k. 
Debauch, s. bad'tnaM. 
Debauchee, s. larvand, AdsJr, bad^amah, ^at. 
Debauchery, s. lawand'tob, ^{ardia^ Adsiri, 
Debility, s. nd'tuwdnl, Aamzor-tiyd, mdndagl. 
Debt, s./wr, qar^^. 
Debtor, %. poratvurai, qar^'ddr* 
Decant, v.a. toyawul. v.n. toyedal or to-edal. 
Decay, v.n. mrdmedal, wrostedal, §harkedal\ 

skid ked. 
Deceitful, a. ^albdz, tag-bdz, Jarebl, droA- 

Deceive, v.a. tagal, g^ulawul, tagU, /areb-, 

etc. A. 
December, s. poA or po. 
Decent, lai.jor, kk^aA ; mundsib, Idriq. 
Decide, y.d^/ai^al A. 
Decidedly, ad. be^^oAk. 
Decisive, a. pUroA, Adft»sidft. 
Declaration, s. i^Adr ; gatvdAl, s^dhidl. 

Declare, v.a. wayal^ lattdaloT lal. 

Decline, v.n. prewatal, zawdl ked. ; Id-agr^ 

Aam-, etc. Aed. v.a. inAdr A. 
Declivity, t^jawara^ taAana, rercand. 
Decompose, v.u. fvrostedal, sMd Aed., shar* 

Decorate, v.a. jorawut; andzorawul, singdr* 

arvul, tkbdyistaA', drdstaA-, etc. A. ; postal, 

kkhena A. 
Decorous, a. J(>r, mundsib, kkhdyutoL 
Decoy, v.a. ^ulawui, tagattuL 
Decrease, a. Aam-tiyd, Ugrcdlai. v.n. 

Aamedalf la-ag Aed. 
Decree, s. i^uAm,Jatwd. 
Decrepit, a. tap, Mfvdr, zor, Aamzor. 
Dedicate, v.a. niydz-, ^adqor, etc. A. 
Deduct, v.a. mujra d^istal, stanarcul, zwam A. 
Deed, s. Adr, Arah, *amal; sanad, qabdla* 

(-of gift) Aiba'ndma. 
Deep, a. doghal, star, ^mar, Aand ; /^&k 

Deer, s. osai. (young-) Aablai. 
Deface, v.a. wrdnawul, habata A., i^ardb A. 
Defame, v.a. rusted-, bad-ndtn-, etc. A., 

Randal*, tuAmat-, tor-, etc. pore A. 
Default, a. Mafd, taq^Vr. 
Defeat, v.a. mdt A., pa-ar A. ; mart a k. 
Defection, &.jdrfvdtah; ydgAl'garl. 
Defenceless, a. Id^^dr; be'pandh, isA^^ai^ 

Defend, v.a. badtawul, pandh A., ^dtal, gdlal, 

jgAoral, Mundi A., madad A.; 'M:{;r-f 

dsofcdlhf etc. A. 
Defendant, s. asdml, muddd'*alaiA. 
Defender, s. sdtandoe, jgkqrai, ba^anHnhai^ 

pandA-, tbundl; etc. -AatvUnAai. 
Defer, v.a. Idr^oA-, dirangi; tustl-, etc. A. 
Deference, s. maikf muldid^a, maddrd, li^dz : 

bdwoTf ftibdr. 
Deficient, a. Aam, leg ; wafaA, troft zwam. 
Defile, a. tanga-l, darra. 

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( 222 ) 


Defile* v.a. patliawulf Aakarawul, nd'pdk-f 

murddr-, etc. *• 
Define, v.a, pnla-, brid-, ^add-, etc. taral; 

nCand baydnawul. 
Definite, a. muqarrar. 
Deflower, v.a. bilcr §klawul^ or mdtawul. 
Deformed, a. bad'sha/d, or 'daul, or -ranff. 
Defraud, y.a. drohawul, tagal^ ghulawul. 
Defray, v.a. Marts pUrak k., i^jawul. 
Defy, v.ti,janff gkokkhtal. grtdkkhal^ icava k. 
Degenerate, a. spuk, nd'kdr^ M^dr^ kam'O^l. 
Degrade, y.a. spekcavul^ maM'tor k. 
Degree, s. pdya^ c^de, dcuja, martaba ; qadr^ 

(tadd, anddza. 
Dejected, a. ^am-janf dilglr^ maldl^ nuUjan. 
Deign, y.a. manal, qabularvut, ratvd-laral. 
Deism, a. sujl'gari. 
Deist, s. $U/l. 

Deity, s. Mudde, allah, rabb. 
Delay, y.a. drangh, Idrghah-, dzand-, susd-, 

multawh, etc. i. 
Delegate, s. astddzai^ rvakil; nd-ib, pes^kdr. 

y.a. dstamtd, lesnal, rojcdnawuli spdral, 

licwdla k. 
Deleterious, a. tdwdnl, nuq^dnl, muzirr. 
Deliberate, y.a. JUdr-^ ghaur-^ atidekMnd-, 

etc. i., ma^tal^at', tadbir-, ma^warat', 

etc. ^. 
Delicacy, s. bdrlkl^ narai'tcalai \ ndzald, 

kkhkuti'tob ; Mwandf maza. 
Delicate, a. narai, bdrlk ; ndzuk, kkikulai. 
Delicious, a. Mfcand-ndk, maza*ddr. 
Delight, s. kkhddi. M^and, Jd^U^^hdti, 

Jihrcdkkhl. (-over enemy) sa^, wiydr. 
Delighted, a. kkhdd, Mu^^b^i, Mn>akkh* 
Delineate, y.a. kd^alr-kkhkal. Weed. 
Delirious, a. be'Mad, be^hctkh* 
Delirium, s. be-Bodl, be-hoMSit ha^ydn. 
Deliver, y.a. spdral. b^icdla k.; warkawul\ 

iialdfannd,dzddafctd,yalahi; ba^awul; 

fvurharcul; baydnan^ul, wayaL 

Deliyerance, s. Mald^l, dzddl, yalah-ndlai. 

Delude, y.a. ghuloTCul^fareftah k. 

Deluge, 8. saildb, nlz or nyUz, dicda, tjug^i^ 

ydnl. y.a. gAarqawul, dabarvuL 
Delusion, s. Mdm'Miydl,Jareb, Matd. 
Demand, y.a. d'atca k., ghokkhtaL 
Demeanour, s. yfln, wajAa, didl^atan. 
Demesne, s. da/tar, zmeka^ wand, ada-l. 
Demolish, y.a. nararvul, Tvujdrarvul, wrd- 

nawul, nd'bud; tdld-, ^ardb-^ etc. k. 
Demon, s. dew, percu^ rawai, g^uL (possessed 

of a-) pat nlwulai. 
Demonstrate, y.a. tsargandawul, barCser-, 

Ick^idraA', etc. ^., kkhayal — kkhowul ; 

zbdd-, i^bdt', etc. k,, daltll rdwral. 
Demur, y.a. drangl-, multawi-, etc. A. ; an- 

dekkh't shaik', gUmdn-, etc. laraL 
Demure, a. ghalai^ gharand; drUnd, sUf. 
Den, 8. gAdr, Adz ; gkHai. 
Denial, s. inkdr, nahiya, munldr*tob ; ibd. 
Denizen, s. asfogUniai, osedUnkai. 
Denote, y.a. kkhayal— kkhoicul^ kkhkdrah ^., 

Denounce, y.a. Randal, kagal, ruswd k., 

bad'ndmawul, maldmatawul, ratal. 
Dense, a.yanr,ySr. (-crops) ,^a/, ^o^. (-cloth) 

tok. (-liquids) ting. 
Dent, s.jgiand, kandcav, wot. 
Denude, y.a. barbandawul, pot-t tsarman-, 

etc. •kdgal—kkhkal or -basal^yastaL 
Deny, y.a. inkdr k. y.n. munfdredal. 
Depart, y.n. tUU^ldral, IwukkhtcU, ratcdne* 

dot, dramal; legLdal-^lelMat* 
Departure, s. tah, tlana, legdana, rawdnagi, 

Depend, y.n. ^warandedat, dwezdnd ked. ; 

dsra-, umed', etc. laral; fnauqU/", etc. ked. 
Dependant, a. dzwarand ; mauqaf. 
Dependence, s. dsra, umed, takiya, bdwar; 

iUibdr; *aldqa\ tdbH-ddri. 
Dependent, s. hamsdyah, tdVi*ddr. 

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( 223 ) 


Deplore, v.a. tf/3w«-, tartdb-, ffila-, etc. i. 
Deponent, s. garcdhl lUnal^ ^dhid. 
Deportment, b. yUn, c^d/, dialan^ lattr* 
Depose, v.a. gawdhl-, ^dhidl-, etc. lal or 

lawdal; ^aral; mauqU/k. 
Deposit, 8. amdnat; grate, ▼.a. gdal or 

xgjiaU ydkhhodal or IkkhodaL yakkhaitul 

or Ikkharcul ; spdral; amdnat kegdal^ eit* 
Deposition, s. garvdhl, shdhidi. 
Depository, a. ambdr'^dna, koil. 
Depraved, a. bad^ I^ardb^ nd'Adr, tabdh. 
Deprecate, v.a. minnat-p d^ud-, etc. k.^pandh-, 

*uzr'f etc. 'ohokkhtaL 
Depreciate, v.a. apuAarcul, iamarvul, la-aga- 

rvul ; kagal, Randal, spuk gar^raL 
Depredation, s. lut^ ndtah, tdld, tdMt, tdrdj. 
Depress, v.a. Idnde k., ^amawul\ tltamuL 
Depression, s. gham, ^apagdn^ dU*tangl, da 

zreh nUl; doghaljatvar^ tahna,jan:ar'tigd. 
Deprive, v.a. d^istal, shukawul, maiCa k. 
Depth, B. jan:aMigd, star-rcdlai. 
Deputation, s.jirga, m'ari/ia, astd^* 
Depute, Y.VL.jirga-p etc. dsta?viU or legdal; 

Tva/dl, fcudrarcuL 
Deputy, 8. nd'ib, tva/dl ; jirgatU, astddzai. 
Derision, s. toga, M^ndd, pekkha» 
Derive, v.a. mUndal, gatat, paidd k. 
Derogate, v.a. ghandal^ kagal, spukatvuL 
Derogatory, a. spek, rusrvd, nd'Adr, ndsdzd. 
Descant, v.a. baydnan:ul, tcayaL 
Descend, v.n. kHzedal, ndziledal, prercataU 
Descendant, s. aln-dd, zaivzdd, nasi, zurriydt. 
Descent, B.kUzedana,prejcdta/i, nazUl; Jawar, 

tahna ; o^/, zdt^ peraA. 
Describe, v.a. bayd?iarvul, kkhayal^kkhowuL 
Description, s. baydn, naql; ^Urat, ^dn\ 

rang. - 
Desert, 8. h<^qq, qadr, sa$d?vdrlt Id-iq'tcdtm. 
Desert, s. ^aftrd, maiddn, maira, dakkhL 

^olf bdydbdn. a. tcairdn, tcujdr^ ta-a^i, 


Desert, y^^pregdal, prekkhodal^ prdckhanmL 

prehkhdlf tark k. v.n. tdkkhtedal^ pufedal. 
Deserted, a. tcairdn, g^ah'dbdd, Mif^latV 

rang, sunj ; pre^odai, prlkkhai^ tark* 

Deserter, 8. takk^tedUnkai. 
Deserve, v.a. h(^qq laral. v.n. te-fy-, wd^b-^ 

fazdtcdr-, qdbil-, etc. -ked. 
Design, s. niyat, rfliJ, qa^d, irdda; mudd% 

mat lab; band, (Jial; tiakkkkka or tiaq^. 
Design, v.a. niyat-^ etc. taral or laral; 

Desirable, a. khtccMh. plrzo, ^ttarak. 
Desire, 8. ^okkJiU armdn, drzH, murdi, 

kanda, katsa, kktcakkhl. (carnal) na^s, 

Desire, v.a. g^okkhtal^ armdn-, etc. laral* 

Desolate, a. wairdn, tcvjdr, rang, sunj, dour, 

v.a. tvairdnamul, tvujdrawul, tdld-, etc. k. 
Despair, 8. nd*umedl ; g^am, nUL 
Desperate, a. be^bdk, lewanai. 
Despise, v.a. spuk ganral, bad manat, kagal. 
Despot, 8. ^dlim, zordtcar, ^pulsar. 
Despotism, s. s^ulm, zordwarl, zabardasfi. 
Destination, s. botjal, tlkdo, mazaL 
Destiny, s. na^lb, qismat, taqdlr, baM^; qjal* 
Destitute, a. M^(i^» Id'^dr, be^kas, muJGs. 
Destroy, v.a. icrdnatoul, kabatak-, haldk-. 

tdld-, Mardb-, nd'bud-tfandrf etc. h 
Destruction, s. kaldkat, Mcurdbl, tcrdnl^ etc. 
Destructive, a. mu:^rr, ziydnl, tdn^dt^ 
Desultory, a. be^tartlb, nd*qaldr, be-sar. 
Detach, v.a. biycJafcul,judd k., InuratcuL 
Detached, v.n. biyaledal, IwukkhtaLjudd ked. 
Detachment, 8. g^ol, dasta, tolcu, ta*Uidt^ 
Detail, v.a. biyal-biyal-Juddjuddr, muf<maUp 

etc. -ttayal or ^baydnatvul or -llkoL 
Detain, v.a. man*a k., atdlawul; H^tuSyal^ 

sdtal; stUnan?ul; bandatcul, q<nd k. , 
Deter, v.a. yeratcul or tveramul. 

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( 224 ) 


Determination, s. qa^d, niyat; ^ukm, amr. 
Detest, Y.a. bad manal or -ffaaralf Aagial, 

^ityawul, krcJca dUistal. 
Detract, v.a. Randal, ^u^R', ^lbat',eie.i. 

tor pore i., spukawul; icamawul, leggtmuL 
Detriment, a. tdfcdn, ziydn, nuq^dn, ^alal, 

budrJ, trof. 
Devastate, v.a. natcU, fvrdnl-, lat-, idld-, 

paemdti', tdMl-tdrdj-, ^aur-, etc, k. 
Develop, v.a. ziydtaivul, Tvaddnarvul. 
Deviate, v.n. ffirzedal, drcuhkhtal, gharedal^ 

gumrdh ked. v.a. girzawUl. 
Device, s. hand^ (adblr, laimat, chal; ndkhha. 
Devil, 8. ^aitdn ; defv^ raicau 
Devious, a. kag-U^^ kdlka^an. 
Devise, v.a. band iaral, tadblr-, etc. k. (give) 

bakkhalf hiba k. 
Devolve, v.n. rasedal, prewatal, Idzim ked. 
Devote, v.a. sadqa-, qurbdn-, etc. k. ; niydz-, 

etc. manal or k. ; baHhal^ nudrawuL 
Devotee, a. zdhid^ muttaqud. 
Devotion, a. *ibddat, bandagl ; nmUndz ; 

ma shgh uld ^ughl^ lagiyd. 
Devout, a. nek^ m^utaklf, nmdndz-guzdr. 
Dew, 8. pa-arMa. 
Dewlap, 8. jajara ; ghab^ghab, g^ut-ydlai, 

Dexterous, a. ^dldk^ tak-ldstai. 
Dialect, B.jiba, tcrd^a. 
Dialogue, 8. san:dl^an:db, Mabare. 
Diamond, a. almds. 
Diaphragm, s. prlnr, parda ida gede). 
Diarrhoea, s. bahedana da da^tUno. (to have-) 

v.a. riM Kakul. (having-) a. rlM^^* 
Diary, a. roz^ndma. 
Dice, 8. qimdr. 
Dictionary, s. lug^at. 
Die, V Ji. mral^ mur ked. 
Diet, 8. Mn^urdk; pdhparhez. 
Difference, s. blyahtnn or biyaltcdlaiffarq. 
Different, a. blyal, bul,judd. 

Difficult, a. saMip grdn, tnuihkU. 
Difficulty, s. saMtiydf grdn'iiyd, tangsiyd. 
Diffidence, a. tviswds, andekkhnd : yara, 

wakm ; stdra ; ^akk, ^ubha. 
Diffuse, v.a. ^warawuL 
Dig, v.a. kandalorkanal, kanaivdal,kanastaL 
Digest, v.a. Aapn k. 

Dignity, s. pdya^ mariaba ; qadr, 'izzat. 
Dike, 8. kanda, kdha-l ; Handaq ; pUla, tvand. 
Dilapidate, v.n. naredal, tcrdnedal. 
Dilate, T.a.planawul, arat A., HgdatvtU. v.n. 

giwaredal, planedal, parsedal. 
Dilatory, a. sust, lat, drang, nd-rdsi. 
Dilemma, a. bald, nkkhataL sdMa. 
Diligent, a. miltnail, k oksh i ksh kawUnkat, sdX 
Dilute, v.a. makln-, narai-, etc. k. 
Dim, a. dund. 

Diminish, v.a. kamarcul, landawul, Icgg k. 
Diminutive, a. pUtai, fvrukai, fvarkotai, 

iu^anai, ka^otai, H^armandaif tcor, Icgy. 
Dimple, 8. iwata-l; ta*apci. 
Din, 8. g^dWf znag'ZUg, skor. 
Dinner, a. tsakkhd ; doda-l ; M^tirdk. 
Dint, 8. zor, qtmrcat. 
Dip, v.a. dubanulf gharqawul^ ghota-^ sh^P^'p 

etc. -narkafcul -tcakal or -M^ural. (-as 

bread in soup, etc.) ^Uka k. 
Diploma, a. $anaJU 
Dire, a. baskpar, taUt ; kaibat^ndk. 
Direct, a. sam, negk^ bardbar. 
Direct, v.a. kkhayaU^kkhoitul ; farmdyal, 

bukm-^alawul ; na^arlagiuvul; sar^ndma 

likal, or 'kdflal^kkkkal. 
Direction, s. lorai, Mn:d, rH^, maM^ palaw ; 

sar^ndma, nakkha ; Jarn:dn, b^km. 
Directly, ad. pa takl, pd de sd*at, earn da 

Director, s. iMon^Unkai ; kdr kanUnkai ; p'lr- 
Dirge, s. tclr or rlr, tcaind. 
Dirt, 8. Mlra, patitl, ra^. 
Dirty, a. Mlran, Mi^an,palU. 

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( 225 ) 


Dis-» the particle of negation, is expressed bj 

the prefixes be-p nd-, Id-, bad-, ete. 
Disable, ▼.a. Id-t^hdr-, nd^turcdn-f be'ldqat-^ 

be'ma^/dar-, *dju; etc. i. 
Disadvantage, s. td>vdn, ziydn. nuq^dn. 
Disadvantageous, a. 'n&a^, be^fd-idaJu 
Disaflfected, a.yd^I, sarJiokk/t. nd^rd^. 
Disagree, v.n. nd'rd;;-, muMdtjf', etc. /rrf. 
Disagreeable, a. lut^alai^ bad, /^dndah. 
Disagreement, t.jagra^ steza^ pot. 
Disappear, y.n*pufedal,Tvru/:edaf,^d'ib ked. 
Disappoint, v.a. nd*umed k. 
Disappointed, a. nd-umed, maldl; mlkkh' 

Disapprove, v.a. bad*manaff ka^l, ghandal. 
Disaster, s. a/a/, bad'bald, randZf mwlbat. 
Disastrous, a. bad* or kam'ba^U 
Disbelieve, v.a. 7ia'manal, bdrcar na*kawul. 
Discard, v.a. sharal\ liri k. 
Discern, v.a. pejandal, nCaldmawuli katal^ 

fforal, tidal. 
Discerning, a. Iiokkhydr^ pokdnd. 
Discernment, s. poh^ 'oqL 
Discharge, v.a. Mald^arvnl, ta-ashawul ; 

Rre-t biyaria-, etc. k., (harcdb narkarcul; 

j[hurzafcul, tvishtal; purah k.,pa ihde k. 
Discharge, s. Tdialdskx^ dzattdb. (explosion) 

daZf shxlak. {-from debt, etc.) rd^hndma, 

Disciple, s. murld, skdyird, tdllb. (-of 

Christ) l^ajrdru 
Discipline, s. d-ln^ qd'ida^ dashlr. 
Disciplined, a. dmokktak, el. 
Disclose, v.a. prdnital tsargandawuU kkhkd- 

rah'p bartser-, etc, k., parda porta X'., 

khudla Tvayal, spekkhta drarvul, puduti k. 
Discolour, v.n. bad^rang-^ ddgkh, etc. -ked. 
Discomfit, v.a. Idnde-^ pa-ar-^ rndt-f etc. k. 
Discompose, v.a. rabrarvul^ Ijtariydnamil; 

Tcrdnawuff iliardb-^ gad-tcad-, be*tart\b-f 

etc. k.p ndr*^atd k. 

Disconsolate, a. g^am^ndk, nUljan. diUang. 
Discontented, a. ttd^rd!;. be^nabn 
Discontinue, v.a. pregda/^^prekkkodal, pre- 

kkhamd. prekkhaly. tark k. 
Discord, a. patna, pasdi ; Mdlia. 
Discordant, a. nd-sdz, be^td/ig. 
Discover, v.a. nCalamavcul^ p^andal ; Mar- 

gandamiU kkllkdrah-^ bartser-^ etc. k.\ 

kkhayal^kkhowul \ mtlndal, blyd'mUndaL 
Discount, a. /ra/, itata. 
Discourage, r.a.yeran:ut, zrak dklngavcuL 
Discourse, a. khabare^ qU'C^jdl, gangosai^ 

tMkdlKa, tvayana. 
Discreet, a. ho kkhy dtf pohdnd^ poUu 
Discuss, Y.a. bdl^R k. 
Disease, a. blmdrt, mara;;, dzdr, vajof'tiyd, 

ndrogk'tiydf randz. 
Diseased, a. blmdr, marl:;, Pdjor, ndrogh^ 

rand^Hr, dzdri. 
Disembark, v.a. kxlzawul. v.n. kuzedal. 
Disengage, v.a. dzddamd, M('tl^<^^id,yalah 

k., prdnital, spardal. 
Disfigure, v.a. bad rangawul, Krdrumul. 
Disgorge, YA.jdrbdsal^drya8tal. 
Disgrace, v.a. bad'tidm*, rusrcd-, maki'tor-, 

bc'tiang-, be^mak^', etc. k., skarmanuL 
Disgraceful, a. bad, nd'kkhanai, ndddAq. 
Disguise, s. bdna, libds, Sfvdng. 
Disgust, 8. kraka. 
Disgusted, v.n. ^wjedaL 
Dish, a. (wooden-) ptna. (brass-) tdlai. 

(iron-) tabakieu. (pottery-) /aia-i, ta^d^ 

rai. (china-) rikabi. (chafing-) mq;mir. 

(-of stone for baking on) .^okdnxqi. (-of 

made food) sdlan, qatagk, vgolai. 
Dishearten, v.a. zrah (hlngafcul, nd'Umed k. 
Dishevelled, a. spardalai ; shdrclai^Kdwlai. 
Dishonest, a. bc'hndn, nd^rdst. 
Dishonour, a. be^'izzatl, bad^ndml, ma^dari. 
Disjoint, v.a. kiltal, band prekanml, bja k. 
Disk, a. (hakai, fsarM^, qurf. 

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( 226 ) 


Dislike, y.a. bad manal^ ^hyafvul, ftagtal, 

kraka dHUtal^ ghandoL 
Dislocate, Y.a. be*4sfi^ k. 
Dismal, a. Jd^o/'n&k^ andehhhndk^ tars-ndk ; 

tor^ tdrik; gkam^jan^ maldl. 
Dismantle, r.a. nararvul, rcrdnaivul, shuk* 

amul, barbandawul, spardal. 
Dismay, s. wera or yera^ Jcho/^ tor, bdk. 
Dismiss, v.a. ruihsat i., dzcuvdb tcarlcofoul, 

lire-, bitforta-, etc. k. 
Dismount, v.n. kuzedal. 
Disobedient, a. yd^l, sar^kakkh. 
Disoblige, v.a. wezdr-, ^apak-trandzdr', etc. 

k., karawuL 
Disobliging, a. be^maM, be-tntiruwrcat 
Disorder, s. be-tartlbl, gadttad'tob, be^band- 

obasd. v.a. gad'Kod k. 
Disown, v.n. munkiredoL 
Disparage, v.a. spukatcul,^ ghandal, 

tor pore k , ^xbat k. 
Dispatch, v.a. dstarcul, le^dal, k^al\ ^al- 

arvut, rancdnaituL 
Dispatch, s. talttdr, takldstai'tob,jaUaA. 
Dispel, v.a. MwaraTcul, lire k., nrukamd. 
Dispensary, s. dattd'Hdna. 
Dispense, v.a. ueshal, kkhandaL (-with) 

mil of k., pulofcuL 
Disperse, v.a. Mtvaran:ul, tdkhhtarcul tdr^ 

pa'tdr k. 
Displace, v.a. sharal, be^^de k. 
Display, v.a. hkhkarah-. bartser-, etc. k. 
Display, s. nanddra, tamdsha. 
Displease, v.a. Utapah-, fnaratcar-, etc. k., 
^ karanul, ran^atcul, tve^dratcul. 
Disposal, 8. ndk, qdbU, roM, i^tiydr. 
Dispose, v.a. tarfibawul, sambdlatvul, gdal, 

Ikkhodal or yakkhodal, \kkhaKul or yakkia- 

fvul ; kesudal or kklikefidaL keii&odal or 

kkhkekkhodaL Mdrtsawul; tvarkofcul, hiba 

k., bdkkhal or bakJikkhal\ jiklikenarcul. 

Disposition, s. tartlb, daul; ^wd. Hoe, 

ndzdj, lokkhtd, sailqa, fcdfa. 
Dispossess, v.a. ^aral, shukancul, be^^de k. 
Disprove, v.a. bdtil-, darosh^jan k. 
Dispute, y.di. jayra-, stezor, takrdr-, ga^fiya-, 

etc. k. k. ; ba^ k. 
Disreputable, a« be*€tibdr, nd^la-iq, rusrvd. 
Disrespectrul, a. be^adab, be^makh. 
Dissatisfied, a. nd^rd^, nd'khtcakkh^ 
Dissect, v.a. Mral, kUtaL 
Dissemble, v.a. bdna-, lamyharaH, etc. k. 
Disseminate, v.a. Mrcararcul, tdr-pa-tdr /% 
Dissension, s. patna,jagra, $teza, pasdt. 
Dissipate, v.a. wrukcuvul, talaf-, s^arj^^ (liar- 

(^a; etc. k. ; masti', fiasha^k/torh, etc. /*. 
Dissolute, a. that, Umand, qarhar. 
Dissolve, v.a. (-by fire) ttill k. (-by water) 

oba k. (-an assembly) bar^ihcdst k. 
Dissuade, v.a. mart a k.^ ^rcd yirzaivuL 
Distance, s. /arq. (-of time) milda. (-of 

place) Idr, dzdc. (respect) adab 
Distant, a. lirai, prat* 
Distend^ v.a. parsawul, ntiraicuU v.n. par* 

scdat, fvnedaL 
Distention, s. pdrsob, itaram. 
Distil, v.a. isat^arcuL v.n. tsdtjedaL 
Distinct, a. biyal.judd. 
Distinction, s. biyal4iln,judd'1,farq. 
Distinguish, v,eL.pejandal; zdah k,, nCalUm' 

ascul', ndmer-, ndnt'ddr-, nUnt'tcar', etc./* 
Distort, v.a. kog, k. or kayjarcul, krxngawul, 

Distract, v.a. rabranjut, hariydnawul,saryar* 

ddti', pareshdn-, leKanai-, etc. k. 
Distress, s. Mi^cdrl, tanysiyd, mtrf^l, randz. 
Distress, v.a. tanyawul, rabrarcal, dzdrarvul, 

Distribute, v.a. tves^al, fce^; braUta-, 

qismai; etc. k* 
District, s. tapa, pargana. 
Distrust, B. gumdn, ^aik, ^ubha. 

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( 227 ) 


Di8tni8trii1, a. bad-yumdn^ shahhrnan. 
Disturb, v.a, rabrawul^ pdran:ul, i^rcadz" 

dwul, laralf H-harawuL 
Ditcby 8. /ionda, kdhan^ kadoA* 
Ditty, 8. cli<^'baita, tapa, sandara^ landaA. 
Dive, v.a. ghnpar^ ghota-^ etc. wahal or k. 
Diverge, v.n. hhjaUdal, girzedal, bruikhtal. 

Diversion, s. 7ia/uldra, tavidsha^ sail, loba. 
Divert, y.d^.girzafciU, dwukkhtcU ; ^ularcuL 
Divest, v.a. barbandojcut; shdkawul. 
Divide, v.a. ptekamil or prckral, Ulral, 
^ivutsawul; Keshal, braMa-, qlsniat-, 
icand', etc. k* 
Dividend, s. bralha. Kcsh, pucha, tcand. 
Divination, s.pdll'atana, koda, ^ilm da^d-ib. 
Divine, a. ildhlf rabbdnl, ^udd-i. s./aqlA. 
Divinity, a. Mudd-l ; fqha. (the-) Miidde. 
Division, s. 7rcsh, braJ^at bh^a, tvand. 
(-of land) pafai, tikai, 7cand, ada-l. (-of 
country) tapa, pargana, lid. (-of village) 
/iandaif vtdlat, chant, palaw. 
Divorce, s. taldq. v.a. taldq k., pa hdghaz-, 

pa dreo kdurch, etc. (aldq'ttarkarcuL 
Divulge, v.a. f^argandarcul, hkhkdrali k., 

parda porta k,, hlndla uayal, puduil k. 
Dizzy, a. sargarddn, a/iar-Jan. 
Do, v.a, ka?cul, kral,jorawul,pa (kde k. 
Docile, a. el or ll, anan. 
Dock, 8. (for vessels) dand, bau;;, dab. (the 

plant) shalkhai. 
Dock, v.a. (cut short) land-, ghUt-, etc. pre- 

kanul or k. (-the hair) sar^kundai k. 
Bociof, 6. baklm, fablb. (-of law)/ag7A. (-of 

divinity) maulam. 
Doctrine, s. mazhab ; masla ; Him. 
Dodge, v.a. chal-KaU, larngkara-l-, etc. k. 
Doer, 8. kaicdnkai, krUnai. 
Dog, 8. spaL (terrier-) pishtau (pointer-) 
Uandai. (greyhound-) tdzu (mastiff-) 
khadal. (mongrel) kutak. C-tick) konr. 

kHn€U, fcra^a. (-tiy) mangaoc^mach. (4n 

heat) spiyama or spe-^tna. (-platter) d^af. 
Doings, 8. kdr, krak, kfok'tcrak. 
Doleful, a. gkam-ndk, maldl, sUt^bUf. 
Doll, 8. gUda-l, lolaA, noKoka-U nenzaka. 
Dolt, 8. pdhar, gedl'ikar, katcdan, kam^aqU 
Domain, s. mulk, dajiar\ fcand, ada-l. 
Dome, 8. gunbat. 
Domestic, a. d7noiktah, etnan, el or 'd. %. 

koranai; nokar, ^dna'Zdd. (-economy) 

Dominion, s. bukdmat, sarddri^ k^dnh 
Donation, 8. bak/jknjdk^, bakkhana, l^jcara. 
Donor, 8. tvarkarcilnkai, bakkhattUnkoL 
Doom, 8. bukm,/aind ; nasfib, qismat ; ojoL 
Door, 8. tear, (-frame) dur^al. (-leaO 

pala, tamba. (-heel) r^Or. (-keeper) 

dancdtichl, dancdza'Wdn, gkdp^u 
Dose, 8. hhrcurdk. (dry-) palta or kapa. 

(liquid-) gdU inda, gkurap. 
Dot, 8. takai, nnqta, pitsdnrai, pUfai. 
Double, a. drcah^bragk, bgkarg, dogdnah. 

(of a fox, etc.) kdlka^aka. 
Doubt, s. skakk, shubka, gumdn. v.a. skakk-p 

etc. laral. 
Doubtful, a. shakk'ddr, skakk-man, gumdnl. 
Doubtless, ad. be-s^akk. bc'shubha, yaqltian. 
Dough, 8. iiajrura, dkkhalai. (lump of-) 

pera, gkunda. 
Dove, s. qumrl, (atafva, spalama. (ring-) 

gugu^tU, kurkurorU 
Dovetail, v.a. ageyal. 
Dower, s. (portion) dluuh, dUd, kulang. 

(jointure) maltr, kdb'in. 
Down, p. kkhkata, Idnde, kkhke-a or ik^kiya. 
Down, 8. maiddn, sama, maira. (hair) g^Hna, 

tor^fcekkhtahf zunba, tvara-h (-of beard) 

Doze, v.a. pamd-, /rkob-, etc. tcral ; ddah'p 

bidak'f etc. ked. 
Draft, 8. hundaA, bardt, fiuj^at. 

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I 228 > 


Drag, v.a. rakafial^rakHkal^ katftdfa k. 
Dragon, s, kkhd*mdr, ajdahd, nihanf^ 
Dragoon, s. turk' or (Idbuk-sattdr, mor or 

Drain, s. tnora-l, nhia ; /akHtaL 
Drain, v.a. fcuchamd^ rdhdgjal^rdkkhhaL 
Dram, s. dtrham^ mhqdl\ giitf i/turap. 
Drama, s. naql^ $7tdng^ jyekkha. 
Draper, s. bazzdz^pardnrhah. 
Drapery, a. tukai^ zardkai^ pokHdk. 
Draught, a. (gulp) gd(, xnda. ginirap, qurt. 

(bcTcrage) s/forbat, tsHhdk or skdk. 

(wind) Tto^ bad; pil, tjqpa. (cattle) bdr* 

kaHh. (copy) naqU (drawing) nakhkkha. 
Draw, v.a. rdkdgjal — rdkkhkal. (picture) 

kdfia/'-H'kkaL llkal, htekkhkaL 
Drawback, a. *aib, stdnai. 
Drawers, B.parttlg, skalrvdr, tambdn. (hem 

of-) bada. (hole of hem) kustlj. (tape of-) 

partdghdkkh. (}ego(')pd'€nfja. (fork of-) 

Drawing, a. vakkkHa or vaqska ; ka kkh i kkk f 

kakkha. kashdla. 
Dread, a. yera or itera, bdk, kkqff tars ; ttis- 

n:ds, andekkknd. gram. v.n. fve)*edal or 

yeredal, andekkhedal. v.a. tars-, etc., 

laral or -kktcural; gram k. 
Dreadful, a. k/fof^dk, kaibat^ndk; bad, 

ba.^par, $ak/ft. 
Dreadfully, ad. be'skdna, be^hadda. 
Dream, s. khob. (fancy) hhxydL (night- 
mare) kljopasa. v.a. khob tidal ; ihiydl k. 
Dreary, a. wairdn^ nifjdr, kku.^ai, sunj^ 
Dredge, v.a. (flour) bonmh k. 
Dregs, 8. klatbel. (clotted-) matra. (-of 

vegetables) gadzdrai. (-of metals) ^Ira. 
Drench, v.a. Idndamd, ihnshtarcul. land' 

Musht k. (^ntge) julldb-, jdf', etc. tear- 

Dress, s. dglostana. pokkhdk.jdma. s^nlkai, 

kdlai, fimarai or mrartri 

Dress, v.a. d^ostaf, dgkostawut^ postal, 

pokkhaL (cook) paf^aicul. (-a wound) 

pakapore k. 
Dribble, v.n. tjdtsedaK 
Drift, 8. (aim) ghara^, matlab. (rain and 

wind) s'tla-i, jamjakar. (-wood, etc.) 

ganda*kkcr, niyfJZ'ivraL (-mud) laka, hie. 
Drill, 8. ba)Dia. (military-) qarvd'id. v.a. 

barma-, sxlrai-, etc. /•., fsekkal; qayraid 

Drink, v.a. (skal or tjkkhal or skaL s. 

tskkhdk. etc. 
Drive, v.a. chalartuL (-cattle) bhjdyal^ 

blKXiU-botlaU ramamil. (-a horse) zoral. 

(-away) takMitawul, skaraf, rafaf, fire k. 

(-a nail) 7cahal, fakan-uf, inamlal. (-into) 

kkkke'mandal, dilsa k. 
Drivel, v.a. Idra gkurzamd or toyarvtit. 
Drizzle, v.n. jnlna-^ rangai bdrdn-, narat 

bdmn-, etc. oredaL 
Droll, a. \tjab, khandd-ndk. s. foq'Wdr^ 

Tcasht-mdr, masthardiVip pekkhe-gar, ma- 
Drollery, 8. nashta, toqa, maskkara, pekkka. 
Droop, v.n. mrd medal, kumaiyrcdal; karedal, 

naledal, gkamedal, waldl kcd. ; prenatal, 

Drop, v.n. (distil) fmfsedal. (Ml) pren^atal. 

(-into) kkhke/cafgl. (slip) U*iva*cdal or 

Min:ahedal. (descend) ktlzcdal. v.a. (leap) 

dangal. (cease) 7^r<5t</a/, 2^f'^LLLodal or 

Drop, 8. fjdtskau (a little) ekVka. 
Dropsy, &.jahola, tagkdrak, istisqd. 
Dross, B. (-of metals) kklra, ma fa. (-of iron) 

ostpankharai. (-of vegetables) gadzdrai, 

Drought, 8. stlkra, kkuskk'Sdfi. 
DToye,s. tolai,park. (-of oxen) gxlkdr. (-of 

buffaloes) gorarn. (-of ^heep, etc.) kandak, 

rama, gheta. ■ 

Digitized by 



( 229 ) 



Drover, i. (-of oxen) ydha, yonvdnp g&hardl^ 

gliobah. (-of buffaloes) gdjar. (-of sheep) 

Drown, v.a. dnharcul, gharqarcul^ laJiU k. 
Drowdy, a. fJiob'Wrai^ pamd-wrai. 
Drubi y.a. nahal^ taliawul^ kutal. 
Drug, 8. doKd^ ddrd^ darmdn ; butai. 
Druggist, B. pansdru 
Drum, 8. dol^ dol/iui, damdma. (ketUe-) 

damhakaif tanbul, na^dra. v.a. dol-, etc. 

tcahal or -ghagoiCuU 
Drummer, s. dol KahUnJiau da-am or dum^ 

Drunkard, s. shardhi^ nasha-MiOr, *amatlf 

bafigl^ kalpu 
Drunken, a. mast ; be^yhM^ nasha^rcrai. 
T^T-^i 2k.rcurh,^lh\ishk\ tat^i, tosand. (-bread) 

spora doila-l. v.a. 7vu(jiattul v.n. 

Dryness, s. jvuch^rvdlai, IhushkU ' 

Duck, 8. bafa. (wild-) hilorl. 
Duck, v.a. (/hUpa-^ siota-, etc. Kolial or 

-k/fWiiral; sar t'ltawuL 
Ductile, a. narm^post or pas, muld-im. 
Due, a. bdqi\ icdjibr viundsib» s. Itoqg; 

fiar;;,por; niahsUl^ chungal^ dastUr. 
Dulcimer, s. sttdr^ rabdb, sdrindUf gliachaJia^ 

Dull, a. pa-ats, bc-dam, be-db; tira/i, dund; 

iam^'aql, gcdi ; su^^t^ latt shatal or shalaU 
Duly, tid. juiitf bardbar. 
Dumb, a. gung, IdL 8. gungai. 
Dun, v.a. ::oral, taqd^a k. 
Dun, a. samand. s. multa^sil, sazdJvaL 
l)unce, B. puhar, gedi'/i^arf kam-^aql. 
Dung, B. (human-) gTtuf. (orbicular of sheep, 

etc.) pufjf a. (-of cows and buffaloes) gi<h 

.shoe, ghoshdh. (horse-) Iharshan. (birds-) 

pmkhdU filJi. (-of kids, etc.) poghla, 

pekhdra. (-heap) dcrdn, llsadzala. (mass 

of cow.) idta. (fuel of cow-) tjaplydka. 

(stack of fuel of cow-)yaAd/a. 
Dong, T.a. ^ul k; M^f^il, loya baut-k., 

hdjat ta kkhkendsiaL 
Dungeon^ s. qaid^Mdna^ xinddn. 
Dupe, B.gAulawulai; drofuucultu, titdlai. 
Duplicate, s. naql^jora. 
Duplicity, 8. /7a//yta, /ay 7, tltd!^ ^alftoL 
Durable, tupdeddr, ma:;bill9 qdAm, sdbit, 
Duration, a. pdeddn, mUda* 
During, p. tar-^pore^ hombra (Ai, 
Dusk, 8. mditbdm^ sliqfaq* 
Dusky, a. tar, muMcd, Ha-ar, sld^. 
Dust, 8. dUra, ^drcra, gard or garz, 

Dust, v.a. durajcul. (shake) tsandal. (dredge;) 

bamah k. 
Dusty, a. garz walialai^ pa dUro dak. 
Dutiful, 2^/anndn*barddr, kbidmatl, mandn- 

Duty, B./ar:^, -^arl. (office) kdr. (military) 

pahrat tjoka-l. (tax) maki^dl, bdj, chungaif 

Dwarf, 8. ^dnai.pofai, mandarai, (sqngai. 
Dwell, v.n. oscdal, dstedal, pdtcdaL v.a. 

misj^ta', astoga-, kilai-, tthdo-, basiyd^, 

etc. k. 
Dweller, s. osedUnkai. dstedUnkai, astogdnkai. 
Dwelling, s. astoga, mlshta, dzde, hor, makdn 
Dwindle, v.n. kamedal, la-agedal, narai-, 

mahln-f bdrtk-, kotdh-, etc. Acd. 
Dye, v.a. rangawul, rang ftarkoKuL 
Dyer, s. dobl, rang^rez. 
Dynasty, s. salfatiatf Mdnddn^ rd;. 
Dysentery, s. ra-ania, kdnga, rap. (to 

have-) v.a. ra-ame-, rap^ghurzaicul, kdnga 

Dyspepsia, s. bad'ka^nii; agk€rana,dterana. 

(to have-) v.a. agheral, ateral. 
Dyspeptic, a. dgheralai, atcralau 

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( 230 ) 


£acl| p. Aar-yao, yaoyo. (-other) yo^bel, 

Eager, a. tez, tod, garm ; may an ; VmaU 
Eagle, 8. bdtUr^ gargas. 
Ear, 8. ghrcag. (-of corn) rtagai^ chala-u 

(-ring) chala^ nalax. /akkhta-l, bar^wagai, 

deda, barghofai^ mandara-u (lobe of-) 

narma-l, liraga-i, butska-u 
Earless, a. barai. 

Early, a. rvakldl, (-crop) malunak, (-morn- 
ing) sahdr or sahr^ siubha. 
Earn, v.a. gafal,paidd /•., kavid-i k., I/dsil /:. 
Earnest, n.garm, tod, sd*i,pajid. 
Eartli, 8. Mdrvra ; zmaka^ zamln ; mtdk, 

bum ; duniya,jalidn, nara-i. 
Earthen, a. Mdyvrin. 
Earthly, a.^a/zdnf, duniyd-l. 
Earthquake, s. zahala, larza. 
Ease, 8. dsdn^tiydf dram. 
East, s. nmoT' or nrcaV'IJidtah. 
Eastward, ad. nnar-hhdtah Ihrtd. 
Easy, a. d$dn ; mm, spuh^ halak ; dsfldah, 

Eat, v.a. Mrrural. 
Eatable, a. khmirdkl. 
Eater, 8. k/jfvunln/:ai, Mrvurindah (in comp.) 

Eaves, s. bala-1, sharifa, sarmdta-l, fsafso- 

ba-l, parcJiata-l* (-dropper) gkfvag'fmraL 

(-dropping) ghwag^Mirana. 
Eaves-drop, v.a. glnrag tsdral. 
Ebb, 8. zarvdf, pravdiah, kamedana. 
Ebullition, 8. eshnd, Ihlthaifjo.^* 
Eccentric, a. pa trafs ; kdwdk, lenranai. 
Echo, 8. ^ag, kdngai, anga-l, angdza, drtdz. 
Eclat, 8. raunaq, dabdaba. ^ 
Eclipse, 8. tandar. v.a. tandar nxmiL 
Economy, 8. kormdna ; tarVtb. 
Ecstacy, s. bC'klild}, bc*.^dna dcra Hhddl. 

Eddy, 8. ghurzax, gird'db ; dab. 

Edge, 8. gAdra, morga, tjelma,ja-h (of ft 

blade) dam. (to set on-) v.a. ghdkkh 

Edge, v.a. (sharpen) tera k. (instigate) lams- 

a7vul. {(rmge^jdnja-i lagarcul. 
Edging, 8. jdnja-l, laman, palaw, trdfa, 

Edict, 8. sanad, ragam,Jarmdn,jdr. 
Edifice, s. viakdn, frnffra-z, mha, Itatvela-h 
Edify, v.a. poItaTvul, kkhayal — kkhorvuL 

fatlm k. 
Edition, s. rJidp, tdtlf. 
Editor, 8. murattib, mu-alfif. 
Educate, v.a. jydlal, Iwalamd, tarbiyat-, 

failm-f etc, /•. 
Education, s. pdlana, tarbiyat, t'albn. 
Eel, 8. mdr'7ndltai, mdt'kab. 
Efface, v.a. tvrdnawul, habalah //., frn(kan:uL 
Effect, 8. \tmal, pdzah, a/?«r, kdi\ 
Effect, v.a. kamd, kral^jorawtd^ *amal-t etc. /•. 
Effects, 8. mdl, asbdb, kdtl, sdmdn. (-of de- 
ceased) tarka,pdto. 
Effectual, a. kdrl, kdmU, pHrah, kdfl^shdfl. 
Effeminate, a. Jdhadzonal:. nd*mard. 
Effervesce, v.n. eshedal or yashcdal, Mi'ut ked. 
Effervescence, s. eshnd, kkutkai^josk. 
Efficient, a. 7y?7m/<, kdmil, qdbil, kdr^sdz. 
Effigy, 8. but, fjera, stlrat. 
Effluvium, 8. btle, sonbu-t ; brds. 
Effort, s. zor, sa'i, miljnat, kohHhiknh. 
Effrontery, s. bc^makh'tob, bc'ltayd-f, be>> 

Effulgence, 8. ratjrd, roWiTtd-l. breMh^^^ 
Effulgent, a, rokHdn, dzalahndk, brekkh^ndk^ 
Effusion, 8. rezisk, toe, toedana, bahedana. 
Egg, 8. hagaA, kd. (-plant) bdtlga^. 
Egotism, 8. ihputl, M^dl, manh 
Egregious, a. baskpar, bad, saj^t, gka^. 
Egress, s. ndtak, khdtak, bardmad. 
Eight, a. afak. (eighth) a. atam. 

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( 231 ) 


Eighteen, a. atahdas. (IStb) ai*la$um. 
Eighty, n.atiyd. (eightieth) atiyd'yam. 
Either, p. yd. pr. Uq/:, kitm, ija. 
Eject, v.a, sharal^ bdsaU-yastal, jdrbdsal-^ 

jdryastal, jwre'Jane k. 
Ejection, s. sharUn^ yastitLn^jdryastHn. 
Elaborate, a. narai^ mahln ; mushkil^ yrdn. 
Elapse, v.n. ieredal. 

Elastic, a. po^t^ norm ; damddr^ muld-im. 
Elated, a. Mi^vaHh, kMdd, kkfidd'tnan ; bdil 

kibr-jan^ maghrir. 
Elbow, 8. t±angal. 

Elder, a. masjior. 8. spln'^jrai ; plr, ^eM» 
Elect, v.a, Ih/vxdkhaKuL ijiunral. 
Elegance, s. kkhdyast. kkhdyast'ndlcn,jordb^ 

I'faA'wrah^ spetsal'tob. 
Elegant, a. kkhdyastah, ndzak. 

Elegy* *• ^<^» fcaind. 

Element, s. a^li shed. 

Elephant, 8. hdCi^ ptl. 

Elevate, v.a. Mejarvul, porta /:., pdharvul. 

Elevated, a. Hchat^ iasA, bear. 

Elevation, 8. Hchat'tcdlaU bulandai^ taraqqai^ 

ihdtah, /task'TVdlui ; iarfardzl. 
Eleven, a. yolaz. (eleventh) a. yolazam. 
Elicit, v.a. hd^aU^kkhhal^ bdsal^yasial, 

Eligible, a. gkimrah^ Id'iq, kJirvakkh^plrzo. 
Elixir, 8. alislr^ *araq. 
Elk, 8. gdwuz. 

Elocution, 8. khula-Kar'i, Mula*Kar*tob. 
Elope, v.n. ptifedal, takkhtedaL (-as a 

woman) maf'tza ked. (-with a woman) 

▼•a. fixatlz k. 
Eloquent, a. Jshula^tvar^ Mi09,*zabdn. 
Else, p. yd. pr. Am/, nor. (any one-) buh 

tjpk, nor-tjipk. (anything-) bultja, nor'tsa. 
Else, ad. kaura, hana^ gania. 
Elsewhere, ad. buhcharia^ noncharta. 
Elucidate, v.a.M£^'ara/< k.^prdnatal^ baydn k. 
Elude, T.n.putedaf, bacJiedal, ^ald^edal. 

I Elysium, %.jannat, InkikkhU 
Emaciate, v.n. wu^edal. karedal, zahedaL 
Emaciation, s. dangar^tob. wu^'klahtoh. 
Emancipate, v.a. dzddawul, l^dnawul^ 

Embalm, v.a. murai pa mas^dlo dakoftitL 
Embankment, B.pUla, wand, band. 
Embark, bcra-l sparedal or f^atal. 
Embarrass, v.a. rabramtl, bariydnamd. 

tangawidp sargarddnaxul. 
Embarrassed, a. b^riydn, sargarddn. 
Embass}', 8. eld^hgari. 
Embell ish, v.a.j'oran;M/, andzoramd, drdstah-, 

kkhdyaslah% etc. k. 
Embellishment, s. andzor^ zcba, kkhdyasf. 

kkhdyasi'ftdlai. daul, kkheica. 
Embers, s. xre. (hot-) IJiugfan^ skarwafa. 

sUiwaX'khtan. aM*gar. (cold-) tare xre. 
Embezzle, v.a. putarvuL ghld ^., wrukawuf. 
Emblem, s. nakkha. nikkhdn^ ^aldmat. 
Embrace, s. gheg, ghAza. 
Embrace, v.a. ghdra-ghara-l-^ bargarandat-, 

bara^gara-, rogA-bar-, etc. k. 
Embrocate, v.a. j^Traran^u/, mugat-^mukkhal^ 

Embrocation, s. mdUsh, takor, tab. 
Embroider, v.a. bezal or pezal, butai gandoL 
Embroil, v.a. nkkhlatcuL 
Emerald, 8. zamarrud. 
Emerge, v.n. tvatal, MatoL 
Emergency, 8. ;;anira^; ird^a, ^<acS$a. 
Emergent, a. z^^^r^* 
Emery, 6. kurand. 
Emetic, 8. da baka-l-, da chdU^ dajdryastih^ 

etc. dan:d, Mi^d^garzaxm ddrH. 
Emigrant, 8. musdfir^pradm. 
Emigrate, v.a. kada fvral, legdat-^-lekiiai. 
Eminence, s.ilchat'7cdlai, kask'nrdlai; ^dtah^ 

taraqqai; derail gkunda-lf Ma^t, potaif 

rds^a, rash<^ka'l\zbargl^loe'n:dlai\ JsaT^rat. 
Eminent, a. xlchati g^at, loe; zbarg. 

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( 232 ) 


Emissary, %.jdsa$, tsdrU (karai, muJJtbir. 
Emollient,, narm, tnuldAin. 
Emolament, s. gata^ sUd, na/*a, Ijd^il. 
Emotion, s. eshnCi^ Mutkai\ randz^ dard. 

Emperor, s. su/rdn, Iddshah, mafUc. 
Emphasis,; :;arb\ drandtvai, drund* 

Emphatic, a. tdkldl; drand. 
Empire, a* saltanat^ raj, bddshulil. 
Employ, v.a. mash^iUawul, layajvul; chal" 

amil ; Ihart^ k., sdtal, pa kdr rdfcral. 
Employer, s. Momnd, (sahkhtan, ndyak. 
Employment, s, Mr, JJiidmat, mashghnld. 
Emporium, s. bdzdr^ganj^mamlhaA^handar. 
Empower, v.a, nroA-, iMtiydr-, etc, 7car- 

Empty, a. ta-ash, Utdtl, dad. 
Emulate, v.a, sdm sorai A., g^airat laraU 
Emulation, s. ghaxrat, hardhari, samsorai. 
Emulous, a. ^airaUvian, himmat'ndk. 
Enable, T.a, qurvat-, faqat-, zor-, turcdn*, etc. 

Enact, y.iL./dmidgal, fiukm k. 
Enamel, s. mind^jardo, rang, db. 
Enamour, v.a. mayan-, ^sftiq^/are/tali, etc. 

k. ; grohedah k. 
Encamp, v.a. dcra-, mugdm-, etc. A. 
Enchanter, B.jddU-gar, kod^gar, si/trgar. 
Enchantment, s.jddu, koda, silir. 
Enclose, v.a. Isdramul or ithdrajcul, ger k. ; 

shpol', kera-, jal-, bdra-, pUfa-, etc. taral 

or -k. ; vghakkhtalf l]fofa k. 
Enclosure, s. ihdta, bora, bhdr, hadera. 

(-for cattle) bdnda, skpoL (-of a house) 

jal, gholai. 
Encounter, v.a. jang k. v.n. miliyd, ked. 

Encourage, v.a. dam-, dildsa-, etc. tcarkoKuU 
Encroach, v.a. Idnde k., da&kl k. 
Encroachment, s. daMtl^^araif. 

Encumber, v.a. kariydbarcul, dranawul, bdr 

End, 8. dM?>, ikatm ; anjdm, tamdml ; Itadd, 

sar^peza, fsuka. v.a. dkhxr-, khatm-, etc. k. 
Endear, v.a. mayan*, ^azlz-, etc. k., l^pul* 

Endeavour, s. miknat, 9cas, saX ko hnh i kHh . 

Endless, a. be-hadd, be-and ; tal, viiiddm. 
Endorse, v.a. safnh-t dasl'khatt-, etc. k. 
Endowment, s. rcaqf, hiba ; Idioirdt, 7iiydz, 

bakkhana; hunar. 
Endurance, s. ^abr, zgham^ tab, zor, tdqat. 
Endure, v.a. zghamal, ^abr L, sakal, petsaL 

v.n. pdedal, sahedal. 
Enemy, s. dukkhman ; mlrtsaman. 
Energetic, a. (^dldk, takrah, ma^bai. 
Energy, s. zor, qiircat, bram, turcdn. 
Enervate, v.a. kanKor-, kam-qurcat-, etc. A*. 
Enforce, v.a. ma^bufry muhkam-, etc. L. 

zoral, d^atawul, rarvd-, jdrl-, etc. k. 
Engage, v.a. mashghaJarcul, lagiyd, k., sdtaf, 

lagafvulf ndda-, neta-, 'jLorL ^^c. taral 

Engaged, a. laghjd, mashgkul. 
Engagement, s. iqrdr, ndda, neta, sharf ; 

kdr, kasb, ma shgl uld ; jang, inuqadamma. 

(-in marriage) kojdan or kojde^ 
Engender, v.a. paidd k,, rarer ol. 
Engine, s. kdlai, katiydr, dlat, s^anol^at. 
Engrave, v.a. kandal or kanal, kanastah 
Engraver, s. mukr^kan. 
£nhance,v.a. qlmat ziydtaicul, nirJJi kainawul 

or 'la-agarcul; MiC^atcul, drana^tuL 
Enigma, s. ramUz, kindya. 
Enjoin, vA.farmdyal, kariya-, tdkld; etc. k. 
Enjoy, v.a. Mitvand-, maza-, etc. k. 
Enjoyment, s. ^tcand^ maza; kk&^dl, 

Enlist, v.a. nokark.; nam tikal; mat', maU 

garai', etc. k. 

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( 233 ) 


Enmity, 8. dukkhmanh *indd, *ah, fnlrfsh 
£normou8y ^.ghatt basfipar, loefStar, ndjHir. 
Enough, ad. bas^ tier, kafl^ kifdyat. 
Enquiry, s. sa?€di, puH^tatui^ tapos or ta/c^ 

Aus, pursdn, puriish^ ^anana. 
Ensign, 8. nakHa^ nikkhdn^ bairaq^janda. 
Ensnare, v.a, ^ulawul; nocul, nhkhlojcuL 
ICnsue, v.n. pretcatal^ tL^^cilf kedaL 
Entangle, v.a. aijal^barjal', arang^baranff^ 

tsapo/ai', etc. /:. ; nkkhlawuL 
Enter, v.n. nana?ca(al, ddhMledaL 
Jlnterprise, 8. muhmm^ grdn'kdr. 
Enterprising, a. Ahmnat'fidJc, zrah^Kor. 
Entertain, v.a. pdlal^ sdtalf nmdnfhal; fnel- 

7?iastiyd', :^vjdfat-^ meztndnt', etc. i. 
Entertainer, 8. melmalfdost, korbah, tat ka- 

Entertainment, 8. melmasdydt sat ; tamd'^a^ 

?ia)iddra; loba^sail. 
Enthusiasm, 8. targarmi^ mlna, ^ishq. 
Enthusiast, 8. saudd-l; *dsAiq, IhcdL* 
Entice, v.a. ^ulattul^taffal^ lanisaiculj'arcb't 

tarriliib'f etc. warltawvL 
Entire, a. tamdm, pHrah, mbatf Admit. 
Entirely, ad. a?ndnt, sardsar, surup. 
Entitle, v.a. Itoqq-man k. ; nUin l^dal or 

Sfidalf or -kkhkeridal or -kcyidaL 
Entrails, 8. lapndnah. 
Entrance, 8. ;crar, daricdj:af yhula^ darak; 

nanatcdiakp dafdiL 
Entrance, v.a. be-Mud'y farc/tah-, etc. A*., 

daamfvulf hdda //., pat n'lWuL 
Entrap, v.a. nlmilf nkk/daicul^ gcr k. 
Entrapped, a. nittaif iikkhataL v.n. iikkhatal 

or lUd'tiledal. 
Entreat, v.a. mhmat Ji. ; yhokkUtaL d\id A. 
Entreaty, 8. mnnat, dvld^ darMftdsL 
Entrenchment, s. bdra^ sanyar^ yara-l. 
Enumeration, 8. shmcr^ shitmdr^ bisdb* 
Envelop, v.a. n/^aral^ngAa^tal. 
Envelope, 8. Ij/dfa ; pot, potteAai. 

Envious, a. hd$id. h^uad^ndk. 

Environs, 8. saxddf ^dr^i^dper. 

Envoy, 8. elt^J, waAll, astddzai. 

Envy, 8. basrat, basad, roMt, mydr. 

Ephemeral, B.Jilnl, teredAnoL 

Epicure, s. ffeda^parA^ar, ^dsA'^tcurdk 

Epidemic, s. ftabd ; *dmm. 

Epilepsy, s. meryai, malierya. 

Epistle, 8. iidma, ch'tta-lf Hafl^ Ad^as* 

Epitaph, 8. da qabr Aataba, 

Epithalamium, s. kkhddiydiui^ sandara. 

Epitome, s. M^tdsa^ muMtasar, landa. 

Epoch, 8. tdi'dhf Adl, viada^ safL 

Equal, a. bardbar, maH^ai, yund, yo-sAdn ; 

sam^ Aatcdrah. 8. sainsorai^ humdzplai, 

siydl, sdraif trval, mak^ai. 
Equality, 8. bardbar'fcdlai, ma^ai'tob; tarn* 

Equanimity, s. qaldr'tiyd, t^abr. 
Equestrian, a. sparlai, sjmrlanau 8. $itor or 

Equip, v.a. taydr ^., sambdlatvuff mid taral, 

icasla-f drasta-, etc. n:arAawuf, ^erma k. 
Equipage, s. sdz, sdmdn, asbdb, kdlL 

(retinue) sicarli or spartifjilab. 
Equitable, a. ^ddif^ rikkkdnai, rdst'fHon. 
Equity, s. in^df, rdsdp niyd^e, *adL 
Equivalent, a. bardbar, tKal ; badal, 'inra;?. 
Equivocal, a. skaAA^man^ gumdnl. 
Equivocate, v.a. palma-^ Aira-i-p etc. A.p 

ara^valc'iiabare A.^ darosh^jane Mabare k. 
Era, 8. tdr'ikh» Adl, son, muda. 
Eradicate, v.a. mdnd', fcekk-t bdnsat% etc* 

bdsal^ yastal, or -^/CAWi//, or •kdffolr^ 

Erase, v.a. tcrdnaicul, qalain prC'kdgaL 
Ere, ad. fvmnbe, afc^cal, Id ; p<iMfvdf tcrdttde. 

(-now) Id tar osa. (-while) Id paiiH>d 

(•long) /Ml la-afic mdde kkhke. 
Erect, a. fcaldr, ncyh, lak, zlsji^jig. 
Erect, v.a« ^caldrawul, tcadraKul, kk^a»9uL 

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( 234 ) 


Err, v.a. UiH^ k. 

Errand, 8. prnghdm. (-boy) harkdrah. 

Erroneous, a. ^alaf. 

Error, 8. M^fAf fvabdl, yund. taq^ir. 

Erudition, s. 't7;n, qdbil-tob» 

Eruption, s. eshnd^ M^f, khutkcd, jo.^. 
(prickly hevX-) garmaka. (acne-) ^wan- 
aJia. (stnall-pox) nanakoru (measles-) 
shirai. (tooth-) ^re^^na^a. (jet)yanrdra, 

Erysipelas, s. sur^^bdd. 

Kscolaie, B. Mdta/i pa Aamanddno. (-ladder) 

Escape, s« Mfd^J, tekkhta, ba^dw, badj^. 

Escape, v.n. bachcdal, tdkkhtedal, l^aldRcdal^ 
Kurlicdalp yalah tied, (miss) terwatal. 

Escheat, v.n. Id^nari^ ked. 

Escort, 8. badraga ; jalab^ zparti. 

Especially, ad. JihuRU^an 

Esplanade, s. maiddn^ ddga, pand'^hdlai. 

Espouse, v.a. hojdan k.^ rcddeh k.^ nikajj^ 
taral. (a cause, etc.) d^isral, bachoTVuf, 
koniak narkattul. 

Essay, s. (attempt) qas^d. (trial) dzmekkhU 
(endeavour) k ohshikHh . za\ (treatise) 

Essence, s. Waqjawkar, asl. (perfume) 'ajjr. 

Essential, a. a^ll ; :;arUr; sU^ah» 

Establish, v.a. muqarrar-tjan; etc. ^., ^al- 
a?vul, raitdnattul\ qd-im-, ma:;b&fj', etc. k., 
wudramtd, kkhkenawul, pdeddr k. 

Estate, 8. (land) dawtar or da/tar, rvand. 
(fief) jdylrjdeddd. (property) mdl, daulat, 
viilk. (hereditary) mlrd^, or tnHrdt. (de- 
ceased's) pdtOf taraka. (rank) pdya, mar^ 
taba^ dofja. * 

Esteem, s. qadr^ ^izzat ; i»ina, tapdk. 

Esteem, v.a. yoir-, eic.pejandal; nui'tabar^, 
nck'f etc. gan£al\ mlna', etc. it. 

E<)timable, s. 'hzat'ndk^ mu*tabar, nek. 

KstimatCp r.a. shmeral^ ffaoral. 

Estimation, s. rde, Miydl, poAa^Jtkr, nazar. 
Estrange, v.a. mararcar-^ mdurai-, etc. i. ; 

pradai'f begdnah% etc. A. 
Estrangement, s. mdnrai^ marawaMob ; pro 

dl'iob^ begdH'tUn, begdnah-tob or begdn-tob. 
Eternal, a. abadl, dd-im^jamd or jdwlddn. 
Eternally, ad. tat, tar'tata, taltar-tala, mu- 

ddvian, hamesih. 
Eternity, s. abad^ azal, baqd. (to all-) ad. 

tat'obada^ tar^azala. 
Ethereal, a. dsmdnJ, hawdA. 
Ethics, 8. pand-ndma, na^jkat-ndma. 
Etiquette, s. adab, makh, maddra. 
Etymology, s. iiarf; peza-l, /tezagh 
Eulogy, 8. stdyana^ ^and, farlf. 
Eunuch, 8. hxjrait Wiiin^d. 
European, ^./arangal. a./arangj. 
Evacuate, v.a. ta-asiarvul, k/fdfl-, ///w.fAof-, 

etc. k. ; jdrbdsal^jdryhtal. 
Evade, v.a. palma-, bdna-, hira-x-, etc. k. ; 

tagi-t chal-bdzl% etc, k. v.n. badliedal, 

pufedalf terfvataL 
Evanescent, a.ySwf, tcrcddnau (-colour) om. 
Evaporate^ v.n. tvudiedal. 
Evasion, s. bdna, l/ila ; palma, Aira-h 
Evasive, a. bdna'tvar, liUa^bdz. 
Even, a. bardbar, yarc'sidn. (similar) yu^ztf. 

(-in weight) twal. (smooth) katvdrahp sam. 

(odd tLni'')jtift'0'tdk. 
Even, ad. hum, Id, hado, yara^ Hio. 
Evening, s. mdkkhdm^ begdh. (to-morrow-)* 

^abd begdk. (last-^ begdh. (of last-)- 

begdnai, baranoL 
Evenness, a. bardbar^tvdlai, sam^wdfai. 
Event, 8. 7Vdq?a, chal, Mabara, qi^^a, (at 

all-) hargoraf kdm^nd-kdm, Mn'dk*ma^ 

Ever, ad. kala^ cJiOTe. 

Everlasting, a. dd-im, qdAm, Id^avoal. 

Evermore, ad. hamesfi^ muddm, tar*abada. 

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( 235 ) 


Every, a. har. (-person) har^ispk. (-thing) 

Evidence, 8.yanra^i,^^Ai{/i; dcdili nakHa. 

(to give-) v.a. garvdhU or ^hd/ddi lal or 

Evident, a. tsaryand^ kkhkdrah^ larfser^ 

Evidently, ad. zdkiran, bartseran^ pa jar. 
Evil, a. bad^ Idiardb. a. 'aib, khardbi ; bald^ 

dfat ; gundh^ vcabdL (-doer) a. bad*kirddr^ 

Ewer, 8. knza^ hxlza'ra-t, hiiinn^raA^ kunja-x. 
Exact, K.jukht^ kaf'Tnatfjor^ bardbar. 
Exact, y .a. r{?ra/; taqd^ak. 
Exaggerate, v.a. ;:iyd(aTval, xlydamil, mubdl- 

agka k. 
Exalt, v.a. pd^a pa porta k. ; Hejayvul, 

Examine, v.a. dzmdyal^ dzmehlht k. ; imtilidn 

dlliistal or /•. ; lafan-ul, shanal^ kataL 
Example, 8. mii^dl, namdna ; ^ibrat^ sjydsat. 
Exasperate, v.a. rabrajvul^ zoral; pdra7ml; 

khapah ^., trnxgaivul^ tongdra /;., ageyal. 
Excavate, v.a. kanal^ kanawdat, lianastal. 
Excavation, 8. kanda^ doghaL 
Exceed, v.n. zvjdtedaU 
Excel, v.n. jiurah-^ kdmil-, g/tdlib-, etc. k^d. 
Except, p. s'md^ bagkair, be^la^na. 
Excess, 8. zigdii, de7*'7vdfai; (harcha. 
Excessive, a, rfer, zigat^ bc'shdn. 
Excessively, ad. be'Ijadda, be^shdna. 
Exchange, 8. badal^ *i7va^ ; adal'badal ; fcata. 
Excise, 8. ^Ungaip sdw^ maljtRilL 
Excise, v.a. t£iral^ vrckaitid ov prekral. 
Excite, v.a. />aran7{</; lamsatvuli vdfsarvul, 

paidd k, ; ageyalp fangarcuL 
Excitement, 8. cshnd ; pdrawiina; larMUn. 
Exclaim, v.a. 7\dra 7cakul, bdng tvagal, sJ^or 

/^., dl^gkatvul. 
Exclamation, s. ndra, sjlra, ch^gha^ sh<^9-9 

ZTvag; 7vdrvaild,/arydd. 

Exclude, v.a. ^aral, lire k.^ ratal. 
Excoriate, v.a. gararcul^ sufwvul, nivarawul, 

sddah A., nUkdre tvakul. v.n. sdledal, 

sudah ked. 
Excrement, a. ghuL (-of diarrhoea) ka-^r^ 

riM* (-of dysentery) ra-^ma^ rap. 
Excruciate, v.a. i^tlga/cul, 'azdbafvul, dzdr- 

Exculpate, \\2i.pula7rul^ be^gtindh Z'., bakkhaL 
Excursion, 8. sail; gakkht. (-foray) ddra. 
Excuse, v.a. ;W<cf «;?//, bakkhal; bdna-Jnra-h, 

^u^r-, etc. k., hvjjat k. 
Execrable, a. bad, CanaCt, makf^lk. 
Execrate, v.a. kkhera k. 
Elxecute, v.a. ka7vul, kraU pa^^dc k., jor^ 

atcxd^ tamdinarcul^ pilrah k. ; qatlatoul, 

fvajal or nrajlaf, miir k. ; jdri k., chal- 

Execution, s. kartilna. krah,jorarcutia; qatL 
Executioner, B.jallddf qdtil. 
Executive, a. kdr guzdr ; mui^tdr kdr. 
Executor, 8. wafu 

Exemplary, a« nek, ^andbl, ; Ibrat^ndk, 
Exemplify, v.a. tTihal dMistal, or •rd7vral. 
Exempt, \,d^.pre(idal'^preHhodaL dzadaicul, 

pularciil, bakkhaL ba^a7eul, l'haldmn:uL 
Exercise, v.a. ^atTial L, chalaTvul, jdri k., 

lagarcuif ma shgh dUmul. 
Exercise, 8. ^amal, ist'itTidl; mashgkuld^ kdr; 

sail, gakkht. (lesson) darSpSabaq. (horses) 

jauldn, kartab. (hawks, dogs, etc.) hdoti. 

(troops) qaniid. 
Exert, v.a. ko kuh i kHh -^ sa^h, zor^, etc. k.; 

8ta7n tcakal.* 
Exhalation, s. brds, buHdr, dam, la, lara, 

piyd^la, voagma. 
Exhaust, v.a. ta-ashanuU Midtf^ S^u^ai; 

etc. /•. ; fvrt(kajvul, Mtartsr, Mr/-, etc. k. ; 

tamdm-, pHrak-, etc. k. ; starai-, be^dam-p 

etc. k. 
Exhaustless, a. be^nikdyat, be*zaKdL 

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( 236 ) 


Exhibit, T.a« H-hayal^H-honiul^ prdnatal, 

Hhkdrah'f bartser-, tsargand-^ etc. k. 
Exhibition, 8. iamdsha, nanddra. 
Exhilarate, v.a. kkJidd^ Ihrcakkh-. etc. k. 
Eibort, v.a. pand^ nafikat-, etc. icarkarcal. 
Exigency, a. (anffsiyd, Id-chdn^ safdiCh 

:;ararai. * 

Exile, s.jild'tvatani, be-watanl. (the pei*son) 

pradatf hegdnah^ le'Watan. 
Exist, v.n. shrcalf kedal^ osedal, maujUdedaL 
Existence, s. sL^aocdlai, hasd, bdd^jicand. 
Existent, a. osan^ osanai, maujud. 
Exit, s. 7cdtahf tcatana, warlag. 
Exonerate, v.a. pulartuU khoMsarcuL 
Exorbitant, a. be-anddz, be-nikdyat. 
Exorcise, v.a. damarvuf, hlda /^, kod k. 
Exordium, s. debdcha, muqaddama. 
Exotic, a. 2>f'culciif bcgdnalt^ ^arlb. 
Expand, v.n. planedal, ortedaL (swell) 

parsedal. (-as a flower) jjikfvarcdal, kkjvar- 

cdaL (spread) tvlredal, pkelcdal. 
Expanse, s. art-tvalai,' plan-fcdlai, sor or 

Expect, v.a. Idr katal, ttmcd laral. 
Expectant, a. umed-Tcdr, munta^ir. 
Expectation, s. umed^ dsra. 
Expedient, a« mundsib, gkwarahf wdjib* a. 

ba7id^ tadblr, rhdra^ rial. 
Expedition, s. chdldkl, ijiustJ, tcdwdr. 

(journey) sajar. (military-) chapdo, 

idkjiU (foray) rfara, bota. (against 

infidels) ghazd^jihdd. 
Expeditious, a. garandai, ta/c'ldstai, chdidkf 

ijiust, za-ar or zir,jaU. 
Expel, v.a. sharaU lire k., jwre^Jane /•., 

basal — yaztal^ ratals tratal. 
Expend, v.a. Marts, fiarf^, etc. k., lagamiL 
Expense, s. M(irU ; qunat^ boTa. 
Expensive, a. Marf^-, tdrtdnl ; grdn^ fjlmati, 

Experience, s. poka^ ^tuqQf; dzmekkhL 

Experience, v.a. I'tdal, (era?ctil, z^anialf 

Mtvural^ kdaal—l'khkaL 
Experienced, a. dmokhtak^ dzmUdak, poJ^^ 

Tfcdqxf^ ^abar'ddr^ zdah. 
Experiment, s. dzmekkkt. tajriba, imtihdn. 
Expert, a. kdn^gar^ hunar-7nan, k okkhy dr; 

cbdldk, pokh. 
Expiate, v.a. ka/dra Karkarcul, tdrcdn war- 

Expiration, s. aajdm, ikatm, dMirat. (death) 

(kdn'kadan, marg. 
Expire, v.n. mral^ vxur kcd. ; teredal ; 

tamdmedal. (breathe) 5d-, «aA-, dam-^ 

etc. bdsal—yastal, -skaral, -pregdal^ 

prekkkodaL etc. 
Explain, v.a. baydna/vul, pohawul, kkkayal^ 

kk/torvulp kkhkdrah k. 
Explanation, s. baydn, kkkowdna, m^and, 

Expletive, s. taklya^kaldm. 
Explicit, a. tsargand^ mf^ kkhkdrah^ $dliir» 
Explode, v.n. prak'tjidivdal^ dl/vcUaL v.a. 

daz Kakalf dbvUzajvul. 
Exploit, s. kardmat, gkat'kdr, zbargh 
Explore, v.a. latarvul, skcmoL 
Explosion, s. rfar, tas. 
Export, v.a. liul mulk ta dstawul or -legal. 
Expose, v.a. kkhkdrah'^ bariser-, etc. k., 

parda porta k. 
Exposition, s. skarah, baydn. 
Expostulate, v.a. takrdr-^ hwat-^ etc. k 
Exposure, s. kkhkdrahAob^ barband^tob. 
Expound, v.a. baydncucul, viand'kkhayal'^ 

Express, v.a. fcayal^ lal or latcdal ; ni^oror 

7vul^ nakkJttedzaL paz icaJial^ zbekkhal. 
Express, a. t^argand, awtsdr; Mdff. a. 

qdsid, diapar. 
Expression, s. Mabara^ tvaycu, suHan, 

kaldm; pfrhor^paz. 
Expressly, ad. pa qoj^d^ qasdaiu 

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( 237 ) 


ExpiiUion, 8. sharana. 

Expunge, T.a. qalam Kahat^ wrdnarcut. 


Extant, a. osan, osanai, maujud. 

Extempore, ad. sam da l(Ua. 

Extend, v.n. rascdaf, tlt^Jedal, z>ydfedaL 

Extension, s. iigtd^n'dlai, Ziydt'JvdlaL 

Extensive, a. loe, ;;/«??, araf, iig.d^ kushdd. 

Extent, 8. tlffd-rcdlai^ pfan'jvdfai; qadr, 

Extenuate, v,a. hamawul^ la-at/ian'uL 
Exterior, a« bdfnr, fvardzanai. 
Extinct, a. fctu/:, ter, nd-biid, nest, nishtah. 
Extinguish, v.a. ;wwr-, wr-, yw/-, etc. k. 
Extirpate, v.a. prekaivul^ tslral; 7nund*, 

imekh', iHfisat-, etc. Ihejamil, -bdsal^ 

yastat, -lidtial^kMaL 
Extol, v.a. stdyal^ sidyana k. or -wayaU 
Extort, v.a. shilkawul^pa zor dTJthtal. 
Extortion, s. ziydti, ^uhi. 
Extnct, 8. *araq,jaukar. 
Extract, v.a. bdsal-^yaslal, /wiat^H/fkaL 
Extraction, 8. ray, nogtaip zdt, a^L 
Extraneous, a. pradai, begdnah. 
Extraordinary, a. *ajab, nadir. 
Extravagant, a. Mar is}, tdrvdni, i^m/h be* 

tartib, chal'hraba haTtxlnkau 
Extreme, a. der, hs'shdn, bc'liadd. a. l*add. 
Extremely, ad. bc-(tadda, be^shdna. 
Extremity, 8. sar, tsaka,peza\ hadd^pula, 

brld ; roMt, dada, tselma, tsanda, palam. 

(distress) tangsiyd, Id'chdrl, mlrtsh 
Extricate, v.a. prdnltel, dzddawul, Mald^^ 

afvut, spardaL 
Exuberance, %.freKdn\, rcaddm, der^ndlcd. 
Exuberant, ^frendn, vcadan, der, ziydt. 
Exudation, s. zyam, naw ; khtoh. 
Exude, v.a. zyam-, naw-, etc. k. v.n. fcatal, 

Ihtale ked., zyam-, etc. ked. 
Exult, v.a. salia k., niydral, ^ddi k. 
Eye, 6. ztarga. (-sight) na^ar. (-ball) Uma, 

si€ur^afaL (-socket) star^dtai, gogiL 
(-pupil) torm, kasai, bdfUr. (-iris) lema. 
(-brow) nrrtz^a* (Aid) ^e4±J'i^ or ^egma. 
(-lash) bdiira. (-witness) goKdh, ^dldd. 
(-of a needle) SKom or 9pam. 
Eye diseases, s. (opthalmia) le^a. (albugo) 
gul. (pannus) naf^idna. (cataract) parda. 
(sore eyes) lediane-starge. 


Fable, s. qh^a, nagt, lukdyat, matal, mhdf. 
Fabricate, \.%.joraKul, tandal. 
Fabulous, a. darogh, Kokmh 
Face, 8. maM» kJ^hra, baskra, mtM^dda, rUe 

gdna. (-to face) ma^d^mal-h. 
Facetious, a. toq^mdr, wasktai or fca.^t*mdr, 

Facilitate, v.a. dsdnawuL 
Facility, 8. dsdn*(iyd. 
Facing, a. makid^makk, wrdndai. 
Fact, 8. mdtfia, ghara:;, mafjab, kdr, kroA. 
Faction, s. jMiraJanba, gundl ; patna, jxudt. 
Factious, a. pasdtl or/asddi, takrdrl. 
Factor, s. kdr kaKiinkai, gumdxhtak, diirdn. 
Factory, a. kdr^Mdna, kotu 
Faculty, 8. quwat, qudrai, ttmdn ; khdsMyat, 

lokkkai, Moe, tdslr; ^aql. ^u^Hr. 
Fade, v.n. mrdfcedalot mardwi ked., kumao^e^ 

dal, marr^echan-, pezai-, maldl-, etc. ked. 
Fag, v.n. rabredal, starai ked. 
Faggot, 8. gedai, panda, bdlanr. 
Fail, v.a. Matd k. v.n. kamedal. 
Failing, s. *aib, qusidr, Hafji, nuqstdn. 
Faint, a. mdndak, tap, ndUuwdn, ;;a*j/l a. 

parghaz, be^Middl. v.n. parghaz ked. 
Fair, a. gorah, spin ; Ikhdyastak. kkhkulai. 

pa-vmaMaiotp^'mald^av, sd/.pdk. H-hak^ 

jof. (-sky) .fAfn, 

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( 238 ) 


Fair, 6. meia. 

Fairly y ad, j9a rdstl sara. 

Fairy, 8. parlf perai. (the fairies) piriydn. 

Faith, 8. xm&n^ din, Mai, /[esh,tDUd, bdivar. 

Faithful, a. imdn^ddr, tvafd^ddr, rikkhtlnaL 

Faithless, a. benmdn, be*7cafd. 

Falcon, s. (Royal-) shalun. (Peregrine- or 

Falco sacer) ch^argh, ^arghelax, tjar^. 

(Tercel-) bahra-i-la^. See Hawk. 
Falconer, s. baz^rcan, mlr'siikdr, tk^drh 
Fall, v.n, prettatal, Ircedal. (-in) drabal. 

(-into) hkhkettataL (slip) J^rcortdal or 

Fall, s. prercdtah, Irccdana ; drabai ; Mtvai 

(foot-) trapai. 
Fallacy, s. darogh, ghalai, kizb* 
Fallen, k, pr€7tatai, prot, Ircedalai. 
Fallible, a, gundh'gdr, qu^Ur^man. 
Fallow, s. wad, sJcdtf banjar. 
False, a. darqgh'Jan, darghal, nd^rdst, kdzib. 

i'Coin) jatah, nd*sarah. 
Falsehood, s. darogk^ kizb ; palnia.fareb. 
Falter, v.n. taparedal; bitdn-, trndak-, etc. 

M^vurat; pa jibe nkkhatal. 
Faroe, s. num, drcdza. 
Famed, a. nUfn'rcar,ndmfvar, mashhur. 
Familiar, a. Mamsor; nCalum. s. dshnde, 

l/dr, fnal. 
Family, 6. kor, hada, tabar; Ihdnawddah, 

iljdnddn, tabdr, nasL 
Famine, s. grdnl, ftahtf, do/tdl, qdtl. 
Famish, v.n. da Iwuffje tnrat. 
Famoas, a. viashhUr, nUm'tvar, ndmer. 
Fan, s. babozai. (-for flies) eharcra-u (-for 

sifting grain) chaj, (sap. 
Fanatic, s. muta^^s^ib, Utcanai, ndmrcar. 
Fancy, s. qiyds, ///syo/, fca/tm, and. 
Fang, 8. yhdkkh. ddra. 
Fantasm, s. mahm, Miydl. 
Fantastic, a. n:ahml, ^iydll ; nasitai, malan- 

did, Zfc&ngl. 

Far, ad. lire or Rri. (as far 2A)pare or pori, 

tar^pore. (-away) tcardya. 
Farce, s. pekkha. taqa, tca^ta. 
Fare, s. Idttturak^ MmdraA, sat ; kreha, ki' 

rdha. v.a. Mi^cural sat k. v.n. teredal, 

chaledal, gu^rdnedal. 
Farewell, ad. da hlmddepa amdn^ saldm. 
Farm, a.patai, 7cand, daw tar, zam'in, ada-l; 

Farmer, 8. zaminddr ; ijdra^ddr. 
Farrier, s. nal^band. 
Fart, 8. dau, ta-as, tar, tlz, pa-as, pa-asha^l. 

v.a. aratal, tlz-, etc. dchaicul, tar, etc. k. 
Farther, ad. lire or liri, nor Rre. 
Fascinate, y.2k.farcftah', mayan-, hod-, etc. k. 
Fashion, s. daul, shdn, shaJd, rang, rcajha, 

tarklb, chdl, rasm, dad, dastUr 
Fashion, \.ei,jorawu/^ tandal. 
Fast, a. jalt, tez, garandai, talwdrl, talwdr* 

gandai, halwdii, za-ar or zir; mabkam, 

Pia^bHf/, ting,klak. 
Fast, 8. roja. v.a. roja laral or -mwuL 
Fasten, v.a. taral, lagawut; faigawul, klak* 

awiel; Mgal^kkhkal; ma^bUi k. 
Fastidious, a. bddi, hibr^jan, Jchdmtamd. 
Fasting, a. nahdr. (voluntary-) nahwa, roja. 
Fat, a. tsprb, per, perar, pund, tand, ghat, 

JfharaU (-as a child) IJiamat, vhdgh. 
Fat, 6. splna^ wdzda. (kidney-) ^oz. 

(melted-) roghan, mU, g^tcafL 
Fatal, a. qdtil, /tdrl; qa^^d-l. 
Fatality, s. 7ia^tb, qa:;d, qismat, taqdir. 
Fate, 8. ajal, marg, maut ; qa:^d, qismat. 
Father, s. pldr. (-in-law) sjchar. (step-) 

plandar. (grand-) nlkah. (great grand-) 

ghur^nikah. (great great grand-) l& 

Fatherless, a. be^pldr, pldr'tnerai, yaitm. 
Fathom, s. ndzah. 

Fatigue, v.a. rabrawul, stared; stomdn-, tap', 
I haukah', mdndak-, etc, k. 

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( 239 ) 


Fault, f. *aib, JJjntd^ taq^lr, n:abdl, fundk, 
qus&r. (to find-) v.a. matdmatawult (aqa^ 
fculf rafalf tratal, kagaU ghoLniaL 

FauUlea«, a. be-ffwidh, be^qti^Ur, be^tagflr. 

Faulty, a. ^aib^ndA, qu^Hr-man^ gunith'gdr^ 
taqiuri ; bad^ nd'AdroA. 

Favour, s. mrasta^ mi/irbdnl, mihrbdngl, satf 
mafi^ sela, selfca. 

Favourable, a. bardbar, mundsib, plrzo ; 
malhawar^ mlhrbdn. 

Favourite, a. khwakkh, ghrtarak^ kkhiuloL 

FatvD, ¥.a* didplashf dirpah-t Hm^dmadl-f 
Jaldn dast'mdl'tjig'jigl; etc, Jk* 

Fealty, s. rcafd-ddrl^ tdbi**ddrJ, kdllihrcdhl. 

Fear, a. ttcra or yera^ tors, Mqf, bdi, mcl/hh, 
tara ; tvisfvds, andekkhniL 

Fear, v.n. 7veredal, treliedelt bugnedaL T^a. 
tar$', tor*, etc. JJtrvurdL 

Fearful, a. tars-nd/c, hhof^ndk ; tarhUr, yer* 

Fearless, a. bc'bdh, be*dar. 

Feasiblie, a. shrcunai or ^ftUnlcai. 

Feast, 8. mehnasdyd, ^i'lydfatfja^n. 

Feat, 8. kdr, krah\ bdzh. 

Feather, s. baijra, bauraka, par. 

Feature, 8. tsihra, shakl, ^Urat. 

February, s. pdganr. 

Fee, 8. shukrdna \ liaqq, ajr, milinat ; chUifgaL 

Feeble, a. nd'turvdn, %dif, kam^idqai, tap, 
kajn-quivat, kam*zor, *djiz. 

Feed, v.a. /JfTcurawul; tmrawul. (eat) 
Ihcural. graze, v.n, tsaredal or tsaral. 
(-cattle) Ttdkkhah dJiarcul. (rhivisitu'amd 
fcarkarvuL (nourish) pancarcU, pdlalf 
sdtal, parwarisi k. 

Feel, v.a. latawul, lamsawul, masa k. (suffer) 
v.n. pohedal, nCalUmedal, z^amedal, 
kedal. (bear) v.a. Mn^ural, tidal, kdgaU^ 
kkkkal. (-pain) HQgedal, dardedaL (-the 
pulse) nab:;^ katal. (-for others) dil'Sozl-, 
g^ani'Mrvdrh, zfah'mai; etc. A. 

Feeling, B.pok,paknu 

Feign, v.a. bdna-, ^!&i-, makr-t etc. k.; 

palma-, Airo-I-, lamgkara-h, etc. k. 
Felicity, a. kkiddi, Mftamh lin^^idn, 

Htvand; barakat, bakhtaKorl, nehba^ti. 
Fell, v.a. prekafcul, tcoAal, naraicuL 
Fell, a. sakit, kdfir, ^oRm, MandroL 
Fellow, a. mat, malgirai, humdzolai, zam* 

sorai, (match) makiai, gund, dzarcdb, 

iorah. (contemptuous-) hwand, ctat, 

qa^ar, doAus, diulur. (in comp.) hum: 
Fellowship, a. malgir'tiyd, shardkat ; rog^a, 

Felon, 8. gundh^gdr, taq^W, myrim. 
Felt, 8. lamtja-i, irdsta, namada. 
Female, a. zandfia, mdniina. s. kkhad^a, 

arCina. (covert-) marotkka, so/tdgan. 
Feminine, a. zandnl, mddUia, kkha^za. 
Fen, n^jaba. 
Fence, a. bdra, pandh. (thorn-) skpof, jaL 

(withy or twig-) kera. v.a. bdra-, etc. (araL 
Fence, v.a. ddl'bdzh, gatka^bdzh, etc. k. 
Fennel, a. sowa, kdgah. 
Fenugreek, a. mal^joza. 
Ferment, a. Mamira, tomna, mdya ; eshnd^ 

^ufkaifjo^; babcd, pattuju 
Ferment, v.n. Mamlra-t etc. ked. ; eshedal^ 

Mut ked. 
Ferocious, a. najishl, Hunarai, ^dRm. 
Ferocity, a. ftal^at, Mdn'M^drl, $ulm. 
Ferret, a. nolai. 
Ferrule, a. g^amei, tekai. 
Terrj, s. gudar^ patanr. (-boat) bera-l. 

(-man) mdircgai, makdaEoi* 
Fertile, a. zar^Mez, g^€Ua'Mez, lajh(^tf 

barakad. > 

Fertilize, v.a. (-land) fvatar A., zor*, qwvai*, 

etCfvarkafcuL (*BnimviB)dakawul,bldrbak. 
Ferula, a. bet, dira, qam^l, karora 
Fervent, a. tod, garm. 
Fervour, s. tod'fcdlai, toddMa, mai^ ganfd. 

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( 240 ) 


Fester, r,n. zaTvfan-, gazah-^ etc. hed.^ J^n* 

Festival, 6. aUitwr^ 'id. (-after BamazSn) 

fvrukai a^tan (-of Abraham's sacrifice) 

he aklitar. (-of a saint) mela^ 'urs. 

(marriage-) nddafi. (feast) Hhddi. 
Festivity, s. Hhddl. M^si'b^ll» Umdklhu 
Festoon, s. lar^ Adr, zundai, zunhak. 
Fetch, v.a. (things) rd/vraL (animals) 

Fetid, a. siidf gunda/t, bad'btl or bad bil-h 

ddr, tvrosU 
Fetter, s. dzolana, Irarai, band^ zaruhlr. (-for 

cattle) shkelf fcandar, palrcdkHa. ^ar- 

Feud, s. patna, badi, Mdna-jarfgi, mlrtsh 
Fever, s. taba. (-and ague) sara taba, sara 

fare,8ara tawe. (intermittent-)/rdrlca taba. 

(remittent-) rvdra-gara taba. (continued-) 

shebara taba. (bilious-) zyaraA taba. 
' (typhus-) skdnta-l taba. 
Feverish, a, tabjan, taba ntwuUd. 
Few, a. la-agi, kam^ pUfaif pitjdttraif (so. 
Fibre, s. rekkha, rag^ tar, pala. 
Fibrous, s. rekkhan. 

Fickle, a. nd-qaldr, nd-pdeddr^ M^iskau 
Fiction, s. naql^jor karat. 
Fictitious, a. naqtl, ndsarah^ jtltah 
Fiddle, s. satdr, sdrhgai,chamtdra,sdrinda. 

(-string) tor. (-bow) kamdn^a. (-key) 

ghrtagai. (-bridge) tatH, Ihargai. 
Fidelity, s. Imdn-ddr^, rdst bdzt, 7ca/d*ddri, 

namak kafdlt, rikkhdn^tob. 
Fidget, v.a. kilndtl Mwadzawul. v.n. w?w- 

nasi kcd., pa marvekkho laramedal. 
Fief, s.jdcdddjdglr, aima, dawtar. 
Field, s. pafa!, Tvand. (crop) kikkht. (plain) 

maiddn. ddga. 
Fiend, s. shaifan ; perat^ ratcai ; dukkhman. 
Fierce, a. tund, saMtp ^dRm, qaht^Jan. 
Fiery, a. tod^ tcz, garm, tdwjan, tund,jalt 

Fife, 8. surnde, {tkpela-l. 

Fifer, s. surnd'^l, shpela-hmdr. 

Fifteen, a. pln^zah'las. (15th) pindzah 

Fifty, a, plndzos. (-one) yo-pind^os, etc. 
Fig, 6. xndzar. (wild-) g-alar. (Banian-) 

bargat. (Sacred-) plpal. 
Fight, s.jang, muqaddama. \.9k.jangamtL 
Fighter, s. jangl, jangaitar^ jang kanHnkai ; 

Figurative, a. naqti^ skakli, majdzt, tam^lll. 
Figure, s. ,5^0/;/, daul^ ^Urat, rang, shdn. 
Figure, v.a. jorawul, tandal; nakhkkha 

kdflal^kkfikal or -Itkaf. 
figured, a. btlti'ddr^ ra7jgln. 
File, 8. so/idn, chausdr. (row) qafdr, para. 

(catalogue) daftar,/ard. 
Filings, 8. reza^ chUr. 
Fill, v.a. dakoTVul. 
Fillet, s. patai, panlkai. (-for the head) 

sar'tarUnai, sanbasta, tsapatkau 
Fillip, 6. dtUfki. 
Filly, 8. bi/idnra, biydna. 
Film, B.jdla-i. (-of the eye) gul, nak&Hna. 
Filter, 8. chdnra. v.h. chdijr k. 
Filth, 8. khtra, rash, chirk. 
Filthy, a. Mlran, paflt, nd-pdk, k/ttdk^p. 
Fin, 8. tvazar da kab or -c/a tndkh 
Final, a. d^ir, nrUstai, aMlir\ pUrah.. 
Finally, ad. dihiran, alqis^a. 
Finance, s. mdlguzdrt, dmdanu 
Find, v.a. milndal, blyd^mUndal. paidd k. 

(-fault) ratal, trafal, taqarvul, maldma- 

Fine, s. ndgha, tdwdn,jarlmdna. 
Fine, a. narai, mahin, bdrik. (-sky) ^'in, ^df. 
Finger, a. gutta. (thumb) bat a- or ghat a 

gutta. (fore-) tnisTvdka guiia. (middle-) 

miyandka gutta. (ring-) kamacha guita. 

OM^) kiehd gutta. (-naiDntf*. (-quick) 


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( 241 ) 


Finis, 8. (am^tamdm, dMir, Matm. 

Finish, ¥.a. tamdmaivul, pHrah-, Matm-, 

Fir, 8. nakkhtar. (-cone) gUjai. (-seed) 

chal^ozai or jan^oza or za nr^A oza. 
Fire, s. or. (-fly) orakau (-place) nsharai^ 

orghdlau (-wood) bdlanr, th(^dk. 

(-brand) shUsJ^a-u (-poker) or larUnai. 

(-stone) shokdnrau (-works) dia^hdzU 

(•worsliipper) gabar. (-lock) banddisb, 

Fire, v.a. or pore k., balatvuL (-a gun) 

rhalarvul, Mctld^d^fVuL 
Firm, a. ma^bUt, ilak, flng,pdeddr. 
Firmament, 8. dsmdn, kura, Uar^. 
First, a. arvfval or awwufanai, TvrHnbai or 

jcrunbanai. (-born) mashar. 
Firstly, ad. arvrcalan^ wrUnba-i, warj^ata. 
Fisb, s. kab^ mdhau (-book) kunda. 
Fissure, 8. chdwd, darz, data, di^q, raiUna. 
Fist, 8. mUf, mUtai ; sUk. 
Fistula, 8. ndsHr. 
Fit, 8. ^o(a; nobat. (fainting-) ^^ar^oz. 

(bysterical-) dapiriydno ghota. 
Fit, a. wdjiby tnundsib, tdzim, Id-iq; qdbil, 

jor, bardbar; pirzo^ yarzan^ dzde*lar. 
Five, a. plndzah. (fifth) K^pln^am. 
Fix, 8. nkkhatai. bold. 
Fix, v.a. lagawul, taraU Jorawul, pore k. ; 

rvudrarvul, waldrawul, mttqarrar-^ klak-^ 

mazbut-f etc. /;•; khakkhawul^ t^atal; 

Mejarcul, kkhkenawuL 
Flabby, a. narm,posl, sust; (sorb. 
Flag, 8. nakkha.janda. togh^ boxragji. 
Flag, v.n. taparedal, pdte ked.^ starai ked. 
Flagrant, a. tsargand; maskhUr; bad. 
Flake, 8. tmpak, (saparkau 
Flame, s. lanba, skughla (fire), bardnda, 

gAardnda, lu^ara, gkargkara, bdmbanra, 


Flank, 8. dada, arU, (sang; (seUna, tsanda; 

Flannel, b. ^ara-i, pa^mlna, tcarfna. 
Flap, T.a« (sanded, ihtvadseuoul, rapawuL 

v.n. (sapedal, tsrapedal, trapedal^ rapedoL 
Flare, v.n. brekkiedal, rUnredal, 4saledaL 
Flash, 8. brekkk, brekkhnd, (katk, pabvas^a. 
Flask, 8. kupa-l, kupra4; kkhikkha, Mumra^ 
Flat, a. sam, sat, harcdr, bardbar. (pressed-) 

tsapldk, ^iU (-taste) be-Mnmnd, be^maza, 

bilmagai, bilmangak. (-on the back) stUnh 

stagi. (-footed) ^apa^ 
Flatten, v.a. samanul, karvdramul; eklU, 

etc Jl. 
Flatterer, 8. cl^dplns, MUshdmad-gar, dirpal. 
Flattery, s. ^dplHsl, M^^kdmadi, difpalU 
Flatulent, a. bddl. 

Flavour, s. M^ond, maza, srcdd, (saka. 
Flaw, 8. didwd, darz, dara; 'aib, laka, ddg^. 
Flax, 8. sanr* 
Flay, v.a^ (sarman-, pot-, etc., dMi^tal, 

'bdsalr^yastcd, -kdfial^kkhkaL 
Flea, 8. wruga. 
Fleam, s. nasiiar or nectar. 
Fleawort, s. ispaghpl or IsapgkoU 
Flee, v.n. takkhledal. putedaL 
Fleece, a. tcara-l, tcarg. 
Fleece, v.a. s^nkawul, lUtartuL 
Fleet, a. garandax,jcUt, Uz, zghard, habvdk^ 
Fleeting, a. teredilnai,/dnl. 
Flesh, 8. ghwakkha. (body) ^Sn. (lust) 

naxis, ^akrcat. (-brush) ^Ua. 
Flexible, a. narm, post, muld-im, fltedUnai. 
Flexure, s. tU-wdlai; kog^wdlai; kaglei^^ 

kdlkudi ; gUt, grut. 
Flight, B. teHkta. i-ofhirds) S(dl, g^oL (-ot 

an arrow) partaw. 
Flighty, a. JJiushcd, Miydtl, saudd'i. 
Flimsy, a. spuk, halak, narai, nd^kdrak. 
Flinch, v.n. bugnedal, neredal, hatedal. 
Fling, v.a. dcharcul, n^lsh^al, g^urzawul. 


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( 242 ) 


Flint, 8. bakra-l. (steel) pund. (gun-) diaq- 

Flinty, a. saWt klak^ A&nrez. 
Flirt, 8. na^ra'bdza, laihmakorl^ sialdha. 
Flit, y.n. dlrcatal. v.a. kada mal. 
Float, 8. pdyaha or pdyarcaU v.n. bahedal, 

Idhu ked., Idnbo ked. 
Flock, 8. ramma. Oeader of-) VMT'kdkkk. 

(-of sheep, goats, or deer) kandak^ ^eta, 

psa. (-of birds) sail, skol. (-of lambs, 

etc.) olah. i,a crowd of men, etc.) tol, tolai, 

Flock, v.n. toledal, yo-^de-fjanCa-, etc. ked. 
Flog, v.a. rcahaly karore-, etc. tvahaL 
Flood, 8. saildb, myUz or nlz. (-of tears) rat. 
Flood, v.a. IdhU-, /luk-, etc. A., niyitz rcral. 
Floodgate, s. rcarJJi, ghyvagiai. 
Floor, 8. zma/ia, zamln ; ta/^iU'bandl. 
Florid, a. ««r. 
Florist, 8. gul'kar. 
Flounce, s. tsanda,jdwja'h 
Flounce, v.n. tjrapedal, ghurzedaL 
Flounder, v.n. trapcdal,israpedal\ rgharedal. 

v.a. ^ota TtahaL 
Flour, 8. orah, maidah. (dredging-) bomd. 
Flourish, v.n. dbddedal, Kuddnedal, tdzah-, 

takrah', etc. osedaL v.a. tsandal, Mircaiza- 

7cul, rapawul. 
Flow, v.n. bahedal, chaUdal, ran:dmdaljdn 

Flower, 8. guL (-garden) gulshan. (-bed) 

Flower, v.n. M^waredal, ghrtaredal, tUhedaL 
Fluctuate, v.a. ^apa-, c^alaAa, etc. tvahaL 

v.n. be^drdm-, tid-qaldr-, etc. Aed. 
Fluent, a.jdrl, rarcdn. (in speech) ^ula*Kar. 
Fluid, a. Jtiltl, aba, dbi, pa^siydh. 
Flummery, s.pdlada, oyrd, aiob, daliya. 
Flush, v.n. $ar*maM ked., sharmedal. 
Flute, 8. shpelaA. 
Flutter, v.n. (-hover as a bird) trapedal. 

tsapedal. (-as a leaO rapedal, skanedat. 

(palpitate) drazedal, parakedal, larzedaL 
Flux, 8. saildb \ rezish, nazla; ndstah 

ra-ama, dost. 
Fly, 8. mach* (horse-) ghobdrai, bhayanjc. 
Fly, v.n. dltcatal, tvurzedoL 
Foal, 8. biAdnr, biydn. 
Foam, 8. zag, kqf. 
Fodder, s. wdkkhah glydh, *alqf. (-of corn) 

Masll, Mwld. (-of maize) tdnta. (-of 

rice) paldla. (-of pulses) kati. 
Foe, 8. dtikk/tmafif ^asam. 
Foetus, 8. bachai, kachandai. 
Fog, 8. lara ; ghubdr. 
FoU, 8. gatka. v.a. tvrdnawuL 
Fold, 8. bdra, hadera. (sheep) bdnda, shpoU 

(of a door) tanba, pala. (layer) bra^, 

tall, (crease) gundza, ^mjra, kratai. (-of 

a rope) teal, tdw, pec^. (-on fold) ad. 

pabla-f wabla- or zabla bdnde. (in comp.) 

-bragihf -^and. 
Fold, v.a. nahaikhtaL 
Foliage, s. pdnre, zarghUn'tob. 
Folk, 8. Mdlqf *dlam, mal^luq. 
Follow, v.n. pah'pase tlaL v.a. pairanH^p 

tnurldi', etc. A., manal, laman nlwul 
Follower, s. paxrarv, mtvrid^ tdb^i'ddr. 
Folly, 8. nd-ddnJ, Aam^^aqll, nd^poha. 
Foment, v.a. sekal, takor A. (stir up) pdtsor 

Tvul, Ichejarculf porta A. 
Fond, a. viayan. (in comp.) -dost, -parast. 
Fondle, v.a. ndzajvul, mlna A. 
Fondness, 8. mxna, shauq, zrah, M^^* 
Fontanelle, s. tandoL 
Food, 8. M^:draA, M^vurdA, ihUma, qiit, 

t*dm. (-for a journey) toWia, tsanrai. 

(-of cattle) tsar, itdkkJiaA. (-of hawks) 

tdmba. (prepared-) sdlan, qatagh, ngholai. 
Fool, 8. nd'ddn, Aani'^aql, gedi'M^r, lewanai. 
Foolish, a. nd^ddn, be^TviiqUf, kawdan,piiAar, 


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I 243 ) 


Foot, 8, pkkha or klhpg, (on-) putai^ pa 

kkhpo. ('Biep)qadam,mand,ffdm. (-mark) 

pal, mand. (-fall) (raped, (-stool) mora. 
Footman, s. piydda/i, liarkaraJi ; shdtar ; 

Footpad, 8. rd/i'Zan, sliil/omdr, Idr-tvahiinka}. 
Footpath, s. (sara-ldr or -rcdL 
Fop, 8. hdnkd^ (faulty f^^f^^h taitKJii. 
For, p. dapdra ; ttdsta, khdiir. (-as mucli) 

la dc na, rjzaka, ska. (-iusiance) pa mhdl^ 

laka. (-the most part) al'^ar. (-what ?) 

tsa^lat ^<ile. 
Forage, 8. rtdkkhah, gaydh, tsar. 
Foray., s. ddra'dopa, hapa^dapa, lota, diapdo. 
Forbear, v.a. zyhamal, mbr-, pal-, parhez; 

etc. A. 
Forbearance, a. sabr, zgham. 
Forbid, v.a. maiia k. 
Forbidden, a. maiia^ ftardm. 
Force, 8. zor, qu/vat, rvas, turcdn, bram, 

faqat ; zulm, ziyd(l,jabr. 
Force, v.a. zoral^ tezaL 
Forceps, s. ambiir, nUtsqi. 
Ford, s. ffudar, pai. v.n. pore tlal or -rtataL 
Fordable, B,.paydm. 
Fore, a. rvrUnbai, fvrUnbanai, rcrdndlnai, 

paWocdnai^ pchhhln. 
Fore, ad. wrdnde^ rcrdnbe. 
Forefather, s. nikah. 

Forego, v.a. pre^dal-^preHhodaL tark h. 
Forehead, s. 7vuchrcalai or udtarlai, tandai. 
Foreign, a.pradat9 begdnah^ oprah. 
Foreknowledge, s. *ilm da ghd4b. 
Foreman, ^.pe§hkdr. 
Forementioned, a. mazkUr. 
Foremost, a. tvnlnbai, ?vrdndlnai, aivrvaianai, 

Forenoon, 8. pehHrn. tsdHht. 
Forepart, s. mahhf sar, tcrHnbau 
Forerunner, s. pcshrarcy rcrdnde tlUnai* 
Forest, s. baor^ dzangal, bcsha. 

Forestall, y.9l. pe^'dastl k. 
Foretell, v.a. pat- or Jal katal^ ^dAb tcayoL 
Forethought, s. dOr-andeiMh pesi'Jlkri. 
Forewarn, v.a. rcrUnbe Mabarawul, dydh JL 
Forfeit, 8. ndyha, tdn:dn,jurlfndnaf qurq. 
Forfeit, v.a. nayha-, etc. warkaicui, bd-elaL 
Forge, 8. lohdr^Hidna^ bat. 
Forge, Y.a.jdl'Sdzl k. 
Forget, v.a. hcrarcuL 
Forgive, v.a. boHhal, puloKuL 
Forgiveness, s. bahkhana. 
Forgotten, a. hcr^ ter^her. 
Fork, 8. dwa'kHdMa. ij^itch') panj-^hdlkhoL 
Forked, a. kkhdJJi'ddr. 
Forlorn, a. bc^kas^ Mtwdr^yandflzai, Id^chdr. 
Form, s. ^Urat, skakl, skdn, rany, tartib. 
Form, v.a.joratvul, (andal, tardbawuL 
Formal, a. rasmi, chalani, qdnlM. 
Formation, s. tark'ib, saMt^jorarcUna 
Former, a. pakhvdnai, wrUnbanaL 
Formerly, ad. pahhttd, wrUnbe. 
Formidable, a. tars^ndk, Mof*ndi. 
Formula, 8. nt/^A^a ; tarkib; tartib. 
Fornication; 8. kdslrl, zind-kdrl^ Itardm-kdri. 
Fornicator, s. kdslr, zind^kdr, Jtardm^kdr 
Forsake, v.a. pretidal—prekkhodal^ tark k. 
Forswear, v.a. qasam-, sauyand-, etc. Mtcural; 

nd'haqq qasam-, etc. Mwural. 
Fort, 8. qira, hot, yara-i, bdra, (ti^dr. 
Forth, ad. tvrdnde ; bahar. 
Forthwith, ad. os, pa tiki, sam da fdsa, pa 

dc sdat^ rcasxka. 
Fortify, v.a. mazbdt-, mafJtam-^ etc. k. ; dr-^ 

Iihar-, bdra-, pandk*, etc. k. 
Fortitude, s. sabr, zykam; zrak, hlmmat. 
Fortress, s. hot, yara-l. 
Fortuitous, a. ndyakdn, UtiJcUfi. 
Fortunate, a. nek^bakht^ barakatl, baHtawar, 

sa^ddat'fnan^ ba^tydr. 
Fortune, s. bakit, naslb, qismai; zamdna, 

rozydr ; iqbdl, sa*ddat ; mdl, duniydf 

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( 244 ) 


daulat; falak, CsarM. (-teller) /fi/Aln, 
pdlkatUnkai^ ramntdl, d'awtUl. 

Forum, s. c/iauk, d^drsa, bdzdr. 

Forward, ad. mai^e, tvrdnde. a. tvrdncUu, 

maiA ; (aydr ; wit, ehUnkai, gti9td^. 
Forward, v.a. dkaUmul, rawdnawul, dstawul, 

le^alf rasatvtU. 
Foster, v.a. pdlal, nmdn^al, panvaraL (-son) 

pdlaiai 4^oe. (-daughter) pdhR lnr 

(-brother) da d or -to rvror. (-sister) da ti 

or -to iiior. (-rather) plandar^ pdlUnkai 

ptdr. (-mother) d4-t, pdlntJd mar. 
Foul, a. nd'pdk, patlt^ murddr, kakar. 
Foundation, s. dra^ iveM, bonsat, kunsat; sar, 

asl, bunydd. (pedestal) j9dya, asds 
Fountain, 8. ^Ina, ^ashma. 
Four, a. (jaior. (fourth) tsaloram. (-fold) 

tsalor-brash. (-footed) clidr>pd. (-score) 

tsalor ^iH. 
Fourteen, a. tmdrlas. 
Fowl, 8. chiry. (water-) Mla-l. (-of the air) 

maryhah (p. mdrghaK). maryhai. (Cochin-) 

kulany^ kurmany. (game-) pand&rc-^iry. 
Fowler, s. hkhkdri. 

Fox, s. Itlnbar, troraA^ sperlam or spalam. 
Fraction, s. kasr, (ii^^a, totai, takoL 
Fracture, s. mdt, dara, (fidrvd* 
Fragile, a. matcdUnai, narai, ndzak. 
Fragment, s. tota^ reza, ri^a, diur, 
Fragrance, s. 'a/r, ^kUsh'bU-i. 
Frail, a. ndzak^ nd^tuttdn, ^a*if, kam^zar, 

Frame, s. kindra, kdna. (door-) dUr^iL 

(mould) qdUb* 
Frame, y.tL. Joratvul, tared. 
Frank, a. spin, ^df, sddak-dil, rikkhnnai. 
Frankincense, s. lobdn, *Hd. 
Frantic, a. Ujvanai, saudd-i. 
Fraternity, b. tcrori, nror'wali. 

Fraud, s. tayl./areb. drok^ ghld, chal. 

Fraudulent, a. tay^bdz./arebl^ dialbdz. 

Fraught, s. pnrah, dak. 

Fray, v.n. saledal, sudah ked. ; blosedal. 

Freak, s. Miydl, rcakm. 

Freckle, a. tarsarai, ta-apat. 

Free, a. yalah, sarak, wuzydr, dzdd, ^alds. 

(-will) wdk, iMtiydr, ra%d. 
Freeze, v.n. kanyal-, MiyoM-, etc. ked.^ 

Freight, 8. idr ; bdr-barddrl , kreka, mat^Ut. 
Frenzy, e. sarsdm, lewan'tob^ pat. 
Frequent, a. der, ziydt, layiyd. 
Frequent, v.a. rds^a'darska-^ tlatia^rdtlana-, 

etc. k. v.n. asedal, pdtedal. 
Frequently, ad. ak^ar, ziydtl^ der ^ata, 

Fresh, a. zarykUn, shin; tdzak, takrak, 

taydr ; naKoi ; kosd. (complexion) skdur. 
Fret, v.n. zahlredal, karedal, nUledal, 

yhamedal, ftitcdsH ked. (-as cloth) suledal. 

(as water) fsaparc-, pa^e-, etc. ked. 
Fretful, a. MapaJi, wisrcdsl, nd^qaldr. 
Friction, s. sUledana, sUda ; mdlish, mas^a, 

Friar, s. miyd or ml-df paqlr. 
Friday, s.jum'a, ddlna. 
Friend, s. dsknde,ydr, dost,pejandyalaL 
Friendless, a. be^kas, M^dr 
Friendly, a. mihrbdn, Mai^'M^dh or kdl* 

Friendship, 8. dsknd-l, ydri, ydrdna, ^paU 

Fright, 8. yera or tcera, tars, tor, MioJ, trdh, 

Frighten, v.a. yerawul or werarvul, tra/tawul, 

torarvul, ddrawul. 
Frightened, v.n. fveredal, trakedal, ddredal. 

v.a. tor Hitcural. 
Frightened, a. yeredalai, irafiedalai, tor* 

^knmralaif ddredaUu. 

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( 24« ) 


Frightful, a. tar^-^ ibof-f tor-^ haul-, etc. -ndk. 
Frigid, a. sor^ yaj^ ; qarqe^an, fnar^^an^ 
Fringe, •• tsanda, jdnya-i, laman. (frill) 

sancazana, zundaA^ surMa-h 
Frisk, v.t* (raplal, top rcaAal, Mannastl', 

kili^f etc. A. 
Fritter, v.n. sharhedal. (trifle) v.a. jaM^ 

Frivolous, a. spuk^ halak, puchf Mushca, 

Frock, 8. anga^ Mcilqa, kddorl. (quilted-) 

andarka. (long-) qadara-l. (short-) 

landa-h (woman's-) pepna-t, gandolorl. 
Frog, 8. chindalii, dkangakk^, .shldnda. 
Frolic, 8. loba^ mastl, tel-tdl, tsMn. 
From, p. hf da, la^na. 
Front, 8. maJJi, fvr&ndai. (in-) ad. tcrdnde, 

maMd'maM, makh'HhAe. 
Front, v.n. wrdnde-, maM-f otc. led. 
Frontier, s. pUla, brld, hadd. 
Frost, 8. kangal^ yoMk. (hoar-) pwrM^a^ 

asa-l. (-bitten) a. qarqed^an, marghe^an, 

Frosty, a. sor^ ya/^ 
Froth, 8. zag, kaf. 
Frothy, a. zag-jan, kaf-ddr. 
Froward, a. kodaifSar'Aalkh fSar-zoTf takanrai. 
Frown, v.a. brandawul, starge brandarcuL 
Frozen, a. kangah, or yaJJ^'shaKoi. 
Fructify, v.a. bdrddr k. ; bldrba k. 
¥n\gal,a.parkez'gdr; kam'M^vurdk. 
Fruit, 8. iTt^TFa; bdr. 
Fruitful, a. merva-ddr; bdr^ddr. 
Fruitless, a. be-merta, be'bdr, skand. (vain) 

bC'SUdf bc*/d-ida, ^aba^r* bar^bdd, be^bud. 
Frustrate, v.a. bdtil-, *aba^^',eic.k.f rvrdnarvuL 
Fry, v.a. talartul, tcyal, nniawul, abvoyal. 
Frying-pan, s. taba-l, tabaJJi^h tcghna. 
Fuel, 8. bdlanr, largai, ^dshdk, Mtad^ala^ 

fvar^ara. (cowdung-) gkoskoe* 
Fugitive, s. taWftedUnai. 

Fulfil, v.a. tamdmawul, pa dzde, pUrak-, 

etc. i. 
Full, a. daktpUrak ; $Mr; sekan. 
Fuller, 8. dobl, rang^rez. 
Fully, ad. pa Hbak shdn sara, qa(a-h 
TxAnesSfS. tamdm'tiyd^ dahndlaii montiyd; 

art^fcdUd; zekan^tob. 
Fulsome, a. nd-kktvakkh, kraka-ndk; pudk. 
Fumble, v.a. tcdr-ikaid k., kdwdkl k* 
Fumbler, s. puhar, kdfcdk, Itcdr. 
Fumigate, v.a. /fl-, lUgai-, luis^ara-, etc. k. 
¥un,s. loba,fnastt; Uundsh<^,na7iddra; foqa» 

fvaskta, tel'tdl. 
Function, s. kdr^ *amal; Midmat; *uhda. 
Fund, 8. sarmdya, saga^ panga. 
Fundament, s. bdnsat, kunsaf; kona, gkara^ 

Fundamental, a. oaR, ounyddi, gdll. 
Funeral, n.jandza. (burial) kkakkhattHna^ 

dajn. (-service) JdXxlia, pdtd. (-condo- 
lence) IdS'timak. (-food) skUma^ mun 

Funnel, s. (sukkhka, naia\jdba. 
Funny, a. toq^mdr^ waskd, fcUak. 
¥x}x,B.7vara'i,paskm. (-skin)j9^3^n. (-coat) 

nini'tanai, nim^a, posttn^a. 
Furbish, v.a. (metals) saiqal k. (polish) 

mugal^muHiiol. (scrape) togaL 
Furious, a. qakr'ndk, bros, lenanai. 
Furl, v.a. wfiaral—fiphakkktaL 
Furnace, s. tanHr. 
Furnish, v.a. tcarkartul, rasatcul, paidd k. ; 

sambdlawul, sdzawul, drdstak k. 
Furniture, 8. raMit^ asbdb, kdlai, sdmdn^ 

sdZ'Sdmdn, partaL 
Furrow, s. lik, kartkia. 
Further, v.a. madad-, komak^t ntrastor, etc. k. 
Fury, 8. qakr^ gkaT^ab^ tewan'tob. 
Fuse, v.a. tvlli A., cba k. 
Fusee, s. bdta-l, patxla oi/atita. 
Fuss, 8. chal^ald, tak'O'pU, rabar. 

> V 

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( 246 ) 


Futile, a. *aba^t bdtil, f^u^haif be Jd-ida, 

spek, nd'Mz^ be-^Ud. 
Future, a* ydndah, mafdh^ rdtlana, ayaridah. 
Futurity, 8. d^irat, ^dqibat. 
Fye, in. toba! pethmU/ 


Gabble, v.a. bahbak-, baq^baq-, bar-'bar-, 

tar-tar-t ^ar^diar-, etc. k. 
Gabbler, s. baq^baqai^ bar*barai^ iinai, farai. 
Gad, v.a. hujra*gardi k. v.n. (firzedal. 
Gadfly, 8. bhajanr^ manganr^madi. 
Gag, v.a. buja pa Hiule khhke mandate 

Uiula bandarcuL 
Gain, 8. gata^ sUdf/d-ida, nqf*a. 
Gain, v.a. gaial, mUndal. (-over) grohedah 

k. v.n. (win) rca-ar kcd. (a victory) v.a. 

barai mUndal. 
Gainer, 8. gata kaitHnhai^ wa-ar, barai mUn- 

Gainful, a. sild'man,/d'ida'man. 
Gainsay, v.a. ^/iVo/'wrflrya/, radd/c. 
Gait, 8. yan^ dial, tlana^ diolan^ raftdr. 
Gale, 8. ^7/a-I, bdd^ tUpdn. 
Gall, 8. trl^a, zalira^ ^afrd. (-bladder) 

Gall, v.a. sUdah-^ gasiyd-, etc. A., sUlarvut. 
Gallant, a. maranaif dztrdn'mard, tUrzan. 
Gallant, s. ^ishq-bdz^ /idslr ; ydr, d^na. 
Gallantry, 8. mardna, zraJm-ar^tob, tHrzan' 

tab, zmarhtob, dz?vdn'mardl ; ftdslri, Hshq* 

bdzl) dshndAf ydrdna. 
Gallery, s. bdld^Mdna, shdhnishmtdUnkdcha^ 

ahvdn. (mine) surang. 
Gallop, 8. poya, tdhit. 

v.n. pa-poych, etc., tlal or -zgialcdal. 
Gallow8, 8. ddr, sUla-i, gakivdra. (-rope) 

tezanda-lf zanda-l, pAd'h 

Gall8, Gallnut, 8. mdzU. 

Gamble,'fjU'd'bdzl', qmdr*bdzh, 

etc. k. 
Gambler, s.jU'dr*gar,jil'<L'bdz. 
Gambol, s. iel-ldl^ mostly tsMe, loba 
Game, s. loba, bdzu 
Gander, 8. bat^ qdz ; pUhar, yedi. 
Gang, 8. tolai, ddra, park, tdmba, ghol, dkam. 
Gangrene, 8. skkd, gazak. 
Gaol, 8. zinddn, qaid-, bandl-, etc. Mana 
Gap, 8. kanddw, darghol, ^w^, gUU 
Gape, v.n. wUedal, dkingcdal, wdzedal. v.a. 

IJiida chlngawul, -ftdzatvul or -TvltawuL 

(yawn) asTcelai-, Miamxydza-^ etc. k. 

(stare) ghaUhataU 
Gaping, a. nit, cjring, rtdz. 
Garb, 8. toga, shdn, rang; jama, pokkhdk, 

Garbage, 8. Hjrai, Ural. 
Garble, v.a. lafawul, diunraL 
Garden, 8. bdgh, bdghcha. {AovreT-)^n, 

bostdn. (-of Eden) jannat *adan. 
Gardener, 8. bdghrtdn. 
Gardening, 8. baghwdnl, bdghvcdn*tob. 
Gargle, v.a. ghar-ghara k. 
Garland, 8. kdr, lar, ameL 
Garlic, 8. Uga. 

Garment, 8. dghoBtana, jama, zarHkai, libds, 
1 nivarau (beggar'8-) gand or kind. 
Gamer, 8. khamba, kandu, kota, ambdr*ii'(ina. 
Garnish, y.2L.jorawul, andzorawul. 
Garrison, 8. qiVa^ gara-l ; da qil'e Malq^ 
Garrulous, a. baq^baqaz, tarai, banbarai. 
Gash, 8. parhdr^ tslra, gktcufA^ zalJim. v.a. 

t£iraU ghwutsartul, joblarcul, zaMmi k. 
Gasp, v.a. landasdk- or sdkpa'portadklistal. 

v.n. sdk i'/jatal, sdk'landah ked. 
Gate, 8. rear, (-way) darwdza. 
Gather, v.a. tolamuUjam^a^, yo*dzdC', etc. k. 

(select) aijramd, dl^ni:(^l, latan;td. (pluck) 


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( 247 ) 


Gathering, s. tol, tolai. (-of e\o\h)junj^. 

Gaudy, a. ranyd^rany, rangln. 

Gauge, v.a. wrrA-, ^cfi-, etc. k. 

Gay, a. kk^dd, kkhad^man. ^Usk'iidL 

Gaze, v.a. Aatal, oh^^t katal, dzir k. 

Gazette, s. af^bdr. 

Gear, s. Mfi, sdZ'Sdmdn, asbdb. 

Geld, v.a. Massi, dlhtah-f etc. k. ; malax k. 

Gem, 8. gaxihar ovjauhar. 

Gender, B.jinSp qism. (masculine-) warlnoA, 

war, mitzaJikar. (feminine-) tnddlna. 

hhhadzay murcannas^. 
Genealogy, a. ^ajra, nasal, nasab, a^l, 

General, a. *dmm,jdri ; shdmil. 
General, a. sarddr, sar^juroh, ma^ar. 
Generally, ad. aksior, ziydtu 
Generate, v.%.paiddk.; zegartuL 
Generation, s. paidd-ikkbt; peraA^ puskt; 

al/vdd, zdwzdt ; zamdna, daur. 
Generosity, a. salltdrtatf saj^l'tob, saMd, 

Generous, a. saMh bakkkanai. 
Genial, n.jor, khvdkkh. bardbar, plrzo. 
Genittih,s. anddm'nihdm, satar, ^drat/atirat, 

(hair of-) tar-rvekkktoA. 
Genius, s. Moe, Mu,^la(, tab*a, Mrvd, mizdj, 

lokkhaL (evil-) perai, pari, (capacity) 

poha^pahm, idrdk. 
Genteel, a. maMiaTvar, splndrobal, satar- 

Gentility, s. maMarvar'tob, shardfai. 
Gentle, a. l^aiim, asul^ a^rdf. 
Gentleman, s. ^dbib* or a.shrdf-zddah. 
Gently, ad. ro-ro, pa-qaldr. 
Gentry, s. ra-isdn^ a^rdfdn. 
Genuine, a. sdckah, karah, asil, MdHs, nughd^ 

Genus, s. rag, qdm, qism, nogiaUjins. 
Germinate, v.n. fUkedal, zarg^unedal. v.a. 


Gesture* s. iaraiai ; ^dn. 

Get, v.a. mUndal, gatal, paidd k. 

Ghastly, a. sperak. 

Ghost, 8. rawai ; peraL 

Giant, s. gkat-Mf^, ndpar- or gagar sard ; 

dew, 'i/rU. 
Gibbet, s. ddr, gahrdra. v.a. tezandoA 

fvarkawul; dzwarandajvul. 
Giddiness, s. sar^ghurzai, akar, sar^girzai. 
Gift, s. baUikHhiknh. bakkhana^ na^r, Mba. 
Gifted, a. qdbil, qudrat-man, zbarg. 
Gigantic, a. l^rls, ndpar, dang-, star, ^at. 

Giggle, v.n. Handedal, musedaL 
Gilding, s. (ild'kdri. 
Gill, 8. rcakkhkai. 
Gimlet, s. barma, tmarla-l. 
Gin, 8. ddm^ Imna, lUma, Idmaka, parka, lot. 
Ginger, s. (green-) adrak. (dry-) sUnd. 
Gipsy, 6. nat ; ko^h 
Gird, v.a. taraL 

Girder, s. tarHtuu. (-beam) bensh, patera, tlr. 
Girdle, 8. mld'tarUnai, mld-bandf kamar*band. 

(woman's-) taper, (sash) patkai. 
Girl, s. Jwa-l. (mature-) /?^j^/a. (betrothed-) 

changkala. (slave-) fclndza. (servant-) 

mazdvLra. (kept-) Midmat-gdra. (dancing-) 

lotaA, hacJianoA. 
Girth, 8. pataA ; tdng. 
Give, v.a. warkawul, bakkhal, kkhandal. 

(evidence) lal or tarcdal. 
Giver, s. rvarkawUnkai, bakkkUnkai ; lunm. 
Gizzard, s. ^d^tinga. 

Glad, a. kAtcakkh. kkhdd. M^f M^'idl. 
Glad-tidings, s. zera. (bringer of-) zera-garai. 
Gladiator, s. tura^bdz, shafne^er^bdz. 
Gladness, s. Mwakkhl, kkkddif Mu^-itd^. 

(-over a rival) saMa, fciydr. 
Glance, v.a. na^arpa za-ar terawul. (shine) 

v.n. ^al kedal. (fly off) v.a. tlndak wakaL 
Gland, s. stagka, ^ududf giUnddrai* 

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( 248 ) 


Glare, s. raard, ^alah, brekkhnd. 
Glaring, a. kkh^drah, tsarifand, awMr. 
Glass, 8. ikblkkhO'* {rcxrg) piydla. (mirror) 

Glaze, v.a. malma- or muhmma A., rang 

pore k., kdshi k. 
Glazier, s. Ad^hgar. 
Gleam, s. partaw, pafrcasha. 
Gleam, v.n. ^alAedal, brekkhedoL 
Glean, v.a. atj^awul, ^Unral, drUze tolcuvuL 
Glee, 8, kkJiddif IJiwand. (song) tapa. 
Glimmer, s. d^alak, pabvasha. 
Glitter, v,n. brckk^edal, ^aUiedal, rUnredaL 
Globe, s. duniyd, nara-i, jahdn. (celestial) 

(§<ir^f Jalak, kur^. (ball) ^undai, 

mandost pandas, mardak. 
Globalar, a. ghwid^ ^und-man. 
Globule, s. ffola-i, mardakotai, ghundUrai. 
Gloom, 8. ty&reh, tor^wdlai, lor^tam ; ghantf 

Glorify, v.a. sidyal, sand tvayal. 
Glorious, a. mubdraki mqjld; loe,jaldl; 

Glory, s. nang, nUm, iqbdl. 
Gloss, 8. rang. 

Glossy, a. brekkh^ndk, dzalahndk. 
Glove, 8. dastdna, da Idsjordba. (gauntlet) 

dast-gafa. (for hawking) beta. 
Glow, v.n. (odcdal, swaL 
Glow, 8. toduib<^f swai. (-worm) or^orakai. 
Glue. 8, slekkh : leta-i. 
Glutton, 8. geda'war, ghdrai^ ghdrdal, biri^' 

ndkf rawai. 
Gnash, v.a. ghakkh ^l^al or •krapawuL 
Gnat, 8. vidshaif g^amdsha^jak otja^. 
Gnaw, v.a. (^I^a/, krapafvuL 
Go, v.n. tlal^ldral, drUmal or drUmedal, ^al- 

edal, raKdnedal; kudk k.p legdaL 
Goad, 8. dtiAa, trdt, kanta-U 
Goal, 8. ilkdo, mazal, borjal. 
Goat, 8. buz or ntiz. (he-) psak. (she-) bza. 

(-in heat) nazema. (kid) narghUmai, d^etoL 
(yearling-) serial, (-hair) n^i^jg^Une. 

Gobble, v.a. garandci ^wural. 

Goblet, 8. katorai,jdm, shdk-kdsa. 

Goblin, 8. bdgH, bagalola-i ; ra/f/cai. 

God, 8. Mridde, allak, rabb. (-forbid) Jdiudde 
di na ka or -kdndi. (-preserve us) yd 
Muddya- or yd rabba khair ka. (-knows), 
Mudde Mabar or -zdah. (by- 1) IJiudde 
go. (good- !) aUaliO alibar, subhdn allah. 
(my-D yd dzamd iJiuddya. (for God's 
sake) da Uiudde da pdra. (-bless thee) 
l^udde di wusdta or -rcubakkha or -loe ka. 
(-curse ihet)petl mn, pa id riaXai, Jchudde 
di mlrdt ka. (-grant) M^dde di rcuka or 
-nuki. {'protect thee) da M^dde pa amdn. 

Godliness, s. din^ddrl, taqKd. 

Godly, a. dln^ddr, namdn^l, nmUndz^gu^dr. 

Going, 8. tak, tlah, yUn, pand. 

Goitre, s. g!kur. 

Gold, 8. srek-zar, zar, lila. (-smith) zar^ 

Golden, a. zarln. 

Gonorrhcea, s. sozdk. 

Good, a. kkhak, nek, pd/uzah, ghwardh. %. 
kkhegara.fdrida. sUd. 

Goodness, s. kkltak-ndlaZf neki. 

Goods, 8. asbdb. (cattle) mdl. (clothes) 
raMt. (furniture, etc.) kdlai. 

Goodwill, 8. nek' or Mair^M^^kl. 

Goose, 8. (domestic) bata. (wild-) qdza. 

Gore, v.a. pa tkikar wahaL 

Gore, 8. prauTfjdkai, malob, wine. 

Gorge, 8. dara, tangoA ; gkdra, mara-h 

Gormandize, v.a. bc-Mif'^ta*, be'prata-, etc. 

Gospel, 8. in;ll; haqq. 

Gossip, v.a. Muske Mabare k.\ ^abare^ 
atare-, Mabare-mabare k. 

Gourd, 8. kadd. (-seed) kadU'Zarai^ 

Gout, 8. bdd,niqris. 

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( 249 ) 


Govern, v.t. iukHmal', ftuhn'^ etc. k. or 
'^akuvuL (manage) sambdUuvul. 

Govern ment, a. ^ukUfncU, 'arnal; sarkdr, rdj; 
sarddri^ ^dnl, ma&kl. 

Govemor, a. (idkim, sarddr, ^dn, malik. 

Gown, a. (man'a) dapan, qadara-i. ( woman*a) 
peshwdz, pepna-h 

OTzee,B.mihrbdnpl. (favour) /nro^/a. (pardon) 
bakkhana. (beauty) hkhdyast. (manner) 
ndZf karakkhma. (by the grace of God) 
da khudde pa mi/irbdnyl sara. (-before 
meals) Hsmillah. (-after meals) d^ud^ 
^ukur. (a form of-) skukur alhamdu 
lillah, rabbd ^and id lara. (title) kazraL 

Graceful, a. Wtdyastah^ khhkulai. ndzoJt. 
(in comp.) ^Ush-. 

Gracefulness, a. hl-hdyoit^rcdlaif kkkdyast, 
jordb, krah'tvrak^ 

Gracious, a. ndhrbdn. 

Graciously, ad. pa mihrbdngl sara. 

Gradation, s. darja^ pdya^ rvdr. 

Gradually, ad. rO'VO^ tvdrpa wdr. 

Graft, s.pefvandf band, qalam. 

Grain, s. ^alla, ddna. (a single-) ddna. 
(bruised-) daL (ground-) oraA. (finely 
ground-) maidak. (parched-) wiwa, pUlah. 
(mixed-) gddera. (-merchauU sauddgar, 
yhalla-Jarosh, bafjriyd. 

Grammar, s. ^arf'O'naijtiv. 

Granary, s. anbat'^dna. 

Grand, a. loe, f^af, star. 

Grandee, s. amlr^ arbdb. 

Grandeur, s. loe^tvdlai, ghat'tcdlai ; zbargl. 

Grant, v.a. uarkarvul, bdkkhal ; manal, 

Granule, s. ddna; pUtai, pitsdnrai. 

Grape, s. angUr. (-vine) tdk. (wild-) k^var. 
* (dried-) watska, mena. 

Grapple, v.a. parzafcul, nlwuL 

Grasp, v.a. pa gab:^e', pa panje-, pa vinte-, 
pa munguU', etc. nlwul. 

Grass, a. fvdkiiah, gaydk, 'alaf. (varieties 
of-) drab, dUp, kahal, ^nux, ^ameMd, 
dlla, ^ilndwasfffi,sargerrai,sarbaga^ mffa, 
mota, panai, malai, manddrU, dadam, etc. 

Grasshopper, a. (ogd, Ma^rgai; mia^^ 

Grate, v.a. ta^cuvul, brekkhan>ul; zdoyaL 
v.n. g^redaL 

Grateful, a. shukur*guzdr ; Mrcand'^ndk. 

Gratification, a. khwakkhi ; ^wand. (over 
another'a misfortunes) sa^a, tciydr. 

Gratify, v.a. ihdCw k., ndzawul, kkhdghaL 

Gratis, ad. tceriyd, mu/t. kase^ 

Gratitude, s. shukur^guzdri. 

Gratuitous, a. fccriyd, mu/i. 

Gratuity, a. bakhknhik^hf iiCdm, ^ukrana, 
pekkJk'kakkh, ^jcara. 

Grave, a. gor, qabr, maqbara. (the niche) 
lahad. i-sioue) Ikadza or Mdda. (-digger) 
qabr*kan, gor^kan. (-badger) gor^kakkh. 
(-clothes) kctfan. 

Grave, a. drUnd, grdn ; Jlkr^man, gAakd 

Gravel, a. kdnr, gghal, ghata-shiga. 

Gravitate, v.n. kkhkendsial. prewataL 

Gravity, a. drUnd-rcdlai, drandwoL 

Gravy, s. kkhorwd. 

Qraj, a. sperak, Mer, Mdkl. (-hair) brag. 

Graze, v.a. piydyal^^^pon^uL v.n. tsaral, 
tsarcdal. (abrade) bhsedal ; sUledaL 

Grazier, a. porcUnkai. (of cows) (fhobak. (of 
buffaloes) mekkhbaL gdjar. (of camels) 
Hkkhbakf sdnvdn. (of sheep, etc.) gadbak, 
ikpUn, ^kpankau 

Grease, s. g^fvari, mU. v.a. g^rcaratvuL 

Greasy, a. ghcar. 

Great, a. ghat, loe, star; zbarg. 

Greatly, ad. tdtidyat, der. 

Greatness, s. star^fcdlai, etc. ; zbargi. 

Greediness, s. ^ir^, tanCa, Kfcdl'tob. 

Greedy, a. ^fin>, ^irs^ndk, geda-war. 

Green, a. shin, zarghUn ; Urn, ka^^ak. 

Greens, s. sag, sdbaJi, talkdri, tara. (varieties 

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( 250 ) 


o{')panerak, shojvtal, narkkdrai^ Jialwe- 
rat, tdndola^ tsdrmaitjarcdnrvdn^ etc. (cul- 
tivated-) pdlaA, tnalMoza, dorai, mulai, 
gdzara^ tepar, etc« (dish of-) sdginrai. 

Greet, v.a. muhdraki wayal; $atdm'*alaik', 
jor'tdzali't etc. k. 

Grief, s. gham^ ranrlz^ j^^^^^ ^^ pa^isdk, 
nUl; gram. 

Grievance, d. Jarydd ; sakAtl, dzaur^ jaOr, 

Grieve, v,n, nUledal, randzedal, karedal, 

fj^amedal^ zahiredaL v.a. dzdrarvul 

zaAirarvul, etc. 
Grieved, a. gAam^Jan, nUljan, randzUr, dil* 

Grievous, a. gham*ndk; jabr-ndk, sakht, 

Grill, v.a. rvrUaituU alrvoyal, talanDul, teyal. 
Grim, a. sut'but, mushdd; zlgi sakht^ klak. 
Grimace, s. pekkha, tsera, but^urbuz. 
Grin, v.n. musedal. v.a. ddre-, ghakkh-f etc. 

Grind, v.a. orarvul, anral, areh A. 
Grindstone, s. psd7i. (-wheel) tsarkk. (-for 

com) mciJian. (-for spices) tlgxit sildtd. 
Gripe, s. qab^a, da mUti n'lwdh. (belly-) 

kdnga, (do, pedi. 
Gripe, v.a. pa qab:;e', pa mUtl-, etc. nlwuL 

(as birds and beasts) /?a/>aw;6»-,jt?a manguli-^ 

etc. ntfvul. (as the belly) v.n. kdnga-, td(h, 

etc. ked. 
Gristle, s. krachai, krarhUnai, krachanddkai. 
Grit, 8. kdijtr^ skiga ; dal, drUza, gadzdrai* 
Gritty, a. skiglan, kdaran, kdnrez. 
Groan, v.a. zncrgai or zgerwai-, angakdr or 

kenga/ior-f etc. k. 
Grocer, a. pansdri, baujigd. 
Groin, 8. mgkdna. 
Groom, 8. skdtar,jalau'ddr, nafar. 
Groove, 8. klla, karkkha. 
Grope, v.n. faparedal. v.a. lafawuL 

Qross,a.tsorb, perar; gkafjwdr; ndpar,star. 
Gross, 8. tol, iol-tdl, tamdm, kuU. 
Ground, 8. zmaka or mzaka, zamln. 
Groundless, a. bc'tndfib, nd'lkaqq. 
Group, s. folgai, tamba, Cslra,park,jam» 
Grouse, s. fJia-ardraif kha-arai^kauntar, kha* 

Grove, &.jangai, banr. 
Grovel, v.n. rgharedal^rahakkhtaL 
Grow, v.n. (increase) gkaledal, ziydtedal, loe 

ked. (vegetate) tdkedat, zarghdnedaL 

(-old) zaredaL (become) kedaL 
Growl, v.n. gkurunbedal, granjedal. 
Grudge, v.a. darcgh, k. (owe a-) dukkhmanl-. 

badi', ^jvd'badl', 'indd-, kina-, etc. laraL 
Gruel, 8. atob, og^ra, dalya; dsk, sklra. 
Gruff, a. sakkt, ttirs^'rUefSuf'bdf, qahrjan. 
Grumble, v.a. ye/a-, mdna-, etc. k. v.n. 

granjedal, gkurunbedal. (as the bowels) 

qur-qur ked. 
Guarantee, 8. T^amdnat. (person) zdmin. 
Guard, s. pahra, tspka-l; pdsrvdn, kiskik: 

pahra-ddr, tspka-l-dar. (over crops and 

cattle) kakkhai. (protector) sdtdnkai, sd- 

tandoe, jgkorai, pdslarvUnai. 
Guard, v.a. pahra-, etc. k. ; pdstvdnl', etc. k. 

gdlal; kakkhl-tob k. ; sdtal, j^orat, 

pdstajvulf khundl k., or ^undiyaL 
Guess, v.a. qiyds-, khiydl-, atkal-, etc. k.^ 

pejandal, nCalUmawuL 
Guest, 8. rnclmak, mezmdn. 
Guidance, s. kkkowuna, hiddyat, murshidi. 
Guide, 8. balad, Idr^kk^owUnkai, bdmiyd. 

(spiritual) plr, murshid, kdcti, pesl^fcd. 
Guile, 8. fag^bdzi, ^al-bdzl, larngkara-i-tob, 

tagl, blla^/areb. 
Guilt, 8. gundkf taq^lr; wabdl, baza. 
Guiltless, a. be^gundh, bc-qu^dr, be^taqsir. 
Guilty, a. guvdk'gdr^ taqRlrt, qu^Hr^man. 
Guise, 8. ^drat, shakl, §hdn; bdna, libds; 


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( 251 ; 


Guitar, 8. sitdra, ^amtdra. (Fiddle.) 

Gullet, 8. mara-t, sra-^drcu 

Gulp, 8. r/hurap^ gUtf Inda. v.a. n^ardciL 

Gum, 8. chir^ jditla. (of teeth) iUni-l or 

Gun, 8« bandaB, topak. (-barrel) nala. 
(-stock) ktmdd^. (-sight) mach^ zarai, 
didTvdn, rihuta-u (-match) bdta-l, paCda. 
(-cock) pdya. (-trigger) diajak. (-priming 
pan) kandol^ rndsha^ dtash • Mdna. 
(-chamber) IJazana. (-priming powder) 
ranjoA. (-cleaning rod) bar^o, mar^olau 
(ramrod) paz, sTikh. (-aiming rest) sipdfva 
or sipdya. (-powder) ddrU. (-ball) mar' 

Gunner, 8. topahchl^ banduM'chl; top-^L 

Gush, v.n. pa^ddro itatal or 'bahedcU. v.a. 
ddra waf^al. 

Gust, 8. chapa^jaJiar^ siloA. 

Gut, 8. kulm% larmHn; larai, Hjrcd. 

Gutter, 8. ndrca, lakkhta-u Tvdla, tarndo. 

Guttural, a. Iialql. 

Gymnastic, a. hu^^hdy pahlartdrCi. 

Gyves, 8. dzolana, paH^vandai, pdekara, 

Haberdasher, 8. banjdrl. 

Habit, s. 'ddat, yUn, *amal; Mioe, Ma^lat; 

mizdjt fabi'at. 
Habitation, 8. astogia, kor, dzde, mes&ta, 

Habitual, a. *ddatl, dmo^tah. 
Habituate, v.a. 'ddati-, etc. L, rftgidawuL 
Hack, v.a. kutal^ toia^totor, fiSflr«^ar-, 

etc. i. 
Hag, 8. zara-ijada-l. 
Haggard, a. tap^ danffor, tcuchklak^ tspr. 
Hail, s.Jdla, y.ala-u v.n. Jdfe-, etc. oredal. 

Hail, v.a. saldm-^alaii-Jor-idzah't etc. k. 

Hair, 8. nekHitah. (dressed) sar^kumtai. 
(lock or curl of-) tsiknra^ tsunraka, zulf, 
tval. (braid or plait of) orbal, kanisa-l, 
nshakkliai. (top knot of-) tjarai. (-of 
pubes) tor ' fvekkhtak. (-of the body) 
zunba, ^Una. (goat's-) HjgkHne. (ribbon 
or braid for the-) bacharcai, pekaroai^ 

Hairy, a. babar, ivaran. 

Hale, a. takrah^tdzah, ro^'tnot, Jor, tan- 

Half, a. nlm. (-done) nlmgarai. a. nlmot, 

Hall, 8. ddldn, ^rZna. (public-) kujra. (-of 
audience) dalbdr, bdrydk. 

Halloo, v.a. dush^'» ndra-^ etc. wakal. 

Hallowed, a. pdk, muqaddas. 

Halo, 8. kdla^ ^poL 

Halt, v.n. tvudredal; gudedal] jah ked. 
v.a. dera-^ muqdm-, tlkdo-, etc. k. 

Halter, a. Mapl or gapi, pd-l, bddyoL 
(headstall) tersarau (hangmanV) tezan- 
da-J, zanda-J^ pdri. 

Halve, v.a. nlmatvul, drvak'tum k» 

Ham, 8. (thigh) wnin,pa(an. 

Hamlet, a. bdnda, kalotai. 

Hammer, a. pa-alk, tsatak. (wooden-) 
bandar, dabalai. (washerman's-) tspbdroL 

Hammer, v.a. rcakal, takarvul, trakofcul, tak 

Hamper, a. ^a/ifa, karcara^ tokra-l, kdra, 

Hamper, v.a. kariydbamul, hatdlawuL 

Hamstring, v.a. pai k., or -fvakal 

Hand, a. Ids ; chaka, panja^ manguL (-ful) 
lapa or lapaka, paka or kapa. (palm of*) 
warghanai^ Mapar. (-breadth) tsapak. 
(closed-) mnt. (-in band) dhak-pa-d^ak. 
(-cufi) karai. (-held to receive) mangulp 
^anguL (-held to take or seize) />a;t;a« 

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( 252 ) 


Handful, 8. diung^ qatcda. (double-) lapakai. 
Handkerchief, s. nimdl, dast-mdl. (-for head) 

sar^basta, sar'pedtak, sar'tarUnai, tsapot- 

Handle, s. mUtai^ Idstai, dasta. 
Handle, v.a. Ids lagarvul, -warrcral, •rvahal, 

etc., latawulp niwul; dialarvuL 
Handmaid, a. inazdUra^ Miidmat-gdra^ sake- 

lorl. (brides*) tnga. 
Handmill, a. fnedian. (lower stone) kkhka- 

tanai pal. (upper stone) portanai pal. 

(-handle) lastai. (pivot or axle) Cirak. 

(axle bar) rfZrfa, hkhdrag. (-cup) ghdra. 

(-hopper) dol^ gand. 
Handsome, a. Hhdyastahf hkhkulai. pari* 

maMai or pej^maM^^i* 
Handsomely, ad. pa Hhah shdn sara. 
Handsomeness, s. hkhdyist, kJchdyist-Tcdlai, 

kkk/iufai-wdlai, Hhkull'tob, peJ-maM-tob. 
Handy, a. tak'ldstai ; taydr ; nijdai. 
Hang, v.n . dz?varandedal, dwezdnd ked. v.a. 

drcezdnd k., (hwarandajtul. (a criminal) 

tezanda-l fcarkawtd, pa dor Micjamul. 
Hangman, s. jalldt, tezandaA warkarviiJikai, 

Hank, s. iranjukai. (ring) karai. 
Hanker, v.n. liitdl-, mayan-, etc. ked. v.a. 

fntna-, raghbat-, shauq-, etc, laral. 
Hapless, a. kam*baMt, be-qis7nat, be'tiafib. 
Haply, ad. H-hdA. gunde ; wl ba. 
Happen, v.n. kedal^ shtval, ndziledal, pre- 

watal, (eredal, waqYa ked., pekhhedal. 
Happily, ad. pa Mi^ir sara, pa kHddi sara. 
Happy, a. k/makkh^ kklidd, hl'hdd*man. 
Harangue, v.a. tv^a;^ k., kaldm rvayal. 
Harass, v.a. rabra?cul, dzdrajoul, tangaicul^ 

tongarvulf tongdra k. 
Harbinger, s. peshrajo, astdckaL 
Harbour, s. bandar ; pa^idh. 
Hard, a. klak, saMt; grdn, mti^kil; poMf 


Hard-hearted, a. nd'tars, kdnraizrak, be* 

Hardiness, s. klak-rvdlai, ma^bUi^tiyd, ta* 

krak'Wdlai ; zrek-nar*tob. 
Hardly, ad. pa viushkil sara, pa rabar sara; 

kamtar, mushkila, kila. 
Hardness, s. klak-TCdlai, sajcht^rvdlai. 
Hardship, s. tangsa, rabar, saMtJ. 
Hardware, s. da ospane kdtl. 
Hardy, a. klak, Tnaj^bHf, zrek-war, maranai, 

takrafi, ting. 
Hare, s. soe. (hare's form) so^dUd. 
Harebrained, a. Mushai, leroanaL 
Hark, in. ycdtvra! gkwag bdsat or ^nisnt or 

Harlot, 8. kdslra, shatdha; lola-ifkachana-h 
Harm, s. tdwdn, ziydn, nuq^dn. 
Harmful, a. tdjvdnl, nuq$dni, ziydriL 
Harmonious, a. bardbar, yo^^dn ; JAogt. 
Harmony, s. rogh a,jora, dsh (I ; sarod, tardna. 
Harness, s. da as kali; sdZ'Sdmdn. 
Harp, 8. barbaU 
Harpoon, s. biyak. 
Harrow, s. gJidkkhawar. 
Harsh, a. trlw, tri^ ; zig, btdr. 
Harvest, s./a^l. (reaped-) lau. (gathered-) 

I^irman,dirmand. (spring-) ^rai. (autumn-) 

Hash, y.a. qlma k., tote k. 
Haste, 8. talrcdr, talinal, jaltl, shiidbh (to 

make-) tahcdr-, etc. k. 
Hasty, a. talndri, talitalai,jaU. 
Hat, 8. topa-l, Mola-l. 
Hatch, v.n.kura/ia ked. ; pa hago kkhkendstal, 

bachl bdsal^yistaL 
Hatchet, a. tabar. 
Hate, v.a. bad watial, kagal, ^injan^ul, 

ghandal, kraka dikisiaL 
Hateful, a. bad,kagalai, kraka-ndk, gkdndah. 
Hatred, s. badi, Mmdbadi, dukkknl, klna, 

iku^Umatg taka, g^a^. 

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( 258 ) 


Haughtiness, s. kibr, bdd, mcufhrUri^ Mp^l* 

naughty, a. Hbr^Jan, bddi^ Mdntamd. 
Haul, v.a. raMfioL-^rdkHkaL 
Haunch, s. kUn&tai; tuta, duda^patUn. 
Haunt, 8. bofjal, meshta, astogta. 
Haunt, T.n. oscdal, OstedaX. 
Hautboy, s. samde, tUrcL 
Have, v.a. laral, dcurlal. 
Haven, s. bandar^ panah. 
Havock, 8. (d^t'tdrdj, tdld, liardbi, tcrdnl. 
Hawk, 8. bdz. (goshawk) bdz, /iaiah*bdz, 

jurrdlu m. (varieties of-) turmatai, bdlkha^ 

shaindai^ lagar^jagar^ regain §hikrau (-of 

the first year) chuz. (-of the second year) 

Mdna^Imrlz. (old-) tarln&k. (-from the 

nest) sh^nu (caught-) d&mu (-perch) 

chakoB. (-bells) glngrcd. (-Jessies) tasme. 

(-hood) topa-u (-lure) dalba. (-drag) 

bdoti. (-glove) bela. 
Hawk, v.a. da bdz- or da ctar^h Hhkdr k. ; 

(expectorate) ghdra tdza k. (sell) bary* 

Hay, s. TVUi^ rtdlhhah, wudi •gh/dh ^ pa.^l kdlaL 

(-of pulses) kail, (coil of-) beda. 
Hazard, s. ihatra^ bdk^ muAimm, andekhhnd. 

(stroke) rfa;r, guzdr. (chance) gumdn. 
Haze, 8. dundf ghuhdr^ dUp^ lara, tydreh. 
He, pr. haghaht dd, dah, de, di. 
Head, s. aar^ kala, koiai. (-band) sar^pechak, 

sar-tanlnai. (-piece) patkaijunga-l. (-stall) 

tcr sarai. (-and tail) ^hlr^j^l. (crown 

of-) topal, tatar. 
Headlong, a. alu/tal; (alrvalai; naskor. 
Headstrong, a. zordwar^ aar^zor, sar^kakkli^ 

takavrai, khpuisar^ kodai. 
Heal, v.iL.jorarvul, ragharvul. T.n.joredal, 

Health, 8. rogh^rvdlai^ jof'TvdUd, ro^*tiyd, 

jor-tiyd, tandrustU 
Healthy, a. rogh^jof^ tandruzt. 

Heap, 8. top, kat, rOs^a, ra^. (alt of a-) 

sut'but, aluwal, yak'lai^ttL, 
Heap, v.a. tapal, toUmul, dera-i-, kat-, etc. k. 
Hear, v.a. dwredal; g^wag, bdzal^astal^ 

•nlttul, or -Jteridal-^cekhhodaL (attend) 

ngkttatal. (over-) gkwag MraL 
Hearer, s. dwredUnkai, sdnCi. 
Hearing, s. dwredana, ^nCa. 
Hearsay, s. dnredali J^abara, a/wdk. 
Heart, 8. zrck, diU (-string) mdndara. 

(•ache) zrek'Srvai, zfeh-nUl. (-burning) 

mdnrai, mirMi. 
Heartily, ad. pa drcdro stargo. 
Hearty, a. iakrak, tdzak, rogkjor ; zrek^war. 
Heat, 8. tod'fcdlai, todu^a, garmi. tdw. 
Heat, v.a. todawul. (warm) terem k. 
Heathen, s. butparast, kdfit. 
Heave, v.a. Mcjanul; d^awul, gkurzawul^ 

Heaven, s. dsmdn,/alak ; jatmat, bikilkkL 
Heaviness, s. drUnd^rvdlai, drandnai. 
Heavy^ a. drUnd. 
Hedge, 8. bdra, skpol, kera,jaL 
Hedgehog, s. iiis^kai, zigkaL 
Heed, s. parfcd,Jlkr,poka, pakm, ^abar. 
Heedful, a. Mabar-ddr, baiddr, kokkhySr. 
Heel, 8. pUnda or pdnda-U (-of a door) 

Heifer, s. sMn?andara, sMtvandarkota-U 

Height, 8. Uchat'fcdlai, kask^wdlai. 

Heighten, v.a. U^atawul; ziydtawuL 

Heinous^ a. bad-soMt, bad^baUL 

Heir, s. rvdriftt Ikaqq^ddr. (-less) Id^fcdri^. 

Hell, 8. dogkakkh or dozaMJakannum, sagar. 

Hellebore, s. katkl. 

Helm, 8. slngdfvaiir, ^apa* 

Helmet, s. Mol. 

Help, 8. madad, komak, pusktt, mrasta ; 

tsdra, *ildj. v.a. madad-, etc. k. or -war^ 

kartul\ tadra-t etc. laraL 
Helper, s. madad^gdr, komaM, ydr, moL 

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( 254 ) 


Ilelpless, a. Id'tsar, nd'tun:dn, ^djiz. (-from 

iTOunds) zmol, zam^zmoUd, kand^kapar. 
Helter-skelter, a* gad^wad^ Idnde^bdnde. 
Hem, 8. lamaUf jdnja-t ; trdta, ma^zai. 

(corner of a dress) pilskau 
Hem, v.a. gandal^ bezaU 
Hemp, 8. $ai}r. 
Hen, 8. (hirya. 
Hence, ad. la de na, dzaka ; la de (kdya. 

in. lire/ lireshaf 
Henceforth, ad. ttrdnde. 
Her, pr. hash<^» dd^ da, de^ di. 
Herald, s.^ar-^*, miinadi kapjilnkai. 
Herb, s. Ifitai. (pot-) sdy. 
Herbage, 8. ttdkhhah^ giydh. 
Herd, s. ra?nma, fol, tolai, tolgai, park, (-of 

cows) gdhar, gohdr. (-of buffaloes) goram. 
Herdsman, s. (-of oxen) gdh% ghobah, (-of 

buffaloes) gnjar, vicHhbaA. (-of ebeep, 

etc.) gadbah, shpUn. 
Here, ad. dalta, dale, hUta. 
Hereafter, ad. la de na ftriisto, biyd. 
Hereby, ad. pa de, lade na. 
Hereditary, a. m7rd(u. (-tenant) nilrd^ Mor. 
Herein, ad. pa de Hhke. 
Heresy, s. rdji^htob, darogh. 
Heretic, s. rdjlzx, J^arijl, daroghjaru 
Herewith, ad. de sara. 
Heritage, 8. mlrdfi or nurdt. 
Hermaphrodite, s. khhafhunak, Mun^d, hijrai. 
Hermit, s. gokkha nishln. 
Hernia, a. f^ahra, Mota bdd. 
Hero, 8. bahddur, maranai, turzan. 
Heroism, 8. maranhtob, tfirzan-tob. 
Heron, s. baglai. 
Hesitate, v.n. icrdnde-nruBto ked., Btdrapre' 

natal, shaJ:k*man'. rcisycdsl', andckklhtnan-f 

etc. hd. 
Heterodox, a. hLdrijl ; muf^dlif. 
Heterogeneous, a. gad*tcad, argajah; mu- 

hLdlxf, *aks, nd*muttdfiq. 

Hew, v.a. prekawul or prekral, ktUali Uau* 

rang k. 
Hiccough, 8. hatkai^ 
Hidden, K.put,pinham. 
Hide, v.n. puledal. v.a. putarsul. 
Hide, s. tjarman, pot, tsarm. • 
Hideous, a. bad, nd^kdrah, haulndk. 
Hie, v.n. drUmal, za-ar or zir-, garandcu-, 

etc. tlal^ldral. 
High, a. Hchat, /lask ; l^jar ; dang. 
Highlander, 8. rohilai, /cohistdJiai, daghreh 

sarai, ghartsanai. 
Highly, ad. der^ nihdyat, be*shdna. 
Highminded, a. kibr^Jan, bddl. 
Highness, 8. Hchat-n/dlai, AasA'tcdlm; bvar* 

tiyd ; dang^wdlai. (title) Ija^rat. 
Highway, 8. bddskd/u Idr, Barak. 
Highwayman, s, Idr nahUnkai, skuk^mdr, 

rdh'zan, g^oL 
Hilarity, 8. [Mddl, JJtUsh'hdti,Mio.ndd,mastl. 
Hill, 8. ghar, hoh. (low spur of-) puhkhfa, 

Hillock, 8. ghunda-i, dcra-i, taraka-l, pota-l. 
Hilt, 8. mUtaif Idstai, qab:;a. 
Hinder, v.a. atdlawul, kariydbawul, mart a k. 
HindermOst, a. nrustai, wrustanai, aM'^» 

pastanai, dMir'in. 
Hindrance, 8. afdl, karhjdb, dr, iarakat. 
Hinge, s. qab:ia, diUr. 
Hint, 8. iskdrat, kindyat. 
Hip, 8. tuta, dada. (-bone) IMna. 
Hire, s. ayr, ujrat, miljnat, mazd&rl, kreha. 
Hireling, 8. mazdUr. 
Hiss, v.a. (as snake, etc.) pa^ nahal. (as 

meat on the fire) Bahihd't 4l'^45rt ®tc. 

History, s. tandrf^, rindyat, ia^kira. 
Hit, v.a. nahul, lagatcul. v.n. jangedal, 

Hither, ad. dalta, rdklsta, de ^wd, depalaw. 
Hitherto, ad. tar osa, tar osapore. 

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( 255 ) 


Hive, B. /cor ^^iHna. (heei-) yablna, yarblnaL 

(wasps-) kkhor. (ants-) mcgaiiln. 
Hoar, a. sperah^ bra^, $pin. 
Hoard, v.a. tolarvul, pafal, ambdr-, jam^a-, 

etc. Jk. 
Hoard, B.jam*a, panya, soffa, anbdr, mdya. 
Hoarse, a. bofi, dad. 
Hobble, v.n. gudedal^ pa M^arpoUp tlaU^ 

/dral; taparedal. 
Hocus-pocus, 8. chal'Tvalfjdda, kod. 
Hodge-podge, a. gad'ttad, arang*barang 

Hodiernal, a. nananai. 
Hoe, s. koddla-x^ saspor, sakkksora, kasha-i. 

(small) rambai. 
Hog, 8. Harbtshoe, sarkUzai. (wild-) sodar, 

Hoist, v.a. I'liCjawul, Udkatarvul, porta k. 
Hold, v.a. nlwul. (take) &IJii$iaL (-fast) 

klak nlrvtd, tlngarvuL (contain) dzdyawuL 

(consider) ganruL (keep-) $dtal^ sambd- 

/drvtd, kkiindi k. T.n. (remain) osedal, 

pdtedaL (cling) fikkhatal. (contain) 

dzd-edaL (connect) lagedaL 
Holder, s. dMistUnai; sdtandoe, sdtunkai; 

dzdyu?ifiai, larUniai. (in comp.) -ddr, 

'g'ir, 'Mor. 
Hole, s. sura, sUraL (pit) doghal, tubkai or 

tubfai, kanda. (opening) khJja^ srvam or 

Holiday, s. aJ^tcu^, ^d. 
Hollo, in. o ! at ! yd ! yde ! v.a. ndra tvahul. 
Hollow, a. fa-ash or t-isk, ^a/i; dad, 

kdrvdk; Musiai. 
Hollow, 8. tahana,Jan:ara; kanda, kas. 
Holy, a. pdk ; nek, pdrsd. 
Holy Ghost, 8. rdhti l-quds, ruji^ullah. 
Homage, s. tdVvddrl, saldmu 
Home, 8. borjal, kor, dzde, a^togja, mlskta, 

tlkdo. (country) tvatan, tnulk, rtildyat, 

4zdc*(hdegax. (-made) koranai, i^dnagh 

Homeless, a. bc'kor, dar-ba-dar, l^^dwre-pa- 

Homely, a. Micimsor, sddah ; bcdr. 
Homogeneous, ti.bardbar,ya3v^dn,yan>jms. 
Hone, 8. be^dw, belho, bafjo, psdn. 
Honest, a. rikkhtlnai, nek, karah, sam^ 
Honesty, 8. rikkhtin^tob, nekl, rdsti. 
Honey, s. skdt or ska/tad. (-comb) gabtna. 
Honeycombed, a. zang wakalai, diinji 

Honour, s. nang, nam, ^izzat, maWi, abrU. 
Honourable, a. nang-ydlai, *izzat-ndk; nUm* 

war; maibawar. 
Hood, 8. topa-i, Ihola-l, kuldh. (woman's-) 

parUnai, oranai. (snake's-) diaja. 
Hoof, 8. sum. (cloven-) srta, kkhpngarai. 
Hook, 8. kunda. (flesh-) nukkakkk. 
Hoop, 8. ^ambar, d^ak. 
Hoot, v.a. ^ishawuL 
Hop, v.a. fsf^awul, tsMe k., ^ndak-, top-, 

etc. wakvl. 
Hope, 8. umed, dsra; Mai. v.a. umed-, etc. 

HopeAil, a. xcmed-rcdr. 
Hopeless, a. nd^umed. 
Horde, 8. ulas, tapa. 
Horizon, a. ufuq. 
Horizontal, a. prot, midst, sam. . 
Horn, 8. kkhkar, kkhdkL 
Homed, a. kkhkarartar, kkhdJA^ddr. 
Hornet, a. danbara, danddra, ^dlhUzcu 
Horrible, a. bad sa^t ; kagalai, gkdndah ; 

Mo/', haul-, tars-, etc. -^ndk. 
Horripilate, v.n. g^Una zJgedoL 
Horror, 8. wcra or yera, tor, tars. 
Horse, a. ds. (pack-) ydbu, fata, (ambling-) 
yargkak. (-dealer) dalldl. (-breaker) 
c!idbi(k saivdr. (-man) spor op stcor. 
(-shoe) nil. 
Horticulture, s. bdghndnl, gul karana. 
Hose, 8. jordba, tncza. (leather) rndsoA. 

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( 256 ) 


Hospitable, a* melmah-dost, dodl'tndr. 

Iloflpital, 8. bJmdr^Hdna; langar^tL^na. 

Hospitality, 8. melmastiyd. 

Host, 8. korbah, nielmah'dost ; tnerali, tsakkh- 
tan; laJckhkar^ panr^Uuilq 

Hostage, s. yargham&U 

Hostess, 8. korbana^ merman. 

Hostile, a. dukkliman, muk^dVif. 

Hostility, s. dukkhmanl, badl, 'addrvat. 

Hot, a. tod, gaxm. 

Hound, 8. tdzl" or kkhkdrl spot. v.a. spl 

Hoar, 8. saat, garai. 

Hourly, ad. har saat, 8d*atpa sd*at. 

House, 8. kor, ktdna. (storied-) mdiira-l, 
angar. (premises) /ian:e/a-f,f;iyana.(-holder) 
korbah, dawiarh (-wife) korbana, merman. 
(-keeping) kormdna. (-hold) tabar, kor, 
Mdnddn, M^^'O-mdn, kada. (-tax) lUgh 
tdwdn. (-ruins) kandar. (-rent) krelia, 
tdn^dn. (-breaker) ghal, gUt mdtanUnkai, 
kandar karcUnkaL (court of a-) glolai. 
(side of a-) chana. 

Hovel, B.jUngara, kadala, manah. 

Hover, v.n. tsrapedal, rapedal; girzedaL 

How, ad. (^anga ? tsa ranga ? pa tja shdn f 

However, ad. n-alekin, Kale, mangar. 

Howl, y.a. ghapal, angold ^•, ndra tcahal. 

Hubbub, 8. ZTvag^zwHg, (Jiagh'^ugh, ndre* 
sure, kdra^kura, dagh-dagha. 

Hue, 8. rang, laun. (-and cry) kukd. 

Hug, v.a. gAdra^gkara-l k. 

Huge, a. loe, gkat, star; ndpar, Mfls. 

Hum, v.n. bonredal. v.a. zwag k. 

Hum, 8. boMa. (conversation) gangosai, 
skdlwak or kkhkdhcak. 

Human, a. bashari, insdnl, ndsUt. (-being) 
8. ftagarai, gatvai ; bashar, insdn. 

Humane, a. nek^Moe, muldrim, rahm*dU. 

Humanity, 8. sarhtob, ddmiyat, insdniy€it; 
nek-HaflatJ, mom^diH. 

Humble, a. *djiz, nd^tslz, gharib, kamln* 
Humbly, ad. *djxz% sara. 
Humbug, 8. allam'^altam, ^^ard. 
Humid, a. land; nam*ndk, zyam-ndk, nan* 

Humidity, s. lUnd'Kdlai ; zyam, nam, naw. 
Humiliation, 8. 'djizl, gkaribl, nd'tslzl; 

spuhtiyd, maJdi4or%. 
Humility, s. *djizi, gharibl, nd*Uiizi, kamln* 

Humorous, a. toqi, rca^tl, M^andd'bdz. 
Humour, s. ^n?d, ^oe, mizdj. (matter) 

zina, zahub, ^Irai, rim. (fun) wa^ta, 

toga, (moisture) zyam, nam, naw. 
Humour, v.a. ndzamul, ndz wral, f^d/ir k. 
Hump, s. kab or kmab. (-backed) kubai, 

Hundred, s. sal or sil. (more than one-) 

saw. (one hundred) sil. (two, three, four, 

etc. hundred) dwah-, dre-, tsalor-, etc, 

Hunger, s. Ircaga, Imdl-tob. 
Hungry, a. wagai, litcdl, naghldnd. 
Hunt, v.a. khhkdr k. (search) latawul, shanaL 
Hurl, v.a. ghurzawul, wlshtal, ddhawul. 
Hurrah, in. shdbds^f dparln/ 
Hurricane, s. slla-i, tpfdn. 
Hurry, v.a. talwdr-, talwal^fjaltt-, garandai-, 

etc. k. 
\\MTi,z.Miilg,zaJJim,parhdr; tdn:dn, nuqs^dn. 

ziydn. a. zaMml, parhdrjalai, jobal. 

v.a. M^gawul, jobalawul, zalurawul , id- 

7cdn; nuq,^dn', etc. k. 
Hurtful, a. tdwdni, ziydn*kdr, nuq^dnl; 

muzirr, nrdn^kdr, stufi. 
Husband, 8. mcrah, tsakkhtan. ^dwand. 
llushsLn(iman,s.zamlnddr,kikk!it'gar. (hired-) 

diarekdr, dihqdn. 
Husbandry, 8. Aor, kikkht^garl, zamlnddri. 

(thrift) kormdna, ^dna^ddrli sdtana, 


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( 257 ) 


Hoth, 10. iJitp f diup/ 

Hutk. 8. bar, pot. bat ; tHrlt bUttM. 

Hut, B^junpara^ kuHata, tsapar, manah. 

Hyacinth, <• naryis, kanyas. (colour) $a*xsan. 

H jena, «. kogi. sar'tUai, /:q/idr. 

Hjrpochondriadis, 8. khapqdn, sauddri. 

njpocrisy, 8. tnakr, nya. 

Hypocrite, 8. mairai, makr^jan^ riydkdr. 

Hypotbe8i8, a* tfiyds, rde, anddza. pumdn. 

Hyeterica, z.parvjdn, da panydno yAota, 


I, pr. ra/*, Mpul\ md. 
Ice, 8. kanyal. yal^t^ 
Idea, 8. hhiydU rde^Jihr.poka. and. 
Identical, a. be^dUf hubahu, /fat-mat, pa fikl. 
Identity, 8. fiHrat^shdn; pejandyati; yo^mdlai. 
Idiom, 8, isfildh, Ufjtldhi khabara^ rhalana. 
Idiomatic, a* hfildhl, ^alanl, riitdjl. 
Idiot, B.yedi, l*am**aql, nd^ddn^ v.dpok. 
Idle, a. Tvu^ydr, hltdti, be^kdr. ilazy) nd* 

rdsi, sus/f lat. (uselesa) ^abas^, be'/d-ida. 

(trifling) be^hndah, fvuch'put^^ nd-kdrah. 
Idleness, s. nd-rdsVi, susil, /af-Jvdtai. 
Idol, 8, butf (sera. 
/dolater, a. butparast, mushrik. 
Idolatry, a. but parastt. ^xrk. 
Idolize, v,a. parastl k. (admire) v.n. yro- 

If, c. Ai, ayar. (as-) laka ^i, ykHnde, yan^a, 

Ignite, v.n, baledaU srvaf. v.a. balatvuf, 

se^al, or pore L, swa^arvuL 
Ignoble, a. Idnde'^dt, kam^axl, bada^l^ spui^ 

pdsUt bad'^dt. 
Ignominious, a. rusfvd, bad^nUm, ndJcdrah, 

Ignominy, a. bad-namilsf, sharmindaylf ruih 

fvd'\, mahh-tarl. 

Ignorance, s. nd-ddni, be*l£abari.nd'poki,jdf 
Ignorant, a. nd'ddn, nd'poh,jdkit; be^Mabar. 
Ignorantly, ad. nd^ddnista, be^ihabara^ 
III, a. bad, nd'Adrah, nd»9dz, nd-kkhanai^ 

^ardb. (sick) nd^royhf ndjor^ ran^Hr, 

Illegal, a. nd^raKd. Jjardm. 
Illegitimate, a. b^^rdmi^ bardmUnai, bardm 

Illiberal, a. f^flm, ^Hm^shaalidl. baHiL 
Illiterate, a. nddwustai.jdhii, dnd. 
Ill-natured, a. fnid^khoe. bakhll, sUf^bdi. 
Illness, a. ndjontiyd. nd^rcffj^^tiyd, dzdtp 

Ill-timed, a. be^waJd^t^ bc'tdny. 
Illumination, a. rokkhnd-if raord-l ; c&trdj^* 

Illuminate, y.a. rokkhdn-. ranrd-, etc. i.» 

^irdyh'ddn k. 
Illusion, 8. Mdm Wydl, ^aJati^/areb. 
Illustrate, v.a. kkhayal^kkhowul^ Uaryandor 

wui, kkhkdrak k., baydnatvul, tamfil k. 
Illuatration, a. baydn, kkhotvUnaf nd^dL 
Illustrious, a. 7xilm*nar. vdtnddr, ndmH. 
Im-, negative prefix, (in comp.) &^-,nd-,^afli-« 
Image, 8. but, tsjera; ^Urat, ,fkakL 
Imaginary, a. M^ydli. tva/iml, yumdnt. 
Imagination, a. Ichiydl, qiyd$,fkr,yumdn, rde. 
Imagine, v.a. qiyd^fJUtr-, etc. k. 
Imbecile, a. kam*aql, nd'tun:dn^ palrsand. 
Imbibe, v.a. tskkh al or skal, ^bekkhal^ 

raftdal; fcudawuL 
Imbue, v.a. ra/t^anrt^/; H^arobk.; dakawuL 
Imitate, Y.%.pairawi ^•, naql k., mdny k. 
Imitator, s.pairaw ; ndqil; tivdnycd. 
Immaculate, a. be-yund/t, be^^aib, pdk fdf, 

8p}n»spetjat€d, no^ 
Immaterial, a. beovuj^d, pubud; ^u^ai, 

Immature, a. Urn, Mdm, ka^ah, umy^alan^ 

nlma'M/vd, nlmyafoi. 

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( 258 )' 


Immediately, ad. os, pa de sa!at^ sam da 
' Idsa^pa tiklf dam dor ftdL 
Immemoriali a. la ydd na bdhatpda ydda ter. 
Immense, a. be^iadd^ be^ni/idyai, be^^idn; 
• loe, nhatt star, basjipar, ndpar. ' 
Immensely, ad. be^giydsa, be's/idna^ bc'/fad^a, 

Immerse, v.a. dubawul, /^/iarqa^vitl, y^ifpa-, 

yhota-, etc, KarlcarcuL 
Imminent, a. nijdai, rdtluiiai^ pretcatUnai. 
Immoderale,a.4^'^?5di, be^kadi^ beanddzah; 

Immodest, a. be'sharm^ bc'liayd^ be-makh* 
Immodesty, a. be-sharmi^ be^bayd'tob, be* 

Immolate* v.a. gurbdn-, sadqa-, zdr; etc. A. 

(-oneselO v.n. qurbdn-, etc. lied. 
Immoral, a. bad'/cdr, bad*/drddr, bardm'kdr. 
Immortal, a. be'tnary^jditiddtu 
Immortality, s. bagd,jdwiddnu 
Immortalize, Y,^.jdnuddn A., pdlai k. v.n. 

pdedaltjdmddn kcd.^ pdtai ked. 
Immovable, a. ma;^btlff qd-im, pdedilJiai. 
Immunity, s. ^aldft^ dzddi, najdU 
Immutable, a. be*tabdd. 
Impair, v.a. kamauul^ spukartul^ wrdnarcxil. 
lm]pfiri,T. a. pokaiculf^abararcul; narkartul. 
Impartial, a. rdsC-kdr, 'ddil, rikkhtinai, Siddlq^ 

niydw kawdnkcu, be^mrasta. 
Impassable, a. beddr, be-yddar, bafid. 
Impatient, a. be*^abr, be^zyham ; jalt, tund, 

Impeach, v.a. d^awa k., tuhmat po^c k. 
Impede, v.a. kafdlawut, kariydbajvul, nkkhla* 

wult mafia k. 
Impediment, s. hatdl^ kariydb^ dr, nhkhafaL 
Impel, v.a. zoral^ tezaU zgkahvcul^ ijiolaycuU 
Impend, v.n, ^ttarandedat^ nijdai rasedal. 
Impending, a. n(/(t/at ; ^warand. 
Impenitent, a. nd'toba*ydr, nd-pakhhemdn. 
ImperativCf a« liukmt,/ar;;l ; ofnr. 

Imperceptible, B.piitp nd^maidm. 
Imperfect, a. nimyarai, tlm, nlma^^fcd. 
Imperial, a. bddshdhl. (hair on cbin) char* 

Imperious, a. kibrjan, ^dntamd, JJjpulsar. 
Imperishable, a. pdeddr, qd-im, Id^zawdl, 

pdtedUnai^ be^mary. 
Impertinent, a. be^dzdCf be^adab^ ivHakoi. 
Impervious, a. klak^ finyi be-ldr, band. 
Impetuous, a. (?ind, tez, yarandai,jaU. 
Impetus, s. zor, quwat. 
Impious, a. be-dln, kdfir. 
Implacable, a. be'rahm,saMt'dil,kdnrai'Zrakt 

nd'plrzo dapa^uld, bad'dukkhman. 
Implant, v.a. MoMkarvul, njatal. 
Implement, s. kdlai, hatlydr^ sdz, 
hnp\\catc,v. a.nkij!ilan:ul,yadarcul;mafyarai', 

skarlk-, etc. k. 
Implicit, a. kdmil, purah, tamdm. 
Implore, v.a. mmnal% d\id', etc. k. 
Imply, v.a. vxand-^dallU-i etc. laxal^ nakkhor. 

iskdrat', etc. k. 
Import, 8. m'and ; dapradl mulk mdl. 
Import, v.a. dapradl mulk mdl MtpulwataH 

ta rdwral. 
Important, a. drdnd, yrdn. :;arilr. 
Importune, v.a. taqdzd k., layiyd yhokhhtaL 
Impose, v.a. dchawul, layawul, keydal. (upon) 

yhulaimul^ tagal^fareb-, etc. warkarcul. 
Impost, 8. tdn'dn, saw, bdj; mah^Ul, nd^a. 
Impostor, 8. taq^ ^albdz, bdna'kkor^farcblt 

daryhalf sddd^ hlla-bdz. 
Imposture, s. iayf, yhulaUfartb. droh. 
Impotent, a. nd-turcdn^ *d}iz; nd^mard. 
Impoverish, v.a. kkwdr*, yharilh^ etc. k. 
Impracticable, a. na^kedana, na'sknUnkai. 
Imprecate, v.n. kkJicra-, tialat-, bad^d'ud-^ 

etc. k. 
Impregnate, v.a. dakanml; hlArba k. 
Impress, v.a. tdpa-, ddpa^^ etc. A., or-ftakuli 

JcJdikc'Mandal. (-on tl e mind) tdkld k. 

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( 259 ) 


ImpressioDf 8. tdpa, chdpa ; nakkha. ddg^ ; 

gumdn^ IJtiydl^Jikr. 
Imprint, you tdpa-^ (^dpa-, etc. k. ; dd^awuL 
Imprison, v.a. qcud-, iand-, etc. A. 
Improbable, a. la *ayla tire or -bdhir. 
Improper, a. nd^mundsib, nd'Hhanai, nd'Sdz, 

nd'tarcd, nA-kdr^ kdnak. 
Improve, 7.ii.jorawul, rajhajcul. y.n.jor- 

edal, ra^cdaL 
Improvement, 8. kkhepara.joMiyd* 
Improvident, a. bc'tadOlr, kotdh'ande^. 
Iropradent, a. bc-Mabar, be-fkr. 
Impudent, a. be-adab, ffustdlli ; bC'Ijayd. 
Impulse, 8. zor^ gufvat, bc^rakat^ 
Impulsive, a. tundy tez^ yarandai, talaalai* 
Impure, a. nd'pd/:,patit, murddr. 
Impute, T.a. lagaKul,pore k. 
In, p. danana, kkhke^pa kkhke. 
In-, negative prefix, (in comp.) be-^ Id-, nd-. 
Inability, 8. nd'turcdnlf Id'isdrl, *a;izu 
Inaccessible, a. nd'jnandanai. 
Inaccurate, a. glalatj nd'dfinisL ' 
Inactive, a. sust^ lat, sh<^dal; bohlr ; proU 
Inadequate, a. ham^ la-asn; nd-qdbiL 
Inadmissible, a. nd-qabul, band, rnmiah. 
Inadvertent, a. be-Mtabar^ bejikr. 
Inanimate, a. be-rkdn. be^sdi, mur. 
Inapplicable, a. nd'tnundsibf nd'&dz. 
Inattentive, a. be^parrcd. be^Mfabar. 
Inaugurate, v.a. kkhkenan>uL foudrarvuL 
Inauspicious, a. bad*baMt, shUni'baMiU ctsl. 
Incalculable, a. be-shumdr, be^ltisab, be-karh. 
Incantation, s. jddu. koda^ sHir, dam, Auda, 
' pdr, maniar, dud. t'arvis* • 
Incapable, a. nd'qdbil. nd-iu^dn. be^fvas. 
Incautious, a. be^tadbir, nd-Habar^ddr. 
Incendiary, 8. shu^a-l mdr, or layaicUii/iaif 

or pore katcHidtai. 
IncensCi a. W. (-dish) rnajuiir. 
Incense, v.a. l^apah /*., kara/vuL 
Incentive, s. sabab, bd'h ; lanisUn. 

Incessant, a. taffiyd, muddm. kame^. 
Incessantly, ad. har $idlat^ sA^atpa sdfaL ' 
Incest, 8. mor-f Mor-, itlr-, ete« ^^odL * 
Incident, s. wdq^a, b&dl^a, ^al, Kdridd. 
Incidentally*, ad. nd*gum&na. nd'^ahdna. 
Incision, 8. Mra, zakhm, parhdr. 
Incite, y.a. lamsawtd; pdrawtd; a^ayal. ' 
Inclination, s. ///;rd, mlTUi, zrek. shauq. 
Incline, v.a. kk^d ta k., mayan k., zreh 

layarcul; tltawuL v.n. Mn^d ia ked., etc 
Include, v.a. shdmil-, yo^d^zde-, dd^il-, etc 

k.; (kdyawul. 
Incog, mi. pa puta. 

Incoherent, a. bejor, be^kudak, be^Mud. 
Income, s. dmad, hd^L 
Incommode, y.a. taktif warkawuL 
Incomparable, a. be^siydl, Id-fidnl, bC'Wi^dL 
Incompatible, a. mu^dJif. 
Incompetent, a. nd-qdbit, nd^tufedn. 
Incomplete, a. nlmyarai, nd'iamdm. 
Incomprehensible, ) be^qiydSp shandak^ la 
Inconceivable, a. j *aqla lire or -bdldr. 
Inconclusive, a. be-Ubatf be-daltil; nd-zbdd, 

Incongruous, a. bejor, nd-sdz, bc-iikdnak^ 

be^kuJahf bar^J^ilaf, nd-mmvajiq. 
Inconsiderate, a. be'likdZfbe'pantd, be-^aur, 

bei/lkr, bc-tadblr, ghafil. 
Inconsistent, a. bejor, etc. (r. Incongruous.) 
Inconsolable, a. yham^jan, nUl-jan, be-tasallL 
Inconstant, a. nd^pdeddr, nd^qaldr. be'Tcafd. 
Incontestible, a. ^dbit, zbdd, Id'dzoKdb, 

Incontinent, a. be-parhez, bad'lanian, bad* 

Incontrovertible, a. zbdd, etc. (p. Incon* 

Inconvenience, s. be'drdml, rabar, takltf, 

Inconvenient, a. be'dzde^ nd'kdrak, nd* 


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( 260 ) 


Incorporate, v.a. yaf/anuf, yo*4<^e k,, laraL 
Incorrect, a. nd^durtisf, shalal. darogh^jan. 
Incorrigible, tu lad^aMitf heU da f^k/iaL 

Incorruptible, a. be^/and, paeddr. 

v.n. z'lydtedalf fcaddnedal, deredaL 
Increase, &• ziydt'ttdlai, tcaddnl, der^ndlau 
Incredible, a. ic-iUibdr, shandah. 
Incrust, T.a. lervarcul^ 

Incubate, v.n, kiqaka Wtkendsiali patJtedaL 
Inculcate, v.a. polanuU, pa/tmarcul, tdkid k,, 

Incumbent, K.farz^ ICizm^ trdjlb, i^arUr. 
Incur, v.n. plrzih, Id-iq-, etc. ied. v.a. 

rdwral^ lagarcul^ d^arcul^ dkbistal. 
Incurable, a. Id'Hldj^ ld-da?id, ld*tjar. 
Incursion, a. rhapdv, ddru'dopa, Aapa'dapa, 

tdiit'tdrdj, halla. 
Indebted, a. qar^'ddr, parareurci 
Indecent, a. pilch , chunhai; be-ltoyd^ be* 

navy ; nd'ld-iq^ nd-mimaslb • bc*adab, be* 

Indeed, in. riWdhjd I lhudde*g.o! dydl 

he ! nd. hado^ yara. ^o. 
Indefatigable, a. milman, sd'l, A'cMiki^hh 
Indefinite, a. be'tikdnah^ be^kadk. 
Indemnity, a. badal^ td?vdn, nd^a. (-for 

blood) diyat. (-for abduction) srcara. 
Indenture, s. iqrdr-ndma^ ^ahd^ndma. 
Independent, a. Hfpul-sar, da hhpul ndk 

Htdfcand; ydoJn. sar^kahkh. 
Indescribable, a. Id^baydn. 
Index, 8. nakkha. nikkhdn ; datil. (-of a 

hooV) Jihmt. (-finger) kkhonxlnal ; iww- 

ndka yutta. 
India, 8. hind^ kindiis'dn. (language of-) 

hindko. (MussalmSn native of-} hindkai. 

(Pagan native of-) hindf^. 
Indian-corn, n.jdfvdr, f/hatjntcdr, makaA. 
Indicate, v.a. kkhayal^kkhowuL 

Indication, 8. kkhovsUna ; nakkha ; datil. 
Indiflerent, a. be-parwd^ be-kkabar; ^ti^ot. 
Indifferently, ad. kase^ be^pamd-isara. 
Indigent, a. Mrcdr, l4dfai'man,muh(d;, mu/lis. 
Indigestion, 8. bad^ka^ml, agher^ ater. 
Indignant, a. l^apah^ qahr^jan^ qaJtr^ndk. 
Indignity, 8. spuk-tiyd, mak^t-ton, ^rmin-- 

Indigo, 8. (-plant) tcasma. (-dye) nlL 

(•maker) nxl*gar. 
Indirect, a. kog^ tratskan, yirzedalcA. 
Indirectly, ad. pa trats ; pa dial sara ; pa 

tva^lle sara. 
Indiscreet, a. be*tadblr, be-sha^dr^ kam^^aqU 
Indiscriminate, a. yad'tvad, alurcal. 
Indispensable, a. :^arilr^ Idzhn, 7t'djib ; Jar^. 
Indisposed, a. nd'kfircakkk. fid-rdz ; nd-ro^, 

Indisputable, a. Id-radd, qafaA^ yaqinh 
Indistinct, a. dund; put; nd'fd/. 
Individual, a. b}yaf,juddp mu/rid, yajvdd^ai. 

8. tarif kas, sarai, fvagarcd^ gatvai. 
Individuality, s. ndtka-x^ yatvddzai'tcdlaifyo* 

TVdlai, biyahftdlai. [judd. 

Individually, a. biyal'b!yal, yaw-yaw^ judd* 
Indolent, a. smt^ lat^ 7td-rdst, ^kalat. 
Indubitable, a. be^^akk, be'shubka, be* 

Induce, v.a. lamsarcul^ targhlb tcarkanul. 

(bring on) rdrcral. paidd A., ^ejawul^ 

porta k. ; ^amaU^ pdzah; etc. i. 
Indulge, v.a. ndzarvul^ k/'d/Jr k. ; pdlal^ 

9imdn^al; bakkkal, mikrbdngl k. 
Indulgent, a. mikrbdn^ ^tdftr-dur, ndz 

wrdnkaU narw^ bakkkHnkai. 
Indurate, v.n. Afakedal, tXngedal. 
Indu8lricu8, a. mihLnatl^ Aoknhikshl. 
Industry, 8. mifina(pioski§h^ mti^aqqat. 
Inebriate, v.a. naska ttarkawul, be-^dd'^ 

be-kokkh', etc. k. ; mast k. 
Ineffable, a. ld*baydn^ bc'baydn. 

Digitized by 



( 281 ) 


IneflScacioTis, a. be^pdzak^ nd'kdrah, ^aban, 

be^td^iTf be-oir, ^usiai, spuL 
Inequality, a. Ircar^Janfar-tiyAt zls^'fvdlM, ltd* 

Inert, a. be-haraftat \ be-pdzah ; $uBt, laU 
Inestimable, a. be^bahd. be-qlmat ; grdiu 
Inevitable, a. muqarrar, qa/'a-l. 
Inexcusable, a. be*'usr, be'kujfat, Id'^atvdb. 

be-and^ be'fti^db. 
Inexorable, a. saMt, nd-tars, kdtjrai'Zrah. 
Inexpedient, a. be*dzde, nd'tnundsih, nd* 

tMdnai, nd*$dz. 
Inexperienced, a. nd^tvdfjt/f nd^dmol^tah, nd* 

Wa^ nd'd.^nd. nd'balad. 
Inexpert, a. kam*ttstdZf be»kunar, kat^ak. 
Inexplicable, a. Id-baydn^ nd-nCaldm. 
Inrallible, a, nd'^afd^ qddir^ nd'^alat. 
Infamous, a. bad, bad^namUs^ tnaH'tor. 
Infamy, s. bad-namU^^ maM-torl, rusrcd-l. 
I nfancy, s. mdshUm'^OTnCa^Um'fcdlai^ ba^ai-, 

tandaU, etc. -tab. 
Infant, s. mdskam, tandai, baclai^ hachoiai^ 

fcarkotai, kamiotai^ wrukai, jHt-hrarcai. 
Infantry, s.piyddah, mld'tar; paltan. 
Infatuated, a. letvanai^/areffah, dti^hau 
Infatuation, 8. lercaniobj^arefiagl^ JJttishhtob. 
Infect, y.a« banparvul, bonrajvul^ (fazak k., 

fcahalf lagawul. 
Infer, v.n. pohedal. v.a. ffanraL 
Inference, 8. M'uldsa, hd^il, nattja. 
Inferior, a. kam-pdyah^ kam^a^l^ kamtar^ 

spuk, adnd ; fdndai, kdz^ lar^ khhkatanai. 
Infernal, a. dof/kakkhl.jahannaml. 
Infidel, 8. kdjir^ be^din, bc'lmdn, bc'tsldm. 
Infidelity, 8. ku/r^ be-dlnl^ be-lmdni. 
Infinite, a. be'tiihdyat, be^b^^dd, be^and, be* 

skdn, be»pdydn, be^kacb^ be^^umdr. 
Infirm, a. tap^ nd'tutvdn, kamzor, :^cl\f. 
Inflame, T.a. balawul^ mad^arcuL T.n. 

baUdal, sedzatf sn^al. 

Inflammation, a. SHrai. 

Inflate, v.a* pUkal, parsatcuL v.n. panedal. 

Inflect, T.a. fifaKul, kaguKul, ara^ul, ^z* 

Inflexible, a* klak^ sakit(,z7g, krosand; l^pul* 

$ar, BcuT'kakkh. takaiirai, kodci. . 

Karka/cul, kawut, kroL 
Influence, e.pdzak, *amalf <isr, td^lr.. 
Influenza, 8. ddmal. nazla, zukdm^ sdrek^ 

yakinh (to have-) isarch-f yaM^h, ttc 

Inform, v.a. fr^barawul, dydh k. ; pohoicul^ 

Information, 8. kf»abar.\ dydkU 
Informer, 8. mu^bir, tsdrai* 
Infringe, v.a. mdtawuL 
Infuse, v.a. dcliamul, gada/vul; lamdapvul; 

damarcul, dam warkcucuL . . 
Ingenious, a. bikmaCi^ hunar»man^ pohdnd. 
Ingenuous, a. rikkhtnnai. nek, karak, sddakp 

spin^ rdstf sum, pdk*fdf» 
Inglorious, a. spuk, halak^ bc-ndm, be^nany. 
Ingraft, v.a. pervand-, qalam^p etc. layawul; 

kkJike^mandaU khakjihafvul, lagaKuL 
Ingrate, a. namak^bardift, nd^shukr^guzdr. 
Ingratiate, v.a. lair d^istal or -munddL 
Ingredient, B.juz, skai ; gada. 
Ingress, s. nanarcdtak^ dakj^L (-and egress) 

fcdtah'fianandtak^ rd^hcJi^dars^ak. 
Inhabit, v.a. astoga-^ miskta-, etc. k. vji. 

osedalf dstedaL (colonize) v.a. dbddawuL 
Inhabitant, s. osed&nkai, astogdnkai. 
Inhale, t.a. «d/i-, dain-, etc. pa^poria dj^is-^ 

tal or -rdkdfiat-^rdkkfikaL 
Inherent, a. zdCl^ ai^tl,jibilli. 
Inherit, v.a. mirdfi- or mirdt d^istal or 

•mdndal. v.n. mWU-Mor ked. 
Inheritance, s. rnird^ or mlrdt. • 
Inheritor, s. mlrdt i^or, ttdrig. 
Inhospitable, a. bak&U^ shdm, be^mak^ 

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( 262 ) 


Inhuman, a. nd'insdn, nd'tars, bc'dard. 
Inimical, a. muMidlif^ bad-niyat, duhkhman^ 

iiftd bad. 
Inimitable, a. bc'im^tr, be-m^dL 
IniquitQts, a. bad^ nd'haqq, be-inmf. 
Iniquity, a.badi, be^in^afi, nd-ltagql, ^ulm, 

gundk, jHtsdt, ttabdl, baza. 
Initial, a. TcrHnbanai, arcrcalanau 
Initiate,. v.a.^ari ^., ^alarvul, ratcdnawul; 

dmoWitah ht lagaftulf livalaivul; bdoti 
. fcarkoKuL 

Injection, a. naniyasieh : buqna. 
Injudicious, a. be'tadblr, be^shuUr, nd-ld-iq, 

nd'kManai, nd^Hhdyistah. 
Injunction, s. b^lan^ amr, kariya^ tdkld. 

(prohibition) qadaghan. 
Injure, v,a. tdtcdn-, ziydn-, etc, rasaivul; 

dzdrarcul^^U^arcul; fvrdnan'ul,haOa':a'tk. 
Injurious, a. mosh muzirr ; ziydn^kdr^ nuj* 

$dnl, tdtvdni ; ranch rasan:tlnkai,sc^ki. 
Injuryi s. nuqiidnf ziydn, tdrcdn, izd, ^arar. 
Injustice, s. be'imd/l, nd'baqqi^ ^ulm. 
Ink, 8. siydfiu (red-) ^anyrlp. (-stand) 

Inlaid, 9L.Jardo. 
Inmate, s. osedHnkai^ astoffUnkai ; kamsdyahf 

Inn, s. sraCf rabdt. 
Innate, a. zdtl^ astl^jibiUl. 
Innocent, s. rndshUm or nCanUm, bc^yundh^ 

pdii fidff splii^ nek, be^qu^ur, be^taqfir. 
Innovation, s. nafcai dasttlr, -chalan, etc. 
Innumerable, a. be'^umdr, be-ltisdb. 
Inoculate, y.a. rap waftaL 
Inoffensive, a. be^gundh, be^quvlr; ghaflb. 
Inordinate, a, bc'anddzah, be^kach, be^badd. 
Inquietude, s. nd^qaldr^tiyd, be:drdm-tiyd. 
Inquire, v.a. puhMitcdal, puhkhtana-^ tapos^ 

or tapahm-, Mfvdl-, etc. k. (-into) lafamd, 


Inquirer, s. tdlib. puH/ftana^f pursdn-, ialab-p 

etc. kawUnkai. 
Inquiry, s. tapos, pursdn, tdldsk, tabqiqdt. . 
Inroad, s. dtisa. ddra^dopa^ chapdo. holla. 
Insane, a. lewanai, satidd-l, kLushai. . 
Insanity, s. lewantob, saudd. 
Insatiable, a. Inrs'tidk, nkdrai, bad^liwdl. 
Inscribe, v.a. likal, kd^al—kHkal. 
Inscription, s. Ilk ; sar'tidma. 
Insect, s. ^injai, Uiazanda. 
Insensible, a. be-hokkh. be4hud, be^lhabar, 

be'Jjiss; bc^parnd, bc^dard. 
Insert, v.a. nanabdsal^nanayUtal, Hhke*bd* 

sal^^lkltke-yislalf mandal, HJtke'fnandal ; 

g,ayayal\ k/iakkhartul^ njaial. (write) 

kflgal^kkJikal, likal. 
Inside, s. danana ; bdfin ; larmdn. 
Insidious, a. dar(/hal, drohai. tag'bdz^farebl, 

Insight, s. tvuquf, sknuMl, pejdndak, pok, 

tidah, kdtak, nCarifat. 
Insignia, s. nakkhe. 'aldme, nikkhdndna. 
Insignificant, a. tid'l^z, spuk, ^ushai. 
Insincere, a. nd^rdst, makar, bc'lmdn, be* 

7vq/df nd'J^dli^, dn'ah*ra^iyai. 
Insinuate, v.a. nana* or kkkkc'bdsal^yastal ; 

i^drat k., gumdn rdwral. 
Insipid, a. be-Idfrcandf bahmnyah or balmaym% 
Insist, v.a. zoral. tdkld k. ; jah k. 
Insolent, a. be^adab, yustd^, sarkakhh. 
Insolvent, a. nd'ddr, dltcdH. 
Inspect, v.a. katal, lidal, goral, tarndska-, 

na?iddra-, mufdha^a-p etc. k. 
Inspection, s. katana, tldak, tanid^a, etc* 
Inspector, s. nd^^ir, ddroykah, katdnkai. 
Inspiration, s. ilkdm, ladun, 7cal^fi; $dh,dam, 

rdkkhkalai $dk or -dam. 
Inspire, v.a. il/<dm k. ; $dh dUistal or 

Instal, v.a. kkhkenanul. midraKutf muqarrar 

k., fcaldfawul. 

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( 263 ) 


Instalment, 8. ght^ Hgrllrl^ 

Instance, s. fvdqfa; nakkha ; mi^aJ. (for-) 

pa mhdl. 
Instant, s. takza, dam^ drang. a. ftd^ir; hdL 
Instantly, ad. pa ta/d, os, pa de zaat^ $am 

da Idsa^ dam dar lidi. 
Instead, ad. pa dzde, pa badal, pa *ma:!f. 
Instigate, v.a. lamsa/vut, lamsUn A. 
Instigation, s. lamsUn, tarr^ib. 
Instigator, 8. lamsunai. 
Instinct, s. s^u*i2r^ *aql, hokkh^ sud. 
Institute, v.a. rvudrarvul, miiqarrar /:., taral, 

jdri /i., waldrarttU. 
Instruct, v.a. hca/arvul, hhhayal'-^hhhoTVulf 

tarhiyat', tMorvuna-, etc. /i. ; pohawuL 
Insfruclion, s. kkhorvuna. sabat/, t^ati/n, etc. 
Instructor, 8. afdjun^ usfdz, muaUim. 
Instrument, 8. kdlaif hatiydr^ dial, (agent) 

n;, tvdsifa. (cause) 6d*i^, *itlat, sabab. 

(deod) sanad, gibdla» 
Instrumental, a. komaki^ madad^gdr. 
InsufRcient, a. kam^ la-ag; iid/)i% nd-qdbiL 
Insult, v.a. spu/: rcayal, kanzalot hkhhandzaL 

be*izzat'f be-makb-^ etc. k. 
Insuperable, a. viushkil, grdn^ na-shrvUnai. 
Insurgent, 6. bal/t d*gar, ydy^hgar, pasdtU 
Insurrection, 8. ba/icd, pasdt^ patna. 
Integral, 9L.purah^ amdni, ^dhat. 
Integrity, s. rililJttin'iob. nekokdfl^ rdstl. 
Integument, 8. fjannun, poMakai, pof ; pat^ 

Intellect, 8. *aql^ hokkh, polia, pahm. 
Intelligence, 8. Uiahar; pok, liokkhydr^thjd. 
Intelligent, a. pohdnd, pahm-ndk^ ^aqhman^ 

kokkjiydr, l^abar^ddr. 
Intemperance, s.bud/jarkezi, bad-pdti; bad* 

ma^stl, bad^^amali. 
Intemperate, a. bad-parhez^gdr^ sl/ordbi, 

nasha^Uior, bad^'amal, bad^kdr. 
Intend, v.a. niyat-, gasd-, irdda-^ etc. A. 
Intense, a der, m/tuyaf^ salit, bad. 

Intensity, 8. dcr-ndlai^ xdt, ziydd. etc. 
Intent, a. lagiyd, mashgkiiL a. tnaijab, niyat^ 

qas^d, muddd^ murdd. 
Intention, 8. niyat^ etc. (r. Intent.) 
Intentionally, ad. jemi qa^d. 
Inter, v.a. k/iakkfjatcuL 
Intercede, v.a. bakkhana-^ ikafd^h, etc. 

r//wkk/i(ul, shajaat k.\ grcdkkh- or grtakkh* 

grandai A. 
Intercept, v.a. nlrvul, Idnde k., stunawul; 

nkkjilarvul, hltdlaictd. 
Intercessor, 8. sipdrish-f ^afaai-^ etc. ib- 

fcHnkai ; gndkkh * grandai j, mandz-garai. 
Interchange, 8. baxlal, adal-badal, len^den. 
Intercourse, 8. *ildqa, Idr, sultbat, rdskalf 

Interdict, v.a. qada^/kan-^ manV, etc. k. 
Interest, 8. kdr^ gkara^^ matjab ; kkjkcgara^ 

sdd, gata, na/*a, Ja-ida; bral^a, rcesk^ 

Interested, a. ghara:ii*man^ Jdkpuhmatlab^ 

ghara^x. (self-) k/jput^gharaT^. 
Interesting, a. Miitand-ndJc, maza-ddr, dll* 

Interfere, v.a. gkara:^ k.. Ids lagatcul^ -dA* 

awul, -tvarTvral, or -pa kkhke IJtwadzajcuL 
Interim, a. mandz, mh/dn, miyan^. 
Interior, a. danananai, darUni, bdfini. 
I n terlace, v.a. agayat, Idndc^bdnda ^., gayayai. 
Interlude, 8. tamdska, nanddra. stvdng. 
Intermeddle, v.a. Ids lagarcul^ etc., dasi* 

anddzl k., da^l-y gkara^-^ etc. k. (t. In* 

Intermediate, a. manJzrcau 
Interminable, be^sar, bc^and. be^hadd. 
Intermission, 8. nobat^ rcdr ; ndgha ; furi^aU 
Inicnnit, v.n. pa^nobat-, pa^tvar-. etc. rdtloL 
Intermittent, a. tvarl. (-fever) nareza. 
Internal, a. btyml, darilnl^ danananai. 
Internals, 8. larwdnah. 
Interpose, v.n. pa^inunf]^ rdtlal—rdgklaL 

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( 264 ) 


v.a. pa^man^ kegidalfOT H-hheaial'—kehkh- 

odal, or Hhkekkhodalf etc.; frcakk^- or 

pKdH'h'prandl A. 
Interpret, v.a. tatjumak.^pohajvul, iMaya^ 

kiiiOrcul, tnand kkhkdrah A. 
Interrogate, v.a. pukkhtedal^ safcdl-dzan^db-, 

tapoS'f etc. L 
Interrupt, v.a. kariydharvut, /nfdlarvul, band' 

ayvul, 7ikklilatcul, liarahat k. 
Interruption, 8. kariydb^ hitdl, havj^ Malal, 

nkkhatai. liarahat. 
Interstice, s. darz^ raJJj^na ; Mi^na ; gruf. 
Interval, a. tnandz, miydn ; ndr. 
Intervene, v.n. pa^tnafidz rdilal^rdghlal; 

yrcdkkh' or grcdJikhgrandl k. ^ 
Intervention, 8. pa^mandz rdilana ; fftcdkkh* 
Interview, s. dldan^ lidaA, kdtak, muldqdt. 
Intestate, a. be^TvaslyaL 
Intestine, s. (large-) Aulma, larmUn. (small-) 

larai, Ujrai. 
Intimate, a. Lhamsor^ gad; Tvdqff; balad. 

8. yar, dshnde, mal, raj\q. 
Intimate, v.a. ihabararculi tvayaL 
Intimately, ad. pa kkhah shdn sara. 
Intimation, 8. k/tabar; nakkb/i. ishdraU 
Intimidate, v.a. ycrawul or iteranuL 
Into, p. pa kk&Ae, kkliAetpa mandz kkhhe. 
Intolerant, a. be^mbr, be-zgham. 
Intoxicate, v.a. bc-khud A., nasha ftarka/cul; 

maM A., Aaipl A. 
Intoxication, 8. nasAa, Aafp ; be^khudi, rnasth 
Intractable, a. sar^kakkh, sar^zor, Htpul-sar, 

taAaujraif AodaL 
Intrencliment, s. sangar, bdra, morcha. 
Intrepid, a. maranai, tHrzan, zrah^ftar, be* 

bdh, dVditar^ bahddur. 
Intricate, a. ^ra/f, tnuskkil; Aog'ttog, pcch* 

ddr ; arjahbarjaU tsapolai. 
Intrigue, b. jorikkkt^ sdzhk^ Adr-sdzl ; Idr, 

*aldqa, rdZ'O'niydz, ydrdna. 
Intrinsic, a. gdtl^ a^U. 

Introduce, v.a. nana- or kkhAe bdsaU^yastal. 

(-a person) pekkkawuL (a custom) ch^la^ 

mul.jdrl A. (to a place) rdmastal. 
Introduction, b. nanayistah ; muldqdt; de- 

Intrude, v.a. dUsa A., nanawatal, Ids laga* 

n:ul, 'dchaivulf etc. 
Intrust, v.a. spdral, pdsfan:id, haicdla A. 
Intuition, s. ilhdm, laddn ; niai^ijai^ poA^ 

Intwine, v.a. agayal, gayayal. ngharal— 

Inundate, v.a. Afi/^-, Idhn-^ etc. *., viyUz^ 

nlZ', etc. KfaL (-a field) kharob A. 
Inundation, s. saildby nlz or nlyOz^ tugAiydnl, 

Inure, v.a. dmoMitah'^ ^ddat-, etc. A., rugd- 

Invade, v.a. halla-^ ddra-, d^apdo-, dOsa^ 

etc. A. v.n. khatalf prervatal^pre-rndtedaL 
In vain, ad. *a4a§, be-fd-ida. 
Invalid, a. bdfil^ ^aba^^ nd-hdraA^ ndqis^. a. 

ndjor, nd'Toglit ranihUr, :^a!]f. 
Invaluable, a. be^bahd, grdn^bulid^ be^qlmat. 
Invariable, a. be-tabdil, be-biyal-tan, pdeddr. 
Invariably, ad. har'Aalapmuddman, hamesAa, 
Invasion, s. Aaf/a, chapdo, tdkht, dasa, ddra. 
Invective, 8. peg/tor, Aanzal or kkhhandzal 

kkhera^ maldmat, tuhmat, tor. 
Inveigle, v.a. ghulamil, tagal, damatvul^ 

dam-, /areb', etc. warAamul. 
Invent, v.a. jorawul^ natvai-ldAmat basal-- 

yastal, nattai paidd A. 
Invention, s. bikmat, c^aL 
Inventory, s. siydha^ dajtar. fard. 
Inverse, a. ararcul^ nasAor^ ndjgHn^ *aAs^ 

apUtaA, chapaA. 
Invert, v.a. araitul^ nasAoranul, «*«-, 

etc. A. 
Invest, v.a. narAarrul^ Inkkhat; pnshrrffl^ 

dgAnstaiCul; Isdraicul or bi^dratcaltger A. 

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( 265 ) 


Investigate, ▼.»• tapahus or tapos-, pukhh- 

tana-, pursdn-, taltqlq-, etc. k.^ puHhtedal^ 

lafafFul, $hanaL 
Inveterate, a. lu/tanJ, pa^Tvdnai, zoranai ; 

pokbt ^l<*Af sakiL 
Invidious, a. hasad'ttdk^ luna^nar^ ttiydr'Jan. 
Invigorate, v.a. qurtai narhanul, quicat'iidlt-f 

ma:;l/ilf^, ta/crah-, (dj:ak'f etc, A. 
Invisible, a. put^ ghd-ib\ tvruA. 
Invite, v.a. sat A., balal. 
Inviting, a. dil-kakkh. dit'chasp, dll-rubd; 

maza-ddr^ hhrcand-ndk. 8. zat kaituna. 
Invocation, s. d'ud ; (Fajtat ; ghohhhU 
Invoice, 8. siydha, bljak, qhaJdn. 
Invoke, v.a. d'ud ^., balal^ nUnt dkhhtaU 

Involuntary, a. be-ik/ttiydr, be*n:as, be-ndk. 
Involve, v.a. dcha7vul, nWdarcuL nirtul. 
Inward, a. danananai^ darUnl^ bdfjnl. 
Inwrought, a. ^ara<?; kutalai. 
Irascible, a. qahr-udh, ^nfi^a'tidk, iund. 
Ire, 8. ffhui^<^a, f/lai;ab, qah'r^ bros^redlai. 
Irksome, a. mlMf ffrdn, drUnd, rabarjan. 
Iron, 8. ospana. (-slag) ospankharai. (bar-) 

kashai. (-monger) lohdr, dkan-gar. 
Iron-gray, a. lulau 
Irony, a. toqa^ hlandd. peH'ha. 
Irradiate, v.n. dzalakcdal^ rutjrcdal. 
Irralional, a. be^kxldah^ nd'poh^ be'*aql. 
Irregular, a. be-fartib, bed-tn, be*qaida\ 

Irrelevant, a. bc*dzde, be-msbaf, nd'kdrah. 
Irreligious, a. be^dhi, bihndz^ bc'tnazkab. 
Irremediable, a. Wilaj^ Id^ddr, Id'darvd. 
Irreproachable, a. be*gundk^ be'tnaldmat. 
Irresistible, a. zordrrar, mazbut, bc'band. 
Irresolute, a. be*kmmat^ nd*qaldr, nd*mard. 
Irretrievable, a. ter^ wruk, Idr; ld'*ildj. 
Irreverent, a. bc'odab, be*ma^. 
Irrigate, v.a. oba-^ rvaiar-, iiarob-, lUnd-, 

etc. k. 

Irritable, a. Mapah'ndk, bros, J^ar. 
Irritate, v.a. pdraicul, tjongamul, aguityal, 

rabrawul, fongdra k. 
Irritation, 8. }diopg\\ fongdra i pdratcHtMi 

dardfpasdt, snai. 
Irruption, 8. kalla, tdk/jt, d&sa, ddra ; ^ut, 

esknd; ddra^Jaitdra* 
Island. 8. bela.jazxra. (sandbank) chara. 
Isolated, a. bigal^ ya)cddzai^judd. 
Issue, 8. anjdm, natlja^ bd^il; pdzah; gafa; 

a/u'dd, za7vzdt ; /or, ndtah ; iror, Mula* 
Issue, v.n. rratal, bakedal, chalcdal^prettataL 

(-an order) v.a. dialawul.jdri k^ 
It, pr. Uaghak^ dd, dak, de, di. e. 
Itch, 8. IMrikkht. koe^ kaha\ pishak. spHuxaL 

v.n. IJjdrikHiedal, kaka-^ etc. k^. 
Item, 8. shaU d'lz, kdlai. 
Itinerate, v.n. girzedat. v.a. gakkhU, sail-^ 

etc. k. 
Itself, pr. M'P^lf ld*pul dzdn. 


Jackal, s.gldar^ «^r/a;?rf, skag/tdl. 

Jackdaw, 8. qdghaL 

Jacket, 8. kurta, nlmtana-l. 

Jade, 6. (horse) tap-dangar as. (woman) 

puhara-f skalafa-, etc. -kkhadza. gaskta^f^ 

Jnprged, a. zig. hvdr. 
Jail, 8. qaxd'hldna^ bandi'JJfdna, zinddn. 
Jailer, s. da qaid'JJidne ddrogka. 
Jam, 8. zokkha^ JJtog*pahhalai, tnurabba^ 

v.a. bandatcut, tingawul, klakaKuL 
January, 8. mdh. 
Jar, 8. fofkai, vutngai, k/tum, mafkai, batakai. 

(-of leather) daba, kupaA^jdba. 
Jargon, 8. tvuchapucha*, gada-fvada; ara^ 

bara-f etc. -^abaraf or -tcrdsia. 

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( 266 ) 


Jiamine, 8. rdmbel^dmbeL 

Jaundice, 8. ziyarai. 

Jaunt, 8. sail, gakkhL 

Javelin, e. bala, barcha, veza, skalgai. 

JaWfS.jdma. (upper-) portana-l Jama, (lower-) 

kkhkatana-l jdma, (-angle) kaj. 
Jay, 8. $hln4a^. 

Jealous, a. bad*gumdn, rviydrjan, sUndah. 
Jealousy, s. bad-ffumdnl, wiydr, rasik. 
Jeer, v.a. JJianddpore k. 
Jehovah, s. allah, ydhu, l^udde ta*dld. 
Jelly, 8. zokl'ha ; mdya. 
Jeopardy, 8. Miatra, tcera, muhimm. 
Jerk, v.a. prakatvul ; tel tvaAal. 
Jest, 8. toqa, tcashta, malanda, mailJiara. 
Jester, s. toq^mdr, washtai, malandai,masMa- 

rd' (Jfl, pekkhe*gar. 
Jesus, 8. l^d. (-Christ) 1ia:;rat x^d. 
3et,s.ddrag/uwdra, shutraJca. (-bead) §kaba. 

(-black) a. iak^ior. 
Jew, t.jahud. 

Jewel, 8. yditra, hdlai, zewar. 
Jeweller, a. zar^gar. 
Jingle, 8. shrang, granj, krach . v.n. shrang- 

edal, granjedal. 
Job, 8. kdr. (a little-) kdrgotai. 
Jockey, a. cjidbuk-sarcdr. 
Jocose, a. toqlt rtashtl, Miandd^bdz or -rfl^. 
Jocularity, s. rca.^ia*toqa, Mandd^bdzU 
Jocund, a. Mush^rUe, tkJidd, JJtUsh'bdl. 
Jog, v.a. ta/mr-, tel-, gasa-, etc. rtahaU v.n. 

Join, Y.a.joraTvul, lagatcul, pervand k., gad 

aftuL v.n. gadedal^ yo dzde ked. 
Joint, 8. ^V ; band,peKand\ ghUta. 
Jointure, 8. mahr, dahadz, dod. 
Joke, 8. foqa, nashta, malanda. 
Jollity, 8. kkiddl, HiUsi-idli. 
Jolly, a. liMiddt tkJidd'man, Mrvakib ; rog^- 

Jolt, 8. ta/:afa, daka, tcl\ tlndak, budri. 

Jot, 8. taiai, patai, batsarai, tota, garrcu 
Jovial, a. khwakkh. etc. (r. JoUy.) 
Journal, a. roz-ndmdka. 
Journey, s. sa/ar, pand. (a day's-) mazal or 

Joy, 8. kk/tddl, fJiUsh -lidti. (over rival) saiha. 
Joyful, a. kk/idd-man, khUsh'hdl. 
Joyfully, ad. pa IM'ldl sara, IchUsh-hdh', 

khn:akkhl'. etc. sara. 
Jubilee, s. ai/f(ar, *td; kMddl, mela. 
Judge, 8. Iidhhn, qd:;i, mumif. 
Judge, v.a. *add/at', msd/-, niydw-, etc. k. ; 

qiyds-,Ji/ir', etc. L ; gaujcal. 
Judgment, s. ftultm, JaiKd ; *aqU poha. 

(opinion) Jikr, rde, qiyds. (-seat) mah- 

kama. (-day) Itashr, dlJiirat, qiydmat. 
Judicature, s. b^km, qa:;d. 
Judicial, a. sharal. 

Judicious, a. hokkhydr, pohdnd, 'aql-man. 
Jug, s. /iUza, kUza'ra-l, khumraA, kanja-l. 
Juggler, 8. bdzi*gar,jddU'gar, kod-gar. 
Juice, 8. aba, pa-l, 7'a$, giifa-i, rub; naw, 

zyam, nam. 
July, 8. paskakdlf sdrtaijr. 
Jumble, v.a. gad-nad k. 
Jump, v.a. top-, trap-, etc. 7vakul, dangal. 
Juncture, 8. jor, band, pat and ; waMit, 

June, 8. hdr. 
Junior, a. fdshar. 

Jurisdiction, s. Inikamat, *amafddrl, mdk. 
Jurisprudence, t.Jiqka. 
Jury, s.jirga m*aj'i/ca. {"man) JirgatU. 
Just, a. *ddil, munsi/t rikk/itlnaif rdst; *juHf, 

barabar, sam. ad. Burup, faqai. 
Justice, 8. iw^a/i *addht^ niydw, ddd. 
Justifiable, a. rand, ndjib. 
Justification, a. iujgat. 
Justify, v.a. 'w^r-, bujjai; etc. rdwroL 
Justly, ad. pa baqqa, pa rikkMiyd» 
Justness, 8. rikkki'in'tob. rdsd, nekh 

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( 267 ) 


J UT cnile, a. td^ar, (^wdn. •• Jafuyu^ zabnai, 

halakf workttL 
Jurenility, %.jaijrl'tob, Aalak'Wdlaitdpvdtd, 


Keen, a. terah^ dam-ddr; jalt, Uz, tund. 

(acid) brekkhan. (eager) garm, tod, liwdL 
Keenness, •• terah'tcdlai ; tund'tcdlai, etc. 
Keep, v.a. sdtal, j^oral, Mundiyal, ^undl 

k. ; pdlal^ partvaral, nrndndzal. (-watch) 

gdlal. (observe) manal. (-back) pdtai L, 

pdtauul, stUnawuL (possess) faraL (-an 

engagement) pHroA-, add-, etc. k. 
Keep, Y,n.pdtedalt pdtai ked.,pdedal, osedaf. 
Keeper, b. sdtandoe, sdtUn/cai, j^orai, pdl- 

UnAai, H^undi kaitUnktu. 
Keeping, s. sdtana^ pdlana, f^orana. ihundl 

karcnna ; pdeda?ia, oudana, pdtedana. 
Keepsake, s. ydd^ydr, ydd-ddsht. 
Kernel, s. (^a/ca-i, ma^zai, zarai. 
Kettle, 8. decjhka, deg^ Hum. (earthen-) 

Kettledrum, 8. naghdra, damdma^ dtildra, 

dambakai, tambal. 
Key, s. kupja-u (-hole) dajandre Mula. 
Kick, T.a. lata-, laghator, etc. KohaL 
Kid, s. wargftHmait dielai, serlai, psharlai, 

Kidnap, y.a. botlal-^blrcul, beta ^., talkhta- 

Kidney, s. pukkhtarvarga. (-bean) lobiyd. 
Kill, v.a. wajai or Tvajlal, mur i., qatlamiL 

(for food) halldlarcul. 
Killed, a. maqtul, tvajalaif mur karat; b^Udl 

Killer, a. gdtil, wajlunai^ MUnl, mur^ or 

marg katcHnkai. (in comp.) -ku^. 
Killing, 8. ^ttn-, mur-, marg-^ qatl-, etc. 
•kafvUna, ftajfana. 

Kiln, M.pafai haf. 

Kin, 8. ragm, Mput, k^ekki, *azlz. 

Kind, a. miArbdn ; maf^atear. 

Kind, 8. ^d/, a^l, rang, nogi, qwn, ^dn. 

Kindle, v.a. balawul, pUkal, srca^anuL T.n. 

baUdal, steal, se^oL 
Kindly, ad. pa mihrbdngl $ara. 
Kindness, s. mihrbdnl or'mikrbdngi. 
Kindred, s. hipat-nati, fcftekkjfl. a. yO'sidn, 

ragat, hum^rang, Aum-jins. 
King, 8. bdd^dk, stdh, zulldn. 
Kingdom, s, bddshdAat, salianat, rdj. 
King6Bher, s. mdAh^wurak, bitbczai. 
Kinsman, s. M^puif M^tkh* (paternal-) /^Air 

gaTuti. (maternal-) mor^ganoL 
Kiss, 8. kkhhul, macha, ^apaA. Y.a. kikkul- 

aftul, madiattul, ^apa-l-, kkhkul*. etc. k^ 

koka-l', Hula-, etc. -dl^stal. 
Kitchen, s. langar,jal'ndna'%, ng^arai. 
Kite, 8. tapnt^. (paper-) godd, patang. 
Kitten, s. pishangarau 
Klick, T.a. tak wakal. . 
Knack, 8. Jiihmat, dhal, pe^, kdrl^garh 
Knapsack, s. 4±QlaA, gddai, bana-t, butskia. 
Knave, s. tag, darghal, garland, farebl, be* 

Imdn, ^al'bdz, dial'icalai. 
Knavery, s. tagl, tag-bdzi, d^albdzu etc. 
Knavish, a. tag^bdz, be-lmdn,/areiu 
Knead, v.a. aghagal-'&kkbal. (-the limbs) 

mandal, kkkkc-mandalf ^ipi k. 
Knee, s. zangiStn, doga. (-cap) zangdnaU^ 

Kneel, v.a. doga-, zangUn-, etc. -tagawut. dog<h, zangdno-, etc. -kkhkendstoL 
Knife, s. ddrek. (pen-) ^arnka-}, ^dqH. 
Knit, v.a. gayayal, agayali ddr k. (-the 

brows) starge brandanuL 
Knitting, 8. dUr. (-needle) duk. 
Knob, 8. ghutai, pUtai, ^nndai ; pdfiobp 

mdtuB, pUpaka ; rasaula-l, ^umfdrai. 
Knock, v.a. traq-, fap-, fak-, etc. rftakoL 

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( 268 ) 


(-up against) iakar-^ diia-, etc. -i^ural. 

v.n. blosedatf tagedal^jangedaL 
Knot, •• shuta, tara, bandaar. 
Know, T.a. nk^alUmawul^ pejanJaf, ffauial, 

zdahk. y.n.Mabaredal,po/€edai,zdahAed. 
Knowing, a. zdaA, ^abanddr, hokk/iydr. 

pokh^ itdqif. 
Knowingly, ad. pa *aql sara, pa Ihahar sara. 
Knowledge, s. jTo/taf *aql, ^/a^a**, 'i/y». 
Known, a. zdaA^ p^dnda/t, tnalUm^ 
Knuckle, a. band^ da gate band, (-bone) 

bujalf iaia, around. 

Label, a. sar^ndma, tika. 

Ijaboratory, a. kdr^khdna. 

Laborious, a. mihnatl^ koknhjknhl ; mushkil^ 

gran, safsht. 
Labour, a. mihnaf, kolfihihh. sa% mu^- 

agqat, mazdUri ; rahar ; Aar, hosbf pesha. 

(childbirth) lanja^ lanyedana. (-pain) stam. 
Labour, v.a. mif*pat; mazdHrh, etc. k. (be 

in-) v.n, lanjedal. (worry oneselO v,n. 

rahrcdaL (to strain) y.a. $iam*roahaL 
Labourer, a. mazdikr\ hasb^gar. 
I^abyrinth, a. kaga^rvaga^ ^^r/a, rndt-pedi. 
Lac, a. (gum) da pala-l eJilr. (dye) Idi. 

(100,000) Uk. 
Lace, t.jdlaka'lfjdta'lt muqtMh. 
Lacerate, v.a. sklafvul, tvrararcid, dtdk k.; 

mdiavcalf j^utsatvut. 
Laceration, a. ^fedahp nraudak, ^dfcd; 

Mra, parkdr, zaibm. 
>jacli, v.n, mubtdj'f b^j<'^^'''^<'tn-$ c*c. ked. v.a. 

jtA. a. kalak, sanjrai^ g^unddyak^ talmau 
Ladder, a. andarpdya, pawraA, pdrt^ang. 
Lade, v.a. bar d^aftul, tegdal^leitial, dak* 

omit. ' 

Ladle, a. karecliaA, harkdra. (small-) J^ 
shogha^ tsontsa-^l, ^arndta-l or tsamUori. 

Lady, a. blbl^ merman^ ^dJ^iba. (-fly) bibh 
pdto balAtnala-h 

I^g, v.n. pdtedal, taparedaL 

Laity, e. *dmmhjdn. (one oFthe*) ^dmml. 

Lake, s. loe da^id^ tdldm or tdM. 

• • • 

Lamb, s. rtrai^ja'atiarau (wether-) wuet^^kdl. 
Lame, a. gud^ k&ug^ karam. 
lameness, a. yud*ivdlau 
Lament, y.a. ajsos-, f^Aam-, tvdwaild-, etc. k., 
Jarat, tclr-t kde-hde^^ kde^kUe-pJard', etc. k., 

rvaind uayaL 
Lamentation, s. a/sos^jard, tvJr, sdnda^/ar- 

yddt etc 
Lamenter, a. jvlra^jafai, rcalnd rcaydnkai^ etc. 
Lamp, a. chirdgk, dlroa. (-startd) dlwat. 

(-black) kyatt luyau (-black cup) masa. 

(-wick) bdla-l. 
Lance, a. 7ieza, bala, bardka. 
Lance, v.a. fsiral ; tsl^al^ (etsal. 
Lancet, s. nisktar or nehkhtar. 
Land, s. mzaka or zmaka^ zamin. (country-) 

maik^ /tercdd. (own-) fcaian, bUm. (table-) 

bdfcra-i, b^^a, sUza. (ploughed-) 9dd\n 

(sown) ^udy4.ra. (bare-) daya, Mdikai. 

(fallow.) pjad. (waste-) skdr. (patch of-) 

pafaii para, (irrigated-) tcatar, dbl. 

(unirrigated-) lalaml. (inundated-) ^a/£?6. 

(marsh-) jaha. (vil)age-) odaA, wand. 

(church-) sira-l, boyarcd. 
Land, v.n. kuzedal. v.a. kHzatcui. 
Landholder, a. dawtarl or doftarlfjayTr'ddr^ 

zamlnddft bral^a-HfOr. 
Landlord, a. dawtarl^ zamln^ddr, ndyik ; 

Landmark, s. tsalai^ piEtta. 
Lane, a. kutm. 
Language, ^.jiba^ nrd^a. 
j Languid, a. lap, $(afai, stamdfi^ tftdndak, 
i iaukak ; sust, laf, skalat, kdfoi^wdiaL 

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( 269 ) 


LanguisL, v.n. mrarctdal or mrdmedat^ 
nmchedat, Aamanredal ; karcdal^ niileda/, 
zalitdali stafoi", stomdn*, ;:a/<fr-» etc. 
Languor, 8. suiil, sfomdni, mdndajl. 
Lantern, B./dni^s. 

Lap, 8. ^es^fHAa^ai; laMan,pits/:ai, dzola-u 
Lap, v.a. ijataL (wrap) nyharal-^nghakUhial. 
Lapidary, a. mukr*kan. 
Lapse, v.n. teredal^ ghuzdrcdaU ter natal. 
Large, a. loe^ star, ^at, 'a^iiw. 
Largeness, loe-, star-, etc,, -wdlai. 
Largesse, a. bakkL^/nMt, bakhhana. in*dm, 

Lark, a. ^a-rdrap kopfa, agan. 
hsLvyni, B. balq^ tvu^a'g/idra; stanau 
Lascivious, a. mast, shokln, shakrcat'i, harcas* 

Lasciviousness, s. mastic ^ahwat, nans, 

Lash, 8. bachawai, badokai, badakarai\ 

Lash, v.a, harora wa/ial; taral. 
Lass, B.jina-l, pe^iAla, Itlr, ihoraha-h 
Lassitude, 8. sustl, stomdni. 
Last, a. trmstai, rvrustanai, dlJnr, pasln. 
Last, T,n. pdedal, ^aledal, pdtedal, osedaL 
Lasting, a. pdeddr, qd-im^ ma^bUf. 
Lastly, ad. tvrusto, dMir. 
Latch, 8. liUlp aram. aramai 
Latchet, a. rog^ tasma. 
Late, a. nd-7caMit,2^asin\ osanai; mutaKaJi. 
Lately, ad* osan, nan wrwjz, da la-ago 

Lateness, 8. nd^icaUftx; Idrghah, dranj. 
Ijatent, a. put, j^alai. 
liater, a. nanai. 
Lather, a. zag, kaf. 
Ijatitude, 8. plan-wdlat, art^ndlai, sor or 

Latitudinarian, a. be^sla/a, dzdJ'taV'asaraU 

Latter, a. nrusianai, pasanci or pasiHa 
Lattice, %.jdlakai, ^abaka,fafar%. 
Laud, 7.a. stdyal, stdyana k., or -iroyaX 
Laagh« v,a. Handai, ^andd k. 
Laughter, a, Handd, qah-qatta, ka^^kanr. 
Launch, y.a. obo ta kHzavtul ; gAwurzawul, 

chalawul, dd^an'ul, tvi^taL 
Lave, v.a, wlndzal or mmdzal^ tvlat, lam- 

Lavish, a. Martsl, Urdfl, musnf. 
Lavish, v.a. Marts-, tdrtdn-, israf-, etc. k. 
Law, 8. Jiqka. (divine-) ^ha/a, ^arCat. 
(rule) qd*ida, qdnUn, d'\n, rasm. (justice) 
*addlat, insdf, niydw. (right) laqq, rawd. 
(Afghan-) pukkktQn'Xafl. 
Lawful, a. rand, ^altdL 
Lawsuit, 8. muqaddama, d^awa^ qa^lya. 
Lawyer, a. qd^l,/aql^. 
Lax, a. sust, prdnatai, spardafai, araU 
Laxative, a. pas-, narm-, etc. -karciinkaL 8. 

poS'jdr, narmjulldb, mUnzy. 
Lay, v.a. gdal or f^cfo/, yakkhodal or UkkodaL 
yakklial or Ikklial, keg,dal or kkhkefidal. 
kckkhodal or kkkkckkhbdaL kekkkal or 
kkhkekkhaL (-hold of) dfsListal, nlwuL 
(-down) tjamlawul. (-on) d^awul, laya^ 
fvtU. (-in) tolarcul, yatal. (-out) gazor 
wul or gkazanmL 
Lay, 8. ghazaL 

Layer, a. bragh, tah. (-of bricks) rada. 
Layman, a. 'dmmu 
Laziness, a. sustl, nd*rdsti, lat'ftdlai. 
Lazy, a. sust, nd*rdst, lat, §hatal or shalat. 
Lead, a. slka, sisa*, mas. (red-) sendAr. 

(white-) sapeda. 
Lead, v.a. rdwustal, bigdyal^bUcut, botlal^ 

Leader, a. sarddr, ndyak, sar*gurok, pe^nrd. 
Leaf, B.pdnra. (-of a book) itaraq. (-of a 

door) pala, tanba* 
League, s. para, janba, gundi ; banda^^ 

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( 270 ) 


ftdJa, lafy^ tara.j&rikkhtf qaul. (incasore) 

Leak« v.n. MLUeiaL 

Leaky, a. tsatsedUnai^ tndi. 

Ijoan, a. narai, dangat^ Hwdr^ l&shar. 

I>ian, T.a. tatdya L, dada laffowul. 

Leanness, s. dangar^tob, narcd^KcLlai. 

Leap, Y.a. dangal^ traplal, top rcahaL 

Leap, 8. top^ dang, trap. 

Learn, y.a. zdaJi k., yddawuL 

learned, a. zdah, ydd, dmoMtah; *dlim, 

. polidnd. 

Learner, s. sh&gird, tdUb, salaq l/custUnai. 

Learning, 8. 'ilm. 

Lease, s. gdnjca, ijdra. 

Least, a. Idshar'm^ kamtafin^ la tola na la-ag 

or 'Tvur. (at-) ad. bare, fiho, djfjiir. 
Leather, s. tsarman. (-dresser) dabbd^. 

(-worker) tsamydr, modi, (-strop) rog, 

tasma. (-bottle) chdgul, ja-l, batak. 

(-scraper) zarbiydng. 
Leave, v.a. pregdal, prclhhodaL preHhal; 

ruJ^sat dMistaL T.n. raTVdnedal, tlaU^ 

Leave, s. ruJf^^at, ijdzat, ^ukm, izan. 
Leaven, s. M^mlra, mdya, tomna. 
Leavings, B.jilta, pate, paS'Murdak. 
Lecher, s. kdslr, larcand, qa^ar, ^at. 
Lecture, s. sabaq, dars. v.a. sabaq tcayal. ■ 
Ledge, s. ghdra, morgatJa-t, dada; kamar. 
Leech, B.jafcara. 
Leek, %.gandana. 

Leer, v.a. pa*trats katal; pa^zarana-l katal. 
Ia^b, 8, Mcttbel^ matra. 
Left, a. pdtai, bdqu (not right) klnr, gats. 

(•handed) gatjai. v.n. pdUu Aed. 
Leg, 0. (whole) JMdnga. (below knee) 

par/eai, Ungai. (-of a table, etc.) pdya^ 

tkipa or pkkha. (-of drawers) pdent^a. 

(-of mutton, fowl, etc.) patun. 
Legacy^ §. mlrdtf fcaslyat, hiba. 

Legal, a. ^ara% rawd. 
Legate, a. astd^aif rcakll, el^l. 
Legation, 8. el^hgarl ; jirga, tfCartka. 
legend, 8. rarcdyat, qissa, tazldra. 
Legerdemain, s. bdj:t'gari,jddtl'garl, nu^ar* 

Legion, 8. dala, ganr ^dlarn ; tuman, dasta, 

Legislate, v,a. Jtuhm-f a-In-, qdnUn-, etc. 

Legislator, s. lidklm, skari*yatjdrl Aa/cdn- 

Legislature, a. $arkdr, *addlat. 
Legitimate, a. rated, lialldL 
Legume, a. palai. 
Leisure, s. rcazgdr4iyd,fv.r!iat. 
Lemon, 8. nibu, tursh ndrinj. 
Lend, v.a. por warkawui, qar^ fcarkanuL 

(a thing itself to be returned) *dri^atl 

Lender, s. qar:^-, por-, etc. 'WOi'IiuwUnaL 
Length, a. Hgd'ttdlax. 
Lengthen, v.a. Hgdawul. 
Lenienti a. muld-im, narm, tatlm. 
Lenity, s. muld-im'tob, narm'rcdUd, ralkm. 
Ijcnt, 8. roja. (Muhammadan) ram:^dn. 
Lentils, s. mot, make; danra; ma-l; loliyd. 

(cooked-) jwiin, rdra. 
Leopard, a. prdng, baur, baurgai, yUz. 
Leper, s. kofi, bragai, pesai. 
Leprosy, s. kor, brag . pes. 
Less, a. la-ag, ham^ Idndai. 
Lessen, v.a. la-agarcul, kamarcul. v.n. la- 

agedal, kamedal. 
Lesson, 8. dars, sabaq ; pand, na^tlat. 
Lest, c. mabddd, futse di fza rol, kkhd-l. 
Let, v.a. prcgdal, preWtodal. preHhaL pre- 

Wtarcul. (-go) yalah-, ^tolds-. d£dd-, 

etc. k. (hire) iarih or kreha; etc. irar- 

karcuh (allow) izan-t tu/M-, ruMf^t; 

tXc. narkawul. 

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( 271 ) 


Let, •• dff kariydb, MfdL 

Lethargy, 8. susa, laf^wdloL 

Letter, 8. futrf; MaH, (Jiltorl, rojcdna. 

Levee, 8. dalbdr. 

Level, a. sum, Aarcdr, bardbar^ $aU ▼.a. 

samofvut, naramd, /ton^drawuL 
Lever, 8. aram, dah*marda. (-for water) 

dingara-l or dingla-i. 
Levity, a. spuk'Tcdlai, halak^wdlai. 
IjQ'ijt v.a, tolatvul, yaw d^de-^janCa-^ etc. k. 
Lewd, a. bad-niast, shalircat*n(Ut. (-womau) 

las^maAa-l, shatd/ia. 
Lewdness, 8. mo^ri, shahtat. 
Lexicon, s. lushaU 
Liable, a. shjvUnkai, plrzo. 
Liar, s. darogh'jan, dar^oL 
Libel, 8. peffhorf tar, tu/imat, bad*namiMf 

rusrcd'lf maldmat* 
Libera], 8. BaJJa, bdkhhUnkaL fcarkawUnai. 
Liberate, v.a. dzadawtdf ^ald^afvul,pregLdal, 

wurkawul, yalah k. 
Liberated, a. yalak^ dzdd, Maldf. 
Libertine, s. larvand^ chat, lutmk, qactar. 
Liberty, s. yalak'tob, Mafdsi, dzddl ; tcdk, 

ikitiydr; ru^Rat^ijdzat. 
Libidinous, a. bad'tnast, skahfcat^ndk. 
Library, a. hltdb-Mdna. 
License, 8. izan, Ijukm^ parwdna, $anad* 
Licentious, a. bad^laman^ bad'parhez^ydr, 

bad'kdr, liardm^kdr ; sar^kdkkh. 
Lick, v.a. tsatal. (beat) fvakal, takawuU 
Lid, 8. bar^olai, sar^pokkh. 
Lie, s. darof/h. v.a. darogh tvayoL 
Lie-down, v.n, tnldstal, tsamldstalf gazeddl 

or ^azedaL (-concealed) ghalai kedal. 
Lieutenant, s. nd-tb, qd-im muqdm,jam*a»ddr. 
Life, 8. dzdfifjfvdkfjtvand; jtvandUn^rozgdr, 

zindaydnlf kaydt. 
Lifeless, a. be'dzdn, b€*$dk, tnuf. 
Lifetime, s. *umr,jfvandan, kaydt. 
Lift, v.a. porta k.^ kkejarvul, Udl^tawtil. 

Ligament, 8. pata, rag. (-of the heel) te^t, 

tplna. (-of horse's leg) jMU. 
Ligature, s. iarUn, tara, band, pataA, $koe. 
Light, 8. ratjrd, roUhnd-l. a. rokkkdn. rAur ; 

spuk, kalak. T.a« rUuratcul, rokkhdn k. 

(-a fire) balawul. y.n. rUMredal^ rokkkdn 

Iced. (rtLB dre) baledoL (AeBceni) kitzedal, 

prenatal, ndziledal. 
Lighten, v.a. spukawul, kainatcul. v.n. rUnr' 

edal, brekkhcdal, ^aigedoL 
Lightness, s. spuk^mdloL 
Lightning, s. brekkhnd^ barq. 
Like, a. ytmd, mi^dl, gkUndai, rang, ^dn. 

ad. laka,pa skdn, ghUndi, kase. a. pasand, 

Like, T.a. Mwakkh-, pasand-, qabuU, etc. k. 

T.n. Mtvd'ta ked. 
Likelihood, s. shdn, skakl, ^Urat, gumdn. 
Likely, a. shmUnai. ad. kkkdrl, gkUnde. 

(most*) aghlabp g^dUba. 
Liken, v.a. misdl-, tam^ll-p etc. k., bardbar* 

Likeness, s. tjera, sUrat, tasmlr, tni(tdl, tam^iL 
Likewise, ad. kum, 'aldwa, ziydt lade no. 
Liking, s. mlna, skauq, M^vd. 
Lily, 8. sausan. (water-) nxlofar. 
Limb, s. band, anddm. (-of a tree) kkidH, 

Lime, s. ^Una; kunai. (•kiln)jMi/a. 
Limestone, 8. da ^Une kdnrai. (nodulated-) 

Limit, 8. b(^d, brid, pUla, tikdna. tju 

baddr, etc. taral. 
Limp, v.n. gudedat, taparedal, tapoL > 
Limpid, a. sptn,pdk, sdf, narai. 
Lone, 8. Ilk, lika, karkkli<h Ujafl* (rope-) 

pa'^rai, biydsta, rasaA. (row) qatdr,para, 

tsira. (doiheB-) tsakai,paikal,saka,taf9dm. 

(-of a hook) jadwaL 
Lineage, s. aifl, nasi, mUnd, nasai. 
Lineament, 8. fOrat, Mdl'O-Maffj, rang, dauL 

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( 272 ) 


Linen, s. M^mtd, karhds. (-draper) bazzdz. 
Linger, v.n. /:aredaf, zaAlredal, nUledal. 

(delay) v.a. drang-^ lULrghah'^ ^and-, etc. 

k. v.n. pdtedal, faparedaU pdtai hcd. 
Linguist, B.paJilfO dmoMtah or -maranau 
Lining, s. astar^ zerdstar. 
Link, 8. hara-x. (torch) mash^al, shonta-l. 
Linseed, s. a/57, da saitr zarai or -tuk/im. 
Lintel, s. dar/^al, sardna. 
Lion, 8. zmaral or tnzorai, babar<marai, 

Lip, 8. .^umla. (-of a cup) morga. (hare-) 

sh'dnd'pdrah kandd. 
Liquid, a. naraif ob/an. (nrieUed) uili. 
Liquidate, y.a.ptlrah-, add-, etc. k. 
Liquor, 8. oba ; ^araq ; shardb. 
Liquorice, 8. JJjrcaga'tcala. 
Lisp, v.a. tatara'h, gdngura; nkHati jiba-, 

etc. fcayaL 
List, v.a. fjJtoH'htal ; dreredal or dncedat. 
List, 8. siyd/uf/ardfjiftrist ; jdrcja-u 
Listen, v.a. dKredaUnghnataUghrcog, bdsaU^ 

yastal. -ketidat^kelikhodaL -nlmd, etc. 

(%i^y)ghirag fsdral. 
Listless, a. bc'dzdn, be-suk, be'dam, $usU laf. 
Literal, a. lughatcl; a.^ii; rilkltiinai^juk/iL 
Literary, a. 'ilml ; kitdbu 
Literati, 8. midldydn. 
Literature, •. Vfoi, ^ilm-O'/a^aL 
Litigate, v.a. d^awa-^ g(ipy<i'9 ^^^* ^• 
Litigious, a.jagrdHf ga^iya^kdr, tdkrdr^. 
Litter, 8. dofa-1, ambdiori. (camel-) knjdtta. 

(grnss) rrdMah. (refuse) khazala^^dshdk. 
Little, a. la-ag, kam. (small) rtort nurHkal, 

pufai. ad. la-at/L^kfitl or laknn, piCsdurai, 

k/jdska, $arra. 
Littleness, s. la-og-rcdlaip tcuriJtk*Kdlau 
Live, v.a. jftand-^ jTcdk-, rozgdr-, etc. /•., 

jtcanddH'^ *umr; QicJcrarcul. x.xi.jwandai 

ked.^ osedal^ 
Livelihood, s. rozl, rozgdr, rhq^ guirdn. 

Lively, a. ch^ldk, tJiiust; i£ilsh'fab*a,skolilk. 

Liver, 8. fna, d^fgar. 

Livery, B.jdma^ libds^ bdna. 

Livid, a. sperak, ziyar^ skin. 

Living, a. Jwandai; jdn-ddr. 8. rozgdr^ 

rozip gu^rdn, rizq. 
Lizard, s. samsara^ tmrmakkJikaU Ikddama-l^ 

karborau (\\^\Mii\ii) ghndranduna-ltghnd" 
Lo, in. gora! Kdh ! \riftu 

Load, 8. bdr^ potaL (half-) andaA. (for 

ht^i)pand^ pandakai. 
Load, v.a. bdtujcuL letidal^Iehkhal; dakantul. 
Loadstone, s. dlian^rubd. 
Loam, 8. maia^khdYcra, matlna'Zmaka. 
Loan, 8. qarZfpor. (of a thing itself to be 

returned) *dnyaU 
Loath, a. nd^rdz^ nd^khrtakkh^ daregh*man. 
Loathe, v.a. bmlvmnal^ kagjal, ghandaljtraka 

dk/dstal, chinjawuL 
Loathsome, a. kraka*ndk^ kagaltdt diif^n^ 

makrdhi ghandah. 
Loathing, s. krakafkagak^^andana^^injana. 
Local, a. makdnl, khd^f. 
Lock, B.jandra, qulf. (-of hair) zulf^ tsUnra^ 

tsuijrakai kojak^ rvuL (-plaited) kontsa-i, 

orbaL (-of wool) n:ara-i. (-ofgoat*shair) 

ojgkHna. (-of a gim) dhaq^maq. 
Lock,>dra laga?cul or -band k. (stick) 

v.n. nlkhataLjavgedaL 
Locker, 8. s^andtlq^ tauijra-t, kandd*rau 
Locket, 6. fanslz. 

Locomotion, s. barakat ; sail^ girzedUn. 
Locust, 8. mlakk. 

Lodge, s.jiipgata, (akfya, dzdc^ dMdna^ kor. 
Lodge, v.n. osedal^ dsUdal. v.a. tilido; 

asfoga-, kilai-, etc. k., dzde nlmd. (place) 

^cfa/, etc. 
Lodger, s. osed^lrdai^dstediknkai^ astcg&nkai. 
IxHlging. 8. i\kdo^ dera, (Jide. 
Lof), 8. kofa^ bdntf ^aU 
Lofty, a. t?ria/, hask^ davg^ buland, tftaf. 

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( 273 } 


hog, B. garga, mUnd, UolL 

Logic, s. mantjtq^ da dcUilUno *ilM. 

Loins, 8. mid, sid-landa, dado, (side of-) 

Loiter, v.a, drang-, fdrghah-, dzand-, etc. k. 
v.n. tapal, taparedal, pdtedal, pdiai ked. 
Loll, v.a, takh/a-, aram% etc. k., lot'pot k. 
v.n. tjamldstal, rgharedal-^rghakkhtaL 
(bang out) rccUalai dzrcarandcdaL 
Lonely, a. yarcdthai, Uarah, bigot, tankd. 
Long, a. ngd. (duration) dcr-pd. (distance) 
der, lire or liri. (-ago) ad. lirC'ldrg^a/t, 
larahUne. (as long as) ad. lumbra chi, 
tso chi, tar haghah pare c6t. 
Long, v.n. ImdU, Ugai-, magan-, etc, ked. 

v.a. gJjOkkhtaL 
Longevity, s. zor4iyd, zarrcdlei. 
Longing, s. liwdltob ; m'tna^ armdn, shauq, 
raghbat, hhrcd. \ 

Look, 8. kaiaU tidal, goral, kasal, nazar k. 
Look, 8. kdtah, tidak, nazar, nigdh. 
Looking, a. katana, Mana (-glass) dhlna^ 

(-for the thumb) drsaA, shasi. 
Looks, 6. ^Urat, ^akL 
l/oom, 8 rach, shdna 

Loop, z.palrcdkkha, ghamandci, g^urgd.^a. 
Loose, a. prdnatai, art, dzdd, yalak, 

J^ushai, gharand", spdrdalai. 

Loose, Y.9L. prcgdal, preklckodal; Hald^awuL 

dzddamd, yalak k., epardai, prdnUal; 


Looseness, s. art • tcdM. (-of bowels) ndstak. 

Lop, v.a. prekawul or prekral, gkut-, land-. 

Lord, 8. (Qod) ^udde, rabb. (master) mdlik, 

tsaHhtan, merak. (owner) M^dnd, ^dltib. 

(spiritual-) sayad, pir, J^T^rat. (temporal) 

$arddr, Mdn, malik. 
Lordly, a. Mi&ntamdm, kibr'Jan. 
Lordship, s. sarddrl, Mid^ni, maliti. (your-) 


Lose, v.a. KrukaKul. (at play, etc.) bdelal, 

v.n. pa-ar ked. (-in trade) ziydnr^ tdtcdi^, 

Loser, s. pa-^r, bdelUnei. 
Loss, •• ziydn, tdmdn, nuq^dn, trota, tola/. 
Lost, a. ftruk, put; bdelalai. 
Lot, 8. qismat, na^ib, balJjt. (share) braMa-, tvand. (die) Usk, pu^a, qur^a. 
Lottery, 8. qur^a-bdzl, skara. 
Load, a. Ucj^aVditdz, shor^ndk, tdo^jaru 
Loudly, ad. pa tdo sara. 
Lounger, s. nd^rdet ; ki^raL 
houte, B.spaga. (-mt)nW;a. (crab-) ftr^ro. 

(cattle-) koQT, kanai, kaiia, nrddza. 
Lousy, a. epagan. (mean) gandak. 
Love, v.n. mayan-, ^d^iq-, etc ked. V4U 

iwlwa-, muhabbat', 'i^kq-, etc. laral or k. 
Love, 8. mina, muliabbat, *lskg\ mayan'tob, 

'ishqbdzl, d^nd-l, ydrl. 
Lovely, a. Hhkulai^ kkltciyastak, pt^'tna&ai 

or pa-hmaMoi 
Lover, s. ydr, dsknde, may an, *dshiq, m*adkltq. 
Low, a. kaz, Idndai, kkhkatak^ lor, past. 

(mean) epuk, dan, gandak. (-stature) 

mandarai. (-Tpnee) wcl, arzdn. (-spirited) 

malal, zakir (-breed) kam^a^l, Idndai* 

Sdt, pdsU. 
Low, v.n. g^urdedal, gkurunbedaL v.a. 

narat, ndrar, dardn^, etc. wakaL 
Lower, a. kkhkatanai, kdz, lor, Idndai. 
Lower, v.a. kilzan:ul, kkhkaiak-. Idndai-, etc. 

k. ; (itawul. (lessen) v.a. epukamU^ 

kamawul. (as the sky) v.n. toredal, 

titedal. (frown) v.a. brandofcul, brand 

Lowland, 8. eama, matddn ; takana. 
Lowly, a. gliorlb, kamln, lia^. 
Lowness, s. kUz; iMkatak-, etc. -wdlai. 
Loyal, a. Mmr^M^^dk, nfaj!&*ddf, namak* 

Lucid, a. fdf, spin ; (sargand, ktkkdrak. 


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( 274 ) 


Luck, 8. bafit^ qhmat, nasib. 

Lucky, a. bakhtdttar, barakati, nek-bakkt. 

LiicratiTe, a. sUdman, /dida-man, nafa-ndk. 

Lucre, s. duniyd, daulat, mdl, sUd. 

Ludicrous, a. hitandd*ndk^ rcashti^ foql* 

Lug, v.a. Tdhdyjul — rdkkhhal^ kashdla k. 

Luggage, 8. asbub, partal ; baid'batar. 

Lukewarm, a. tar am. 

Lull, v.a. lala-hf la/o-, (dfa-J, dltig'ttlnga-l-^ 

etc. k.\ khob'^ drdm-^ etc. rdwral; dam- 

arvul, uda/i k. ; saraTvtil, kamawtil. 
Lumbago, s. tsak. 

Lumber, s. bald^batar, be-kkhaif nd-paltdr. 
Luminous, a. rokkhdn. rUni. 
Lump, 8. ffhatai, ghUndUrai^ pera^ dkaka-i, 

chakra-u (all of a-) sat'but, aluwal. 
Lunacy, s. lenan^tob^ saudd. 
Lunatic, 8. Icwanai, saudd-h 
Luncheon, s. nihdrai^ mcara-l, da paste 

Lungs, 8. aagiai^ parpHs. 
Lurch, v.n. t±avgzan hed. 
Lure, v.a. ghxdaKul^ tagal\ pa dalbe nJmd, 

pa tam^e- or pa tdvibe-, etc. nlwuL 
Lurk, v.n. ghalai kkhhcndstaL putcdal. v.a. 

pasUncU', tsqrvai-, etc. nlfvuL 
Lurking-place, a.pasunai, tjawai, pufganorl. 
Luscious, a. l>^ogif Ihitand'ndhf maza'ddr. 
Lust, 8. sla/trraff mMCi, nas, naus» 
Lustful, a. shahcat'ndkf mast. 
Lustre, s. raijrd^ {/^«'«^» brcWtnd. 
Lustrous, a. rtftjr^ brelkh-ndk. f/zalak'tidk. 
Lusty, a. zordicar, tutrdnd, qvivat^ndk, tan* 

drust ; maf/hzan^ goyar^ hatah^ per, iJid^. 
Lute, 8. shpela4, bindloA. 
Luxuriance, s. prcmtnif zigdti, fcaddnl, der* 

fvdlait dfmdl. 
Luxuriant, Si.prcrcdn, ziydt^ ttaddn^ der. 
Luxurious, a. nafs-parast^ drdm*talab. 
Luxury, s. mor^igd^ drdm4hfd. 
I^ynx, 8. prdng*p}sh. yUz 


Mace, 8. amsd, larvar^ ddng, ddngora-x^ gruZp 

Macerate, v.a. i/iurlnawul,pastan:ul, iliiis^t- 

amil^ land sdtal. 
Machination, s. band^ tara, Jorikkhi. 
Machine, s. M/ai, hatiydr. 
Mad, a. lervanai, saiidd-l^ Musiai. 
Madam, s. blbi, merman. 
Madder, s. rodang majlt. 
j Madness, s. IcTvan'tob, saudd. 
Magazine, s. zak/iJra, khazdna^ ganj. 
Maggot, 8. chtnjai^ klkkhau 
Magic, ^.jddU, hoda^ sifir. 
Magician, %,jadiVgar, kod-gar^ sijir-gar. 
Magistrate, s. hakim, ^afnal^ddr. 
Magnanimity, s. himmat, zreh. 
Magnanimous, a. himmat-ndlc^ zrah-vrar. 
Magnet, s. dhan-rubd, chumbak-kdnrai. 
Magnificence, s. raunaq, dabdaba, tamtardq. 
Magnificent, a. raunaq^ddr. 
Magnify, v.a. zh/dfawulf ghat-^ he-^ etc. k. 

(praise) stdgal^ sand fvayal. 
Magnitude, s. foe-, ghat-^ star-, etc. -ivdlau 
^laid, 8. jhia-l, pcghla. (bond-) mn<ha, 

kanlza. (servant-) mazdUra^ chara-l, 

sakefa-l. (bride's-) rtrcyaza or Kre-aza^ 

Krd'bdnraA^ mdnja-i, Inga. 
Mail, 8. zghara ; dialqat^ zira. (a man in-) 

Maim, v.a. gudawul, khUgamd^ karam k. ; 

jobalawuly ghwutsayvul, zam^zmolai k. 
Maimed, a. gud, Ihug. Jobal, ^wuts, karam^ 

zam'Zmo/ai, zal/jml, parhdr'jalaif parkdr* 

jan, rndt^gudf sukruk. 
Main, a. irrnnbanai^ awn^alanai, wrSnbai. 
Mainly, ad. akfiar^ ziydt^ der, f/hdliban^ 

Maintain, v.a. iqrdr-f d'atva-, etc. k. ; tvayal. 

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I 275 ) 


(derend) Jp^i^ra/, Hundl k. (support) par- 
fcaral, pdiai, $&taL 

Maintenance, s. rozl^ f^icurak^ pancar^h. 

Maize, B.jrcdr, ^at-jwdr. (ear of-) fca^. 
(ear cooe of-) skaia-h 

Majeilic, a. shdla,bdd$hdhl\ loc^ sh^tf ^azim. 

Majeety, 8. daCdaba, raunaq^jaldt; lia:^rat; 

ilajor, a. loe^ wa.shar; zi^dt, aJi^ar. 

Make, y.^.jora)cul^ kwrcul^paidd k. (-amends) 
tdtcdnrcarka^cuL (-away with) n;n6ian?tf/, 
putatcul; fcajlal^ mur karuuL (-good) 
parah', €uld', etc. k. (-known) MabararcuL 
(-of, or understand) pohedal. (-out) Uar- 
t/andaicul, Ikhkarah-^ daryd/t-^ etc. k. 
(-over) spdrnl, pdslatcul, ffwndral. (-sure 
oO yarjln gaural. (mix) gadawuL (-up, 
as a quarrel, etc.) palhuld k., pcdkkhalf 
fTcdH'h'prandi k. (collect) tola/vuL (-to- 
wards) Mrcd'ta-, lori'tor^ etc. tlal^ldfoL 
(-roucli oO ndzawul, nmdndzal. 

Make, s. shakl, daul^ ^itrat. 

Maker, s. joroitunJiai. (in comp.) -gar 
'Sdz, 'kdr^ 

Making, 8.jorawana, sdMt. 

Malady, s. 7nara^, dzdr, blmdri, randz, nd* 
jof'tiyd, nd'ro^'tiyd. 

Male, a. nor, ndrlnak. (-of cattle for breed- 
ing) s. mlndah or hoxdah. (stallion) turum. 

Malediction, s. kkhera^ bad'd'ud^ Vanat. 

Malefactor, s. gundhgd;r^ bad^hdr. 

Malevolence, s. IJtJvd'badi, klna, badl. 

Malevolent, a. ^nvd^bad, klna'tvar. 

Malice, s. ktna, badl^ bugk^. 

Malignant, a. klna'tvar, bad. 

Malinger, v.a. bdjie^, lamghararl-, etc. k. 

Mallet, 8. molai, dabalai^ bandar, (washer- 
man's-) (spbdrai. 

Maltreat, Y.a. bad'Suluk k., bc'tna]^ k., walial. 

Mamma, s. aba-l^ ada-l, mor. 

^fammon, s. daulat, duniyd, nq/s. 

Man, •• sar<tt, Kogarai, ^a;i7at; ba^atp 

insdn, bandak. (wild-) bani'mdnU. 
Manacles, m. da Ids karU 
Manage, T.a. ^^alajvul, kafvul, sambdlawtd, 

tadbir k., bandtaroL 
Manageable, a. da karvulu, da sambdlawutu, 

etc. pa gdbu, gharlb; Mpuk^ dsdn. 
Management, s. kdr^sdzl, tadbir, inti^dm. 
Manager, s. kdr^sdz, pesh'kdr, ddrogkak* 
Mandate, s. hukm./'ikkhL 
Mane, a. rvragi, ydl, oWih ond. 
Mange, s. klidrikkht^pam^ pdn^ garg^pa-^ifiJu 
Manger, •• dU^cr. 
Mangle, v.a. mdUovul, kand^kapar*, tote* 

tote-, ^Ur-lat; ^ar«^fir-, dar-dar^etc. k. 
Mango, 8. am. (-tree) da am wana. 
Mangy, a. patnan, pa-^iMai, gargai. 
Manhood, s. dznsdnl, zalm-tob ; marOL 
Maniac, 8. lewanai, sauddri. 
Manifest, a. tsargand, kkhkdrak. barUer, 

$dhir. v.a. tsargandawul, kkhkdrah-^ etc. 

k.f kkkayal^kkhowuL 
Manifestly, ad« bartseran,pajdr or -^dkir. 
Manifestation, s. fsargand-tob, kkhkdrak^ 

ivdlai; t$kdr,jdr. 
Manifesto, s. i^(ikdr,jdr, izhdr-ndma. 
Manifold, a. der, bragh^bragh^ braghan. 
Mankind, a. sarcd^ jcagarai, gawai^ insdn^ 

Manliness, s. sarVtob, maran •iob, ndrln^tob. 
Manly, a. maranai, ndrlnak. 
Manner, s. sfidn, tour, toga, rang, gang, 

wcyka ; daul, ^dl'^al, tara^ 
Mannerly, a. sulakl, maMarvar, adabU 
Manners, s. ^dl, dddb, HoC'Ma^lat, maH* 
Manoeuvre, s. dal, Idhniati tadbir^ band; 

/areb, lamgharorX. 
Manor, s. dan:tarjdgir, mulk ; fcand, adorl. 
Mansion, s. koia, mena. (storied) mdnra-l, 

Manslaughter, s. niarg, M^^f g<iil* 

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Manslayer, s, qdiil, Milnl, marg hajvUti/ial. 
Mantle, 8, (manV) cliogha^ kozax^junga-hwri 

sharaA\ ltlnga'l,siamla,sjidL (woman's-) 

(sdJar^pardnaifpachorai, ^dyal^ odana-i, 

Manual, a. dasti, da Ids. a. kitdb. (in 

comp.) -ndma. 
Manufacture, s, dast-kdrl. jorihlhtf sahht. 
Manufacture^, B.jora7viln/:ai, kdrVgar. 
Manufactory, a. kdr^yhdna. 
Manure, a. Mra^ sard. 
Manuscript, a. dast4'haU, ; qalami kitdh. 
Many, a. rfrr, gai2r. (too-) ziydt. (how-) 

tsp, tsomra. (so-) kombra, dagkombra. 

(as many as) kombra ^L (-coloured) 

rangd-ranff. (-times) dcr (hala, rcdr-rcdr. 
Map, 8. nak/^kHa, naqsha. 
Mar, v.a, wrdnaitul, kkardb-, kabatak-^ etc. /•• 
Marble, a. mardaka. (-stone) marmar. 
March, s. kUcl^ fafar^jiand. (month) rhclar. 
Mare, s, dspa, mddydn. 
Margin, s. ghdra^ morga^ t±clma^ Uanda^ja-if 

Unnan. (-of a book) lidshhja. 
Marine, a. darydbl. 
Mark, s. nakkha; ddgh. v.a, na}s]>ha lagawxd\ 

ddgkajvul; na^ar^^kr-, etc. i. 
Marked, a. nakkha'ddr: ddgki; maskkdr. 
Market, s. bdzdr^ g(f^jf kata-f, mandka-U 
Marketable, a. bdzdrl; chalanh 
Marl, 8. mata'Midwrat mat'ma'zmalca. 
Marqnee, s. kkaima, dera. 
Marriage, s. rvddak, nikdii. (-feast) JMadJ. 

(-procession) janj^ wrd. (-male guest) 

jdnjlf fvrd'bdnrai, mdnjl. (^female guest) 

Ttrd^bdora-i, tvre-aza, mdnja-h (-gift) 

belak. . 
Married, a. (-man) vrddah-karai. (-woman) 

nddak'skarti. (under coverture) mar^Mi^a. 

▼•n. fcadedal. 
Marrow, 8. md^zak, mag^z. 
Marry, v.a. ?vada7vul, nikdb taral. (-a hus- 

band) tsakkhtan-f mc{ak', etc. k. (-a wife) 

kkkadj^a k. 
Marsh, ^.jaba. 

Marshy, a^jaba^ndk, lUnd, zyam^ndk. • 
Mart, 8. bdzdr, ganj^ kafa-l. 
Slartial, n.jarigl, lakkkkarL 
Martyr, s. shahld. 
Martyrdom, s. shalddat. 
Marvel, v.n. karigdncdal, karvgdn or hahdn 

ked,, rabrcdaL 
l^Iarvcllous, a« *ajab, ^ajlbf 'ajilbak, bad'ia. 
Illasculine, a. nar^ mrlnak, sarau 
Mash, 8. ogkra, attlb, dallya. v.a.paz wakal^ 
Mack, 8. 2^i(''da, (sera ; libds, sn'dng ; farcb^ 

bdiia, chaL v.a. parda-, etc. k. ; putarcul, 

Mason, a. raj, niimdr. 
Mass, 8. ghumla^ pcra* dakra-l; dala-U 

Massacre, s. qail, qatli^dmm. v.a. qatlawuL 
j\rassivc, a. loc, gkat^ star ; drilnd. (-person) 

liarls, ndpar^ pund, gagar. 
Mast, s. Vir, loc sian dajakdz. 
Master, s. kldKand, tsakkhtan^ merak, ndyak. 

mdWk. (-ofahouse)^^;'^^/^. (tutor) d/^tfn, 

ustdd. (school-) mulld, mtiallm. 
Master, v.a. Idnde L, sambdlarvulp barat 

Mastery, s. barai ; bttktfmat. 
Masticate, \ or Joyat, cklcJialp krap^ 

Mastiff, s. khadaU gkaf glarfsanavspau 
Mat, 8. pdzaU pukar, anderau 
Match, 8. (contest) ia^7, sL<^t' (equal) 

maklaUjorak^ginid, siydi ; sdrai, samsarai, 

kmn-fkolai. (gun-) patiUif bdfa-i. (fire-) 

.fkonfa-l; skUskaA. (marriage) kojdan. 

(-maker) rcbdr^ dal/df, niand^-garai. 
Match, v.a. bardbaramd, joraitul, laganml; 

jangafcul. v.n. bardbaredal, Joredal, la- 


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( 277 ) 


MateLlees, a. be-mi^dl, be^siydl, bc^na^lr, ^ 


Mate, 8. tnal, malgarai^jorah^ ydr. 
^Material, 9L.jismi, tanadar ; :iararf grdn. 
Matcriala, 6. kdti, hatydr^ asbdb, Bdmdn. 
Materially, ad. der, ziydt, nVtdyat. 
Maternal, a. moranai. (-relation) 8. fnor» 

Mathematics, 8. *ilm da riyd^U 
Matrix, 8. qdlib, sdntjia. 
Matrimony, 8. jcddah. (state of-) icddah-tiln. 
Matron, s. mor^ merman^ blbJ, spln'Sara. 
(-of a house) liorbana. (-under coverture) 
Matted, a. arjalbarjal^ tsapolai, nhkhatau 
Matter, s.jism, vidda^jauhan (affair) /or, 
ybabara. (thing) (mZs 'di^u (pus) zhta 
or zatca, zaliUb^ rash, (dirt) Ihlra^ di^rk, , 
ch il'Jjau (concern) yhara:^. 
Mattock, 8. koddta-l^ sakkltsora, saspor, 

Mattress, a. toldA^ nlhdtl, to.^^k, taltak. 
Mature, a, poJsh^ pdrah, kdmiL 
Maturely, ad. pajikr-, yhaur-, etc. -sara. 
Maturity, s. pohhitdlai^ kamdL 
Maul, v.a. itahal^ takdicul^ kdtul, vidlaitut. 
Maund, s. vian, las daroru 
Maw, B.jajilra. 
Mawkish, a. balmanyah or balmayai, be* 

Maxim, s. matal, tcayai, gdndn, musla. 
May, %.jeU 

Maze, 8. kaga-itaya^ pech*o»lJiam. 
Meadow, s. tvarsho, (Jiatnan, kurHyh. 
Meagre, a. dangar^ narai, rangai, maliin. 
Meal, 8, orak. (fine-) maidak. (coarse-) daL 

(rice-) ^amacJia. (pulse-) rdra. 
Mean, a, baMfd, shdm ; spuk^ ddn ; landai- 
zdCfkam^a^l; manJzwai^divsat. s. mandz. 
Mean, v,a. tnanJ-f maflab-, etc. laral; 
gafd i. 

Meander, v.d. girzedal, pechedaL 

Meaning, 6. nCanl, mallab ; ga^d, mudd*d. 

Meanness, 8. bakkJtl^ skUm-fcdlai, spuk^tiyd. 

Means, 8. ^nianfat^ tvaslla, fcdsifa ; iabala. 
(property) panga, saga, mdya ; >iid/, ^Jorft. 
(manner) n:a/^a,.«//d«,rawy,£awr. (by no-) 
fietS'ctiare, kruL (by what-) pa tsfl. s^dn. 

Measles, s. sianif, soi^a'tna^a. 

Measure, v.a. ?«cri-, kaiji-, etc. k. (weigh) 

jokal, talal. (divide) ite.^al. 
Measure, 8. medlipkach; tol, anddza^ joka^ 

fccsh. (action) kdr, chat, band, tarkib. 

(grain-) kutai, ogai, dara-h (verse) tvazn. 

(-in mudic) idl, tang, (-for Itmi) pa-arai. 

(beyond-) ad. la (tadda tcr. 
Measureless, a. be^katJi, bc^anddzah, be-badd, 

bc'shdn, bc'qyjds. 
Meat, 8. f^icaUha. (food) IJjiturdk, doilorl, 

Mechanic, 8. kasb-gar, pc^Jia^itar. 
Mechanism, s. tarkib.joriHhtf sd^tagh 
]iledal, 8. iuf/hma ; nakkha. 
Meddle, v.a. ^/a/a^ k.,ld^ lagarvul, -d^awul, 

•KaT'wral, etc. 
Medial, a. viandzrcai, miydnak. 
Mediate, v,a. grcdkkhal, gicdkkhgranii k. 
Mediation, s. gtcdhh ; sipdrlsh. 
Mediator^ a. givakklfgrandaii mafufz^garoL 
Medical, a. iibbt. (-man) s. tabib. 
Medicine, s. dand, durd, durmal. (science 

of-) libb. (practice of-) fibdbat, UUflbL 
Mediocrity, s. nof^gari'tobt ausaU 
^Icditate, \.9L.Ji/ir',gkaur', andekklind-f etc. k. 
Medium, a. niandzfcai, miydnak. 8. KOStUn^ 

kdnifa, nianfai. 
Medley, s. gddcra, argajak, gad'Wad. 
Meek, a. liala/if g^arib,past, norm* 
Meekness, s. balim'iob, g^aribi^posUKdhd. 
Meet, a. plrzo, nCtjib^ mundsib, Id-iq. 

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( 278 ) 


Meet, v.n. pelHedaL rvrdnde^, mWyd-, etc, 

ked.;Janyedal, lagedal, yo-dzde ked. (find) 

y.a. mUndaL 
Meeting, 8. mojM^ tolai; mufdqdt, dldan; 

jirga^jumaat. (-place) horjal^ tikdo. 
MeelneaSf 8. pirzowuna^ plrzo*rcdlai, Id-iq* 

Tcdlai, mundsibat. 
Melancholy, a. ^amjan, maldl; sandd-i. 

8. nul^ gham ; saudd^ 
Mellow, a. po/Jf, kkurin, pos ; patali. 
Melodious, a. fJjil.^*dwdz^ fikUsk'bdnff. 
Melody, 8. sarod^ badalta, tardna. 
Melon, 8. (water) hindrtdna^ tarlUza. (musk) 

MarbUza ; dastamboL (sweet-) hhafakai, 

sarda, kand-ydlai. (wild-) kdkora, kdU 

kunda-l. (bitter-) tarMiCt kdJiorcu 
Melt, v.a, nlti k. ; oba k. v.n. wlti kcd. ; 

Member, s. (-of the body) anddm, band. 

(partner) sharlk^ brakha-lhor. (-of an 

assembly) tnajfisl, jirgatU. (clause) juz, 

Membrane, 8. parda, jdhA. (-of belly) 

spehlhta. (-of the heart) dzdn^ihwaL 
Memoir, s, ta^kira, (arvdrlkk. 
Memorable, a. qdbH" or Id-iq daydd. 
Memorandum, s. ydd'ddskf, ydd*gdrl. 
Memorial, B.ydd-gdr; *ar:;l, darHrcdst. 
Memory, s. ydrf, t'jfz. 
Menace, v.a. ratal, tratal, dabamd, ddral. 
Mend, v.a. joraivul, ragharcid. (-clothes) 

bczal, pczal. x.n.jorcdal, raghedal. 
Mendicant, e./aqlr, gadde ; tdlxb 
Menial, s. nokar, dknrai, tnazdar. 
Menses, s. bat;;, zarUki. 
Menstrual, a. bai:;u (-woman) hai^^ddra, 

ftdi^a, bilmdza. (-cloth) derdn. 
Mensuration, 8. mecht kac^. 
Mental, a. bdfini, qalbl. 
Mention, v.a. yddawul; tcayal, Habaraivxil. 
Mercantile, a. da sauddgari, tijdratl. 

Mercenary, a. 1Jipuhghara%^ duniyd*parastp 

zar'ds^nde. (-soldier) mld^tar. 
Merchandise, s. mdljivis, saiidd ; sauddgarl, 

banj, bipdr or napdr, tijdraU 
Merchant, 8. saudd^gar, rtapdfif banjdrl; 

set ; pardctak. 
Merciful, a. mom*d!l, ralm-dU. (-God) 

rahim, ralimdn, kafim. 
Merciless, a. be^rakm, bc'dard* 
Mercury, s. pdrd, alrndb. 
Mercy, 8. rahm, rabmat^ I'krvd'kkugJ. 
Merely, ad. sirp, sump, ta-ask, kJjdlltfaqal^ 
Meridian, s. gkamia, taka^ira^gharma. 
Merit, 8, /^ayy, qadr, yarz ; ^awdb. 
Meritorious, a. wdjib, td-iq ; farrdbh 
Merriment, 8. ikhddlf l/n'^-sk-hdllt l^andd, 

Merry, a. klhdd^ Widd-man, JJiUsh^hdh 

Mesh, 8. toTf jdla-l, shabaka. 
Mess, 8. qaiagk, ngolui. (-of herbs) sdgttnaL 

v.a. bdnda-VrtdJl k.\ ^t7ka k. 
Message, s. Ikabar, paigkdm, karya. 
Messenger, s. astddzai, qdsid, karkdrali. 
Messmate, 8. kdnda-vftdl 
Metallic, a. kdnu 

Metaphor^ 8. mhdlp majdz, kindyaU 
Metaphysics, s. *ilm da maujuddt. 
Mete, v.a. tveskal; mcdi-, kach-, etc. k. 
Metempsychosis, s. tandsu^. 
Meteor, s. luk, laka-l, sJ^ughla. 
Method, 8. taritb, ^dn, rang, daul, ^ikmat, 

toga, yang ; taur, tariqa. 
Methodise, v.a. tarCibawuL 
Metre, s. tcazn, medk, mizdn. 
Metropolis, 8. pde^ta^t, ddru'lmulk. 
Mettle, B.garand'Tvdlat, tund'7vdlaii mardna. 
Mettlesome, a^garandai, tund,tez; tnaranoL 
Mew, v.a. miydw k. 
Midday, s. giarma, takanra^g^arma, nima* 

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( 270 ) 


Middle, ft. man^fcaif miydnaA. •• tnan^^ or 

mt/anjz, (-finger) mandza^gUta. 
Middling, a. nlmgajrai^ hose. 
J^Iidge, 8. rndsfioi, ghamdsha. (yinXtt) jak, 

Midnight, 8. nJma'S^pa, ^Uma* 

^lidst, a. mandzTvai, miydnah. 

Midway, s. nlma'ldr^pa Idru 

Midwife, 8. qdbila, dd-l. 

Mien, b, (si/ira, ^Urat; ranj^ daul; chdl,ytln. 

Might, 8. qutvat, zor, kos, tundn, bram, 

Mighty, a. zordicar, ma:;bat, tmcdnd, qajcl. 
Mitigate, v.a. kada tvral, kgdal^lckkJial, 

kuch'f naql't etc. k. 
Milch, a. langa^ paA'fcara. 
Mild, a. liatlmt norm, pos, khogi ; cman. 
Mildew, 8. chanrdsaf ciiota-U 
Mildness, 8. l^atimUob^ nannl, poS'Tvdlai, etc. 
Military, ti.janyh lakkhkan. 
Millc, 8. pa-i^ ^audak. Csour-) ihc^idak, 

pranr* (curdled-) rndstcL (butter-) 

shomle or shionbe, Mta-arerau \whey) 

tarjte. (candle-) malar or maira, kara. 

(-pail) doara-t, lajvaghUruu (-maid) tj^(h 

hana. (-man) ghqbah. (-and water) la»fu 

(first-) Ttar^h. 
Milk, v.a. Iwas^al. 
Milkless, a. Tvucha, zdrorl. 
Mill, 8. (hand-) meqhan. {^dXet-) jaranda^ 

dsiyd. (oil-) ydnra-i. (-stone) da mc^ani 

Miller, 8. jarand-yarai, mu:!^d-garait dsiyd* 

Millet, 8. ghoWit. gdan, kdraJi. 
Million, 8. las laka. 

Mimic, 8. pekHc'gar^ malandcu, srcdngai. 
Mimicry, b. peWia. malanda, swdng. 
Mince, v.a. qlma-, fote'tofe-, reze^rcze-^ etc. 

^., fcarjal 
Mind, 8. zrahp dil, ^dn ; ^arjl, poka, pakm, 

hokkh ; Ij^Kdi gkara:;; fikr. roe; ydd. 

(presence of-) ausdn, baiddrl. (out of oneV) 

Mind, v.a. ydd laral, manal^Jikr-f etc k. 
Mindful, a. ydda^var^ lJtabar»ddr, ho kkhy dr. 
Mine, 8. kdai sxrang^ najab* pr« dzamdf 

Mine, v.a. kdn^kanal^ -kanaudal or -kanastal, 

s-ura/ig kuKuL (-a house) kandar mdCawul 

or k. 
Miner, 8. kun-kanilnkai; surang wakHnkait 

na'jab'Zan; kandar kojvUnkai. 
Mingle, v.a. gada>cul, laral^ raqawuL 
Minister, 8. (-of state) ttazir. (agent) tcakU, 

nd^ir, nd-ibt giondsj^tak, diwdn. 
Minister, v.a. Had/ttat k. ; uarkaicu 
Ministry, 8. Midmat. 
lilinor, a. kashar or hishar ; la-ag^ kam. 
Minority, s. kishoT'tobf fvuriik'fcdUd ; la-^, 

Minstrel, s. mulrib, sandar-bol, sarodt^ tnir- 

d.51, dam. 
Mint, 8. (ahdl, :;arb*Mdna» (the plant) 

n'and, ptldlna. 
Minute, s. la/iza, siCat^ dam. (note) ydd-gdr. 
Minute, a. iiaralf ma/nn, bdrik ; ptlfiu, pitsr 

Minutely, ad. pa tHaJi shdn sara. 
Miracle, s. kardwat, ttCujaza. 
Miraculous, a. ^ajab^ *oj'ib^ kardmatU 
Mirage, s. zardh. 
Alire, s. Mala, diikar, dhakraba. 
Mirror, s. d-lna, skiska, hhuldra. (-for tbe 

thumb) iliaskt, drsd-U 
Mirth, 8. kMddi, Mi^sh-idU, k/inakkkl^ 

Miry, a. ^ikran, Miatolan. 
Misapply, v.a. be^dzdc hgatvulp *ab€Li h 
Misapprehension, 8. nd-pokl, khatjOL. 
Misbegotten, a. ItardJHi, pa MH^ paidd, or 


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( 280 ) 


Miflbehaviour, s. bad-didl, bad-suluil, nd* 

Miflcarry, T.n. torukcdal. (abort) v.a. gcda 

jj^iirzawul, ziydn-, tdjcdn-, etc. i. 
MiscellaneouB, a. biyaljudd; be-tartlb, fad* 

Miscellany, s.juny, gadera^ arffajot 
Mischief, s. tdwdn, nitq.^dn, ziydn ; dunkh-^ 

manJ, badi; pasdt, shar, shardrat\ rvUa, 

Mischievous, a. mozl, muzirr, zit/dU'kdr, ta- 

Tcdhl; bad^Mardb.sharlr. i-hoy) wUakaL 
Misconduct, a. bad *amallt -kdrl, -^alan, etc. 
Miscreant, s. /;a/£r, bad'Zdt, marddd* 
Misdeed, a. gundh^ qu^Ur, taq^lr, tcabdl 
Miser, a. ^tZm, balJulf tang-dasU 
Miserable, a. khrtdr, tabdk, ^ardb^^astah. 

(worthless) nd-kdrah^ nd-tslz^ fid'kas. 
Misery, a. fJovdri, tabdhi, JAasgl or Mc^tagl^ 

nd'kaslp tangsiyd, nd-chdrl, muJTiH. 
Misfortune, a. dfat, bald, bad*, kam-, tor-, 

etc. 'bak/j(l, ndzila, mu^lbat, 
Mislay, v.a, rvrukatculf be-dzde kegdal or 

Mislead, v.a. g^xihwul^ gi^mrdh k. 
Mismanage, v.a. be-tadllrl k., tcrdnaivul, 

Miss, v.a. Mafd k. v.n. ter fvatal. 
Missing, a. put, tvruk. 
Mission, s. dstawuna, risdlat. 
Missionary, s. dstddzai. 
Misspell, v.a. pezaA-, kczgV, k'Jgh, etc. 

pa Mafd fcayal or -^. 
Mist, a. lara, dund, gard, gkubdr. 
Mistake, s. M^L^f biildita, ghalal. 
Mistress, s. merman, korbana; v{a.^Uqa, 

ydra, dshtidya, ^aurata. 
Mistrust, 8. shakk, bad^gumdn, tvistvds. v.a. 

skakk', etc. laraL 
Mistrustful, a. shakk^man, bad-gumdnJ, ids- 

fcdH, bc'Vtibdr, stdra'prettatai. 

Misty, a. dund, gard^jan, gAubdr^ 
Misunderstanding, a. nd-poAl, nd^poAml; 

tndnrai, marawaMlyd ; mlrM, badL 
Mite, B.pilicd, baUarai,piisdiirai; ridia. 
Mitigate, v.a. la-agamul; kamanul, iarawuL 
Mil, v.9k. gadamul ; laral, raqawuL 
Mixed, a. gad ; laralai. 
Mixture, a. gad, gddera ; murakkah* 
Moan, 8. zrcergai or zgenvai, bildtira, keng^ 

angakdr. v.a. zwergcd-, etc. k. 
Moat, 8. kanda, kdka-l, khandaq. 
Mob, 8. park, tolai, dala, ghol, gan^. 
Mob, v.2L.ger k., Isarawul or fu^dran^uL 
l^Iock, v.a. pekPhe k., k&andd pore k 
Mockery, a. pckk^a, Mandd, toqa. 
Mode, 8. shdn, rang, toga, ^Urat, foajkai 

chdl, (^alan, laur, dastdr, rasm, iariqa. 
Model, a. naqska, tianidna ; 7iakhha. daul; 

qdlib, kdlbutf v.a. pa nakkhe-^ etc. jora» 

Moderate, v.a. sarnbdiawul, kamawv 
Moderate, a. mandzwai^ miydnah, mufsdfiam 
Moderation, a. sabr, zgkam, parkez. 
Modern, a. namai, osamu, osan. 
Modest, a. skarm-, hayd-, ghairat-, etc. •ndk, 

skarni'Sdr ; nek, pak-laman. 
Modesty, 8. sharm, Ijayd, etc. 
Modify, v.a. sdrat-, etc. ftarkanul; bad- 

Modulate, v.a. ditdz jorawul, sarod k.^ 

tardna; sandara-, zamzamo-, etc. wayai. 
Moiety, a. nlm, nlmai, vlmdyah. 
Moist, a. IUtuI, zyam^ndk^ nam'ndk, nan^ 

Moisten, v.a. lUndaitul or lamdojcul. 
Moisture, s. Idnd-ftd/ai, zyam, nam, nam. 
Mole, s.potM, ghundaA, dera-l, kka-at ; dam- 

dama. (-of the skin) taapai, khdl. 
Molest, v.a. pdrawuf, rabrawut, zoral. 
Jilolestation, s. dzdr, rabar, tongdra, blos,elc. 
Mollify, v.a. narmawul, paatawul, saratvul. 

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( 281 ) 


liolten, a. irfA, wlil SawaL 

Moment, s. la^sa, dam, sd'at, drang ; parrpd, 

fikr^ gliara:^. 
MomenUry, a« UredUmd, nd-pdeddr. 
yLomeniouB,tL.drand,ffrdn,musikil; :;arilr, 

Monarchy 8. bddsh^h, amir, sultdn. 

Monarchy, s. bddshd/il, salfanat. 

Monday, s. pir^ guL 

Money, 8. rok, tanga, naghd or naqd, paisa^ 
rUpa-h (-changer) ^arrdf. 

Moneyed, a. daulal-tnan, dungd-ddr, tndl 
ddr, da rUpo paiso f^dwand. 

Moneyless, a. ta-as^ Ids, be-dauUU, mufli$. 

Mongoose, s. noUu. 

Mongrel, a. nlmd^aA, drvah^ragak. 

Monition, s. na^itiat, pand. 

Monitor, s. nd^if^, pand ?variajcUnkaL 

Monkey, s. blzo, skddo. 

Monopoly, s. Midsi^, saudd, ijdra* 

Monotonous, a. yaw'shdn, yaw^tcazn. 

Monsoon, s. par§hatcdL 

Monster, s. dew, dad, ratvai ; banr-mdnU. 

Monstrous, a. Iiaul-ndk, *a^lm, *aflb. 

Month, 8. mydskL (solar-, used with refer- 
ence to agriculture and the seasons, com- 
mencing at April) tvlsdkjct, hdr,paskal:dl, 
bddro, asil, kdiak, mangar, poll, mdh, pa- 
gan£, diaitar. (lunar-, used with reference 
to dates, festivals, etc.) JjioMin limcn, 
^ajara, wrUnbaA Mor, droayma Mior, 
driyma Wior, tsalorama Mor, da M^de, 
tnydskt, da sho qadr or da bardt mydsht, 
da roje myd^ht, da wurUki aJJitar mydsht, 
hLdh or miydna, da he akhtar mydsht. 

Monthly, ad. myd^i pa myd.^^t, mdh'tcdrl. 

Monument, s. tsalai, nikklidn, nakkha. (tomb) 
maqbara, qabr, JJidda. 

Mood, s. I^dl, shdn ; rang, Hoe. 

Moody, a. Ihapah, vialdt, sdf'bUf. 

Moon, s. spogma-h (new-) mydsht. (-less) 

tarcgma-L (-lighO spogmaA,, mftaaitk 

(-stroke) bar. (-struck) Lar*Kahal<d. 
Moor, 8. habshl, zangH. (marsh )^Aa. 
Moor, vau langar d^awul, lagavcut, taroL 
Mope, T.n. ghamedal, mlUdal; maldl kedoL 
Mopish, a. gham^jan, nH/'jan, maldL 
Moral, a. pdk, pdMzah, ntkohdr. a. nafliuU, 

pand; Id^il, g^arai^. 
Morality, s. nekl, nekokdrl, r'tlkkfln^tob. 
Moralize, T.a. pand tvayal, na^iliat KayaU 
Morals, s. nek^^alan, fiekohdn, slrai. 
Morally, ad. pa iaqq, pa rtkkhtiyd. 
Morass, s.jaba, bokkhtana^ taramna, yala. 
Morbid, a. J^ardb, nrdn ; vd'jor, nd'rogh. 
More, a. ziydt, nor. (-and more) nor ziydt. 

(-or less) la-ag ziydt. 
Moreover, ad« bal, balki, tvale, nor, sued la 

Morning, s. sahr or sahdr. (-star) starga. 

(to-morrow-) $ahd or ^ubha. 
Morose, a. sutb^t, bad-^Loe, trUc*ma^ 

twr^h-rQe, baJ^^lL 
Morrow, s. i^abd, ^ulJia. (day after-) l/uU 

Morsel, s. nn-ara-l, gola; pitsdnrai, pQtaL 
Mortal, a./dnJ, tluruii, teredUnai. (human) 

insdni, ba^arl, rcagarai. (deadly) qdtil^ 

kdri, haldhil 
Mortal,s.sarae, n:agarai,ganrai, irisdn,ba^ar. 
Mortality, a. ajal, marg, maut; sari^tob, 

baihriyat, insdniyat. 
Mortar, s. baghara-l. (cement) kunai, ga4^. 
Mortgage, v,a. gatna-, graw-, etc. k. 
Mortification, s. gazak, sMd-ndUu ; ron^, 

da zrah nitl, puskhdk. 
Mortify, v.n. gazak-, skhd-, etc. ked., wrast* 

edal. y.a. karan:ul, sedzat, dzdran^uL 
Mosque, %.jumd*at, ma^id. 
Moss, 8. da nano naran Mntari babar 

rcdkkhah chi da nano pa pot bdnde tukeg%. 
Most, a. ak^ar, ziydt. nlhdyat. 

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( 282 ) 


Mostly, ad. akftarf ziydd. a^lah^ ^dliban. 

Mote, 8. Hixs, i[hasaQ£(ti, k/jd^a. 

Moth, 8. or-pukkhtf patany; da zarako 

Mother, s« tnor^ aba-l^ ada-l. (-in-law) 

khwdkkhe. (grand-) nyd^ and. (great 

grand-) rcarla-and^ da nyd mor. (great 

great grand-) Id'tvarla-and, da nyd nyd. 

(step-) ba-an'THorp maira^mor. (-less) yasir^ 

bc'Tnor, mor-murai. (-of pearl) sipa-h 
Motion^ s. ^aroAatf Hwadzedaiia. 
Motive, 8. sabab, baO^^ maflab, mHjib, kabL 
Motley, a. bray.yag.^ dirag-brag^ brag-ydlai; 

gad-wad; rangln. 
Motto, 8. *aldma, nakkha. 
Mould, 8. qdlibf kdlbut, sdnrha. (mildew) 

zang, (Jtanrds^a. (earth) ^a«:ra. (manure) 

Mould, Y.VL. jorawul^ tandal, silrat-, daul-, 

etc. war/:awuL 
Moulder, v.n. sharhedal^ 7vrostcdal, IJidrtrc 

Mouldy, a. zangjan, dianreshan. 
Moult, v.a. kur'iz k., rajawuL v.n, rajedal. 
Mound, s. dera-l, ghunda-tp potai, Ma-^t, 

rdsha, rashaka^ tail. 
Mount, v.n. ihatal. (-upon) sparedal. v.a. 

liejaitul. (-a jewel) ^'arao k. 
Mountain, 8. ghar^ koh. (-ridge) ghdkkhaK 

kamar. a. ghartsanai^ kohistdnl. (-goat) 

8. gkartmh. 
Moun taineer,8. kohistdnai, ro/tUaigkarfsanai. 
Mountainous, a. gkartsan, kokistdn. 
Mourn, v.a. jaral^ wlr ^., n:aind wayal. v.n. 

karedaU nUledal^ ghamedal. 
Mourner, 8. nlr^jalai^ gham^hhor. 
Mournful, a. wJr-ndk, gham-ndk. 
Mourning, 8. n:lr,jard; gkam, nal; naind 

Mouse, 8. magakHrai. (-hole) sUra. 
Mouth, 8. ^tf/a. (small-) JJiUlga-l. 

Mouthful, 8. njcara-l. mara-l, gala. 
Move, v.a. JchJtadzajtuL v.n. J^na^edaL 
Movement, s. liarakat^ Mn:adzedana. 
Mow, v.a. lau k., rawdal, rebaL 
Mower, s. lau*garau 
Much, a. der, prercdn. s. prewdnl, der 

ndlaL (how-) tsomra. (so-) hombra. 

(so much so) tar daghah pore. 
Mucilage, s. ^ir, salekkh. lefa-l, Vudb. 
Mucilaginous, a. salehkh-ndk^ lakajan. Vudb* 

ddr, ^iran. 
Mucus, s. laha, Vudb. (-of nose) kapneza^, 

kaur, kharmat, grang. (-of bowels) ramay 

rap. (-of urethra, etc.) maza-l. 
Muck, 8. sara, derdn, Mxrai, ra.^i. 
Mud, 8. Idha, Mata, chlkar. (-for building) 

Muddy, a. ^atolan, JJia-ar, chikran. 
Muffle, v.a. n^/haral-^nyhakkltal^ putawul^ 

Mug, 8. piydla, handolotai. 
Mulberry, s. tut. (royal-) sh^h^tut. (seed 

\es^')be'ddnati{t. (XAvlcV-) tor-tat. (white-) 

spin-tat. (grey-) bor^Ut. 
Mulct, v.a. td^cdn-, ffagJio', etc. dk^istaL 
Mule, 8. MaiJ^ar or kachar, qdtir. 
Multiform, a. rangd-rang. 
Multiplication, 8. bragh^ ^arb^jor. 
Multiplicity, s. prcndnl, der-ndlai. ziydt* 

Multiply, v.a. ;?ari-, bragh-^ etc. A., bi^db- 

joranul. (increase) v.a. ziydtamul, nadd- 

nafV'il, dcrawul. v.n. :^iydtcdalfftaddncdaly 

Multitude, s. lakkhkar^ pauz ox /aig^ dala^ 

gawr ^alq or -dlam. 
Mumble, v.a. bar-ba^-^pxiS'puS'fgunz'gunjl'r 

etc. k. 
Mummy, 8. numiyde. 

Munch, v.a. krapawuljowul or joyal, ^Id^aL 
Mundane, a. duniydA. 

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( 283 ) 


Munificence, s. saMl'tob^saMdfcat, bahiboM' 

Munificentt a. sa^lf saMdfcatip bakhhana 

Murder, 8. marff^ Han, qatL (price of-) 
c£/ya^ T.a. M^^'f etc. k., mur A., fvajal 
or TcajlaL 

Murderer, 8. Mi^nl^ gdtil, marg AafvUnkai. 

Murderous, a. Hiin'M?vdr, ^UndraL 

Murky, a. tor, dund, tlrah, pard-Jan. 

Murmur, v.a. bar^bar-, taMar-, etc. A. 
(complain) mdna-, gila-, etc. k. (-aa a 
brook) jur-jitr k. (as the belly) qur^qur 
k. 8. (-of conversation) gangUsai, pus-pus, 
zttag'ZnUg^ kkhkdlfca. 

Murrain, s. tak, fak'Sarau 

Muscle, 8. g!i7tafikli(it lindaA. 

Muscular, a. ghivalkha-ttar^ gagar, mazai, 

Muse, yA.Jil:r k. y.n. Jikr-man ked. 

Museum, s. *ajd'ib*Midna. 

Mushroom, a. i^a-arcrai, gUmdnda, samd- 

Music, s. sarod, zanizama, tardna. 

Musical, a. sarodl, Mu^'dfcdz. 

Musician, a. sarod-gar, mufrib, dum, mlrd^ih 

Musk, 8. mid'l'hk. (-pod) musi*kunda-u 
(-rat) muhWiai magah^ mul^kj^kln magak. 

Musket, 8. topak^ bandnf^. 

Muslin, 8. malmal. 

Must, V. imp. boga cJii, zarHr or Idzim dai 
dii. (he must do it) boga vhi tvu e kawl 
or hu Must is also expressed by using 
the past participle of the verb with boya. 
Ex. (it must be done) krellai boya. Or 
it is expressed by using the infinitive alone 
with the third person singular present tense 
of the auxiliary yam. Ex. (we must go) 
mUnga ta tlal di. 

Mustardi 8. ^ai\?//am. (wild-) anrrat. (-tops) 

gAandat. (-seed) mandaw. (-threshed 

stalks) kdmbura. 
Muster, y.a. ^meral, ^mdrat, ^dn vfycuL 
Musty, a. wrost, sMd ; d^anre^an. 
Mutable, a. nd pde-ddr, be-galdr. 
Huie,%.gung,lal; ^up^^loL 
Mutilate, v.a. mdtawul, prckawul, i^ardb k., 

jobalarvul, ghitu^anul, karam k. 
Mutineer, s. ydghl-gar, pa^tU 
Mutinous, h.ydgAl, sar^kakkh. 
Mutiny, t.ydghxgarl, balttd, poidL 
Mutter, v.a. bar^bar-^ tar-tar'^puS'pia-^elo.k. 
Mutton, 8. da ga-ade ghrrakkha. (shoulder 

of-) KalaL (leg of-) patUn. 
Mutual , a. da dfcdro palo or -lorlo or -J^do ; 

Mutually, ad. yatv bulsara, ^abla. 
Muzzle, 8. poza^ UrbUz^ tambez. (-for the 

mouth) tambUzak^ tambezau kortn. v.a. 

M*vla bandawul, (ambSzak, etc. taral or 

Myriad, s. las zara ; tUmdn. 
Myself, pr. zai Mpul, H^puldzdn. 
Mysterious, a. put, nd-nCalUm, g^drih. 
Mystery, a. ghdAb, pufa-^abara. 


Nail, 8. me^f, mogau (-of finger, etc.) nuk. 
Kail, v.a. takawuL (pay cash) rok narkoKuL 
Naked, a. barband or barmand, Ints. (stark-) 

lUtS'pUti, lut^'fapaf, lUU^la^ar. 
Nakedness, a. barband-tob, laghar'tob, lU^ 

Name, a. nUm, ndm. v.a. nHim kegdat or 

tk&kegdaL (mention) nilm d^istat, ydda* 


Named, a. nftmcdah, nUmdndoL 
Namely, ad. yane, ma^lan, ganre. 

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{ 284 ) 


NamcsaVe, s. fiam-ndm, pa ndmah sh^rlk. 
Xap, 8. ink. (sleep) Ihob, parnd^ vhurU 
Nap, v.a. llob-f paxna-t etc. icraL v.n. 

}ihoh zangcdal. 
Nape, 8. t±at\ tcaja^ 
Napkin, 8. rUe-vidl, dast'tnaL 
Narration, a. baydn ; (jh^a, ratvdyat, naqL 
Narrator, s. imq'il, qhi^a harcUnhai. 
Narrow, a. tang. v,a, tangarvul. v.n. tang- 

Narrowly, ^ salddl sara ; pajihr aara. 
Narrowness, 8. towy-z^-a/ai; tangsiyd; baMfd' 

Nasty, a. nd-ldrak, makruh^ kagatai\ nd-pdk, 

palit, I'Mran, murddr. 
Nation, s. jaw, ulus, tabar^Jirqa. 
National, a, qdmi ; fvafan-dost. 
Native, a. asll, ^fi^I ; natani, tmd/u, mldi/a(l. 

8. tvotani^ tvildgati, balad. (-country) 

wafan, fvildyat. 
Nativity, s. paidd-iHJitf zegcdah. 
Natural, a. r5(7, iaV-u (-son) b^Ji^dml. 
Naturalize, v.a, yhpulaitxd^ §har\k K 
Naturally, vlA. pa-lJ*pula. 
Nature, 8. Mioc, Ma,^lat, loHftaL mizffj, tab*a, 

tflbiat. (world) nara-i, duniyd, *dlam. 
Naught, 8. heis. 

Nauglity, a* b€Ld, ^hardb, vd-kdrak. 
Nausea, 8. rnVM-mVMai^ Aaha, hoc^ bd/ia-l, 

kra/ca, kfiZ^lidtoJi* 
Nauseate, v.a. chinjattul, kUz katal or -garal. 

v.n. tjlshjcdalt nukkhmUlh kcd. 
Nauseous, a. dwjan, kraka^ndk, bad'^rcand. 
Naval, zA.jafidzl^ dariydbU 
Navel, 8. na or nUnu 
Navigate, v.a.jakdz ^^alaKuL 
Nay, ail. nah, yah, dyd. 
Near, a. fdjdoL 
Nearness, 8. nijdekL 

Neat, K.pdklzah or pdzlkak, sddak, spetsalai' 
Neatness, B.pdktzagt, spctmltobtjordh. 

Necessarily, ad. kikdri, boya, Mftdk^mO' 

I Necessary, a. Idzim^ ^ardr^ bdedak, wdjih. 

(it is-) boya vhi^ Idzhn dau 8. didr'^oba. 

(to go to the-) an>das k. 
Necessitous, B.kdjat'man, muhtd;, darmdndah. 
Necessity, 8. kdjat^ :^arilr(U. 
Neck, s. jnara-i, gkdra, markandaA. (nape) 

Necklace, s. amel^ kdr, psoL (-ring) oga-h 
Necromancer, s. slhr-yar, kod-gar^jddil'gar. 
Necromancy, 8. sij^r^ koda^jddU. 
Nectar, a. db da liaydt, da koit^ar oba. 
Need, s. lidjat, ghokkht. :;arilrat. v.a. lidjat-, 

etc. laral, gfioWdaL 
Needful, a. Jidjat^man ; Idzhn^ :;arilr, paJidr. 
Needle, 8. sian. (eye of-) srcam or spam, 

(packing-) sparkhai. (knitting-) duk, 

Bimak. (-work) gamjalf skoe. 
Needless, a. 'aAa.5, be-Jd-ida, nd palidr, be* 

Needy, a. mulUdj, Jidjat'man. 
Nefarious, a. bad^ nd-kdrak^ nakkhanai. 
Negative, a. ?<a/<Z, nqfh v.a. man a-, nakiyor, 

etc. k. 
Neglect, 8. gkajlat^ beJUtn^ be-khabari, he* 

Negligent, a. ghdfil^ bc'khabar^ be^parwd. 
Negotiate, v.a. satcdl'dzaudb-^ nCamala^, 

jirga-t kdr^rozgdr-^ Miabara-^ etc. k. 
Negotiator, 8. dalldl^ rebdr^ mandz'garai. 
Negro, 8. laba-'^Iu^ zangh 
Neigh, 8. shashiu:ai^ katji. v.n. skaskuT^dal, 

Neighbour, 8. garvdndai, kamsdyak. 
Neighbourhood, a. gamdnd^ ^am. 
Neither, c. na yo na but. 
Nephew, 8. (sister's son) TJ^orore. (brother^ 

son) n:rdrak. (clansman's son) *azlZm 
j Nerve, a. pla, rag, tctya ; kimmat, zjek, 


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( 285 ) 



Nerveless, a. Ic-htrnmat^ be'Zreh^ nd'tnard. 
Nervous, a. yer-man. hardndtyaredUnkaU 
Nest, t^jdla, a-^iydna. 
Net, 8. (fish-)j*5/a. (hird-) jdf. (-for hay, 

etc.) (rayiffar, iorai, lad^ ^attta. 
Nether, a. /ar, lundai, kHz. 
Nettle, v.a. pdrarcul, tongarcut^ Mapah k. 

B.jatbapy. (-rash) larama. 
Never, ad. /lechare, Aado, keh-kala^ la^mra. 
Nevertheless, ad. fvaU/cm, moyar^ sara la de. 
Neuter, a. Affrai. (-verb) Idzimi. 
Neutral, a. biyal.jud^. 
New, a. narvai, tdzah, o$anai. (-cloth) Itora, ', 

shadala. bad daka. 
News, 8. Ihabar. (good-) zcrai^ sdr. (-paper) 

Next, a. ni/dai. (the-) bul. (-time) btyd. 
Nib, 8. UaAa, peza. (beak) maHhfll*^.. 
Nibble, v.a. chlchal. 

Nice, a. IhKandndk. maza^ddr. (accurate) 
julM, bardbar. jor. (fine) narai, bdfik. 
(delicate) ndzuk. 
Nicely, ad. pa maze kkhah shdn sara. 
Kiche, s. Idq, idqcha, darai, rap. 
Nick, s. barfikand^ JsLand, kandarc. (-of 

time) /awy, neta^ puk, mttda. 
Nickname, 8. laqab. 

Niece, 8. (brother's daughter) wrera. (sister's 
daughter) yhordza. (clanswoman's daugh- 
ter) ykor-lanxia. 
Niggard, a. baJJhxU ^iP.m, tapy*dast. 
Nigh, a. mjdep (sakha or khaUa. 
Night, 6. shpa. (all-) kara-vshpa^ (last-) 
beguh^ barayak, bcyana-h, paruna-t't bar- 
ana-i'f etc. skpa. (to-) nan'skpa, tnd- 
Ikhdm^ bcydk. (dark-) tora-shpa^ taro- 
grna-l. (moonlight-) spoyma-l^ raujfi* 
sipa. (-blind) ti. skafv^kor or skam^kor. 
(-blindness) slam-kor'tiyd. (-attack) sko* 
klan. (-watching) ^ato^glra. 
Nightingale, 8. bulbul^ kastUra. 

Nightmare, a. klapaza or kkapaidkau ramoL 
Nimble, a. ^aram/ai, ^lut. ^dfdk, tak-ldsiai, 

jolt. (ez. zykard. 
Nine, a. nakdn.{mx\i\\) nukam. (-fold) nuh- 

brayk, nn-^and. 
Nineteen, a nu-las. (nineteenth) nuk^fasam. 
Ninety, a. nawe. (ninetieth) nawiyam. 
'K\f,y.VL.skilkartuL (]^inch) skUndaL (-with 

cold) sedzat^ nakal. 
Nippers, a. ambUr, nUtjai. 
Nipple, 8. tai. 

Nitre, 8. kkkora. (nitrous) a. kkkoran. 
No, ad. na, yak^ dyd. (-one) hcM^k. 
Nobility, 8. arnir^ob^ sdrvU^tob^ skard/at. 
Noble, a. asfd^ sdwil^ askrd/; loe, g^af^ zbarg. 

8. amlr^ arbdb. Mdn. 
Nobly, a. amlr'A^dn. 
Nobody, s. kefs fsokf kets kas; nd^Mz. nd* 

ka$, Id ^ai. 
Nocturnal, a. da shpe. (-pollution) skaitdn 

Nod, v.a. sar fltarcuL v.n. khob zangcdat. 
Node, B.pdrsobf stayk, gkunddrai, fnargkarai. 
Noise, 8. gkag^ znag^ gkdw^ skor, fdiagk^ 
bdpg^ etc. (to make a-) gkagnmd^ dk^^' 
awnl^ zwag-f etc. k. V.n. gkagcdal^ ^ayk" 
Noisome, a. kagalai, gandak^ kraka-pdk, bod. 
Noisy, a. sJ^or^mdr^ gAag-mdr, skar^puskt, 

gkdrt^ndk^ zrvag^ndk. 
Nominal, a. kkiydlt^ ndmh 
Nominate, ▼.a. muqarrar ^., tvudratvul, 
kkhkenartnli ndm dMistat or -kkhayal^ 
Nomination, a. muqarrar kaKUtia. nudra- 

None, a. kefs. 

Non-existence, 8 niskf^ivdlai, nestU 
Non-existent, a. niskfah^ nest. 
Nonplus, v.a. kariydnawut, rabratvul fd* 
dzarvdl^f Id'd^dr*, band-, etc. k. 

Digitized by 




( 2S6 ) 

Nonsense, ii« wucta'pucha', ie^inJa-, dilza-, I Nonrisliing, s.pdlana, sdtana. a. qurcaU^ndk^ 
eic.'iliobara,qatdra,smara,iiti''pUi,elc. ! Jio\xns]imeni,9.panvari^,pdlana; ^curdk. 

Novel, a. nartau 8. jt^f a, naqL 

^^on8nit, v.a. bdelawul^ pa-af k. 

Nook, 8. ^fl/, gokkha. 

Noon, 8. (fharma, takuiira^ or iahanda'^arma. 

Noose, B.puU'dU/ia. ghamandai, jiiardsha, 

pa^ifcandai, /mmaud, zaYtdorl. (-of bair) 

lama^ lumaka. 
Nor, c. na. (nor one nor the other) na yo 

na buL 
North, 8. sham&l, qutb, kMai taraf. (-star) 

quOi %torax. 
Northward, a. qutb l^rcd or •lordi or -dada^ 

Nose, 8. poza. (-bag) tobta^ 
Nosegay, 8. guldasta. 
Nostril. 8. spcgma^ spenga. 
Not, ad. ita. imp. jna. (-vX vXX) la sara^ hado. 
Notable, a. mashhar^ nUm'fvar; Id-iq daydd. 
Notch, 8. barf^and^ igkand, nut. 
Note, 8. nahkha, 'aldmat. (letter) kfiafX, 

dnta-l. (bond) h^jjat. tamassuk. (voice) 

tardfta, bang, dfcdz. (musical-) ;rlr, trang^ 

fcazn. (memo.) ydd*dd,shU (marginal-) 

Note, v.a. q^i/dS'^JHir-, ghaur-^ etc. k. (write) 

txhal, kdgjul^hhhhaU darj k. (look) katal, 

goral, tidal, na^ar k. 
Noted, a. mashhdr^ nUm'War, ndm^ditr. 
Nothing, 8. kcts, kefs shai ; nd^tuz. 
Notice, 8* nazar, tikdz, muldli^a; tbabar^ 

iffjld*a,jdr. v.a. na^ar-, etc. k. 
Notify, v.a. iltabarawul^jdr rcakaL 
Notion, 8. Miydlf gumdn^Jikr, rtahnu 
Notoriety, a. znag, shuhrat, dndza. 
Notorious, a. ma^kur, nCalUm, tsargand. 
Notwithstanding, c. fvalckin, magar, sara la 

de, Aar tsqmra, bd'wujud. 
Ncnn, 8. urn. nUm. 

Nourisher, n.pdtankai, sdtUnkai, etc. 

November, s. magar. 

Novice, 8. shdgird, natvai dtnokhtah, kdd^ak. 

Now, ad. OS, dd s£at. (-adays) nan'Wrad^. 

Nowhere, ad. kcts-rharta, Aet^'dzde. 

Nowise, ad. hets-skdn, hets^rang. 

Noxious, a. ziydm, nuqsdni, tdttdnl, rnozl, 

Nudity, 8. barband'tob, IdtS'fvdlai. 
Nugatory, 8. *aba^, na kdrah^ Id ^dfil, be* 

Nuisance, a. nabdX, mo^l, muT^irr. 
Null, a. *aba^^, bdfil, spuk, Muskai. 
Numb, a. Udak, be-hiss. (with cold) qarqe- 

dian, marghechan. 
Number, a. shumdr or shmer, liisdb, *adad. 

v.a. shmeral or shmdral, ^isdb k. 
Numberless, a. be^skumdr, be-liisdb. 
Numeration, 8. shumdr or shmer, ftisdb. 
Numerous, a. der, ganr^fratdn, fcaddn. 
Nuptial, a. nikdlih (-ceremony) rcddak. 

(-knot) nikdh. (-song) Hhddiydna. (-feast) 

Nurse, a. dd-l. T.a. pdkU, tai ivarkawtd. 
Nurture, a. parwarish, pdlana. v.a. pdlal, 

Nut, B.jaiiz. (Nutmeg) jauza. 
Nutriment, ) a. M^^urdk, JdliJtdrah, gM:ifi, 
Nutrition, ) pamari^. 
Nutritious, a. qmvat-ndk, qwvat ba^UnkoL 
Nymph, a. hura^pari. 


(sign of Tocative), o, wo, ai, yd. in. dh, e, 

eh, he, hde. (in pain) wde, wd-U 
Oak, 8. balai. (-apple) ih&zU. 
Oakum, a. sa^fpaf. 

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I 2S7 ) 



Oar, fl« ^apa. 

Oath, 8. qasam^ saugand, ialcif. 

Obdurate, a. sakld^ be-dardp hc'ralimi fak- 

anrai, hodai^ Hpul-sar^ sar^kakkh. 
Obedient, 2l. /armdn'tcrUnlioi, liukm-manan- 

icd, tdbra'ddr. 
Obeisance, a. saldm, dddb ; sijda. 
Obelisk, a. mundra, tsalai, stan; ^aza or 

Obese, ^.perar^ tsqrb, ghat^ pund, Irvdr, per. 
Obey, v.a. manal, Ikuhn pa^^de rdivral, 

tdbra'ddri k. 
Object, a. sliai, tsiz ; ghara:i^f niyai, matlab. 
Object, v.a. 'wrr-, iaJirdT'^ lkuj;at', etc. k.; 

daregh i. 
Objection, a. ^uzr, ftujjat, iahrdr\ daregh. 
OUation, B.gurbdn, ^adga, dzdr; na:fr^ mjfdz. 
Obligation, t.far:^^ short, tcdjib ; neta, wdda, 

tara, bandanr, Iqf;^, qaul; tninnat, ^dfir' 

Oblige, v.a. mhinat*ddr-, Mdiir^ddr-, etc. L 

(force) zorat, be-7ca$ k. 
Obliged, a. mimtat-ddr^ ihsdn^man. 
Obliging, a. lihatir-ddr, maMiaicaritnihrbdn. 
Oblique, a. traiskan, hog^ krlng. 
Obliterate, v.a. tvrdnawul, tvruAa?vut, ttaliaL 
Oblivion, a. Jfcr-ndfai, nisiydn. 
Oblivious, a. her-man, beJUar, msydn^ka- 

Oblong, a. iigd* 

Obloquy, %.peghor, iulmat, tor, maldmat. 
Obnoxious, a. mozl, mu:;irr, bc'UdiCti (liable) 

shwUiilcai, Idndai, magklub. 
Ohscene,a.pach,parit, murddr^pahajr, nd^pdk. 
Obscure, a. tor, t'lrah ; dund, JJia-nr, gard* 

man, gard*jan\ put, nd rn'olUm; kam s^t 

or -a?/, or -nogai, etc. 
Obscurity, s. tydra, tor'tam, s^ulmat. 
Obsequies, B./dtiita or pdtd, Ids^nTrvak, iud. 
Obsequious, a. ^Ushdmad-gar, dlrpalai, jig* 


Observance, a. mak/i, udab, kMdmat i^amalf 

isi*imdt ; dasfUi\ ruhm, (artqa. 
Observation, a. iitf^ar,f/i<</d/w^a; lidakJtiUak; 

^abcura, wayai. 
Observe, v.a. kataf, goral, Udal, na^ar k. • 

manal; tcayal, k/tabara k 
Obsolete, a. gkair isfimdl, '^alan, "TtKoj, 

etc. mansUkh, band. bdiiL 
Obstacle, s. ar, band^ vkkJiatai, kariydb. 
Obstinate, a. tar-kakkht, Mipvl-tar, hodax, 

Obstreperoua, ^. jang-ydlai, ^ort, takanrai 

Obstruct, v.a. hatdlarcul, kariydbaKul, nkkj^fa* 

Kul, bandawul, maiCa k. 
Obstruction, a. or, band, nkkhatai. 
Obtain, Y.Vi.mandal,gatal, biyd-mUndal. vju 

jdrl ked. ; rhaledal, lagedal. 
Obtrude, v.a. dusa k. v.n. be-dzde nana- 

uatal, -rdyhlal, -preTvatal, etc. 
Obtuse, a. pa-ats or p-ufs. (stupid) pUhar, 

ka/vdan. (not pointed) ln:dr, gkat. 
Obviate, y.Vi.girzawtd, man* a k., Idr nlwuL 
Ohyiou8,iJLJ_sargand, Jckhkdrah, ^dJiir, bartser. 
Occasion, s. ker, pld, dzal, guzdr; nobat, 

ncta, mUda, nakht. (cause) to't$, Mobab 

(need) pa-kdr, :^arilr, giiara^. 
Occasion, V4u paidd k., rdwral, Mii/an^ul, 

ka/vut, kral. 
Occasionally, ad. kala-kala, kala-nd-kala. 
Occupation, s. kdr, kasb, mash^uld, didr. 
Occupy, v.a. mashghnlawul, lagawul, dzdyor 

icul\ dzde nltcul, d^istal, Idnde k.\ 

*€unal k. 
Occur, v.n. kedal, prewatal, ndzitedal, tcdqia 

ked. (-to tbe mind) yddedaU 
Occurrence, a. ndqia, ^al, ftddi^a, tUifdf. 
Ocean, a. baftr, qdh- or qdri dartydh. 
Ocbre, a. ziyara^lih^wra. (jted-) bagna^ 

October, a. kdtak. 

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( 288 ) 


Od(l, a. *ajab, ^ajtb. (not even) (dk or tag, 

(-and even) tak-o^juft. 
0dd8» %./arq, biyaUUn^ biyahtdlat, tqfartaU 

(strife) patna, steza. (gain) zor^ a^hlab. 

(-and ends) balde^bcUar. 
Ode, B.^azal. landa-l, sandara, chdr^bait. 
Odions» a. makrUk, kagaUd^ghdndah, hhardb^ 

nd'lhwakkh. nd'pasand, Mi'^^d^bad. 
Odium, 8. maldmat^ pcf^or^ tor, iuhmat; 

/una, badl, Mwd'badl. 
Odoriferous, a. Mtlsh-ba-i^ddr, bn-hndk. 
Odour, 3. bU'h bo or boe. (sweet-) JJiUsk* 

bU'l or M^^'boe. 
(Esophagus, 8. sra-ghdra. JStalq. 
Of, p. da. (on account-) dapdra dn. 
Off, ad. lire or /iri. (-hand) sam da idsa. 

(to go-, come-, etc,) T.n. lire /:ed. (to gc 

off, as a gun, etc.) v.n. M^dsedal, chaledaL 

(well-) a. mo^. (-and on) ad. kl-hhata'porta. 
Offal, 8. ajarai, larai; murddr; juta, pas* 

Offence, s. gundh, taqfir, TvabdL (piqued 

vmnrai, maraivar'tiyd; randz, Miapagl. 
Offend, v.a. gundk-, etc. A,, marawar-, etc. 

A*., ihapah'f etc. k. 
Offended, a. mararcar, ihapah, bezdr. 
Offender, s. gundh^gdr, taqfir%. 
Offensive, a. bad, nd'pasand, ihardb ; mozl. 

Offer, v.a. tcarkatcuL (sacrifice) qurbdn-, 
sadqa-, etc. k. (devote) nazr-, niydz-^ 
etc. gdal or lg.dal. (present) nazrdna-, 
pckkh'kaH'h'. etc. rtarkartul. (attempt) 
qa^d-, niyaU, etc. k. (propose) nayal^ 

Offering, s. qurbdn, ^adqa, (fzdr ; nazr, niydz. 

Office, 8. kdr, ^idmat ; 4ldc, *uhda, mansab. 
(-room) dajtar*hhdna. (good-) mWi^ 
mrasta. (bad-) bad»sulill\ badl. 

Officer, 8. sarddr, *ukda'ddr, mans^ab'ddr. 

Official, a. sarkdr}, Wtdmatl. 

Officiate, v.a. Ichidmat L^ nA-io-garl', qd-im- 

muqdml*, etc. k. 
Officious, a. karbarai, talwafai ; Midmatt 
Offspring, s. altcdd, zdw^dd^Jarzandt tung. 
Often, ad. ndr-Ttdr, bdr*bdr, der-dzala. 
Ogle, v.a. zarana-l'^dzlr^, etc. k.^pa^zaranorl 

katal, stargc nahal, pa*trats katcU. 
Oh, in. dhl eh! he! hde! ndel tcdh/ 
Oil, 8. tel. (-man) telaL (-press) gdnra-L 

(-cake) /iol^ (-jar) daba. (hair-) puUl or 

Oily, a. ghnat^ tehjan. 
Ointment, a. malham, paAa, tab. 
Old, a. zor.kuhand. (-man) spln-glrai, budd. 

(-iToman) spJn*sara, buda-l. (-age) zor- 

tiyd, zor-fcdUu. 
Olive, 8. tMona or JcJUiO^dna, zaitUn. 
Omelet, a. Hdglna. 
Omen, s. pdl. (good-) aMtar. 
Ominous, a. bad'pdl, bad'shugUn. 
Omission, 8. Mafa, qu^Ur, ter-tcdtah. 
Omit, v.a. terarcul, kerawul. pregdalm 
Omnipotent, a qddir, kirdigdr. 
Omnipresent, a. hd^ir'0»nd:^ir, Aar dzds. 
On, p. pa, bdndefpre^par, da bdnde, dapdsa, 

pre-bdnde. (in front) nrdnde, makhMhke. 
Once, ad. yaw ^al, -her, -ndr, -gu^dr, etc., 

yaivapld. l-hetore) paMn:d, fvrdnde. (at-) 

OS, pa tiki, pa de sd*at. (aH at-) yak- 

laMta. ndtadpa, tsat*fcat. 
One,a.yan?. (incomp.)ya^. ieY€ry')/iar-yan)* 
Oneness, s. yafv-fvdlai, yaktd-l. 
One's-self, pr. ^dn, ^ptd'^zdn ; naf$. 
Onerous, a. drUnd, grdn, mu^lAl, sak^t. 
Onion, s. piydz. 
Only, ad. sirp or sump, faqaU Md^, ta-a^. 

a. yawddzai, tsarak, biyal. 
Onset, 8. halla, tspt, guzdr, brld. 
Onward, ad. wrdtide, mdkk'hkhke. 
Ooze, v.n. tsdfsedal, wataL 8. IdJia, Hafa. 

(green-) Hbra-u (moisture) zyam, na$v. 

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( 280 ) 


Opaque, a. dnnd^ lia-ar^ yaBTp ff^* 

Open, a. prdtiitai, fed:::, arat. (clear) ^df^ 

spin, (apparent) tscuyandf tkhkdrah. (-as 

a door) lire or SrL 
Open, v-a. prdnltal, artarctU. (undo) 

spardal. (spread-) IhcaranuU ghvcara" 

khL (-as a flower) v.n. JJjttaredal^ 

^hfcaredal. (as a door) v.a. lire A. 
Opening, s. prdmtana ; sparaHhtana ; 

(flicaredana^ etc. (orifice) fJiulap sUra* 
Openly, ad. pa tsargand^ pajdr or -^dhir* 
Openness, s. art-ndlai ; (sas-jand-tob. 
Oi)erate, v,a. Mr-, 'amal-, pdzah-, a^ar-^ 

etc. k. 
Operator, s. Mr'kaKUnhai.JaHl ; kar-guzdr. 
Opinion, s. Jikr^ rdc^ iadlAr^ Miiydl, gumdn^ 

Opiniative, a. klpulrdc, llpul-sar, kibr-Jan. 
Opium, s. aplm, qfiyun, tiriydk. 
Opponent, s. 7nuddal, mulhdlif^ :;idd; duH-h- 

Opportune, a. viundsib^ juklji^ pa-dzde, pa* 

Opportunity, s. nakht^ tdng^ net a, nobat, 
. saattpuk. 
Oppose, v.a. man^a k.^ kaidlarcuU bandatvul, 

Idr noculf jangaiculf muqabala k. v.n. 

inakhd-maM'f etc. ked.,jangedaL 
Opposite, a, 7nalrM'7nak^,7crd?idy ; mtikhdlifp 

Opposition, s. :;iddf hod ; jang, duHhrnanl^ 

Oppress, v.a. zoral, ^uhn-, ja/d-, etc. k., 

Oppression, s. ^m/w, ja/d^ dzaur^ zordfvarl, 

zabardastl, zor, ziydtl. 
Oppressor, s. zdlim,ja/d'kdr^ zordttar. 
Opprobrious, a. bad^ nd'kdrah^ bad-namUs, 

Option, 8. TVdk, x^tii/dr, JJtndkkh. pasand, 


Opulent, a. daulat^man, nUU-ddr, dtitdyd^ddr. 

Or, c. yd. (-else) M-na. kanra ; gasre. 

Orach, a. sdrma. 

Oracle, s. kaldm. (person) zbarg. 

Oral, a. zabdnl, wayaL 

Orange, 8. ndranf. (colour) sUr^bor. 

Oration, s. nfas^, i^bara, icLqrir. 

Orator, s. w^a:^ kan^Unkai, taqrtri, sufian-sdz. 

Orb, 8. tsarM. (-of sun, etc.) kakorai, takai, 

ctaklori, qwr^. 
Orbicular, a. ghund, ^und-man. 
Orbit, 8. daur, dawrdn* 
Orchard, s. bdg^. 
Ordain, v.a. muqarrar i., fvudrawulf /armd'^ 

yalp nayal. 
Ordeal, 8. dzmehkhL imti^dn. 
Order, s. tarCib, tadblr; bukm. farmdrikkkt. 

/armdnf amr; qdm, $dt, nog, rang ; dastMr, 

tariqa, rasm. (in order that) Uo dd. 
Order, y.9i./armdyal, b^^km k. 
Orderly, a. drdstah, pa (arClb, pa qd'ida. 
Ordinance, 8. b^^9 amr; skar*a, qdnOni 

sunnat ; qd*ida, d-ln. 
Ordinary, a. *dmmjdri, ^alanl; $puk, halak. 
Ordnance, 8. topt tcp-Mdna. 
Ordure, s. gkul, murddr, Mhm. 
Ore, 8. £San;ra, kdnrcfi. (copper-) da tdmbe 

kdnrai. (iron-) da ospane ^dnrra. 
Organ, s. dial, *a:^U. (oiusical-) bdja. 
Organize, Y.9L.jorawul, tarklb k., tandoL 
Orifice, 8. JJ^ula, sdra. (small-) swam or ^m. 
Origin, 6. a$l, nogai, mund, toe^ bUnsaf. 
Original, a. at^ll, awnal, nog* 
Originally, ad. nplnbe,pa a^l,paafcwaL 
Originate, v.%.paidd',jdrh, etc. k., ^aUucul, 

bdsal-^yastal, kdfial~4:khkaL 
Ornament, s. zavar, kd/ai,gdnj:a or gahana, 

zeb, zlnat; andzor, kkhewa^ singdr. (-for 

the head) famz, gul, ddra-l, (ik. (-for 

the ear) lakkhtd-h fvdla-u (-for the nose) 

pezrcdn, natka-l, dLdr^gul, pJska-h (-for 


Digitized byLnOOQlC 



( 290 ) 


the neck) amelf Hgta-t, bada-l, (-for the 
arm) kara, naWiau kangaor^ bangrai^ 
gQjra-i, bdhu, ma-atkai. (-for the feet) 
pdc/uira, paMfvandai, pdenzeb. (-for the 
finger) ^alai, gUta, anrwat, shasht, drsdru 

Omamenti v.a. jorajcul^ andzorarcul^ dzdn-^ 
daul', etc.jorafviit, ikhefta-, sinffdr-, etc. k. 

Orphan, s. yatlm, yaslr, pldr-merai, mor* 

Orpimentf 8. hartal^ zarnt^. 

Orthodox, a. momin^ sunnl, mdit'ddr, elidr* 
ydrt; sUchah. rikkhdncu. rdst'tnan. 

Oscillate, v.n. dz7varandedal, zangedal, ra- 
pedal, v.a. tdl M^^ral or -fta/tal. 

Oscillation, s. zangedana, tdl, zdngo. 

Ostensible, a. tsarga?id, kkhkdrah. jdr or 

Ostentation, s. Idpa, dzdn kkhkdrah'hajcUna, 
4zdn stdyana. 

Ostentatious, a. Idpcd, taiai, dzdn kkhkdrah 
kcocdnkai, dzdn stdydnkai or 'Stdyana 

Ostler, 8. teUyd, noiar, nqfar. 

Other, pr. nor, buL (-wise) ad. nor'§hdn, 
bul'shdn ; ia^na, ganra, kanra. 

Otter, 8. sagldwU or sangldo, slndldo. 

Ought, V. imp. boya chi, kkhd-i cj^u 

Ounce, 8. mma*c^l/d^-L 

Our, ours, pr. 4±!^milnga or OzamUga. 

Ourselves, pr. mUng or mUg^ybpul. 

Out, ad. bdlivr, Korchane or nardzane. (ex- 
pelled) a. sharalai. (expended) a. pUrah, 
tamdm. (extinguished) a. mur, sor. (get 
out !) in. lire sh<^, biyarta sha. 

Outcast, 8. ^aralai, skardnai, pradtu 

Outer, a. bdhir; pradai, begdnah, Oprah. 

Outlaw, %./ardrl ghal, ydghl*gar, skarduai 

Outlet, 8. Mula, Idr; fvarM; g^wagau 

Outline, s. nakhkkha or naqsha, kll, karkkha. 

Outlive, x.n.pdedalfpdtedalf baciedal. 

Outrage, b. zor, gulm, ztydtlja/d, be*satrh 

Outright, ad. sa?n da idsa, t§af'waf ; amdnl, 

pdrah, pdk'^df. 
Outside, 8. bdhir, ma^. (without) p. tvar 

chane or icar^anc. (on the-) p. pds, 

dapdsa, bdnde. 
Outstrip, v.a. pa zohakkht- or pa daw-, etc. 

Idnde k., or -^vrusto pregdal. 
Outward, a. Odhir, bartscr, oprah. 
Outwardly, ad. barfseran, pa jdr, ^dhiran. 
Outwit, v.a. tagal, ghulawul. 
Oval, a. ngd, gkund-mund. 
Oven, 8. tanHr. 
Over, f.pds, bdndc, da bdnde, (ncross) pore 

(above) dapdsa. (more-) ziydt, der. 
Overbalance, v.n. dranedal, sangzan ked. 
Overbearing, a. zabardast, zordrcar, ^dlivi ; 

kibrjan, maghrUr, yhpuhwr, J^pul^rde. 
Overcast, a. gavjr, gUr, put, tor, sifcrai-karai. 
Overcome, v.a. IdTide k., pa-ar k., barat 

mUndal, fvahal, mdtawuL 
Overflow, v.n. toycdal or toe ked., IdkU ked. 
Overhaul, v.a. lafanul, atsanial, ^anal. 
Overhear, v.a. djvredal, ghtoag MLral. 
Overleap, v.VL.pore dangal. 
Overlook, v.a. katal, tidal, goral. (forgive) 

bdkkhal, pulawul. (pass over) v.n. ter 

Overplus, 8. ziydti, bdqt,junga. 
Overpower, v.a. lande k., pa-ar k. 
Overrate, v.a. ziydt ganral or -shmeral. 
Overrule, v.a. b^km mdtawul or 'fcahal. 
Overrun, v.a. tdMt'tdrdj-, lut-, tdld',fcairdn', 

etc. k. (spread) v.n. M?caredal, g^ttaredal, 

Overseer, 8. peshkdr, ddrogha. (of crops) 

Overset, v.a. naskorofvul, arawuU 
Oversight, 8. Mi^ttd, tcr^fcai. 
Overt, a. tjargand,kMkdrah,prdmtai, zdhir. 
Overtake, v.a. Idnde k., nln^ul. 
Overthrow, v.a. mdtarcul, tcahal, pa-ar- 

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( 291 ) 


Idnde-f etc. k. ; narawul^ ghiirzamd. 

(ruin) pde-mdl', etc. i., litdrafcuL (in 

wrestling) par::ajtuL 
Overthrow, 8. mdt^ shi/tast,parar. 
Overture, «. safcdl, puH/ttana, hhabara. 
Overturn, v.a. nasliorcwul, ara^cul, per* 

Overwhelm, v.a. duhawul^ */harqau'ul. 

Owe, v.n. porawurai'^ qar:^'ddr', etc. hed. 

Owl, 8. gUngai^ chagharU. 

Own, pr. M*puL 

Own, v.a. JJipulaitul^ laral; tnanal, ganral ; 

qabularculf iqrdr k. v.n. qd-il kcd. 
Owner, s. Midrcand^ merah, tmkkhtan^ mdVik. 
Ox, 8. dangar ; ghcde or ghrtayai^ ghut±hau 
Oxymel, s. si/:a7ijabin, turanjabln. 
Oyster, %. kastdra. 

Pace, 8. qadam, yiln, gam ; chdl, tag^ raftdr. 
Pacify, v.a. paVhuld /^., taranuU roglajora-^ 

etc. k. ; tasalti', dildsa^, etc. rcarkawuL 
Pack, 8. bar, petal, pand, lad. (half-) andai. 

(-ropes) fvdkhhkai, siyala-u (-sack) malaw, 

ghundai, tsata. (-net) trangar, korai, lad, 

shatita. (-saddle) kata, pdldn. (party) 

park, tolau 
Pack, v.a. dzdgaroul, taral, tolamul, n^aral 
^ ^nphaJckhiaL 

Packet, s. gdtla-t, pandakai, panda, gcdai. 
Packthread, 8. nafsai, muzai. 
Pad, 8. manjala or mapjila; bdVikkhtak, 

bdlikkhtgotau mora. 
Paddle, v.a. chape ?cakal. (in water) Idnbo k. 
Padlock, B.jafidra, qulf. 
Pagan, s. biiVparast, kdfir, gabr. 
Paganism, 8. buVparasCt, kdjiniob. 
Page, 8. tcliyd, nokar, jilam-ddr ; mra-c, 

ghuldm. (-of a book) saflia. 

Pageant^ 8. tamdsha, nandOra. 

Pail« 8. iaghdr, gadkal, dot, $atal, matkoL 
(milk-) donra-l, lawa^Una. 

Pain, 8. lAttg, dard, zafJim, *azdb, snxd. 
v.a. iljtlgaKul, dardawut, zaklranmL v.n, 
kktlgedal, dardedal, zaklredaU swaL 

Painful, a. dard-man, zaMml, Mag'tnan. 

Pains, 8. kokshikMk, fnihnat, sa'u (-of child- 
birth) da langedo dard. 

Paint, v.a. ranga$vul, rang lagofvuL 

Painting, s. rangawUna ; tscra. (afwir, 

Pair, 8. bragh, qulba,)or€i. 

Palace, a. dargdk, bdrgdk, daulat-Hdna. 

Palatable, a. Mwand-ndk, maza^ddr. 

Palate, s. tdlu. (soft-) htmai. 

Pale, 8. 8p€rak,sperdkan, bc'rang ; ziyar, .tA?«, 
^In ; l^a-ar, tro^rang. (stake) s. mogai. 

Palisade, a. ker, bdra. 

Pall, s. tsddar, kapan or ka/an. 

Palliate, v.a. Bpukawul, kamaKul, la-agawuL 

Pallid, a. sperah, sperdian, ziyar, ^t«, 

Palm, 8. Kai'j^aKai, J^apar, lapa (mear 
sure) tsapak. (-tree) M^dr. 

Palpable, a. tsargand, kkhkarah. barUer. 

Palpitate, v.n. rapedal, larzedal, drakedal. 

Palpitation, s. larza, drarkedanat drakedana^ 
rapcdana. (-of heart) l^qfqdn. 

Palsied, a. skall, guzan waluiUu. 

Palsy, 8. guzan. 

Paltry, a. spuk, Mushai, nd'kdrah. 

Pamper, v.a. ndzawul; nuiramul. 

Pamphlet, s. riidla, nor or wUr ki(db,juz. 

Pan, 8. (metal) tabaJJiai, dechka, karakai, 
bat. (pottery) lokkhai, katna-l, taba-l^ 
matkai. (of wood) kkhdnak, kachkoL 

Panacea, s. akzlr. 

Pancake, s. pardta^ fvcshaUip kdk, kakortdi 

Pander, s. bamdp duUdL v.a. dalldli k. 

Pane, s. (-of glass) d-Jna. 

t !l 

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( 292 ) 


Panegyric, 8. stdyana, ^and. Varlf. 
Panegyrist, 8. siayana-^ ^and-, etc. yoe or 

Pang, 8. tsirlka, brckhh, dard. (death-) 

Pangolin, 8. klshor. 
Panic, 8. tOi\ tara^ haibat, wera, yhof. 

(-struck) tor IdtrcHralai^ tveredalaL 
Pannier, 8. kan'Cira^ hdra^ kajdma. 
Pant, v.a. ^pa landa dIjhhtaL 
Pantaloons, s.parttl^, tambdn, shalivdr. (the 

string) partiif/hdkkh. (the hem) hada. 

(the leg) pdcntm. (the fork) JJiakkhtag. 
Panther, s. prdny^ baur^ baiiryau 
Pantry, s. ambdr^Mdna. 
Pap, 8. (teat) tai. (paste) leta-i, oghra^ aiob. 
Papa, 8. bdbd^ bdbu ; pldr. 
Paper, s. kdjhaz. 
Par, s. bardbar-rcdlai^ twal, yundi. 
Parable, s. watal^ mi^dl. 
Parade, s. dabdaba^ tamiardq. (military) 

qaicald, sdn. (-ground) qa7vaid'ffdA, 

Paradise, s.jaiinat^ blhikkhL 
Paradox, 8. da ^aqla lire, arawull Miahara^ 
Paragraph, ^.juz, qifa. 
Parallel, a. sam, bardbar, sara sum. 
Paralysis, s. guzan, skalL (-of face) laqwa. 
Paralytic, a. shall, guzan^wahalai^ 
Paramount, a. mashar, ghat, he. 
Paramour, 8. ydr, ashide, m^ashUq. 
Parapet, 8. mard^rait, hangura; sanyar, bdra, 

Paraphrase, 8. tarjuma, sharaji. 
Parasite, 8. hhdshdjnad'ffar, dirpal; (ufaili, 

Iweyand, tayhdrai. 
Parboil, v.a. nlmjos^ k., nlma'khrtd eshawuL 
Parcel, 8. ydlla-i, butskha, but^Maka. (-of 

land) bahfira, wesh, pafau 
Parch, v.a. 7crltamtl, talawul, alwoyal, teyal, 

karamil. v.n. fvu^cdal. rcrltedal, karedaL 

Parched, a. 7vrU, tcyalai, ahvoyalal, etc* 

(-grain) 8. nina,pulah. 
Parchment, s. raqq. 
Pardon, s. bakkJial, niudfk. 
Pare, v.a. Ihrlyal, toyal, tardshal. (-the nails) 

ndkilna dkhistal. (a tree) lakhhte ])rcka7vul 

or '.shukawuL 
Parent, s. mai\ pldr. 
Parentage, s. asl, kor, noyai, JJidnddn, Hidna 

nasal, nasab. 
Paring, 8. tardza, didr. 
Parish, s. tapa^ ka7idai, cJiam, mdlat, nand. 
Parity, s. bardbarl, samsor'tiyd, siydll,yu7idi. 
Park, s. Wikdr-ydh. (artillery-) lop^MidTia. 
Parley, v.a. 8a7tdldza7mb; iiabare-, etc. L 
Parliament, 8. da ulusjirya, da qdm majlis. 
Parlour, s. dai'^ddldn. 
Paroxysm, s. yhofa, nobat, bdrl. 
Parrot, s. totd, toil. 
Parry, v.a. yirzawul, bachafctd, daf^a^, bre-, 

etc. /'., banda7iul, inarCa k. 
Parson, s. (moslem-) i7)tdm. (pagan-) iaw- 

ba»r. (christian) /?a(£r7. 
Part, 8. braiha, liis^a, 7vesh. (-of debt) 

dyrd't, qisL (place) dzde, zmaka. (piece) 

tola, (side) ja7iba, para, (ara/. (-ot 

speech) kalima. (for tlie most-) ak^^. 

(own-) yhpuldzdn. (a small-) la-ay^shdTt, 

(to take in ill-) bad tnanal. (to take ia 

good-) kM(^k mancd. 
Part, v.a. biyalarcul, dnahdzde k., judd k. 

(share) 7veshaL (-with) preydal, prekkho^ 

dal, j^rekkharcul, prelkhal^ tark k. v.n. 

biyalcdal, divah-dzdc-, judd-, etc. ked., 

bvulkhtal. (take leave) riiM^atedal. 
Partake, v.a. bra^hd dMiistal. v.n. tnalyarai', 

sharik'f braMa-MiOr-, etc. kcd. 
Partaker, 8. braMa^Mor, shat'ik ; malyarai, 


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( 293 ) 


Partial, a. laraf^dar, janba'ddr; mayan; 

Partiality, 8. laraf'Janba-^ etc. -rforl, virasta, 

pd3-7vdfai; mina^zela\ iimiL 
Participate, v.n. vialgarai-^ sharili'^gad'^ etc. 

Participle, 8. (active-) ismi-JaiL (passive-) 

Particle, s. fikai, pitsanrai, pQtai, zarra, 

Particular, a. lid.^s. 8. iiabara; ta/fil; 

juZ'O'kid. (in-) ad. lliUSsUf^an^ pa tiki. 
Partisan, 8. para-^ janba-^ ffundl-f etc. -ddr ; 

maffforai, mal, shar'J: ; ydr^ homaku 
Partition, s. icc.4i^ taq$lm ; parda^ dhvdl. 
Partly, ad. la-atji'sltdn, 7u/fie-nlme, yaw la-ag. 

tseh. [amhdz. 

Partner, 8. malp7nalgarai, sharik^bralia-JJior^ 
Partnership, s. malglri, ma^yir'tiyd, s^irdkai, 

Partridge,, s. (black-) tdrU. (grey-) tang- 

zarai or tangzarai. (dreek-) zarkah. 
l^arts, 8. (talents) *aql,poha, sha'Ur, ddnl^h. 

(regions) hcfcdd, zmaka, mulk. (districts) 

tapa, pargana. (private-) ^urat, tor^icckkh- 

tah^ anddm'nikdnif da parde dzdc. 
Parturition, s. laag-wdlai, lavgcdana. (de- 
livery) Uialdfu 
Party, s. tolai, park, (person) has, tan. 

(mQQim^majUs. (convivial-) 5wAia^ (side) 

parajanba, gundi, iaraf. (family-) vham, 

Jirqa, VhcU qdm. 
Pass, v.n. tcrcdal, chaIedal,tlal—ldraL (-over) 

pore natal (-by) ter uataL 
Pass, 8. (ford) gudar. (fcrvy) patanji^gadar, 

(lull-) ghdlddidif kotaU (defile) tanga-l^ 

darra. (road) Idr. (permit) pancdna. 

(state) lidl, nobat. (stroke)y //rar, ddw, 7vdr. 
Passage, 8. /ar, darak, gndar ; sqfar. 
Passenger, 8. musdjir^ rdh-rau. 
Passion, 8. qahr, gkuRi^a. (lu&t) na/s, kafvas^ 

sialiKat. Qove) mlna^ *l^g. (suffering) 
quwat, zgham^ ^abr. (ardour) t(lo. 
Passionate, a. qakr^jan^ gha:;ab'ndk^ etc 
bros^ ^Ir, tund', tod-, tez-, etc. niizaj or 

Passive, a. be-karakatp prot, ttaldr. (in 

grammar) viajaul, majAul. 
Passport, 8. raicdnaf pancdna. 
Past, a. ter, tilai^ tialai. (-and forgotten) 

Paste, 8. batip Icta-l ; atob. (-Doard) kdnCu 
Pastern, s. IdSp kkkpa. (-leathers) paki^ 

tcandau (-join t) gltaA. 
Pastime, 8. tamd-^ka^ loba, bdzi^ ma.skgkuld. 
Pastor, 8. shpUn^ gt]jar» (spiritual-) iindm, 

/iddl, skckAp par. 
Pastry, 8. ncshala^ pardta, ghunzdkkha. 
Pasture, s. icdkkhaht gigdh, *alqf, tjar. 

(-ground) t^ard'gdk, maira, vcarsho. v.n, 

tmrcdal. v.a. tsarajruU pxydyal^ porcnU 
Pasturing, s. t^ar^ piyayana^ powuna. 
Pat, 9k.juJjhtfjorf sam^ bardbar, drust. 8, 

tas, taq^ trak. v.a. Ids fvakal pa chd 

bd?idc, dildsa fcarkatcul k. (slap) tas, etc. 

7cakal, taqawuL 
Patch, joraivuL (-cloth) bczal ovpczal^ 

gandal^ tdkai-, khakkhtagai', etc. por^ 

gandal. 8. tdkai^ fffarlnra, plJia, jor, 

jyacand^ etc. 
Patent, 8. sanad, pancdna, /armdn. 
Paternal, 2l. pldranal. (-rclaiion) pldr-ganai. 
Path, 8. /ar, n:dt. (bye or foot-) fsara Idr 

or '7vdt. 
Pathetic, a. zrek-snai, MiKd-MUgai, dl^gar* 

Patience, 8. mbr^ zgham, sah. (to have) v.a. 

sabr-f etc. laral, or k. 
Patient, a. ^dbir, zgham-^ mbr-^ etc. -ndk. 

8. bmdTt tnarl:;, 7mjor, randzUr^ nd^rogh. 
Patriarch,8.»2a.c/^ar,8/;7w«^irai; nlkah^ zbarg. 
Patrimony, s. mlrdt, datciar, milk. 

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( 294 ) 


Patriot, 8. fvafaH'dost. 

Patrol, 8. shab-gcMht \ qardwal. 

Patron, s. miirabbl, pu.^ti, ndyik. (-saint) 

Patten, 8. kanrarva. 
Patter, v.a. (as rain) darahdr-f shirahdr^ etc. 

k.f or 'itahal. 
Pattern, s. nakkha. namUna ; qdlib. 
Paucity, s* /iam'tiyd, tangsiyd^ qimatJ, 

MMil, qdd. 
Pauper, 8. gaddt faqlr, 9id-adr, nd'kas. 
Pause, v.a, dama k.^jihr k. v.n. wudrcdal. 
Pave, Y.a.Jars^'bandi k. 
Pavilion, s. Wtoitna. 
Paw, 8. mangulf /'an;a, dianguL 
Pawn, v.a. graw-, gdnra-, etc. k. 
Pay, 8. falab, tanihivdh, marcajib ; Marts^ 

mazdurl^ shukrdna (-master) ba^shi, 

Pay, v.a. falab-, etc. warkawul (discharge) 

add'f piirah-9 etc. k. 
Pea, 8. niatar, krdk. (cliick-) chanra. 
Peace, 8. rogha^jora, d-slftl, Mc^ir, Mccirij/at, 

aman, drdm'iiyd, dsudagu 
Peaceable, a. eman, gharlb, kam^sharr. 
Peaceful, a. dsUdah. dram, be^patna be- 

Peach, 8. shaftdlu. 
Peacock, 8. tdils, mor. 
Peak, 8. tsUka, pcza, sar. 
Peal, 8. daZf ghumnb. 
Pear, 8. tdngU, ndk, ndshpdtai. 
Pearl, 8. marghalara, manvarldp durr. 

(mother of-) mdlivghcag, ^adaf. (-diver) 

Peasant, 8. zaminddr, dikqdn, cJiarekdr. 
Pease, s. d^anra, mot, make, mart or mayi, 

mdsh. (split-) ddl. (ground-) rdra, gir- 

gira. (-pod) palai. (-husks) sUr't, but* 

sari, (cooked-) poad. 
Pebble, s. gifa-i, dabara, kdn^ofa. 

Peck, v.a. tongafvul, to7igdra k., makkhuka 

Peculiar, a. I^d^si ; matrah ; ^ajlb. 
Peculiarity, s. Md^^siyat, lokkhai, Moe, 

Pecuniary, a. naghdi or naqdl. 
Pedagogue, 8. ustdd, mulld, dkhUn. 
Pedestal, %.pdya, dra, asus, weldif dunkdda, 

Pedigree, s.pcra-ftpuskt, asl, ttasab. 
Pedlar, 8. banjdrl. 
Peel, v.a. pot-, Wiwar-, etc. bdsal-^yastal 

or 'kdgal^kkhkaL v.n. nwaredaL 
Peep, v.n. pa^puta-, pa-zarana-l', etc. kataL 
Peep, 8. put-nazar, zarana-l, dzlr. 
Peer, s. sdrai, maMiai, samsorai, siyd[,gund; 

arbdb, sarddr, Mdn, malik» 
Peerage, s. kursl-ndma ; skajara. 
Peerless, a. be-misdl, fd'^dnl, be'Siydl, nadir, 

Peevish, a. siit-bUt, bilt*UrbUz, trlM^rUe, 

Peg, s. mogjcii, meM, sparMai. 
Pelf, 8. tanga, tal:a, paisa ; dunlyd. danlai, 

Pelican, s. hotdn. 
Pellet, 8. gkundaskai, pandoskai, mardakm, 

gola-u (-of goat's, etc. dung) puqha. 
Pellicle, 6. Uaparkai. 
Pelt, v.a. mshtal, lanastal, dchawuU ghur- 

Pelvis, 8. taba^ai, spoldtodza. 
Pen, 8. (writing-) qalam. (cattle-) bdnda.. 

Penalty, s. tdwdn, ndgha,jarandna^ sazds 
Penance, s. kaJdraU 
Pencil, 8. zaldA, 4lM, duk. 
Pendant, a. ^carand, d7cezdnd. s. ztmdai, 

Penetrate, v.n. nanatvatal, ore^pore rcatal. 
Penetration, s. nanatcdtak, dalMt poh, *aqL 

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( 295 ) 


Penifl, t. tsakkhaL daya, :;akar. (virilis) 

^en£. (child's-) t^akkhkUraif cJiolaJc. 
Penitence, s. toba, pakkhemdnh isthh/dr. 
Penitent, a. toba-pdr, pakkhcmdn. 
Penknife, 8. chdgU, qharuka-l. 
Penman, 8. hdtlb^ kkhkUnkai. 
Pennant, 8.ja7nfa, bcurar^, iiakkha* 
Penny, s. paisa, fanga^ ddny, damra-t. 

(-wei;;ht) slfirskd-i, d/ca rata-u 
Pension, a. 7ca^ya ; jdgir. 
Pensioner, s. na^ifa'Mor^jdgJr'ddr. 
Pensive, t.jikr'man^ andekkh-man. 
Pentateuch, s. tauret, kitdb da Itazrai tnHsd. 
Penurious^ a. skUm, ba^ll, tan^'dast* 
l^enury, s. tabdhl, ihTtdrl, tangsiyd. 
People, 8. 'dlam, Ihalq, nagari, tnardum. 

(tribe) tilus, qdm, Mel. v.a. dbddawul, 

Pepper, a. mridi. (red-) sra-mridk. (cubcb-) 

Perambulate, v.n. girzcdal. v.a. gakiht k. 
Perceive, v.a. tidal firCalUmaituL v.n.po/icdaL 

rasedal, pejandaL 
Perception, %.jihr^poha^ hokkh^ nuqUf. 
Perch, 8. (-for birds) ^aka$. v.n. kkhkendstaL 
Perchance, ad. gora^ gunde, ganre^ kkhd-u 
Percolate, v.a. chaitral, ghalbelarcul. 
Percussion, s. taq^ takar. 
Perdition, s. Miordbl^ Aaldkl, tabdkh 
Peremptory, a. qafa!t,pUrah, kd/i skd/t. 
Perennial, a. pdcddr^ dd-im ; yo^kdlatud, 

Perfect, ^^.pUrah, tamdm, kdmil; pdk, be'aib. 
Perfection, s. kamdl, kdmltob, (amdml, 

Perfectly, ad. anmnu sardsar. 
Perfidious, a. be'rvafdtbe-imdn,namak'iardm. 
Perfidy, a. be-lmdnl^ be-rvafd-i, namak'^ardmh 
Perforate, v.a. sUrai k., teUal^ iH^al. 
Perform, v.a. kawtil^ kral, pUrah-^ add-, etc. 

k., gugdralf tamdmawul, pa 4zjde rdtvfol. 

Performance, a. kdr, krak, kawUna, add. 
Perfume, a. M^bai, *alr. (jo}l')JuleL 
Perfumer, a. *at[dr. 

Perhaps, ^A.gunde, wl ba, etc. (p.Percbance.) 
Peril, t. Mafra, ftera, JJtqf^ muAimm. 
Perilous, a. Halar^ndk, mera-ndk, Utof-ndk. 
Period, s. ttakhtf tdng, nobat, tnUdat nefa, 

mahal, frdr, pld, ker. 
Periodical, a. ndrl, nobati. 
Perish, v.n. mral, mur-, Aaldk-f/Ujand't etc. 

Perishable, tL./dni, nd-pdeddr, teredOnai. 
Perjure, v.a. nd-^aqq-, or darogh qasam-, or 

nd-baqq saugand-, etc. ^rcuraL 
Permanent, a. pdeddr, tna:;bilt, qd4m. Id* 

Permanently, ^A.pdcddrl sara, tar^tala. 
Permission, a. i^n^ bukm^ ijdzat. 
Permit, s. parrcdna. v.a. ranpd hral; l^ukm•^ 

izn-, etc. tcarkanml. 
Pernicious, a. tdfvdnt, nuq^dnl, niydni ; fno^lf 

Perpendicular, a. fWfg^, fvaldr, lak,jig. 
Perpetrate, v.a. karvul, kraL 
Perpetual, a. ddrimi, tnuddmlfjdfclddn. 
Perpetually, ad. har^kala, tal, tar'tala, ham* 

Perplex, v.a. rabrawul^ kariydnawul^sargar'- 

ddnarvul, kak'pak-, hekkh-. kuts-, etc. k. 
Perplexity, a.rabar, kariydni^sargarddni, etc. 
Perquisite, s. gata, shukrdna^ dasiUri. 
Persecute, v.a. dzdrawul^ zoral, tangawul^ 

Mugawul, ^ulni't etc. k. 
Persecution, a. zor^ ^^ulm^ ziydd ; taqd:i^a. 
Persecutor, s. ;:dlim,jqfd'kdr, zor&nkai. 
Perseverance, s. Aimmat, sa% k ok^h t hih . 
Persevere, v.a. kimmat-, etc. k» v.n. lagiyd 

Persist, v.a. iuj^at-, takrdr-, etc. *. v.n. 

lagiyd osedal^ qd-im-, etc. osedaL 
Person, s. sarai^ wagarai^ gawai, ka$, tan. 

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( 296 ) 


(selO Mpul^ dzan. (body) ^Urai^ anddm, 

Persona], a. ^pul^ Hds^* 
Personality, s. ^urat, natkoA^ pejandgah. 
Personally, ad. joa Mpula^ pa dzan. 
Personate, v.a, sUrat-, libas-, srvdng-, etc. L, 

or 'dl'Itistal or -joratcuL 
Perspiration, s. JJiwala. 
Perspire, v.n. Mwale kcd. 
Persuade, v.a. rd^vustal, ra:;d L, tasaUi, etc. 

7varkawul\ lamsawul; marildn-, etc. i. 
Persuasion, s. tasaill, dildsa ; targhlb, lamsUn. 
Pert, a. shoM? tvitak, bc'tnali, be'adab. 
Pertinacious, a. ltuj}ati, tairdri, /lodaip tak- 

Pertinent, ti.jor, mundslb, Jtdjib^juJJtt^ Id-ig. 
Perturbation, s. nd-qald)*'tiyd, fvistvds;gram. 
Perusal, a. bcustana ; kaiana, muldfii^a. 
Peruse, v.a, Irvustal; iatal, nazar-^ etc. L 
Pervade, v.n. phelcdal, l/tTvaredal, tviredal. 
Perverse, a. kodai^ lipul-sar, takanrai^ Aaf. 
Pervert, v.a. girzofvul, arawul, bc'ldr k. 
Pest, 8. lald^ 7vabdl,jaTydl; fcabd. 
Pester, v.a. tanga7tul^ zoral^janjdl k. 
Pestiferous, a. inozl, mu:;irr, zi^/dn-kdr 
Pestilence, s. nabd^ tdrcdn or iaHn. 
Pestle, 8. jnolai, pdeko, hohla-l. 
Pet, 8. marawar-tiydf fndnrai ; tnayana. 
Petition, v.a. 'ar:;'p sa?cdl', darihvdst*, etc. 
i.f or 'laral, or 'yhoH-htal; 'or-ji ddiofcuL 
Pettish, a. Ichapah^ mdim-gar^ marawar. 
Petty, a. ^vor^ kachotai \ spuk, nd'fsiz. 
Petulant, a. sio/ji, be^adab; 9cltak, dUnkai. 
Pewter, 8. qaVa-ltjas. 
Phalanx, s. palfan, ghol^ fol, park, (amba. 
Phantom, s. fca/im, l/jiydl, shvrai ; rarccd. 
Phenomenon, s. a)ttjdr\ *ajab'/:dr or -(^a/. 
Phial, 8. kkhlkkha. 

Philanthropist, s. ^cur'Hwdh, xnsdn*do$U 
Philology, 8. *tlm da Mr/'O^naJifv. 
Philosopher, a. hakim, ^il/l, *dlm,/ailsi{f. 

Philosopher's stone, s. ktmit/d, akslr, pdras. 
Philosophy, s. *ilm da tnaufuddt. 
Philter, s. totka, (artlz, mantar. 
Phlegm, 8. balf/ham, Mirdshkai, grolbai. 
Phlegmatic, a. balghaml, sonnuzdf. 
Phlogistic, a. kkuskk, 7vuiji, tod, garm. 
Phoenix, s. ^unqde, kumde, quqnUs. 
Phrase, 8. JJiobara, tcayai ; lughat, ^ibdrat. 
Phraseology, s. *ibdrat, majidivara. 
Phthisis, 8. narai'Vandz, diqq, sill. 
Physic, 8. dared, ddrU, darmdn. (science) 

libb. (practice) fibdbat, tabibh 
Physical, a. zdCi,jibiltl, taba'l. 
Physician, s. tablb, fuiklm. 
Physics, 8. *ilm da manjuddt, liikmat. 
Pick, v.a. (pluck) skukawul, latatcul, tolamd. 

(select) dtunral, anrarcul, choidah k., 

khwdkliharvuL (-up) dMistal, porta k. 

(teeth, etc.) tunbal. (-knot, etc.) spardal, 

prdnatal. (-a quarrel) gicdHhal, gicdkkh- 

Pickaxe, s. koddla-i, kaka-h 
Pickle, 8. dc^dr. 

Pickpocket, a.gajhkap, uchakkak-ghal. 
Picture, s. tjcra, tapcJr, na^AiAV/a, .^arat. 
Piebald, a. ablaq, chrag-brag, brag^ydfau 
Piece, s. tota, rcza, ijlk. (patch) tukai.p'ina, 

marhjra. (\and) pafai, wand, (joint) Jor, 

Piecemeal, a. btyal, judd, yo^yo. ad. tote* 

to,fe, chilr'chur, dar^dar. 
Pier, B.puskta, band; puya, stan. 
Pierce, v.a. silrai k., silkal, tetsal, zonal, 

tsqrkk k. ; orc'pore-, pore*rdpore; etc. 

Piety, 8. faqwd, zukd, dlnddrj, imdn-ddri. 
Pig, 8. I'harbishoe, Morbhkkatai, sarkOzai. 

(-of iron) sola. 
Pigeon, 8. kauntar, or kotar, or kafvtar. 
Pigmy, 8. Iweshtmak, (tUnai, potai. 
Pike, 8. ncza, balla, barc^a, sialgai. 

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( 297 ) 


Pilet 8. derorl, Aat, top, mshaka; mogai. 

Pfle, v.a. ifera-l-p tuda-, dalai-, rdska-, etc. k. 

POes, s. baicdsir, matvekkhL 

Pilfer, y.a.pu(afcul, ghld k. 

Pilgrim, s. lidjl, ftajj kawUnkci^ ztydrat 

Pilgrimage, 8. hajj, ziy&rat. 
Pill, 8. gola-lf mcurdakau 
Pillage, 8« lat, tdldn, tdMt'O'tdr&j, dearer. 
Pillage, Y.n. lutafvul, lutal, naiaU natdratvuL 
Pillar, 8. $tan ; Ualai. 
Pillory, 8. shikanja, Mt, tsarj^ 
Pillow, B.balaMht, ta/iiya. iBmall')bdlakkh(' 

Pimp, 8. barwd, dallahfdahUs. 
Pimple, 8. nanakorl, ddna. (on face) 

Pin, 8. Stan ; saldrh 
Pincera, 6. a^nlur. (amall) nUtsqi. 
Pinch, 8. skunddra ; pilt(u,pitjdtfrai, ^Undai. 
Pinch, vA skUndal or tskdndoL 
Pine, 8. nakhhtar, sanobar. (-torch) shonta-u 
Pine, v.n. karedal, nuledal, dzofcredal, 
gkamcdal, pa^sedal, za/uredal, zakedal. 
Pinion, s. Tvazar, tsdng ; banra, kkhd/i-par. 

(fetter) dzolana, kara-u 
Pinion, v.a, sut-but taral. 
Pinnacle, s. tjnlka^ peza. sar ; kangUra* 
Pioneer, 8. bel-ddr. 

Pious, a. taqwd', Imdn-, din-, etc. 'ddr, or 

'larUnkai, nmdndzi, nmUndz kaTvUnkai, or 


Pipe, 8. skpela-J, nala. T.a. skpcla-t ghagatcuL 

Pique, 8. mdnrai, marajvar'tiyd, M^^d'badi, 

Piss, v.a. bauU, ndra bauU, mutigdzc-, etc. k. 
Pistol, 8. tamdncha. 
Pit, 6. dogkal, tublai, jwar^ghalai. v.a. 

Pitch, 8. rdndzarak. (degree) Itadd, nobat. 
Pitch, v.a. midrarcul, fcaldrawul, f^cjawuL 

(cast) d^tueut, wl^tal, latvastal, j^wrz^ 

Pitcher, •• htkaif mangai, mat, tnafkai. 
Pitchfork, a. ktidMa-l^drciih^a-hsdngarh 
Pith, 8. md^i^ak, zaraL 
Pitiful, a. IdkK&'M^gfft^ (paltry) spuk. 
Pitiless, a. bc'dard, be'ra^m. 
Pittance, s. pikra, nwara^, ro:A. 
Pity, 8. zrah'Sfcat, M^d^M^Sfif dard, ralm, 

g^am ; qfsos, dareg^. 
Pivot, •• tirak, saldri; dida, Ml^ulbarai. 
Place, 8. 4±P^» zmaka, makdn. (stead) '»ra;^, 

badal. (rank) pdya, nuurtaba. (office) 

'ukda. (residence) astcga, mes^ta. 
Place, v.a. gdal or l^lal, yakkhodal. yakkkal. 

yakkhartul^ kcgdaloi kkhkegdal, kekkhodal. 

Placenta, %.prmdM. 
Placid, a. Mog. narm.pos or post* 
Plague, 8. tcabd, tdfcUn; d/at, bald\ tcabdl; 

janjdl. v.a. rabrarvul, dzdrawul, pa bald 

d^tak k. 
Plain, a. sojn, hawdr, bardbar, sat. (simple) 

sddak, ^df, spin, (unmixed) torxu, spar; 

karali, sUdiaJi. 8. maiddn, sama. 
Plainly, ad. spin, ^df, rikkhtiyd. 
Plaint, 8. gila, tndna, mditrai; Jarydd, 

Plaintiff, %. muddaX/aryddU. 
Plaintive, a. gila^man, mdnrt-yar, mdna 

Plait, 8. td, taka, n^al, bragk ijukara, kratai, 

gundza^ chlcJiar. v.a. odal\ dgayalp 

Plan, 8. tadbir, Ijlkmat, band, cJial; noMkita 

or naqsha, namUna. v.9k.jora9Cul, band 

taral, (halk. 
Plane, s. randa. (-tree) ^ndr. 
Plane, v.a, togal, Mrayal or Mriyal, randa k. 
Planet, s. storai. 
Plank, 8. tahhta. 

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( 298 ) 


Plant, 8. batM, dakai. 

Plant, v.a. lagawuly khakkharcul; trudrawul, 

laAofvul, fvaldra7cul. 
Plantain, s. /cela. (herb-) isap^ol or spa- 

Plantation, ^.jangcd^ banr. 
'Plnsier,B.le7v,a^draA,ffach, M(^ta\ matham^ 

paha, tab, :;amdd. v.a. latmvuL aHeral, 

tapal, Mdta k. 
Plat, 8. (-of ground) 77a/a/,/?fira, ddga. 
Plate, 8. rikcba-i, ragAai^ bishqdb. (-of iron 

for baking on) tabaljiai^ teghna. (earthen 

ditto) taba-u 
Plated, a. mulamma. 
Platform, 8. dunidda, ganvanj ; mana/t. 
Platter, s. kkhdnak, tagAdrai, tabaj^au tdlal. 
Plaudit, 8. shdhbdshl^ dparin. 

Play, 8. loba, bdzi; nanddra, tamdsha) jUdfi. 
Play, v.a. lobe k. (gamble) juarl k. (-the 

fool) malande k. (act) peH-he k. (music) 

sarod; fardne-, etc. gkagatvuL (in comp.) 

'kawul, 'kraL 
Playfellow, 8. hum'^olai. 
Playful, a. mast, shoMiln. 
Plaything, 8. da lobe kaki. 
Plea, 8. hujjat, dallil, *uzr, eCawa, kira-h 
Plead, v.a. Tvayal, lal, lawdal, *u:^r», etc. k. 
Pleasant, a. JJi^o^^'f^dk, hkhah. 
Pleasantness, s. Miwandf maza, hkhddl. 
Pleasantry, s. khandd^ waskta, toqa. 
Please, v.a. rdc^l-, kfrnakH-. hkhdd-, etc. k. ; 

Mi^tand tcarkawut. 
Pleased, a. Mwal'l% Middi'h^h kkbdd. 

Pleasure, 8. llntaJslM^ kMddl, J^il,^*lidli, 

M?vand. (will) ra:;d, marsfl. (spiteful-) 

saJJta, fciydr. 
Plebeian, a. 'dmm, adnd^ kam-zdU s. *dmmi. 
Pledge, 8. graw, gdtjra. (word) wdda, lafy^ 

bandaur, (ara. (token) naHh^f ydd-gdr. 

Pleiades, s. perUncjambaq stori. 

Plenary, a. pUrak, tamdm, amdni 

Plenipotentiary, s. kul muMtdr, tvdk'ddr. 

Plenitude, 8. /722ra/<«7rd&ii; der*ftdlai. 

Plentiful, a. der, ziydt, pre7cdn, fcaddn. 

Plenty, s. der'Tvdlai, prervdni, ziydt-wdlai^ 

abddl, fvaddnh 

Pliable, ) , ;- - ' 

_,. J a. narm, post, viula-im. 
Pliant, ) 

Plight, 8. bdl, lidlat, dial. v.a. graro-, 

gdnra-, etc. k. ; ndda-, neta-, lafz-, etc. 

Plod, v.a. mibnat', kokshiksk-, etc. k. v.n. 

Plot, 8. band, sdzish, joriHht. (-of land) 

pafai, wand, (stratagem) dial, lamghara-l. 
Plot, Y.tL^jorafvtil, band taral, sdzish-, etc. /•. 
Plough, 8. yhva or Iwa, yoya, qulba or yirve^ 

v.a. me or yiwe i. 
Ploughshare, 8. pdla, saspdr, spdra. 
Plover, 8. tltdrai. 
Pluck, v.a. sfiUkamuL (-out) kdgal^kkhkaly 

Plug, s. bilja, shora, mUurai, dlda, Mulborai. 
Plum, 8. bera, bada bera, sd?cil bera, ma^-^ 

Plumage, s. banre, rcazar. 
Plume, 8. zundai. (-head) qarqara. 
Plume, v.a. baurejorawul, ^dnjorafcul. 
Plummet, s. sakul, didwul. 
Plump, a. tjprb, chdl^, g^at,pund. 
Plunder, v.n. /fi/-, tdld-, ndtdr-, etc. k., natal. 
Plunge, v.a. dubkai-, ghota-, ghUpa-, etc. 

narkaKul or -rcakal or •WiituraU 
Plural, 9L.jania. 

Ply, 8. td, bragh, chUnra, chldiar, gundza. 
Ply, v.a. chalawul, lagawul, kawul, kral. 
Pocket, t.jeb; klsa, dzola-u 
Pock-mark, 8. ta-ap, ta-apai. 
Voi, B. palai, ^oza. 
Poem, 8. ghazal, ^dr bait, eandara. 

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( 299 ) 


Poet, 8. 5^dVr, qcu^da, goe^ $andargoe. 

Poetry, 8« sliir^ bait^ na^m. 

Poignant, a. Uz, tund, $ai^t» 

Point, 8. peza, tsUka^ sar. (dot) takai^ ddna, 

nuqta. (spot) dSLgh^ tsirlka^ laka* 
Point, v.a. terak k., peza-, etc. joratvul; 

nazoi* laga?vuL (-out) khhayal—hhhotvuL 
Pointed, a. peza-ddr or -larUnkai. 
Poise, v.a. talal,jokal, barabararcuL 
Poison, 8. zahr. v.a. zaltr KorkawuL 
Poisonous, a. zahr^ndk. 
Poke, v.a. ne^ 7mhal ; latarvuL 
Poker, 8. (fire-) or larHnai. (goad) ^Uka. 
Pole, 8. lakara. (barge-) bala-l. (balance-) 

(jdnda-l. .(North-)^yM/&. (-star) da qufb 

Police, 8. ba7id-0'bast, inti^dm. (superinten- 
dent of-) kotfval. (-office) tdnra. (-man) 

fsoka-l ddr. 
Policy, 8. iniizdm, tadbir, fiikmat 'amatl. 
Polisb, v.a. mutial^mukkhaL togal, ^aiqalk. 
Polite, a. maMarvar^ sulukl^ mikrbdn; dll- 

I*oliteness, s. ma^, maHaTvari, suluk. 
Politic, a. ttikmatl, (adblri. 
Political, a. mulkl; 'amatl, tadbirl. 
Politician, 8. tadblrl.jirgatU. 
Politics, 8. tadbir da mulh or -saUanat, etc. 
Poll, 8. sar 9 kotau iridji) jiziya. v.a. land-^ 

^Ut'f etc. prekaKul. 
Pollute, T.a. nd'pdk'^ pallt-, murddr-, kakar-, 

etc. k. (-oneselO mutak nakaL (-oneself 

in sleep) drcdas awukkhtal, shaitdn Mafd k. 
Pollution, 8. nd'pdkl, patiti, etc. ; §haiffi7ii 

Polytbeism, s. but parastl, shirk. 
Poly tbeist, s. but parast, mushrik. 
Pomegranate, s. ana7igai, a7ia7igilrai, andr. 

(wild-) narsitvai. 
Pommel, v.a. rvakal, takaTvul, kutal. 
Pomp, 8. dabdaba, ta77itardq, sdmdna. 

Pompous, a. lihdTttamd^ sar katvd. 

Pond, 8. daTidt ndrtar, fcasta, wangcwa. 

Ponder, TA^Jikr-, ^aur-^ etc. k. 

Ponderous, a. drUnd^ grdn. 

Pony, 8. tatU, ydbU. 

Pool, 8. dandukai ; dab, kol. 

Poor, a. hhrtdr, ghafib, mtijlis, nd-kas 

Poorly, a. ndjor, ndrogk, biTtidr. ad. nim- 

Pop, 8. tas, tak, daz, tar, etc. v.a. tas-, 

etc. fvakoL 
Poppy, 8. kokTidr, Md^ Md^. (wild-) 

Populace, 8. ulits, ^dmTnigdn, *an^dm. 
Popular, a. *d77i77i,jdrl, ^alanl, ritcdj. 
Population, s. dbddl, tvaddTil; 'dlaTTi, Matq, 

Populous, a. dbdd, waddTt. 
Porch, 8. mandaTv, daktiz. 
Porcupine, s. skkUnjr. 
Pore, 8. (-of tbe skin) gkUTia. (to roughen 

or erect the-) v.n. ^izna zlgedal. (aper- 
ture) sUra. 
Pore, v.a. lagiyd katal or -goral^ttdal, 4^Vr k. 
Porous, a. sUra'tvar. 
Porpoise, s. MUsa, sUs. 
Port, 8. bandar, (door) rear, dancdza. 

(mien) yUn, dkdl. (aperture) darbacha, 

Portable, a. spuk, kalak, da tvralo. 
Portal, 8. danvdza, dstdna. 
Portend, v.a. datll /•., dgdhl k.,pdl k^ayal-^ 

Portent, s. dalif, dgdkl,pdl or /dl; bad f dip 

bad ^ugun. 
Porter, s. liaTTintdl, mazdHr. (gate-) darKdza^ 

fcdTif ^dtV'd^h 
Portico, 8. TTiandaTV, dahliz,jilau ^dna. 
Portion, s. braMa, ftifsa, Tve^i, fvaTid, qismat. 
Portly, a. ^af, ju^aa'tvar, jasUn, £$rf»* 

gagar, star. 

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( 300 ) 


Portmanteau, «. i/mrjin, yaMddn, raMt-ddn, 

dzola-l, ffUdai. 
Portrait, s. (sera, tamlr, ^uraL 
Pose, v.a. pa-ar A,, Id dzawdh k., hariydna- 

Position, 8. shdn, rvajha, hdl, RUrat. 
Positive, VL.yaqinf gafaj, be^shakk, be'-sk^hha. 

(stubborn) ]chpul roe, ^pulsar, (real) 

as^tif sUchah. 
Possess, v.a. laralf darlal. 
Possession, s. qdhu, gab:;a. (to take-) v.a. 

qdbil', etc. ^., ]^pula?vul, d/i/nstdl, Idnde 

k. (to give-) bakJihal or baiTfkkhal, ttar- 

kawul, hkhandaL 
Possessor, 8. vierah, isakl-htan. mdliA, Mid- 

fvajid. (in comp.) -larunliai, -ddr, -man, 

'tear, etc. 
Possibility, s. vnAdn, kedana, shwah. 
Possible, a. inumkin, sh7viln/:az, kedUnkai. 

(to be-) v.a. hnkdn laraU .f^^a/. 
Possibly, ad. yunde, hkhd-l^ bd-lda, jvl ba. 
Post, 8. (office) /ay, Miidmat, *uhda. (station) 

(Izde, vxcJidn. (military-) tjoka-l, fdiira. 

(pillar) Stan, tmlai. (mail-) dak. (-man) 

qdRid, ddk'ttdld. (express-) chapar. 
Post, v.a. (station) ?vudra7ctd, H'hkenarculf 
- ivaldrawuL 

Posterior, a. ivrxtstai, ^trustanai, pastanau 
Posteriors, 8. knndtl. 
Posterity, s. almld, zurriydt, nasi, (to the 

latest-) 7iaslan Vad nasi. 
Postpone, v.a. drany-, Idrghah-, nmUaivl-^ etc. 

k., miCaiiaU, baryiiKdsi', ndytor. etc. k. 
Postscript, 8. tatimma. 
Posture, 8. skdn, najka, s^Urat, taur. 
Pot, 8. loH'haL (metal-) karakai, dey, dechka. 

Mitimra-u (earthen-) kdnda-x, kattva-l, 

kawdlL (water-) mangai, matkai^ lotkai. 

(-lid) baryhoUn, sar^poHh. (-herb) say, 

sabzl, wdhMiak. 
Potato, 8. dlti. 

Potent, a. zorditar, ma:;butj quirat'ndk, tn- 

Potentate, s. bddshdk, amir, sarddr, malik. 
Potion, 8. skarbat, nosk, tsHk dk or skdk. 
Potsherd, 8. kaudai, kaudarai. 
Pottage, 8. sdyinrai, sdy, ash. (-of meat, 

etc.) qatayh, nyolai^ sdlan* 
Potter, 8. kuldl, kumhdr. 
Pottery, s. katwa-l lokkhai. (glazed-) kdskJn. 
Pouch, 8. jeb, k'tsa ; dzola-l, batia-i, yildai • 

Poultice, 8. leta-l, paka, tab. 
Poultry, 8. d^iry, MryUn. 
Pounce, v.VL. pa patyo Tvakal. 
Pound, 8. mm scr. 
Pound, v.a. takawul, knfal, dzabal, dar dar-, 

diHr chur-, etc. k. 
Pour, v.a. toyawul, dchawuL (-out) san/haL 

(-as rain) v.n. oredal, (jdtsedaL (-over) 

v.n. toyedal or to-edal. 
Pout, v.a. but UrbUz nlwuL 
Poverty, s. Mtjcdrl, tabdkJ, muplisl, iplds, 

tanysiyd or tanysa. 
Powder, s. orak, maidak, vhur. (gun-) ddnl. 

(-horn) I'khkar. (medicine) paka, kapa, 

Powder, v.a. oraitui, maidak-, orck-, etc. k. 

(dust) bornak k. 
Power, 8. zor, qtmat; mas, tdqat; tiucun, 

bram. (authority) tcdk, majdl, iMtiydr, 

bukm. (possession) qdbu, qabs^a. 
Powerful, a. zord?var, twcdnd, ma:;bUfj zabar* 

Pox, ft. bdd'ifarany, yarmi,jusdtn. (small-) 

Practicable, a. skwunkai, mumkin, da Itarculo. 
Practical, a. 'amall, ist^imdtl, krUnai. 
Practice, 8. *ddat,*amal, yun, dastdr, didl dkal. 
Practise, v.a. kaicul, 'ddat-, etc. k., mashq k. 
Praise, 8. stdyana, mnd, Mjat, ianf. v.a. 

stdyal, stdyana, etc. itayal or k. 

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( 301 ) 


Prance, r.a. trapal^ top fca/tal, ^armastl k., 

Prank, 8. Marmastl, tel tdl^ laiahper. 
PriSLj, v.a. nmiinf/z k., or -yuzdral; dUa-^ 

mi/oiat', etc. k., darlhrast k.^ phoHhtaL 
Prayer, s. mnxlnfh ; dud. (-for Lent) tardive. 
Preacli, v.a. «;'a^ k. ; ihitba l/vustaL 
Preamble, s. dchdcha^ muqadamma. 
Precarious, a. fid-pdcddr, tereddnai, za^tdli. 
Precaution, a. ddr^andeshl^ tvrdnde katana. 
Precede, v.n. tvrdnde tlal. 
Precedent, a. fcrdndlnai. a. mifidl, nakkha. 
Preceding, a. paliTvdnai, Krdnbanai. 
Precept, s. matal, tnhdl; (tukm, kanya\ pand, 

Preceptor, a. dMiln,ustdz; ndsih^pandTvar- 

Precinct, s. liadd, pUla, hrii. 
Precious, a. qimat-nd/:, grdn^bakd, matrah : 

Precipice, s. kamar^ katida, garang^ tdJi. 
Precipitate, a. jalt, t€z, jalt-bdz, talfvdr* 

gandai, tahvalai, harbarai. 
Precipitate, v.a. dchawul^wlshtalfghurzartul^ 

lauastal; danga^vul; jalth, talftdr-^ z-ir- 

or za-ar-^ etc. /•. v.n. ghurzedal^ prenatal^ 

Precipitation, s.jalfl, tal/vdr, be'^abti. 
Precise, fi.ju/M, drust,jor, pUrdli. 
Precisely, ad. ju^tjor, rikkhthjd, bedu. 
Precision, s. bardbar'tvdlai, juMt'fvdlai, 

Preclude, v.a. maiia-, band-, pore jane-, etc. 

/'., stanarctdf shared. 

Precursor, 8. ) , . ^ ^/, • 

•n J ipcshrau^ wrande tldnat. 

Predecessor, 8. ) 

Predestination, s. taqdir, qa:;d. 

Predicament, s. /m/; nobat^ dal. 

Predicate, s. Mabar^ ^ifat, viaqUl. 

Predict, x.a.pcsh Habarl-, IJ^abar da ghd-ib-f 

etc. nayal^Jdl nmulf/dl katana k. 

Predominate, v.n. g^dUb-, ^alaba-, ziydt-, 

g^WCTf der-, etc. ked. 
Preface, a. debad^a^ muqadama. 
Prefer, v.a. IhKoJckkatcul, ghrcarah k., Hhak 

ganral, Hlidgkal; sar buland-, sar/ardz; 

ear bdld, etc. k. 
Preferable, a. ghtarak^ Hhak. 
Preference, s. fJncakkh ; mrasta. 
Preferment, 8. sar/ardzl^ pdya pa porta. 
Prefix, v.a. nrdtide-^pa vialyh-, etc. lagawul. 
Pregnant, a. brdlba or bldrba, daka^ rcarla, 

ikigdra, bdr-ddra. (full) dak, pUrak. 

(to make-) v.a. bldrba-, etc. k. 
Prejudice, e. tjirafdarl, snrasta; mlna, Mwd, 

md'itdn; bad gumdnt, ^na baddreai; 

tdKdn, ziydn. 
Prejudicial, a. tdminl, ziydnl, nuqiidn'i, bad, 

Prelate, s. imam, mxijtakid. 
Preliminary, a. tvrUnbanai, an:ftalanai. 
Premature, a. be-tcaiht, betdng; nlma Mwd, 

ka^andai, nlmgared. 
Premeditate, x.n.pesk/krh,pesh bandx-, etc. 

k. ; qafid', my at-, etc. taral oJr /•. 
Premier, a. xnoA^o/'. %.ivaz7r\ sarghanak. 
Premium, s. sild, nafa ; hi dm, bakh ktddknk ; 

^ukrdna, muzd. 
Preparation, a. taydri, dzcrma, tadbir. 
Prepare, v.a. taydj-l-, etc. k., joranul, taydr* 

Preponderate, v.n. dranedal, dt^nd ked., 

ziydtedal, deredal. 
Preponderation, a. drandfvai, der'ivdlai, etc. 
Preposition, a. ikar/. 

Prepossess, v.a. mayan; md-ildn-, etc. k. 
Prepossession, s. mayan'tob, mlna. 
Preposterous, a. bc-hddak, abtar, trdrh ptfc^; 

naskor, aratvulal. 
Prepuce, a. clil^ara, da tsUkkha-l, (carman 
Prerogative, s. Itaqq, tcdk, iJJitiyar 
Presage, a. 2>dl, datdlat, dgdltl, nakkha. 

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( 302 ) 


Prescience, s. M<^i(^r da shd-ib^ /^d-ib'ddm. 
Prescribe, v.a. wayal, /armayal, liulcm k., 

hl'hayal-^H'hoYcuL (medically) mtslha 

tikal, 'Mfial—H/tkaL (fix) taral, mu- 

Presence, 8. hu^Ur, Ihidmat. (-of mind) 

baiddrl, ausd7i, /tokMydr-Oyd. 
Present, a. Aa^^V, maujud; osan, osanai. 

(at-) ad. dd sd'at, os. s. baM kshiksh . 

nazr, pekH/i'aHh, nazrdna, shukrdna. 
Present, v.a. baklM-hal or bakHal, HhandaL 

ttarkattul. (show) barfser^ kkjikdra/i-, 

zdldr-, etc. k. (-a gun) nazar lagatcuL 

(introduce) peklhgjcuL fvrdnde-, maMid 

maMi'9 etc. k. 
Presently, ad. {W, dasfi, pa de Bd*at. 
Preservation, a. sdtana^ jsi/torana, M^^dh 

tobf bachattUna. 
Preservative, a. satUnaif satandoep jf^Aorai, 

Preserve, v.a. sdtalf j^oral, M^ndiyal, 

Miundi ^., bacharvuL 
Preserver, s. sdtandoe, j(^orai^ ^hundl* 

katvUnkai, bachattunkau 
Preside, v.a. sarddrh, m'lr majlisl-, mashari* 

tab', etc. k. 
President, 8. sarddr, mashar; mlr mc^lis. 
Press, v.a. (squeeze) nachorawul, paz nsahalf 

nakhhtedzal. (-down) drabal. (-into) 

ykhke-mandaL (knead the limbs) mandal. 

(urge) zoral, tezal. (vex) tangawul^ daba- 

fcul. (-to the bosom) baryarandi k. 
Press, 8. (oil-) ydura-u (book-) ^ikanja. 

(a crowd) rfa/a, yanr 'dlam. 
Pressure, 8. r£?r ; bdr; tangsiydt yrdn4iyd. 
Presume, YA.yaijral^ q'fyds-, IMydl-, yurndn-, 

etc. /{, ; dam fcahal, yustdkhl k* 
Presumptuous, a. kibr^jan^ .^oM, yustdli. 
Pretend, v.a. bdna-, rial-, h'ila-, lamghara-V^ 
tayh, Aira-hf etc. k. 

Pretender, s. bd?ia*^or, chalbdz. (claimant) 

d*aKa-ddr, muddal. (boaster) Idpai. 
Pretension, s. d*afta ; iupat. 
Preternatural, a. kardmad, zbary. 
Pretext, s. bdna^ ^al, /nra-l, pahna, *uzr. 
Pretty, a. kkhdyastah, kkh/iulai, pej^maJchcLi 

or pa-vmaJJiai. ad. tsa la-ag or la-ag tsa, 

Prevail, v.a. barai mundal, idnde-, 2^^'^f'» 

etc. L v.n. ziydtcdal; jdrl kcd.^ chaledal. 
Prevalence, s. zor^ ziydtJ, ghalba. 
Prevalent, ti. ziydtijdrl; zordwar, na-ar; 

Prevaricate, v.a. pafma-, /dra-h, yuzmuzai', 

etc. k. 
Prevent, v.a. man*a /:., lariydbatvul, katdla- 

tcul, bandawul, drawul. 
Preventer, s. nidn% maria hartUnkdx. 
Prevention, 8. yna»*a, hatdl^ kariydb, dr, band. 
Previous, a. piiMrcdnai, fctHnbanai, rcrdndl- 

nai, amwalanai. 
Previously, ad. puMi^td, fvrUnbe, wrdnde, 

gabl, aivfcal. 
Prey, 8. Hhhdr^ mdta. (booty) lUt. (beast 
. of-) dadf fcdlts^. 
Price, 8. jafa, baya, bahd^ qlmaU (-current) 

Prick, v.a. f^khal, st^al, Stan-, chti/ia-, etc. 

fvahal, sUrai k. 
Prickle, 8. dzyftai or Oghzai^ Mdr. 
Prickly, a. dzyhan or dghzan. 
Pride, 8. hlbr, tnastl, rviydr. (proper-) nanq, 

Priest, 8. imdm^ -sheMtplr, muUd 
Priestcraft, %. tnulld'tob. 
Priesthood, 8. imdmat^plr J^ana^ 
Primarily, ad. tvrUnbep ofvtval. 
Primary, a. fvrUnbanai, ajcrccUanoi. 
Prime, a. awwal, astl, Md^^, sdwit, karah, 

Prime, v.a. ranjak dd^afvuL 

Digitized by 



( 303 ) 



Primitive, a. zor^ paMrvdnai, artTvatanai; ■ 

o^A, Zdth I 

Primogeniture, 8. masJiardob^ loe-tcdlai, hyat. 
Prince, 8. shdh-zddah, tnalik. 
Princess, s. shdh'ZddaA^ malika. 
Principal, a. mashar^ amtal, sarddr; sar, loe, 

ghat, s.panffa, saga^ may a, d^l; sarddr , 

sar, sar///ianakf mas/tar* 
Principality, s. ^Uba, ry, galam^rau. 
Principally, ad. ali^ar, afv^calan, JJtu^Usian. 
Principle, 8. ad^ aivnal $abab,jauhar; bd*i^p 

jihat ; ma^/tab, din ; qdnUn, d-ln. 
Print, v.a. chap A., rbapa ttakai. 
Prior, a. JcrUnbanai^ /crdfidcnai, paH^dtm, 

Priority, 8. aK/valiyat, wrdndin'tob. 
Prison, 8. qaid- or bandl Midiia^ zinddn. 
Prisoner, a. qaidl, bandi, a$ir; na$ar*band. 
Privacy, s. MiilrvaU parda, parda-pokkld^ 

put'fcdlai, yanddzi'tob, biyal'Wdlai. 
Private, • a. put, ya?vddzcu, tankd, (saraA, 

Privately, ad. pa puta, pa parde. 
Privation, 8. niiht'Tvdlai, ndbudi. 
Privilege, s. bagq ; Haldsl, dzddl. 
Privities, s. s^nrat^ satr^ tor'tceklhtah. anddm 

nihdnl, da sharm dzde* 
Privy, a. Ihabar^ddr, baiddr, ndqif, dydlt. 

8. ^dr'clioba'i,jde':;anir. 
Prize, 8. in*dm; bdzl, shart, daw; lut, yata, 

tdld. (-fighter) pahlarcdn. 
Prize, v.a. hkhah-, *azlZ', yrdn-, etc. yanral. 
Probability, s. s^nrat, shakl) kedana. 
Probable, a. shwunkai^ kedUnkai. 
Probably, ad. gunde, kklid-l, m ba or ba ttl. 
Probation, &• dzmekhht ; umed'tcdrl. 
Probationer, s. utned'tcdr. 
Probe, v.a. ^zM-i sald-l*^ etc. fvahal, (seMal, 

stl^al, sUyhawuU 
Probity, s. nckl, ri fckh tln'tobf rdstl. 
Problem, s. masla, sattdl. 

Problematical, a. ^aAk-man, shakb. 
Proboscis, 8. Martam or MartUm, siindak. 
Proceed, v.n. (lal^tdral, ^aledal, rarcdneda/, 

dr^Lmedal, teredal; natal, paidd ked. v.a. 

kaicul, kraL 
Proceeding, 8. Mr, krah, 'arnal, mu^amala, 

Proceeds, s.yafa, sUd. paidd-ikkht. 
Process, 8. tar/db, ^alan, shdn, faur, rang ; 

j<^9T<^t mxiamala, muqadamma. 
Procession, s. srvarH; tamd^a. 
Proclaim, v.a. munddi k., damdme-^jdr-, etc* 

wahal, mask/iOr-^jdri-, etc. k. 
Procrastinate, v.a. drangi-, dzand-, Idrg^ah-, 

multafvU, etc. k. 
Procreate, v.a* zegafvul, rdwral^pcidd k. 
Procurable, a. muyassar, da mUndahp da 

paidd kawuU), mUndHnm. 
Procure, v.a* mnndal, paidd i., rtUvralf 

Procurer, s. dalldl, rebdr. 
Prodigal, a. Martsl, wm/t, tdfcdn kanUnkai. 
Prodigality, 8. Marts, tdwdn, i^raf, ^aM^ 

Prodigious, a. 'ajlb, *aztm, loe, ghat, ndpar. 
Prodigy, s. ^ajab, shanda ; sub^n atlak. 
Produce, v.a. rdwral, paidd, k. 
Produce, s. iM^il, paiddrikkht ; sUd, gata, 

Productive, a. rdmdnhdx, paidd kawUnkai. 

(-land) ghala'MiCza,i^ala'buda^ zordwara, 

lap-tsata. (-cattle) paia^nara. (-tree) 

fneTca-ddra. (-animal) zeganda-h 
Profane,,ndpdk',pallt', murddr*, Kbndz-, 

etc. k. 
Profane, a. bilmdz, liardm, nd-rofvd, etc. 
Profess, v.a. manalf nayal, iqrdr *., tal. 

Professedly, ad. /7a tsargana,pajdr or ^dAir. 
Profession, s. iqrdr, qaul; hdr, kasb. 
Professor, s. ustdd, tnulld, naCallm. 

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Proffer, r.a. nazr-, nazrdna-, peH'hkakkh% 

etc. warkayvul; fvrdnde-, pekkh-f etc. k.; 

*u:^r k. 
Proficient, a. poMk, hokkhydr, kdrhgar, 

Profile, 8. tratjkan silrat, tratjl:ana tmhra. 
Profit, 8. sud^ ffata, kkhcgara, fd4da, nqfa, 

bud. Y.a. ffatal, stld-, etc. mundal 
Profitable, a. si2d'man,/d'ida^man. 
Profligate, a. latvand, bad'kdr^ dtat, qachar. 
Profound,^ a. joftar^ star; fjhat^ loe; narai, 

Profundity, s.Jawar'tiyd, stoT'tvalai; loeyat, 

Profuse, a. tdivdnl, M^artsi ; der, frcvodn^ 

Profusion, 8. tdwdn^ //mr^ ; frewdni^ wa- 

ddnlf etc. 
Progenitor, s. ni/<iak,pldr'nUak. 
Progeny, 8. abvdd, zdrtzdd^ Jarzandy nasl^ 

Prognostic, s. nakkha$ ^aldmat, daltd. 
Prognosticate, v.n.pesh Mtabarl k.,fdlkataL 
Progress, v.n. tlal^ldral, chaledal, randn- 

edal. 8. tlana, rhalan, rajcdiiagl. 
Progression, 8. chdl^ tah, yUn^ raftdr. 
Progressive, a. chaland, rarvdn. 
Prohibit, v.a. man^a-, qadaghan-, kariya-, 

etc. k. 
Project, 8. tadblr, band, Ijikmat, tajwiz. 
Projection, 8. fsilka^ peza ; ghunda) pdrsob. 
Prolapsus ani, 8. btlra-l, watana da kulrne. 
Prolific, a. zegianda-l; mcrva'ddra: tidshm* 

Prolix, a. Ugd, fdland or inland. 
Prolong, v.a. Hydawul, tdlk, ; zhjdtamd. 
Prominent, a. Uijiat^ yhaialal\ tjaryand, 

Promiscuous, a. gaa itad, /aralai, aryajah. 
Promise, 8. 7vdda, la/^^ qaid, bandanr, oe, 

ncta. v.a. ndda-^ etc. taral or k. 

( 304 ) PRO 

Promising, a. shrvUnau kkRah^ nek^baMt, 

Promissory, a. sharfl, qardri. (-note) la- 

Promontory, 8. Matali zmaka, peza, sar. 
Promote, v.a. ziydtawul, Ihejarvuli sar 
JardZ", sar btdand-, pdya pa porta-, etc. /*. 
Promotion, s. sarjardzl, sar bulandi. 
Prompt, a. chust, chdldk, taydr, garandai. 
Prompt, v.a. kkhayal—kkhowul ; yddivarka- 

wul; lamsawul. 
Promptitude, s. ^dld/d, dustl, taydri. 
Promulgate, v.a. munddl k., damdme'tjdr-, 

etc. nahal, mashhUr k. 
Prone, a. />a-ar-waM ; prot; tit; md-ildn, 

Prong, 8. kkhdJcha-lf drca kkhdkha-u 
Pronoun, s. :;amir. 

Pronounce, v.a. tvayal; Ipdnn-yfatfcd-, etc. k. 
Proof, 8. dald, ftujjat, zbdd or isbdt. a 

dzmayalai, poMt dzniUdah. 
Prop, 8. pusht, pushiibdn, (iram, aramkcd. 
Propagate, v.a. zegawtd, paidd',jdrh, etc. k. 
Propel, v.a. zghala7vul, rhalawul, randna- 

wul; dchawid, tvlsltaf, ghiirzarcul. 
Propensity, 8. shaiiq, raghbat, Miwd, mlna, 

Proper, a. ^a.?;? ; rajvd ; kkhah, kkhdyastah, 

jor, ndjib, mundsib,plrzo, drust. 
Properly, ad. aslan or pa ad; pa kkhah 

shdn sara,pa rikkhtiyd. 
Property, 8. nidi, nnlk; Mtoc, ihaslat, lokkhaL 

Mdmyatf ^i/af. 
Prophecy, 8. ghd-ib go-t, da ghd4b Jxhabara. 

v.a. ghd-ib itayal, da ghd-ib yhabarartul. 
Prophet, 8. paigkdmbar, nabl, rasul. 
Propitiate, v.a. M^d saraivul or •kkhah k., 

mihrbdn k.,pa1shuld k.\ kafdrat-, sadqa-, 

qurbdn-, etc. k. 
Pi*opitious, a. mubdrali, nek, mikrbdn. 

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( 305 ) 



Proportion^ 8. brakha^ anddza, qadr, wesJ^. 

T.a. hardbar-^ etc. k.^ sanumul; we^aL 
Propose, v.a. ^ar:;-^ saftdl-^ darHrcdst', etc. 

k. ; tapes or tapahus-^ ptskkhtina'^ etc. k. 
Proprietor, t. mcralt, t^aWttan, Mdrvand, 

vidUk, ndyik. 
Propriety, a. f^dyast-tvafai, dntst'tvdlai, nek 

diafan, mundsibat, Id-igat, plrzO'Tvdlai. 
Prorogne, v.a. bari^jvast-, mauqUf'^ nd^a-f 

etc. k. 
Prose, 8. nasr. (-writer) na^r nawU. 
Prosecute, v.a. (Jfitluicul, kamd, lagiyd k. 

v.n. hffedal^ maslt^aledal^ lagiyd osedaL 

(sue) v.a. d*a/ca',/aiydd', etc. k.p ^dra-, 

grcKa-, etc. iwnil. v.n. pane prercatal, 

pose lagedal. 
Prosecutor, s. muddoL-u laman-, giara-, etc. 

nJTvUnkat, d'a^va; etc. karctlnkai. 
Proselyte, s. murld, niutcupd. 
Prospect, s. nanddra^ lldak, nazar. (likeli- 
hood) fiilrat. (hope) umed. 
Prosper, v.n. barakath, ba^tawar-^ etc. 

osedal or -Xrrf. ; n-addnedal, dbddedal, 

Prosperity, s. barahat^ baMt, nek baiktl; 

dbddl, fcaddnl, mof'tiyd. 
Prosperous, a. barakati, igbdl-man, sa*ddat* 

man, balitarcar ; mor, dbdd, waddn. 
Prostitute, s. kachna-l, lolorl. 
Prostitution, s. kacfina-l-tob, lola-Vtob. 
Prostrate, a. pa-armaki, proL v.n. pa-ar^ 

mal'h prcttafaL v.a. sijda k. ; naramd, 

(fkuzdrayrul; parzan:uL 
Prostration, s. pa-armak/ptob ; sijda ; kam' 

Protect, v.a. bacha7vul, pandh ^., nanawdtah 

manal, sdtaljg^oral, Mundl-, Masamdna-, 

etc. k. ; pd/alf nmdndsal. 
Protection, s. pandh ; sdtina^ etc. (asylum) 


Protector, s. sdiandoe, }^ar<d; pdlUnkaii 

Protest, v.a. iqrdr *., lal, loKdal; ratal, 

tratal; ndre-^farydd-, etc. k. > 
Protract, v.a. Hffdawul; drang-, tdrghak-, 

etc. k. 
Protrude, v.n. bdhar naJtal, Matal. 
Protuberance, s. ghtindaJtai, pdrsob, pUpaka. 
Proud, a. kibr^Jan. bddf, mast, khdmtamd, 

Prove, v.a. ^dbxt-, (^ubut-, sbdd-, rikkhtiyd-, 

etc. A. (Xty)dzmdyal,dzm€kkhtk. (happen) 

v.n. kedal, shn^ul, prenatal, Ihatal. 
Provender,8.nrtf(^ ndkkhah dapdradatsdnco. 
Proverb, s. matal, mi^dl, ma^^aL 
Proverbial, a. matall; mashkdr. 
Provide, v.a. rdwral, paidd k., tadbJr-, taydr-. 

^erma-, etc. *., IJtabar dl^istal, Mabar* 

girl k. ; n:arkarvul; §hart taral. (-against) 

pesh^fhi k. 
Provided, siart, pa fOrat, pa b&L 
Providence, s. M^dde, rabb, razzdq. (fore- 
sight) dilr^ande^l, peshi/ikri. 
Provident, a. dilr-andesk, ihabnr^ddr. 
Providentially, ad. da lAuddepa bukm sara, 

da rabb pa mihrbdngi sara. 
Province, s. t^nba, pargana, tapa ; kdr, ^id- 

mat; gharav^^ 
Provision, s. tadblr,fikr ; izerma, taydrL 
Provisions, s. ^tcurdk, Mndrah, ta*dm. 

gkizd. (-for a journey, etc.) a^Uqa, tokkka, 

tantosh, t_mn:rai. (-for an army, etc.) 

rasad, zaMlra, sQrsdt. 
Provisional, a. ^artU 
Proviso, 8. iharl. 

Provocation, s. pdrawuna, tongdra ; gwdkkk. 
Provoke, v.a. pdranul, zoral, dgayal, gnd- 

tMdtl, Hapak k. 
Prowess, a. mardna, maranVtob, tUrzan^tob, 

bahddUrl, (^wdnmardl. 
Prowl, v.n. g^alai girzedal, gakiit k. 

Digitized by LnOOQ IC 


( 306 ) 


Proximate, a. nijde, nizd^ rdtlUncu. 
Proximity, 8. nijdcld or nizdekl. 
Proxy, 8, badaiif 'iwa^l ; nSrib. 
Prudent, a. JJiabarddr^ pohh^ hoH-hydr. 
Prune, v.a. prekarvul^ tardshal, s^nkawuL 

(-as birds) banrejorarcul, tvaza-ar tsandah 

8. ashdraif kishta. 
Pry, v.a. zarana-l-, tidr-Jasusl-, dztr-f etc. L 
Psalm, 8. zabur ; stdyau 
Puberty, 8. dzwdni, bulu^at, zalmlUob. 
TuhViCfaJdmrnftnashkilr; tjarffandJilUkkdrah. 

8. Malq^ *dmmiydnp ulas or ulos. 
Publicity, s. shuhrat^ gada* 
Publicly, a. pa tsargand^ pajdr or pa zdhir. 
Publish, v.a. maskhur^f ^dAir*, y^rf-» etc. k. 
VuckeffS.jung^gundzaf chunr,/:ratai, rhldiar. 
Puddle, 8. tsaparai, dandukai. 
Puff, 8. pU, puk. (-of wind) tsapa. v.a. 

pUkal^ puk 7vahal; parsattul^ tyak k. 
Pugilist, 8. muka-l' or suk tcahUnkai^ musht' 

Puisne, a. kaskar, ka^otai. 
Puissant, a. zordrcar, qurcat-ndk 
Pull, v.a. rdkdgal^rdHhhaL (-out) kdgjaU^ 

kkJikal, bdsal^yastal. (-along) kaskdla k. 

(-down) narafvul. 8. kakkh, rdkhhhah 
Pullet, 8. chirgHrai. dliUdtai. 
Pulley, 8. tsarj^^l. 
Pulp, 8. md^ah. 
Pulpit, 8. ndmbar. 

Pulsate, v.n. drazedak v.a. (sifike wahal. 
Pulsation, 6. draz^ tsirika. 
Pulse, 8. naJj?, rag. (to feel the-) nab:^ 

katal. (pea) s. dianra, niot, mdhe^ md^, 

maA or mayl. 
Pulverize, v.a. ora^vul, oraU-, tnaidah-, etc. k. 
Pump, v.a. obapa nalo rdkd^al'-^rdkkhkal or 

'bdsal'-yastal ; matlab-p rdz-, etc. bdsal-^ 

Pumpkin, 8. kadu. (-sted) kadil zarai. 
Pun, 8. latjfa^ dtta ma^nl Mabara. 

Punch, v.a. sUrai k. ; sUk nahaL 

Punctual, A.pilrak, sU^ah, rikkkdnai. 

Punctuality, s. rikkhtlti'tob^ rdsd. 

Punctually, ^A.ju^tpa nefe or-rcaMt 

Puncture, s. sUra, Mra. 

Pungent, a. tez^ tund. 

Punisb, v,a. sazd warkatvul, 7takal, tdwan 

Punishment, s. sazd, ^uqubat^ siydsat. 
Puny, a. kadiotai^ kudhinai^ kkarmafidat^ 

pot at, tvor, Mamachak, fvorUkai. 
Pupil, 8. skdgird, murld, t^ielak. (-of eye) 

torai, bdtor, kasai, lema, tagk. 
Puppet, s. godd, goda-l, ndrcaka-u nenzaka, 

Puppy, 8. katrai, kungarai. 
Purchase, ba!e dMistal,plral,plrodal. 
Purchaser, s. pa bai*c d^istUnkai, plrUnkau 
Pure, a. pdk, ^df, karak, sUcJtak, Mdli^, 

(oral, hkhah ; pdk laman, nek, pdklzak or 

pdztkak; pUrak. 
Purely, ad. surup, ta-ask, Hall. 
Purgative, a. mu3kil,julldbh 
Purgatory, 8. fnj/l 
J^urge, s.julldb,jdr. v.Vi.jutldb', etc. war- 

katcuL v.n. ndstah lagedal, pa dastUno 

Purification, 8. pdkarvuna. (ceremonial) 

aicdas, tebUn, or temHn, or tayanvnum, 

Purify, v.a. pdkamd, pdk-, pdklzak-, ^df-, 

etc. k., fpetsal or $pedzaL 
Purity, 8. pdkl, paklzagl, pdk-, ^df; etc. 

'fvdfai, spctjal'tob ; rikkhtXn^ob. 
Purple, a. arghandnl, tor sUr. 
Purport, 8. ma^nJ, mcind, matlab. 
Purpose,s. niyat, qafid, irdda, tnurdd, gkara^. 

(on-) ad. pa qasd. (to what- ?) t§a la, tsa 

dapdra, nah. (to the-) ^a}tdb,jor,julskt. 

v.a. vtyat; etc. taral, or hural, or k* 
Purr, v.a. Idiur tvakal, Mur l^ur k 

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( 307 ) 


Puree, 8. hamlydnl^ itsa, bUtsMoAa. 
Purelain, 8. fcarMdrai, ibul/a or Ichurfa. 
Pureuant, a. muttdfiq. (-to) ad. pa mujib. 
Pureae, y.D. pose zohalcdal^z^hdkkhtal : 

pose tlal, 'lagedal, -ied., etc. 
Pursuit, 8. Zf/hakkhtf ieklhta ; mash^Uld, 

Mr ; kokafuk^h. tapos, (aldsj^. 
Purulent, a. zafnlan. 
Purvey, v.a. fkhcurdk-^ rasad', sUrsat-, 

zaJJilra-f etc. tolawuL 
Pus, 8. zaica or zhva, ra-ask, zahub, ^7rai. 
Push, T.a. tcl', dakka-^ etc. vDahal. 
Pusillanimous, a. nofnard, yer*m<uu 
Pustule, 8. nanaka-lf ddna ; Moral. 
Put, v.a. sudal or If/tdal, ikkkodaL IkkhawuL 

'ikHal, kkhkc^dalf etc., lagawul. (-away) 

lire k.^ sharal. (-off) mtCattal-^ drang-^ 

etc. k. (-on) dghqztalf pa d^dn-^ etc. k. 

(-out) mur k. (-together) joran:ul, yo 

dzdc k,f tolaivuL (-up with) rvralf zgkamaU 
Putrefy, v.n. nroziedal^ pUdah-, sM^'9 etc. 

ked.; sharhedal. 
Putrid, a. wrost^ sk^d, pUdah. 
Puzzle, v.a. kariydnajvul, rabrawul, hak pak 

A., ftairdn or kariydn-, sardsanaA-^ etc. k. 

B,pecJlif gkdtai, kag.a maga. 


Quack, 8. Idpaif nlmgarai tablb, -mulld, etc. 
Quack, v.a. gd qd k. 
Quadrilateral, a. chdr^gUtlai. 
Quadruped, s. tsdnmi, ddba, sutUr. 
Quadruple, s. tsalor bragk, tsalor ^and. 
Quaff, v.a. skal, tskal or Ukkh al. 
Quagmire, s. bokkhtana^ Mafa, palanda, 

Quail, 8. mraz, mvaraz. 
Quaint, a. *ajib ; lafl/, ndzuk, bdrlk. 
Quake, v.n. larzcdaL rapedal, prakedaL 

Qualification, 8. td-iqat, qdbilgat. 
Qualified, a. /S-fj, qdbil, yarzan. 
Quality, s. Uoe, Mio^lat, si/at, UiVa, lokkhax. 

(rank) martaba, pdya^ darja, kar. 
Qualm, 8. bdka-1, chdL (-of conscience) 

gram, (to have a-) bdka-i-, etc. k. • gra^n 

Quantity, 8. qadr, anddza, fcazn. 
Quarrel, va. jang-^jagara', yfl?2y«-# etc. k. 
Quarrelsome, 9L.ja»gydlai,jagrda, bddl. 
Quarry, s. (game) kkkkdr. (stone-) da kdtuv 

Quart, 8. $er. 
Quarter, s. pao^ (miorama braJdiO. (side) 

JdiKd^ lorai, fscltna^ roM; araM, (^fg, 

dada. (district) j^a/a/t?, cJia^n, M^l, kandai^ 

malialla. (asylum) pandk, nanandtak^ 

djiidn, amn. (lodging) dzde, astogat bor^ 

jalf tlkdo. 
Quash, v.a. mdtamil. (annul) bdfll k. 
Quaver, v.n. trangcdal; larzedal, rapedal^ 

Quay, B.pusktttf dunkdtjia. 
Queen, s. malika. (-at chess, etc.) fcazir. 
Queer, a. 'a;ai, *ajlb. 
Quell, v.a. kkkkaiawid, sara^ad, mdUncul, 

Idnde-p fnan^a-, etc. k. 
Quench, v.a. saratculf mur k. 
Query, s. sarcdl, tapos or taJaJliuz 
Queat, 8. ialdsh^ talabf tagd pU. 
Question, s. sarcdl, tapos. pukkktana : gumdn^ 

^akk, shubka. v.a. pukkhtedal^ sa^dl-, 

etc. k., gumdn-, etc. larat. 
Questionable, a. ^akk'man, gumdniL 
Quibble, 8. kira-l, pal/na, lamykara-l^ ^I&i, 

Quick, a. za-ar or zir.jalU garandai, dkdldk^ 

zghard^ tcz, tabcdrgandai. {tAiXQijftafidaU 

8. Ura-l^Jwanda-i phwakkha^ 
Quicken, y.a.jn:andai k. ; za-ar or zir-, etc. k. 
Quickly, ad. zir zir, pa tahvdr, pa garcuidU 

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( 308 ) 


Qaickne&s, s. fal/vdr, garand'tcdlai* 
Qaicksand, s. bokkhtana^ ghal §higa. 
Quicksilver, s. pard, slmdb. 
Qaiet» a. rh^fp, ^alai; qaldr^ dr&m. 8. 

qaldT'tif/d, drdm-tiydf dsUdaffh 
Quietly, ad. ro ro, pa qaldr sara. 
Quietness, s. gihatotob ; drdrn'tiyd ; (jharibi. 
Quill, 8. baiira, s/fd/ipar or Hhdh par. 
Quilt, 8. brastan ; ndla-i^ (old-i, toshak. 
Quince, 8. bilia-l or bl. (-seed) bl ddna. 
Quinsy, s. haspa^ Hundq. 
Quintessence, 6. jau/tar, asl ; Huldsa. 
Quit, v.a. preg.Jal^ prellhodal^ prekkhaL 

Quite, a. pUrah, amdnl, sardsar^ tamdm, 

ftCirah, tol tdl. (in comp.) tak-, tap-, etc. 
Quiver, s. larza.parak. (-for arrows) Mhiva- 

lai, tm^ kakkh. 
Quiver, v.n. larzedal^ rapedal, parakedal. 
Quota, s. brakha, tcesk, liui^a. 
Quote, y.a. sanad rdrvral, da bid cf^d ^abara 

(or rcayai) yddawiiL 


Babbit, s. IxhargoRh^ koranai soe. 

Rabble, s. data, park, ffanr fJialq. 

Race, 8. manda, z^dkkht. (generation) a^/, 

nasi, zdt, iidnddn, kor, noga. 
Rack, 8. skikanja, tsark&, pdna, kdt. v. a. 

pa shikanjo', etc. Micjawul, ^azdbarcxil 
Radiance, s. brekkhnd, raujrd, palrvaska. 
Radiant, a. brekkhndk, rtlur, dzalkan. 
Radiate, v.n. brekkhedal, dzalkcdal, rHuredaL 
Radical, a. axA, zdil. 
Radish, s. mUlaA, turp. 
Raffle, v.a. pa kisk-, /;a pudiO*, pa quro-, 

etc. IhartsatruL 
Raft, s.jdla, bera. 

Rafter, s. bcnsk, laJcara, patera. 

Rag, 8. Mrra, parukai, pdrcha, purza, 

Rage, 8. qakr, ^u-^sa, gha:^ab, tdo ; saudd. 
Ragged, a. tnki takJ. (in rags) yand or 

kind pokxk. (uneven) zlgi, brdr jatcar, 

kandai kaudarai. 
Raging, a. gha':^ab'ndk, qahr^jan, JJiapak, 

Rail, v.a, ker-, bdra-, shpoU, etc. taral or 

'laganuL (abuse) pcghor narkartul, kan- 

zal or kkhkandzal. (blame) maldmatajculp 

ratal, trafaL 
Raiment, 8. dj2kostan, zarnkal, mcarai,jdma, 

pokkhdk, libds. 
Rain, s. bdrdn. (slight-) rangai bdrdn,pilna^ 

(heavy-) gatjr bdrdn, shebak. (springy 

shower) kakkhma, Kasa. (hot weather-> 

parsJiakdL (-bow) shna kdsa, sra kdsa, 

da bnda-l tdL 
Rain, v.n. orcdal, fjdtscdal, bdrdnedal. 
Raise, v.a. pdfjawul, Miejawul, porta k. 

(erect) naldranul, rcudrawul, lakarouL 

(educate) pdlal, nrndtu/zal, pancaral. 
Raisin, s. nrafska, maca. 
Rake, s. para, gkdkkha)car, panj-gakkhai ; 

hivand, chat, kdsJr, lutsak. 

nakah, kas'ir't-, etc, k. (search) latawuL 

(collect) tolawul. 
Rally, v.a. tlngawul, sambdlawul, jorawtdf 
' viazbill k., koinak rasarvuL (jeer) ^andd-, 

toqa-, etc. k 
Ram, 8. magi, ga-ad. (fighting) gku^. 
Ram, v.a. mandal, kkJike mandaL 
Ramble, v.n. girzedal, sail k. 
Rambler, s. gasktai, dwdrah, lawand. 
Ramify, v;n. Miivaredal, 7vlrcdal, pkcUdal. 
Rammer, s. pdcko, dabalai, bargiko. 
Rampant, a. mast, §to^ln. 
Rampart, ». kkhakr pandk, bdra, sangar. 

Digitized byLrrOOQlC 


( 309 ) 


Eancidy a. s^d, wrost, triw, trlfi. 
Rancour, s. kina^ bu^ih^^ hhna had\^ *indJ. 
Random, a. tatca/:kull, gismatt. (at-) ad. kase. 
Range, v.a. sail-, gakkht-^ etc. k. v.n. girz- 

edal. (set) (artlbarvul, sambdlarvul. 
Rank, s. martaba, pdya^ dzae, darja ; para^ 

^^fff 9<^!Ar* a- rcrost, sfckd, badlUvddr. 

v.a.para-f etc. taral; ganral^ shmcral. 
Rankle, v.n. balcdal,yaskedal, MHyedal or 

Ma-cdal^ steal. 
Ransack, T.a. latatcitl^ skanal; (did-, lut', 

etc. k. 
Ransom, s. bUnga. 
Rant, v.a. ICtpe shdpe nakal • laq barj^^ bar 

bar-, etc. k. 
Rap, v.a. ?vakal, (rakawul, iak fcakal, tak* 

Rapacious, a. /t2/-&ar, ghdratgar\ MfUndrai. 
Rape, v.a. bikr mdtatcul^ pa zabardasd gho- 

rcuL (-seed) awrax. 
Rapid, 9L,garandai, za-ar or zirjalt, tez,tund. 
Rapidity, s.jalti, tahcdr, tund'u tezl. 
Rapine, s. Idt, ghdrai^ tdldn, tdkht tdrdj. 
Rapture, s. dera Ihiish'hdti^josh^ cshnd. 
Rare, a. nddir^ matrah, kam paidd. (thin) 

Rarify, v.a. narai-, tnakin-, bdrik-^ etc. k. 
Rarely, ad. kamtar, la-ag. 
Rascal, a. liordnil, laralai, bad-fndsk, rlar* 

Rash, a. tabvalai, tabrdr^gandaifjalt, bc'tad- 

blr, zir. (-on the skin) garmaka, larama, 

sra viak^ajannora, nanaka-J, dzfvdnaka. 
Rasp, v.a. sokdn-^ chausdr; etc. 7cakal, or A. ; 

sularvul, zlgawul^ zdoyal. 
Rat, 8. viagak, magaky samandci. (musk-) 

mukkhkai magak. 
Rate, 8. ioTa, qlmat^ nirJJi ; anddza, btsdb ; 

shdn, taur. v.a. iai'a-, etc. taral \ an- 

ddza-t etc. /^., gatiraL (scold) ratals trafal, 


Rather, ad. wrUnbe^ aiCKal^ Id. 

Ratify, v.a. qabulartul^ muqarrar A 

Ratio, 8. and&za, Kozn. 

Rational, a. ^aqiman^ pokind; mundth,. 

Rationality, s. *aql, pok, pakm, sha^Ur. 

Rattle, v.a. sirangawul, graryafcul, garorahd^ 

k, 8. chaur rhanrai, granjdH. 
Ravage, v.a. tdld-^ n^airdn-^ ^j^T't kkhpo 

Idnde-t etc. k., latdrawul^ natal. 
Rave, v.a. bc-khade Mobare *., bar bar k^ 
Raven, s. kdgk. 

Ravenous, a. littdl^ fcagai, nagkldnd. 
Ravine, B.Mivar^ kanda^ kas. 
Ravish, v.a. bikr shlatcul or -nuUamul; pa 

zor dl'iistal; satr dMistal. 
Raw, a. dm or otn^ nma^khed, nlm^poHf 

ka^ak. (abraded) sudah, salatculai. 

(-cold) sor. 
Rawness, s. afn*fcdlai ; sdra. 
Ray, 8. palfcaska, partaw^ ^alak, shugkla. 
Raze, v.a. nara?vul, kkhpo Idnde-, litdrak-^ 

etc. k. 
Razor, s. tcstura, pdlia-l. (-strap) pataka 
Reach, v.n. rascdal, rdtlal, rdghlaU (touch> 

lagedal^ jangedal. (-out) gkazedal or 

gazedal. (fetch) v.a. rdtcral. 
Reaction, s. zor^ qurcat. 
Read, v.a. bvustal^ kitdb kataL 
Readiness, s. taydri, ^dldld. 
Reading, s. bvustdn. (-ttie Quran) qirdt. 
Ready, a. taydTf didldk^ bd:fir. 
Real, a. rikkitfnai, a^ll, sUrhak^ karak. 
Reality, 6. rikkhtlyd. rikkhnn-tob, haqiqaL 
Realize, v.a. mUndal, gatal; paidd-, id^br-p 

etc. k. 
Really, ad. rikkhtiyd, Ihuddegjo. 
Realm, s. mulk^ rdj, bdds^d^l ; kiwdd. 
Reap, v.a. lau k., rebal, rarvdal; mUndalp 


Reaper, s. lau*garai ; gaidnkai. 

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( 310 ) 


Bear, 8. rvrGstai, sLd, dumhdL (in the-) ad. 

wrSsto, pa xhd, pastana. 
Rear, v.a. Vhejavculy pdtmrvut, tcaldrawul. 

v.n. fcaldreJal, pdfscdat, ^atal. (-up) 

ncfik'f lak't jiy-f etc. tcaldredal or -ked. 

(nourish) pamaral, pdlal^ nmdndzaU 
Reason, s. *aqU poh, pakm. (cause) sabab^ 

habU bdi^, ; mtijib, tvasUa^ jihat. (proof) 

daill,- ItUffaL (right) lioqq, in^df. v.a. 

bah^i'f etc. k. 
Reasonable, a. ndjib, mundsib, kkhdyastah. 

Rebel, s. yd'jhVgar^ sar-liaHh. v.a. ydgJn- 

gdrx'^ sar'kakkhh. etc. k. v.n. ydgAl-, etc. 

Rebellious, a. ydjl(l, tughiydn. 
Rebound, v.a. tlndak ttahat^ top 7cafial. 
Rebuke, v.a. maldmatarcul, ratals ddral; 

(-oneself) gram k. 
Recall, v.a. bhjd balal, stilnaTviil or stanaivul; 

Recant, v.a. rde bad/a?vuL v.n. yirzedal, 
jdrn:a(af, stanedaf ot stanedal; mun/drcdal. 
Recapitulate, v.a. biyd baydnarcuL 
Recede, v.n. rvrusto Aed., stunedaf, hatedcU, 

pas f ana ked.^jdntatal. 
Receipt, s. rasldt htijjat, tamassuk. 
Receive, v.a dkhistal ; manal. 
Recent, a. narvai, osanai, nan wradzana!. 
Recently, ad. os, pa zlr mUde. 
Receptacle, s. WjUna^ dzde, kor, makdn. 
Reception, s. dMistah; manana; istigbdl; 

Recess, a. /dy, (dqrha, rap, dara-l; p^f, 

goH'ha. (suspension) barMwdst, rcazgdr* 

tiyd, font. 
Recipe, a. ntuJcha. 
Reciprocal, a. da dwdro para, -loro, -dado, 

etc., larfain^jdnibain. 
Recite, v.a. baydnanul, yddawul, naql k. 

Reckon, v.a. skmeral, siumdral, ftUdbawul; 

yanral. v.n . pokedal, pakmedal. 
Reclaim, Y.2L.jorawul, sambdlan:ul,dbddawulp 

Recline, v.n. fsamldsfaf, tjamlal, mldstaL 

ghazedal ot gazedaU 
Recluse, s. gokkha-nishin. 
Recognisance, s. iqrdr-ndma. 
Recognition, s. pejdndah, pejandgati. 
Recognize, v.a. peJandaL 
Recoil, v.a. tlndak wakaL v.n. stanedal, 

pa biyartajdrwataL 
Recollect, v.a. yddawxd ; zdak k. 
Recollected, s. ydd, zdak. 
Recommend, v.a. sipdrish k., spdral. 
Recompense, v.a. tdwdn-, badal-, etc. n:ar- 

Reconcile, v.a. pnkild k., rogha jora *., 

yhKd sarawul ; manal, bardbarawul. 
Record, s. da/tar, tawdrUi. v.a. likal, darj k. 
Recorder, s. qdniin^goe, sariskta'ddr. 
Recount, v.a. baydnawuL 
Recover, v.n. ra^edal, joredaL v.a. biyd- 

Recovery, s. raghedana^ ioredana ; biyd- 

Recreation,s. sail,tamdska, toba, wazgdr^tiyd. 
Recriminate, v.a. clnghawul, sdra kanzal k., 

lagiyd sara peghorHna fsarkaJVuL 
Recruit, v.a. kosd-, etc. k., dama fvarkanml ; 
. pUrak-, etc. k., naitai nokar k. 
Rectify, y.n.jorawul, sam-, drust-, etc. k. 
Rectitude, s. rikkhUn-tob, neki, rdstl, ^awdb^ 
Rectum, a. ^ustai, kulma. 
Recumbent, a. midst, prot, gkazedalai. 
Recur, v.n. rdtlal, rdgklal; yddedal. 
Red, a. sHr, Idl, surhh. rat. 
Redeem, v.a. ilalds^attul, dzddaKul, barh» 

Redress, v.a. tdiedn warkaKul, dddranh, 

niydm^f etc, k. 

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( 311 ) 


Reduce, v. a. iamatvul, landarcul, saratvul; 

Redaction, 8. kam^iyd^ la-agi'fcdlai ; trotp 

Redundant, a. ziydtf der. 
Reed, 8. darma, darrvai, nal, shpelai, laMa. 
Reel, 8. aferdn, tsarkhau (-of tbread) ata 

or ateha. (dance) atanr. 
Refer, v.a. pukkhtedaL spdral, tidal— parol, 

katal, lagawul, 7xisbat laral. v.n. lagedal. 
Reference, 8. nisbat, *aldqa, tdalluq, Idr. 
Referee, 8. munsif. 
Refine, v.a. pdi-, ^df-, spin-, etc. k., narai-, 

etc. k. 
Refit, y.u.jorarcuL 
Reflect, v.a. Jtkr-, ghaur-^ etc. h. ; ^n;rat-, 

'aA«-, etc. do^amul. 
Reflux, B.jdnvdtak, stUnedah. 
Reform, v.a. narvaijorafvul, drdstah k. 
Refractory, a. yd^hh sar^kakkh, takanrau 
Refrain, y.h.park€z k., ^dn sdtal. v.n. dada 

Refresh, v.a. kosd-, tdzak-^ etc. /•., dama war- 

karvul, JJiwd $arawtil. 
Refreshment, 8. M^^dk, nakarai, tadm; 

drdnif dcLfna* 
Refuge, 8. dsrcTfpandk ; nanaTtdtak, amn. 
Refugee, 8. nanafcdtai, pandhglr. 
Refulgent, a. rUiirf rokkhdn^ brekkh-ndL 
Refund, v.a. $iUnarcul or stanarvul, biyarta-, 

pastana-p etc, tvarkamul; tdrtdn narkarcuL 
Refuse, v.a. namanal, naqabulawul^ daregh-^ 

ibd'9 etc. k. or -rdwral. 
Refute, v.a. bdfil-^ radd-^ etc. k. ; gram k. 
Regain, v.a. biyd mUndaL 
Regal, a. bddshdkl. 
Regard, v.a. na^ar-, mgdk-, etc. *., katal; 

tnanal; Jikr-, etc. k., M<^bar dk&tstal; 

Regardless, a. bc^khobar, be^parwd. 
Regent, 8. qd-im muqdm, nd-ib. 

Regimen, s. pdl, parkfz, (Imdr. 
Regiment, s. paltan. (-of horse) ri$dla. 
Region, s. zmaka^ mulk, kitcdd. 
Register, s. da/tar^ sijilfp siajara. 
Regret, 8. (ifsos, daregk, armdn, tartdb, s(o 

mdnl, pakkkemdni. v.a. a/sos-, etc. k. 

v.n. stomdnedal, pakkhemdn ked. 
Regular, a. bardbar, sam, kajvdr, drtist; 

qdniln%9 d-inJ, intii^dmL 
Regulation, s. d-ln, qdnUn ; tartlb. 
Reject, VA. lire *., ^karal; jdrbdsal^ 
jdryastal; nd'qabul; nd^kkwakkh-. etc. k. 
Reign, v.a. bdd^kdkh, raj-, ftukm-, etc. k. 
Reimburse, v.a. narkawul, tdrcdn', badal-, 

'tira;?-, etc. rcarkarcul, stUnawul, pUrak-, 

etc. k. 
Rein, 8. tvdya, mlUna ; )Uab, bddgoL 
Reinstate, v.a. pa dzde kkJikenatcul or -««- 

qarrar k. 
Rejoice, v.a. tkhddi-^ kljUsh-Jidtl', etc. k. 

v.n. kkkddedaL MUsh'ltdledal, kkhdd^man 

ked. (spitefully) v.a. sai^a-, fviydr-, etc. k. 
Rejoin, y.tL.jorarvul, layawuL v.n. yadedal 
Reiterate, v.a. dubdra-, biyd biyd-, tcdr tcdr-t 

etc. fcayaU 
Relate, v.a. baydnanul, rvayal, qif^a k.; 

nisbat', ^aldqa-, etc. laral. v.n. lagedal. 
Relation, s. baydn, qis^a; nisbat-, ^atdqar^ 

Mipul, khekkkf 'azlz. (paternal-) pldr- 

ganat. (maternal-) mor^ganai, etc. 
Relationship, s. Mpul'n:ali, Hp^l^h *azlz* 

wall or ^aziz-gati, k/iekkhl: ragai, kad. 
Relative, s. Mpul, khekkh^ etc. (r. Relation). 

a. nisbad. 
Relax, v.a. arat-, sust-, etc. k. 
Relaxation, s. arat^fvdlai, sust^itdlai ; iusd ; 

Release, v.a. dzddawulf Haldsawut, mur- 

kawult yalak k., pregdal, prcHiodalp 

Relent, v.n. nannedal, muld-im ked. 

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( 312 ) 


Relentless, a. be-raim, sa)ig*dil, kdnrai zrah. 
Reliance, s. bdwar, umed, takiya, tofcakkuL 
Relief, s. madadp komak ; drdm ; badll. 
Relieve, v.a. madad-^ komak'^ etc. raaawul; 

dram fvarkafcul ; badhk. 
Religion, s. din^ Iman^ mashab, ftesh. 
Religious, a. dln^ddr, mdn-ddr, nmdndzl, 

nmUndz'ffuzdr ; dim, niazhabl. 
Reiinquish fV.a.pre^dal^prekk/iodal.prekkhaL 

tark k. 
Relish, y.a. IJiivandr, maza-, etc. wariawiU, 

maza'ddr-, ^fcand'ndA; etc. k. 
Reluctance, s. dare^, stomdnu 
Reluctant, a. ndrd:^, si&mdn. 
Rely, v.a. bdwar-, takiya-, tawakkut-, etc. k. 
Remain, v.n. pdtedal, pdedal, osedal, pdtai 

Remainder, s. hdqi, pOtal. 
Remains, s. pas-^urda, juta. (mortal-) 

Remark, v.a. na;;ar', niffdh-, etc. k.^ ydda- 

wul, fvayaL 
Remarkable, a. *ajib, *ajab ; mas^hUn 
Remedy, s. *ildj, daicd, tsdra, darmdn, tadbir. 

v.a. 'i/ay-, etc. k.,jorafvul, ra^anuL 
Remember, v.a. yddatcul^ ydd total pt^an- 

dal; zdak k. 
Remembrance, s. ydd; pejdndaJu 
Remind, v.a. ydd rcarkawul. 
Remiss, a. tust, ghdfl^ sor, norm. 
Remit, v.a. bakkhaLpulatcuL mxidfk. (send) 

dstamil, Ic^al. (lessen) kanuiwul, la-a^a* 

Remittance, s. balkhana * dstcucdna ; kama- 

Remnant, a. bdgl, pdtai. 
Remonstrance, 8. 'orj^i; takrdr\ yita. 
Remorse, s. paskhdft ovpakftsdk.pakkhemdnl. 
Remote, a. firt or Ure^pnU. 
Remove, v.a. tin k., l^ejawuli kada wfal, 

Ufidal^lekMal, ihk& k. 

Remunerate, v.a. o/V-, ujrat', mi^nat-, etc. 

tvarkawul; tdmdn; s^ukrdna-, etc. war* 

Rend, v.a. shlatvuC, Mral, tsdk k., mdtofvtd, 

Render, v.a. karvul, kral, rdwroL 
Rendezvous, s. borjaL v.n. toledal, yo ^de 

Renew, v.a. b?yd kawul, -rdrvral, -dMtstal, 

etc. nan:ai', tdzak-, etc. k. 
Rennet, s. tomna, mdya ; ^yalai. 
Renounce, v.n. munkiredal, jdrwatal. t.h. 

inkdr-, etc. L, pre^jidal, prekkhodal. pre* 

Renowned, a. ndnmar, moMiilr. 
Rent, a. siledalai, tslralai. s. tsdk, t^Jra, 

darz. (liire) kreka, kirdha ; ijdra. 
Rent, v.n. s^ledal or (siredal; tvraredaL 
Renunciation, s. inkdr, tark. 
Repair, v.a. jorawul, pe/cand-, marammat', 

etc. A. 
Repartee, s. b^;;ir ^aicdbl. 
Repast, 8. naharai, ndsita, doda-l. 
R^P^y^ v^A* badal', tdtcdn-, etc. tvarkafvul; 

qar:^', por-, etc. Moafcul; pUraA-, add-, 

etc. k. 
Repeal, v.a. bdfii-, radd-, etc. A. 
Repeat, v.a. biyd-, dubdra; etc. toayalf 

bag&natcul, mukarrar nayaL 
Repeatedly, ad. biyd qa biyd, dqf*atan. 
Repel, v.a. liri k., skaral, ratal, katdlawuL 
Repent, v.a. tcba bdsal^yastaL v.n. ztamd' 

ncdal, pakkkemdn ked. 
Repentance, s. toba, stomdnl, pakkTiemdnl. 
Repentant, a. toba^ydr, stomdn, pakkhemdn. 
Repine, v.n. karedal, nUledal^ oiamedoL 
Replete, a. pHrak, dak, mof. 
Reply, v.a. fhaitdb^pdsukk; etc. narkawuL 
Report, 8. Mobar, dwdza; bdng ; daz,^afi. 

v.a. kiabaranul, kiabar tvarkawuli ^^9 

nayal; daz ttakal, ^agaKul. 

uiyiiized byLrrOOQlC 


( 313 ) 


Repose, t«ii. Uamldstal, mlS^tai^ gj^azedal; 

iUloA ked. T.a. khob-^ drdm-, etc. i. 
Reprehensible, a. maldmatl, ndAdraA. 
Represent, v.a. 'orj^ k. ; kkAayal^kkhowul. 
Representation, s. *ar^l ; fsera^ $arat ; 

Representative, s. tcakU, nd-ib, qd-im muqdm. 
Reprimand, T.a. maldmat A., faqa?cul, ratal. 
Reprisal, s. beta, bramta. 
Reproach, y.tL. pe^or wariarcul; gilak. 
Reprobate, s. gumrdh^ mardad, rcruk Idr. 
Reprove, v.a. maldmatarcul, tratat^ ratal, 

Reptile, s. chinjai, ^azanda. 
Republic, s. da ulas or ulOsjirga; dajirgo 

Repudiate, v.a. in/:dr L, sharal, H-hayaL 
Repugnance, s. kraka ; darcgh. 
Repugnant, a. mu^dUf, Aagtalai. 
Repulse, v.a. rndta^cul, takk/ita/ttil. hafdlafcuL 
Reputable, a. muatabar, itlldfi. 
Reputation, s. nUm, nang, abrU, ttibdr. 
Request, v.a. darj^wd^t-, ^ar:;-^ sanrdl-, etc. 

^., g^okkhial, pukHtedal. 
Require, v.a. ghohkhtaL hdjai (araL 
Requisite, a. pakdr, Idzim, :;arilr. 
Resemblance, s. bardbarl, mushdbahat. 
Resembling, a. ghondi, pa shdn, pa rang. 
Resent, v.a. bad manaL 
Resentment, s. iina, badi, dukhhmanl. 
Reserve, v.a. sdtal, Mufidiyal, ^undl k. 
Reservoir, s. ^aw;?, baka-l, dand, tdldw. 
Reside, v.n. dstedal, osedal, pdtedal. T.a. 

astoga-, meshtO'^ etc. k. 
Resident, s. osedUiikai, astogHnkai, dsteddnkai. 
Residue, s. bdql,pdt(u; tarka. 
Resign, v.a. pregdal, prellhodal^ prekhhal : 

Mrk k.\ spdralfpdslawul; bakkhal. 
Resignation, s. tark^ prckkbodana ; tpdrana, 

$pdrakkhtana\ (amak/ml; izCifd. 

Resin, 8. rdndzarak^ diUrd\ jdtela. 

Resist, v.a. ma^^ban-, bardbarl'^jang-, etc. i. 

v.n. ting-, klak-, ma^^bat", etc. Kudredal, 

or ied., hatedal. 
Resolute, a. ma^but, klak, flng^ zrah'tcar. 
Resolution, s. qand, myai. 
Resolve, v.a. qaxd k.^ niyat taroL 
Resort, v.a. rdsha dar^a k. 
Resound, v.n. ghagedal, ghfunbedoL 
Resource, s. (hdra^ 'ildj ; r^o/, liikMot. 
Respect, s. *iz£at^ adab; nisbat, *aldqa. 

(with respect to) pa baqq kk/ike. (in many 

respects)/?a dero i^baro kkhAe. (in every 

respect) pa hare Wiabarc. y.n.grohedal; 

Respectable, a. muUabar^ ^tzzai'ndk. 
Respectful, a. adab kaKdnkai. 
Respective, a. Mdssi ; khpul HpuL 
Respire, v.a. sdh dkhistaL 
Respite, B./ur^at; fcazgdr'tlyd; ndgha. 
Response, s. ^amdb, pdsuH. 
Responsibility, 8. cf;n»ia; tdtcdn* 
Responsible, a. zimma^ddr, tdicdn war- 

Rest, s. drdm^tiyd, qaldr-tiyd; dram, qaldr 

or qardr, fur^at. (pause) Kdr^ dama. 

(sleep) Mob. (prop) aram. 
Rest, a. bdqif pdtai ; nor, nor tot. 
Restive, a. sar-kakkk. sar-zor, takanrai. 
Restless, a. bcdrdm, nd-qaldr. 
Restore, v.a. biyd pa dzde jcaldranul, pa 

blyarta warltattul. 
Restrain, v.a. sambdla/vul, bandcutul, man^a 

k.f Isdratvul. katdlawuL 
Result, 8. //aj((?7 ; *amal; Matah; pdzah. 
Resume, v.a. biyd dlJiistaL 
Resurrection, 8. dfitirat, hashr, qiydmat. 

(day of-) uradz da bashr, etc. 
Retail, v.a. bel bel-, la-ag la-ag-f tic. 

l^artsafvulf Idgl k. 
Retain, v.a. sdtal, laral, liundl k. 

Digitized by LnOOQlC 


( 314 ) 

RetaliAte, v.a. badal-, jazd-, qisd^-, etc. 

dkhUtal; bota^t hranUa-^ etc. k. 
Retard, v.a. katdlartul^ kariydbaTvul; drang-^ 

IdrgAah', multawi-f ete. k. 
Retch, v.a. bdka-h, qai-^ ^dt-, etc. k.^jdr- 

bdsal—^jdryistal, kilz katal^ zmake ta 

Reticular, 9L.jdl'ddr^jdlL 
Retinue, 8. sivarll ; jalab* 
Retire, v.n. tvrusiO', bif/arta-, etc. ked., hat- 

dlcdal, pastana jdncatal or -tlal^dral, 

pdtscdal; putedal. 
Retired, a. put^ yawddzai^ bel or btyaL 
Retirement, s. yattddzt-ldn^ beltHn. 
Retract, v.n. yirzedaf, landedaL v.a. hi/cdr-, 

bdtil', etc. k.fjdrbdsal' 
Retreat, v.n. taHhtedaL /tatdledal, biyarta-, 

etc. /:ed. 8. tcHhta. mdt. (cover) put- 

ffana-l, psilnai, tsarvaL (asylum) pandh, 

Retrench, v.a. kamawul, ta-agiawtil, famjawul. 
Retribution, 8. $azd, siydsat^ badal^jazd. 
Retrieve, v.a. sambd/arvul, biyd milndaL 
Return, v.n. yirzedul, jdrwatal, stUnedal, 

dmiMta/, pasta?ia rdtlal^rd^lal. v.a, 

pa biyarta dstanulf stSnawuL 
Return, 8. jarjvdiah ; badaL (profit) snd, 

ffata. (answer) dzawdb. (form) Rdrat hdf. 
Reveal, v.a. tmrgaiidmrtd^ kkhkdrah k., 

parda j>crta k., itayal. 
Revel, v.a. mastl-y bad mastl k 
Revenge, v.a. badal-, qhd^; etc. dkhistat. 
Revengeful, a. klna-vtar. 
Revenue, s. bdj^ /Jdrdj, wahi^iil, saw. 
Revere, v.a. zbarg gatn-al or -manal. v.n. 

Reverence, 8. grokedana, manana ; zat^ adab ; 

saldm^ sijda. 
Reverse, v.a. naskorarvui, araicul, apHfak k. 
Reverse, a. naskor, crawulai; apUtak. 8. 

d/atf bald, bad- or tor bal^ti* 



tamd^a'9 d&^r^^ 

Review, v.a. 

ete. i(. 
Revile, v.a. kanzal, kanzal k., kkhkanfyal^ 

peghqr warkawul. 
Revolution, s. Uarkh^ daur ; balrtd^ pasdL 
Revolve, v.n. dkurlcdaf, tsarkhedal.girzedaL 

v.Vi.Jlkr-, ghaur-, etc. A. 
Reward, s. njrai, mdmai ; bakkJtana, irCdm ; 

^afvdb, barakat. 
Rheumatism, s. bad, wo. 
Rhinoceros, B.gendai. 
Rhubarb, s. rewand. (fresh) rawdsh. 
Rhyme, s. radif, na^m 
Rib, B.pukkkta-l. 

Riband, s. pafa-l, relkha ; pekawai. 
Rice, 8. n?rl/a. (-inthehusk).£A{>/rt. (broken-) 

^amadia. (boiled-) kamoda, daldd. 

(-straw) paldla. (-field) shof-gara, ^dli^ 

zdr^ kadhal. (-planting) tdkdti. 
Rich, a. mdl'ddr, dunlyd^ddr, daulat*man. 
Riches, s. mdl, duniyd, daulat. 
Rick, 8. da/a-i, deraA. 
Rid, v.a. liri k.^jdrd A., ta-ashawul, JJiald^- 

amily dzddawut, wurkawut, rihd k. 
Riddle, s. miiamma. (sieve) ^albeU 
Ride, x.n.swarcdal or sparedal. v.a. swarli k. 
Rider, s. swor or spor ; sparlanai. 
Ridge, 8. kamar,pu.^ta or pukkita, ghdkkhau 
Ridicule, s. J^andd, toqa.pclkha^ malanda. 
Ridiculous, a. ^andd^ndk, toql, malandai. 
Rifle, v.a. skakawul, natal, lutawul. 
Rig, y,9L.jorawul, tarCtbawul* 
Right, a. rikjkhtiyd, drust, jukkt, rdst^jor, 

fvdjib, rawd, bardbar, hkhdyastaL kkhak. 

(-hand) ikhal. m.juj^t !jor ! drust ! etc. 

8. Imqq ; ndk, i/Miydr ; mdl, milk ; 'oi/, 

insidf\ ihhai. yjk.jorawul, samawul, etc* 
Righteous, a. nek, nekokdr, rikiitincu, rd$t* 

bdz, pdk, ^awdbh 
Righteousness, 8. neki, rdstl, ritihfln^iob^ 


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( 315 ) 


Rightfnl, 0. iaqq-ddr^ haqq-man. 

Rigid, a. klak. lak, zVji. negh. taJ^, tsak, flny. 

Rigidity, s. AloM-wdlai, zlsn-wdlai, etc. 

Rigour, 8. «a^tf; sdraA, yak^nl ; larza. 

Rigorous, a. sal7jt, zig,; $or, yakh. 

Rim, 8. sh^ra, morya, tmnda,ja'l. (wheel-) 

kira-l, gardaA ; drakar. 
Rind, 6. bat, pat, pot, M^car, postalcai. 
Ring, 8. karaA. (finger-) tsalai. (nose-) 

pczKdn, nathaA (ear-) cj^ala, tcdlat 

(neck-) osaa-l 
Ring, v.n. tranycdaf, shranyeda!, yrarjedal 
Ringdove, s.yHyusii ta,qumri,spalama,tatawa, 
. kur^kura-l. 

Ringleader, s. saryuroh, targhanah, ndyak 
Ringlet, a. fsilnra, fsunraia, zulfa, ycsU. 
Ringi^orm, 8. pishak, spUnicai. 
Rinse, v.a. windzal or mlndzal, rclaL 
Riot, 8. halrKoi, pasdt, MarMakkta. (revel) 

khar mastl, bad mastl, tel idl. 
Riotous, a. bahva-yar, vasdtl, sar-kaHh ; 

Rip, v.a. tslraf, tsd/i k., shlawuL 
Ripe, a. poMt M^r^^' 
Ripple, 8. tsaparkai, pacj^a. 
Rise, v.n. pdfjcdal, vorta ked., Kaldredal, 

Rise, 8. Mdtah, taraqqaA. 
Risk, 8. hhaija, mukimm, bdk, yera. 
Rite, 8. tfcnqa, rasm ; ma^hab, sunnat. 
Rival, 8. dukkhman, raqlb. (-wife) ba-an 
Rivalry, s. dukkhmanl, raqibi. 
River, s. slnd, dariydb, nakar. 
Rivulet, 8. lakkhtai, ardk^, rvela. 
Road, 8. Idr, rdh, tvdt. 
Roam, v.n. yirzedal, rammedat, MiUshcA 

Roau, a. samand. 
Roar, v.a. ndra-, tanr-, dardti; etc. fcakaL 

v.n. gkaredal, ykurunbedaL 

Roast, v.a. tvrUaivul, iabdbawui, tatawul, 

Rob, v.a. shukarvul, latojvul, natal, yhld i., 

Robber, s. ykaf, shnk^mdr, Idr ttahUnkoL 
Robbery, s. yhld. (highway-) shuka. 
Robe, s.jdma, dykostan, libds (-of honour) 

Maldt or Mil'at. 
Robust, a. mai;bui, takrah, mazcu, yayar 
Rock, 8. tlyta, yat. 
Rock, v.a. kkrvaffzawul, tdl nakal, juta-i 

fcarkarcul, zanyawul, shanawuL v.n. 

zanyal, zanycdal,^edal, skanedal. 
Rocky, a. kdnredz, sanyldkh, yatin 
Rod, 8. lakkhta, kamsd or amsd. 
Rogue, 8. tay, tay-bdz, dialbdz,farebh 
Roguery, s. tayi, tay-bdzx, d^al'bdzi,/areb. 
Roll, v.a. nyharat-^nykakkhtal. (-on the 

ground) v.n. rykaredal^rykakkhtal, lof£ 

pots ked. 
'Ro\\,B.nykakMt; n:al,p€ch,tdo. (-of paper) 

dasta, fard. (list) da/tar, sijill. (plait) 

Roller, 8. mala, manddnro. (bandage) /^a^a-L 
Romance, s. qhm ; daroykjana Mabara. 
Romantic, s. 'ajab, 'ajlb ; MiydlL 
Romp, v.a. tcl tdl-, Mar mastt-, latah per^, 

etc. k., kkajUnko', tskke or fske-, etc. k. 
Roof, 8. diat, tsapar, bdm, kota. (of mouth-) 

Rook, 8. qdykak. 

Room, 8. Mi'dna, dzde, kota. (public-) litijra. 
Roomy, a. arat, prdnatai. 
Roost, 8. dtakas, basera. v.a. basera i. 
Root, 8. fve/Jti fcida, mil7id ; bonsat, konsaf, 

Root up, v.a. fcekk', milnd-, etc. bdsat-^yastat^ 

-kdyal—hkhkali mdnd-, b(msat% etc ^^ 

Rooted, a. Makkk, fnai;b% t^atoL 

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Rope, 8. pa-araif rasa-h (hair-) n&kkhkatt 

siyala-h (palm-leaf-) bunr, biydsta. 
Rosary, s. tasblfLt tasbe. (one bead of-) tasba. 
Rose, 8. ffuL (wild white-) p/tul/cdrai. 
Rosin, 8. r&n^zarah. 
Rot, v.n. fcrostedal, sharhedal^ sMd ked.^ 

Rotate, v.n. tsarJJicdal, chur/edal, girzedaL 
Rotation, 8. tsarib ; daur. Un-) ad. nor pa 

rcdr sara. 
Rotten, a. ivrost, sMid, s^arAedalai, bonre- 

Rough, a. hcdr^ zl^, klak* zmoMtp MM» 

Ronnd, a. f^und^ ^umhmund. s. pakkht : 

guzdr. p. chdpera. (to turn-) v.n. girze-^ 

dal; cJiurledal. 
Roundness, 8. g^und'Tvdfai. 
Rouse, v.a. pdfmfcul, tclkkhawuL baiddr i. 
Rout, v.a. takk/ita?vtil, vmtawut, tdr pa 

tdrattul. 8. (ckkhta^ rndt, tdr pa tdr, 

Roote, 8. /ar, rdh. 

Rove, v.n. girzcdal. v.a. saiU^ gakkht-t etc. k. 
Row, 8. para^ kat^ ^a(«^, ^</'«# ?^» 
Row, v.a. chape tcakal. 
Royal, a. bddshdku 
Rob, v.a. via^al^mukkhaL mdlish k. 
Rubber, 8. mdla, mu/ira. (flt^sh) IMsa. 
Rubbish, s. I:J*at]zala^ Midshdk, tcar^ara. 
Ruby, 8. /'«/, ydqUt. 
Rudder, s. singdfvanr, sukkdn. 
Roddy, a. $ilr, Val or IdL 
Rude, a. bc'udab ; nd^ddn ; btdr. 
Rudiment, s. ad^ fceii, mUnd. 
Rue, v.n. tobagdr-, pakkhcmdn-, stofndn-, 

etc. ked* 
Roe, 8. (wild) spclanai, spdnda, sipand. 
Rueful, a. tobagdr, stomdn ; gham*jan, maluL 
Ruffian, 8. tag, bardml, Ihdndrai, ghat. 
RnfflCf v.a. (-the feathers) baiij:e tdroicul. 

-(the sicin) g^Hne zlgaroul. (crumple) 
jungarouL (disturb) pdrawuL 
Rug, 8. ghdticha OTqdlli£a; namad, lamtsal; 

krdsta, kosai, .^^aro-i. 
Rugged, a. zlg, hear, klak; kdarcdz, sang- 

Ruin, v.a. tcrdnawul, kkardbawuc, ujdrawuK 

Utdrayvul, habatak-, ablar-, ^aur-, rang-, 

etc. k. 
Ruination, 8. tvrdnl, Hardbh 
Ruinous, a. tvrdn, wujdr, mdt gad, etc.; 

tdrcdnl, ziydnl, nuqfdnh 
Ruins, 8. kandar, Jsiardba. 
Rule, 8. qdndn, qaida, larlqa, d-ln, tdr; 

*amal, bukm, ftukUmat. 
Ruler, 8. bdklm, sarddr, i^dn, amir ; misfar, 

satar- OTJadwal kakkhf lauj^a. 
Rumble, v^f^^jurjur; qur qur; etc. k. v.n. 

gharedal, ga-arcdal, ghurunbedaL 
Ruminate, v.a. skki?vand tvakal or k. \Jikr k. 
Rummage, v.a. latatcul, s^anal. 
Rumour, 8. dwdza, Mabara, qffcdk. 
Rump, 8. kdndtai, surln ; duda or or tdta. 
Rumple, y.n.jungaTvul, mdtawul, krath, etc. k. 
Run, v.n. zahalcdaU-zghakkhtal^ drUtnedaL 

v.a. mande wahaL (-away) v.n. takkhtedaL 

(-on) dkaledal. (flow) bakedal, rawdnedoL 

(-ntier) pasezgkaUdal or -prewataL (-over) 

tvyedal or ta^dal. {-out) watal; tamdmedoL 

(-down) Idndi k. ; kagal, ghandal. (-up) 

UjataL v.a. Ms^anul. (-away with) 

Runaway, 8. takkhtcddnai. 
Rupee, 8. TupaA. 
Rupture, 8. mdt. (disagreement) fvrdnl. 

(hernia) tsdhra. 
Rural, a. dikdtl, 4?angali. 
Rush, v.a. halla-, dusa-, etc. k. v.n. Hatal; 

Rust, 8. sang. ^-^ ^ 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


( 317 ) 


Rustic, a. dlhq&nHf gaKdr^ Iftdr. s. kitl-tcdl, 

di/igdn, ^undAyak. 
Rustle, Y.9^.iharah&r-, ga-arahdr-f etc. k. 
Rut, 8. klla, Rk, karkkha. (heat) masd. 
Ruthless, a. be*rahm^ be-dard, kdnrai zrak. 
Ruttish, 8. shahHcU'tidk^ mast, (-female) 

tera^ setna. (in comp.) -Cfna or -yama. 


Sable, a. tor\ mus^kai (-fur) samUr, postln. 

Sabre, 8. ^amsier, tOraf tegh. 

Sack, 8. Uata^ ghundaifjundL 

Sack, T.a. tdld-, lut-, ndidr-, etc. k., natal. 

Sacred, a. pdk, tnajldf tnuqadda$. 

Sacri6ce, s. qurbdn, sadqa, ^dr. 

Sad, a. gham-jan^ dil^glr, dzurdak, malnl. 

Saddle, s. ::ln, hdtu (-pad) togham or toghal^ 
kyam, qajari. (-cloth) zln^pokkh. (-girth) 
tdtang, tdng. (-pad) l^^glr. (-bag) 
khajjln. (-pommel) ngUbai, kd.^, dna. 
(-straps) kdnjogha. T.a. zin taral. 

Saddler, s. sarrdj, zin sdz. 

Sadness, a. gham^ nul^ dilgirl ; saudd. 

Safe, a. saldmat^ amn amdn^ ^air galdh. 
(-guard) pandh, push ta. (meat-) tsakai. 

Saffron, 8. gUngU^ kangU^ z^ajardn. 

Sagacious, a. hokkiydr, pokdnd, ^aqlman. 

Sagacity, 8. poA^pahm, ^a'Ur. 

Sage, 8. *dqilf ddnd, *aql>man. 8. l^aklm, zbarg. 

Sail, 8. bddfcdn. 

Sailor, s. malldli.jakdzl. 

Saint, 8. 7catif abddl, zbarg^plr. (the saints) 
aiiliyd, dsfdna*ddrdfu 

Sake, p. dapdra, wdsfa ; ta kabla. 

Salacious, a. mast, siahfcatndk. 

Salmander, s. samandar. 

Salary, s. talab, miitvdjSb, tanMn^dh. 

Sale, B. plor,prolana,prottuna, ^arts, baVa. 

Saline, a. md/gln, Hhora-ndk. Hhoran. 

Saliva, a. Idra or Idiira, tok, tukai. 

Salivate, T.a. Mula rdtcfoL 

Sallow, a. ziyar; skdsr* 

Sally, T.a. tdi&t-, (sot-, kal/a-, etc. k. 

Salt, 8. moZ/a. (-collector) i9i^/y^)l. (-meat) 

Idndai. a. mdfgln, namkln. (-less) baU 

magai, balmangak. 
Saltpetre, s. hkhora. 
Salubrious, a. kkhak muttdfiq. 
Salutary, a. sUd^mant/d-ida-nian. 
Salutation, a. dud, saldm. 
Salute, y.a. saldm-, saldmh, etc. k. 
Salvation, s. Mfild^l, nc^di^ rikd-h 
Salve, 8. malham^ paka, tab. 
Same, a. ItaghaJt, daghah. (m comp.) yth^ 

Aum-. (the-) ad. bedu. 
Sameness, 8. yo shdnl, yayat, bardiart. 
Sample, s. namUna, nakkka. 
Sanctify, v.a./>^/-,etc.i(. ; muqaddasgofiraL 
Sanction, s. b^ikm, izn, ijdzat. Y.a. ^tJcm-p 

etc. i. 
Sanctuary, s. dargdk ; pandh. 
Sand, 8. shiga, reg. (-bank) ^ar. 
Sandal, s. tsqpla't,gdn:laL (-wood) ^andaET^' 
Sandy, a. shiglan. 

Sane, a. kokkkydr, kokii'man, ^abar^ddr. 
Sanguinary, a. MUndrcu, £|tfn £Sir<ir 
Sanguine, a. sUr ; qanl ; umed'Wdr. 
Sap, 8. pa-lf oba, g^ra^ rub. 
Sap, y.a. suvavg fcahal\ mnnd bdsal-^yastoL 
Sapient, a. ^aqhman, ddnd. 
Sapling, s. ^alai, buzghalai \ nikdl; kera. 
Sarcasm, s. tar^ha Mabara, tan (an. 
Sash, 8. patka, Itlnga-i, mid Kastamd ; jdL 
Satan, a. dkaildn, ibtls. 
Satiate, v.a. marawul, danamd. 
Satiety, 8. mor-ndUn, moMiyd, mara J^wd. 
Satin, 8. atlas, dariydA. 
Satire, 8. toqa, pekkha. 
Satisfaction, s. ra:;d*mandl, ^dffr ibKdkl. 
Satisfactory, a. Hdfjir iifcdk,jor, ^narak. 

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( 318 ) 


Satisfy, v.a. rd^I-, Hdtjr janCor^ etc. k. ; 

tnarajvul, sarawul\ pokawtU. 
Saturate, v.a. Harob-, serdb-, etc. L; 

Saturday, a. Mdli, shamla. 
Sauce, 8. ^dshnl; hkhontd. 
Saucepan, s. (metal) dcch/ia, karahai. (pot- 
tery) kattta-u kodai. 
Saucy, a. be-adab, ^oMf^n, 7ci(ak, ^ditdiiiak. 
Sausage, s. kulma. 

SaYnge,ii.(/zanffati,7vahshl; ^dlim, ^Undrai, 
Save, v.a. bachcucul, sdtal, MiUfutl-, aarfa-, 

etc k 
Saving, s. sud^ gata^ sarfa. ad. sbtd^ ba^air 
Saviour, s. bacharcUnkai, shqfi. 
Savour, s. M^cand, niaza^ tsaka. 
Saw, 8. ura. (-dust) ^fir. 
Say, v.a. rvayal, kkabare k. ; lal or lawdal. 
Sayer, a. 7tayUnkai ; lUnai or lUnkau 
Saying, a. n:aya7ia; Mabara, wayai. 
Scab, 8. Mtigif f^CLff ikn:ar. 
Scabbard, a. teka, kail, m'lydn. (-mounting) 

pdenak, mWndl, takndL 
Scaffold, 8. mand ; garnanj ; dunkd^a. 
Scald, v.a. stradzaivuL v.n. sjtal, sedtal. 

(-head) a. j^anja. 
Scaldheaded, a. jfanjai, sudor, tendah. 
Scale, 8. lata, (-cup) pala. (fish.) JAtcar, 

t^aparkai. (gradation) kach, medi. (skin) 

JJitcoT, poU 
Scale, v.n. MtataL (peel) bvarcdal, njvarcdaL 
Scales, 8. tala, tardzu, m'lzdn. (beam) 

Scan, v.a. (verse) 7tazn k., jokal, talaL 

(examine) katal, dzmdyal, shanal, lataivuL 
Scandal, s. tuhmat or tdmat, tor, pcghor, 

Scanty, a. fa-atji, kam, ranyai, plMLtiroi* 
Scar, 8. ddyh ; ta-apai ; takai ; nuyhai. 
Scarce, a. la-ag., kam, matrah, pitsdnrai. 
Scarcely, ad. kamtar,pa mushkilsara, klla. 

Scarcity, 8. kam^iyd, tanysiyd, kdUti or 

Scare, v.a. yeratvui, trahamil, buynawuL 
Scarecrow, a. tsera. (bogie) bau, bayalola-h 
Scarf, 8. patka, lUnya-l ; odanorl, du-pata. 
Scarify, v.a. kkhkar laqatcul, fvine bdsal-^ 

Scarlet, a. sOr, IdL 

Scatter, v.a. Mfvarawul, tdrpa tdrawuL 
Scavenger, B.jdril kakkh. (at shrines, etc.) 

Scene, a. nanddra, tamdsha. (place) 4zde. 
Scent, 8. bo, bd-e or bil-l v.a. bu-l k.^ bo-l 

Scheme, s. tadblr, hikmat, band, ^al, 

loin^ara-i ; mallab, myat. 
Schbm, 8. Mi(^laX, pasdt, rnirtsl; rtfy^ 
Schismatic, a. rdfi^^l, Mdrijl; pasdth 
Scholar, a. sidyird, idlib ; *alim, mulld 
School, 8. inaktab, madrasa. (-boy) ^anrai. 

(-master) d^dn, mulld, ustdd, mu^allinu 

(-fellow) kam dars, ham sabaq, kam dzolcu. 
Science, a. Him, liUanat, kunar 
Scirrhus, a. yaya. 

Scissors, 8. biydtl, qainchl, y^a^l. 
Scoff, v.a. kanzaU, toqe-, pekk&e, etc. 
Scold, v.a. ratal, tratal, ddral, taqatcul, mal- 

dmata?cul, peykorawuL 
Scope, 8. niyat ; ghara:^ ; arat'tvdUu ; ^de. 
Scorch, v.a. karawul, alfvoyal, lUy^aran-, 

lalapah', kaskar-, sUnyat',satkUrai', etc. k. 
Score, v.a. skmcral, ^umdral, bisdbofcul; 

tlkal, karkkha kdfial-^kkhkaL -bdsal^yaM- 

tal. (scratch) yaryal, yarawuL 
Score, 8. karkkha. Matt; bUdb; skill Mbab. 
Scorn, v.a. spukyaujyiL 
Scorpion, a. laram. 
Scoundrel, a. bad gat, hardmh 
Scour, v.a. mugal^mukkhal, togal, skoyaU 


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( 319 ) 


Scourge, T.a. karorort qam^l-^ dira-p etc. 

Scout, •• 4^arait tsdrf^jdsUSt yaloA'ddr. T.a. 

tjdrai, Mr-, zarana-l', etc. A. 
Scow], v.a. starve brandawuL 
Scramble, v.a. lat mdt k. 
Scrap, 8. tota^ reza ; pUtcu, piUdnzai. 
Scrape, v.a. garaivul, tog.aU hhrxyol^ gargxiU 
Scrapings, a. tardske. (pot-) Aoyanai, koela. 
Scratch, v.a. garanul^ gargal^ dtoyal. 
Scream, T.a. chxgho^^ ndra-^ sUra-, etc. ttahaL 
Screen, ^.2l. parda-^ pandh-. etc. k.^puicucul^ 

pokkhali ba^awuL 
Screw, g^ped^f marwat. 
Scribe, s. kdtibf liAUnAai, H-hkattUnkai. 
Scrip, 6. banaA^ gUdai^ d^la-l^ 
Scripture, 8. kitdb-i majld. (C.) tauret, 
zabUr, injlL (II.) shdstar. (M.) qurdn, 
Scrofula, s. anjlr. 
Scroll, 8. daf tar, ford, fomdri nohdkkhtai 

Scrotum, 8. ^/a, da ^oto pUkanra-h 
Scrub, v.a. mu^al-^mukkhaL togsal. 
Scruple, v.a. skai/i', shub/ia-, gumdn-, etc. 

Scrupulous, a. wahmi, wisrvdsl^ shaikh 
Scrutinize, v.a. dzmdyal, latawul, shanal, 

Scrutiny, 8. dzmekkhtf shanana^ imtihdn. 
Scuffle, v.a. parzawul, tel tca/uil, sara fikkh' 

Sculk, v.n. g^kalai ked,^ putedal. 
Sculptor, 8. naqqdsi, but sdz, sang tardsh. 
Scum, g.jakhf rag, kaf. 
Scurf, 8. pa-al^, potakai, Mlg. 
Scurrilous, 2l. Jibu'Tvar, kanzalhaKunkaL 
Sea, 8. dariydb, qdtl dariydb, bahr. 
Seal, 8. mukr. (-stone) ghanun. (-cutter) 

muhr kan. y.h.mukr laga?cuL 
Beam, %*jor, skoe, gandal, darz. 

Sear, v.a. ddgkawuL 

Search, v.a. latawul^ ^^anal, tald.^ k. 

Season, 8. waM^ or Koqt, mUda, neta; 

mausam or moaim^/n^L 
Season, v.a. namkin', tnaza-ddr-, etc. i., 
Tnasdlak'f etc. warkawul or -dvfiofcul; 
poki'f ma^but', etc. k. 
Seasonable, ^•jor,jukit, bardbar. 
Seasonably, ad. pa toak!it» pa nete, pa viode. 
Seasoning, s. ma^dlak or masdla ; wUlfya. 
Seat, 8. kur^, da nasi dzde; dzde, muqdin* 

v.a. kkkkenawul or kenawuL 
Secede, v.n.jdrrcatal, stUnedal. 
Seclude, v.a. belarvul, yawd^Jkai-Judd-, etc. k. 
Seclusion, 8. tankd-t, bcitdn ; gkati-tob. 
Second, a. drcayam, ^dnl, buL s. pal, lah^a ; 
mal, ydr, komakl, pushil, madad-gdr. v.a. 
viadad k., pushd; komaJi-, etc. KcurkaftuL 
Secondly, ad. ^dnl-an, biyd, buL 
Secrecy, s. parda^ parda pokkhu gkati'iob, 

tarorl, put'fcdlcu. 
Secret, a. put, pinkam. 
pa tara-l, pa parde. 
Secretary, a. muns^. 
Secrete, v.a. putamuL pokkhal; paidd k. 
Secretion, s. rezisi. 

Secretly, ad. pa puta, pa pardc, pa tara-l. 
Sect, B.Jirqa, mazkab, ummat ; zdt, noga. 
Sectary, s. rd/i:;l, Mdrijl. 
Section, g.juz,/asal, sipdra; paragjanba, 

Secular, a. duniyd-i, ^d^nml. 
Secure, a. saldtnat, atnn, amdn; nui:;bat, 
qdrim, ting. v.a. savildlafcal, ma:;liltr^ 
etc. k., sdtal, ^undi k. 
Security, s. saldmati, pandh, amdnat. (bail) 
:;dmin. (bond) :;amdnat. (false-) 4^«^^Aa/t. 
Sedan, s. dola't, anbdla-u (camel-) kajdrta. 
Sedate, a. qaldr, gjkalai. 
Sedentary, a. be-Ijarakat, ndst. 

(in-) ad. pa puta, 
8. rdz, sirr. puta 

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( 320 ) 


Sediment, 8. Hatbel, tnatar. 

Sedition, 8.yd^l-yarl, bahcd-tob, patna,pasdt. 

Seditious, a. pa3d(l, balrvd'Sdz, balwd'par, 

yd^l'ffor, ydglCi^ mu/sid, soT'kaktt. 
Seduce, v.a. gkulawul^ darghcUafcuU be*ldri k. 
Seduction, s. dar^al'tob, r^xilawuna,fareb. 
See, v.a. katal or kasal, fforat^llJa/, nazar 

k. (feTCQive)Y.r\.po/iedal,rasedaL in. yoraf 
Seed, 8. tuk&m, ddna. (-of stone fruit, melons, 

etc.) zarai. (progeny) alrcdd, zdwzad or 

zawzdt, tUnff. (sperm) martin mardl. 
Seeing, s. tidah, kdtah^ nazar. a. bind. 

(-that) ad. 4zaka. 
Seek, v.a. lafan:ul, /:. ; ^okkJifal, d^ud-, 

etc. A. 
Seem, v.n. kkhndrcaai^ niaMmcdaL 
Seemingly, ad. j)a hhhkdrahy pa tldah^ pa 

Seemly, a. mnndslbf kkhdifastah^jor. Id-iq. 
Seize, v.a. rilmd, dMistaf, qab:;-, girlftdr-, 

etc. k. 
Seldom, ad. kamtar^ kala nd kala. 
Select, v.a. kAfvakkhawulf ehuitralf auratcut, 

pasand'f qabul-, dindak-, ^?varak'^ etc. k. 
Self, pr. ^dn^ khptU. 
Selfish, a. Hpul ^araz, Mpul maf/ab, ghar- 

a^t, gharai;>man^ hhpul naf$. 
Sell, v.a. ^ar^a/rw/, promd, ploral or prolal, 

pa bai^e warkawuL 
Seller, 8. kJiartsamlnkai^ protcdnkai, etc. 
Semen, 8. tnardi, rnanu 
Senate, s.jirga ; majGs ; dltrdn. 
Senator, B.jirgatU, mcgRsl. 
Send, v.a. dstojcul, legdal or fegal. (-for) 

rdbalal, balal, gkokHtaf, talah k. 
Senior, a. ma.^ar^ loe. 
Senna, 8. $ana maki. 
Sensation, s. ^im, dzdn, sdk, sua. (to have-) 

v.n. pa ^dn pohedal. v.a. Aim-, etc. laral. 
Sense, 8. *aql,poka,pahm ; nCanl ; hohkh. sud, 

l^abar. (to have-) v.a. *ay/-, etc. laraL 

Senseless, a. bc'bfss, etc. ; be'kudah, be^nCanU 
Sensible, a. baiddr, hokkhydr^ yiabar^ddr. 
Sensitive, a. ^^dn-ddr^Jnandai. 
Sensual, a. na/sdnl, shahwatH. mast. 
Sensuality, s. na/sparasti, masti; stahnat, 

Sentence, 8. I^ukm^fabtd. (of Quran) dyaL 

v.a. ^itkm-, etc. k. 
Sentiment, s.Jikr, rde, pona. 
Sentinel, s. pdsbdn, pakra-ddr, tsoka-hddr. 
Separate, v.a. biyalawul or belawul,judd k. 

v.n. biyalcdal, Iwukkhtal^ IwaredaL a. 

bel or biyaljudd. 
Separately, ad. biyal b{yal,judd-judd. 
Separation, s. biyal'tiln,judd'l, biyalrcdtai. 
September, 8. asU. 
Sepulchre, s.ffor^qabr; lafid. 
Sequel, 8. \lqibatf diiir ; Matm. 
Sequester, v.a. biyalawul; qurq k. 
Seraglio, 8. zandna^ b^^ram srde. 
Serene, a. qaldr^ drdm ; spln^ shin, ^df. 
Series, s. qafdr; kdr, lar; zilsUa. 
Serious, a. driJnd, yrdn, muhimm. 
Sermon, s. 7o*az; ^ufba , pand^ na^lbat. 
Serpent, 8. wear, (python) kkhdh mdr. (viper) 

tnanyor, manyarai. (amphisboena) latkaf 

Serpentine, a. mdr pec^, walandai, kog. tcog,^ 

Servant, s. nokar^ Midmat^ydr^ mazdHr. 
Serve, v.a. nokari-, Midmat% mazdUrh, etc. 

k. v.n. kcdal, layedal^ ^aledal. 
Serviceable, n. pa*kdr,fd4da'man^ sUd^man. 
Senrile, a. Mflskdmad'yar, ^dpMs. dirpal. 
Servility, s. IM^dmad^gari. ^dpliUH^ etc. 
Sesamum, a. kunzala. 
Session, s. majliSfjalia, maiikama. 
Set, 8. jora ; Jirqa ; para, yundJ. t.jafdo. 

v.a. gdal or Jgdal, Ikkhodal. Ikkhal. kegdal 

or kkhke^dalf etc. layaKul, jofafculf 

Mejawulf kkkkenawul or kenawuL v.a. 

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( 321 ) 


kuzedalf prervataL (-ont) rcuvdnedatp 
drUmal, drUmedal, tlal-^raL 

Settle, T.a. asiogia k., dzde nJ?vul, dbddarvul. 
(fix) muqarrar k., rvudrarvtilf hkhkenawuL 
(arrange) tartlbarvul, atsanrat, samarvul, 
bardbarawuL (compose) sarawuL (-an 
account) pUrah-, add-, etc. A. (-a dif- 
ference) paldiuld k.f pwdkkh'ffrandl i. 
(-down) v.n. kendstal or HhkendstaL 

Settled^a. qaldr, drdm ; ndst,prot ; pUroA, add. 

Settlement, a. bandobast. (colony) dbddJ. 
(marriage-) kdbln. (-of dispute) ro^a, 

Seven, a. orcah. (seventh) owam. 

Seventeen, a. onah*la$. 

Seventy, a. artrcyd. (seventieth) catrtydyam. 

Sever, v.n. prekarvul, biyalawul; Ircararcul. 

Several, a. dzanx^ b*a:;i, tsOf der. 

Severally, ni.yawyaw^biyal biyal,juddjudd. 

Severe, a. sal^t, tez, tund, klak. 

Sew, v.a. yandal, skoe k. (dam) bezal^ 
pezal. (-up) atfffyaL 

Sex, s.jins, zd(. 

Sexton, s. mUa^^^in ; mlnjartar or mujdwir. 

Shabby, a. spuk, khwdr; pUhar ; J^u^au 

Shade, s. sorait siwrai. 

Shadow, 8. sorai ; 'ah ; pandh. 

Shaft, 8. tir^ ddnda-l, Stan, (-of a well) 
Aota. (-of a carriage) bdztl, gdnda-l. 

Shaggy, a. babar^ rcaran. 

Shagreen, s. klmuMt. 

Shake, v.a. JJiTcadzanul^ (sandal, kkhorawuL 
rapawul. (-down) drabal. v.n. J^a^z- 
edalf rapedal, larzedal, kkhoredal. 

Shallow, a. pdydo or pdydb ; ndddn, nlm- 

Sham, 8. bdna or bahdna, lamghara-l, ^al, 
tayl. eL.jil(ah, ndsarah, darogh^jan. v.a. 
bdna*, etc. k. 

Shame, 8. ^arm, Aayd; i^armindayl; maii, 

Shameful, a. rumd, bad) ^armsdr, ^arm^ 

ndk ; gj^airat'fnan or ^azrat'tUtk. 
Shameless, a. be-^arm, be-hayd, be^nang^ 

be^mafAf etc. 
Shampoo, v.a. ^dpl A., mandoL 
Shank, 8. kkhdnga ; tsdnga ; kkhd6& I lasta. 
Shape, 8. s^akl, ^Urat, daul, rang. 
Share, s. braMa,7ves^,/n^^a,wanda. (ploii^gh-) 

pdla, saspdr. 
Share, v.a. we^aL v.n. .sharik ked. 
Sharer, s. bra^a-Mor, shariA. 
Sharp, a. terah, tez. (sour or acid) Mir, 

tfxl^, brekkhan. (active) ^dldA. (clever) 

Sharpen, v.a. terah; etc. A. 
Sharper, s. tag, tag^bdz, dorsal. 
Shatter, v.a. ckHr dl^-f dar dar-, tote tote-, 

reze reze-, kand Aapar-, etc. A. 
Shave, v.a. Mtriyal or Mrayal; togal. 
Shaving, s. totkai, tardza, tUtanAci. 
Shawl, 8. ^dl. (-for waist) abra. 
She, pr. Aagha, dd, de, da, e» 
Sheaf, 8. geda-U^ 

Shear, v.a. skustal, skuU or skwal A., Aateyal. 
Shears, s. biydtl. Mortal, Adz, sAulai. 
Sheath, s. teAa, miydn ; Adth 
Shed, 8. dkopdr, jungara, Aadala, mandaw, 

Shed, v.n. rejedal; to-edal or toyedal. v.a. 

d^awul, ghurzartul, tayawuL 
Sheep, 8. ga-ad, ga-adUrai. (long-tailed-) 

Aerrai, berrai, barra. (-owner) ga-adboA, 

(-cot) ^pol, bdnda. (ewe-) Aada, me^. 

(ram) mag, ga-ad. (wether) vou^^k^l. 
Sheer, a. idf,pdA. 
Sheet, 8. tsddar, dU'pata. 
Shelf, 8. fdq, tfiq^a, darat, rap. 
Shell, 8. gUJM, sipa-l. (cowrie) AwgaAa, 

Aawda-h (fruit) pot, postaAai. 
Shelter, B.pandA, amn or aman; nanandtoA. 


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( 322 ) 


T.n.pandh', etc. fcarkatcul; pokkhal,puf' 

Shepherd, 8. shpun. (*boy) ^hpankai. 
Sherbet, 8. gurobaiy §harbat. 
Shield, 8. spar, ddl, salat. (-handle) dost' 

mdya, da giida-l lar. (boss) patraL 
Shield, v.a. bachanul^jf/horal^ sdtal, pandh-, 

etc. k. 
Shift, 8. JjtUimat^ chal, band, ddra» (evasion) 

/iira-l, lain^hara-l, ^ila, bdna. (sliirt) 

gandolai, pcpnorlf Mata, qaml^. 
Shift, v.a. Mswadzaitul, badalawul, girzawul. 

v.n. H^rvadzcdal, girzedal, dwuJckhtaL 
Shine, v.n. brekkhedaL ijlzalkcdal or ^zaledaL 

rUnredal, rokkidnedoL 
Shining^ a. brekkhndk.rokkhdn^rHnr.dzalkan. \ 
Ship, 8. jahdz, berorl. | 

Shirt, 8. qatn^, Mata, ffandolai, pepna-i. 
Shiver, v.n. rapedal, rcfjidedal, lar:;edaL 8. 

loTT^a. (break) rndtarcul. (v. Shatter.) 
Shoal, 8. tolcu, sail, gAol,pdt/do; ^ar. 
Shock, 8. daia, takcur. 
Shocking, a. mahruh, kraha-ttar or •ndk> 
Shoe, 8. panra, pdezdr, Jilta-l ; modia}rra, 

kokkha. jista. (-maker) mocJil, tsamydr. 

(horse-) na'L (to put on-) v.a./?a kklipo L, 

na*l k. or 4agawuL 
Shoot, v.a. fvlshtal, topak-, etc. ^aldsamul 

or ciiatafvuL v.n. tnkedal, zar^UnedaL 
Shop, 8. dukdn, hataA] kdr-Jchdna. (-keeper) 

daidfi'ddr, banriydg katfl. 
Shore, 8. ^dra. (near-) r5-;>(?ri^dra. (far-) 

pari gj^dra^ 
Short, a« land, kotdh. (less) kam, la-ag,. 

(size) mandarai, Hiama^ak. 
Shorten, v.a. landofvul; kamanid. v.n. lan» 

dedal; kamedal. 
Shortly, ad. J9a landa, za-ar or sir, pa drang 

Shot, 8. (small) (iiara. (bullet) mardakai. 

(cannon-) yi>&i-I. (stroke)yu^ar. a.n^lj^^oi. 

Shoulder, s. oga. (-blade) ttalai. 

Shout, v.a. nara-, digha-, etc. nahal, bdng 

Shove, v.a. tel-, daka-, fakar-, tdl-, etc. nahal. 
Shovel, 8. (iron) yUm or ymi, kara. (wooden) 

Show, 8. nanddra, tamdsha. v.a. kkhayaU-^ 

kkhowul, kkhkdrah', bartser-, etc. k., tsar- 

gandanul; pohantd, pahmanuL 
Shower, a. jaraA, bdrdn. (spring-) fvasa. 

(heavy-) shebah. (slight-) pUna. v.n. 

woredal, bdrdnedal, tsdtsedaL 
Showy, a. raunaq^ddr, kkhdyastah, dauti. 
Shred, s. rekkha. pardkai, reza, purza. 
Shrewd, a. poM, hohkhydr, diirg, kdgh. 
Shriek, v.a. ndra-, sUra-, chigha-, etc. nahal. 
Shrine, s. ziydrat, dstdna, dargdh. 
Shrink, v.n. hatedal; stanedal; bugnedal; 

jdrrcatal. (as the belly) nuchedal, hant ked. 
Shrivel, v.n. nudkedal, kawt ked., ^i^ar ked. 
Shroud, 8. kafan, tsddar. 
Shrub, 8. butai, jdra, dakai. (thorny-) kar^ 

Shrubbery, B.jangarl,jdr. 
Shudder, v.n. larzedal, ghUne zlgedal, rcg- 

dedal, v.a. gagaro^e nlnul; kraka 

Shuffle, v.a. raqanul^ ^r^» gad'ivadanuL 

(equivocate) jatjra-, hira-h, lamg^ara-h, 

etc. k., palma wayal. (in gait) v.n. 

Shun, v.a. parhez k., dada dkhistaL v.n. 

bugnedal, tal'khtedal^ dada kcd. 
Shut, v.a. bandanul, lagawuL (as a door) 

port i. (as the eyes) putawuL (as a 

book) tap wahaL 
Shutter, s. parda, tafchta. (-of a door) tamba^ 

Shy, a. yer^man, hardnd; ^armsdr. v.m 

Sick, a. ndrogh^ f^l^Jor, blmdr, ran^^Hr 

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( 323 ) 


(-of) hczdr^ starai stomdn. (-of food, etc.) 

se/ian. (-at stomach) tnlkk^ mikkhf ^bye* 

Sickle, 8. lor, larva or larvdcr. 
Sickly, a. mara^i, zdlf^ nSL^rogh* 
Sickness, 8. ndjot'thja^ b'lmdri, dzdr, randz. 
Side, 8. pala?v, tjclma^ rol:A, ^^ra, lorai; 

arhh^ dada^ tsanff ; r^hdra ; tara/^ para^ 

janba. (-piece) baza. 
Sideways, ad. j^a traU, 
Sieve, s. ghalbcl^ parwczai ; ^o;, tmp. 
Sift, v.a, (fhalbelaiculf ^aj-^ etc. fcaliol; 

d^tajral, cfidnrawul; latawul, ikanoL 
Sigh, v.a. as?velai k. 
Sight, 6. nazar; tldah^ kdtah; tamd^a, 

Sign, 8. nakhha. ^aldma. v.a. dast ^afl k. 
Signal, 8. nakkha^ isldrat, nikkhdnh 
Signet, 8. mu/ir, (fhamcd. 
Significant, a. ifianhddr, nCananU 
Signification, o. manl, mafjab. 
Signify, v.a. m^anl laraL 
Silence, s. (^all-tob. in. dl^p / 
Silent, a. ghalai^ chip. 
Silently, ad. ro ro^ r^alai ghalax. 
Silk, 8. rekkham. (-worm) da rekkham chinjai. 

(-cocoon) pela^ ghoza. 
Silken, a. rckkhnun. 
Silly, a. sddah, kafvdan, ndddn. 
Silver, s. spin zar. (-smith) zar^gar. 
Similar, a. bardhar^ ghondaitgund^f/aiv^dn. 
Simile, e. tnatal, mhdl^ tashb'h. 
Simper, v.n. musedal. 

Simple, a. sdda/i, sarah^ karah ; spor, torai. 
Simpleton, 8. pa/tar, kartdan^ gedl l^ar. 
Simply, ad. sirp or surup. Mali, ta-asj^. 
Sin, 8. gund/i, 7vabdl, taqisir^ Mafd, baza. 
Since, ad. laka cJii ; pas, dza/ca ^i. (-when ?) 

kala, la kUma. 
Sincere, a. rikkhilnaif rdst'bdz karah, sddah. 
Sinew, 8. pai, pla, rag, tvuja. 

Sinful, a. gundk-gdr, taqflrl. 
Sing, v.a. sarod-, sandare-, etc. ftakaL 
Singe, v.a. Sfcadzawut. v.n. swal, sedsoL 
Singer, 8. sarodl, mutrib, zandar^goe. 
Single, a. yo, yawddzai, rciiar, tsarak. tdk. 

(-fold) ya?castarcai, yak>td. (unmarried) 

Singly, ad. yo yo. 
Singular, a. fcdbid; ^ajab. 
Sinister, a. nd-rdst, bad, kog, trafskan. 
Sinkf v.a. dubajvul, gkarqanul. v.n. ddbedat, 

Sinner, s. gundk-gdr, bad-kdr, taqiflrl. 
Sip, v.a. skal or tskal or tskkhal, Aupal^ 

zbekkhal. (taste) Uatal, UakaL 
Sir, 8. ^dhibfji, bdbu, laid. 
Sire, B.pldr; lia:^raU 
Sister, s. JJior. (husband's) ndror. (by 

brother) bdbl, tvranddr, wandydr. (by 

husband's brother) yor. (wife's) iihlna, 

JJiTcakkhina. ({ostev-) da to ikor. (tribal-) 

Moringa. (-hood) Moringa-l. 
Sit, v.n. kendstcd or kkkkendstaL 
Site, 8. ^de, zmaka. * 
Sitting, 8. ndstak or kkhkendstak. 
Situation, s. ^oe* *ulida, daija; MidnuU, 

Six, a. skpag. (sixth) skpagam. 
Sixteen, a. shpdras. (sixteenth) shpdrasam. 
Sl^ij, 2i.skpetak. (sixtieth) ^/^^/ont. (-one) 

yaw shpctak. (-two) dfcak §hpetah, etc. 
Size, 8. qadr, anddza ; sUkkht ; baH. 
Skein, s. tranjai, tranjukai, afa or ateka. 
Sketch, 8. naqsha or nakkkkha. ta^nlr. T.a. 

naqska-, etc. kd^al-^kkhkal^ or -tikal, or 

Skewer, s. ^7^^, slMcha, sald-i, sparHai. 
Skilful, a. qdbil, poMt kdri-gar, kunar'tnan. 
Skill, 8. kunar, kdrl-garl, qdbiliyaU 
Skim, v.a. zag liri k. or dh^toL (-over) 

na^arpa zir teranuU 

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( 324 ) 


Skin, 8. tsarman, pot. v.a. Uarman-^ etc. 

liri /*., or -Cdsal^yastal or -kcL^al^ 

Skip, v.a. trapa-^ top-, etc. wahal, MajUn/uh, 

tsMCf etc. k. 
Skirmish, 8. ta$ tUs^ dandukdr. 
Skirt, 8. la?fmn,ja'l, pJts/iai; ^dra, tselma. 
Skittish, a. be^qaldr, yer-man; mast, shoM^n. 
Skull, 8. /iapara-l, kakara-i. 
Sky, 8. dsmdn. (clear-) shin dsmdn. (dark-) 

jfanr ot yUr dsmdn. 
Slab, 8. takhta. (stone-) t^gM, ^yd^. 
Slack, a. stist, arat, prdnatai ; tat, nd^rdst. 
Slake, v.a. sarantU. 
Slander, 8. tuhmat or tUmat, tor, peshor 

palma. v.a. tUmat", tor-, etc. pari A., 

pe^or fcarkaTctd, palma wayal. 
Slanting, a. tratskan, sarjanar, renand. 
Slap, v.a. taS'f tjdpera-, krap-, etc. tcahal. 
Slash, v.a. ({hwutsawul, tslral; waAal; 

Slattern, a. pUhar, shatal or shalat, shdjvlai 

tcdwlcd. ^ 
Slaughter, 8. qatU MUn, qatlVdmm. 
Slave, 8. mra-e^ ffhuldm, agar, (f.) wxndzaf 

barda, agora. 
Slavery, s. mra-C'tob, gkutdml. 
Slay, v.a. qatlarvul, tnur k., wajal or wajlal. 

(-for food) haldldwul. 
Slayer, 8. qdtU, MUnl. 
Sleek, a. tsprb, didgh ; ghttar ; ^df, spets- 

alai, spin. 
Sleep, 8. Mob. v.a. Mob k. v.n. Hdak-, 

bldah', etc. ked. (to put to-) v.a. UdaA A., 

Sleepy, a. Mob*ndA, pamd-, Mob-, etc. 

-nraii dranestarge. 
Sleeve, 8. lastaorai, dstln. 
Slender, a. narai, trandz, ndzuA, maAln, 

Slice, 8. tardzaf, ofAai. 

Slide, v.n. khhwahedal or hkhwa-edal. kkhO' 

Aedal, laghzedal. 
Slight, a. la-ag^ Aam ; spuA, Aalak. {v. 

Slender), v.a. spiiA ganrat, spuA na$ar A. 
Slim, a. narai, trandz. (v. Slender). 
Slime, 8. chiqar, Mata, Idha. (vegetable-) 

Slimy, a. cJiiqran, kkhmai. 
Sling, 8. macjioghna or macJialoghza, tran* 

Autsa. (the cup of a-) gata-l. (cradle) 

zdngo, gahwdra, amel or fiamdAl. v.a. 

Slip, v.n. kkhwahcdal. {v. Slide), (-away) 

tercdal. (-from the memory) hcrcdal. 

(-from sight) putedal. (-from the hand) 

Maldiiedat, yalaA Aed. 
Slip, 8. kkhwahedana, laghz; ihatd, ter 

Kat ; tota, rekkha, pata-l ; qalam. 
Slipper, 8. pa}2ra, iiokkha, paizdr or pdezdr, 

Slippery, a. kkhwai. laghzan, chiqran. 
Slit, v.a. tslral, shlawul, chawul, didA A. 

8. tslra, ckdwd, dara, ^dA or ^dq. 
Sloping, a. tratskan, rewand, sar jarcar, sar 

Slothful, v.a. smt, tat, nd^rdst, Adldl, shadal. 
Slough, 8. diiqar or qichar, bokkhtana ; 

Is^ar, postaAai, tsarman. 
Sloven, 8. pdhar, patit, ^alat or ^atal. 
Slow, a. sust, tat, ro, qaldr. 
Slowly, ad. ro ro, qaldr qaldr. 
Sluggard, a. shadal, lat, drdm talab. 
Sluice, 8. foarMt ghroagox ; mSira-l. 
Slur, 8. ddgh, laAa; tor, peghfir. v.a. 

ddghartul, wrdnawul. 
Slut, 8. puhara, shalata^, AtgraA, gas^taA ; 


Sly, a. ^alwalai, ^albdz. 
Smack, v.a. tas-, taq-, tsdpera-, etc. waAoL 
(taste) tsaAa, M^and, maza. 

uigitized by LnOOQ IC 


( 325 ) 


Smallf a. Tvor^ la-ag,^ tcarukait fcarkotcu, 
pUtai, mandarai, ka^ofai, ku^inai^ Har- 

SmaI1ne88, s. la'ag^'rcalai^ rorHhrrdlai. 
SmaHpox, s. nanakaA. (scar) ta-apai. 

(chicken) l:aUwak. 
Smart, a. rhdlaJs, cJitist^ tezp tund. v.a. 

swai k. v.n. $7val^ sedzal. 
Smear, y.a. lewawnl, tabalf gfmar k.\ 

Smell, 8. ba, bd-h y.n. ba-l tlaL T.a. bu-lA. 
Smile, y.n. mtisedaL T.a. muskai k* 
Smite, y.a. tvoAoL 

Smith, 8. lo/idr, d/ian-ffar. (gold-) zar^gar. 
Smoke, y.a. /iZ-, lilgai-^ etc. k. (as tobacco) 

y.a. ikal or tskkhal. 
Smoky, a. lUgharan. 
Smooth, a. ^am, ha^dr, bardbar; norm. 

y.a. samarvulf atsanral, /ia)vdra?vul, etc. 
Smother, v.a. sdh bandarvul, ghdra-, mara-h, 

etc. -JJiapa k., sdh dabawul. 
^mxxif ^. pUcJi goA. {m\\^Q^) tor, chanrd^a. 
Snail, 8. s^dpetai, gUjai, da kdrghah pa- 

Snake, 8. mdr. (-charmer) para. 
Snap, y.a. chlchal] md(a?vul; diutklk. (-as 

a dog) ghapalf ddral. 
Snare, s. dam. (different kinds) lUma, 

lUmaka^ l/vlnaf jdl^ giUnddrai, parka, 

talaka, laf, kurka-l, honrd. 
Snarl, y.a. gkapal, ddraL 
Snatch, y.a. pa J^amle dMisial, shukarcul, 

ghota k.f tsapa tcahal. 
Sneak, y.n. ghaku ked., put girzcdaU 
Sneer, y.a. $puk nazar k., poza^, or UrbUz 

Sneeze, y.n. pranjcdal, prad^edal. y.a. 

ngai k., ngal. 
Snipe, 8. karak, tamtlL 
Sniff, y.n. $Unrcdal, sUghedal. 
Snore, y.a. Jdia-ar tvakal, ^a-arkai k. 

Snort, Y.n. prashedal, sUoredoL 

Snot, 8. karbeza or kapneza. 

Snoot, 8. poza, UrbUz, iambuza. 

Snoir, 8. fcdrcra. y.n. wdfcre oredal or 

Snab, y.a. ddral, ratal, taqawuL 

Snuff, 8. sUfir. (tobacco) nd$, na^rcdr. y.n. 
sUiiredaL y.a. nasrvdr k. 

Snog, a. put, ghalcu ; khrcdkkh^ mor. 

So, ad. hose, dd'kase, dd rang, hate sl^dn, 
laka. (-much) /umbra, tsqmbra. (-much 
so) tar dc Jiadda port, (-long as) t^ ^t, 
hombra d^i. (-be it) fvl du kase di kU 
(it may be-) tti ba, hose ba fvi. (-that) 
fjo ^i. (-often as) kar kala chu (-and 

Soak, y.a. lUndarvul, JJiUshtattal. (-up) y.a. 
Kuchattul, tsk^al. 

Soap, 8. ^dbUn. y.a. ^dbdn lagamul. 

Sob, y.a. zgerttai or zfcergai-, salga-l or 
sugala-h, drlhakhh-^ alkang-, etc. k., kuk 
9tahal, jaral, pa rato ratojaral. 

Sober, a. parhez^gdr, parkezl; Iiokhhydr, 

Sociable, a. majUsi, s^uhbatl, tnelmali'dost. 

Society, s. $uJtbat, vicfjlls ; shirdkat, malgar* 
tiyd, malglrl, malgar^tob. 

Sod, 8. chilm, lata. 

Sodden, a. Hcurln, past, oblan. 

Sodomite, s. kanl, kUnigai. 

Sodomy, s. kanhtob, bada-bdzl, kalak'bdzl, 
Ihvdtat, ighldm. 

Soft, 9L.pos or past, norm, mul&4m. 

Softly, ad. ra ra, pa qaldr. 

Soil, 8. vizaka or zmaha^ l^ditra. (country) 
vcatan, wxldyat\ mulk, hin:dd. (manur^ 
sara. T.a.palit', Mlran-, kakar-, etc. k. 

Sojourn, y.n. dstedal, ascdal. y.a. astaga^ 
mesht'f tlkda-, etc. k., ^de nhcul; musd^ 

Sojourner, s. ascddnkai, astagankai; musdfir. 

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( 320 ) 


Solace, 8. tasalllf dram; Mwak^i. v.a. 

tasalll'f etc. rcarkawul, poHhaL 
Solder, v.a. qalaH k.^jorarvuU 
Soldier, s. spaJd, lakkhkarh (heavy armed-) 

put spahl. (light armed-) (jaraA spd/th 

(irregular) mid iar,jazd€lckf' 
Soldiership, s. spdliVgarl ; spdhhtob. 
Soldiery, s. lakkhkar./duj or pauj^ daf. 
Sole, VL, yafvddzai, (sara/i; yoA'td. ff.^^^opar, 

(ala, rcarghawau (-of a shoe) ialau 
Solely, ad. sirp or surup^ tCHLshf/aqaL 
Solemn, tL.ff ran, drdnd; ^ibrat*ndk. 
Solemnize, v.a. manal\ 'urs-, 'frf-, 'ibddat-, 

etc. k., gd-im-f rawdr, etc. laraL 
Solicit, v.a. ^okkhtan, minnat-, etc. k. 
Solicitation, s. ^hoklkL minnat, dar^wdst, 

Solicitous, a. andeH'h*man. n'mrdsl^Jikr^man. 
Solicitude, s. andeHhnd. wismiSfJikr, gham. 
Solid, a. klak, flng, sa^t, drUnd, gaijr, poMit 

Solidity, 8. hlali', etc. 'tvdfai, drandrrai. 
Solitary, a. yajvddzai, tan/id, biyal, fsarah. 
Solitude, 8. tan/td'i, blyal-tUn ; dzangalp ba- 

ydbdn ; yohkha, /ckihvat. 
Solve, v.VL.prd7iatal, tsaryandawul ; will k. 
Solvent, a. zar^ddr^ mdl'ddr; mil kawUnkai. 
Some, a. la'ag.Ja-agL der; thane, fsok, kum, tsa, 
Somehody, s. paldnkai, (spk, kam, kas, (an. 
SomehoiT, ad. yaw shdn Bora, tsa vhal sara. 
Something, 8. shai, Mz. a. la-ag, der, pits- 

Sometimes, ad. kala kala. 
Somewhat, a. la-ag,, kam, pitsdnrai. ad. 

la-a^'kufl or lukufl, (saJJio, la-ay, shdn. 
Somewhere, ad. chcure. 
Qon,%. dzoc. ('\n\vLV9) zilm,zUmgai. (grand-) 

nrcasai. (great grand-) kamasai. (step-, 
^ by father) parkatai. (step-, by mother) 

ba'anzau (brother's-) wrdrah. (sister's-) 

Wiora-c or Ihoraye. (only-) kashai. 

Song, s. sandoi'a, sarod, badala, tapa, tardna. 
Sonnet, s. char baiteghazal, landa-l, sandara. 
Soon, ad. zir, pa zir mude, pa la-ag sd*aC 

Sooner, ad. tcrnnbe, awwaU 
Soot, s. Ingai, mas, duna ; koyina. 
Soothe, v.a. tasalll ?varkafrul, fchird sararrul, 

Soothsayer, s. pal- otjdlgoe, or 'katdnkai. 
Sooty, a. lu^aran. 

Sop, 8. nwara-J. v.a. chdka k., ^u^tawuL 
Sorcerer, s.jddn-gar, kod'gar, silkr'gar. 
Sorcery, s.jddd, koda, silir. 
Sordid, a. shilm, bakhlf, tang^dast, ttagh 
Sore, z.parhdr, zakhm. a. zajchml, MQg. 
Sorrel, s. tardkai. 
Sorrow, s. gham, ndl\ randz, a/sos; pakkhr- 

mdnJfStomdnl; armdn, tartdb. v.n. gHuun- 

edal, nUledal, rawjzedal, pakkJiemdncdal^ 

stomdnedal. v.a. ajsos-, armdn-, etc. k. 
Sorrowful, a. gham-jan, gham-ndk, ndljan, 

Sorry, a. toba-gdr, pakkhemdn,stomdn. (vile) 

nd'kdrak, JJjushai, hets shai. 
Sort, 8. qism, rang, shdn, noga. v.a. chunral, 

atsaiiral, tarCibawul, ^Indah k. 
Sot, 8. bangl, shardbl, nasha*^or. 
Soul, 8. rUh, na/s, dzdn. (souls) arrtdh. 
Sound, a. (honest) silchah, karah, Tikkhixnai. 

( healthy) jW, ro^ mot, tandrust. (safe) 

mldmat, pUrah, ^dbit, amdnU (right) 

jukht, bardbar, sam. 
Sound, B. g^ag, zwag, bdng, daz. v.a. 

ghagawul, zjvag k,, bdng nay al, daz withal. 
Soundly, ad. pa kMak shdn sara. 
Soundness, s. tandrusCl. saldmatl, sikhtit. 
Soup, 8. kkhorKd. 
Sour, a. Mw. 

Source, s. mund, wcMf (^^1$ 9<vr, honsaf. 
Souse, v.a. Idndawul, ihushtamul; ddbawuL 
South, 8. suhel, kliir-faraf. 

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( 327 ) 


Sovereign, 8. bddshdh, sulfdn, amir. 

SoiT, v.a, karat, kar k. (-for another) bo- 

Space, s. 4±!^* (-of time) mUda. tcaJdit, 

Spacious, a. arat^ prdnUm, ^ae-rvar. 
Spade, 8. yUm ovylm. kara. 
Span, 8. bcesht, Idngor, anang, gadozai. 
Spar, 8. bensh, tir, largai. (small-) danra; 

aram, aramkcu. 
Spar, v.a.jang k.^sUkUno sara ttahal^ Idsuna 

sara tsandat. 
Spare, y.a. (save) bacJiawul, bakkhal^pulanuL 
(forego) pregdal, prekhhodal, prekkhal. 
(give) warkawuL 
Spare, a. (scanty) kam, la-agi^ rangai. (slen- 
der) naraif trandz. (short) land, tang. 
(unoccupied) ^dft, wnzgdr. (superfluous) 
zigdtf pdlta. 
Sparing, a. kani'Maris, tang*dast. 
Spark, 8. batjarai, bat^rkai, ghuruUkai. 
Sparkle, v.n. brekkhcdaL dzalkedal^ rHuredaL 
Sparkling, a. brekkh-ndk^ (^alkdn^ rUnr. 
Sparrow, s. ctdnjr ^anr^ ^ug^uk. 
Spasm, 8. ghotaf tdo, pe^. 
Spatter, v.a. tsirlke Tvakal; ddjhawul, patl- 

Spavin, 8. hadai, aba. 
Speak, v.a. Tvayal, M^bare k., laL 
Spear, s. neza^ balla, bar(^a, sh<^lgai. 
Special, a. ^^^ • 
Specie, s. zar, naghd or naqd. 
Species, s, z^t, Tang^ qism, noga. 
Specific, a. zdtl, nogai. s. mujarrab_ 
Specimen, s. namUna, nakkha^ misdl 
Speck, 8. ttkai, laka^ fjirika, ddgh. 
Speckled, a. fik*ydlaU brag^ydlai. 
Spectacle, s. tamd§ha, nanddra. 
Spectacles, s. chasime, ^a^ma/te. 
Spectator, s. nanddr^l, tamdsha-bln. 
Spectre, s. rawai, fiJiapas/iai ; stwrai. 

Speculate, v.a.jar-, qiyds-, Hiydl-. etc k. 
Speculative, h.JiAr'man, Miydll, atkati. 
Speculator, s. atkal-bdz, sauddgar. 
Speech, s. jiba, wayai, wayana, it€J>ara^ 

Krdiha, suj^un. 
Speechless, a. gUng^ Idl, Id ^wdJb. 
Speed, 8. talwdr, (alwalfjaltl, garandi^tob. 
Speedily, ad. /7a taln:dr,pagarandl,pajaUU 
Speedy, a. garandai, za-ar or zir^jalt, Uz. 
Spell, s.jdda, kod, mantar. 
Spell, v,a. paiza-h, pakMoya-, kijgi', etc. k. 
Spend, v.a. ^ar^-, ^arf-, etc. k., lagawuL 
(pass) terawul. (emit) Mald^awul, ^ala- 
fvul. v.n. ^aledal^ kamedal, teredal^ 
Spendthrift, s. Aiar^gf, tdtvdnl, iirdfl. 
Sphere, s. UarJsh \ g^Undai. 
Spherical, a. gj^Und^ gj^Und^man. 
Spice, 8. ma^dlat^ or masdla. 
Spider, B.jold. (tarantula-) ^a2t£a. 
Spigot, 8. baja, Hulborai, Ada. 
Spike, 8. Kagai, kkosha. (nail) mcgm. 
Spill, v.a. toyatvul, ghurzawul, d^awuL 
v.n. toyedal or Uhedal^preroatal, bakedal. 
Spin, v.a. tsarkha k.\ (3arkkan:ul, ^urlawul^ 
girzawul. v.n. tsarjk^dal^ ^urledat, 
j - girzedaL 
Spinach, s. pdlak. 

Spindle, 8. duk, barandai^ jalak, (sarfiaif 
tsar^algaif girzandcu, t^dkkhai. (stalk) 
n/a-?, ndra. 
Spinning, 8. tsaritarcuna. (-wheel) tsarMa. 
Spire, 8. mundra. 

Spirit, 8. mh, nq/Sf dzdn ; dam, sdh ; xroA, 
dil; kimmat, mardna; nang,^ gkairai; 
Jiioe,mizdj; *araq,jaukar. 
Spirited, a. zrah'tcar, marancd, kimnuU^ndk^ 

nang-ydlai, gf^airat^ndk or g^airat^man. 
Spiritual, a. midnl, bddM. 
Spit, v.a. (Ukal, W-, iukdurai-, etc. j^vr-^ 

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Spit, 8. UMp ^H^a. 

Spite, 8. kina, T^idd^ linll hadl^ *addwat, 

Hndd, 'aks, rakha, droA, ghad^. (in spite 

oO par 'akSf par i^ldf. 
Spitefal, a. klna-tvar, Miwa bad, Hfiddl. 
Spittle, 8. tU, tuk, tu/idnzai, Idra, Idnra. 
Splash, v.a, tsirike', diaraq-, etc. tcahal, 

Spleen, s. torai. (spite) klna, Mitcd hadX. 
Splendid, a. roHhdn, dzalkdn ; loe, ghat* 
Splendour, 8. raunaq, dabdaba, tamtardq. 
Splice, B.jor.percand. y.2L.jorawul^pewandk. 
Splint, 8. tutankau (-in horses) hadai. (sur- 
gical) takhta^ kalolkhta. kalola, skanda. 
Splinter, s. totkat, dara, kak, tardza. 
Split, v.n. chdwdalf shledal. v.a. cj^awulf 

shUnvul. (peas, grain, etc.) dal L, dalawtd. 
Spoil, y.a. Tcrdnafvul, JdkardbaTtul, habatah-f 

'aba(^; ranff', abiar-, etc. k. (plunder) 

lutarvul, shnkawul^ natal ^ tdld-, etc. k. 

8. lut, (did, shuka^ ghwrai^ gala. 
Spontaneously, ad. pakhpula. 
Spoon, s. vhamcJiaA or t±aMt§a'l or tsontsa-i, 

qaskogkd. (large) karecka-i, karkdra. 
Sport, s. loba; ^andd, toqa tvaskta; Hhkdr. 

v.a. lobe k. ; kkandd-, etc. A. ; kHkdr k. 
Sportsman, 8. kkhkdrf. 
Spot, s. faked, laka; ddgh, *aibf (sirika; dkde. 
Spotted, a. chrag brag, gag., tak-ydlai, brag* 

Spout, 8. tsUkkhka. tsakkhkUrai. (of water, 

etc.) ddra,/afvdra; charaq. T.n.paddro; 

etc. tcatal or -bakedal. v.a. ddror, etc 

Sprain, s* real, tdo, pedk* v.a. wal-, etc. 

Sprawl, v^n. rgharedaU^rgkakkhtatf lots pots 

Spread, v.a. Mfoarattul, tclrawul, pkelawul. 

T.n. Mfcarcdal, ftJredal, pkeledaL 
Sprig, 8. lakkhta, kkhdJAdia. 

Sprightly, a. diust, chdldk; kkkdd. kkhdd* 

man ; mast, ^awMln. 
Spring, 8. (season) sparlai, bukdr. (source) 

^Ina, dtashma. (leap) top, trapa, dang^ 

ghwrzang. (elasticity) dam. (instrument) 

kamdncha. (bound) tlndak, MadiUnai. 
Spring, v.a. (leap) top-, etc. 7vakal, dangal, 

traplal. (bound) tlndak-, etc. nakal. 

(germinate) v.n. tukedal, xarghUnedal. 

(issue) v.n. Maial, natal, jdrl ked. 
Sprinkle, v.a. charqdo k., tsdtsawul, tsirik" 

awul. (-from mouth) pUg tvahaL 
Sprout, s. J^alcu, buzghalai, gkandal, tegh. 

v.n. tukedal, zarghUnedal, ghundzedoL 
Spruce, a. daull,jordbl, spin spetsalcu, krah 

wrah, ikhdgastak, pdk ^df. 
Spruceness, 8. jordb, kkhdgast, kkhdyast* 

Spur, 8. mamrez or mahmeza. (cock's-) 

Hidro. v.a. tezal, pUnda- or pUnda-h. 

mamreZ', etc. tvakoL 
Spurious, %.jatak, nd-sarak, nd-karah. 
Sputter, 8. (sir, sakkhd, ^az. v.a. tsir-, etc. 

Spy, 8. tsarl, jdsUs, zarai, muMbir. v.a. 

tsdral, tsar-, zarana-l-fjdsUsh, etc. k. 
Squabble, T.^^jagra-, qa^iya-, steza, etc. *. 
Squalid, a. pallt, gandak, Mlran, murddr. 
Squall, 8. (wind) slla-x, jakar, jam jakar. 

(cry) cUgka, jard. v.a. dii^amul,jaraL 
Squander, v.a. isrdf-, talaf-, etc. k., nrur 

Square, a. cJidrgHtlai, ^dr kunjai,murabVak. 
Squash, v.a. d^ltplt k.,paz tcakuL 
Squeamish, a. mekkh mekkh. 
Squeeze,^orawul. (-out) nakkkte^al. 

(press) mandal. (flatten) ^U k. 
Squint, v.a. pa kago-, pa krlngo-, pa ^io* 

pako; etc. stargo katoL 
Squirrel, 8. bilUngarai, gidarai, btlawfoi. 

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I 329 ; 


Squirt, 8. pi^jAdra-l. T.a. picjikdra-l rtahal. 

(-from the mo\k\Xi) pUg. rcaAal; mazmaza k. 

Stab, v.a. pa chdre-, etc. nejili fca/ial; siA 

Stable, a. pdedar, qd-im, ma^bUL s. tabeUi. 

Stack, 8. dala-lf top, derail. 

StafT, 8. lakara; amsd; ddnda-h (sbep- 

lierd's) aramkai, kontau (stem) ^ar. 
Stage, 8. mazal or manziL (degree) darja. 

(platform) mand ; dunkd^a ; gamanj* 
Stagger, v.n. rapedal, larzcdal; gad wad 

tlal, taparedal; hakpak kcd.^ harti/dnedal. 
Stagnant, a. band, naldr. (-water) dab. 
Stain, 8. ddgk^ laka, t^xrXka. 
Stair, s. p&ri^ang, pater a-t, andarpdya. 
Stake, 8. (peg) mogau (post) ddr, sdla-h (at 

play) darv, sharU 
Stale, a. zor, begdnai, Oaranat. 
Stalk, 8. 7tdra, tiUiA ; mUnd, dakai. 
Stall, 8. dl^» Midna ; d^or. 
Stallion, 8. sdnr, turutn. 
Stammer, v.n. tartarcdal. v.a. guzmuzai k. 
Stammerer, 8. tartarai, chard, tatau 
Stamp, 8. dap ; muhr ; vumdd ; rang. v.a. 

(Jtdp na/tal; muhr lagaicidi mandal, 

inanda nahal. 
Stampede, 8. gluta-e^mand. 
Stand, v.n. uiulrcdal, Kaldredal, pdtsedal. 

(-fast) tarn ked. (-at bay) hatedal, jah- 

or jig kcd. (erect) ncghcdal, lak ked. 
Standard, a. iwljiha, nikkhdnf iogh, ja;nda, 

bairaq or bairagj. 
Standing, a. waldr, ncgh ; lak ; jtg ; pdeddr. 
Staple, 8. saiidd. (lock-) hul, aram. (book) 

Star, 8. Btorai. (planet) starga. 
Starch, 8. bad. v.a. ball dakawuL 
Stare, v.a. gk'^t kataU 
Starling, a. tar^aka. 
Start, v.n. rawdnedal, tlal^ldral, drdincdal, 

drUmaU (fear) bugnedal, tarhedal. 

ma;;bdl, qd-im, pdeddr^ qaldr. 

Startle, v.a. bugnanul, trahattul, yerawul. 
Starve, v.n. da Ircugc mral or (v.a.) -wiff i. 
State, v.a. baydnaftul, nayal, lal, landaL 
State, 8. l^dl, lidlat; ^hdn, s^auqat; rdj^ 

Statement, a. ^Urat idl, baydn, 7cayai ; Insdb. 
Station, 8. dzde; mazal; darja, martaba. 

v.a. wudrarvul, kklikenanul, waldrattul 
Statue, 8. but, (sera. 
Stature, 8. qadd, qdmat. (tall) dang, (short) 

Statute, 8. qdnUn, qd*ida, d-ln. 
Stay, v.n. oscdal, pdtedal, pdtai-, tarn-, etc. 

ked., dstedal. (prevent) ma)i*a k., hatdta- 

fcul, kariydbafcuL 
Stead, 8. ^o^, badal, 'tn:a^. 
Steady, a. 
Steal, v.a. g^ld k., putajtul. (-upon) (Jiapdo 

k. (-away) v.n.putedal. 
Stealth, 8. ghah'tob, put'Kdlai; gkld. (by-) 

ghalai ghalai, put put. 
Steam, a. buMdr, bards. 
Steep, a. dch^t, kask ; jawar ; />rar, kamar. 
Steep, v.a. ^usktan^ul, Idndawul. 
Steer, a. sMfvandar, sM^^andarkai. 
Steer, v.a. chalawul, Hhayal-^^lkhonuL 
Stem, 8. kkhdkk, kkarand, tanga, dandara, 

mdnd. (of grasses, etc.) nal, ndra. 
Stem, v.a. bandafvul, man'a k., liatdlatcul 
Stench, a. bad'ba-l, sMd'bd-l, sor^bu-u 
Step, 8. qadam,gdm ; chdl, ydn ; pdya, darja 
Sterile, a. ^hand. (as land) kkhora-ndk. 
Stem, a. trlM, saJdit, klak. s. shd, tcrusta. 
Stew, 8. puldo, qorma, dam puMit. 
Steward, s. dlndn, kdrddr. 
Stick. 8. largai, kamsd ; laKor, ddng, kotak. 
Stick, v.n. nH'hatal. iikkhkdal. ^aspcdal, 

lagedal. (pierce) v.a. $i/d^al, tefjal. (-into) 

Hiatal, Ichlikc'mandal, MaHiiarvul, MA^^ 


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( 330 ) 


Stickle, v.a, takrdr-, hujjat*, etc. k. 
8tiS,fi.tlnp,kla/t; lakftie^; zlg^Jytdr; tsak. 
Stifle, y.a. $&h bandawul. 
Stigma, 8. tor, tu/imat, fcghpr ; d&gh, laka. 
Stigmatize, v.a. tor-, tuhmat-, etc., pori 

kawul, pefjihor warkawul. 
Still, a. ghalai, (J^up ; waldr, qaldr ; band^ 

bc'harahat. (water) dab. ad. tar osa, os 

hum. Id. 8. MiUin. 
Stimulate, v.a. r^ra/, t€zal\ wU-khawuL pdts- 

awul, baiddr k. ; la^manul. 
Sting, 8. nel'l'h ; lasha. v.a. neHh tvahal. 
Stingy, a. s^Um, baMif, tang-dost, saMt. 
Stink, v.n. bad-, sl/td-, sor-t etc. bu-i tlal. 
Stipulate, v.a. Tvada-, bandanr-f neta-, etc. k., 

OP 'taral. 
Stir, v.a. k^jvadzedal, Hhoredal. v.a. laral, 

raqa?cul, Mi7cadza7vul, kkhorarcuL 
Stirrup, 8. rikdb. (-leather) dajvdl, tasma. 
Stitcb, 8. skoe. v.a. gandal, shoe k., skoyal, 

Stock, 8. f_^at. (tree) milnd, gharand. (-for 

lega) kdt. (source) a.5/, noga. (gun-) 

kunddgh. (fA.ote) panga, $aga, mdya. 
Stocking, B.jordbat moza. (leather-) mdsa-l. 
Stocks, 8. kdt. (torture-) pdna, kunda. (to 

put in the-) pa kdt Mejajcul,pdna takawuL 
Stomach, s. geda, Mcta ; Ujrai (cTO^)jajilra. 
Stone, 8. kdijrai, gat, tlga, gitai. (-of the 

bladder) g'lta-l. (grave-) Mdda or M(f^O:* 

(ring-) ghamai. (-of fruit) had. v.a. pa 

kdnr(h,pa gate-, etc. iv'i.^tal or -mur k., 

sangsdr k. 
Stony, a. kdnredz, sangldkhjrdrah. 
Stool, 8. peraA, mora, (purge) dast, ndstah. 
Stoop, v.n. tltedal. v.a. $ar tltarvul. 
Stop, v.a. pdtarvul, pdtai k., man* a A., band- 

afvul, 'iSdra7i'ul; tcudrarcul, naldrawuli 

Aitdlarvul, AariydbamU ; nkkhlarvul. v.n. 

pdtedalf pdtai kcd., oscdal; bandedat; 

Isdredal; wudredat,tvaldredal ; nkkhledal, 

Stopper, 8. buja, shora, mUnrai; k^ulborm, 

Store, 8. ambdr, ganj, derai; saga, panga, 

mdya. (-house) kota, ambdr-Mdna, ^a- 

zdna. v.a. tola7vul,janCa k., yaTtdzde k. 
Stores, 8. g^akiira, sHrsdt, rasad; tokkha^ 

tsaTvrai ; asbdb, sdmdn ; Aatiydr, kail. 
Stork, 8. (png. 
Storm, 8. sUa-l, tupdn or tjl/dn. v.a. halla-^ 

hamla-, etc. k. (-by night) shaw-M^n k. 
Story, 8. qh^a, naql. (stage) mazal, majtal. 
Stout, a. ma:;biltj gkat, katah ; gagar, Mfi^ 

ndpar ; Ittdr, pund, tand. 
Stow, v.a. ^dyarcul, kkhke'mandat^ kkhke- 

gdal, kkhekkhodaL kkhekkhaL 
Straddle, v.n. clnnge kkhpe tlal^draU 
Straggle, v.n. yhor JJior-, or khtvarai Mrva- 

rai', tdrpa tdr-, etc. girzedal. 
Straight, a. sam, negk, sat. 
Straightway, ad. sam da Idsa. 
Strain, v.a. ghalbelarvul, vhdijrarvul. Oabour) 

stam tcakal. (endeavour) bctdd k. 
Strainer, 8. chdnra, gkalbel, parwezai. 
Strait, 8. tavga-i; tangsiyd, tangl, saj^tl. 
Strange, a. pradai, begdnah ; *ajah. 
Stranger, s. mVdsknde, nd*balad, pradai. 
Strangle, v.a. mara-l-, ghdra-, etc. M^/mi k. 
Strap, 8. tasma, rog. (-of churning stafl) 

barangai. (shoulder-) patcb^ 
Stratagem, 8. chal, lnla,/areb, lamg^ara-i. 
Stratum, s. bra^, td. 
Straw, 8. M(*s, A/^a^aiiT^t, kdna-l. (Maize-) 

tdnta. (Rice-) paldla. (Mustard-) kdm* 

bnra. (Pulse-) kath (broken-) bus or 

Stray, v.n. fcrukcdal,gumrdk-, be^ldT', Jiiatd-f 

etc. ked., Mushai, girzedal. 
Streak, 8. All, Ilka, karkkha. (-of light) joar- 

tarc, palwa^a. 

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( 331 ) 


Stream, 8. Jura, saildb, chala, ^aldnda. v.n. 

baftedal, rhaUdal^jdrl Ited. 
Street, 8. Idr^ kutja. 

Strength, 8. zor^ qutcat^ bram, tun:dn, tAjat. 
Strengthen, v.a.r^r-, etc. jcarAatcul, ma:^biit', 

klak'f etc. k. 
Strenuous, a. zar*garm^ ma:;biltj klak. 
Stress, 8. zor^ qimat ; drandrcai, bdr. 
Stretch, v.a. rdkayjd—rdkkJilMl^ H^datcuL 
(-out) ghazaKuL v.n. iltjjtlcdal\ ghazedal. 
Strew, v.a. JJiicaraitul^ rejaicul or rejdoTvul, 
satrai watrai-, tdr pa tdr-, Mfcarai-, 
etc. k. 
Strict, a. sa/.it, klak, i'lng, tang ; jukht^jor. 
Strictly, ad. pa rikkhtigd. 
Stride, s. tuldnd. v.n.y^a tuldnd tlal^ldral. 
Strife,, steza, 7n'iris7,j<rffra, 'addrvat. 
Strike, v.a. 7vakal,jangafvuL 
String, 8. mazai. (tie) taitra-u (-of beads) 
lar, /(dr. (-of cattle) qatdr. y.tL*pertdaL 
Stringy, a. rekkka-ddr. 
Strip, 8. pata-i, para, fardza, rikkhkai^ 

Strip, v.a. larbandaicul \ slukawul. 
Stripe, 8, karkkha. (blow) guzdr. (whip) 

&ir\p\ing,s. kalakjau£(ii;zafmai,gkunddyak. 
Si live, v.a. mlhnat't kokskiksh-f etc. k.; t^idd-, 

qa^d'f etc. k. 
Stroke, s. guzdr. (at play) daw. v.a. Ids 

Tva/tal or -girzarvul, etc. 
Stroll, T.n.girzedal. v.a. $ail',gahklit'f etc. k. 
Strong, a. ina^bHf^ klak, mazai, zordrtar. 
Structure, B.tarkib,jorafcilna; ^akl, ^UraL 
Struggle, v.a. parzarvul ; jang k. ; mihnat k. 
Strumpet, 8. gashta-i, bag^ara-i, kujra-l, 

kdslra, kutsa gaskta, kacTianaA, lola-h 
Strut, v.n. jt?a daul tlal^ldral, op -girzedaL 
Stubble, 8. drUza, Jckariz, ndr, tdnta. 
Stubborn, a. takanrai, Mfpuhsar, kod,jak, 
soT'kakM^ ikpul'Tde. 

Stud, 8. ^Uta'l,gulmekb. (of horses) yaZ/o. 

Student, 8. ^dgird, {dlib da Him. 

Study, v.9L.Jikr k. ; zdah k. 

Stuff, 8. Mz, ^ai; asbdb, sdmdn, kdlai; 

ral'ht, zarHkai, tukai ; be-kada-, ^usia-h, 

pUcha-, daza-, etc. ^abara. 
Stuff, v.a. mandal, kkkke-mandal. 
Stumble, v.a. tindak-, takar-, budrh, kangas-, 

skandarl', etc. JJtwural. 
Stump, 8. milnd, Mtand, (sat. (-of a tooth) 

data, TceM* 
Stun, v.a. pargkazh, gam-, dap-, sar* 

karcdan; be^kokkh-. etc. k. 
Stupefy, v.a. be-kokkk-^ be-liud-, etc. k. 
Stupid, a. kartdan, pabtand, gedi J^ar, 

nd*pok, kam *aql. 
Sturdy, a. mazai, ma;;bd(i, gagar, rtdpar, 

Stutter, v.n. (artaredoL 

Sty, 8. (in the eyelid) gkolarcunkat. 

Style, 8. inshd, *ibdrat; ndm, laqab. v.a. 

uayal, balal or bolal, nUm dkkistal or 

-rvarkawul, -lagawuL 
Subdue, v.a. Idndi k., qdbd k., ftalial. 
Subject, 8. rayat, idbia-ddr\ J^abara, 

mafjab, ma:;mun. (in grammar) /d^l. 

v.a. Idndi k., r^ayat-, etc. k. 
Sublime, a. Uchat, buland ; gkatf loe 
Submissive, a. (dbVa'ddr,/anndn Krdnkai. 
Submit, v.a. farman fcral, ^ukm manal, 

tdbVa-ddn k.; pekkkawul. tcrdndi gdat 

or 'Mlikegdal, etc. 
Subordinate, a. kiskar ; fckhkatanai, IdndinaL 
Suborn, v.a. pa mok- or pi bade gatal or 

-mUndal, -^paidd A., etc. bada-, etc. fcar- 

Subscribe, v.a. manal, qabdlarcul, nUm likalf 

dast kiafl k. 
Subscription,8.mana;2a, dost MafJ,; bnikhanOf 

bakh knh i knh . 

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( 332 ; 



Subsequent, a. fvrustai, Tvrustafiai, pasancd, 

Subsequently, ad. ttrusto^ pas, dMir. 
Subservient, a. madad'pdr, komakl, madad-, 

etc. narltajtHnkai. 
Subside, v.n. kamedaU la-a^Ledal; kkhkendstal, 

Subsidy, s. pekkh'iakkh, l£irdj, rCal'bandl. 
Subsist, v.n. pdedal, osedal, pdiedal, pdtai 

ked. v.a. rozgdr-, gug^rdn-^ etc. k. ; pdlal, 

Subsistence, s. rozl^rozgdr, gu^rdn^jnand, 

Substance, 8. shcu, tsJz; tndl, duniyd, daulat ; 

$ar, asl; Muld^a,jauhar; mdya, saga. 
Substantial, a. pdeddr, ma:^but\ maujud, 

a^tl ; mdl-ddr, daulaUman.